3 ting (2017) Movie Script

Hi, Mikael.
- Where is Sundland?
- Lock him up.
Can anyone explain me,
why the hell are we at the hotel?
- Do you mind playing dumb?
- Where is Sundland?
- Sundland does not come.
- Why not?
He is having a weekend with his kids.
Perhaps he has worked enough.
I can not talk to you
without a lawyer.
"We have an appointment, Mikael.
- Have I written something?
Sit down.
Sit down!
You know, Matti's dead, right?
Do you know how he died?
Heroin. He took an overdose.
- You can only see.
- But strange, do not you think?
- How long have you known each other?
- Long.
And it does not surprise you,
that he suddenly takes heroin?
He could also have hung up,
fallen down the stairs -
- or ate something he did not
could withstand There may be so much.
- Then we are on the same page.
- I do not think so.
I think we agree,
that someone has probably killed Matti.
And then you thought it was safer here
than in unscrupulous or at police station?
There are only four people, yourself
including who know you are here.
- neither Sundland?
- Nor Sundland.
I am thirsty.
Do not think there is a coke
over in the minibar?
"I want to avoid misunderstandings.
- It will be difficult.
This is the agreement:
Tomorrow you will testify in the national court
in the case of Marko Rukova.
You tell me everything about your involvement
to the robbery in Gladsaxe -
- and everything you know
about the other people.
On the other hand, you get immunity.
You will be included
in the witness protection program.
You get a plastic surgery.
Your tattoos will be removed -
- and you will get a new residence in Sweden.
In Spain.
In Spain.
After 12 months,
that you have found a job.
If at any time you stay
involved in serious crime -
- Your immunity lapses. We are throwing
every paragraph in the book after you.
In 20 years, the shit is outdated.
This case involves killing, Mikael.
There is no limitation period.
You want to fuck her?
- Sorry what?
- Yes, you want to fuck her.
What the hell are you talking about?
"You are always looking at her ass.
"I'm not looking for a ski.
- Continually.
- I have enough to do.
- Nor does it matter to me.
It is embarrassing.
She does notice it.
Have you talked to her about it? The
gives a strange atmosphere in the room.
- What makes a weird mood?
- Ask Sander.
He just says ... nothing.
I'm just saying that I think it gives
a strange atmosphere in the room that ...
... that Sander will send me
on holiday to Spain -
- whenever he likes
will blow the bud of me.
The difference between you and Sander is,
that Sander can control his impulses.
Also, even if it provides
a little strange atmosphere in the room.
Do you understand the terms of the agreement?
- There are just three things.
- Three things?
It's not a deal, Mikael.
Negotiations are taking place with your lawyer.
- Then call Sundland.
- There is not time for that.
Is it you who will leave the country?
and never see your family again?
- I knew Martin.
"I have not killed Martin Lunderskov.
Then you would not
Get this offer.
I have to control some things, otherwise
then plug witness protection into the ass.
Three things.
I want a box,
as I shuffle with Shurgard.
You have to pick up Camilla Krohn here.
I will talk to her.
And finally I want ...
... a double serving of butter chicken
from Venus Pizza on Sndre Fasanvej.
Yes. You can get a cowboytoast
down from the grill.
- What's in that box?
- Less.
- Ten kilo plastic explosives?
- Mikael.
We do not get a woman we do not
know. It's too big a risk.
Okay. And that's your decision?
- Yes.
- Well.
- Do you drive me to the windless?
"I make your life very difficult.
I just do not understand ... Do not you want to
Want to know who hit the hero?
Do you know who killed Martin?
Do you know or do not you know?
- Otherwise, I could not tell it.
- You could lie. Seen before
- Use your brain.
- So do I.
No, think, Sander. You have to think.
How the hell should I do?
could lie to you now?
He is right. If we discover,
that he is lying, then the agreement smokes.
Then only his Serbian friends can
help him.
Was she previously punished?
You can check her in your systems.
We drive into PET and see,
whether to settle in the agreement.
- If you can cleare Pernille, so-called.
- She's called Camilla.
- What did Rukova have?
- Personal belongings.
- Why?
- Can I see them?
"Gu, can not you?"
- Why?
Now I know the man.
They could have overlooked something.
Do you know how to double
battery life on their phone?
