3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost (2023) Movie Script

["The Charleston" plays]

[cheering and applause]
Ladies and gentlemen,
can I have everyones
\hattention, please?
For our beautiful daughter,
Ruby, on her 25th birthday.
[guests applaud]
[man] Would you look at that?
What a surprise.
Thank you.
Ill just be a minute.
\h\h\hI know its not much,
but... happy birthday, Ruby.
Charlie, Ive always loved you.
And I will always love you
til the day I die and beyond.
We come from different worlds
and my father will never accept
us and its just too hard.
Im sorry.
Please, just go.
[melancholy music]
[cheerful music]
Oh no, youre moving out?
I was wondering why
I havent seen you.
Yeah, Elliot and I dissolved
our business a few months ago
and our lease ends today.
Ive been putting off
\h\h\h\h\hthis part.
Im sorry to hear.
Me too.
And Im not trying to add salt
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hto the wound,
but really, what a shame.
\hThis town has so many historic
buildings that need restoration.
I cant tell you how many
of my clients have updated
their original Tudors
\h\hinto McMansions.
Oh, stop, youre breaking
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hmy heart.
Oh, well, Ill miss being
\h\h\h\h\hwork neighbors.
Me too.
But hey, Im in real estate now
so maybe our paths will cross.
Please, if any of your clients
\h\hare looking for a designer
keep me in mind.
And keep in touch.
Maybe we can finally
\hgrab that coffee.
Yes, yes.
And also, if you see Elliot,
\h\hdo you mind asking him-
You could ask him yourself.
Text me about that coffee.
I will, thanks.
Hey. Um, I thought you were
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hin Boston.
I am or I was.
Im working with my brothers
\hconstruction company there.
Well, I also joined
the family business.
You got your real estate
I did.
Your dad must be very proud.
Hes... hes something.
Well, congrats.
\h\h\hI have no doubt
that youll do great.
You can succeed at anything
\h\h\hyou put your mind to.
Except us, of course.
So, whatve you got here?
Oh, I was just clearing
\h\h\h\hout the office.
May I?
Yeah, of course.
Oh, is this...?
Do you wanna keep that?
You drew it for me.
And besides, if I decide
\h\h\h\hI dont want it
I can always just use this
\h\h\h\h\h\h\has kindling.
[laughs] Thats a good one.
Well, best of luck
\hin real estate.
Thank you.
And best of luck with um...
[small laugh]
Mi querida. Its your
\h\hfirst day of work
and youre already late.
Im sorry, I was uh,
packing up the office
and then I- I bumped
\h\h\h\hinto Elliot.
\hHoney, I know this is tough
but you made the right choice.
Coming off an engagement
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\his hard.
But enough about the past, ok?
\h\hLets focus on the future.
You were running Elliots
\h\h\hbusiness for years.
It was our business.
Ok, but you were stifled there
\h\h\hwith no creative outlet.
Real estate offers one.
You can stage, decorate,
\h\hwork with buyers to
envision renovations...
I guess I never looked at it
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hthat way.
Heres an opportunity
\h\hfor a new career.
This truly is gorgeous.
\h\h\hWhos the seller?
Real estate trust
controlled by the family of
\h\h\hthe original owners.
Its been care-taken but sat
\hempty for nearly 70 years.
Ill email you what Ive got
\h\h\h\hso you can prepare.
Prepare for what?
Anna, this is your listing.
Dad, I just got my real estate
\h\h\h\h\h\hlicense last week,
and Terrence wont be happy
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\habout this.
Ill handle Terrence.
\h\hYou handle this.
If youre ready.
Im ready.
Open house is in two weeks.
Fall is the end of buying season
and then winter is crickets.
Cant sit on this til spring.
Got it.
I know you do.
[cheerful music]
[curious music]

[gust of wind blows]
Welcome to the wild world
\h\h\h\h\hof real estate.
I just came by to wish you
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hgood luck.
\h\h\hYoull need it.
This house is jinxed.
Oh, is it?
Your dad didnt tell you?
Its been listed five times
\h\h\h\h\h\hand never sold.
\hThough Im sure this time
with you will be different.
Although you did just get
\h\h\h\h\h\hyour license
and this is... a big project.
Hmm, thanks for your vote
\h\h\h\h\hof confidence.
Ive got all the confidence
\h\h\h\h\h\h\hin the world.
In yourself.
[both laugh]
Im just saying, if youre ready
to admit
youre not quite cut out
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hfor this
Id be happy to co-list
the property together.
Im just looking out
\h\h\h\h\h\hfor you.
Of course you are, Terrence.
Let me show you the best part
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hof the house.
Arent the grounds so lovely?
\h\h\hThanks for stopping by.
[slams door]
I will sell this house,
\h\h\h\h\hjinx or not.
[mysterious music]
[mysterious music]
[electricity buzzing]
[door slams]
[door slams]
\h\hOooh, so youre a ghost?
Wow, you are so competitive.
Well, nice try, Terrence.
This is ridiculous,
\h\h\heven for you.
Wait, who are you?
Are- are you talking to me?
Can- can you see me?
Yes, of course I can see you.
That cant be.
Whatre you doing here?
And stay out!
[slams door]
[car engine]
And stay out!
\hA flat white,
like your ghost.
Oh, are you gonna play dumb?
Whats going on here?
Terrence here played a little
\h\hprank on me, didnt you?
He had someone pretend to be
\ha ghost at the Baker house
so you can get the listing.
No, I didnt.
Oh, like you didnt rehang
\h\h\h\h\h\hthe painting?
Im lost here.
Seriously, I have no idea
what youre talking about.
Hes telling the truth.
Believe me, after 15 years
\h\h\hof working with him
I can tell when hes lying.
[laughs] Ha! Thats-
\h\h\hthats funny.
But you know, Anna,
if the Baker property
is too much pressure-
No. No, no, no, it is not
\h\h\htoo much pressure.
Ive got it all under control.
Here you go.
\hIf theres someone here,
Im gonna call the police.
What are you doing?
What, you can still see me?
Now, the question is what
\h\hare you doing, toots?
This is my house.
\h\hI live here.
\h\hYou do?
Since when?
Since 1921.
Well, Im not quite sure
\h\h\h\h\h\hwhat to say.
Im a real estate agent.
Im selling this house.
Over my dead body.
\h\h\h\h\hGet it?
Because Im dead.
No, youre not.
\hYes, I am.
Im a ghost.
Im sorry, but youre not
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\ha ghost.
\hYou walk, you talk, you smell.
Kinda like moth balls, actually.
So youre definitely
\h\h\h\hnot a ghost.
Then Ill prove it.
\h\hEverything looks great.
Youre as healthy as can be.
But Im not, believe me.
Well, ok, we can take a CT scan
or blood test if youd like.
But you had a full work up
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hlast month
and everything looked fine.
But I saw something.
Something that could not have
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hbeen there.
Like what?
Like... a ghost.
\hAnna, I have known you
since you were a toddler.
Youre like family.
And I know the breakup
with Elliot was tough.
