3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain (1998) Movie Script

Centuries ago, a village
in Japan lived in peace...
...protected by the power
of the Golden Broadswords.
And now, young warriors...
...you have been chosen to wrest
the sword from evil hands...
...and return it
to its rightful place.
Let the games begin!
Let's do it.
Let's go, TumTum, come on!
- Yeah!
- All right!
- Way to go!
- Awesome!
- Piece of cake!
- Speaking of cake, let's eat.
So you think you're feeling
pretty good?
Why shouldn't we?
We smoked that course.
- Shredded it!
- Kicked its butt!
You think you're master
of your domain, don't you?
I thought you'd be proud of us.
We got the sword!
A ninja's journey is never over
until he returns...
...from whence he came.
Beware, young ninjas!
Try to find you...
Congratulations, you all passed
with flying colours.
Yeah, black and blue.
You just learned a ninja's most
valuable lesson, humility.
Don't you mean the agony of defeat?
Agony in defeat.
When the ninja's head
swells with pride...
...he becomes his own worst enemy.
He loses focus,
his spirit loses balance.
He sees, but he is blind.
A ninja's eyes can betray him.
He must learn to trust
his other senses.
He must learn to see with his ears!
He must be one with his environment.
Take this!
Go over there and dig a well, go!
I wish we didn't have to go soon.
Now we have to wait another
year for more training.
Ninja training is cool,
but this summer was my last.
- Don't say that. Grandpa might hear.
- You mean that, Rocky?
Don't get me wrong. I love Grandpa
and karate is way cool...
...but next year I'll be 15.
Time to get a job so I have
wheels when I get my license.
But what about ninja training?
I don't think anyone's gonna hire me
because I got ninja experience.
Maybe Rocky's got a point.
Not you too, Colt! Don't you guys
like being ninja warriors?
It's just a game we play.
I'd like to hang at the beach.
But we'll be superheroes...
...learn the closed fist,
like Dave Dragon.
You watch too much TV.
There's gonna be a lot of
good summers here.
Just because we're leaving
doesn't mean you are.
I'm 15. Summers are starting
to be important to me.
I miss the beach.
Now you got Grandpa to yourself.
The men are ready.
Mom, Dad!
Hey, guys!
How are my ninjas? How you doing?
I missed you!
Hi, baby, hi!
- How's my birthday boy?
- You have a great time?
We murderized this killer
obstacle course and had cake.
Mom, anything to eat in the fridge?
Yeah, sandwiches sound okay?
- Awesome!
- Thanks, Mom.
Colt, Rocky!
- Once a ninja, always a ninja.
- Sure, Grandpa.
Anything the matter, Dad?
Oh, nothing a little
adolescence won't cure.
I think it's time to put...
...old Grandpa on the shelf
like GI Joe and Buzz Lightyear.
I'm afraid our young ninjas
have found new thresholds to cross.
They do grow up fast. One minute
you bounce them on your knee...
...and then they want to borrow
the car for a date.
You sound like they're going off...
...to fight the Crusades!
They're still boys!
I gotta get back to work.
The FBI doesn't wait.
All right, baby.
I still need you, Grandpa.
And I need you, now even more.
And as you grow older the distance
between us will become greater.
But, if you have this,
I'll always be with you.
- "Where one goes, we all go."
- Yes.
You coming to my party?
We're going to Mega Mountain.
You bet the world I will!
- Hurry up!
- I'm trying!
- There they are!
- Let's get them!
All right, we got you now!
Thanks, Dave Dragon.
Hope you enjoyed
this ex citing episode.
Unfortunately, it's our last.
After 15 years, the network's
pulling the plug on our show.
According to the ratings,
kids don't believe in heroes anymore.
So to my legions of young warriors
who still do believe...
...my heartfelt thanks
for your support.
You gave me
a lifetime of memories.
If you uphold the way
of the closed fist, respect...
...courage, trust, honour, teamwork,
you'll always be heroes to me.
Join Dave Dragon in his final
public appearance...