- No.
- Do not constantly believe in it.
- You're skiing, what?
- Hmm.
Hey darling.
Why are you calling all the time?
Yes. It is,
because I'm not in the yard.
No, I can not tell you.
I just can not.
I have to run now. Are you
nice to stop ringing again?
Then there are guests.
- It's been a long time lately.
- Mind your own business.
- April 7, 2009.
- So that's what ... seven years ago?
I want to go home.
Michael, what am I doing here?
Can you remember when we were in Spain?
- What did he do?
- He has helped to rob 60 million.
They killed a colleague.
He is robbing his companions.
I just wanted to see you again.
I travel abroad
and can not come back.
Would you like to drive home?
- Should you take the bus?
- You're not coming home. Not now.
- Would not you say that?
- too risky
There is already one who is dead,
because he said yes to testify.
- Do you know how big a asshole you are?
- I just wanted to say goodbye.
I'm done with
to be a hostage in your life.
Fuck! I should have been
for meeting with my supervisor.
It will be another day.
- You have grown bigger.
"I have been training a little.
There is not much else to do,
when sitting in the damper.
- How are you?
- What?
Yes ... what are you doing?
I have been married.
With Adam, there is a pilot in SAS,
so we travel quite a lot.
We have got two kids.
August and Amalie.
We have just bought houses in Taarbk -
- so I'm looking out
beyond the water and writing specialty.
You're so easy man.
I live in the apartment in Rdovre.
- Together with Kasper, my boyfriend.
- What does Kasper do?
- It is none of your business.
- Is he sweet to you?
He is not a criminal.
Mikael, you went down after dinner
seven years ago ...
There is never anyone who has taken the ass
on me, as you did.
It's fine and I'm over it,
and then I'll meet you again -
- and before I get down,
then you've taken my ass again.
If you could change something now to me,
what should it be?
- What do you mean?
- What should I do?
Maybe if you had a bigger cock.
A big gust porno movie. Then it would
hurt when you robbed one -
- instead of that pain
will sneak afterwards.
I miss you.
I need you.
I need your help.
What do you need help with?
I want to be a better person.
Totally undeserved I have had a chance
to. I do not want to fuck it up.
Why do you want to be a better person?
You do not get medals, right?
I'm tired of hurting them,
I care.
Then the soap opera stops.
Can not you see what he's trying on?
- What?
- He's only out on one thing.
Reach! What is he wearing?
There is one bedroom.
Get it over with.
How interested is he in?
to become a better person afterwards?
Yes Yes. Yes Yes.
It's a joke, it's there.
You may drop it.
Try to hear. She wants to talk to me
alone. Do you understand?
If I bail now, I have both you
and the Serbian mafia in the ass, right?
I'll survive until tomorrow
at ten o'clock when we are in court.
No piss.
Do not do that.
- Do you get a new look too?
- Hmm. The buttocks they smoke.
- All?
- Is not it very delicious?
- I'll be completely clean, you know.
"It's going to hurt you.
Who would you like to look like?
Robert Redford?
- They can not make as many wrinkles.
- When he was young, spade.
His eyes are more blue.
Where are you going to live?
Do you remember,
where we met in spain
Casa del Mar?
- Do you live there?
- Yes.
So not right there, but in that area.
- Why would you like to live there?
- Good memories.
And you think so,
has something to do with the place.
What are you going to do?
Do not think they can use a bomber
with all their tunnels?
Those money from the robbery, right?
They have never found them, right?
And then I'll find myself a wife
and have some kids.
Stop it!
You have to say you never want children.
It was something that came,
when my dad checked out.
When he got cancer, I thought,
that little justice is good enough -
- but when he died then ...
So suddenly it turned out to me,
that without kids it does not make sense.
I did not think about it. It was only
Such: Bang! You need some children.
And then you went out and robbed 60 million.
You have not changed what?
There is just no mercy.
You lied to me.
I wrote to you for a year.
You did not answer.
I did not know what to write.
I had promised you so much,
I could not hold.
It's really hard to change,
There is something about the word,
It's a bit annoying.
Do you think?
- What is the opposite of difficult?
- I do not know.
Come on. What is the opposite of difficult?
It sounds a little boring, right?
- What about you?
- What's up with me?
Is not there anything,
you want to change?
