2LDK (2003) Movie Script

I'm home.
I'm back.
My first winter in Tokyo.
It's strange, Mum.
Here, it's warm everywhere even in winter.
2 L D K (2 bed rooms, Living
room, Dining room, Kitchen)
I'm home, Lulu.
May happiness be with Takuya, my love.
They said on TV yesterday...
... that you're among the world's top 40%,
if you have food, clothing, and shelter.
I'm living a Cinderella life right in Tokyo,
given a stylish 2LDK apartment.
But I don't feel
I'm among the top 40%.
Here, there is a huge gap
between top and bottom.
You've got to be a winner to survive.
Do you think I can be a winner?
Unlock the door, Nozomi!
I'm sorry, Rana!
Just a second!
Sorry. I didn't do the chain.
I was asleep.
Never again.
Hope your audition went well.
(Gucci, 54000 yen.)
(Miu Miu, 38000 yen.)
Your shopping took long.
I popped in the agency on the way back.
They are located so close
I feel under supervision.
The head had his mistress here.
Uh-huh. (That dirty git)
He said one of us would pass the audition.
The director told him.
Wow! (It'll be me.)
(I'll be me.)
(Chanel, 50000 yen or so.)
I like waiting for
the result after an audition.
It's exciting!
(Hermes, 230000 yen.)
(Half price in Kimuraya.)
Let's feel relaxed until tomorrow.
To wish us a good luck.
(Cartier, 260000 yen for a pair.)
I don't really drink...
Oh... (You being a lady or what?)
Was the mistress a foreigner?
Peruvian, I hear.
Was she?
She left that bird to him.
In Peru, it's the incarnation of god.
He said he'd sack us
if anything happens to it.
We're not here to look after a bird.
The audition wasn't well
organised. That silly organiser!
She's not as young as she looks!
I didn't expect to come this far.
The first timer gets in the final
for the heroine of 'Goku- Nyo'?
Obviously, that's the
nickname of the film series,
"GOKUdo no NYObo tachi (Gangsters' Wives)".
You mustn't see many films.
I rather see plays.
My first inspirations were
'Nylon' and 'Caramel Box'.
Not interested.
- I also like 'Come Come', 'Asa Supa', ...
- I'm not interested!
Don't be satisfied with something inferior.
Those groups are just for maniacs.
You don't go to small theatres?
I tried them all. Seating
was bad, and actors boring.
Everybody has a different taste.
(I'll stab this woman.)
They're off the spotlight of the media.
Successful ones are working harder.
Study more films, if you want to be big.
I will.
Am I too serious?
But the film industry is worth dedication.
(Can you spell 'dedication'?)
Am I getting a bit excited?
(I don't care, twit!)
For us.
Thanks. (I'm not eating a bag of fat!)
I'll pay half later.
All right. (Pay now!)
"N (Nozomi)"
"R (Rana)"
(How tight!)
I'll put them away for you.
You can have some of my eggs.
Are you sure?
Thank you.
(I have a good feeling about the audition.)
"Miss Beauty of the Town"
"The 1st place"
"Miss Queen-of-the-Beach"
"The 2nd place"
"Skin Beauty Contest"
(I'll win the part.)
(I'll win the part.)
Making my film debut as a heroine!
Listen, Nozomi!
The director asked for my
mobile number at the audition.
(But not yours!)
You gave him a striking impression.
Not many people would make
the reading mistake you did.
(Extremely thick)
You need to make yourself distinctive.
Is it Waseda University that you go to?
- I've started my supper.
- OK.
(She's going to sing.)
(As usual.)
My room gets more sun light
and has a better view.
Is it OK that I use it?
It is. I'm alergic to tatami mats.
So, I need a Western-style room.
You're dribbling.
So, it's OK with you.
(I hate the way you speak.)
(What a fashion sense!
The T-shirt is too tight.)
(And your breasts are too big.)
"The Girl of the Week"
"Nozomi Matsumoto"
- I don't want it!
- Why? You look nice.
My mind is set on acting.
I'm not really a photo model.
(It's only a tiny photo.)
I understand how you feel.
(Rats! She's going to start.)
I became a film actress, ...
(Oh, dear.)
When I was just a naive high school girl.
Things weren't the way I wanted.
(No one knows what film.)
I was given many non-acting jobs.
Then, so many offers of sexy sorts.
(Never seen you in any!)
