3 Demons (2022) Movie Script

[music playing]
[glasses clink]
[music playing]
This is Dr. Evelyn Sawyer.
The date is March 13.
I'm here with James
Fisher, prisoner ID B1359.
psychological assessment
for criminal court
case 21-1-90305
at the behest of the state.
James, I need a few
more details about what
took place last summer.
Sounds great.
This is the last time.
I promise.
I feel like I've
heard that before.
I'd like to talk
about motivation.
Can we start with
the assignment?
In your own words, please
describe it for me.
I was instructed
to protect a body.
Did anything seem
out of the ordinary,
either about the assignment
or anything in general?
I'm trying to help you James.
Are you?
I'm your last chance
to save yourself.
All of it.
Excuse me?
All of it felt out
of the ordinary.
Winters left.
Broke protocol.
And I didn't have a vehicle.
Don't stop.
We're close.
You've got to keep digging.
What did you just say?
You're holding something back.
Help me see it.
Help you see it?
This is MAtia Ableman, 43.
Hikers found her last night.
Lucky they did, people don't
come through here often.
What the hell was she doing?
When does the coroner get here?
Hes doesn't.
Why not?
When we notified
her family they said
they needed to come pick her up.
Nobody else.
Can they do that?
According to their
lawyer they can.
But the ME said that she
died from natural causes,
so it doesn't really matter.
So we just hang out
and babysit a DB?
Family was adamant that nothing
happen to her until then.
Happens to her?
What else could happen
to her, she's dead.
No disrespect.
For Christ sake's Fisher.
They asked us to watch
her so we watch her.
You OK?
Is there something
you're not telling me?
It's just really odd.
The way that they said it.
There was real urgency.
Protect the body.
They emphasized
that a few times.
Protect the body from what?
I don't know.
They didn't say.
You didn't ask?
Look Fisher, if
this was your sister
would you want her
out here alone?
It's the least we could do.
That is the job.
Serve and Protect.
This is Mobile Unit
1, copy that 10-96.
Is this a Code 1?
Code 1.
We gotta get these
planes for Lucy.
Come on.
All right Fisher,
looks like you're
going to have to keep
watch until I get back.
Wait, what?
Looks like it.
OK, fine.
But what are the rules?
Protect the body.
Got it.
I'll be back to help
in a couple of hours.
It's you and me.
Relax Fisher, it could be worse.
Really, five minutes in
and we're doing this?
OK Fisher, come on.
Everything had a
feeling to it that day.
Wrong feeling.
That circle she was in, the
woods, the truck, that cabin.
All of it.
It was alive.
They put those flowers there.
The red poppy?
The one you mentioned
in the report?
It was a puzzle piece.
Lucy collected flowers.
She had this list.
And you believe
it was put there.
It couldn't have
just been there?
No way.
Winters should have never left.
Do you blame her?
Everything changed after that.
They wanted me to
go into that truck.
They had something to show me.
Who are we talking about James?
Who are they?
The keepers of the puzzle.
The ones who control the game.
Are we talking about
God and the devil?
If that helps you understand.
Were these keepers
controlling you?
Ah, Oh, Oh, Jesus.
Oh my God.
Asshole bird.
What did you eat?
Oh God, it's in my eye.
Matia Ableman.
Curator of Occult Antiquities.
That's a job?
What is this?
What in the world?
Soul gathering.
Oh, you're kidding me.
What the hell were you
doing out here Mrs Ableman?
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Weird shit.
[thumping noise]
Winters, that you?
Winters, what time did you say
they were going to get her?
You there partner?
Come back.
Unit, report your call sign.
Call sign?
Let's see, callsign.
How about Tweedle Dee.
Which would make you--
Unit, please report.
That would be Tweedle Dumb.
Sir, this is an
official channel.
You need to desist immediately.
First rodeo then?
Sir, this is a
restricted frequency.
What you're doing
is against the law.
OK, OK cowboy.
Just though you could use
a second pair of eyes.
That's all.
Help you see what
you're not seeing.
Sir, you need to keep
this frequency clear.
Over and out.
This is important to
clarify for the jury.
From that moment, when you
touched the deceased's hand,
is that when they took control?
I would flash from one place to
another with no memory of how
I got there.
Things just happened.
Why didn't you call for help?
They wouldn't let me.
Did you talk to them?
Then how did you know what
they wanted you to do?
I could feel them inside,
worming around, poking at me.
And you couldn't stop them?
James, is it your
belief that you are
possessed by a demonic entity?