Stress can manifest itself
\h\h\h\h\hin strange ways.
Like seeing a ghost?
Maybe you should talk
\h\h\h\h\hto someone.
I dont think I need
\h\h\h\ha therapist.
Well, then what do you need?
An exorcist?
[mysterious music]
You, again?
[slams door]
Sorry for the awkward drop-by.
Oh, no, its not awkward.
No, of course not.
Theres nothing awkward here
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hat all.
You left this in the office
\h\h\h\h\h\h\hstorage space
and Josephine said this was
\h\h\h\h\h\h\hyour listing
so, well, I just thought
\hId leave it for you.
\h\hOh, thank you.
I appreciate that.
So, this is your listing, huh?
Ive always admired
\h\h\hthis beauty.
\hOh, its stunning inside.
You should see the woodwork.
I could show it to you quickly.
If- if you have a minute.
Yeah, I have a minute.
-Yeah? Ok.
Im still here, toots.
Jeepers, whos the Valentino?
So? Do you see this?
The woodwork?
Um... why dont you go inside?
You know, take a closer look.
Why cant he see you?
\hThe question is,
why can you see me?
\h\h\h\hWhoever you are,
tell your broad to scram.
[whispers] Im not his broad.
Hey, do you ever feel like
\h\h\hthis house has a...
strange energy?
Like its haunted?
Well, I cant say that I believe
in paranormal activity
\h\h\h\hbut this house has
an interesting vibe to it.
Interesting isnt the word
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hId use.
Anna, are you ok?
\hYou just seem a little out
of it, distracted or distant.
Hey, maybe its me being here.
\h\h\hNo, no, no, no.
Its not you, its me.
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hIm just um...
Im just a little overwhelmed.
Theres- theres a lot of
\h\h\h\h\h\hthings to do:
Painters and floors, cleaning,
\h\h\h\hstaging, decorating...
and the open house
\h\his in 12 days.
\h\h\hI have no doubt
that youll do great.
Oh, that makes one of us.
Good luck, Anna.
Thank you.
[door opens, closes]
So... youre a ghost?
Yeah, and this is my house.
Famed architect, Arthur Salkin,
built this house
for my parents in 1919,
\h\hcompleted in 1921.
\hMy folks lived in it until the
50s, and its been empty since,
thanks to my ingenuity
\hand flair for drama.
And how long have you been
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\ha ghost?
Oh, you can say dead.
Since 1923.
Then why are you still here?
Think I want to be here?
\h\hDo you know how boring
the last century has been?
I cant figure out
\h\hhow to leave.
And Im the first person
\h\h\h\hto ever see you?
First and only.
Well, then maybe thats why
\h\h\h\h\h\hI can see you.
\h\hSo you can help me sell the
house and then you can move on.
Or maybe I dont move on
\h\hand then Im saddled with
annoying tenants for eternity.
Nope, Ruby doesnt share
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\ha room.
Whos Ruby?
Im Ruby, obviously.
Ok, well, listen Ruby,
I know that you are attached
\hto this house, literally,
\h\h\hbut Im new to this job
and my dad is counting on me.
And I really need this sale.
\h\h\h\hI really need a win.
I can see you need a win,
But youre not going
\h\h\h\hto win here.
And you dont want
\h\h\hto fight me.
\hIm as unsinkable
as the stock market.
Hmm. Youre not making the case
you think you are.
Ruby, this house is going.
And youre going with it.
Over my dead body.
[pleasant music]
Good morning.
I was hoping you could help me.
Im looking for anything
\h\h\hyou have on this.
\h\h\h\h\h\hRuby Baker,
the Baker estate.
Its a house over on Viscano.
\h\hRuby lived there with
her parents in the 1920s.
Oh, well since theyre local
there might be something
about them in the Bugle.
Weve got it on microfilm.
\hAnything specific
youre looking for?
\h\h\hLocal history?
Interesting tidbits.
Hopefully an obituary,
\hespecially for Ruby.
Alright, just give me
\h\h\h\ha few minutes
and I will pull up
\h\hthe microfilm.
Great, thank you.
[exhales] This Ruby seems like
\h\h\h\h\hquite the character.
She certainly is...
\h\h\h\h\h\hor was.
So Ive heard.
Shes all over the society
column from 1917 to 1923.
\h\h\h\hShes at every gala.
She wins every dance contest.
She pals around with Fitzgerald
and Hemingway.
And her obituary.
\hShe died in a car crash late
at night on her 25th birthday.
Thats tragic.
Well, Ill leave you to it.
Let me know if you need
\h\h\h\hanything else,
and feel free to print whatever
youd like to take home.
Thank you.
Whatre you doing here?
Oh, uh, just some...
\h\h\hsome research.
Research? What for?
Well, uh, I know someone
\h\h\h\h\h\hwhos stuck
\hand Im just trying
to help them move on.
That sounds purposely vague.
Should we change the subject?
Yes, please.
\h\h\h\hWhat about you?
Whatre you doing here?
You know, I uh, I thought
\h\h\h\h\h\hwe could use
another awkward interaction.
Um, Im on a break
from the historical preservation
society next door.
A year later theyre hearing
my case for the third time.
For the Fletcher building.
You know me, the king
\h\h\hof lost causes.
They can reject me twice,
but wait until they hear
\h\h\h\h\hmy new plans.
Thats actually why
\hIm back in town,
to finish the hearing.
Oh, right.
Well, good luck.
Thank you.
And uh, good luck
with this "person"
whos trying to get unstuck.
\hWait, why did you just
put person in air quotes?
Because I thought you were
\h\hreferring to yourself.
But you werent.
\h\h\h\h\hIm really sorry.
I didnt mean to offend you.
No, its fine, really.
\h\h\h\h\hNo, its ok.
Uh, well, were back so
I should get next door.
Ill see you around.
Yeah, ok.
[buzzing noise]
Ruby Baker, you were quite
\h\h\h\h\h\hthe socialite.
So youve been snooping on me.
\h\h\h\h\h\hNo need to snoop.
Ill happily tell you myself.
I was the life of every party.
I made Zelda look like
\h\h\h\ha wallflower.
I was a legend.
And then you died.
Oh, boo-hoo.
\h\h\hSo you know all about me,
shouldnt I know about you, too?
\h\hBetter do your research.
Also, did you change outfits?
Its high fashion, darling.
You should try it sometime.
Oh, that must be the painters.
Thanks for coming by.
But before we get started do you
mind helping me with something?
\h\h\h\hCan you move
this chaise outside?
Im throwing it away.
\h\h\h\hOh, no youre not!
This is a family heirloom.
Its threadbare.
No! Stop it!
Stop right there!
How come you can move objects
\h\h\h\h\h\h\hand not people?
I dont know sweetheart.
\h\h\h\h\h\hCruel irony?
Stop right there!
Wait, you cant go outside?
Good detective work, Sherlock.
Youve got some real brains
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hon you.
\h\h\h\h\h\hWow. Im sorry.
Well, that must be so tough.
\hAll these years just
staring out the window
watching the world pass you by.
