3 Lives (2019) Movie Script

I feel, I fuck
I fail, I fall
I see, I love
I'll kill you if you
do me wrong
I feel like going
out of town
Where no one gonna
hear you shout
Out loud
You're tired and
you're crazy
And you fool a guy
You're never gonna
make it out alive
Somebody help!
Help me,
Somebody help!
Help me!
Help me!
Somebody help me!
It was just a few beers, a
few whiskeys, a few spliffs,
nothing special, no blast,
enough to get me flying,
you know?
I passed out, but at no
point, I mean, I didn't invite
these guys to fuck me, you know?
Later I told my
bitch of a cousin
what happened and she
just shrugged and said,
I'd been teasing them all night.
You just gave them the
wrong impression, she said.
As if it wasn't their fault,
you know?
Nothing happened.
You woke up and they let you go.
I trusted my cousin.
Michael and David, and
then they were her friends.
Did you tell anyone
aside from your cousin?
Your parents?
The police?
Did you talk to anyone else?
You haven't met my parents.
And the cops, what would
they've done?
You don't know what
it feels like.
You just sit here in
your comfy chair,
and you nod,
and you judge people,
and decide their fate.
You don't know shit!
It says in your case
report that you attacked
Mr. Allen in a car park.
Do you think violence was
the appropriate response?
That prick violated me.
He got what he deserved.
And Michael, well.
There's an ongoing legal
case against both of them.
Oh spare me that
legal bullshit.
What he did to me
can't be undone.
But you can learn
strategies to deal with it,
better strategies than violence.
Arts and sports are ways.
I found a way that
works for me.
But you have to
channel your anger.
For example archery is
a good way of combining
both physical and mental
How did you get that scar?
Let's focus on you, shall we?
Archery didn't work for you?
It was a long time ago.
Some scars never heal.
Our time is up.
I've got your scent
now, I'll always find you.
You hear me?
BEN: Hey.
JAMIE: What, what?
BEN: Calm down.
Calm down.
I'm going to get us out of
here, but you need to calm down.
JAMIE: Okay.
Do you have anything on
you to cut these ropes with?
That's good, pass it over here.
What the,
What the hell are
you doing here?
I could ask you
the same thing.
JAMIE: I haven't seen
you for ages.
Why are we here Jamie?
What? How should I know.
Hey those men,
you're cool right?
You and I, you won't just
leave me here will you?
Is this about money, Ben?
EMMA: Is somebody there?
BEN: There's someone
else in here.
EMMA: Help me!
BEN: Hold on.
EMMA: Help!
Jamie, Jamie, you
have to follow my lead.
JAMIE: Right.
BEN: We have to smuggle out.
JAMIE: As Aristotle says,
he who
lives without snout,
doesn't deserve to live.
BEN: There she is.
Are you okay?
We're going to get
you out of here.
EMMA: What's going on?
BEN: We were trapped in the
other room,
move back, I'm going to break
the lock.
EMMA: Hurry.
BEN: This gets better
and better.
This gets better and better.
No, no, get away from me!
BEN: I'll save you.
Get off me.
BEN: What are you doing?
JAMIE: Get her out.
BEN: I can't.
Just get her out okay?
Just hurry up.
JAMIE: Emma?
Come on, we have to go.
JAMIE: Let's go, let's go!
I can't, my foot!
JAMIE: She fell?
You take her then.
JAMIE: Come on.
EMMA: What's going on?
What are you doing
here with him?
JAMIE: I don't know.
EMMA: Who are those thugs?
JAMIE: I don't know.
I'm trying to figure
things out myself?
But if we want to make
it out of here,
we have to follow him.
BEN: Everything all right?
JAMIE: All good
just her foot.
I can't follow him, he scares
me, we shouldn't trust him.
Well right now we don't
have much of a choice.
I'm not going to follow him.
Hey, listen to me, I'll make
sure he doesn't touch you,
now come on.
I'm not going to follow
him further into the woods.
What are you doing?
FROTTI: Two that way.
One that way.
I thought I heard something.
How's your foot?
EMMA: None of this
makes any sense.
What the hell is going on?
Listen, first Ben
then you, I haven't seen
either of you since the trial,
so you tell me what's going on.
