3 Days in Havana (2013) Movie Script

Welcome to this place.
What's your name?
- Malo!
- Bad.
Carta de la traicion.
The card
of the betrayal.
The card of death.
Raise your hand.
There is bad things
in your way.
Very evil in your way.
You know, i'd like to say
that this isn't personal,
but it really kind of is.
You know as well as I do
there's always someone
trying to kill our boss.
Hazards of being
an international businessman,
I guess.
But it is exclusively
for this reason
that those of us in charge
of his security
keep his scheduled
whereabouts a secret.
Now, that makes sense, right?
Right, right.
So when we discovered
that you had tipped off someone
that our boss was visiting
his operations in havana,
we were disappointed that you
a loyal member until now,
would betray the organization
for money, or a prius...
Or whatever!
Which you did, right?
Talk about
a disgruntled employee.
Did we screw you out of a
christmas bonus or something?
Miami job.
Said he no got paid.
Oh, shit.
Did we not pay you for that?
Oh, well, no wonder.
A man has gotta feed his family.
Speaking of which,
I have always wanted to play
your favorite game,
that game that you always
played in interrogations...
No, no.
Let's play for the lives
of your family.
Your son, um...
Jeremy. Done.
Let's play for jeremy.
Okay, benny.
Who are we talking about?
Who are we talking about?
The broker.
That fucking bitch.
But okay, jeremy lives, hmm?
Well played.
Now, do you love your wife?
Because you know very well
she's no good
as a bargaining chip
if you're banging her sister
or something.
I love her, I love her.
Good, well then, we'll play
for your wife.
When are we talking about?
Some time
over the next three days.
He shoots, he scores.
Isn't that what you always said?
Okay, the wife lives, too.
Now, is there anything else
that we need to know?
What's that, benny?
My wi--
What's that, benny?
Can my wife have
the miami job money?
I'll have to ask mr. Libby.
Why not?
You've earned it.
Thank you.
Attention all passengers.
Flight 017 to havana
is delayed.
Scheduled departure is now
1:00 a.m. out of gate six.
I guess I just made a lot
of enemies, huh?
Excuse me?
Our delay to havana?
Probably not the best idea
to whoop.
Oh, right, uh...
I'm happy about it, too.
I'm just not a big whooper.
Yeah, I sense that about you.
So what's your problem
with paradise?
Uh, nothing, really.
It's just I'm going
on a convention,
and I don't think i'll
get enough time to enjoy it.
I say skip it.
What, the conference?
What's it for?
Definitely skip it.
And you know what
the first thing you should do?
You should go to the bar
and get a drink,
and then go find
the square.
You've gotta go find
the fortune teller.
They're gonna tell you
that you're gonna meet
a mysterious woman.
Uh, I just did.
Yeah, no, i'm not--
i'm not a mysterious woman.
It sounds tempting, but...
Mm, but you're stuck.
I'm practically being
human trafficked.
Not really, I mean.
I agreed to be, so...
That didn't come out right.
Hey, no,
it's none of my business.
No, it's definitely not.
That's why telling you
might be so much fun.
For you, maybe.
You never know.
What if I whisper it to you?
Then it'll be like
you never heard a thing.
-Impressive, huh?
-I'll say.
The thing is,
how was I supposed to know
i'd end up the mistress
of someone like that?
-Not ideal.
-Mm, i'll say.
You'd think
his ambiguous wealth
would've been a tip-off.
-Does he have a mustache?
There you go.
Hard to tell, then.
You have a moustache.
Oh, I have to figure out
a way to get out of this.
Hey, you wanna kill
a gangster for me?
You're right.
I shouldn't have told you
all that.
I should just shut the hell up.
I'm sorry.
It was nice talking to you.
How about on this trip,
we both try to have some fun?
After all...
We're gonna be
in paradise, right?
Excuse me, sir?
Hi. We're here.
Look into the camera, please.
Very bad.
We got it, rafina.
Mi amor...
Ciao, padre.
You a baseball fan?
Um, I-I like all sports.
Me too.
They say, uh, castro tried out
for the yankees.
Well, hell of a curve ball,
but i'm afraid
that's an urban myth.
Never happened.
"Maggie is pretty to look at.
"Maggie is a loving lass.
"But the prettiest cheeks
must wrinkle.
