3 Days 2 Nights in Poblacion (2024) Movie Script

Yo! I say...
Many people die
from having wrong assumptions.
Little do we know,
right hunches are even deadlier.
Now I'm digging your grave
since I'm feeling lucky
to know early on your cunning behavior.
Real talk right away, Charlie.
Savor my spit.
The one I thought was a true friend...
is a two-faced betraying little bitch!
She called you "bitch"! Easy!
But now, it's "friendship over"!
Charlie, this is the dead end.
Come here.
Look in the mirror, Gabbi.
Stop acting like you're flawless.
Ask yourself if you ever
treated me as a friend!
Didn't you just use me?
To feel good, to feel cool.
But now, you're one to talk.
Now, you're acting like an angel
while you're bringing down Charlie!
You're unlucky because of how you act!
Don't get confused,
you're talking about yourself.
Fuck this friendship, Gabbi!
You can't take back what you said.
This friendship is over!
Guess what? As if I care!
"As if I care"?
Give it to me.
Seriously! This is mine.
This is Charlie.
She's my best friend.
before all this happened.
Gabbi is my favorite person
in the whole world.
If I were to list my happy memories,
she's there.
That's the only thing
I've ever won in my life.
And it's because Gabbi believed in me.
I wouldn't have graduated, if not for her.
She's really smart.
She helped me with thesis,
projects, and exams.
In short, she let me copy.
For our future.
For our future!
Gabbi is the reason
I survived my teenage years.
She's my best friend.
That's why we're best friends,
because the ones I love... she loves, too.
Gabbi Girl!
- Someday, I'm going to have Javi.
- Gross!
What the heck, Gabbi?
Didn't I tell you to reject him?
So he'd stop courting you.
You know,
you deserve someone perfect.
Not someone...
Like he's about to cum
when you smile at him!
Charlie, language!
Charlie was there for me
during my first heartbreak.
When I found out she was leaving
and would finish college in Manila,
it's like my world collapsed.
You know how everyone leaves me.
My sister,
my mom, and now you.
Just promise you won't forget me.
You know I'll miss your drama.
I made this for you...
so you won't miss me that much.
That's our future selves.
That was the last time I saw Charlie...
For this provincial girl
who will become a Canadian!
Oh, my!
Time is literally running out
for your friend.
How sad.
You won't be able to say goodbye.
Where could Charlie be?
As for me...
I need to take a leak.
Then, you guys get the bill.
Because maybe what you said is true.
Distance destroys...
- Friendship!
- That!
Hey, give me a beat.
When there's alcohol
There's a hidden agenda
Since the heart's full
Let's have fun even if we mess up!
Here's another one! One, two, three, go.
And Charlie is late
Because I'm so busy
Last one... This is it!
Once more!
- When I say "Gabbi," you say "Charlie."
- There!
-Now that Charlie is here
-And Gabbi
Let the night begin!
- I miss you.
- I love you.
You hardly come to Manila.
And now, just to say goodbye?
You know...
We haven't seen each other for five years...
Then you arrive late,
You can't even keep up with me,
and I'm leaving tomorrow.
Hey, you're holding it against me.
But I'm already here now.
We'll party because
you're not leaving tomorrow.
Why won't I leave?
My flight's already booked.
Because you're going to miss me.
I already miss you... fine.
That's why...
don't leave me.
But you left me first.
What are you saying?
What's this? Some payback?
Okay then, what if
no one leaves, okay?
You are not leaving me
because I have so many plans for us.
There's no such thing among best friends.
It's just "see you later."
Fine then...
Enough of that! Cheers!
- For our future.
- Yes!
- Girl, refill that!
- Yeah, it's unfair!
Unfair! You're unfair!
I'm late.
Hello, Gab?
Have you left already?
Isn't your flight at 9:00 a.m.?
Charlie, it's already 12:00!
Wow, I didn't know you can take a call
inside a plane.