I bet he's behind this.
What Ben?
I don't know he got you
out of there, didn't he?
Well maybe that's the idea.
Well what am I
doing here then?
There's something
about these woods.
We need to find thicker cover.
What are you crazy?
We don't know where we're going.
Those creeps can.
Do you hear that?
Come on let's go.
I'm not.
Jesus Christ.
Fucking idiots.
Damn fools.
Jamie wait.
What now?
I must rest a bit.
What here?
We should've stayed
in the bushes.
EMMA: We weren't safe there.
But here we are right?
We can hide in that cave.
That's a hole in the dirt.
God knows what's in there,
no come on.
Maybe we'll find something
at the end of this gorge.
EMMA: I can't my foot.
JAMIE: Just keep going
a little bit further.
EMMA: I can't alright?
No thank you.
JAMIE: He who lives
without snout
doesn't deserve to live.
Yes well, I don't smoke.
Okay so, here's what we
do, you should go and hide
in that cave, I'll have
a look around, okay?
EMMA: Well maybe you
shouldn't go by yourself?
No, I'll be fine,
I'll come back for that.
If those creeps are out
there I need to know.
I'm so sorry,
I'm so sorry.
PIGGY: Here you go boss.
So what are we gonna do
with that cunt over there?
I saw this Bond movie the
other day, Casino Royale.
And they crack James Bond's
balls with a thick rope.
Yeah that's that one with
Max, Mix, what's his name?
Guy from Manny.
Wait, it's me,
I won't hurt you.
Yeah, yeah, Mads Mikkelsen!
That's the fucker.
Yeah, he put Bond on a chair,
I say we chop off his balls.
Put it on a stick, and
serve it to him, huh?
So he can eat it,
what do you think?
Put that knife down.
Okay it was just a thought.
So what's next?
We stay put, and just
follow instructions.
Don't you dare touch me.
I came back to save you,
we've got to get out of here,
How did you find me?
BEN: We don't have
time for this.
Did you set this up?
What are you talking about?
This all of this.
For fucks sake Emma,
look at me.
Do I look like someone who
has the funds to pull off
an operation like this?
Jeez, I'm one paycheck away
from being a homeless person.
Looks can be deceiving.
We have to get out
of here now.
EMMA: I'm not gonna
follow you.
Find your own way back
see if I care if you get
yourself killed in
this bloody forest.
We have to help him.
Didn't you see what
they did to him?
I thought he was your friend.
My friend?
I haven't seen this guy since
he put me in prison, okay?
Why do you care anyhow?
He's not your friend either,
or is he?
That doesn't mean he
deserves to be tortured.
Wake up Emma.
Do you really think he
would care if it was me
or you hanging on that tree?
You know what he would do?
He would do the sensible thing
and get the fuck
out of this forest.
You know for a moment
you had me.
I thought you changed
somehow but you're still
the same old devious bastard
aren't you?
Some scars never heal do they?
But you have to do exactly
as I tell you, alright?
Now you look like Zorro, huh?
You like that shit huh?
PIGGY: Yeah, yeah, yeah,
just a little bit more,
she likes it.
Thinks he's Michel
bloody Angelo.
As long as it keeps him
occupied and you two apart.
That guy's a bloody idiot.
Alright I've had enough,
oi, nut head!
BEN: Hey!
EMMA: Jamie, Jamie
are you okay?
We have to support
him like this.
Put that arm over your shoulder.
And you work with us.
JAMIE: You try walking when
your legs have gone to sleep.
Can you see?
I don't need fucking glasses.
EMMA: Did they see you?
You won't need that.
Get up, we got to get moving.
EMMA: Where are you
taking us?
To safety.
I found some caves
near the beach.
They were blathering something
about a rope and a chair.
Just awful.
There was this excruciating pain
and then
I guess everything went black.
Did they say anything, did
they say anything useful.
Look I wasn't in a state
to listen to their yapping.
Oh you think that's funny,
being tortured?
Those charcoal glasses
look terrible on you.
You know what?
Fuck you, what do you know?
BEN: You know what Jamie?
Just forget it.
Listen, if you have
something to say
then spit it out, what is it?
