3022 (2019) Movie Script

Where are you going?
The kitchen to
get something to eat.
You want something?
Oh, Jesus.
John, you scared...
You're asleep.
Go back to bed.
John, let go.
Let go. John!
John, wake up. Wake up.
John... Oh, John.
John. John!
Wake up!
"Feeling suddenly scared
for no reason?"
Yes. "Experiencing
night terrors,
difficulty sleeping."
That's a yes.
"Spells of terror or panic,
hopelessness about the future." Yes.
- "Thoughts of ending your life."
- Are you finished?
I mean, I don't know what
you want me to do here.
- They're dreams, Richard.
- They're night terrors, John.
And this one turned violent.
Now, I'm very sorry,
but I've given you
more than enough time,
and we cannot fix this.
I am fine.
The crew is fine.
Come on. Half the crew's
sleeping 15 hours a day,
and the other half
can't sleep at all.
We have problems
of aggression,
of depression, of isolation.
Ten years.
That's the mission.
Yes, ten years.
And we're five years in.
And you think this gets
any easier?
What's going to happen
when your night terrors
start manifesting themselves
as hallucinations?
Or I start decorating
the walls with my own feces?
- This isn't a joke.
- I'm not happy about this either.
You're a great captain.
This is a great crew.
But I'm afraid we're just no
longer fit to continue our mission.
I'm sorry, John.
I'm gonna have to recommend...
removal from Pangea.
Pangea, call Jenny Miller.
Unable to locate.
Let's try this.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
These things'll kill ya.
Okay. Richard, get us started?
support, stable, 92%. Told.
Nothing to report.
Home isn't returning
our calls.
- How long?
- Ten hours.
COMM's good.
It's on their end.
Most sophisticated technology
in the world,
and ya can't make
a long-distance phone call.
I'll try again next pass.
All told.
Thank you.
Is there anything else?
Want you to read these
Anything, uh, rings untrue,
let me know.
"No longer mentally fit"?
- We're not crazy.
- Oh.
- No.
- No, Lisa's not crazy.
No, but I want to stay.
this isn't about what you want.
This is about
what we're capable of.
- We're not capable anymore.
- I am.
Okay, well, after I make
my recommendation,
Home will conduct
their own evaluation,
and their thing
is based on everybody.
One person fails
and we will go home.
Oh, what happens if we stay?
If, you know,
we don't say anything?
- Maybe nothing.
- Or?
Or we slowly continue
to drift apart.
We become increasingly
isolated from one another.
And it snowballs until
one day a search party
is sent out to find us,
and what do they find?
Who knows?
But it won't be us.
Not as we are today.
Richard, we just lost
our careers!
Wait, why would
I lose my career?
No one is losing anything.
They're going to recommend
that we be removed
from Pangea
due to mental instability,
forcing Home to send
replacement crews
five years ahead of schedule.
We will never set foot
in a station again!
Jackie, stop!
- Talk to me.
- Heating ventilation restored.
I sacrificed everything
to be a part of this.
I left my daughter.
And because of you,
it was for nothing.
So I will finish my duties
until I'm relieved,
but until then, I don't wanna talk to
you, I don't wanna look at you.
- Jackie.
- Do you understand me?
It was so nice
when we got here.
We were happy.
Richard was showering.
We did great things.
I know it's not
your fault we lost our shit.
But we all saw it coming.
Couldn't you have
done something?
What the fuck was that?
- Did we blow a power cell?
- Negative, it wasn't us.
Can anyone confirm source?
Warning! Warning!
Everyone to stations!
- Cell two's crashing.
- Recalibrating.
One and three are stable.
Power fuel backup, stable!
One and three are off.
Negative results on source.
There's something wrong
with the scan.
- Engaging manual.
- Warning.
- Two's on its way out.
- Total failure.
We need Life Support
on backup before it crashes.
Richard, Life Support!
Richard's not responding.
Lisa, go!
John, what's happening?
Whatever it is,
it's not coming from Pangea.
Opening bay doors for visual.
I've reached Support.
Richard's not here.
Putting us on backup.
Do we have cause?