I'm not on the plane.
Then, you're in Canada already?
This isn't funny at all.
I was left behind, too.
Shall we meet up?
I booked a room for us.
A grand farewell party.
Sir, can you please help us?
- Sorry, it's quite heavy.
- That's okay.
Girl, let's go!
- Morning...
- Let's go girl, come on!
Bestie, let's go.
Fancy, right?
Girl, have you decided yet?
I was just thinking, who's going
to pay for this room... me?
Of course not!
My boss already paid for it.
My ex-boss who was also...
my ex-boyfriend.
Anyway, we broke up so I resigned.
Wait, what?
You had a thing with your boss?
That "drama" made me late for your party.
His girlfriend who is
his "wife" found out.
I didn't know... but anyway!
See, that's because you're too flirty!
Have you learned anything from this?
I am like my mom.
Like mother, like daughter.
Beautiful but...
stupid in love.
At least my mom has her
happily ever after in Dubai, so...
I'm the only unlucky one.
Girl, come on!
You're lucky with friends.
Look at me, I'm here.
But there's a consolation!
This was his room, but it's our room now.
I really missed this.
Why did you have to leave?
You know I can't find my type
back in our province.
I feel like your dad has a thing for me.
- As in, gross!
- I don't want to be your stepmom, girl!
Girl, you and your daddy issues!
Wait! Let this be our thing.
This is your night, Gabbi.
Time to hunt for guys!
I've already found one.
Oh, my God, who?
Do you remember...
- Anyone but him!
- No, that was just before.
I swear he's changed.
I stalked his Instagram.
He's no longer a "kid."
- He's a grown man now.
- You know what?
Hold on.
Forget about him.
We're here in Poblacion.
Let's have some fun.
- Okay, fine! Is this good?
- Yes!
- For the bird?
- Good... Yes!
- Bird ready!
- Ready!
Maybe for tonight,
four to five bars will do.
Let's meet people and scout first.
Then tomorrow, we choose the best!
Here in Poblacion, each place
gives a different experience.
A Bloody Mary.
Mai Tai and hotdogs, please.
But girl, I've made my choice.
Girl, haven't you moved on from Javi?
Girl, if I only have a little time left,
I'd want it to be meaningful.
And Javi is my biggest "what if."
You can't contact him?
That's not a "what if" anymore because...
we're already chatting.
He reactivated his account?
How do you know his social media status?
- Are you still connected?
- No, silly! He added me back then.
Well, he messaged me...
Girl, red flag!
"Did you eet already?"
So gross, Gabbi,
he can't even spell "eat" correctly!
You fell for that? Gross!
Come on, the guy was just trying
to be cute.
And the history behind that person, right?
That's what generates the thrill,
and that's priceless.
That's it.
If you want to be with him, Gabbi,
I'll just make other plans.
Gabbi, trust me. We're partners...
but I don't want to be a team player
and to be the odd one out.
Hey, you won't stop me?
You're just jealous...
Come on, Gabbi Girl,
this is supposedly our time.
I've heard a lot of bad things about Javi.
Like what?
That he's a playboy... A fuckboy, you know!
I'm not going to marry the guy.
I just want...
maybe just...
What "adventure"?
Why are you so angry?
Walking out again?
Girl, I'm just gonna take a piss.
Maybe when I let this out,
my head might clear out, too.
if you say so.
We are having dinner. Charlie knows now...
Maybe it's not a good idea
for you to come and meet me.
Too late.
Too late for?
Look in front of you.
I'm already here.
The way you look at me...
I can take this.
I got this!
Here's your order.
Charlie, come here!
Come on, girl!
Weren't we just talking about him?
Hi, Charlie!
Hi, Javi!
How have you been?
Looks like you're gaining weight
and having hairline issues?
How many kids do you have now?
They're okay, happy.
But I haven't seen them
because they haven't been born yet.
I haven't met their future mom yet.