I never took them. My manager would say,
"Are you big enough to refuse job offers?"
I said, "I'd do anything as
an actress. Get me the right jobs."
So, I didn't choose an easy way.
But it made me what I am now.
I've come this far.
(To nowhere, huh?)
Sorry. Too much about myself.
Your stories are useful.
By the way, where are you from?
Sado Island. (You asked AGAIN!)
(What part of Japan was it?)
Have you got a boyfriend?
I hear you're popular.
I have someone to go out with.
But I don't fancy a close
relationship at the moment.
I'd rather be an actress than a woman.
My mind is on 'Goku-Nyo'.
(No one has said you got the part!)
You must be busy in your love life.
- No, I don't get a chance.
- (She's unpopular!) Really?
The head tells me to avoid work-related love.
(I need a clean image as a new STAR!)
(Yes-girl!) How about
the staff at the agency?
- Many of them are single.
- (Is she taking the piss?)
What about Takuya?
(Bingo!) Don't you know him?
I believe he left last month.
Yeah. He wanted to be a writer.
Now he goes to a school.
Isn't he from your university?
Might be...
He's a nice guy. Can't drink much, though.
(How do you know that?)
Were you close to him?
It's just that only I could
talk on films with him.
I'm not interested in a man at hand.
He's really good. Shall I call him over?
I'm not interested!
I need to concentrate on 'Goku-Nyo'.
I'm going to take a bath.
Shut up!
Twit. Both Rana and Takuya.
'Please leave your message...'
Call me right now.
'... not within the network area...'
- Useless!
'... currently out of service...'
Pay your bill!
- Hello? Hi!
- Sorry, I'm going in the tunnel!
What's the...
Why can I not attract men?
Not even one, Takuya...
Why a woman like Rana?
Why not me?
You used my "Wash Anytime."
My shampoo!
Your shampoo?
It's not a big deal, but we made our rules.
I just want to make them clear.
We're not to leave hairs in the bathroom.
But you did!
Next! Not to use each other's
stuff without permission!
It's common sense!
Of course I ...
(Is she getting back at me?)
(She's serious!)
(Is she sick?)
(Or mental?)
(This is annoying!)
Are you listening?
Your mobile was ringing.
"Voice Mail"
'Hello. Sorry, but I can't
make it for this Saturday.'
'Let's arrange another
date. I'll ring you again.'
From your mum?
I shall be beautiful!
"Bath In Use"
Taking too long!
'Hi. Did you ring from
the land line earlier?'
'I'm sorry I...'
'Message deleted.
You have no message...'
I'm sorry, Nozomi. I just
wanted to try that shampoo.
I should have asked you.
I'm very sorry.
It's OK.
Shall I replace it?
Don't worry. Sorry for my temper, Rana.
Is that call from Takuya?
I heard you two were meeting up.
Did he tell you?
By e-mail. Want to see?
(Are they close?)
He's lovely. I like his eyes.
Why don't you go
with him? He's probably free.
I prefer us to be just friends. As film buffs.
Don't take our friendship wrong.
"Bathroom Cleaner"
Hello, it's Nozomi.
I'm returning your call...
- Hello?
- 'Hello, Nozomi.'
- Mum?
- 'Will you be at your sister's wedding?'
I told you, it's hard to get
days off in show business.
'I never see you on TV or anything.'
'Only you haven't settled
down, going to a university.'
'Be more realistic.'
'What about marrying that
rice-cake dealer's son?'
That would be a waste of my good education!
'Why do you not want to get married?'
I'm sick of that moaning of yours!
"Happy New Year"
"We are getting married..."
"I'm A New Star in Show Biz!"
"What a pretty girl she is!"
"She has a good voice, and dances very well!"
"She's like a real actress!"
"She might become one!"
- "In Tokyo?"
- "Yes, in Tokyo!"
It wasn't my fault...
It wasn't my fault!
The entrance exam was good.
The more effort, the closer the goal was.
What's up?
You took my collagen suppliment drink!
In the fridge! The green bottle!
How could I? You write
your name on all your stuff.
You like stealing what I have.
Don't insult me.
- I hear you'd do anything to get a part.
- That's up to my ability.
The head advises me to copy your nerve.
Are you sure you didn't offer
your number to the director?
Are you mad?
I want things clear. Apologize!
Stop that now!
I didn't take it, but I'll buy you one.
Close the lid properly!
Should be kept upright.
What do you want?