John, can you hear me?
Richard, Jackie.
Why isn't
the intercom working?
Jackie, why isn't
anyone responding?
How long was I out?
Um... I don't know.
Did you move us
to backup power?
Yeah, but we lost Cell Two.
What the hell hit us?
- Did you find a source?
- Not yet.
And, um...
I found her in Life Support.
She must have been thrown
from the blast.
- I'm doing what I can, but...
- Where's my medical officer?
Why aren't you in Medical?
He's been like this.
He won't talk, he won't move.
You abandoned your post.
What happened?
I don't have time for this.
I want you in Medical now.
Don't make me repeat myself.
Richard, your captain's
given you an order.
I don't know.
I found him that way.
And you can't blame him
for what happened to Lisa.
- We were all thrown around.
- He abandoned his station.
She shouldn't have been
in there in the first place.
The system's rebooting
and COMM's down.
We're gonna have to wait
for Home to confirm.
We haven't been
in contact with anyone?
Well, what about the light?
Did you see it?
It was a wave.
You're saying you think
a light did this?
I'm saying I saw a light.
I want Lisa in CT as soon
as we're back online.
If you can't get Richard to do his
job, I want him cabined.
You can't cabin him if there's
something wrong with him, John.
I forgot to ask.
Were you hurt?
I'm fine.
Do as your captain says.
Richard, what are you doing?
Richard, look at me.
This is Captain John
Laine of Pangea. Please respond.
This is John Laine of Pangea.
Move to an open frequency.
- What's that mean?
- I don't know.
I'm gonna try patching
through to Europa.
All right, give me a visual.
- Now, Jackie.
- I'm try...
It's non-responsive.
Richard, is that you?
Richard, please respond.
Go get him.
Is he talking?
What's wrong?
Earth located.
Unable to reach Home.
Scan complete.
Unable to locate.
Scan interrupted.
Unknown object located.
Comet located.
Captain John Laine
from Pangea calling Home.
Please respond.
I have Captain John Laine calling
from Pangea, calling Home.
Please respond.
Captain John Laine
from Pangea calling Home.
Please respond.
Captain John Laine
from Pangea calling Home.
Please respond.
Why haven't
we received anything?
Satellite's down, COMM
malfunctioned, we're on backup.
- I don't know.
- Did you do a scan?
Every scan, every reading,
every update,
62 hours of radio silence.
- Think it was an asteroid?
- We would have tracked it.
- Nuclear?
- Come on.
- Did you send a distress?
- I can't. COMM's down.
I have to wait
until I'm back online.
- What do you wanna do about him?
- I want him cabined.
You need me, John.
- Jackie, please explain it to him.
- You knew, Richard.
- It was a mistake, John.
- And you told no one.
What do you want from me?
I was in shock.
You're an astronaut
of Pangea.
- You're not allowed to be in shock.
- Ha.
Take him to Medical.
Put Lisa in CT.
Get us back online,
then I want him cabined.
What's wrong with Lisa?
Full power restored.
Recalibrating the systems.
We're back online.
Even if they sent a distress
signal the moment it happened,
we'd have received it by now,
which means,
whatever did happen,
they never even saw it coming.
Are we back online or not?
I lost Cell Two,
so I can either run
a diagnostic
or try reaching Earth,
but I can't do both.
Well, contact Earth,
if someone's listening.
If somebody's listening.
Yes, until we confirm
what happened.
Visual not enough
for you, is it?
You know something we don't?
What about damage
we took during the event?
- Jackie.
- Yeah.
I, uh, narrowed it down
to the Docking Bay.
I just haven't determined
what exactly has
been damaged yet.
Go find out what it is.
- How long until we know about Lisa?
- I don't know.
You having a stroke,
or have you got
something else to ask?
During the event,
you abandoned Life Support.
You were watching Earth?
What did you see?
Lisa's awake.
We'll talk about
what happened later.
How do you feel?
About as good as you look.
We were worried, you know.
Hey, Doc.
How's my head?
Oh, you're gonna be fine.
You're tough as nails,
young lady.
Because I feel like shit.