So... Gabbi.
It's been so long.
But you're interrupting.
are you sure you want to spend
your last moments with this guy?
Oh, my God, is that why...
Gabbi, are you sick?
I'm so honored to be part
of the last moments of your life.
I'm not going to die yet,
just going abroad.
But still, I'm lucky.
I'm part of the finale.
Actually, that's what
we were doing earlier.
Everything was perfect
until you showed up.
Is that so?
Come on.
Join us, Charlie.
Charlie, come on.
- Charlie, when did you become...
- Fine! Okay.
Okay, eat up...
then pay our bill. And treat us tonight.
You're welcome.
When I saved enough,
I decided to leave my dad's
business to start my own
he's too traditional, unlike me.
I invest in small businesses,
like pop-up stores.
Then now, I'm diversifying
into small-concept bars
here in Poblacion.
Sorry for talking too much.
When I'm nervous, I try to impress.
Well, it works.
Who would have thought that the geeky boy
who I exchanged novels with
would become a successful businessman?
I was just lucky to be privileged.
But now, I need to give back.
Well, you know...
Especially to those passionate...
Like Charlie!
Where's your proposal?
I don't have a business partner yet.
Besides, we should do business
with someone we can trust.
You guys talk? I thought...
No! That was a long time ago!
It's because Javi
suddenly disappeared like a ghost.
I deactivated my accounts.
You know how small Poblacion is.
And it's too toxic online.
I'm just being careful.
It's better to be safe.
It's hard, isn't it
to have a lot to hide from?
But it's all good, since the first thing
I saw was Gabbi's message.
Girl, why are you being so harsh?
Me? Girl, this is just how I am.
But you were supposed to be my wing woman!
I really like him, so help me out.
What if he's the reason why
I didn't get to leave?
He's suddenly the reason now... and not me?
Don't be silly.
A businessman really has no off hours.
They can wait,
but for us there'd no next time.
Where to now?
Over there!
There? Let's go!
Charlie, join us!
Girl, come on! This place is so vulgar.
Cha, come on.
They're just making a living.
Oh, my God. I think I know her. Hold on!
Aren't you Mercedes?
Do we have a problem?
Javi, we hooked up...
then you ghosted me.
I thought you were no longer interested,
so I let you be.
But you deactivated...
And I couldn't contact you after.
I don't know... I was going through
some family problems.
And I thought we had an understanding?
Cool, but...
Actually, no. Javi, damn it!
It's fine to fuck me up,
but not my best friend!
We knew each other,
and I just broke up then.
I wanted to be friends, but...
We were fuck buddies!
Wasn't that the case?
We ended things when you called it off,
then you disappeared.
And you disappeared, too.
Now you're back,
hitting on my best friend?
I don't have bad intentions,
especially towards Gabbi.
You know I've had feelings for her.
And what about me?
We're done.
And there was never an "us."
We're here now
because you think maturely, modern.
I thought you'd understand.
Well, you thought wrong,
because I don't get it!
I fell in love with her...
We could've been something if not for you.
I told you that a long time ago.
Fine, I'll back off
if Gab doesn't like me...
Guys, this is Mercedes Cabral.
Why are you here?
You know Gabbi. This is Charlie.
Yes... Hi!
Anyway, good thing you're here.
It's awkward being alone here.
You didn't come here to fool around?
Unlike Javi.
So... how did you two meet?
Because I'm going to learn
some dance moves from Tita Cion.
What dance?
Tanktop Dance!
- Tanktop Dance?
- Yeah!
Cha, let's go!
- Come on!
- It'll be fun!
- My God! Thank God you're here.
- Where are you taking us?
You see, we wear our tanktops,
otherwise known as the "wife beaters,"
Is "Cion" really your name?
Where are you?
I was born here.
This is where I grew up,
got my period,
got married,
and became a widow.
I've been here long before
people like you,
Charlie, Charlie, Charlie.