You were tortured, really?
But yet no scratches, no wounds.
What do you call this?
What did you get slapped
by a branch or something?
Stop being a fucking
pussy Jamie!
You seem to be strangely
familiar with what victims
of torture actually look like.
Yes, I am.
Oh, I wonder how that is?
Did you pick it up in your
one semester at St.Georges?
Or was it afterwards when
they threw your ass in prison?
Careful Jamie, or not even
daddy's money gonna help you.
Alright, enough.
Ben, I'm sure you've got some
MacGyver survival stuff you can
do, right?
BEN: Sure, we should leave
the beach, it's not safe here.
And Jamie stop your whining
it was only a scratch.
FROTTI: He's got my gun.
Now I don't have a
fucking gun.
This was supposed to be
an easy job.
This was not part of the deal.
You're number three now.
I know this place.
My parents and I used
to come here.
There should be a
village somewhere.
EMMA: Do you know which way?
JAMIE: It's been
over 20 years.
BEN: Are you coming?
PIGGY: We're just
gonna wait here all night?
For fuck's sake shut it!
PIGGY: I'm not fucking
talking to you okay?
Everything goes as planned.
PIGGY: No, no, no, no.
It'd be good to know
what the fucking plan is.
For fuck's sake, we're
soldiers, we do what we're told.
JAMIE: You sure we're
safe here?
This could be recent.
BEN: Whoever made
that fire left ages ago.
What the hell is that?
EMMA: A map.
BEN: Let's have a look.
JAMIE: What does it say?
We're in the middle
of nowhere,
about 20 miles from Wolf Harbor.
It's impossible to cover that
distance before nightfall.
It's already getting dark.
It's going to take us a
couple of days to get out
of these woods.
No, no, listen up, those
animals, they could turn up here
any second, we have
to keep moving.
Keep it down.
Listen it is madness to run
through the forest at night.
This cave is as safe as it gets.
He's got a point.
Has he?
How come everybody is a
fucking survival expert now?
Tomorrow we should go inland.
What are you mad?
Go deeper into the forest?
We have to stay by the sea
Hungry, anyone?
Seriously, that's probably the
only thing
we'll have to eat for the next
day or two.
Jamie I really don't want
to have an argument with you.
What's going on?
Half the forest can hear you.
It's just milady over
here decided to finish
the rest of the soup
all by herself.
JAMIE: And, I don't think
it's okay
for one of us to eat it all.
EMMA: Keep the damn soup.
That wasn't so hard was it?
Excuse me?
JAMIE: Show a bit
of self restraint.
BEN: You know what go
ahead and eat the soup.
Oh I have your permission?
BEN: Whatever just keep it
down okay?
JAMIE: Wait where are
you going?
To take a piss.
JAMIE: Well what
about the soup?
Are you out of your
fucking mind?
Problem solved.
FROTTI: Stop staring at me,
it's getting ridiculous
with you.
I'm sorry, I just like the
way you're blowing your fag.
FROTTI: What you want to do
my boy?
You really want to bring
a knife to a gun fight?
Ah we were just fucking
around, right Frotti?
One more word, he will
kill you, I don't care.
You scared me.
About earlier, no hard feelings.
He who lives without snout.
Do you think anyone's looking
for you?
Friends, family?
Mm hmm.
What about you?
Right, CEO of a start
up, who would look for me?
Can I ask you a question?
EMMA: Mm hmm.
Do you ever think about it?
You know, back then,
what happened,
what he did to you?
I don't know.
Sometimes there's a
patient who has been raped.
And then it's unsettling.
But since you both pulled
me out of that cell,
none of it makes any sense.
Would you ever be able to
forgive him?
It's been what 15 years now?
He suffered for what he did.
Perhaps it's time to
give it a rest.
What are you talking about?
I'm just saying, it
might get easier for you,
if you just forgave him,
doesn't he deserve forgiveness?
I've never stopped
wondering why it happened.
I've never fully understood it.
Not after the trial, the
evidence, everything.
But what if he didn't
mean to do it?
What did he just fall
into me by accident then?
Oh there's someone lying in the
alley way with a broken arm,
and oops my trousers just
Alright I just.