Hey, you're the expert.
[music playing]
Holy shit.
Winter, come back.
Winters, come in.
Shit, where are you?
Throw the ball daddy, Throw it.
[car horn honking]
Oh, shit.
[voices whispering]
[radio noise]
Did you want to hurt yourself?
Every day.
You blame yourself for
Lucy's death, the drowning?
I think it's important that
we talk about Lucy and Mary.
Well James, to be
blunt, I'm wondering
if their deaths are what
precipitated this leap into--
I'd use the term disassociation.
Oh, OK.
Do you think these keepers,
these entities that you saw out
there, could they just be a
manifestation of your guilt?
What does the folder say?
All right.
Right there.
Stay right there Mrs Ableman.
Protect the body.
This is insane.
OK, sure.
[door slamming]
Jesus Christ.
Get it together Fisher.
I saw you.
You were moving.
You're shot.
I'm shot.
How about we just hang
in for a bit Mrs Ableman.
What do you say?
Hey, it's me.
Before you come home
tonight, will you
make sure to send that
check to Three Rivers?
I just-- I really want to make
sure it gets there on time, OK?
See you soon.
I love you.
So I told him [inaudible] one
thing at a time I suppose.
I need to let him get his
head wrapped around it.
Things haven't been
great since Lucy.
Well, I know that.
But try telling him.
Trust me.
It's not as easy as that.
You can't snap your fingers
and make it go away.
Yeah, he's out back, digging.
[creepy music]
[door slamming]
[music playing]
What are you doing?
Jesus, you scared me.
Checking the time.
In the decedents car?
Just use your phone.
Uh huh?
Where's the body?
I moved it into the house.
And is there a
reason you did that?
Wait, wait, wait, wait, look.
Look, look, look.
I found it.
Uh huh.
It was taped to this.
I found it in one of her books.
One of whose books?
Mrs Ableman's.
I see.
Listen Nancy Drew.
I came here to let you
know the family's running
a little bit behind schedule.
But I'm having serious
second thoughts about having
you stay up here alone.
Call it intuition.
Winters, look.
I know how horsey this looks
but I promise you, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
All right.
Why haven't you been
answering your radio?
My radio hasn't gone on.
I've been calling you every
15 minutes for the past hour.
You could have
saved me this trip.
I don't know.
It's on.
Just make sure it's on.
Yeah, of course.
I forgot.
I got you something.
Got me something?
Uh huh.
I know I'm a few weeks late.
I'm shit with this stuff.
Happy birthday anyway.
Here, take them.
It's opera.
Experiences are
the latest thing.
I could have bought you a
desk lamp but it would break.
Experiences stick with you.
So the logic goes.
There's a-- there's two of them.
You know, I think I
figured out how you
graduated top of the academy.
Call a friend.
Heard the term?
No, it's good.
It's good.
I can do that.
Listen, if you can't find
someone to throw with, call me.
I could use a night out.
Would it be OK with Brad?
Fuck Brad.
Thanks Amy.
Seriously, you deserve
to have a life.
You've put it on pause
for long enough, yeah?
Hey boss?
Where's your car?
I left it down by the road.
Needed to stretch my legs, soak
up the sunshine while it lasts.
[cracking noise]
Found your ball.
Keep that radio on.
Throw the ball daddy.
Throw it.
Did I lose you?
Come on.
We gotta get these planted.
For Lucy.
[digging noises]
Keep digging.
Let's get back to your
family for a brief moment.
The police report said
you saw both Lucy and Mary
out there that day.
But you know that's
not possible.
Can you explain how those
two statements can coexist?
They make you see what
they want you to see.
Are they here now?
Not anymore.
But they were before?
They come and they go.
I see.
No you don't.
But you will.
Just like you asked.
[door opening]
[radio noise]
Hey partner.
You out there?
I could really use
someone to talk to.
Sir, I told you to keep
this frequency clear.
OK, bud.
Calm down.
Look, if we're
going to be friends,
can we skip the formalities?
Maybe drop the overs?
Who are you?
Nobody really.
A friend I guess.
you OK friend?
You sound kind of rattled.
It's nothing.
It's just a--
I thought I saw something.
Bad dream I guess.
Yeah, but I've
been seeing things.
I can't keep track of time.
Something's happening
out here to me.
I'm not there right now.
OK, so I wasn't telling
you the full truth earlier.
I'm out here
watching over a body.
Protecting it.
No, it's different.