- Well, we might have to amputate.
- Seriously?
You're fine.
Rich is gonna fix you up, okay?
Breathe in.
And out.
She's gonna be fine.
If I could just operate
and relieve the
pressure on her brain.
Well, then operate.
What's the problem?
If she doesn't make it
through surgery,
I think we should tell
her what happened.
- Absolutely not.
- Her parents were down there.
What would be the point,
It's not your decision,
is it?
And it's not his either.
Would you back
me up on this, please?
She should know.
Just gonna take
a little reading here.
These things
will kill ya.
I'm going to induce a coma,
which is gonna allow me
to relieve the pressure
around your brain.
And Home?
They're coming for us?
They are... They're
on their way as we speak.
Let's get this over with.
- What?
- Lie down.
What the fuck are you
looking at?
- You're hemorrhaging.
- I'm what?
- You're hemorrhaging.
- Oh, my God, Richard.
Okay, I'm going to induce
the coma right now.
- What's happening, Richard?
- Hold her down.
Richard, get her a sedative.
I'm moving as fast as I can.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, God.
- For fuck's sake! Richard!
- Give it time.
- It's not working.
- Give it time!
- Lisa.
- Richard!
- Lisa!
- Lisa.
Lisa, stay with us.
Oh, God. Oh, my...
Where are you?
Captain John Laine of Pangea.
Please respond.
Two cells run in conjunction
with one another
while the third one charges.
Then they cycle
and charge another.
With Cell Two down,
Life Support and Power
are going to run out
very soon.
Well, we can't replace it,
so what do we do?
I mean, we could divert
all Life Support and Power
to Station One
and abandon Station Two
I mean, that might reduce
the stress
on the remaining cells
enough to run Pangea. Maybe.
Which doesn't really matter
anymore, does it?
- What's that supposed to mean?
- Earth is gone.
No, no, Richard, we don't know
what's down there.
You really can't be
this fucking stupid.
There could be survivors!
Pangea, would you please
locate Jenny Miller.
- Accessing.
- Pangea, stop!
What the fuck, Richard?
We've been trying
to communicate
with them down there
for the past week,
and nobody's fucking
answering us.
So wake the fuck up!
We're all that's left now,
and that's what we should be
talking about right here.
- I wanna take the escape pod.
- No.
Priority is maintaining
Life Support.
The priority are survivors,
if there are any!
It's a three-month trip
to Earth.
- We can make the trip, Richard.
- But we can't make it back.
What are we going to eat?
What are we going to drink?
What are we going to breathe?
We don't have enough fuel
to get back,
so are we just gonna float
around until we suffocate?
Fuck's sake, man!
if I thought we could
get you to her, I would.
He's right.
The pod.
Could it reach Europa?
I just told you that
it doesn't matter.
We have to try, Richard.
We have to try.
departure in 60 seconds.
Jackie! What are you doing?
Don't do this!
Full integrity restored.
Systems nominal.
It was almost
just the two of us.
You'd have loved that,
wouldn't you?
there will be only one.
And what are you gonna do,
when you're the last man
left alive?
I... I, uh...
I think you're very grounded.
No, you haven't aged
a day in five years.
I think it's wonderful.
I don't know.
That's really funny.
Who are you talking to?
Hello, John. How are you?
Do you know what they put
in these things?
Lotus root from Uranus.
I don't believe I can eat
much more of this.
- Where's Jackie?
- I don't know.
Funny though, isn't it?
How the two of you have
slowly drifted apart
at a time like this...
when you most need
each other?
Isn't that funny?
Don't go, John.
How tall are you?
You aced it.
Good girl.
How could we leave them?
Why was this place
so much more important?
I miss you, too.
Did you need something?
You said abandoning Station Two
would save Pangea.
Pangea uses our O2
to course correct,
to keep us in orbit.
But when we lost a power cell,
Pangea was no longer able
to replenish the oxygen
as quickly as we needed it.
- We're suffocating.
- Yes.
So if we want breathable air
in Station One,
we need to separate
from Station Two.
We need to blow the bridge.
- It will destroy this place.
- No, we seal the bridge.
