3 Bad Men (1926) Movie Script

John Ford Production
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Directed by JOHN FORD
Gold on Indian land! The Sioux tribes
were given other reservation,
and President Grant set a day
when settlers might race for
possession of the rich lands.
By the President
of the United States of America
I Ulysses S. Grant,
President of the United States,
do hereby make knowm
that the said lands acquired
from the Sioux tribes,
will be available for settlement
at and after the hour of o'clock ...
noon of the 25 day of June, 1887 and not before ...
In the middle of the seventies,
ship of hope bore thousands of emigrants
to seek the reality of their dreams in America.
Some sought happiness ...
some only the horn of plently ...
the chalice of ... the Unholy Grail ...
And from crowded eastern cities,
civilization began pouring the overflow into
the trackless immensity of the West.
Spring, 1876 ...
Old World blood began to fuse with Colonial strains ...
and "westward the course
of empire takes its way".
In the Black Hills of Dakota,
the outriders of progress had
set up a trading post at Custer.
" Gold! Gold ... I'm tellin' ye ...
the mountains is just abustin' with it! "
" Sorry, Lucas, but we can't touch that land ...
it's on the Sioux Reservation. "
" Where'd you strike it, Lucas? "
And then came the eager thud of hoofs
and the creak of wagon wheels.
The start of an empire
that was to be compounded
from the peoples of the face of the earth!
Dan O'Malley had came from Ireland
at a smile a minute pace.
" All the way from Ireland
With a Swede named Squaarehead Joe
Bound to find Dakota
And my calico! "
" The wheel came off. "
" Oh, did it ? "
" Something ought to be done about it."
" You must have traveled a lot
to know all those things."
" I can fix it. "
" Don't let me stop you."
" I'm Mayor Carleton of Virginia.
Suh ... this is my daughter Lee."
" My name and address is Dan O'Malley."
" We're on our way to the Dakota rush ...
With these race horses."
" Sure, an' you'll be needin' speed that day!
Th' Dagoes are askin' Saint Anthony for wings ...
An' th' Irish who have 'em! "
" Come along, Daughter ...
we're more'n a mile behind."
$ 2000,00
$ 1000
" Bull " Stanley ...
Who lived day by day on pluck,
powder and providence.
Mike Costigan and " Spade " Allen
weren't exactly thieves ...
but they had a habit of finding
horses that nobody had lost.
" Chaw ? "
" Naw ! "
" Am I seein' things ... or is them
million wagons on the square? "
" Pardner ... where-you all bound for? "
" Sufferin' coyotes ...
yer don't mean t' say you ain't heard
tell about gold in the Dakotas! "
" We're goin' to the Dakotas ...
he may be there ... "
" It ain't gold I'm looking for ...
but it's a man jest as yeller ..."
Hundreds of gold-mad
men swarmed Custer,
awaiting word to rush
for the ore-ladened lands.
Sheriff Layne Hunter, running the
mushroom town with a high hand;
keeping his own lawless gang in cheek
by a generous division of the spoils.
" Layne, please don't make me stay
in there with those ... women ..."
" Just for tonight, Millie ... tomorrow
we'll find a better place."
" A string of race hosses ...
about fifteen miles back ...
an' only two men herdin' them! "
" Thoroughbreds! "
" Why the low-down hoss-thieves! "
" Nothin' to it ... our businness
is gettin' overcrowded."
" I have to goin' blind ... fired three
shots and only dropped two of 'em."
" By golly ... he's a woman! "
" Put them hosses back ! "
Hour by hour, thousand by thousand,
the stampeders crushed into Custer,
as the big day neared.
Zach Little ... Editor
of the Custer " Pathfinder ",
was half Scotch and half seltzer.
" They had a lot of touble takin'
out Spud Taylor's appendix ...
they had to kill him first. "
And still they come ...
lured by the magic word ... Gold.
" You are a minister of the Gospel, Sir? "
" There's a minister in town, Layne ...
now we can be married! "
" Parson ... this ain't exactly
a Sunday School camp ...
but they's some of us that'll be
d...n glad you come along."