It's like-- OK, look, I
know this sounds insane,
but thoughts in my head,
feelings, memories,
they're becoming--
God, I don't know.
Yeah, OK.
Yeah, that's
probably a good idea.
[engine starting]
You told the police you
were speaking with a Park
Ranger on the radio.
Did they tell you there wasn't
a park Ranger within 100
miles of where you were?
They would have been out
of range of radio signal.
Yeah, they did.
And do you believe them?
Why not?
So if that's the case,
who were you talking to?
You there partner?
Come back.
Hey partner, I made
it back to the cabin.
Come back.
I can't talk right now James.
Yeah, copy that.
Over and out.
Hey Winters, you out there?
Come back.
OK, come Mrs Ableman.
Come on, up you go.
I got you.
There we go.
Oh, hell no.
Come back.
Winters, come the fuck
back right fucking now.
Did I lose you?
We gotta get these
planted, for Lucy.
No family, huh?
Don't you hate
waiting on people?
Can we-- can we go now?
Not yet.
Any idea how much longer?
Winters, something's been
happening to me up here.
How do you mean?
I don't know exactly.
Everything's been twisty
since you left this morning.
Well, I'm sure it's just--
something in the air.
That thing gives me the creeps.
Shit detail.
What do you say you help
me move it out of here?
Come on.
Don't make me do this by myself.
We're supposed to
be protecting it.
You've done a bang up
job of that so far.
Whoa, but you said--
I say a lot of things.
Come on.
Come on.
I said no.
She'll probably just
come back anyway.
The dead body?
What are you doing?
Would you dance with me?
It's been such a long
time since I've danced.
I can't.
You owe it to yourself.
That's an order Deputy Fisher.
Come on.
Trust me.
Jesus, Fisher.
Holy shit.
Let's go.
Follow him.
I'll cut him off around back.
No, no, no, no, no.
It's a bad idea.
We need to stick together.
What the hell's wrong with you?
Just do your job.
Oh, shit.
James, you there?
You need to get off
the line right now.
No James, you need
to listen to me.
You need to get off
this line immediately.
She's not who she says she is.
Excuse me?
Your boss, she's lying to you.
She's been lying to you.
About what?
She seem right to you?
Is she acting normal?
James, stop.
Stop right now.
It's a trap.
Holt shit.
Hey, calm down.
Winters, it's Fisher.
It's me.
It's Fisher.
Calm down.
What the fuck happened to you?
What the fuck happened?
You fucking happened you freak.
Okay. okay.
What the hell
are you talking about?
Okay, I'm gonna get you out.
Wait, wait...
What happened to
Sheriff Winters?
She died.
The autopsy says
the cause of death
was due to penetrating
injuries to the abdomen.
Did you do it?
I was the only one out there.
I mean, that's what
you keep telling me.
Did you have a
relationship with her?
Did you want to have a
relationship with her?
Come on, Doc.
You got to do better than that.
Why don't you shoot her James?
I was you put them
in your pocket.
I saw you dance with her.
You never danced with me.
Do you love her?
Is she prettier than me?
Am I so easy to forget?
I'm sorry.
Why did you let me go?
Why didn't you save me?
I can't breathe.
I can't breathe daddy.
It's so dark here.
I can't see you.
Where are you?
Why are you hiding?
Where are you?
You're not Lucy.
This isn't real.
Mommy's here.
She wants to talk to you.
She won't stop coughing.
I want to [inaudible].
Go that way.
I know you will
fuck me for sure.
I see the way you watch me.
Fuck you.
You're not real.
It's so dark here.
Lucy, wait.
Why aren't you helping?
Why didn't you save me?
Where are you?
They're still out there.
I'm not sure that's
a good idea partner.
I'm not so sure about
anything anymore.
You have to confront this James.
Who is the Park Ranger
you were speaking to?
OK, let me see your pencil.
Because I'm going to stab
you in the neck with it.
It's not funny James.
I'm just kidding.
Come on, let me see it.
I can't do that.
Let me see it.
Paper too please.
Thank you.
What is that?
That's the answer
to your question.
Who I was talking to.
Hey, do you see what he's
holding behind his back?
There's nothing there.
Sure there is.
But you've got to
use your imagination.
Just because you
can't see the knife
doesn't mean it's not there.
Did I lose you?
Fucking finish it already.
OK Fisher.
They're fucking with you.
That's what they do.
Hey Winters, come back.
Winters, it's Fisher.
Come back.
Why did you let me go?
Why didn't you save me?