...as he shows you the way
of the closed fist!
This weekend, at the one,
the only, Mega Mountain!
TumTum, how about
a bologna-ham-cheese-bacon...
and Swiss sandwich?
It's your favourite.
No, thanks, Mom, I'm not hungry.
There's one main entrance
to the park, here...
...on the north side.
The perimeter is covered...
...with a 10-foot fence prohibiting
all other access.
These points, A and B,
are emergency exits.
"A" squad will split into three groups
of six and seize these points.
"B" squad will be here, at the pumping
station, our point of entrance.
Three roving patrols will wander
through the park...
...to take care of any troublemakers.
Any problems...
...we put them here, in the tank,
under the roller coaster.
Then we seize this area,
Master Control.
Then the entire park
will be at our disposal.
Any questions?
Good. We strike at noon.
Amanda, have you seen my mixing bowl?
Hi, welcome to the neighbourhood.
Oh, thank you!
Hi, I'm Beverly Morgan-Green.
Jessica Douglas, nice to meet you.
I hope they don't have prissy girl
types like the Anderson twins.
Hit it!
Look out!
I'm terribly sorry about your window.
Meet my daughter, Amanda.
- Hello, Amanda.
- I'm sorry.
That comes out of your allowance.
Hi, guys. These are my sons,
Jeffrey and Michael.
I'm TumTum, he's Colt.
Let's get your helicopter back.
Want to join us for breakfast?
- Oh, it's okay with me, honey.
- Come on.
Rocky, breakfast!
That helicopter's cool.
Did you make it?
My dad taught me. He works
for a special effects firm.
They make neat stuff for movies.
You must be the pilot.
Rocky, this is Amanda.
- Hi.
- What have you got there?
Gizmos for my dad's movie.
Cool, a yo-yo!
Watch me loop-the-loop.
No, don't!
- Sorry again, Mrs. Douglas.
- Oh, Rocky, Jennifer called.
She'll meet you at Mega Mountain
at the main gate.
- What's Mega Mountain?
- The coolest amusement park!
We'll see Dave Dragon
fight the Tsunamis.
But you guys promised me.
It's my birthday.
You two, be nice to your brother.
I have an idea, Amanda.
Why not join us?
That sounds like fun, but...
...I don't want to impose.
No, we want you to come.
Yeah, Dave Dragon!
Great, thank you.
- Hi, welcome to Mega Mountain.
- Thank you.
Here are your tickets.
We'll meet you here at 5:00.
Hi, Samuel!
- Rocky, look after your brother.
- I don't need a babysitter.
- Promise me.
- Promise her.
- I promise.
- Great!
Have a good time, and try
to stay out of trouble, okay? Bye!
What do you want to ride first?
I want to see Dave Dragon.
Hey, nobody told us we were
babysitting squirts.
Get a haircut, Buzz.
Nobody's babysitting anybody.
They were just leaving, weren't you?
Come on.
Let's go, guys. We don't need them.
- But you promised Mom.
- Come on.
What's wrong with him?
Just a case of the stupids
whenever he's around Jennifer.
Rocky loves Jennifer.
Rocky loves Jennifer.
Let's have some fun.
This Dave Dragon fella.
He's just an actor,
but he could cause problems.
Take care of it, personally.
Ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls!
The moment you've all
been waiting for...
...Dave Dragon and the Star Force Five!
Here he is, Dave Dragon!
Thanks for visiting Mega Mountain,
enjoy your stay.
The park is closed.
- What's going on?
- Where are you going?
What's it to you?
Get your hands off me!
What's going on here? Stop, stop it!
Hello, I'm Sister Beatrice
of Our Lady of...
...Perpetual Motion Hospital.
Could I please see your manager?
I'll handle this.
Can I help you?
I'm taking up a collection.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say will be
used against you.
Move it! Move it!
Remote uplink interconnected.
- Closed-circuit monitors active.
- Three.
The video link is functioning.
All stations secure.