We do a controlled explosion,
just enough to blow
a hole in the hull.
And our gravitational rotation
should take care of the rest.
It'll knock us out of orbit,
but what else can we do?
Mm. I should mention.
It is possible that we all die...
...into emptiness.
Richard should have a say.
I'm sorry.
You guys put your trust
in me and I failed you.
I'm sorry I couldn't
let you leave.
It's over.
You don't have
to forgive me.
But if we're gonna do
what you're suggesting,
blow up the station
to try to save ourselves...
Jackie, I need you
to get better.
I don't know if John told you
that I came up with a plan
to separate Pangea,
which is pretty fucking clever.
You got any kings?
I mean, it could destroy
both stations,
so if you have any objections,
you should say so.
What is it exactly that the
two of you hope to accomplish?
Well, we need to separate
from Station Two...
To conserve energy,
I understand.
But why?
The sooner we secure Pangea,
the sooner we can focus
on getting back to Earth.
So you actually still believe
that by some miracle
your little girl survived
while billions of others
were wiped out.
Is that it?
Do you know what
the first stage of grief is?
It's shock.
Prevents us from being
by our emotions.
John is running around,
busying himself,
being a good, little captain.
He's gonna protect us all.
You have Jenny.
You're gonna go and find her.
But when the shock goes away,
and then the pain
rises up inside you,
that if you can somehow beat
the darkness
and hope rises again,
and this turning,
which we're not gonna get,
the turning, are we?
You see, we didn't
just lose some pet.
We woke up one morning,
and that happened.
So while you secure
our survival,
I want you to ask yourself,
is it a life really worth living?
The last of our kind
floating around
meaninglessly in space?
'Cause it doesn't get
any better.
It's only going to
get worse.
You're scared of
a little shaking hand.
What do you think happens
to our minds
when you realize there isn't
going to be a happy ending?
'Cause you realize that you're
never going to see a sunrise again.
Never dance
with your loved one again.
What will happen
when our minds go?
You got any twos?
You need to do something
about Richard.
Richard, whatever this is,
keep it to yourself.
You're a doctor.
Act like one.
How's your mind, John?
Are you seeing things yet?
I am.
I saw my wife this morning.
Just as clear as you're
standing there right now.
It'll pass.
I don't want it to pass.
Richard, if you're seeing
your wife,
you know better than anyone
something's wrong.
Do you know
what she said to me?
"Come home."
"Come home," John.
"Come home."
Pangea, locate Jackie.
Located. Docking Bay.
- I thought you left.
- Richard went outside.
Richard, can you hear me?
Richard, ROB's coming to
get you.
Richard, respond,
that's an order.
Leave it alone, John.
- What are you doing?
- I'll give you one guess.
No, no, you're gonna let Jackie
bring you back, you understand?
And why would I do that?
Because you're gonna die,
We were always
going to die, John.
Every single one of us.
And I know that's what
you were afraid of, John.
That's why you
won't let Jackie go
'cause you don't want
to be alone.
None of us wanted to be alone.
I'm gonna show you now there's
nothing to be afraid of.
We just go home, John.
We go home.
Oh, my God, it's so...
It's so...
It's so empty.
Richard, can you hear me?
John, do you copy?
- Caution, return to Pangea.
- John, do you copy?
Richard, I can hear you.
- Jackie.
- Richard.
- Grab onto ROB!
- We're losing him.
Can you hear me, Jackie?
John? John?
Richard, calm down.
You're moving out of range.
- Approaching point of no return.
- Oh, John. John.
Return to Pangea immediately.
- John!
- Richard, grab onto ROB.
- Danger, range exceeded.
- John!
- Danger! Range exceeded.
- Help me!
Richard? Richard.
- Unable to locate Dr. Valin.
- Richard?
Scan interrupted.
Unknown object located.
Object located.
I found you.
There's gotta be
a better way.
And Richard showed it to us.
Did you hear him?
I can't do that.
He's right, John.
It's time to let go.
We just fall asleep?
We won't feel a thing.
Oh, my God.
- What do we do?
- It's in a spin. There's nothing we can do.