Sheriff's Department.
Open up.
I know you're in there.
No, no, no.
It's me.
Open your eyes.
Look at me.
Back off.
No, no, no, they're
doing something.
Back the fuck up.
Listen to me.
Put your hands behind your head.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Back up.
They're doing something
something to you.
I promise.
Put your hands behind your head.
Winters, it's me.
It's Fisher.
What did you call me?
I'm telling you.
They're doing something.
You've got to-- you
have to listen, OK?
Hold on.
I'm going.
I'm going.
Please, please, please.
I want you to put
the gun away, OK?
Jesus Christ Amy.
Take your fucking
finger off the trigger.
Put that on.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Why do you keep calling me that?
Put the fucking gun away.
What have you been
doing in here?
Jesus Christ.
All right.
Start talking.
Start talking about what?
You're bad at this game.
Was I not clear about the rules?
Tell me, what happened with
our little friend over here?
I don't know.
Oh, come on.
You can do better than
that you old snoop you.
You did something.
You finished what
she had started.
I gave you one rule.
Do you remember
what that rule was?
I remember the rule.
Say it.
Say it.
Protect the body.
And have you?
She's still there isn't she?
Everything has to be
just your way doesn't it?
Everything in neat little rows.
Did you exert your
authority over her, pervert?
You want to know what I heard?
I hear he killed his family.
The whole lot of them.
That's not true.
Why would I lie about that?
We have a 10-96 in progress
at Midland Heights.
This is Mobile Unit 1 dispatch.
Copy that.
Look at that.
Saved by the bell.
Guess we need to wrap this up.
What are you doing?
What are you doing.
I know what you're doing.
I know what you want me to do.
Go ahead.
Take her.
Do you hear me?
You can have her.
I don't care.
Take her.
Oh, sweetie.
They already did.
Tell me who you are.
An admirer.
A coveter.
I don't understand.
You finished what I started.
I've wanted nothing
more than to gaze
upon them, to bask in their
all consuming darkness.
It's been my life's work.
But your aura, it's so shadow.
The deepest black
I've ever seen.
All this work, a lifetime,
they still want you.
This is your fault.
That would be easy, wouldn't it?
So clean.
But no.
Keep digging.
What time is it?
Did I fall asleep?
What were we talking about?
I remember.
Out baby's name.
I always liked the name Lucy.
It won't be long now.
Just the three of us.
What's the matter James?
Aren't you happy?
Don't be afraid.
Keep digging.
Hey there partner.
When's the last time you ate?
You look horrible.
You've got to keep
your strength up James.
There's work to be done.
Not hungry.
I didn't do those things.
I didn't kill them.
Like you want me
to believe I did.
You've got to watch
Lucy a little closer.
Mary thought you were
watching her didn't she?
You said you were
always watching.
I hear her screaming out
for you all the time.
Begging for you to make it stop.
Can you do that for her James?
Can you make it stop?
I never asked for any of this.
You have to confront this James.
I was following orders.
Protect the body.
What happened to
Sheriff Winters?
I broke the rule.
When you touched
the deceased hand,
is that when they took control?
So I never had control.
Then even.
Tell me, did you love her?
Do you think she knew it?
Did you tell her
enough while you could?
I'm not so sure.
She's here with me you know?
Here in the dark.
Lucy too.
You want to know a secret?
She actually thinks
you can save her.
Break time's almost over.
Eat up.
then let's get back to it, huh?
Good bye James.
[music playing]
This is it my friend.
This is where we part ways.
Don't worry.
There's nothing left to say.
But I hear you anyway.
I've always heard you.
[music playing]
[music playing]
Yes, you--
[music playing] Can
we meet in the dark?
We don't have to say much.
If you have to go, have to go.
If we didn't know what we know.
It's the end of the world
at the palm of my hand.
When it all goes to Hell
will you still be my friend?
My my face to the sea,
my back's to the land.
If you can't come with
me, I'll understand.
Can we Meet in the dark?
We don't have to say much.
And if you have
to go, have to go.
I'll let you go, let you go.
I'll let you go, let you go.
If we didn't know what we know.
Cause when you travel light,
some things are left behind.
It's the end of the world
at the palm of my hand.
When it all goes to Hell
will you still be my friend?
My face to the sea,
my back to the land.
If you can't come with
me I'll understand.
Well, this is it for us James.
Did you get what you needed?
I truly wish you the best.
That's so kind of you.
Did you drop something?
Mr Fisher, I need that back.
[music playing]