Have you had any experience?
In dancing?
We were in a dance troupe in high school,
but it was more hip-hop.
- Wow.
- No, no, no!
The Tanktop Dance.
This is the power of Tanktop Dance.
I just need to breathe.
Do you want a Sex on the Beach?
Isn't that your signature drink?
Hey, what are you doing here?
Good to finally have a friend here.
You have a friend, right?
And the "Bestie from the North."
Did I tell you?
She's infatuated with someone
she just met.
Are you bitter?
I get it, but to be fair...
your "frenemy" is pretty.
What are you saying?
She's not my "frenemy."
She's my best friend.
But you said something else
when you were drunk.
That she uses you so she has company.
You know, Charlie,
you can't find yourself
because Gabbi always overshadows you.
Well, this isn't a contest,
and Gabbi's leaving anyway.
Wow! Rival elimination or
leveling up the competition?
But I feel Otoko is into her.
Does she know you had a thing?
She doesn't know.
And keep it quiet, okay?
I don't want to fight with Gabbi.
Gabbi is leaving, it's her last weekend.
I just really want a clean break.
So, someone has won?
- My water.
- Excuse me?
- Break is over. Come here.
- Go back.
Can you still do it?
Are we leveling up or giving up?
I don't give up.
- The "Male Gaze."
- He's here. Oh, my God.
Oh dear.
Look at the way they look at each other.
It's like they had a thing before.
At least they don't pretend they didn't.
Ignore it! Past is past.
I did it!
- You should try it.
- You were great.
Let's do it together.
Let's go, Cha.
- Gabbi, Charlie, you can do it.
- Go for it.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
I liked that.
That was intense.
Where did that come from?
Amazing! You beat Chedeng.
Just dance troupe days.
Remember how we beat
everyone in high school?
And we always win,
especially when we were together.
That's right!
It's a shame you only made it
to the dance tryouts.
But it's a bigger shame
you didn't come back.
We could have done so much more.
But Gabbi...
You do know I'm not like you,
a privileged country girl
who can do anything, and is set for life.
I had to hustle, you know.
Well, sorry.
I had responsibilities too, right?
I had to take care of Daddy.
But I get what you like about this life.
People like you.
At least I really got to know
myself when I moved to Manila,
because I couldn't do this
if I was stuck in the province.
So... you're not happy with our friendship?
Gabbi, of course.
I just needed to be alone...
just me,
even my mom can't stop me, let alone you.
So, have you found
what you're looking for?
Okay. We're here.
You know what, Javi? That's enough.
Earlier it was a strip club,
then now a beer house?
- What more do you want?
- Hey, chill out.
You loved their drinks,
remember this place?
Is this really
where you impress your dates?
I brought you here, remember?
Firstly, that was just three months ago.
Secondly, I wasn't impressed.
It was just a business meeting
that ended up somewhere.
If it's a big deal to you,
why don't we just tell Gabbi?
Never ever tell Gabbi about that
or else I will really hurt you.
It's our last weekend together
and you're going to ruin it.
Fine, but hiding it from Gabbi
won't solve anything, right?
Javi, just don't!
- Oh, thank you.
- Gab.
Wrath of God for the ladies and for me.
And a bottle of gin, tonic water,
lemon and glasses.
He will pay for everything.
Excuse me. I'll be right back.
So Charlie...
About the issue earlier...
I don't want to talk about it
because I've had too much to drink.
What about the other issue?
What issue?
Please wait for the special drink.
Thank you.
Girl, which issue?
The one about you and Javi.
It was nothing! I just don't like him.
Wait, where is he?
That's Zaddy!
Your boss?
My ex, ex-boss!
And his wife?
That's not his wife!
That bastard has someone new again, damn!
Hey, Gabbi!
What are you doing?
One Wrath of God, please.
It's better if you were never born.
Who's this?
Your new assistant?
Find someone else...
then put a tracker on his dick.