What? There could
be survivors.
- No one's piloting the shuttle.
- Well, then we use it as an escape pod.
This is Pangea.
Who's approaching? Please respond.
This is Pangea.
Please respond.
What if someone is on board?
We don't know what state they're in.
I'm willing
to take that risk.
Get on COMM.
500 meters and closing.
You only have a few
moments to seal the hatch behind you
before you risk exposure.
Okay. Okay.
Opening emergency hatch.
Do you hear that?
To the Apollo shuttle,
we are at your
emergency hatch, respond.
All right, I'm going in.
There's someone here.
Oh, my God!
It looks like
two crewmembers.
but I think they're alive.
John, we're not alone.
Jackie. Secure Pangea.
How are they?
- Anything I can do?
- I don't know.
I'm not a doctor.
If only Richard
had waited.
Of course, we'll find you
something more permanent,
but for now,
the lounge is yours.
- Hi. John...
- John Raymond Laine,
captain of Pangea, 92477.
Our distress call.
You heard it.
- This is Diane.
- Nice to meet you.
Ah, yes, I'm sorry.
Captain Diane Ures.
- How are your men?
- Resting.
Captain Ures,
not to be rude, but I was...
You would like to hear
what happened to us.
We were two months
into preparation on ISS,
readying for our voyage
to Europa.
- Who were the crew?
- Two Americans and ourselves.
Two hours before it happened,
we lost contact
with Home and...
we were forced to make
another pass
before we could attempt
contact again.
Then, an hour
before the event,
- we received transmission.
- From who?
It was only static.
Then we saw it.
We were not as far as you,
so the initial waves damaged
ISS beyond salvage.
But that was three months ago.
How did you make it this far?
Luck. The Americans
had died from injuries
sustained in the blast.
I am not happy
that they died,
but we would not have
had they been there
to share resources.
- What else?
- That's it.
We exhausted supplies
and we set out for Pangea.
What would you have done
if we weren't here?
Our shuttle
would not have made it
to Europa without repairs,
but we would have tried.
But now we can fix the shuttle
and go, all of us.
Europa has not
had a crew in 18 months,
but she can be lived on.
Am I wrong?
Is Europa gone, too?
Not as far as we can tell.
Do you know what happened?
No. I was hoping
that you would.
Hello? Hello?
Is anyone there?
I've repaired
the shuttle.
I'm preparing to go
to Station Two.
If anyone can hear me,
please say something.
Can you hear me?
We were always
going to die, John,
every single one of us.
So let's go home, John.
I'm too close.
I'm too close.
Leave me alone.
I know it's not your fault,
but couldn't you
have done something?
Wake up.
We're all that's left.
It's time to let go, John.
Dr. Thomas Dahan
and Vincent Bernard,
this is Captain John Laine,
engineer Jackie Miller,
our saviors.
Please, sit.
- Hey.
- Hi.
When I awoke,
I was sure I was in heaven.
Well, even that is run
by Americans.
You still have solids.
- How?
- Excuse his excitement.
We have been on a strict diet
of supplements.
The Pangea crew serves
ten-year terms.
So in the event of a delay
with re-supply,
we need to remain fully
functional at all times.
Then you are
completely self-sufficient?
We sustained some damage,
You will be last in line
to the pearly gates.
Could we have a tour?
I always wished to marvel
at Pangea's engineering.
That would be nice.
But first, let's enjoy the meal
that our hosts
have prepared for us.
And thank you
for opening your doors.
While the Lounge
is crucial to our sanity,
Control keeps us alive.
So treat it as such.
What about Life Support,
Engineering Bay?
Pangea's much larger, no?
We're rerouting all resources
to Station One.
In a few days, we separate.
Very clever, Miss Miller.
How long can you survive
with only half a station?
Food, oxygen,
you have enough?
There's no reason
to hide your concern.
You're thinking what you
rightfully should be thinking.
Your calculations on how long
life support will last
are based on the premise
that it's just the two of you.
And now we are here,
so the question is now...
how long can we five survive?
- Long enough to fix your shuttle.
- What do you mean?