"The truest of loves
must pass.
"A million
surplus maggies
"are willing
to bear the yoke.
A woman is only a woman."
"But a good cigar is a smoke."
Jack petty.
Club havana rum here
is fucking delicious.
-And that, my friend--
-smells like a robusto.
Man knows his kipling
and his smokes.
Bad habit for a while.
Eh, there's nothing bad
about it.
Life is meant
to be enjoyed.
When death
comes my way,
I want coke in my nose,
pussy on my dick,
and a cohiba
in my mouth.
What do you do?
Travel writer.
Here for esquire,you know,
doing a piece on the scene.
Can I do you
a favor, jack?
You walk around town
with a map,
you'll be dealing with
scammers and bullshit all day,
maybe worse.
You don't need a map.
I know this city.
Let's go see havana.
So you know,
meyer lansky built this place.
Yeah, he was going to take over
the whole caribbean,
and he barely finished
the hotel and casino
before they shat on him.
What happened?
Our friend fidel happened.
Yeah, lansky fucked off quick
while they were
looting the casino
and "liberating" the hotel.
C'est la vie, yeah?
So that woman at the bar,
she called you padre?
Yeah, well, you know, my first
time in havana five years ago,
on a job, and hooked up
with these two cuban chicks,
you know, young,
both beautiful.
You know, and we hung around
three or four days,
and I took care of them,
buying them shit,
and they started
calling me "papa."
Well, fucking hemingway
was called papa,
and I didn't want to seem
like some sort of old pervert,
so I said, "make it padre."
You know, "father."
So when i'm down here, that's
what some of them call me.
Sorry, I gotta take this.
Yeah, hello?
You like bikes?
Well, here we are.
It's, uh, probably best
if you just keep
your mouth shut, eh?
Let's park over here.
-Ariel! Hermano!
-Fucking hell.
Aw, c'mon, gimme some
love, big man! Yeah!
Fucking pepe!
You french bastard!
You're still alive!
That's impressive!
Harry fucking smith.
Pinch me.
I must be dreaming, huh?
And this is my, uh,
bon ami,jack.
But sadly, you must stay there,
No, no, no, i've
got a bill to pay, remember?
Oui,i remember, and the
cashier in the back, jack.
Allons,harry fucking smith.
Allons,fucking pepe!
This is, uh, my bon ami.
Yes, she certainly is,
isn't she?
Hello! Nice to meet you,
Let's go, jackolo.
He shoots!
He scores!
Go, go, go, go,
go, go, go, go!
No mas!
300 times.
Yeah, i'm just gonna have
to go and have a fucking leak.
Man, I gotta...
I'm feeling pretty buzzed.
No, man, that's
just the warm up.
What are you talking about?
For the night
that is to come.
You know,
in a few hours time,
you're gonna have some
of the hottest girls in cuba
trying to start a fire
in your crotch with their ass.
Salsa, mi amigo,eh?
Harry, come on.
I'm not much of a dancer.
Can you stand
still and smile?
-Yeah, I can do that.
-Then you'll be fine.
Just keep 'em in front of you,
you know, they'll do the rest.
You got a tie?
Uh, no, I didn't bring one.
Well, you can borrow
one of mine.
-Estas bien?
-Muy bien. Muy bien.
Well, fucking muy bien.
Look at that, eh?
Here you go.
Something to remind you
of me, eh?
You fucking blind, man?
Have you got a problem?
Have you? Huh? Huh?
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey, hey.
Jack, easy.
Come on, let's go.
Get your bike.
Let's go. It's fine.
Come on, then.
Hey, hey, it's fine.
Come on.
Slide over
slide over
-Back here!
Got my grey shirt on,
but I got my blue one back
in the room
if that goes better
with your, uh, tie.
Hey, hermano.
You're looking good.
You want some?
No, i'm good.
Here you go.
Look, i'm gonna be
rather busy tomorrow,
and i'm going soon,
so I may not see you.
Got you a souvenir.
Something to put your
rum in back in canada.
We'll, uh, we'll get a bottle
on the way out,
use it tonight.
Booze is fucking expensive
in the clubs for us turistas.
"Let's get ready
to rumba!"
So this guy, right,
steaming drunk, he's so drunk,
he's thrown up down
the front of his jacket, right?
He goes, "no, no, my wife's
gonna fucking divorce me
for sure this time."