Because I bet...
he calls his dick a "Wonder Dick."
because he uses women to feel big
Sorry, big mistake,
because you messed with my friend.
- Come here!
- Hey!
Who the hell are you?
- Why?
- Who is she?
But sir, thanks for the fancy hotel room!
So nice!
- Babushka...
- Don't call me that!
Hey! What are you doing?
Ouch! The heck?
My goodness!
You're in trouble!
Girl, you make me crazy!
Can't we just be together forever?
- Wrath of God!
- Yes!
- As if!
- Fuck that guy!
Fuck them!
Fuck them!
Fuck them, but...
Can we go back to how it was before?
What do you mean?
Because there's something
you haven't told me yet.
Hey, hey, hey! Beshies!
- Tita Cion!
- Tita Cion!
Party together!
- Tita still got the moves!
- Wow!
Of course!
Girl, this is our future, right?
Like this and that...
You stupid girls!
- What did you say?
- Stupid!
- Did he say "stupid"?
- Do you have a death wish?
Get lost, you dimwits!
- Guys...
- Yes?
Look at that sleeping child.
Whatever happens, Gabbi, come back.
Then let's take Javi's lead,
start a business, then get rich.
Get rich?
It's their job.
You know what?
You know, listen to me.
That's how it is. Yeah.
And there you have it,
I'm mourning...
because he has someone else!
What "prayers"? You mistress!
- "Mistress"?
- But...
What did she say?
You know these jewels of mine?
They all mean something.
When the Ponzi scheme became a hit,
and we got away with it...
Do you know about that?
These are...
Look at these.
But no touching!
See this?
- Beautiful, isn't it?
- It's so big.
This was for our Silver Anniversary,
for our Silver Anniversary!
I think...
these are worth millions.
More than millions but...
But these are nothing...
there's no love in these!
Throw up.
Throw up, come on.
I'm not...
I can't throw it up.
Force yourself.
You're drunk but you're not nauseated?
I get nauseated from stress, not alcohol.
Girl, isn't this stressful enough?
Damn that woman!
Let's just run away from her.
Cha, my bag...
So vulgar!
What the fuck, get a room.
- What the fuck, as if you're all pure!
- What the... fuck you too!
- Girl...
- God, am I a drug addict now?
You're being dramatic,
an "addict" already?
What's happening anyway?
How would I know? I'm not an addict.
Javi, wherever you are...
Girl, what's happening?
Oh, my gosh. Why are you a paper doll?
You're a paper doll, too.
- Fuck! What are we going to do?
- Oh, my God, I don't know.
- I feel like I can fly...
- Take me with you. Don't let go of me.
- I'm flying...
- It feels good to fly, Gabbi.
Don't let go of me.
- Charlie...
- Hey, I know her.
Hey, help her out.
Help her, my God!
Come on girl, come with us.
Girl, come with us.
You're crazy.
Damn, you're really wasted tonight.
Wait, wait, wait! Where's Charlie?
I don't know.
Where's Charlie? Charlie is missing.
Poor you. But don't worry, girl.
I got you.
We got you, girl!
Let's rock out! Come with us. Okay...
Charlie! Hey...
Are you high?
What do you mean "high"?
Where is Gabbi?
Gabbi? Shit.
Gabbi let go of me earlier.
Gabbi let go of me earlier.
"Let go"?
It's Lars...
In Spirits...
Spirits, I know that. Let's go.
What is this? Where did you come from?
If you hadn't left us...
My fault? You're the best friend,
act like one.
You're the one causing trouble.
You're the one getting in the way.
We like each other.
Me too.
I still like you.
But you don't like me.
You know what?
I really thought...
I would be your next girlfriend.
But damn, you made me a rebound.
A fubu.
And that's how it is, I guess...
whoever falls in love...
And damn...
I loved you.
Why can't you love me?
Am I not worth the love?