[sighs] What a perfect fall day.
[mischievous music]
Ooh, you waxed the floors.
Looks sticky.
Oh, you wouldnt.
Anna Vazquez...
Looks like we can both do
\h\h\h\h\hsome snooping.
\h\h\h\hSo you know my name.
You could have just asked me.
\h\h\hThen Ill ask you this.
Looks like you were his dame.
\h\h\hSo what happened?
Did he break your heart?
Did your chauffeur break yours?
What do you know about Charlie?
I know that you two are making
\h\hgoogly eyes at each other
in nearly every photo
\h\h\hI found of you.
So who was this Charlie?
Who is this fella to you?
Thats none of your business.
No! You wouldnt!
As much as I dislike being held
emotionally hostage
by a specter, thats Elliot.
\h\hHe was my former fianc.
And whos this Charlie?
Also my former fianc.
It looks like weve got
\hsomething in common,
which means you must have blood
running through you, after all.
Oh, well, that makes one of us.
Bring my chaise back in.
No! No!
No, no, no, no, no, no!
The upstairs has been painted.
\hI am working on the floors.
There was a little... mishap.
\hBut Im ahead of schedule.
I still have nine days
\htil the open house.
\hAbout that, I have sneak peek
buyers coming by this afternoon.
This afternoon?
\h\h\hTheyve been trying to get
into the neighborhood for months
and are willing to pay
\h\h\h\h\htop dollar.
But the house isnt ready yet.
It doesnt matter.
Theyre looking to renovate
so they just want to know
\h\hthe bones are there.
Oh, the bones are there.
Skeletons in the closet.
What was that?
[bell dings]
Elliot, whatre you doing here?
I heard you were in Boston.
Yeah, Ive been splitting
my time working up there
\h\hand coming back here for the
Fletcher historical designation.
I thought that got rejected.
Hopefully third times a charm.
I should be going and Anna,
\h\h\h\h\hyou should, too.
-You have buyers coming.
I see your dad missed
\h\h\h\hme terribly.
Well, you know my dad.
\hNothing and no one is ever
good enough for his princess.
Its not personal.
Oh no, of course not.
[chuckles] Theres nothing
\h\h\h\h\hpersonal at all
about being disliked by your
\h\hex future father-in-law.
Its fine.
Well, we should really stop
bumping into each other
\h\h\h\h\h\hlike this.
Yeah, right?
I mean, we should start avoiding
each other like good exes, ok?
Whats with all the hollering?
Ruby, youre not gonna
\hbe happy about this
but there are buyers coming
to look at the house today.
Over my dead body.
Weve already done that one.
\hBut look, people are coming
so I need us to make a truce.
\h\h\hLook, the reality is,
this house is gonna get sold
\h\hone way or another but
at least I can promise you
I will sell to the right people.
And, who knows, maybe a little
\h\h\h\hcompany will be nice.
And look, for a hundred years no
one could see you and now I can,
so maybe this is happening
\h\h\h\h\h\hfor a reason.
Maybe if I sell the house
\h\h\h\hyou can move on.
Very tentative truce.
Are you trying to butter up
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hthe buyers?
This is an old sales trick.
\hFresh baked cookies make
a house smell like a home.
By the way... I got
\h\hyou something.
Dried up grass?
\hGee, thanks.
Its sage.
Its supposed to rid a space
\h\h\hof lingering spirits.
And yet youre still here.
\h\h\h\hWow. I think
its working already.
Yes, I see a tunnel
and theres a heavenly light
\h\h\h\h\h\hcalling my name.
Yes, oh, its happening!
Im heading to the great escrow
in the sky!
\hYoure supposed
to burn it first.
No thanks, sister.
\h\h\hThats them.
Best behavior, ok?
\h\hOh, Im always
on my best behavior.
This home is truly
\h\hone of a kind.
It combines history,
tradition, homeyness,
all in one breathtaking space.
And you can see the meticulous
\h\hattention to the woodwork.
Porticos, crown molding,
\h\h\h\h\h\hthe mantle,
all can be restored.
Oh, were just gonna rip it out.
And replace the library
\h\h\h\h\h\hwith a gym.
[piano music begins]
Whats that music?
Its a player piano.
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h[Ruby singing]
Sunny days are here again,
the skies above
are clear again,
let us sing a song
\hof cheer again,
happy days are here again!
[piano continues to play]
Did I mention the house comes
with an antique player piano?
Oh, you can just toss it.
Were not big music people.
[abruptly stops playing]
Uh, um... Im sorry, I hate
\h\h\h\hto say this but uh,
I... I dont think this house
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\his for you.
\hIm sorry, I really am,
but thank you for coming.
Ill show you out.
Excuse me, I-
-This way.
[Anna] Bye-bye.
Id say that went well.
Ruby, I need this sale.
My dad trusted me with this
and I have no other
\hcareer prospects.
\hAnd honestly, nothing
going right in my life.
And plus, Im trying
\h\h\h\hto help you.
And jeepers, thats mighty
\h\h\h\h\h\h\hkind of you.
But ever think that maybe
its the other way around?
That maybe Im here to help you?
Help me with what?
Oh, lets see.
You pine for your fella,
\h\htake daddys orders,
\h\hand mope around
like a little ghost.
Maybe were brought together
so that I could bring some
\h\h\hlife back into you.
Should I keep going?
Nope. Nope, that was sufficient,
thank you.
\hThen you help me
and Ill help you.
But this house has to go.
I need this.
[buzzing sounds]
What is that?
Why are you always tapping
\h\h\hat that little box?
Its a cell phone.
Its like a computer meets
\h\h\h\h\h\h\ha land line.
Ok, its like um,
the postal service
combined with a telephone.
Oh, so you can send someone
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\ha post?
Then send a post to Elliot.
Why would I do that?
\h\h\hBecause I was thinking
about ways I could help you.
After all, Ive always
\hloved charity work.
And I realized I could help you
by doing what I always did best.
Making smarmy and outdated digs?
By matchmaking.
Except youre not matchmaking
\h\h\h\h\h\h\hElliot and me,
because were done.
You two sure dont seem done.
Fine, then maybe this is about
\h\h\h\hyou two being friends.
\h\hMending broken hearts.
Letting bygones be bygones.
I wish I had gotten to do that
\h\h\h\h\h\h\hwith my Charlie.
Yeah. Yeah, youre right.
Theres a lot left unsaid.
So ask him for dinner.
Oh, no. Dinner is a date.
\h\hThis is making peace.
Peace is coffee at best.
Fine. Then write him,
\h"My dearest Elliot,
"it is with great excitement
\h\hand trepidation that..."
You sent him a cartoon
\h\h\hof a cup of Joe?
Yeah. It means coffee.
Why would anyone want
\h\h\hto meet someone
just to have a cup
\h\h\h\hof coffee?
[notification alert]
Whats that little hand mean?
Its a thumbs up.
\h\hIt means yes.
So thats how people
\h\hcommunicate now?
Ugh, tell me exactly what do you
do with all the time you save?
Alright, lets get
\hyou presentable.