And his pal says, "no, no,
"you go home with 20 quid
in your hand, right?
"You tell her
someone threw up on you,
and that's to pay
for the dry cleaning, right?"
So the guy goes home, his wife
goes fucking mental with him.
He says, "no, no, no."
He gives her the fucking story.
And she says,
"yeah, but why have you got
two 20-pound notes
in your hand?"
He says,
"oh, the other one
is from the guy
who shat in my pants."
Oh, man, that's beautiful.
Hey, um, what's
the word for "bathroom"?
Hey, senor, bano?
Bano? No, no, no.
I don't speak span--
I don't understand what you're
saying! I'm sorry.
Shh, shh, shh.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
If you fuckers
do not count to 500...
I will fucking give you
a punulada.
I'll kill you.
Harry, jesus christ.
What the hell was going on?
What did he think
I was doing?
You were pissing
on his mom's doorstep.
Did you cut that guy?
So fucking relax, man.
Come on.
Life's meant
to be enjoyed, eh?
And next time,
try pissing inside, eh?
Harry, how many travel writers
carry weapons?
I've pissed
in some bad places, jack.
So, uh, so this place is nice,
right, but the girls aren't.
So just...Oh, man!
Just smile, all right, and when
it comes time to seal the deal,
leave it to me, and i'll get us
all squared up, all right?
Fuckin' smile, man!
There you go. C'mon.
Success in any venture depends
on one's ability to adhere
to the rules of commerce.
You can supply arms
to terrorists,
traffic in drugs,
sell teenage girls...
Kidnap, murder, blackmail,
it hardly matters.
Like any other business,
strict adherence to the rules
ensures your ability
to protect your interests
and ensure profitability.
And the rule most crucial
to the survival of your business
is, "always pay your bills."
Very educational, ma'am.
Definitely buying
the book on tape.
Now do you mind
telling me your views
on coming to
the fucking point?
That's the thing I most enjoyed
about you, harry,
your incandescent charm.
Well, you should see my dick.
Fucking thing's a belter.
Oh, don't threaten me, harry.
I may take you up on it.
After all,
you're only here
because you have a lot of making
up to do, isn't that right?
Hey, you called,
I came.
And i'm not
in the bow-and-scrape business.
You think I owe you?
I think I did my job.
You wanted a minister removed.
A minister was removed.
And his wife?
The sister
of the deputy prime minister?
Well, what can I say?
I'd have preferred her
to remain...
Her removal
has cost me greatly.
All right, then,
so I was...
A wee bit sloppy.
More than a wee bit, I think.
Then...i am sorry,
for fuck's sakes.
See, harry?
Not so difficult.
In fact,
it's the formal declaration
that a mistake has been made
that paves our way forward.
So, good for you.
Who's the lucky winner?
When you arrive in cuba,
you'll be contacted
by our facilitator named palmer.
Suffice it to say,
your objective is someone
with whom i've done a great deal
of business over many years,
but who,
for some unfortunate reason,
now mistakenly believes
that the rules of commerce
no longer apply to him.
He has decided to take advantage
of our relationship.
Of course, worst of all...
He didn't pay his bills.
Got it.
Now, harry,
do try and get back
into my good graces
by resisting your propensity
to completely fuck this up.
-How about some grace?
What's your name, darling?
What, as in...
Like, isn't it
a beautiful day?
It certainly fucking is now.
And what's the name
of your pal
dancing with my buddy
over there?
That's night.
What, night?
As in...
Like, my friend
and I are going to...
Oh, baby!
Shall we?
Oi, jacko!
C'mon, we're off.
Nice to
meet you, darling.
Come on, man,
let's go.
The way she was
standing, you know,
it just stopped me
in my tracks.
Rather like
you're doing, baby.
And all I can think of is,
"I fucking promised her
i'd see her.
I think I love her."
-So what happened next?
-So i'm looking around, right,
and I see this bottle
by the side of the road.
I take off my shirt,
put the necklace
in the bottle,
put the note in the bottle,
rip my shirt,
shove it into the bottle
to cap it.
And the river is fucking rolling
round like it's pissed,
but I don't care.
-And I jump in.
Bottle over my head, you know,
protecting the goods,
and i'm swimming with one arm.