Excellent. Time to play
"Dialing for Dollars."
A little bit more to the left, sugar.
Oh, yeah, that's the spot.
Vidphone, sir. Mr. Smithers.
Can't you see I'm busy?
I'm sorry, sir,
he insists it's urgent.
Don't forget where we left off, sugar.
Smithers, this better be good.
Mr. Jacobson, how nice to meet you.
Who are you?
What are you doing in my park?
Haven't you heard?
I'm the new director of operations...
...at Mega Mountain, Mr. Jacobson.
Or may I call you Harry?
No, you most certainly may not.
In any case, it's my first day
on the job...
...and I'm afraid I'm all thumbs.
What would happen if I increased
Raging Waters' speed...
...another 20 miles an hour?
Those turns would be
awfully hard to manoeuvre.
- You wouldn't!
- I would.
And I will, if you don't
pay me $10 million.
You are insane!
That's what my shrink tells me.
Unless you cough up
the dough by 3.,00 p.m...
...you'll be broke. You never know
when a roller coaster might derail...
...a safety harness might release.
Imagine the lawsuits, Harry.
Heartbroken families,
the cover of Time magazine.
You'll be the owner
of "Murder Mountain."
I'll call the cops!
I'll call the National Guard!
If I so much as smell a cop...
...I'll take your customers
on the ride of their lives.
Drop the money by helicopter
over the Main Street fountain.
Do as I say and no one gets hurt.
Harry, when can we go shopping
for my new Mercedes?
- Sure is high.
- 208 feet, to be exact.
- Should we do this so soon after lunch?
- What are you, chicken?
Oh, my God, my purse!
I lost my purse!
Maybe you left it back
at the burger place.
You guys go ahead.
I'll go look for it.
Meet you after the ride?
Shut up, Eric. He's being considerate.
- I'm considerate.
- Don't you mean "conceited"?
Thank you, boys and girls,
moms and dads.
You've been a terrific audience.
That was awesome!
Yeah, I forgot how cool he was.
Too bad they're cancelling his show.
Will you take me backstage
to get his autograph?
Come on, I want to ride Galactic!
It'll only take a minute, please.
Go ahead, I'll wait here.
Great show!
Excellent show.
Marvellous, truly marvellous.
Thank you. It's always nice
to meet some of my older fans.
- Can I help you?
- Yes, you can help me.
By going to sleep. Klaus?
- Put him under there.
- All right, come on.
We're gonna need a couple guys.
What are you doing to Dave?
- Get them!
- Come back here!
- Let's go, let's go!
- Get the kid!
The burger place guy said
someone dropped off a purse?
Yeah, it's here someplace.
Wait a minute.
Hey, where'd you go?
- Who are those guys?
- Over there!
Come on, TumTum.
If you come quietly,
I promise not to harm you.
Otherwise, I feed you to my dogs!
Even ugly dogs can be taught to heel.
I don't think you understand
who you're messing with!
- There he is!
- I got him!
Get me out of here!
Come here, you little punk, come here!
You're all mine.
Get up there!
What do you want on your tombstone?
- Pepperoni, sausage and onion.
- Knock it off!
Every year, the same old show.
Next year we go back to Disneyland.
- Come and get me!
- I'll pick you up by your ponytail!
Get off me!
What do you think you're
doing there, partner?
- Have you seen my brothers?
- They ran in there!
Give me five!
All right, way to go!
That was awesome!
Come on, you mangy dogs!
Hurry! You've got to see this!
Come on.
I ran here to get help
and I found him like this.
- What do you think?
- Probably a sleep agent.
And that's not all. Look there.
- Someone's taken over the park.
- That's impossible.
- Let's call.
- It's dead. I already tried.
- What do we do?
- I know someone who can help us!
What the?
- What's going on?
- You were attacked by ninjas!
- Who are you kids?
- I'm Colt.
These are my brothers, Rocky
and TumTum. This is Amanda.
We came for an autograph
but saw you get attacked.
Yeah, but don't worry.