[chuckles] Oh, no.
This is not a date.
Im not gonna dress up.
You dont dress up for him,
You dress up for yourself.
[curious music]
Wow. What is this place?
These are my things.
This is where I spend
\h\hmost of my time.
May I?
Knock yourself out.
Charlie was handsome.
Yeah, a real Valentino.
\h\h\h\hAnd a good man.
Honest, chivalrous.
He kinda reminds me of Elliot.
Well... no more distractions.
Do you have any makeup?
So, tell me about your Elliot.
\h\h\h\h\hHowd you two meet?
My senior year of college.
I was living off campus and he
\hwas my buildings handyman.
I met him and I immediately
\h\h\h\h\h\h\hfell for him.
Yeah? Why?
He was hilarious.
\hAnd passionate, and he seemed
to know his place in the world.
And Id spent my whole life
feeling like I was floating,
never really sure of who I am
\h\h\h\h\h\h\hor what I want.
But with him I felt... anchored.
How about Charlie?
How did you meet?
Oh, he was my chauffeur.
\h\h\h\h\h\h\hThe help.
Obviously, my father
\h\h\hnever approved
but Charlie could
have been anyone.
A pauper, a prince...
I would have fallen in love with
him at first sight all the same.
Oh, I know that feeling well.
See? Your Elliot aint the only
restoration specialist.
Dont forget this.
Oh, thanks.
You really cant go outside?
And what have you been doing
for the past hundred years?
\hOh, brush my hair.
Look out the window.
Re-read Gatsby.
You start to notice new things
\h\h\h\hon the 12,000th read.
\hAnd what happens
if you go outside?
Imagine the cosmic equivalent of
being hit by a giant frying pan.
Oh yeah, I remember that.
Lets try again.
Ive tried a million times.
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hI cant.
Yes, but you also thought
that no one could see you
and now I can.
So maybe this is
like the house.
Maybe you can go outside
\h\h\hif youre with me.
No, I cant.
Hmm, you cant or youre
\h\h\h\h\h\h\hscared to?
Ruby Baker isnt scared
\h\h\h\h\hof anything!
Oh, but I think she is.
I think this whole bravado
\h\h\h\his just for show.
Im an icon.
I am a legend.
\h\h\hYou should be grateful
Im gracing you with my time!
Oh, Im eternally grateful.
\h\hBut you should be, too.
Why is that?
Because youre outside.
So I am.
Ive spent a hundred years
dreaming of feeling the sun
on my face.
And, how does it feel?
Ruby, do you wanna go
\h\h\h\hfor a drive?
Meet the 2020s?
As long as its still a joyous
\h\hera of packed dance halls
celebrating national unity
and drinking from a collective
\h\h\h\h\hpunch bowl, Im in.
Ok. Lets go.
That lady is really crazy.
\hLook at all the women
wearing pants in public.
These days women can wear
\h\h\hwhatever they want.
Do whatever they want,
be whatever they want.
Lawyers, doctors-
President of the United States?
Not quite that yet.
\h\h\hWhat a strange
and beautiful world.
[door bell chimes]
Take a breath.
You got this.
You uh, youve changed
\h\h\h\h\h\hyour hair.
Yeah, its a bit much.
I think it looks great.
Youre welcome.
Dont eavesdrop.
-Whats that?
\hOh, Im just um...
well, I was scatting.
Bee bop dop, dont eavesdrop.
Are you sure youre ok?
\h\h\hNo, to be honest I- I am a
little nervous about seeing you.
Yeah. [laughs]
Black coffee.
Thank you.
Pumpkin spice with extra whip.
Thank you.
I knew you wanted it.
-Well, I-
\h-So I-
...you go ahead.
I wanted to tell you
\h\hthat Im sorry.
For what, exactly?
For not communicating better.
\h\h\h\h\h\hFor quitting us.
Hurting you.
\h\h\h\h\h\hIts just...
you were my best friend.
And despite everything I-
\h\hI hope that someday
we can be friends again.
I hope that, too.
\hAnna, theres something that
I should have told you earlier.
Um, Ive decided to move
\h\hto Boston full time.
You what?
Its just theres a lot
\h\h\h\h\hof work there
\hso Im just in town waiting
for the historical designation
to come through and then
\h\h\h\hIm heading out.
What happens if the Fletcher
\h\hbuilding gets approved?
Oh, Ill pop back in for it.
But maybe this is a good thing.
Maybe we both need
\h\ha fresh start.
Im sorry.
No, Anna, dont let
\hthis be goodbye.
You dont want it to end
\h\h\h\h\h\h\hthis way.
Believe me.
\h\h\hDont go.
Dont leave her.
You dont want this
\h\hto be goodbye.
\hBy the way, hows
your listing going?
\h\h\h\hOh, um... yeah,
its going pretty good.
Im just asking cause when
I dropped by the other day
I saw there was some damage
on the cherry wood mantle.
Yeah, it could use
\hsome restoring.
Maybe if youre not busy you
can come by and take a look?
One last job before you leave.
I uh, cant promise
that Ill have time
but I will come take
\h\h\ha closer look.
Great. Thank you.
Matchmaker Ruby strikes again.
What about what just happened
\h\h\h\hmakes you think that?
Elliot said hes moving away.
So? Well have to find
\h\ha way to stop him.
Do you want to stop him?
Yeah, I do.
Because I dont just want
\h\h\h\hto be his friend.
I wanna spend my life
\h\h\h\h\h\hwith him.
\h\h\hBecause I love him
and Ill always love him.
Then lets get him back.
Ruby, why are you so invested
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hin this?
Is it boredom?
No, of course not, toots.
\hThis is something
far more important.
Pure self-interest.
Of course.
\h\hCall it sixth sense
but I have the feeling--
no, a knowing deep in my bones.
I mean, you get
what Im saying.
That if you get back
\h\h\h\hwith Elliot
I can get back to my Charlie.
[cheerful music]
-Hola, mi querida.
Hows my star realtor doing?
Ah. Living the dream.
And hows the house looking?
I still dont understand why you
didnt sell to that nice couple.
I told you, it wasnt
\h\h\hthe right fit.
I want our clients to be happy.
Anyway, the house looks great,
\h\h\h\h\hbut I was wondering
if I could just have a few
\hmore days to fix it up.
But were not fixing it up,
\h\h\h\hwere flipping it.
I know, I know, but if I just
\h\h\h\h\hhad a few more days
I could restore the wood
\h\h\h\h\hand it would-
\h\h\hBut were not restoring.
Were selling it and moving on.
This is a fresh start, Anna.
And the open house is in a week
or, to be more exact, six days.
Show me you can do this
and the skys the limit
\h\h\h\h\hfor you here.
Youll be running the whole
\h\h\h\h\h\hbusiness soon.
Thanks, Dad.
[mysterious music]
[jazz music playing]

Why are you always winking?
Why are you sneaking up on me?
Im sorry, I didnt know
\h\hghosts got spooked.
[both laugh]
A wink says it all.
