3 Doors of Horrors (2013) Movie Script

Hello everyone, my name is Rui Hui, I'm 30 years old, and I'm still single.
The purpose of me shooting this video, is to find two girls from my past, two girls.
First, let's talk about our first encounter, the first and only encounter,
that was when we were in high school, which named S.M.K Bo Gui.
That year was my Form 3 in High School.
As usual Dad used to fetch me to school around 7 in the morning.
I remember that day, he was rushing off to Penang, so I had to go to school early..
And then...
Boy, we're here.
Boy, get up. We're here.
Boy, wake up. Hey!
Dad, can we not be this early next time?
I'm not awake yet...
Then go continue sleeping in class!
It's so early, there's no one there...
That's good! No one will disturb you...
Kid, here so early?
Can you handle it?
Stop annoying me!
Excuse me, can you please accompany us to get something from the classroom?
It's too dark, we dare not go...
It's all your fault for not bringing it.
Now we have to go back to get it.
Oh... Where is your classroom?
What is it that you're trying to get?
Why not wait till when class starts?
She needs it now...
Aiya, girl stuff, you won't understand!
Oh, girl stuff?
Just started using, can't predict it correctly, it's normal!
Don't be nervous, these things, I usually......
You use it?!
Impossible... Usually, I see my mom buy them in the supermarket..
My mom's one can fly.. How about you guys?
It can fly if it has wings!
We're here. Which floor is your classroom at?
At the top floor...
Which is your classroom?
The last one...
It's really dark...
Now what?
We're here now... Just get it fast so we can leave fast!
You lead the way.
Stay close to me.
We... We...
We're here.
It's so dark, turn on the lights...
The switches are inside. What are you waiting for?
Why don't we go in together...
Are you scared? But you're a guy...
I'm not scared, it's just that, I'm worried that if I leave the two of you out here,
and then... suddenly...
Stop talking, we'll go in together...
What's that noise? Who's flicking pages?
Where are the switches?
Hey, where are the switches?
Behind you!
Oh Thanks!
Everything after that, doesn't ring a bell to me...
Then, I never saw them again.
So, with this video, I hope I can find them again.
Because I really want to know...
Where exactly...
...were the lights switch?
If you have any news about these two girls, or if you are them...
Please call this number. Thank you...
I haven't even posted it...
Kid, here so early?
That day, everyone was busy with the general election.
So no one could hear her scream.
I was not, of course, the first to discover her.
A security guard found the corpse.
Meanwhile, I was half-awake,
Waiting quietly for the arrival of dawn.
Chen Xiao Hui?
What are you doing here?
Why are you crying?
I don't know.
Do you want to come in?
Hold on a sec.
Hello? Teacher Lim?
Chen Xiao Hui? That's impossible.
She's with me right now.
Teacher Lim called to tell me that
Chen Xiao Hui from my school is dead.
In fact, she was already dead for many days.
Her face...
Her face...
Ever since I started writing this
I often dream of her drowned corpse.
But I can't see her face.
What are you doing?
You're so sweaty!
How was school?
I played hide-and-seek
You weren't studying?
I was!
Hey, look who's here?
Uncle Wai Loon.
You're early today.
Teng, go watch TV, okay?
You still write everything by hand?
I'm retro.
I know. Look at this place.
You're writing about that incident?
I have to give readers what they want.
It's still fiction, I dramatized many things.
Besides, it's already been so many years.
No one will remember.
Can you even remember our high school lives?
Of course I do.
You were the fiercest school prefect around.
Always yelling at us to keep quiet.
Answer your phone, school prefect.
It's my wife.
Keep quiet eh?
Hi, honey. What's up?
Yeah, I'm outside now. Meeting a client.
Tonight? I can't. How about tomorrow?
All right, see you later.
You don't need to work that hard.
I can look after you and Teng.
Besides, most people in our country don't read much anymore.
They're so uncultured.
Grains of sand,
glittering like crystal,
have lodged themselves between her lips.
Accompanying her in death.
This was the last time I met Xiao Hui.
Do you know?
If you look at the sun from underneath the water
It is as if the sun if floating.
It's a lovely sight.
But sad at the same time.
This was what Xiao Hui saw.
And then...
Was she your friend?
The dead girl.
Ever since I found her,
I came here everyday all the time.
Sometimes, it was real.
Sometimes, it was a dream.
It's not day or night.
But it is always this river.
That morning when we met
She was crying.
I really wanted to know why.
I still see the girl, you know? At this place.
Come with me.
Teng! Where are you?
Are you hiding? This isn't funny anymore.
Teng! Please come out!
I don't want to be alone.
You can't leave me too.
Oh my god, where did you go?
Papa! Papa!
It's okay.
Hey lady, is anything wrong?
Shh... don't be afraid.
Hey, wait a minute.
Aren't you Fiona Wong?
It's me, Wai Loon!
Wow! I haven't seen you since high school!
We were in the same class, remember?
Mommy! Mommy!
Open the door, mommy.
Open the door, mommy.
Open the door, mommy.
I'm sorry, Teng.
I'm so sorry.
Good girl.
Tell papa that lunch is ready.
Papa, lunchtime!
Lunch is ready, papa!
Okay! Let's go!
Teng, eat more, okay?
Where did you buy this? It's delicious!
I cooked them myself.
But don't you have to buy them before you cook them?
We went grocery shopping together, remember?
You have improved.
Way better than when we first met
You paid for my cooking classes.
Glad you know. It's already been 8 years.
Now the marriage is worth it!
You're so mean!
You said you'll always love me, Wai Loon.
Let's go home with mommy, okay?
Mommy will buy you a doll.
Why are you ignoring me?
I'm not dead!
If I look like this again...
Will you still love me?
Chen Xiao Hui.
You're the only one I have now.
Don't worry.
it's quite common we encounter such incidents in our work.
Have you called the company?
What are you waiting for?
Ah Tuck, I....
Give me!
Tuck, we've got some problem.
Our actress Candy was possesesed during filming.
You just contact Master Wong to meet us when we reach the office.
It'll take us about an hour to reach the office.
Rush, rush, rush...
Haven't even checked the location properly and they start filming...
Now we're in deep shit.
I thought we still have some scenes to complete...
...where are we going?
Candy, are you alright?
What happened?
Nothing happened...
We wrapped early tonight!
So we're heading back to the office.
If you don't feel well, just take a nap.
When we reached we'll wake you up.
Shit, her make up is scary enough.
Don't worry, everything will be alright.
Go pick her up.
Pick her up.
What are you afraid of?
We can't just let her lie on the floor...
Be quick, don't waste time!
What are you waiting for?
What a noob!
You go behind, I'll hold her up.
Candy, you okay? Are you hurt?
You stay here, and hold her.
Strange... I though we have passed this road just now.
Sorry, I thought I saw something!
But you're doing good! Keep it up.
Stay away!
Amen! Amen!
Stay away! Fuck!
Ah Kit...
Xiao Wen, what is it?
Have you guys reached the office?
Where are you guys?
What are you doing here?
Don't look, stay back.
What is it?
Up...up...up there!
What is it?
Hey, it's their van!
Where are they?
Let's search around.
Hey, I found Candy!
Here! Come give me a hand.