We kicked their butts!
We think ninjas may have
taken over the park.
If that's true, I want to
thank you for saving me.
Let the grownups handle it from here.
I'll see what's up.
Can't we come with you?
I appreciate it, TumTum, I do.
But real heroes know when to play
it cool. Stay here till I get back.
And don't worry.
I'll be back with help soon.
Great. We have to sit around here
while he has all the fun.
Look at this.
Those guys must've left it
when they chased you out.
Does it work?
We could call the police!
Where's the best place to transmit?
Cool! We can see everything
from up here!
Switch to channel 9, the emergency
frequency Dad transmits on.
Great. What'll we say, ninjas have
taken over Mega Mountain?
We're just kids.
They'll think it's a prank.
TumTum, remember what
Dad tells us to yell...
...in case of a real emergency?
We've got company.
That fool! Send them a warning!
You heard her.
This is way beyond my jurisdiction.
Call in the feds!
Yes, I won't forget the cake.
- I'll get it on the way to the park.
- Sam, urgent call on line two.
Hang on one minute, honey.
Sam Douglas.
How long ago?
I'm on my way.
Jessica, something's happened
at the park. I gotta go.
That's the feds.
Find me a UHF frequency
and patch me through.
Remote uplink interconnected.
- Sam Douglas, FBI. What do you got?
- I'm not sure.
They opened fire when we arrived.
According to our spotters, they've got
the park sealed off from within.
Sam, I've got something.
They're broadcasting on UHF.
We'll have to untrap.
- Welcome to the party.
- Good Lord!
I want to speak to
whoever's in charge.
This is Sam Douglas, FBI.
Who am I speaking with?
- What's going on?
- Ninjas are all over the park, Dad!
- Are you okay? Is Amanda with you?
- We're okay.
They cut the phones,
so we used the radio.
You did fine, son. You did fine.
Lay low and let the pros
do their jobs, all right?
How very touching.
I hate to break up this family
reunion, but I have an agenda to keep.
- Name your demands.
- It's a little late for that.
Mr. Moneybags himself,
Harry Jacobson...
...is already emptying the
piggy banks, as instructed.
Get Jacobson here.
We need to try and buy some time.
Run her picture. I want to
know who we're dealing with.
And get me an engineer, now!
I told Harry, no police.
You'll have to
suffer the consequences.
Watch closely.
Now increase the speed
by 20 percent.
All right, stop the ride!
You've made your point.
I don't believe I have.
Thirty percent.
It's our fault!
They're gonna get hurt.
- We're ninjas, we can stop them.
- It's out of our league.
This isn't one of Grandpa's crazy
adventures, this is real stuff.
We're unarmed and outnumbered.
Maybe we can even the odds.
My dad and I worked on
these for his new movie.
Amanda, this is no time for games!
Yeah, what are we gonna do...
...beat them at Go Fish?
Go ahead, Rocky, now you.
- Hey, what about me?
- Wait, they're smoke bombs.
They explode on impact.
If they can't see you,
they can't hit you.
We can't do it without you.
Let's do it.
Hold it.
- Somebody called for an engineer?
- Look.
Oh, my God!
What happens to them if
that ride goes any faster?
At twice its normal speed?
Extreme nausea, loss of
...maybe even death.
Hey, boiled scum!
Afraid of someone half your size?
Let's get them!
Now, TumTum!
Why do you use your head
to hit my feet?
Emergency stop!
Numeric access granted.
Power terminated.
Patch me through to
those little snots!
Don't think of escaping,
or I'll come and deck you.
Get it? "Deck" you?
Foolish children!
I'll teach you to mess with Medusa!
- Nice face.
- Yeah, nice face.
- We're not afraid of you.
- Oh, but you will be!
Freeze that picture.
Get me a printout.
- Lothar?
- Medusa.
Find those idiot nephews of mine.
I have a job for them.
Sam! I've got her!
Mary Ann Rogers.
Goes by the name "Medusa."
Escaped from prison last month.
