3 Ninjas Knuckle Up (1995) Movie Script

As always, this summer started with
a trip to Grandpa's cabin.
Grandpa will teach us to fly
like real ninjas.
-People can't fly.
-Ninjas can. Grandpa said so.
He's pulling your leg.
We thought our summer would be
really boring.
Boy, were we wrong.
Pull over, Grandpa!
So much for peace and quiet.
What's going on? What's out there?
Maybe a jackrabbit with
a bad attitude.
Good afternoon.
As you can see,
there's confusion here...
...but one thing seems clear to me:
There's something rotten
in the land of the eagles.
Lousy lndians. Nothing but trouble.
Get that reporter out of here.
-We don't want a lady here.
-Mr. Harding?
This is no place for you all to be.
I understand your concerns,
but this isn't the way to do it.
Give me that thing.
You people get this
through your heads.
This is not your land.
This is my land.
You signed a lease!
What I do with my land is my business.
Get out of here, or I'll have you
arrested for trespassing.
It's you who should be arrested,
Jack Harding.
Your business is killing our people!
No more dumping! No more killing!
Cool. Indians!
Get in there. Start the trucks up.
What's going on?
I don't know, but it looks bad.
Hey, that's my daughter! Jo?
No more dumping! No more killing!
Keep moving! Keep moving!
Grandpa, let's go.
Jack, call your boys off.
Let me handle this.
Shut up.
All right, Ron. Dump it!
Get back in there.
Tum Tum.
-Morning, Grandpa.
-Morning, Rocky.
-Morning, Grandpa.
-Good morning, Colt.
Tum Tum!
I'm coming! I'm coming!
There's no food in the refrigerator,
Pizza! Pizza!
-I won't get any gas.
-Just get pepperoni.
I'm not gonna get any fishes
on my pizza, okay?
All right.
First one in gets to order.
Hey, wait up!
Hurry up, Grandpa.
You go on ahead. I'm gonna get
some groceries.
-Pick up number 13.
Pick up number 1 4.
That's us.
Well, go get it.
Pick up number 15.
Well, well.
Lookie here what the wind
dragged in again.
I told you to stop
following us around.
Where's my father?
What did you do to him?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Don't do that.
Wait. No, no, this ain't right.
She's just a little girl.
-She's too young for beer.
-Let go of me!
Why, you little--
What? Anybody got a problem
with that?
I said, anybody got a problem
with that?
Yeah, I got a problem.
Let me guess.
You were too short for the good rides
at the carnival.
What's so funny about that?
Why don't you buttheads just
leave her alone?
What did you say, punk?
-I said, leave her alone.
Come here, you little brats.
I'm gonna have to teach you
some manners.
Isn't it sad? Some kids
just won't learn, will they?
Get them!
Thank you.
Kid! Now you're gonna get it!
Boy, this pizza's boss!
Can't you see I'm trying to eat here?
Look out!
May l?
I can't see! My eyes!
I wouldn't touch that.
Dude, who taught you how to walk?
Colt! Don't!
Colt, what the--
Colt! Stop it!
Tum Tum!
My pizza!
-Don't fight.
-I'm not fighting.
-What are you doing?
-Kicking butt.
Well, stop it.
I'll handle this.
Shouldn't play with knives.
It's a bad example.
You're right. Bad example.
Get those kids!
I'll get you for this!
You're great!
Where'd you learn it?
Our grandfather taught us.
-Can you teach us?
-ls it hard to learn?
-Yeah, it's hard.
What are your names?
He's Rocky, he's Colt,
and I'm Tum Tum.
They're ninja names.
You're ninjas?
I thought ninjas were bad guys.
There's good ones and bad ones.
Yeah, like dentists.
Grandpa, over here!
Did you see us cream those guys?
We're leaving.
But I haven't had my pizza yet!
Yes, I understand.
That's a good idea.
The boys will be down there
first thing in the morning.
You're welcome.
You'll have to pay for the damages
to the pizza parlour.
-They started it.
That's beside the point.
Let it be--
A lesson to us.
So you want to be heroes, do you?
-Maybe I'll stop your ninja lessons.
-You said we should help people.
-I did.
But that's not what I'm worried about.
You're getting too cocky.
Sit down!
You're helping others
so you can become heroes.
That's not helping them,
that's helping yourselves.
It's a lie.
Now this.