Playfulness, flirtation,
It says youre in on the joke
\h\h\hbut dont forget
Im the one telling it.
Thats a lot to say
\hwith one gesture.
And sadly I cant wink.
Oh, everyone can wink.
Oh, you cant wink.
But I can teach you.
Oh, ok. That must be Elliot.
\h\h\hIm still working on
the historical designation
and the renovation plans so Ill
have to schedule around that
but I can take care of this.
Great, thanks.
What a surprise.
Nice to see you and Anna
\h\h\h\h\hworked it out.
Or maybe this isnt a purely
\h\h\h\h\h\hpersonal visit.
Terrence, is there something
\h\h\hwe can help you with?
I was just checking in on Anna.
Offering to lend a helping hand
again in case you need it.
Oh, well, how thoughtful.
\h\hBut uh, Im all good.
Anna, Ive been working day
\h\hand night for your dad
for the last 15 years.
Im not just gonna let you
\h\h\h\h\h\hswoop in here
and take whats rightfully mine.
So what youre trying to say
is youre not actually here
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hto help.
Ill see myself out.
Have a great day, Terrence.
Youre a prince.
Dont I know it.
Um, do you want a drink?
I have a package of delicious
\h\h\h\h\h\happle cider mix.
How could I resist?
Ill be back.
Its all going according
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hto plan.
Well make some gin gimlets,
\h\h\h\hcook a ham souffl,
turn up the romance...
\hwhats the problem?
Its just... we didnt work
\h\h\h\h\h\hthe first time.
\h\h\hWhat makes you think
were gonna work this time?
And what if I get cold feet?
Or what if you dont?
What if you dont take
another shot with him
and you spend eternity
\h\h\hwishing you had?
Anna, you dont want to spend
\h\h\h\h\hyour life like me.
Full of wasted love for someone
you pushed away.
So... do you believe
\h\h\h\h\hin ghosts?
Like... like do I believe
\h\hthat there are ghosts
just hanging around my apartment
watching me burn toast?
Misplace my keys?
No, I dont think so.
Anna, I do accept your apology,
and I also need to say
\h\h\hIm sorry, too.
Because it wasnt just you.
I let our business collapse.
Oh, that wasnt your fault.
It felt like it was.
And also I let your dad
\h\h\h\h\h\hget to me.
\hMake me feel like I was never
going to be good enough for you
\hjust because I... I dont have
a college degree or a fancy job.
Im sorry about that.
And yeah, you broke off
\h\h\h\hthe engagement,
but Id pulled back
\hlong before then.
Because I was trying
to connect with you
but I just felt like you kept
getting more and more distant
until it was like I was
\h\h\htrying to love--
A ghost?
Well, actually yeah.
But hey, were trying to learn
\h\h\hfrom it and grow, right?
Yeah, yeah. Definitely.
\hBecause I wouldnt want
to be someone whos stuck
and couldnt move on.
Im really sorry I said that.
No, its fine. Really.
Anyways, I really should
\h\h\h\h\h\h\hbe going.
Thank you for this.
Oh, yeah.
But... Ill see you tomorrow?
\hHey, by the way, I think the
camellia tree needs some love.
Its yellowing and browning
\h\h\h\h\h\h\hat the tips.
You might want to call in
\h\h\h\h\h\han arborist.
Oh, yeah. Will do.
Anna, this was nice.
Yes, it was.
Despite of all our history
\h\h\h\h\h\h\hand drama...
\hwell, you know, failed
engagement, no big deal.
You are my best friend.
And I dont want to imagine
\h\h\h\h\h\ha life where...
\h\hI dont want a life
where were not friends.
Me neither.
[jazz music playing]
Oh, this was New
Years Eve 1923.
Charlie took me to the top of
\h\hPikes Peak and we danced
under the moonlight and
then well... he asked me
\h\h\h\h\hto marry him.
Im sure he missed you terribly.
Oh, he better have.
What do you think his life
\h\h\hwas like after you?
I dont know.
I always thought hed be
\h\h\h\ha great teacher
but he worried he wasnt
\h\h\h\h\hsmart enough.
I suppose youll find out soon
\henough when youre reunited.
Oh, wow. Your whole house
\h\h\h\hwas so gorgeous.
Wait a minute, is this furniture
still here?
Yeah, in the basement.
What if we staged the rooms
\h\hsimilar to this
for the open house?
Oh, Id love that.
And before you start asking me
\h\hfor help moving furniture,
\hconsider Elliots got
some mighty big muscles.
And also, we can frame
\h\hsome photos of you
and hang them around the house.
Oh, raise the property value?
\h\hAnd, if its ok with you, I
could frame a photo of Charlie.
Id like that.
Lets uh, group the armchairs
\h\h\h\h\h\h\htogether here,
make your hard work on the
fireplace the focal point.
\hI think theres a rug upstairs
that will tie this all together.
What? What is it?
\h\hI just uh, I like seeing
this passionate side of you.
Youre very creative.
I like feeling this way.
Well, that mantle is not gonna
\h\h\h\h\h\hfix itself, so...
Valentino is doing quite
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hthe job.
And jeepers, Im blind by the
torches you two are carrying.
You have to tell him
\h\h\hhow you feel.
No, Ill scare him away.
Plus, Im not even sure
\h\h\h\h\h\hhow I feel.
Oh, youre not? Really?
Whats with you, sister?
Its like every time you start
\h\h\h\h\h\hto feel something
you shut it down.
Well, I guess Im not the best
\h\hat expressing my emotions.
Well, if you cant express it
\h\h\h\h\hthen write it down.
Ive got boxes of love letters
\h\h\h\h\hto and from Charlie.
Oh, Im not much of a writer.
Dont I know it.
Your love letter
would probably be
a cartoon of a heart followed by
a question mark.
If you were to write Elliot,
\h\h\h\hwhat would you say?
Mmm, uh...
Id say that hes both
the most normal person
and the most extraordinary
\h\hperson Ive ever met.
Id say that hes the first
person I ever felt seen by.
And that I love seeing him.
Id say that I was worried
that hed get tired of me,
bored with me.
\h\h\h\h\hWorried that I somehow
would ruin us like I did before.
Ill get a pen and paper.
Im not writing that.
Hey, Im just about done.
Maybe a half day or so
\h\h\h\h\h\hleft here.
But I wanted to give you
\h\h\h\h\ha sneak peek.
Oh. Yeah, it looks beautiful.
Thank you.
Thanks. Its a labor of love.
Hey, do you need any more help
with the, you know, furniture?
Oh, thank you, but no,
\h\hI think Im good.
I just uh, I need to go
pick up a few key items
to bring the whole
\h\hroom together.
You know, the antique shop
\h\h\h\hon the boardwalk,
they might have all that.
Oh, yeah. Good suggestion.
\h\h\h\hIll check it out.
[Ruby] Hes asking you out,
Is he?
Whatd you say?
I said... um, well, I was going
to say that I uh, well,
youre probably busy
but would you like to go
\h\h\hantiquing with me?
Yeah, sure. I think
that would be great.
Great. Ill go clean up.