It's a laundry list:
Extortion, robbery.
She's done it all.
She's looking for a quick
score to get out of the country.
This is killer! You sure
Auntie won't mind us taking a break?
What Auntie M. Don't know
won't hurt her.
What can go wrong if
the plan's foolproof?
I wish the line would move faster.
- Hey, no cutting in line!
- Hey, you're not the boss of me!
You idiots!
I told you, no horsing around!
- If Medusa knows you're goofing off...
- No! Please, she'll kill us!
Okay, then pay attention.
You find these kids
and maybe I'll let you live.
They were last seen at
the Avalanche ride.
Hey! This is a covert operation.
- Put on your glasses!
- Oh!
Now move it!
It's been over an hour.
What could he possibly be doing?
- Maybe he got sick.
- Probably wussed out.
Wet his pants and is too
chicken to face us.
We're wasting time. We should bail.
I'm his girlfriend.
How could he do this to me?
Girl, I've been there,
and they're all dogs.
Can I have your autograph?
This is interesting.
- Why?
- The rides are controlled manually...
...with switch boxes.
But the speed of the rides...
...and the tracking,
are monitored...
...through this display.
- Then somewhere inside the park...
...there's a Master Control.
- Wait!
Back at Guest Relations,
they had a computer.
- It's probably tied to Master Control!
- So?
...if I hack my way into
the mainframe computer...
...I can shut the ride controls down.
We wouldn't be fighting.
Technically, we wouldn't
be disobeying Dad...
...and the bad guys
couldn't zap the rides.
There they are!
He didn't say we couldn't
defend ourselves.
Amanda, we'll draw them out.
We'll meet up at Guest Relations.
Good luck.
Hey! Come and get us!
Come on!
Sam! What happened?
Are the kids okay?
Honey, don't worry. I talked to them.
They're gonna be fine.
Chief, how long before
SWAT arrives?
They'll be here in 15 minutes.
What do you want?
Is there a problem?
Susan Blankenship here,
for Eyewitness News.
Boss, take a look at this.
Terrorists have seized
the park and are holding hostages.
However, police and FBI officials
are not releasing information...
...regarding the demands.
I'll update you with developments.
Good. That ought to put more pressure
on the very rich Harry Jacobson.
Get him.
Get him!
Hold him!
Maybe I'll show you mercy
and make you my boy-toy.
Thanks, but I'd rather
be eaten alive by wolves.
That can be arranged.
Tie him up over there.
Come on, get up!
Excuse me, man. Excuse me.
I know we're taking you hostage,
but could I get an autograph?
- It's for my sister.
- C. J!
I get it later, man.
- Split up!
- Yeah!
Okay, okay, okay!
Zed, get that one! Buelow, that one!
Come on! Go!
Hey, beat it, kid!
I'll have five dollars' worth.
You couldn't hit an elephant
in the butt with a bazooka!
Those who paid, get ready
to shoot at the target.
I'll get you!
Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!
I'm gonna get you,
and you're gonna pay for this!
Little twerp! I got you!
Not the face!
Exit to your left, everyone.
Exit to your left, please.
I'm sorry, you guys, you're
gonna have to take your seats.
- I'm sorry, you have to sit down.
- No, see...
I'm sorry! Sit!
What's the matter?
- Bad hair day?
- Hey!
- It won't budge!
- I know! Shut up!
Let's see how they like
their own medicine.
Oh, uh, excuse me!
Oh, a little faster?
Hey, man, check this out.
I'll take care of the geeks myself.
They're dog meat.
Let's find Amanda.
Here goes nothing.
Access denied.
Access denied.
Access granted.
Yes! Dang, I'm good!
Start with the Atom Smasher.
Okay, men.
We have a D-9 scenario.
Those are innocent civilians inside.
I don't want anybody harmed.
Let's move out.
They're the best, honey.
It's gonna be fine.
I hope you're right.
They're bringing the big guns!
Ha! Game over. You're finished.
If I were you, I'd cut my losses.