This is what I meant by the correct
path of a ninja.
See these beautiful flowers?
Learn to be like them.
You mean stand in dirt and smell good?
Very funny.
Listen to the sound of the flower.
It could teach you how to walk
the correct path.
Do they speak English?
Listen to them.
Hear the sound of
the flowers blooming.
Only then can you become a true ninja.
Why not tell us?
I could teach you many things.
But some things
you have to learn by yourself.
Colt! Let me out!
Other one.
Hi, guys.
-I'm Jo.
I'm filthy. I mean, Rocky.
Hi, filthy Rocky.
Your grandfather told me
you were here.
You're doing this because of me?
No, it's ninja training.
You were something else yesterday.
I can't believe you're ninjas.
I know. We look more like
garbage ninjas today.
Can I help?
Thanks for sticking up for me
It was nothing.
-Who were they?
-Why were you following them?
You really want to know?
Believe it or not,
it all has to do with garbage.
This is really ruining my appetite.
-Those guys kidnapped your father?
-I know they did.
Nobody believes me, though.
Everybody thinks he's on a business
trip. That's what the mayor says.
-The mayor?
-Yeah. My father works for him.
The day before my dad disappeared
he told me...
...and Mom he found a secret at
the mayor's office about the landfill.
What secret?
I don't know exactly...
...but he said it would make them
close the landfill.
They throw lots of stuff in there.
Not just trash.
They're killing the land.
And without land, there's no life.
As for man, his days are
as the grass.
As a flower in a field,
he flourishes...
...then gone.
But the eternal life lies
in our souls...
...and it is these shining souls...
...that go on to God. Amen.
So, what do we do now?
What can we do? We've done
everything we could.
Obviously, we didn't.
People are still dying!
How many more are we going to bury?
If I can just find my father,
all the problems will be solved.
Our people will stop dying.
We'll help find your father.
-You will?
-Yeah, we will.
Your father's been missing a week?
Where do we start looking, guys?
How about the cops?
My mom and I tried the police,
but they wouldn't listen.
We gotta start looking somewhere.
How about there?
-Come on.
-Where are we going?
-Jo, can you watch our bikes?
Jack, we got a little problem.
Jack, take it easy.
Don't have another heart attack.
Those lndians are causing trouble.
They've got a table set up
in town for signatures.
Okay, Jack.
We'll be right over.
-We'll get them, J.J.
-Shut up.
What did Jack have to say?
Do I ever tell you guys
what Jack has to say?
-Come on, get out.
-Shut up!
Grow up, you idiots.
It stinks! What is this?
Don't touch it!
I was only gonna taste it.
See anything like a wrench?
What kind of a mayor are you, anyway?
A bunch of lndians raising Cain in
front of your city hall...
...and you don't do anything!
They haven't broken any law.
Do something before they do!
Give me that.
No smoking in here, it's bad
for your heath. I quit.
What are they saying?
Wake up! Imbeciles.
What are they saying? Let me hear!
They want a hearing with
the Environmental Protection Agency.
They're making a big case out of this.
Even the news people are
beginning to get curious.
Told you not to hire that lndian
in the first place.
It doesn't matter.
I'll take care of him and the disk.
You just remember one thing:
I built your city hall and your town.
So if anything happens to me--
I understand.
Good. As long as we understand
each other.
When can we have this meeting?
Tomorrow, if you like.
It's your town, Jack.
Do it. Let's get it over with.
J.J., go back and keep working
on that lndian.
And if that disk shows up
at the hearing...
...you're gonna be dog meat, son.
Do you understand me?
Sure, Jack.
Give it!
Get out of here.
Step in it.
Out of my way!
Wake up.
What is it now?
Three days without food?
Four. I figured you'd have
trouble with math.
Shut up.
Okay, J.J.
Let's get cracking.
Yep. He's here, all right.
And we will get that disk today.
Let's go.
Let's go!
Come on!
Come on, Tum!
What now, guys?
The manhole!
What happened?
We found him! We found him!
-You did?
-We're pretty sure.
Very sure.
I love you guys!
You'll just have to use your
imagination, girl.
And I just took a bath too.
So, what's the plan now?
We go get him out.
We? As in you and us?
Yes, we.
You guys, and the girl.
Wait a minute.
I think it's okay.
Okay, but let's hurry.
The hearing is tomorrow.