And the current's
fucking knocking me around
like i'm a fucking pinball,
but i'm young,
and i'm determined, and...
And i'm losing.
But i'm fighting it.
And finally,
I summon up all the energy left,
and I yell,
-"someone fucking get this!"
-Come on!
And I throw the bottle
at the people
as hard as I can, and...
And I go under,
and I hit my head on a rock,
and I float down the stream.
What happened?
I woke up in hospital
with a cute nurse
stitching me up.
Did she ever get the necklace?
I don't know.
But I screwed the nurse
that night.
Come on.
Let's go have some fun.
We have to write
our own stories.
You're handsome.
Nice smile.
Do you have someone?
Not anymore.
Maybe i'll come see you
in canada.
Is it cold there?
Yeah. It's cold.
But you'll keep me warm, right?
Tell me what you want...
Harry, i'm, uh,
i'm heading out.
I don't--
what the--
what the hell are you doing?
Oh, shit.
Damn it.
Oh, no.
Don't do this to me. Harry?
Oh, no.
Uh, no, uh,
no necesario.
Manana, por favor.
I've been calling the room.
Excuse me?
They forget
your wake-up call?
Uh, yeah.
Well, punctuality is the least
of all virtues, mr. Smith.
However, an hour is pushing it.
-Are you alone?
-Everything all right?
I thought you'd be taller.
It's a nice day...
Out there.
The sun is shining.
Guavas are flowing.
Do you mind if I, uh,
use your toilet?
Uh, no, no, no. No.
I'm sorry, uh...
My stomach, uh, the water...
I don't know.
It's rough. You don't
want to go in there.
Oh, i'm sorry to hear that.
Well, thankfully, I have
excellent bladder control.
Why don't we take
this outside, huh, partner?
Good idea.
I don't know if you've tried
the cafe bombon here, but...
It's excellent.
Buenos dias.
Cafe bombon.
Cafe bombon?
Dos cafe bombon.
Gracias, amigo.
They're good, trust me.
So tonight...
The, uh, the wire transfer
was to your satisfaction?
You seem a little out of it.
Are you okay?
-Sober up.
This is, of course,
of the utmost importance.
Gracias, amigo.
Sorry to be such a hard-ass.
It's just that...
Well, I am aware
of your previous...
It's okay.
We're prepared for that.
In fact, that's why
you were chosen.
That comes as
a surprise?
Of course not.
You, of course, are harry smith.
It's fucking ulcers.
As per your request.
May I?
You don't have to be cute
with me.
The rest of the money
will be wired to you
once the body is found.
Do you understand
your instructions?
Good. Then you will kindly
settle up this bill.
Shouldn't be a problem, right?
La cuenta.
Your bill.
Oh, okay.
You're welcome.
Ah, senor,
habla ingles?
Awesome. Can you please
take a picture of us?
We wanna...We wanna
save this moment.
-Come on, please, man.
-Come on.
Yeah? Oh, great! Great!
Thank you.
-Oh, glasses!
Take the picture.
You must be canadian.
You said "sorry."
-No shit!
-I just married this man.
I'm his missus now.
That's great.
I'm gordie.
This is grace.
-Nice to meet you, jack.
Hey, why don't you
join us for a drink?
-Oh, no, no, no.
Hey, you can't say no.
It's bad luck to turn down
a toast to a bride.
That's right.
You do not want
bad luck, jack.
Come on, sit down.
Have a drink with us.
You're in cuba.
There you go.
Oh, what am I doing?
Can't sit for a toast!
To the woman who picked me up
when I was down...
And breathed happiness
and life back into me.
-We may stumble.
-We may.
I want to grow old
with this man,
share our history
Completely paraphrased
from our vows.
-Very honest.
-Not very original.
Guys, I, uh...
I gotta go.
Oh, sorry, man,
I know it's a lot.
So after everything
that happened,
I didn't know where to turn,
so I, uh,
I came to the embassy because
I knew that i'd be safe.
You made the right choice.
Normally, when a citizen
shows up at the embassy
with a gun in a cigar box
and tells us he found
a dead guy in a hotel bathtub
and then insists
that a complete stranger
has asked him to kill some--
this guy,
he's usually
a paranoid tourist
who's just seen
too many movies...
Or a criminal trying
to avoid the local authorities.
I know this sounds
completely crazy.
You have no idea.