I've worked with survivors
of abuse for awhile now,
rape is never an accident,
it's intentional.
Why did you speak up for
him in the witness box?
Someone had to.
He was my mate.
And his sister never
turned up so,
she was the only family
he had left.
I heard she died a few years
later, drugs.
Ben was never the kind
of guy who talked much
about his feelings or emotions.
Don't know why.
Maybe it's his upbringing,
maybe he never learned how.
What I'm getting at,
what if he didn't do it?
What if someone set him up?
Sure, it's possible
but not probable.
All the evidence pointed at him.
Evidence can be doctored.
Plus didn't the guy
wear a ski mask?
Look Jamie, you can't
believe in conspiracies.
Yes, he wore a mask, but
the police found it in
Ben's room and he
admitted his guilt.
It's never as simple
as it looks.
EMMA: Sometimes it is.
JAMIE: I still think we
should stay on
the coast and find our
way from there.
BEN: On the beach
we're easy prey, no cover.
We should make our way
towards that river on the map.
Well, straight into our doom
it is then.
We're going to rest for a bit.
JO: How did you
get that scar?
JAMIE: Up the stream I don't
know why
we're even discussing this.
BEN: Again, on the beach
we'll be sitting ducks.
EMMA: How long was I asleep?
Oh Emma, well you're the
reasonable one here eh?
So could you please tell him
that it makes far more sense
to just follow the
stream back to the beach
and once we're there
make our way
to the village along the shore?
Let me see the map.
we are here.
Now with the stream, we'd
have water and cover.
Oh right, come straight
into those hobgoblins
because we won't
see them coming.
Say something.
I'm with Ben on this, going
downstream makes more sense.
Are you coming Jamie?
How can you support this
exceptionally moronic plan?
To run deeper into
this fucking forest?
Why would you trust your rapist?
I'm trusting the map,
and it tells me
the way along the
coast is all cliff.
We'd be trapped between
the sea and the cliff.
Surrendering ourselves to
whatever attacker awaits us.
I don't know if
you realize this,
but you are surrendering yourself
to an attacker right now.
Oh but hey, perhaps it
isn't such a big deal
for you after all then is it?
Guys the sun's
going down soon.
What just happened there?
Nothing, she's just got the
hots for me.
Don't worry.
I've been in worse situations in
my life.
Who cares about the
situations you've been in?
Oh hey, so do you think
anyone still lives there?
It's a bit rundown.
Looks like an old
shelter for foresters.
Good hideout for the night.
Isn't it a bit too exposed.
I don't know about you,
but I don't feel like
sleeping in the rain and the
dirt tonight.
BEN: Not a chance.
It's dark as fuck in here.
JAMIE: What about this?
There's still petrol in here.
Will it work?
I don't know maybe.
JAMIE: Let's try it.
What and risk being heard?
That's a terrific plan really.
Why don't you keep looking.
Perhaps you'll find a
gas cooker too.
Then we can all enjoy some
fine dining out here, can't we.
Oh that's right, we don't
have anything to eat.
BEN: Give me your
lighter Jamie.
What in the actual fuck?
What the hell is this Emma?
Why would you do this to me?
Are you mad?
I didn't do anything.
You fucking raped me!
You couldn't have possibly
seen whoever
it was in the ski mask
could you?
But you still let them
put me in prison.
Is that justice for you?
Shut up.
JAMIE: Hey, hey, hey.
Get off me!
JAMIE: You set this up.
BEN: Give me one
good reason, if anything
it must've been her.
JAMIE: To take revenge?
She's smart enough for it.
She always despised me.
And she has a motive.
EMMA: Why are you here,
what are you doing here?
JAMIE: Hey calm down okay?
You don't know anything
you shouldn't be here.
Pull yourself together okay.
I'm on your side.
Emma's right.
Why would anyone abduct
you and draw
a direct link between you
and a crime you say you
had nothing to do with?
JAMIE: I was the only
one who stood up for you,
don't forget.
Yeah, and what good did it do?
They still sent me to prison
didn't they?
JAMIE: Oh and you're saying
I'm responsible for that?
You never gave a fuck
about anyone but yourself Jamie.
You just fucked everybody over
didn't you?