Tonight, then.
Good night, Grandpa.
Good night, boys.
Okay, let's go.
Let's go.
Where's Jo? What's taking her?
Women. She's probably
putting on makeup.
Tum, why don't you go find her?
-What happened to you?
-What happened to you?
It's just war paint.
Jeez. Scary!
That's the point. It's cool.
Can we use some of that?
Okay, but you have to hurry up.
Hurry up, she says.
Okay, let's go.
-Come on.
-Wait, wait.
That's better.
Very cool.
What is this? Mercedes Benz?
It means peace, pizza brains.
Peas? I hate peas.
Dad, are you all right?
I was so scared.
You okay? I was so worried.
-Come on! Come on!
-Break it up.
We gotta go.
I'm sorry I woke you up, Jack.
No, everything's under control.
The lndian, Jack. The kids got him.
But we'll get them, Jack.
I promise you, we'll get them.
Here they come.
I got you now!
Jo, stop. Stop.
Don't shoot anymore.
Come on! We gotta go! Let's go!
They're getting away!
Colt, catch!
Let's go! Let's go!
Stop it! Leave him alone!
Dad, are you okay?
Get the quiver. The disk is in it.
-The disk?
-The disk!
Get the disk!
The disk!
It's up there! The disk!
Go! We'll get it!
I got it! I got it!
I don't got it.
Rock, I lost it. It fell off.
Get that kid! He's getting away!
Come on, let's go.
I'm going. I'm going.
Don't move.
Come on, boy. Come on.
Be careful.
He likes it.
Good job, Tum Tum.
Hi, guys.
The dog! Hurry up!
No, this way!
-Come on, let's get them!
I got a better idea.
This'll be a gas!
Kiddie fry.
Run! Run!
Get up!
Rocky, you go first.
-ls it clear?
-Yeah, come on.
Boy, I'm hungry.
-Tum Tum! Come here!
-Come here!
Get upstairs.
Go to sleep, Tum Tum.
Night, Grandpa.
Come on, boys...
...Iet's go.
Oh, Grandpa.
Without breaking the eggs.
Get out of the way.
Thanks, Grandpa.
I really needed that.
Get out of there.
Wake up, Tum Tum!
What's wrong with you guys?
Didn't you sleep last night?
-I had a terrible dream.
-I did too.
-About this big ugly dog.
-A couple of them.
-You all had the same dream?
-Yeah, and ugly cowboys.
We were in it together.
Tonight, I want you all
to sleep early.
No games. And no comic books.
No midnight snack.
Okay, we'll go to bed early.
We promise.
You all promise?
We promise.
-ls this cool, or what?
-It's cool.
Very cool.
I am Chief Roundcreek.
It's a shame we grownups
didn't have the courage...
...to do what you young people
have done.
Thank you for giving us back
our courage.
And thank you
for giving us new hope...
...to heal the wound
that's caused so much pain.
To show our appreciation...
...we would like
to present you with a gift.
Eagle feathers are considered
by my people...
...to be the highest symbol
of honour and courage...
...given only
to the greatest of warriors.
Though you are not of our blood, we
believe you deserve this recognition.
...I name you
honorary Tiwanka warriors.
Now we are as one.
Wow, what a day.
This is better than Christmas.
-All right!
-Rock, let's show them our dance.
-Yeah, you go first.
No, you go.
-Go ahead.
-What's going on?
-Here we go again.
What a day.
Come on!
Don't run!
Don't run!
We're gonna make our stand
here and now!
Giddyap, giddyap, giddyap.
Don't push it. Now.
Hold him! Take him!
Hold him!
Bring him here.
Where is it?
I don't know.
Do it to him, boss!
It's in the house, isn't it?
What was that?
I don't know, but go find out!
It's empty!
Like your head, idiot! Get in there!
What in tarnation?
-You said it was empty.
-lt ain't.
I think someone's in there.
-How you doing?
Not anymore!
We gotta get out of here!
This is dangerous!
Come back here!
We're not finished yet!
Pull out! Everybody out!
And you can just forget
about bowling this week!
-Are you all right?
-We're fine.
-How about you?
-Oh, I'm fine.
I think.
-Are you okay?
-Tum Tum, why did you do that?
-What do we do now?
-Call off the hearing.
We can't do that. The newspeople
will be there. It'll look bad.
All right!