You steal, too.
Don't call me a thief.
I don't understand.
I know you can't afford
Chanel. Just tell me.
I never used it!
Let's make this clear, while
we have to live together.
We made the rules. Just stick to them!
You yourself didn't! Apologise, like I did!
- I just closed the lid!
- Don't believe you!
This is a matter of principle.
Your attitude stinks!
Think about yours!
All right! I'll just buy you one!
It's not over.
Speak up your mind! What is it?
You are just jealous, because
I'm winning the audition.
You've been bad to me!
Can we talk this over calmly tomorrow?
I need some sleep.
We should sleep and rest,
to be awake for the result.
That's common sense!
Did you fill the bathtub?
Follow the rule. We don't want dry air.
"Her husband was having
an affair with a porn actress!"
- "What was the name, Rana?"
- "Some men are easily seduced!"
Stop it!
It wasn't my fault!
It wasn't my fault!
I'm sorry.
I'll make up for this.
I'm sorry.
Am I a killer?
My ex-lover...
Did you kill him?
No way.
His wife cut her wrist
and her baby's, in the bath.
I didn't know he was married.
Stupid, isn't it?
Your face...
...looks tired.
Irritation causes a spasm to the face.
Especially around the eyes.
It hurts...
Because your eyes are tired.
The sign of aging...
Too much oil...
You shouldn't trust so easily.
Why don't you get some gits to buy you
some push-up bras.
You bitch!
I've already...
... slept with Takuya.
You shouldn't tease a young guy too long.
You're a virgin, I hear.
What a laugh!
That's why your acting is so immature!
Just piss off to your island and get a life!
"I'm alergic to tatami mats."
What the hell...?
Sado Island is a nice place.
I'm alergic to...
Stop it, you bitch!
I'm telling you!
I'll fucking kill you!
Take this, you nymphomaniac!
Fucking stay there!
So defenceless you are!
'Hello. Nozomi?'
'I caught you at last!'
'I'm away at my grandma's.'
'She's seriously ill.
Sorry for cancelling the date.'
'Are you upset?'
'I love you.'
'Ha! I said it!'
'Can you hear me?'
'Hello? I love you a lot!'
'I love you, Nozomi.'
'I'm enbarrassed! Look, I'll be back...'
My first time to dump a man.
It feels good.
Now I can be an actress.
You are 'The Tin Man'!
'The Scarecrow'!
'The Cowardly Lion'!
'The Wizard of Oz'!
I am 'Drothy'!
I am the heroine!
The heroine is mine!
Burn out.
You Scarecrow.
All right.
If you want to die with me.
Killing again!
Again in the bath.
The drug...
Tell me your debut film.
Even the head doesn't know.
Is it on DVD?
"Miss Prisoner - 1992".
1992? That's old.
Shut up.
What was your part?
A girl who betrays and gets tortured.
Had many lines?
"No! Please don't!" That's it.
A nameless female prisoner.
- Gets stripped of her clothes?
- Gets beaten, screaming.
Stop laughing.
I'm done if I fail in this audition.
This is my last chance.
I can't end in failure.
If I do, I won't know what I am!
You take it, then.
I'll withdraw.
I never find the film entertaining, anyway.
No. I don't like it.
I'm too proud of myself for that.
You are a sad creature.
You'll be the same in time.
I do want to withdraw.
No need.
Are you killing me?
Mum will be crying on Whatever Island.
Sado Island.
You can't act with
that face, anyway.
A pro actress can recover
her face after a night's sleep.
Goodbye. Miss Virgin.
Kiss me.
Don't be stupid.
I've never kissed.
Let me have my first kiss.
I thought I could in Tokyo.
I beg you.
Kiss me.
You are so cute.
So careless of you.
That's why you let your love slip.
Well done, Miss Virgin.
Thanks a lot.
Why don't we work together?
As a pair?
We might have more chance of success.
We might get on well.
- Do comedy?
- No way!
Never ever!
Even comedy will fail you.
I'm a film actress!
I feel good.
We'll regret about this.
I'll be in relief.
Good luck.
The same to you.
'Please leave your message after the tone.'
'Sorry to ring late.
It's Asaka at Production.'
'Good news for you.'
'About the film, "Gokudo no Noybo tachi"!'
'You both have been selected!'
'Heard me? Both of you will be heroines!'
'The script has been rewritten.'
'Can you come to the office in the morning?'