" Oh, bless these plows ...
that they may make this wilderness
blossom with the glory of God! "
" I'm Sheriff Hunter ... allow me ..."
" This lady's in my outfit ... if they's
anything she needs, I'll 'tend to it! "
" Since when did the notorious
' Bull ' Stanley become so gallant ..."
"... And Mike Costigan! Every
sheriff west of the Mississippi
has asked me to welcome you! "
"... And 'Spade' Allen! Been shot
at lately for card cheating? "
" I congratulate you, Miss ...
on your selection of friends! "
" Come along, my 3 Bad Men ...
it's time we were making camp."
" What you lookin' at ... hoss face? "
" They're dangerous men ...
but I'll take care of them ...
in my own way! "
Just outside the town ...
a camp for the night.
" I'm mighty grateful to you men
for helping me through."
" We couldn't see anybody robbed."
" No, sir, not us! "
" I'd like to hire you three,
but I suppose you have
business to attend to ..."
" To tell the truth, miss ... our
business ain't what it used to be."
" Then you're free ... for the moment? "
" Y.. y .. yes ... for the moment. "
" I ... I'm afraid I can't pay
you any wages ... just yet."
" For the time bein', miss ...
I'll work for nothin'..."
"... and I know my pardners will ! "
"Oh, gladly!"
" Then you'll be my men? "
" Gettin' near Dakota. Just rarin' for to go ...
Feelin' very mighty happy,
'Cause I've seen my calico! "
Morning found a wagon city
on the edge of the town.
" I'm sorry about ... er ...
yesterday, Miss Carleton."
" Drunk again ! "
" So are we ! "
" It's plumb low-down to do a thing
like this ... an' her trustin' us! "
" I'm thinkin' three terrapins
like us ain't fit to take care
of a gal like her ..."
" What our gal needs is a husband! "
" Leave it to us! We'll find a marryin' man ...
if we have to shoot him."
" So you're back again, Lucas? "
Brother, I have gone awug
with the man I love.
Everithing is all right, as he has promised to marry me.
Lovingly, Millie.
Husband hunting ...
" Not a Chink ...
they get shot too easy."
" Thirty two."
" Twenty eight."
" I've just reached manhood."
" Then you'd better reach again! "
" Sound as a dollar ! "
" Come on ... you ain't safe alone."
" If a man's heart is in the right place,
it don't matter what sex he belongs to."
Dan sold his outfit and joined the stampede.
" You're mine now .... Hunter wanted
to get rid of you and gave you to me."
" Ragamuffins! "
" Married? "
" Want a job? "
" I found a man ! "
" It's plumb unsafe for you to go
ridin' alone that a-way."
" He's the new hired hand."
" But 'bull' ... I don't think
we need any more help."
" Not so bad ..."
" Not so good ..."
" All right ... he'll do."
" Now let nature take its course."
" I hope he don't drink ..."
"... we don't want no soaks around here."
" I haven't seen your dad around
... Where is he? "
" Sheriff some of the better element ...
are complaining about the way
you run this town. "
" Listen, Rabbi ... Business is terrible! ...
Nobody buys a new suit even to be buried in. "
Cleanliness is next to Goldliness ...
That's why Saturday night
comes before Sunday.
" You don't reckon she'll be wantin'
us to take a bath, do you? "
" I'm a little nervous about it."
" Guard the tent."
" How about three fingers of bug juice?"
" I'm here in Dakota I want the world to know ...
Goin' to get a homstead.
Cause I found my calico! "
" Do you like that tune, Miss Lee? "
" Having a nice time ? "
" You're goin' to tell me
how to get that gold ! "
" Hunter, you've been takin' in too much
territory... Now you're all through! "
" You bungling fool !"
" Hunter sent him to be make me
tell the way to the gold land ..."
" ... my map won't do me any good now ...
but it'll take you to where there's gold ! "
The night before the rush ....