- What would it be?
- Are you happy?
Camilla ...
Is it easy with Kasper?
out in Rdovre?
Is that all? Is that all you ...?
You are so fucking unfair, you are?
Fuck you
What did I do wrong? What?
What have I stolen?
Who did I kill?
What are you looking for?
Fuck you, your big fucking asshole!
I have not killed anybody.
I have not killed anybody.
Pardon. Pardon.
We're not gonna bang, okay?
- What should the tattoos imagine?
Explosives. Molecules.
TNT, C4, nitroglycerin, pis and shit.
- Keep it shut!
- Nice, not?
Yes, what?
Did not I say you should not call?
Why are you calling all the time?
You have to
to stop calling now. Yes.
What the hell are you doing?
- What did I say?
- I do not know.
- I do not want you to
- That we what?
- That we what?
- Shut up!
You just hold your jaw.
Are you taking?
To Spain?
It's going too fast. I know.
- Where is he?
- He's in there?
Mikael, come on here.
Hello. Camilla.
Are you nice to wait in there,
while I'm talking to you ... with Mikael?
I have to be questioned.
It will take some time.
Do not touch me.
Sweet girl
Are you going to sit and believe in me?
That's the deal,
Your lawyer has approved.
PET's lawyers have just added
your new requirements.
They are on page 47. There is a tab.
You do not have to read it all.
"I get such a urge to shoot.
- Enter now.
Is it over?
Still going to the bathroom?
Normally, the police should
take your explanation.
But you do not trust him there.
But there is not time for that.
I ask you now the questions,
I will ask you tomorrow in court.
How did you get involved
in the coup against the value center?
I was contacted by Matti.
It is ... now deceased Matti Dupont?
Where do you know Matti from?
We were constables together,
until he smoked out of the military.
Why was he released?
They thought he had given Bandidos
a drawing over the barracks.
They could not prove it.
But he had told Bandidos,
where they could find the army's weapons?
Tomorrow I'll ask you
to answer clearly yes or no.
- Matti did not.
- How do you know that?
It was me.
It was rude to be artificial.
That's why I moved over to the engineers.
I had made pipe bombs,
since i was 12 -
- so it worked naturally
to bring explosives to do.
I can not influence my witness, so that,
I say now, is just a good advice.
Nina ...
Tomorrow in court you should not tell
about unauthorized things you have made.
You can use the court as a writing chair -
- but you do not help either you or me
case by telling robbery stories.
You may appear
unworthy and manipulative.
- I've got it. What about now?
- Now you're telling everything.
- Everything?
- Yes. Everything.
What did Matti suggest you in spring 2011?
Matti is not the type that suggests anything.
Or he was not the type.
He said that a guy would
talk to me about something big.
I thought what the hell -
- so we went to the parking garage
under a high rise in Ishj.
It was very mysterious.
We were entering a cave room -
- with a lot of boilers
and a tool board, and in this -
- stood there a man with a balaclava.
- A balaclava?
- An elephant hat. I only saw my eyes.
He tells me everything possible,
who I am. What I have made.
It's fucking spooky.
Imagine a masked man,
There is more about you than your own mother.
There are a couple of things,
You have not been shared with your mother.
Some Serbs must settle the Central Station,
and they need one with my skills.
- What language does he speak?
- Danish.
- With what accent?
- He was probably from Jutland.
- Well. We'll stop here.
- Sander?
There are only two Danes involved:
you and Matti
How does his job work?
be so weakly gifted?
Close the ass, man.
Sit down and I'll explain to you,
how stupid you are.
Sit down, Sander.
- Sit down, Sander.
- Sit down, Sander.
How long have you worked?
in this case? In two years?
Give me the pictures.
Matti can steal cars
and welding party sweat.
Mikael can blow things up in the air.
Rukova can lead,
benefits and wash money.
Dragi Johnny can always alarm.
Alexi can fly helicopter.
Miljan and Drobo are mercenaries
with a past in JSO.
They do what is being said.
They can neck people.
What is missing?
It's incredible you can not see it.
How do they know what to do?
- Rukova tells them.
- How does he know what to say?
How does Rukova know what?
an alarm system the value center uses?
How does he know where the box is,
and what kind of box it is?