I didn't mean to hurt you.
Javi, you just don't like me.
That's it, period.
Let's just look for Gabbi.
Isn't she more important?
You can do it. Unleash the diva in you.
- How about my jacket?
- You're fabulous now!
Look at those two... making a scene!
Five seconds, no malice!
Five seconds, no malice!
- Just do it, so it's over.
- Five seconds, no malice!
Five seconds, no malice! Okay...
Where is Gabbi?
- Gabbi!
- Charlie!
Gabbi, wait!
Gabbi, what you saw there was nothing.
You saw it, right? You heard them...
That meant nothing.
So what? You had sex.
And you hid it from me.
I already knew...
I knew what I heard.
I was just waiting for you
to tell me the truth.
But you couldn't, right?
You can't because
you're not a real friend.
Don't end our friendship like that
just because Javi was my fuck buddy!
What the fuck?
Fuck buddy?
- Sorry!
- Wait, you went that far?
I thought...
it was just a one-night stand,
and you also hid that from me?
You made me a fool... both of you!
Gab, I didn't mean to.
- No! Get away from me... Get away!
- Sorry! I didn't mean to.
- Get away! No!
- Gabbi, sorry!
- Go home, Charlie.
- Gab!
Tita Cion.
Don't call me "Tita."
You're not my niece. We're not related.
Qu horror!
You're finally awake.
Why don't we eat first?
My friends are still in the market.
Let's eat first!
Aren't you Charlie's friend from
the bar last night, the bartender?
You're also "Lady Morgana"?
The one and only.
And girl, I witnessed your heartbreak
last night.
Let's eat now.
Sorry I ruined your show last night.
I wasn't myself.
It's okay.
The audience thought it was part
of the performance,
but we nailed the show.
And the tips even doubled.
I haven't even thanked you yet, so...
Thank you too, sis.
But you and Charlie backstabbed me.
I heard it, so we're even now.
Read this.
"Does it hurt?" Just kidding.
Let me explain.
Dear, no need. It's okay.
Because I'm leaving in less than 48 hours.
You're strangers again.
Leaving without even taking a shower?
What about Charlie?
She'll be fine.
You're friends, right?
So you take care of her.
You know, when she's drunk,
she always talks about you.
Saying you're the star,
and she's just the loyal sidekick.
But she adores you,
and looks up to you.
Maybe she changed when she left.
maybe I never really knew her.
That's why she always were against me with
Javi because she wanted him for herself.
You know what they say.
"Alcohol reveals the truth."
At least now I know the truth.
Of course not... no.
When the dust settles,
they know your past and future,
See, I even spoke in English!
Are we even true friends?
Please answer Daddy's calls.
What's going on with you?
I know going abroad is a big deal...
and you will miss Daddy.
But you won't grow up
if you don't challenge yourself.
It's hard to say goodbye,
to let go.
I managed to do it,
and I know you can, too, Gabbi Girl.
All right then, your niece is crying.
See you here, Gabbi.
Good morning.
Can we talk?
Javi, please.
Whatever happened wasn't part of my plan.
You know, you're right.
About Charlie...
I didn't mean to, I...
What's that?
For Charlie?
There you go, be our guest.
Go on up. Go.
We went looking for you.
And in your concern for me,
you kissed in front of me?
Is that it?
It's not her I want, it's you.
- We had something before but...
- But what?
But it meant nothing.
So you just played with my friend?
I made a mistake.
I want to correct that mistake.
You know?
Charlie was right.
You're not worth it.
Where are you, Charlie?
Hello! Gabbi!
How about a FlipTop tutorial?
Well, sweet little darling,
sweet little babe Gabbi.
Tita Pobla,
why do you have Charlie's phone?
Charlie and I have a surprise
for you later, so come. Okay?
Gab, don't listen to her!
I'll just send
the event link and address. See you!
Your friend Charlie's in the bathroom.
I think she's waiting for you.