Surrender now and beg for mercy.
- You're no match for SWAT.
- We'll just have to "swat" them...
...like the bugs they are.
They are entering the north,
south and east quadrants.
- "B" squad.
- Go for B.
You know what to do.
You're wasting your time.
Spinning your wheels...
...swimming in circles,
going nowhere fast.
- Ready?
- Give the word.
Fry them.
When I get my hands on you, you...
You witch!
Save your strength, Dragon.
You're just wasting your time.
Spinning your wheels,
swimming in circles...
...going nowhere fast.
Okay, C.J., do your worst.
Access denied.
- What's wrong?
- System's locked me out.
Access denied.
Try another ride!
Access denied.
Somebody else must be
overriding the system!
We're no longer in control.
Access denied.
Locked. Locked.
Try harder!
Access denied.
- Speed control. Denied.
- It's not responding!
Ha! Not responding.
Seems you've got the brawn
but forgot the brain.
Access denied.
Access denied.
Access denied.
Move over, idiot!
Access granted.
Want to play? Watch this.
Emergency brakes engaged.
Oh, no!
He's starting to bore me.
Get him out of my sight.
More attempts to stop me,
I release the safety harnesses...
...and presto! Instant pancakes.
This is your last warning.
It's hopeless. It looks like
you're gonna have to pay.
I'm on my way to the bank.
- Keep moving!
- Go on!
- Get over there!
- Open those doors!
- Get back!
- Get out of the way!
Head back, come on!
Turn around!
Hey, Dragon, I'll show you
the Way of the Closed Fist.
Why don't you do something?
Are you really a hero, or
just a phony like my dad says?
It's not that simple.
These aren't much good against guns.
I thought so.
What?! Oh, Auntie M...
I mean, Aunt Medu...
I don't know what I mean.
Where were the kids...
...while you were joy riding?
Well, the thing is,
they kind of escaped.
When I get ahold of you,
I'll have your heads!
- How about a picture?
- You want a picture?
No, you idiot!
Not you, Medusa.
- How you doing?
- Good.
I'll take a picture of those two.
Thank you.
Pay the man. Let's go.
Where is he?
Cheer up, there's plenty of fish
in the sea.
Hey, no sweat.
I'll be your new boyfriend.
That'll cheer her right up.
Yep, that's her.
- Yes?
- I have a message from your boyfriend.
- Samuel? Where is he?
- Come with me.
Hey, butthead,
maybe I'm her new boyfriend!
Bummer, man, you peed your pants.
Hey, where are they taking Jennifer?
- Any luck with the rides?
- Am I glad to see you.
Yeah, all except for
the last one on the list.
She beat me to it. Come here.
Any more tricks and she'll
drop them on their heads.
Stop it! Let go of me!
Somebody help me! Get off of me!
Rocky, isn't that Jennifer?
I've gotta save her!
- It's a trap!
- We're coming.
No, it's too dangerous.
Stay with Amanda
in case the ninjas come.
Rocky, if you don't come back,
can I have your Barry Bonds glove?
I'll be back.
That ought to keep those
little monsters busy.
Lothar, you know what to do.
What the heck.
I'm out of a job next week anyway.
Hey, Dave!
Way to go.
Come on, everybody!
Jacobson's left with the money.
And we got the park surrounded,
tracking devices in the bags...
The minute the money's dropped,
we move in.
They can't escape.
That's what worries me.
- I'm in here!
- Jennifer, I'm coming!
Never send a boy to do a man's job.
Hurry! Get me out of here!
No more room to run, punk!
Now it's just you and me.
You can do it. Just don't look down.
Smell that, kid?
That's fear coming up behind you.
Look out!
Oh, my God.
I'm alive!
That little rodent!
Hurry, Samuel!
Look, boss! The helicopter!
Everybody pack up! We're leaving.
I'll teach you
to pick a fight with me, Romeo.
Emergency brakes released.
Emergency brakes released.
...you saved me.
Call me Rocky.