Custer, an armed camp ...
with "Bull" Stanley leading
the revolt against Hunter.
... while in the little church the women pray ...
for safety, today ...
Divine guidance tomorrow...
"... and as He led the children of Israel into
the promised land, so He will lead us ..."
Knowing his danger, Hunter fans the flames
of lawless abandon among his followers.
" Burn that psalm-singing preacher's shack! "
" Brother! Brother! "
" Brother! Brother! "
" Brother! "
" It's gettin' stuffy in here with all
this smoke and love ... I'm leavin' !"
" We'll sneak across the line tonight and wait. "
" Millie! Little Sister! "
" Millie, who is ... the man? "
The Grand Land Rush!
Morning broke with the clatter of wagons ...
the roaring, sweating, cursing,
fighting mob scrambling ...
for position in the line.
" It's time for you to start, Missy ...
you've got a long, hard ride ahead ..."
" I'm ready when you are, 'Bull'! "
" Mike and 'Spade' will take care of you ...
I've got to look for someone else."
" Please, 'Bull'... I need you. "
On the line! Ready for the dot of twelve ...
And the race for land and gold.
Is hereby again Expressly given
that no person Crossing the line
Before the hour 12 o clock
Of the 25th Day of June 1877 A.D.
Will ever be Permetted to Enter of the Lands
or Acquire any rights there to !
And that Officers of the United States
will be required to Enforce said
Warning to the above effect.
Fredrick Benton
By order of the US Marshal
Carleton's thoroughbreds ... sensing
the drama of the historic trial of speed.
" Keep your plow! You'll find the real
wealth of this land in the soil ! "
" Remember ... The Pathfinder correspondent
must be first on the scene ...
but don't lose me! "
" Nobody ever made any speed with
a hat like that ... it'll scare the horses."
Miles across the line
... watching ... waiting ...
" We'll wait to see where the Carleton
outfit goes ... then follow."
" What time is it? "
" One minute to twelwe, Sir."
" The Carleton crowd leading!
The Kennedys a closed second! "
" A little Moses ...
lost among the land rushers! "
The end of a day of furious riding ...
the Carleton far ahead.
" The parson was right, Ned;
we'll stay right here.
This soil is as rich as gold."
Hunter sights his prey ...
... and the Carleton seek escape through
a narrow pass to the gold country.
" You and Miss Lee go on ahead
... we'll follow along. "
" Well, partners ...
I guess us three ole sharpshooters
is together for the last reunion."
" Shucks! One good man could
hold this pass against a whole
army of men like Hunter. "
" I said a good man."
" Mike, your pants may be shabby,
but they cover a warm heart ..."
" You an' Mike go on. I'll stay."
" We'll cut high card to see who stays! "
" All right ... but no tricks ...
this is a gentleman's game."
" Why you low down hoss thief
... you cheated ! "
" Don't tell the little gal ... let her think.
I made it the other way 'round."
" Goodbye, 'Spade' ... It is a long, long trail ..."
" Goodbye, Mike ... you been a good pardner ..."
" Here ... that ought to last ya."
" I'll wait here for 'Spade'."
" Goodbye, you ole son-of-a-gun ..."
KEEP OU " Mike and 'Spade' ain't far apart by now."
" Take care of him ...
we'll follow the others."
" I'll fool 'em ... I won't
die with my boots on."
" Hold everythin', gentlemen ..
I want to ask you one last riddle
... positively the last ..."
" Where was Moses when
" Do you think Mike and 'Sade' are all right? "
" And what am I supposed to do ...
run like a whipped cur? "
" Guess maybe Mike and
'Spade' are callin' me ..."
" Don't ever be afraid o' notin', Missy ...
because the three of us
will be watchin' over you ... "
" I've been waitin' for you, Hunter ... an' now ..."
The years went on ...
the West was won ...
and those who came for treasure found
it in harvests of golden grain!
" BULL ! "
" Why Stanley Costigan Allen O'Malley,
where are you? "
"... and someday, I'll tell you of the best
3 Bad Men that ever named a baby! "
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