How do you know a man,
who is in Belgrade, at all -
- there are 60 million
in a value center in Gladsaxe?
- Who is it?
- I'm coming to that.
We have questioned all employees.
They are not involved.
Who would also be fooling you?
- Relax.
What the hell are you doing here man?
Why play basketball,
when you are one and a half feet tall?
Now you look at her again.
It is not constructive.
Do you need to talk to him?
Should I both solve the matter and take into account
that he does not control his deficit?
We switch. You are watching Pernille
and sends Carsten here.
Yes. Come with you, Sander.
Her name is Camilla.
Come with you.
What are you looking at?
You're just here
to confirm the testimony's testimony.
You may want to take a note if you think
something must be double checked.
Who is he then ... Balaclava man?
I do not know,
but he has my number.
Have your number?
He asks if I will help
his friends with a value center against 5%.
- It's three million.
- Six He thought there were 120.
- I said he could jump in the harbor.
- Why?
What would you have done? It says
a stutter that resembles an autonomous -
- and ask if you want to risk 14 years
together with him and some serbs.
So you just went?
Mikael, you were involved in the robbery.
The next requires a little history.
After New Year, I and my friend Musa become
stopped in his van.
There is a 24-hour box in the back of the car.
Musa knows a scrap dealer who had
bought a day box from demolition.
Musa's idea is to set it up
in front of a real 24-hour box.
Arrange it with plywood, saw it
Looks like there is a rebuilding -
- and come back Saturday night
and retrieve the content.
Musa will have, I build the assortment,
but I have not done anything.
As the cheese finds the box, I say,
I have nothing to do with it.
But then they find Musa's drawings
in my pocket and ...
I've been thrown out, so now I'll
in front of a judge and have a year ...
Mikael, what's this?
with Gladsaxe to do?
Two days after, a letter dumps into it
from the West Bank Police.
- They have dropped the case against me and Musa.
- For what reasons?
While I'm sitting with the letter,
calling the phone. Unknown number.
I recognize the voice immediately.
He asks if I still do not
want to meet his friends.
What are you saying?
at this time?
I estimate that either is this one
stand for insanity connected -
- or it's the wildest karma.
I am interested.
Are you superstitious?
Everyone who plays against the odds,
is superstitious.
Perhaps they are just madness.
But you say yes?
Sander Fast.
She is in the middle of a question. Yes.
I make sure that. It is received.
I'm going to a kiosk in Herlev
and say that my name is Peter.
The police chief has just called.
He tries to get in touch with you.
I know.
- Would not you call back?
- Sander!
I am calling,
when I have something to tell him.
- I know what I'm doing.
- You're really pushing it now, Nina.
Did you get Rukova's belongings?
- Yes, I actually did.
- Is not there any phone?
- No.
- What are you looking for?
- A Danish telephone number.
They would have found that.
You go out to a kiosk in Herlev.
There I will get a flight ticket
to Warsaw and a fake passport.
- Because you've been tested.
- Exactly.
Michael stays home,
while Peter Srensen goes to Warsaw.
Here I get from a kuli like that
driving me to some downstream industry.
- Is that where you were?
- It was not burned at that time.
There were some caravans,
and here I meet Rukova.
The man is legendary.
He is completely straight and says -
- if I say no, they have to wait
half a year. The machine is only running.
Why you?
There are other explosive experts.
Cloudy. When the engineers were going to
exterminate an IED in Afghanistan -
- did they end up killing a baby,
There was a car half a mile away.
Those kind of explosive experts
is there a part of it.
But here there are four men
on the bottom of an elevator shaft -
- and to blow a three ton heavy
steel door out of a half-meter concrete.
Os in the shake must survive,
The contents of the box must survive.
You have 90 seconds,
and it will work for the first time.
Would not you ask one,
Who had tried it before?
Now there's something again,
you have not told me mikael
Glostrup 2007,
Jnkping 2009, Roskilde 2010.
- You were in 2009.
- But I was at my father's funeral.
- Was not you accompanied?
- You should pay your people better.
Who followed you then?
Back to Poland.
We give hand to it.
It helps us get 7%.
"We are starting to train.
- Train?
Inside the factory hall they have built
the interior of the value center.
Say again
From we land on the roof,
smashing the ladder down through the glass roof -
- crawls down on the floor,
runs through two storey offices -
- rappel down through the elevator shaft.