[cheerful music]
This place is amazing.
Oh, this doorknob would be
\hperfect for the parlor.
And this vase.
I mean, this would be great
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hin the hall
under the painting
of whats her name.
Ruby, you bozo.
Its Ruby.
That whole foyer area
\h\his just a dream.
\hIf I had time I would restore
all of the antique wainscoting.
[Anna] But you have to get
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hto Boston.
Yeah. [clears throat]
\h\hI uh... I guess.
But the historical designation
\h\h\h\h\h\his taking forever.
But you think itll pass?
Im not sure.
\hIm fighting hard but I might
be just the king of lost causes.
Hows it going?
Oh, I honestly dont know.
Well, what about you?
Do you see anything
\hyou like in here?
\h\hAre you kidding?
I see my whole life,
\h\hthe silverware,
the perfume bottles.
\h\hthey even have a typewriter
like the one Charlie bought me.
It cost him two weeks salary,
He wanted me to take
my writing seriously.
He wanted me to take
\hmyself seriously.
Are we done here?
Yeah, were done.
Yeah, were done.
I love the fall season.
Nothing like a stroll
on the boardwalk, huh?
Charlie and I used to come here.
Hey, do you remember when
\h\hwe used to come here?
Ferris wheel and funnel cake?
\hThat feels like
another lifetime.
Some things never change.
We were so young.
Hey, were still young!
Im 125.
[Boothkeep] Step right up.
\h\h\h\h\h\hStep right up.
\hTry your luck at
the Pumpkin House.
Enough with the phone already.
You know how I never did win you
that giant panda
you had your heart set on?
Its never too late.
[fireworks explode]
Here you go, sir.
Thank you.
Ok, youve got this.
Alright, come on, come on,
\h\h\h\hcome on, come on.
One more!
\h\hLast one.
Are you ready?
\hIll take that one
right there, please.
Thank you.
Here you are.
At long last.
Well, how could I ever
\h\h\h\h\h\hrepay you?
Are you hungry?
Are you thinking funnel cake?
I was thinking more like...
\h\h\h\h\h\h\hThe Carlyle.
The Carlyle it is.
[jazz music plays]
Im just a fool, a fool
[clears throat]
\h\h\hOh, Im sorry.
Old habits die hard.
Thats ok, you know?
You can steal my French fries
\h\h\h\h\h\hjust like you did
when we came here on
our very first date.
And like you have every
\h\h\h\h\h\hsingle time
weve gone out to eat
\h\h\h\h\hsince then.
Well, thank you.
Youre welcome.
But I just dont understand
\h\hwhy, if you want fries,
you dont just order them.
Because I- I dont want
\h\h\h\h\hmy own fries.
I just want to share yours.
Um... hey, would you excuse me
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hfor a minute?
Ill be right back.
Whats happening?
I dont know.
\hHes hot, then hes cold, but
he flirts, then he pulls away...
Maybe hes just playing
\h\h\h\h\hhard to get.
Or maybe hes just
\hnot interested.
Whats that?
Its a charge card.
Its like money.
So youre gonna pay
\h\h\h\hfor dinner
and then sulk out of here
\h\h\h\h\h\hall forlorn.
No, we wont leave
\h\hhere defeated.
Ask him to dance.
Dont look at me like that.
Whatre you doing?
Getting you to the dance floor.
Ruby, whatre you- come back!
[whispers] You...
Whatre you doing?
Oh, um... Im just...
Go on, ask him to dance.
Ask her to dance.
Come on. Make this a moment
to remember.
Take her in your arms-
\h\h\hWould you like to dance?
You know, for old times sake?
Id love to.
And I swear I will share
all my heart with you.
I want you to see,
I cant.
I cant. Im sorry.
-I think we should go.
-Im just a fool...
[upbeat music]
Is it going to be ok?
Is it going to be ok?
Its old, its nearing
\hthe end of its life.
Well, is there anything
\h\h\hwe can do for it?
\hTheres nothing to do.
Thats the cycle of life.
We all have to let go
\h\h\hat some point.
Thank you for coming.
Hey, no problem.
[melancholy music]
\h\h\hRuby, Im sorry.
Ill plant a new tree.
I dont want a new tree.
I want this tree.
Charlies tree.
The last time I saw him
\hhe brought me flowers
but I didnt take them.
\hHe dropped them here.
And they grew into this tree?
Ruby, its gonna be ok--
No, its not ok.
I broke a good mans heart
and I never got the chance
\h\h\h\hto say Im sorry.
I hurt him and I was selfish.
I was always selfish,
and Charlie was the one person
\h\h\h\h\hwho saw more in me.
Who saw good in me.
I see good in you, too.
Thank you.
So the open house is tomorrow.
Anything else we need to do?
Just buy some water bottles
\hand candy to have around.
Water bottles and candy?
What kind of sad shindig
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\his this?
Well, it isnt a shindig.
But it could be one.
\hYoure selling a house
designed to entertain in.
So entertain!
[gasps] Everythings already
\h\h\h\h\h\h\hdecorated 20s
so what if we made it
a 20s-themed event?
A real Gatsby affair.
There isnt enough time.
Oh, come on.
Ive thrown bigger parties
\h\h\h\hwith less notice.
Well, I already have
\h\h\hso much to do.
Oh, but you wont do a thing.
\h\h\hI can work your phone,
Ill take care of everything.
\h\hTinkling jazz,
speakeasy drinks...
Ooh, shrimp toast.
A party for the ages.
Except its not a party.
\h\hIts an open house.
Its quiet, simple...
Ok, a quiet simple-themed
\h\h\h\h\h\h\hopen house
with a few drinks and noshes.
And you wont go overboard?
Why, me? Oh, Id never.
[phone dings]
Ugh, I have to go meet my dad.
Hes been texting me all day
about why Terrence saw Elliot
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hat the house.
Ooh, family drama?
\h\h\hCan I come?
[bell dings]
Have a great day.
Whats this I hear about Elliot
working on the house?
And nice to meet you, too.
Well, I- I just couldnt let
that beautiful mantle piece
\h\h\h\h\h\hremain damaged.
Im paying Elliot
\hout of my fee.
Well, this isnt about
\h\h\hthe money, Anna.
\h\h\hThis is about you
turning over a new page,
but instead you keep turning
\h\h\h\hback to an old one.
Because theres something...
\hI... theres still
something between us.
I understand its hard
\h\h\h\h\h\hto let go,
and you and Elliot were together
a long time,
but honey, you cant renovate
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\ha tear down.
Dad, look, everythings
\h\h\h\hunder control.
The open house is gonna be
\h\h\h\h\h\hone of a kind.
A 1920s-themed shindig.
\h\hCreative. I like it.
I knew you had it in you.
Alright, querida.
\hIve gotta run.
Wait, I thought we were
\h\h\h\hhaving coffee.
Im sorry, clients are waiting.
Well, thats my dad.
\hWhat do you think?
I think if reincarnation exists
I know where my dad
\h\h\h\h\hended up.
Hey. Sorry Im late.