We gotta figure out how to
keep that disk out of the hearing.
Professionals. That's what we need.
-Yeah, you know any?
I know a good lawyer.
I'm talking about mercenaries,
you moron!
-Yeah, I do.
Get on the horn, right now.
Not that!
The phone, you idiot!
We're sorry.
Your call cannot be completed--
How you feeling, Grandpa?
I feel like a tired old man.
I wish you boys
would let me stay in retirement.
You were great, Grandpa.
Better than any 65-year-old I know.
I'm sorry we worried you, Grandpa.
It's all right.
I know you boys won't do it again.
Or will you?
Peace and quiet again.
Nothing but the sound
of old bones creaking...
...and the flowers
turning in for the night.
Should we go without telling Grandpa?
We gotta go for Jo.
-What could happen?
-I'd rather not find out.
So you don't really like her
or anything, right, Rock?
-Her. Jo.
No. Well, she's all right.
Good. Because thinking about girls...
...can distract
a ninja's concentration.
Are you all right?
I guess it can distract
your concentration.
Hi, Rocky.
How do you feel?
A little sore here and there.
Nothing major.
That's good.
I'm alive too,
if you're just dying to know.
Hi, Colt. How are you?
I'm pretty banged up, but I'll manage.
Here. This is for you.
How sweet.
That's a Malibu Ninja!
-I hope you like it.
-I like it a lot. It's neat.
See, its legs move to do kicks.
Picking flowers, huh?
Yes, to make medicine for your wounds.
Why do you talk to them?
I'm explaining to them
why I am picking them off their roots.
They can't understand you, can they?
They may not understand my words...
...but they know my feelings.
-Do they say anything back to you?
But they don't have to.
Because they know they are helping me.
And that is the way.
We all help one another...
...because we are all
brothers and sisters.
I think I have enough here.
Jo, here comes your father.
Come on! Let's go!
Okay, kids, come on. Hop in.
Come on, Rocky. We'll be late.
Hold on, I'm coming!
Come on, kids. Put your seat belts on.
What's going on?
He's blocking the road!
What's that?
Let's go!
Move! Go!
Give me the stick!
These guys woke up on the wrong side
of the cage today.
That's cool!
I mean, terrible.
I knew this wouldn't be easy...
...but this is ridiculous!
Charlie, what do we do?
-We gotta get out of here.
I'm gonna bust through.
Step on it!
Look out!
-It's a stink bomb!
-Don't breathe!
-What do we do now?
-We should tell somebody.
We don't know
where they're taking her.
Mister, can you take care of her?
Yeah, I'll take care of her.
Come on.
Get in.
-You don't drive.
-I do now.
-Jo. Where's Jo?
-I don't know. Are you okay?
How am I doing?
Slow down!
Is this slow enough for you?
Fasten your seat belt, Tum,
and start praying.
Don't worry. I've had practice.
Yeah, I can tell.
This isn't like driving in the arcade!
Yeah, but think of all the quarters
I'll save.
Who are you? What do you want?
Shut up and be still, little lady.
There they are!
I see them! Take it easy!
Relax. I've got the situation
under control.
-I don't like this!
-They're turning!
-Oh, God!
-Get back on the road!
-I'm going, I'm going!
Can we slow down?
Oh, God, please don't let me die.
I'll be good!
We're gonna die! We're gonna die!
Calm down, nobody's gonna--
Oh, God, please!
I'll never do drugs!
I'll never look at TV again!
I'll be good! I promise!
I'll become a policeman!
-Rock! Rock!
I'll always flush the toilet!
I'll never eat in bed!
Even if I'm starving!
And Brussels sprouts
will be my favourite food!
And peas! I love peas!
And lima beans!
Shut up!
Use the brake!
The brake, stupid!
And I'll never call anybody names!
I wish I were blind!
Close your eyes!
-I think I'm gonna throw up.
-Not on me!
I'm not gonna do it on me!
That was pretty close.
I'll never drink and drive!
I'll never drive! I'll take the bus!
I'm too little to die!
I want to make puberty at least!
Shut up!
Let me out!
Come on, Tum.
I'll wait for you guys here.
Tum, get in!
Pick me up on the way back.
-Go! Go!
-Guys, come on!
The road's back there!
I know!
We gotta do something, Charlie!
Hang on!
Do you see them?
I think I see them this way!
Let's go!