To tell you the truth,
if we didn't already
believe you,
you'd be
in our underground holding cell
instead of
here in my office talking to me.
So you do believe me?
The man in your photograph,
his name is francis libby.
One of the largest supplier
of arms
to drug cartels
in the caribbean,
and some say
all of north america.
Personally, I think
that's an overstatement, but...
The idea of an insurance
executive from vancouver
being contracted to kill an
international crime boss is...
As you said...
It's completely crazy.
It's completely crazy.
Thank you.
I mean,
this whole thing has been...
Yeah, i'll bet.
I bet.
How about this?
We take you back
to your hotel...
You make a statement
to the havana police,
and we get you on a plane
out of cuba this afternoon.
How does that sound?
Sounds great.
After you.
Let us get to it.
I have a question
about insurance.
-You bet.
-I feel awkward saying this...
You know, it's lucky you made it
to the embassy first.
It's hell of a lot harder to get
you out of a cuban prison.
Frankly, I don't know
how in the world
I would have been able
to convince a group
of scary people
I had nothing to do
with this.
Neither do I.
The thing is...
We'd like you
to give it the old college try.
Where am I?
We like to call this
an undisclosed location.
I don't understand.
First, a few questions.
How long have you been working
with harry smith?
What? I haven't!
I don't--i don't even--
I just--
just barely met the man!
Ah. Uh-huh.
What was your plan
for killing francis libby?
I'm not!
But what you are doing
is fucking illegal.
Oh, that's true.
As a canadian official,
I cannot violate
the rights and freedoms
of a canadian citizen.
However, i'm not really here
in any kind
of an official capacity
and neither are you.
I'm here representing
the personal interests
of an important benefactor,
and you're here,
excuse me,
to tell me
what it is that you know.
I don't know anything.
Yeah, well,
that's the thing.
There's really only one way
to determine that,
and hence you being
strapped to this cot.
For my money,
torture is a flawed method
of extracting information,
but it's the only one
we've got.
Now, perhaps it's a failure
of imagination,
certainly of technology,
because a lie detector
can tell us
that you're telling a lie,
but it can't compel you
to tell the truth.
You see what I mean?
Anyway, we're gonna
torture you, jack,
and then we'll see
what's what.
No, no.
Wait, please.
Wait! Please!
No, please!
Tell me how you fit in!
How do you fit into
this equation?
-That's all we want to know.
Jack, tell us the truth.
How do you fit in
to this equation?
Tell me the answer!
How are you connected
to harry?
Jack, you can't breathe.
Well, that didn't work.
Wrap him up, boys.
We've been working on him
for the last 16 hours.
He's ready to say anything.
He's not a good swimmer.
I think...
We've got all the information
we're gonna get out of him.
So aside from the usual
entities who want you dead,
I think we've got this situation
well contained...
From a loose ends perspective,
et cetera.
Of course.
The boys are taking care of it
as we speak.
Does anybody know
where the pain goes
oh, the pain
all my enemies
are digging in
and i've lost sight
oh, yeah
I wanna tell you
but i'm keepin' it cool
i'm wasting
all my days
And, oh
you little and wild
you're my flame
and i'm your charity
and I
I need a christ to change
won't you break
your body down
I need to see pepe.
Go ahead.
For me
Who are you?
Harry smith's friend,
from yesterday--
harry smith,
fucking rat pack junkie asshole.
Who are you?
Not the philosophical
question, "who are you,"
but "who the fuck are you,
what the fuck are you doing here
in my fucking house?"
What's your story, jack?
You want something from me,
or you have something for me?
But nobody wants to pay, hmm?
Jack, you have made
a fundamental error
in coming here today,
but I think you know that, yes?
I need information
about someone.
Whatever you fucking want.
Just, uh, toot toot.
What the fuck
are you doing here?
You put your dick
in a beehive.
But you have nice hands.
They're lovely.
Do you like them?
It's a nice move, huh?
But no more
fucking questions.
See, you stirred up so much shit
from the bottom,
that it's getting hard to see.
But here's a piece of advice,
a recommendation
for your next life...
Borrow trouble
if you have to,
but don't try to lend it
to your friends.
I'm so sorry
it has come to this.
today's your lucky day.
What's so funny?
Come on.
Come on, goddamn it!
You know
why i'm here, right?