I was stuck at the Historical
\h\h\h\h\h\hSociety all day.
\h\h\h\h\h\hOh, its ok.
Did they make a decision?
No. No, theyre busy distracted
with some big retail centre
thats taking top billing.
But tomorrow is my day.
Well, I hope it goes well.
Thank you.
Also, I just want to clear
\h\h\hthe air immediately.
I read your letter.
What letter?
This letter.
It was beautiful.
And Ive never seen you write
\h\h\h\h\hin cursive before.
\h\h\h\hUh... well, I uh...
I wanted to make it special.
Well, thank you
for sharing it.
I didnt know a lot of this.
And when I was reading it
\h\h\h\h\h\h\hI realized
I didnt know what
\hI meant to you.
Well, that breaks my heart.
Because you meant everything
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hto me,
and I should have told you
\h\h\h\h\ha long time ago.
Because Ive thought it
\h\h\hall these years.
I still do.
So it kind of sounds like
\h\h\h\h\h\hmaybe you...
you want to give us
\h\h\hanother shot?
I do.
I want that, too.
A part of me does.
There is another part of me
\h\h\h\h\h\hthats worried.
I know, and youre moving
\h\h\h\h\hto Boston soon.
I guess I just need some time
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hto think.
Of course.
Well, Im pretty much done.
I just want to come back
\h\h\h\hand double check
everything in the daylight.
Great. Well, thank you.
How much do I owe you?
No, this is on me.
\hThis is a very special place
and I feel like its the house
\hfrom your drawing
come to life, so...
Yeah, me too.
Well, good luck tomorrow
\h\h\h\hat the hearing.
What time is it?
Oh, then can I come?
I have my open house at noon
but Id love to be there
\h\h\h\hto support you.
Yeah, Id love that.
You can comfort me when Im
rejected for the third time.
\h\h\hJust kidding.
I think its a win.
Anna, you understand why
\hIm hesitant about us.
I do.
But Im also hopeful.
Oh, goodnight.
[door closes]
[hopeful music]
Its all happening!
Nothings for sure.
Yes, it is.
\h\hI saw his eyes
and I can feel it.
Somethings shifting in me.
\h\hSomethings unsticking.
Well, maybe youll be
\hwith Charlie soon.
Whats wrong?
Oh, just...
I always wanted to believe
\h\hCharlie waited for me
but I also wanted him
\h\h\h\hto be happy.
To have love.
\hPart of me wanted him to have
found someone else and moved on.
Move on from you? Impossible.
Right answer, sweetheart.
But the truth is...
Im afraid that Ill cross over
and I wont find him waiting.
Maybe I havent wanted to cross
over for that very reason.
Oh, Anna, Im ready to go.
I dont want to be
\h\halone anymore.
\hAs much as youve made this
house feel like a home again.
I dont belong here.
Im also scared.
I wish I could hug you.
Me too.
A hundred years is a long time
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hwithout a hug.
Well, how about we dance?
Yeah. You can teach me
\h\h\hthe Charleston.
Absolutely! Oh, one second.
-Alright. Are you ready?
[The Charleston playing]
So, you go backwards
with your left foot.
Left. Oh, youve got it!
Now, add in the arms.
Get free with it.
\h\h\hGet weird.
[Ruby] Isnt this a ball?
I just love it.
Ok, so right, back.
Shes lost it.

[typing message]
\hWait til you see
this shindig later.
Youre gonna plop.
Terrence is having his open
house the same time as ours.
And hes doing champagne
\h\hand hors doeuvres.
Oh, that weasel.
My dad must have told him
\h\h\h\h\habout our plans
and hes trying to outdo us.
So well just have to make our
open house bigger and better.
\h\hWell, not bigger.
Maybe not even better.
We cant go overboard.
By the way, I got your photos
\h\h\h\hback from the framer.
I was thinking we should put it
near your portrait.
Oh, its beautiful.
Alright, I gotta get going.
I gotta get to the hearing.
But I feel like I should stay
\h\h\h\h\h\h\hand help prep.
No, go. Everythings taken
\h\h\h\h\h\hcare of here.
Youre gonna be astounded.
Oh, well, no, dont astound me
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\htoo much.
\h\h\hI mean it, Ruby.
This needs to go well.
\h\hAs for the location of
the proposed retail centre
the plans are still
\h\h\hunder review
pending the environmental
\h\h\h\h\himpact report.
Sorry, these meetings drag.
Oh, no worries.
\hAnd our next agenda item is
whether the Fletcher Building
\his of significant historical
merit to warrant preservation.
Now, we have thoroughly debated
this proposal
and are prepared
to take a vote...
right after a short recess.
[phone dings]
Will you excuse me?
Dad, whats going on?
Anna, where are you?
Im downtown.
Well Im at your listing.
\h\hIll be there at 11:30.
Everything is under control.
Then why did I get a call saying
your company credit card
has been maxed out?
And then I come here
\h\h\hto find chaos.
Two caterers fighting
\h\hover the kitchen,
a whole bar and bartending crew
hired, a six-piece jazz band?
And whats with this video
\h\h\hof you dancing and-
dancing and talking to yourself?
What video?
Terrence came by your listing
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hlast night,
saw you acting out of sorts, was
concerned and reached out to me.
\h\h\hYeah, I bet he did.
Ok, Im coming right now.
[uneventful music]
I took care of it.
I sent everyone home and
cancelled the open house.
Cancelled, why?
Because my reputation
\h\h\his on the line,
and Im not gonna have people
\h\h\hshow up for a disaster.
Im sorry, Dad.
\h\h\h\h\hNo, Im sorry.
This- this was too much.
I should have started you
\h\h\h\h\h\hoff smaller.
So whatre you gonna do?
Im giving it to Terrence.
And as for you, maybe you should
shadow me a while.
Get a better feel for the job.
\hHey, what happened?
Did you get approved?
Yeah, we got approved.
What happened to you?
\h\h\hYou just left.
This was important to me
\h\h\hand I thought you said
you wanted to be supportive.
No, I- I do. I did.
I... I sent you a text.
Uh... "gotta get to the house".
Thats not super communicative,
I know, Im sorry, but there
\h\h\hwas an emergency here.
I... I botched
the open house.
Or, it wasnt me but it...
But- but what?
But nothing.
Anna, theres clearly been
something going on with you
and whatever it is
\hyou can tell me.
Except I cant.
Why not?
Because I just cant, Im sorry.
This is really complicated.
Its complicated?
This is like Im having
\h\h\h\h\ha flashback.
Youre- you disappear.
You pull away from me.
Youre distant.
Its not that.
It feels like that.
It feels exactly like
\h\hit used to feel.
It feels like you dont know
\h\h\h\h\h\h\hwhat you want.
It feels like nothings changed.
\h\h\h\h\h\h\hSo, what?
Youre just gonna leave?
Youre just gonna quit?
No, Im not the one
\hwho quits, Anna.
You quit.
And maybe thats for the best
because maybe were something
\h\h\h\hthat should be quit.
Maybe were just two people
who love each other dearly
and are always going to be
\h\h\h\h\h\ha lost cause.