But it ends now.
How does it feel to be
in control like this?
Gives you a hard on doesn't it?
Don't make me do this.
I know you won't,
you could never
face the consequences of
your actions could you?
Don't you ever point that
gun at me again.
Really stop the biz.
BEN: Are you blind?
FROTTI: Drop it.
Just do it.
Thoms, get out of there.
JAMIE: Just drop
the fucking gun.
Get out!
Jamie, we have to go back,
we have to look for Emma.
No, screw her.
You want to feed her
to the dogs?
JAMIE: I want to get
out of this damn forest.
Those guys are killers Jamie.
How do you know that?
I spent three years
in the Foreign Legion,
I've met people like that,
she's in real danger, okay?
Well, all the more reason
not to run after them.
What the fuck is
wrong with you?
What kind of person are you?
Look Jamie, she came back
for you, you owe her that,
we both do!
No I don't.
For all I know she's the reason
I'm in this mess in
the first place.
You know what?
Do what the fuck you want to do.
I don't want to leave
her behind.
Fucking hell!
Got ya!
Footprints leading into
the forest.
There you go love.
THOMS: It's more comfortable
this way.
You like tea?
Do you eat meat?
Vegetarian, vegan?
No, I know she likes meat,
Fuck it.
I don't understand why we're
doing this.
That is exactly why you're
not leading this operation.
Now move back to your tree and
shut up.
So I suppose this is all part
of your training then yeah?
Finding tracks.
Making fires.
Ambushing people, kicking
the shit out of them.
It was that the party in Soho
when you told me the
Aristotle quote.
Remember that?
It was a good one.
I liked it.
It's always gone down
well with the ladies.
BEN: Moliere.
That quote,
it wasn't Aristotle.
You know you might
never find her?
I don't know why you feel
you owe her something?
You don't.
So let's just do the right
thing, get out of here.
Go to the police.
If getting me out of here
is a question of money,
you know I'm good for it.
BEN: What will you pay
me to leave her behind?
JAMIE: Back in the
day it worked out alright
for you didn't it?
In the German (SPEAKING
primary school, the teacher
explains to the children
the history of concentration
camps of the second World War.
Little Klaus holds up his hand
and says,
My grandfather died in
such a camp.
The teacher replies,
I'm so, so, so, so sorry.
Little Klaus says yes
He was so drunk and fell
out of the watchtower.
You don't like this joke?
Is is joke from the Legion.
What Legion?
The Foreign Legion,
where real men come from!
If you want I can show you.
Don't worry about him love.
I've got a good one, and
you'll like this one too.
So that fluffy bunny rabbit
we came across on the path
back there, now,
not many people know
that fluffy bunny rabbits
have a very important function
in the Legion, every troop
carries a sackful of them.
When men are in the
field in woods like this,
it's very hard to find
a good fuck.
People like our friend Piggy
over here,
need a little bit of relief.
So we take one of the fluffy
bunny rabbits out of the bag
and we jam its head in a drawer.
And then we get the
soldier to fuck that rabbit
right up its ass, just as the
Legionnaire's about to cum
we slam that drawer shut and
that fluffy bunny rabbit's ass
pumps like a fucking cunt.
Why are you doing this to us?
THOMS: This is not part of
the deal.
What deal.
Who did you have a deal with?
Mademoiselle I've been doing
this for quite a while now,
but I must admit, this is
one of the more exotic jobs.
Come mate let's pack up.
Please mademoiselle you must
get up now.
You want my hand?
Make no words like in a movie.
You turn around close your
eyes and count to 100.
If everything goes
according to plan.
One, two,
three, four,
five, six.
Don't peek because I can see
it huh?
If you're cheating, is
that what you're going for?
I will see you around little
Seven, eight,
nine, 10,
11, 12, 13,
14, 15,
16, 17, 18
48, 49,
50, 51,
52, 53,
JAMIE: Emma!
What happened?
Where are those nut jobs?
They're gone.
they were telling jokes
about the Foreign Legion.
About a job they were
hired to do.
Do you have a cigarette?
Now hang on a minute.
What did they say about
the Foreign Legion?
They were soldiers,
We need to look for cover.