I got you oysters... Your favorite.
I don't like them raw.
I told you...
I thought you knew.
Gabbi, about the ring...
The crazy lady is looking for it,
just eat so you can throw up.
Maybe Dad was right.
We're no good together.
It's because of you.
Please... I'm doing this for you.
So we can be okay,
so we can be friends again.
Why can't you just admit it?
I've waited so many times
for you to tell me the truth.
Can't it just be that I'm ashamed?
I'm ashamed
and I didn't want you to think that
I don't deserve
to have a best friend like you.
You're too perfect, Gabbi.
You ruined our friendship.
But Gabbi...
I'm not proud of it
that we were fuck buddies.
I'm not happy about what happened.
But you did it!
And you hid it from me.
Okay, fine!
Javi and I had a thing! Are you happy now?
But he doesn't like me,
and I don't like him anymore.
But that doesn't mean I want him for you!
Because what, you're jealous?
Because, damn it,
I was just protecting you.
But fine!
Damn it, I'm tired.
I'm tired of being your sidekick!
And where did that come from?
Do you know why I left?
There, they call me...
that's how you felt?
Charlie, we're partners.
We have the same dreams.
I thought when I achieve something,
you'd be proud of me.
But you were the only one
who peaked in high school.
We have a one-way support system here.
Whenever I needed something from you,
where were you?
I get nothing from you!
You know I won't fall for
your victim act again.
During Florante at Laura...
Damn, I auditioned for that!
You knew how much I wanted that role,
but what did you do?
You auditioned, too!
When you forgot the lines I memorized,
who fed them to you?
Me! While you were
the damn princess, and me?
A fucking tree in your background!
Didn't I tell you...
to switch roles then?
Fuck, you already took it from me!
And you want me to take it back?
That's not the only thing!
What? Don't tell me even Javi!
What about the main verse?
Fuck, that was mine!
It's not my fucking fault
that I'm better than you.
I'm better than you!
Damn, your rap is garbage.
We could have faced off
to see who's better.
You know what?
You were the best in the province.
But you're afraid to come here to Manila
because you know you're a nobody here.
You know what. Just stop, okay?
I'm going abroad.
You're going abroad? Where?
To Canada? Fuck...
Saskatoon, girl!
Fuck that!
Congrats, Gabbi,
from one backwater town to another?
What an achievement!
What's there to be
proud of your life here?
Proud of Poblacion?
Yes, I'm really proud of my life here!
Gabbi, what the...
- The heck?
- Yes, mistress!
I'm not a mistress!
So you want to fight?
I'm right! Feminism is dead!
- Me?
- I hate you!
- Thought so!
- Because you're a mistress!
You're a mistress!
You're jealous of everything.
Everyone, leave!
Are your social batteries drained now?
Or are the things I mixed in
your drinks kicking in?
- Again?
- Again?
Got nothing to say?
Battered girls.
it's my turn.
Maybe you're good in bed?
Do you enjoy what's forbidden?
How do you enjoy it?
Besides being small,
it also softens quickly.
Maybe you don't know
because you have many men!
I didn't know!
You didn't know?
Really, are you sure?
You didn't know?
Tita, I really didn't know.
It wasn't you on his Instagram!
You didn't know?
I really didn't.
I am...
I am the first wife.
I am the original.
I am the legal wife.
I've taken down the second one,
so now it's your turn!
Tita, Bern has a fourth mistress!
We've already broken up,
so go after her instead!
That ring?
Which was given by my
very kind and loving husband?
It's stuck in your intestines!
Tita, no!
It's still inside my stomach, for sure.
I'll just let it out, then...
No! Gross!
Just keep it!
You know I came from a business meeting.
You're a pain!
Are you partying again?
And who are these women?
Dear, what are you doing?
- Relax, have a drink first.
- Gabbi, let's get out of here.
My hubby is too stressed.
Just relax, silly.