-Look, I am not the--
But i'm not, I'm not--
don't, don't, don't,
don't, don't.
In my experience,
this goes much easier
if you just don't speak.
You see, I know who...
And what you are.
-no, no, no.
I've seen you.
That man at the bar?
That other man
at the pool?
You've been playing
both sides, haven't you?
-Yes, you have.
-Yes, you have.
You see,
i've been watching you--
i've been watching you
the whole time.
You've been
a very, very bad man.
-But that's okay...
Because I have been
a very bad man, too.
-Oh, god, no!
-No, no, no, see.
It's okay.
It's okay.
So, um...
What I was thinking
was, you know,
in terms of this, this thing
between us, you know,
this connection,
this spark, right?
And, uh, I saw you
looking at me
when I was looking at you,
and, uh,
it's okay.
It's okay.
I mean, I am right, right?
About you?
I mean...
The way you dress?
Anyway, what I was thinking
was that, you know,
you could come back
up to my room,
and I can be...
A good boy...
And, uh,
you can be a bad boy.
What's your room number?
-Okay, listen to me.
You're gonna go to your room
and you're gonna wait for me.
-Yeah. Okay, yeah.
-You got that?
-Bad boy.
You're gonna need this.
What the fuck?
Well, look who's here.
So how's paradise
been treating you...?
It's been rough.
You okay?
Yeah, no. I'm good.
Good, because i'm the one
who should be self-conscious.
I don't drop my info off
on every handsome stranger
I meet at an airport bar.
You think i'm handsome?
Now, there's the man
I don't know or love.
So what're we drinking?
Actually, uh, I can only
stay a few minutes.
Come on, I usually like it
to last longer than that.
It's just that, well, um,
you seem
like you have other plans.
Well, you're wrong
about that, jack.
I don't have other plans.
I have plans.
How do you feel
about being the "other" part?
About all that stuff
I said the other night?
I was drunk
and in one of my weird,
"confess everything" moods,
but everything's fine.
'cause I'm gonna go ahead
and not believe a word of that.
Okay, mostly fine.
See, i'm not gonna
believe that either.
And there's something
i'm gonna have to tell you.
It's serious.
Is it a fun-killer?
It sounds like a fun-killer.
It could be.
All right.
All right, then,
before you ruin the mood,
i'm gonna go slip out
of this dress,
and then we'll see how you feel
about being so serious.
Was that too slutty?
Actually, that was just
the right amount of slutty.
No, no, jack! Jack!
Jack. Petty.
Francis libby.
I'd like to say it's a pleasure
to meet you, but it's not.
Now you say something.
I'm all set here, thanks.
You're all set?
Oh, you're cool?
Because from where i'm standing,
you're totally fucked.
Here you are,
neck-deep in shit,
and you shrug it off
like you got a fucking set
of titanium balls.
And this is after we've
tortured him once already.
What is this,
some "loser's last stand?"
You're about to get shot
in the face,
chopped into little pieces,
because your majesty,
the queen of fucking everything,
who put a
contract on me
for a debt she thinks I owe,
which I don't.
Try telling her,
try fucking telling her that.
I tried.
Anyway, you are either
the unluckiest fuck
in the history of the planet,
You set this whole plan up
right from the beginning
just so you could meet me
Which one is it?
I sell insurance.
That's what I thought.
Oh, don't worry.
I haven't forgotten about you.
When i'm finished dealing
with him,
i've got something special
for you.
Okay, well,
I think that's it.
No, wait.
Please, let her go.
And we're square.
What's that, an offer?
It is.
But I decline.
Here's my counter offer.
You're just dead.
I tried.
Close, but no cigarro.
You'll never get out
of this fucking city alive.
You were right.
I needed to see
you face-to-face
to deliver a message
in person.
The broker sends
her regards.
Get me jack petty.
That fucking bitch.
If I were you,
i'd feel the same way.
You wanted out?
Now you're out.
You listen to every word I
say, you're gonna be all right.
You understand?
I'm gonna leave.
Then you leave.
You head straight
for the airport.
You buy a ticket for the
first international destination.
You stay for a day,
and you head home from there.
You understand?
You forget about libby.
You forget about cuba.
You forget about me.
Got it?
How did you do this?
'll tell you what.
I'll whisper it
in your ear.
It'll be like
you never heard a thing.