All right, move away, people!
Just look out! Get out of the way!
Everybody step back!
Goodbye Andrew Jackson...
...Honest Abe...
...Alexander Hamilton.
I'll miss you most of all.
Air to base, air to base.
Base, over.
The drop is a go.
Your men ready?
Move out!
Go, drop.
Come to Mama!
Get the money.
Come on, my money.
Come on, let's go.
Let's move it!
They got the money.
More, more, more.
- They've won.
- I got an idea.
Come on.
- Get the money!
- The money.
I got it!
Let's go get Rocky!
Oh, no! Oh!
That's my...
That's my money!
That's my money!
Get away from my money!
Don't touch my money!
My money!
- That's my money!
- That's her money!
We got the other two bags!
Let's get out of here.
You're coming with me.
Wait. Stop! Stop!
Amanda! Amanda!
Rocky! TumTum!
Rocky, they've got Amanda!
Kids, over here!
Rocky, there's no time.
They're getting away!
Come on!
- Shut up!
- Let go of me!
- Follow me this way. Come on!
- Let go of me!
Lars, are you in position?
Ready and waiting.
Go! Go!
- Whoa, kids.
- They got our friend.
Guess I can't talk you out of it.
You know what you're doing?
- Respect.
- Courage.
- Trust!
- Honour!
- Where'd they go?
- Over there!
- What'll you do with her?
- She'll come in handy as a hostage.
Let go of me!
Then I'll make you
my personal slave...
...so you can work off
the money you cost me.
I figure in about 50 years...
...we'll be even.
You three get back to the ship. You!
Allow me.
Yes! We got money!
We're rich! We're rich!
I always did like fireworks.
There she is!
How precious.
The three little bears
and the big, bad wolf...
...come to rescue Goldilocks.
Get them!
You want a piece of me?
Come and get it!
Bring it on!
One ninja stew, coming up!
No stew for you.
- He's out.
- Looks like we're on our own.
- I wish Grandpa were here with us.
- Grandpa gave this to me.
"Where one goes, we all go."
- Let's rock!
- Yeah!
- I got your back.
- No, I got your back.
Don't! Stop it!
Don't! You're hurting me!
Where do you think you're going?
These ought to hold you for a while.
I have a surprise for you.
See you.
- All right!
- Yeah!
You little runts!
It seems I misjudged you.
Your training is far superior
to my warriors'.
Why don't we even the odds?
Use your night goggles, you fools!
Nice surprise, huh?
Rest in pieces.
Colt! TumTum!
- Where are they?
- I can't see!
When a ninja's head
swells with pride...
...he becomes his own worst enemy.
He loses his focus...
...his spiritual balance.
He has eyes but cannot see.
Over here!
Is that what I think it is?
Grab my pack!
No, my computer!
Deactivate the timer.
My dad showed me how to do it
in his last movie.
Shove the parallel cord
into the timer slot.
Now, type in the words "run sequence."
Insufficient power!
The battery must need a recharge.
Try using the power cord.
It's no good!
We need a three-prong outlet!
Save yourselves.
Grab those tanks.
- What?
- Trust me.
TumTum, grab the tape and a hammer.
You made it!
Help me up, you idiots!
One instant torpedo.
TumTum, hammer.
Let's get out of here!
Adis, Mega Mountain!
It's come to our attention...
...these are the boys who foiled
the terrorists. Is this true?
- Dad! Grandpa!
- How are you?
You must be quite proud
of your heroes.
If you want the real hero...
He's over there.
Dave Dragon!
Sources tell us in lieu
of the day's events...
...the network may sign you
to a long-term contract.
- Can you comment on that?
- I'm always happy to oblige my fans.
That's great news.
Off the record, Dave,
I've always been a great fan.
So, just another typical day
at the park, huh?
Yeah, pretty boring, I guess.
We might need another
summer at ninja camp.
In case we get rusty.
We might even have a new recruit.
- Think you can handle it?
- Piece of cake.
Speaking of cake...