Ruby. Why?
You knew how much
this meant to me.
You knew how much
\hI needed this.
I knew how much you thought
\h\h\h\h\hyou needed this,
but did you even
\hwant this job?
\hI wanted to get
my life together.
I just wanted something
\h\h\h\h\h\h\hin a time
where it feels like
\h\hI have nothing.
Anna, Im sorry.
\h\hNo, Im sorry
for trusting you.
I was really just trying
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hto help.
Were you?
Or were you just trying to throw
yourself one last big hurrah?
Youre saying I did this for me?
Im saying its in character.
After all, you did describe
\h\h\hyourself as selfish.
Well, I might be selfish
\h\h\hbut youre stingy.
Stingy? Do tell.
Yeah, youre stingy.
Stingy with love,
stingy with life.
You float through living
\h\hbecause youre so scared
to get attached to anything.
And youre attached
\h\htoo much, Ruby!
You should let go.
You should go, because nobody
\h\h\hwants you here anymore.
[melancholy music]
Ruby, wait.
Charlie, Ive been so afraid
\h\h\h\h\h\hall these years
that you wont be there with me
when I cross over.
I cant stay here anymore.
Theres nothing here for me.
So whatever happens
itll need to be enough that
I love you and always will.
Even if Ill never get to be
\h\h\h\h\h\hwith you again.
[Anna] Ruby, where are you?
Ruby, are you here?
\h\h\h\hPlease come out,
lets talk this through.
Ruby, Im snooping through your
things so come out and stop me.
Ruby pie, you believe that
\h\h\h\h\hthere are people
"you only meet on stage
\h\h\h\h\h\h\hor screen
\h"or in the pages of a book
that can never exist in life.
"Then with all her wit
and sprit, Ruby Baker
\hproves that wrong."
F. Scott Fitzgerald.
You have a letter
from Fitzgerald?
\h\hAnd one from
Josephine Baker.
Ruby, as always your notes
are the finest prose I know.
"Why are you wasting time
\h\h\h\hscribbling to me
"instead of working on your
\h\h\h\hnovel? Hemingway.
This is from Hemingway.
[phone rings]
Hey, Dad.
I have good news for you.
Ive decided to give you
\h\h\h\h\h\hanother shot
and Ive found you
\ha condo to sell.
New construction,
\h\h\h\hturn key.
Ok. And what about
\h\h\h\hthe house?
Terrence already found a buyer.
Some shell company is buying it
as a tear-down.
They sign tomorrow.
No, Dad, please-
\h\h\h\h\h\hIm sorry.
You cant get attached.
\h\h\hCheck your email
for the condo listing.
I love you.
No, Dad--
[melancholy music]
Ruby, please come out!
The house is gonna get torn down
and I dont know what to do.
[teary] Please tell me
\h\h\h\h\hwhat to do.
[hopeful music]
Are you buying
the Baker home?
\h\h\h\hYes. Anna,
whatre you doing?
Im making sure weve disclosed
any encumbrances a buyer
\h\h\h\h\hmight take on.
Whatre you talking about?
There are no encumbrances.
\hExcept for the property
potentially being declared
a historical site.
I stopped by
the historical preservation
\h\h\hsociety this morning
and I filed to have
\h\hthe Baker house
declared a historical landmark.
On what grounds?
On the grounds of the house
\h\hbeing the Baker estate
designed by famed architect
\h\h\h\h\h\h\hArthur Salkin
for the Baker family,
including Ruby Baker,
\ha 1920s socialite.
\h\h\hIn that house she hosted
Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Chaplin.
And since I presented letters
of said people to prove that,
the application is now pending.
Pending doesnt mean anything.
These applications get rejected
all the time.
\hTrue, but it takes time
to reject or approve them.
\h\hAnd in that time no work
can be done on the property.
\hAnd if it does pass then
any work on the Baker house
has to be done under strict
\h\hhistorical guidelines.
Luckily I know a great restorer.
Anna, what was that?
I gave you a shot and you
\h\hturned it against me.
\h\h\hIm sorry, but I did
what I think is right here.
And I know its easier
\hto just tear it down
and build something new
\h\h\h\h\hin its place.
To not get attached.
Thats not how I wanna
\h\h\h\hlive my life.
I finally know what I want,
and thats to pour myself
\h\h\h\h\hinto something,
even if its a lost cause
\h\h\hbecause who knows?
Dad, I love you so much
but Im not you and I
\hdont wanna be you.
I wanna be me.
I dont want your company.
Give it to Terrence.
What I do want is a relationship
with you.
\h\h\h\h\h\h\hA real one.
One that were both heard.
And Elliot is gone,
\hand I highly doubt
that hes coming back
but if he did... Id like
\h\h\h\h\h\hyour support.
Mi amor, vente paca.
[emotional music]
Anna? Are you here?
I just came to get my tools
\hbefore I head to Boston.
What? No, no.
\hYou cant.
No, Elliot!
Dont go.
No, you and Anna are meant
\h\h\h\h\hto be together.
\hYou dont want to make
this mistake, believe me.
He was the love of my life.
Just like Anna is the love
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hof yours.
Whatre you doing here?
I forgot my tools.
Fletchers been approved
\h\h\h\hso I came to get them
before heading to Boston but-
No, but-
Can you tell me why you have
a picture of my great uncle?
Your what?
Charlie Ward.
\hI never met him but
Ive seen old photos.
This is him.
Supposedly he was
the best of men.
A chauffeur, a war hero.
He lost the love of his life
and he remained a bachelor
\h\h\h\h\h\h\hafter that.
But he became a teacher.
\h\h\h\h\hHe lived well.
\hHe touched a lot
of peoples lives.
Can you please excuse me
\h\hfor just one minute?
Please dont leave, ok?
\h\h\h\hJust... please.
[door slams]
He waited for me.
Of course he did.
And now Ill be with him again.
Just like youll be
\h\h\hwith Elliot.
Whats happening?
Dont you see, Anna?
Its all connected.
Me and Charlie,
you and Elliot.
\h\hIts your fate- our fate,
that has brought us together.
This is what Ive been
\h\h\h\h\hwaiting for.
But what will I do
\h\h\hwithout you?
Oh, Ive taught you
the steps, sister.
Now its up to you
\h\hto dance them.
And thank you.
For what?
For being my friend.
Everybody needs a friend.
And youll always have me
\h\h\h\h\h\h\hin spirit.
I feel that.
Me too.
My sweet Charlie.
\h\h\h\hThat was Charlie.
That was my uncle Charlie.
How is this even possible?
Well, I told you it was gonna
\h\h\h\h\hbe hard to explain.
But Ill explain it all
if you give me a chance.
\hIf you give us
one more chance.
\h\h\hBecause I love you,
and Ill always love you.
Ok, well that was-
that was my speech,
if you have any thoughts.
Yes, I do.
I liked your speech,
and I know we have
a lot of history,
and we have a lot of work to do
but I wanna do the work.
Because we dont quit.
We restore.
So lets just restore us.
[romantic music]