You were in the Foreign
Legion weren't you?
So that's it.
You orchestrated this,
all of this.
It was you, what kind of sick
mind game
are you playing here?
Certainly not my fault,
and certainly not hers
that you screwed up your life.
For fuck's sake Jamie,
cut it out.
You never gave a rats ass
about anyone but yourself.
Oh didn't I?
Didn't I take care of things?
Didn't I give you the money
you needed after you raped her?
Let him go Ben!
Keep your hands where
I can see them.
He's right, it's all you.
It all makes sense.
You don't really believe that
little cock sucking
bastard do you?
They said, they were ex
legionnaires, just like you.
They had orders!
It's all about revenge,
isn't it?
Revenge for your time in prison!
Just admit it!
I don't have reason
to take revenge.
You don't see the
whole picture here.
I never touched you
15 years ago.
He did.
JAMIE: He's lying.
He raped you and
then his father
gave me a lot of money
to take the blame for it.
JAMIE: Don't listen to him
What about the evidence?
What about the evidence?
His father made sure the
evidence pointed away from him.
Away from the family.
Shut up your Lang up
you fucking traitor!
You think I'd let you
ruin my life?
This gets better and better.
You think you can destroy me,
You think you can take me down?
Go to hell!
Who do you think you are huh?
JO: How did you
get that scar?
EMMA: Let's focus
on you shall we?
Some scars never heal.
No matter what I say
follow the plan.
JO: I'll lead them here.
FROTTI: Get in the cage.
THOMS: Slut.
Shut up!
Rise and shine sleepy head.
Took you a little while.
Now get up.
Take this and finish it.
Emma, you don't need
to do this.
Shut your lying mouth,
you misogynistic prick!
How dare you even talk to me?
Have you ever been raped?
Pull down your pants.
Are you serious.
JO: Don't I look
serious to you?
You want some money.
Shut your fucking face and
pull down your fucking jeans.
Still feeling lucky prick?
Thought so.
Now think about something
nice and pull down your jeans.
Tell me.
Did anyone ever shoved a
screwdriver up your ass?
Lucky you.
Then look at it as a
unique new experience.
And who knows perhaps
you'll enjoy it, hmm?
JAMIE: Why are you
doing this?
JO: Because I want to,
come on, lose the boxers.
You've got to stop, you can't
do this.
No you can't.
I don't want this.
Yes you do, you're just to shy
to ask.
I never wanted anyone
to be tortured.
What have you done?
JO: You see technically I
am you, so all of this is you.
Ben, I'm so sorry.
Listen, Jamie.
Don't talk now.
I needed the money.
Everything will be
alright, it will be okay.
Alright, here we go.
I was raped but I'm okay now.
What happened doesn't matter.
All that matters is that
it was wrong
and impossible to undo.
I wanted him to pay for what he
did to me.
But I couldn't do it, so she
took over.
Did what she said was necessary.
But I realized something,
I understood
that she wouldn't make
me whole again.
I realized that I didn't
want to be like her.
Violent, vengeful, cynical,
full of hate.
That night I decided
that I wouldn't let her
corrupt me anymore.
I wouldn't let him win either.
Instead I chose the future
because it was mine.
And they were just ghosts
of the past.
I feel, I fuck
I fail, I fall
I see, I love
I'll kill you if you
do me wrong
I feel like going
out of town
Where no one gonna
hear you shout
Out loud
You're tired and your crazy
And you fool a guy
You're never gonna
make it out alive
I'll kill
I'm freed
I keep my pride
I'll show you why you should
have just left me alone
I'll dig down deep
In you and me
Then we will see what
makes you so loud
I don't care
You take it
Only fooled
You're never gonna
make it out alive
Right in your face
I'm out of my cage
And I feel like getting high
Play this game
And I already came
to the end in my mind
I hear what you say but
I don't want to play
You can't even tell me why
Decisions await I don't
want to play
It's the end for you
this time
I feel, I fuck
I fail, I fall
I see, I love
I love
To fade away
And no I won't go crazy
in the night today
Won't let you overtake me
It's mine
It's mine
Fade away
And no I won't go crazy
in the night today
'Cause I don't know
this lately all is mine