They have built the whole shit.
We had extras so we could practice ourselves
to pacify the employees.
Do you still believe it is
a couple of junkies who have been lucky?
- No, no addicts maybe ...
- No.
That's the one there arrogance there man.
Is it so hard to believe that people who
do not think like you can have brains?
You are then a brilliant example of that.
It sounds like you've been with Navy
SEALs out and pick up Osama bin Laden.
You have a worldview ...
You see yourself as a detached house
among a lot of small detached houses.
If we all comply with the rules,
then we can make small families.
Realize our potential.
Something like that, right?
Now it's not me,
We are here to talk about.
For those men
is the world a huge desert -
- full of death and drought and humiliation.
And in this desert
there is a huge insurmountable wall.
And behind that wall is there,
they have always dreamed about.
Inside the wall, there is all the money.
It's about hitting the wall
where it is allertyndest -
- and then pour out so much money
as at all possible.
Is that how you see the world, Michael?
I do not know why I
trying to explain this to you.
Rukova has collected a team
of the best ... or the worst.
He trains with them for a week until we
can each millimeter of the value center.
We train what happens if the rope
breaks or one of us gets injured.
We are inside and out of the center
in 8 minutes and 37 seconds.
- How is Rukova?
- You've even questioned him.
He does not say a word.
He just sits and looks.
- What is his method?
- His method?
- Not, Sander, the pants are open.
What the hell are you talking about?
It looked like this from here.
- We came from Rukova's mode.
- Yes.
Nina, where is your phone?
Put the phone. Put the phone!
Put the phone! Slide it over.
Has he sent a message? Are you sure?
No text messages. No call.
The browser has not been open.
I'm trying to explain her something.
- You're a thief? We know that.
- She asked about Rukovas mode.
Fire bomb, three cars at one end of
the city while we knock the bank in the other.
Inform the customs officer that it is coming
two junkies with hash past one track -
- while we drive a truck with weapons
past the other.
Derivation, that's his method.
A stunt more of that kind,
then I'll stop this ... do you understand?
- Who is financing such an setup?
- Rain it.
10% finder's fee to the balaclava man,
7% to me, 5% to the others -
- 15-20% to Rukova, that's what ...?
40% of 60 million for caravans,
scenery, catering for a week.
Rukova may finance it yourself,
but I would not worry about it.
What would you care about?
For Miljan and Drobo and they here
JSO boys are Rukova a god.
You can not imagine what they have
done. We speak men, women, children.
Their only soft spot is Rukova.
He has trained them. He has saved
their ass from war crimes tribunals.
He has given them a life,
they had never dreamed about.
There is nothing,
they will not do to save him.
What should they do?
Come and shoot the referee?
It is Denmark, this.
Yes, right there
where the wall is allertyndest.
So what?
So what?!
You wrote to him every week for a year.
We do not hate you here without
to call the prosecution first.
I'm sorry,
what you think about him
- What do you think I like him?
- You are envious of him.
- Now?
- Yes. He's faster than you, right?
And more delicious.
- Then he has a future.
- And I have not?
Yes, yes, it's only
completely without surprises.
Career ladder, pension scheme ...
Have you purchased funeral insurance,
so you're not burdened?
- I just have the words in it.
- Why does your wife call all the time?
Does he look good with the tattoos?
Do you know how they look,
when he turns 70?
Now they are removed, right?
Where must it be provocative when
You have always tried to be proper.
Then there is such a stutter
and overtake inside.
He does not overdo anyone.
- Does not he?
I could never get away from it all.
I would miss my family and friends.
There is no problem for Michael,
because he has no friends.
He does not even have a dog.
- Because they will feel strange.
Because he is not to trust.
People just want to work with him,
because he is skilled.
See him now. He sits in there
and sell them all out.
- By resistance he goes over to the enemy.
- You want him to testify.
It's not always in the fish
best interest to bite at the pub
Ham the policeman who was killed,
did you know him?
Yes. Yes, I knew Martin well.
But what?
- How was he?
- Why do you ask?
You did not like him, could you?
He ran the marathon.
He would like to have children.
His wife lost them all the time.
And then he was unbearably arrogant.
If he had had a kid,
He might have become more humble.