The phone's for you.
Your little girl wants to say hi.
I'm okay, Dad. Don't worry.
Is everything okay, Charlie?
Yeah, everything's all right.
May we come to order?
Thank you.
Before we begin our hearing...
...I'd like to present
Mr. Dean Thompson.
He's with the
Environmental Protection Agency.
He's here to oversee our hearing.
Right! Left! No, right!
-Stop! I can see now!
-Sorry, force of habit.
"There's no place like home.
There's no place like home."
There's the jeep!
Cool place.
I don't like this.
-It's too quiet. It's like they're--
-Waiting for us.
Kids don't belong here. Go.
And gorillas belong in the zoo.
Get him, man!
Had enough?
You guys should put
your training wheels back on.
-We give up.
-Lock us up.
-Throw away the key.
I got it!
You look like a dork,
you walk like a dork.
Which one is first?
Does it matter?
You can't count past one.
Come on.
Wait! Wait!
Wait a minute!
Come on.
Try the ladder, moron!
Come on, you runt!
Not there!
Those are some very serious
accusations you made.
I hope you have evidence.
We most certainly do, mayor.
Go on.
Come on, tell them about the disk.
I have this computer disk.
It's a series of reports from a
research group regarding the....
Go on, Charlie!
I'm sorry.
I don't feel well.
You'll have to excuse me.
It's all right.
They want you back inside.
Everything's gonna be all right.
Just give them the disk.
Tell them you made a mistake.
Come on, Tum.
This way, Tum.
Aren't you gonna introduce me
to your friends?
You.... You....
You kid!
Hey, that's not funny!
You little creep!
I can't see! I can't see!
No! Stop! Please!
Jo, where are you?
-Rocky, over here!
-There she is!
-Come on!
-Over here!
Come on!
Who are those kids?
Kids from hell, man.
Go check the window.
I think we're safe here.
Go get them!
Come on!
-Good job, Tum Tum.
-Come on, Tum!
Come on.
Oh, man. Who's nasty?
Take a bath.
Well, come on!
What are you waiting for?
-You think buses run out here?
-Come on!
Get in!
Don't worry.
I think I'm getting the hang of this.
-That tree came out of nowhere!
-About 100 years ago.
Garbage cans!
I saw that one. Really, I did.
Next time, try to see it
before you hit it.
Settle, please.
The girl got loose.
Don't let her get in here.
Go on!
You were saying
about some research reports.
What did these reports say?
It says there's chemicals
in the ground water.
What kinds?
Dioxin, TCP...
...asbestos and cyanide.
And you have the disk that
contains this information with you?
-May I see it?
Let's have it!
Well, may l?
Let's bring them a little surprise.
Is this a joke?
What's the problem?
There's nothing here
but old weather reports.
See? What did I tell you?
They're making all this stuff up!
Let me have the other disk.
You want to see
your little girl alive again?
Come on, Jo!
-Let me have it!
Are you all right?
Did you see that?
That lndian assaulted me!
We made a mistake.
This is the real disk.
I know what you're thinking: Why
don't I pick on somebody my own size?
Now you are my size!
So, what do you think?
Consider the landfill
shut down permanently.
I'll get you.
-This isn't over yet.
-Oh, I think it is.
It's very over.
Wait up, guys!
Where are the guys?
I don't know.
Where are the little heroes?
This feels good.
Is it over now?
I sure hope so.
Boy, will I have a story to tell
back at school!
I wonder if anyone will believe me.
Listen. You're helping others...
...so you can become heroes.
That's not helping them.
That's helping yourselves.
Hear the sound
of the flowers blooming.
It can teach you
how to walk the correct path.
I get it now.
The sound of the flowers.
You heard the flowers?
What? I don't hear anything.
That's the whole point.
I didn't hear them.
Come on, let's go.
What did they say?
Come on, guys!
How did it go?
So, Grandpa, what do the flowers say
when you water them?
The same thing they say
when they bloom. Which is...?
Nothing. They don't want to show off.
They just want to be pretty. Right?
Grandpa, now will you teach us to fly?
Are you kidding? People can't fly.
But ninjas can!
-Get set, go!
You gonna kiss her, Colt?
-Her! Jo!
-Yes, you are!
Colt's gonna kiss Jo!
Colt's gonna kiss Jo!
Come on, guys!
Okay, okay. Maybe I will.