Take a seat, dear.
- We have guests.
- Wait.
Poblacion, damn! Why are they here?
I think we're safe here.
Fuck it, Gabbi!
After everything I did for you,
you're still mad?
If it weren't for you,
this wouldn't have happened to me.
Gabbi, hey!
Me, me, me...
Yes, it's my fault.
I shouldn't have gotten
you drunk the other day.
And I shouldn't have invited you
just so I could say goodbye properly.
So that your last memory of me
would be better.
Not like this.
Now I know you're not my "Forever Friend."
That when you grow up,
you also outgrow people...
like you!
One tequila shot, please.
- Damn it!
- Leave me alone.
Sir, one for me too.
Where are you going, Gabbi?
Many people die
from having wrong assumptions
Little did we know,
right hunches are even deadlier
Now I'm digging your grave
Since I'm feeling lucky
To know early on your cunning behavior
Cool, right?
Always with the gimmick,
just to get my game on
Real talk right away, Charlie
Savor my spit
The one I thought was a true friend
Is a two-faced betraying little bitch!
She said "bitch"!
Three days and two nights
Me and my best friend!
But now it's "friendship over" for us
Charlie, this is the dead end
It's your turn. Come up here.
Whoever you are, come on.
Come up here.
Easy, easy!
Look at the mirror, Gabbi.
Stop acting like you're flawless!
Ask yourself if you ever
treated me as a friend!
Didn't you just use me?
To feel good, to feel cool
But you're one to talk now
Now you're acting like an angel
While you're bringing down Charlie!
You're unlucky because of how you act
Don't get confused,
You're talking about yourself
Fuck this friendship, Gabbi!
You can't take back everything you said.
Friendship over now?
Guess what?
As if I care!
"As if I care!"
Come on, relax.
Tough luck, I thought
you're my true friend!
You got my back, I got yours
While I was being stabbed in the back!
Where is the loyalty?
But you broke my trust, broke my heart
You betrayed me
Now I proved that all
my suspicions are true
I'm drunk, so I'mma tell the truth
I loved you, but now I don't
You were my friend, but not anymore
You're my sister from another mother?
You motherfucker!
I've been waiting for you.
Charlie is upstairs.
You should talk there.
I came here for you.
You can't fool me, Javi.
I'm not like your other girls.
I'm not from here.
because you're from my past.
From the past.
I just wanted
to go back to the old Javi...
before all became complicated.
I just wanted to feel like that again.
But you're not the Javi I used to know.
And I'm not the Gabbi you remember.
I just want to prove myself to you.
I'll miss you.
What's that?
You deserve it.
Is this pawnable?
It could probably start a business.
Are we good?
For your best friend.
She doesn't deserve us, but at least
she made become us better people.
Where is Gabbi?
She left already.
Come with me.
I need to talk to my best friend.
Let's go.
That's okay, you may go.
- You're heaven sent.
- I'm Jimboy here.
Sorry, my bad.
But please help me with Gabbi.
Where's Gabbi?
She's now boarding. She's at the gate.
Then let's go.
- Gab!
- Charlie.
Gabbi, you're my only best friend.
Please don't leave.
You know, Cha,
every time we toast our drinks,
that's for our future, right?
I just realized...
we drowned ourselves in alcohol...
because this would be our future.
We'd part ways.
I promise you, one day you'll be
proud of me, too.
What are you saying?
I'm already proud of you.
Wait, here's more.
It might fall.
Did Javi propose to you?
- No, silly! It's from you.
- What?
You threw this up, then I said yes.
Take care there, okay?
I have to go.
I'll miss you.
Hey, we've got a winner.
And that's us, thriving!
So, Canada isn't for you?
I'd still need to go back.
My work is there.
You know, come back anytime.
Actually, come back all the time!
Because I'm just a text,
call, or knock away.
So, what's our plan?
What is the plan?
Oh, my God, girl! You booked a hotel!