They killed him.
Mikael has not killed him.
- He has not.
- You do not know about it.
I may not have an IQ of 180,
but I know people -
- and Michael is there for Michael alone.
If he needs you, then tell
He tells you what you want to hear.
Otherwise, he is skidding on you.
If I one day woke up
and was like him -
- I would go out and hang myself.
Hello. Yes he is.
What? No no. I'm coming down.
- Where's the guard you knocked down?
- He is outside the picture.
- Up on the roof, what's up?
- Rukova shouts something to Miljan.
I see that Dragi is on the roof
and crawl against us with his bag.
He has fallen and has broken his leg,
but got up on the roof.
Rukova is just sitting and checking the clock.
I know the plan.
We need to ease the second.
And Dragi has a glance in the face.
He can not do anymore.
I just think:
Fuck, man, now they call him badly.
The JSO boys jump out and lift him up
and throws him and the bag into the cabin.
And then we make it easier.
And then we sit up there.
It's completely quiet.
It sounds like hell,
but no one tries to say anything.
You just have such a ...
... a sense of happiness.
It is absolutely amazing.
- What's in the box?
- It's private.
- Again: What's in the box?
- It's private, I say.
It has been illuminated.
It looks like papers and old bras.
- Are there any notes to your autobiography?
- A tax card maybe?
- You're skiing.
- Say what's in that box.
- Personal memories I want to bring.
- Perverse pictures of your mistresses.
Stay in there. It is for your own sake.
Do you want to hear what I have to say,
or are you more interested in the box?
- You're in the helicopter.
- Yes.
We land in a place in Vestskoven.
Matti has made three Audier as agreed.
We're out in 30 seconds. It facilitates.
Milan helps Dragi. We are loading the cars.
- Sander ...
- I want to hear this.
As we pack the cars, there comes
a white Mondeo with switched lights.
I'm getting a shock. The JSOs are ready
with the AKs, but Rukova ...
He puts his hand
on my shoulder like this: funny.
And then the balaclava man rises
out of the car.
He starts talking with Rukova.
I can hear what they say.
The Balaclava man wants his cut now.
Rukova says no.
We do not know how much there is.
But he insists. Finally gives
Rukova and walks towards the cars -
- while he makes signs of Miljan and Drobo.
What kind of character?
- Like this.
The Balaclava man follows ...
then he falls.
- Who?
- Balaclava man.
Martin was found out at the West Indies.
Guess who's hiding under the hood.
Are you sitting and telling me,
that Martin Lunderskov hired you?
- Do you have any evidence?
- That's proof, your table.
Has it never wondered you -
what the hell he made alone
at ten in the evening out in the woods?
Martin ran out into that forest
four times a week.
I know you and Martin ...
I know.
- What?
- Keep the head cold. There is more.
Martin was Interpol's contact person
around the case of the war criminals.
He was in the Balkans the following year.
- What do you think you know about me and Martin?
Everybody knows, Nina. Nobody talks about it.
They are afraid to make you incompetent.
To hell, so!
Martin kissed me once
to the hopeless staff party.
It was by God not anybody
particularly interesting experience.
There was nothing between me and Martin.
- But...
- Martin ...
Martin was an arrogant fool,
There should never have been in the police.
What is it then?
Do you understand what this means?
Yes. There is a very good chance that,
that Rukova has a lifetime.
And we trap a corrupt servant,
as the management has set up a pedestal.
Os two, Sander.
Nobody can come near us,
when this is over.
We can go on the water,
when this case is completed.
Where is he?
I went to school with a girl,
that's called Pernille.
My name is camilla.
She turned on bad boys like you.
Now she lives in Mlv.
Three kids, an invalidity pension -
- A man who passes when he
is full enough to bother to bitch her.
Well, we have come to?
Where did we come to?
How two women
standing and talking about a man.
It's not me you're interested
i. Why the hell would you be?
You know what? I'm really tired of people,
trying to play me
What the hell are you doing?
She has nothing to do with this.
When did you meet Martin
in the underground car park?
The day after my birthday. December 8th.
- What time?
- In the evening. By 20 o'clock.
Find out if his phone was close
the p-basement on 8/12 between 19 and 22.
- Can we, Carsten?
- Probably.
I'm driving home
and wakes up the Chief of Police.
Carsten, you are investigating the mobile.
We meet here afterwards.
Shit, where would I wish,
I did not stop smoking.
Are you taking?
Who are you, Mikael?
Who are you now?
Who are you with new look
and new identity in a foreign country?
It is impossible to answer. I say,
I'm the same good old Michael -
- Do not you want to do with me?
If I'm another, I'm superficial.
- We have the problem.
- You ask impossible questions.
No! You are more interested in mine
reaction than in what I ask you.
- Okay what?
- You're right. Again.
I do not know who I am,
when I'm down in Spain.
But I'm done being a criminal.
The pressure is not worth it.
It's still Mikael
towards the rest of the world.
I'm done being a criminal.
I can not make it anymore.
I can only do it if you are there.
Because you mean something to me.
You're not there because I'm smart ass,
or because I have money.
- If you're there ...
- What's the money?
- What is it?
- It's Rukovas.
It's a ruble.
It's a little easy in it, is not it?
What is it?
It's the sour old Serbers bit coins.
We do not have to work the next
300-400 years. Unless you feel like it.
Try to hear ...
I'm the same guy you met
Spain, and I still need you.
I could feel it,
just as soon as you opened your mouth.
- What did I say?
- You said you were in pain.
No, you said: April 7, 2009.
Come on. I'll just show you something.
It is my birthday.
- That's my birthday present?
- Yes.
It's my national team shirt.
A bit big.
You look hot.
Reach! You have anyway
saved a picture of the old one.
- Is it...?
- All.
Have you got them in here,
just because I could see them?
- No.
- So what?
If you did not say yes
to go to Spain -
- Then I had something, did not?
It does not matter.
You should deliver it
down at the reception.
- It's takeaway.
- Yes. Okay.
Pakora, Mango Chutney,
basmatiris and ...
... butter chicken.
From Venus Pizza?
Better late than never.
- eat
- Sander, come and have some food.
- No.
- He thinks we'll kill him.
You never forgive yourself, if not
You try this butter chicken.
You took my ass, Sander.
Imagine admitting that there were
something about Martin Lunderskov.
I got the idea already last year -
- when I discovered
He had been in the Balkans.
It's hard to be allowed to investigate
something with that hero funeral.
Forget it. I eat your breathless food,
but it does not make us two to buddies.
You're good enough, Sander.
- The jacket there ...
- I got it by Rukova.
Become anything from the Serbian
special forces not destroyed?
- It's a JSO jacket, right?
- Do you want it?
You just gave it to me.
It's way too big for you.
Do you want it?
It's worth money, right?
Like all that old nazilort.
- I can not accept anything.
- Please just shut up. Just try it on.
Look now there. Shut up
It suits you.
Imagine Rukova's face,
if you have it on trial tomorrow.
It's like standing in front of Hells Angels'
president and piss on their back mark.
Yes Yes.
It's good, is not it?
What happens to your wife, Sander?
She has not called for hours.
She has probably found another one.
Katrine ...
She has such a thing ...
Borderline, it's called.
Sometimes she is completely impossible.
That's why she's calling all the time.
You do not know how many times people
have said i should leave her
But i can not.
Are you taking him to Spain?
I thought you had a boyfriend.
What is his name now?
He gets really sad.
Are you taking?
Please just shut up!
It must be Nina.
Do you take it, Sander?
Can you witness tomorrow?
Are you still willing
to test tomorrow?
As if I have no choice.
Wait in there.
Rukova has a lifetime for this.
He never comes out again.
Nobody can pay his mercenaries.
It all goes into dissolution.
There is no threat to us anymore.
When did you know,
we would be attacked?
Do not lie.
You knew they would come.
When Sander's wife stopped calling,
I knew they had found us.
And then you filled up
the poor policeman -
- with butter chicken and pork and garlic.
You lured him to take your jacket on,
even if it would kill him.
- That's fun.
"You always knew that.
When they saw him in your jacket there was
a greater chance that they shot him.
It was for your sake.
I just saved your life.
That's not free.
Camilla, try to hear.
Tomorrow I testify and then we'll take
to Spain and forget all this shit.
Is it here?
Come here.
I'm not going to join.
I did it for you and me.
It was all for your sake, Camilla.