Well, if we continue
to live the way we are now,
it'd be very difficult
to maintain sustainability
for the time needed
to make these repairs,
but, if we go down
from three meals a day to one,
if we redirect the remaining
oxygen to areas of the ship
that are only necessary,
we can make it to Europa.
- You sure that'll work?
- If we ration, yeah.
That's amazing.
We must celebrate, huh?
Let's celebrate.
I'm the best!
I'm yelling stop, stop,
and they just send me
around 1g, 2g, 9g.
I couldn't hold it.
There was feces everywhere.
How have you managed
this time?
The role of captain,
even when it means nothing?
It's like they're my children.
Sweet dreams.
I think it is safe to say
that you are
the luckiest man alive.
You think anyone
could have survived that?
Oh, absolutely. People only think
that you can't breathe in space.
We see it there,
and against everything
that we know to be true,
we still have hope.
I would have once said
that that is impossible.
But to survive?
Not possible.
You do know what happened.
Tell me.
Projected life
support for two personnel...
three years.
Projected life support
for five personnel...
one month.
Five personnel...
one daily meal ration,
one month.
- That's not your card.
- No.
- That wasn't it?
- Uh-huh. No.
Was this your card?
Sorry for taking
your commons.
Please join us.
What should we play?
This is your home,
you pick the game.
Do you know Go Fish?
Gin it is!
Let me ask you a question,
one I'm sure you
ask yourself.
We can't explain
the shock wave.
We've tried.
But the fact that it hit
you so far away means
whatever happened is something
that we never knew could happen.
- So, what was it?
- Oh, uh...
Vincent believes it was
a nuclear comet, idiot.
And Thomas,
grand as it may be,
thinks it was CERN.
And in recreating
their tiny big bangs,
they created a very big one.
What do you
think caused all this?
Jackie. Quarters, please.
I'm so sorry.
Excuse me.
I expect an answer, huh? On your return.
What is this? Jackie!
Do you see what it says?
With the three of them here,
we all die by the end of the month.
You said you
could repair Pangea.
I haven't even separated
the stations yet.
If it we're only us two,
I could.
But introducing three new
people, Pangea can't handle it.
We're losing O2 faster
than we can make it.
So you'll leave?
That's not even your ship.
They'll never make it to Europa,
and we don't have time to repair it.
But it could take us home.
No. You're not going.
- You're no longer my captain.
- Yes, I am!
Every time I close my eyes, I see Jenny.
That's all I think about.
You tell me to move on, to let it
go, and then they show up?
If they thought they were
alone, they would have died.
But they didn't and they kept
trying and they found us.
Don't you see, John?
Jenny could still be alive.
Captain Ures
to Miss Miller's quarters,
John, what are you doing?
Why are you calling her?
This has nothing
to do with her.
Captain Laine.
Diane, can you tell Miss Miller
what you told me last night, please?
- Diane, you don't have...
- I don't think that's my place.
Now, Diane!
Mark, Jean? Could you see if wiring
may have shorted on your end?
That's a negative.
Wiring's fine.
Ah, shit. Okay.
Oh! I think
I can do something.
Houston, this is ISS.
Something is happening
to Earth. Do you copy?
This is ISS.
What is happening?
- Oh, my God, what have we done?
- What are you saying?
Do not return.
I repeat.
- What did you do?
- Do not return.
Go to Europa.
That's all I heard.
"Go to Europa."
How is it you two met?
- Flight school.
- Flight school.
And here you are,
a companion
at the end of the world.
You have much work to do
if you are to save mankind.
Thomas told me about
your friend, Lisa.
Sad. But would we consider
her the lucky one?
I don't think this is
appropriate dinner conversation.
Shall I clear the table?
Really, I would consider
all of those who died lucky.
They know nothing
of what happened.
Sure, they know something,
but who would believe
it would be our extinction.
No one agrees?
I mean...
I don't consider Lisa,
or anyone else, lucky.
Were we?
Because we survived?
Are you afraid to die,
Captain Laine?
I am.
I am, I'm terrified.
He lied to us!
Miss Miller, can I speak
with John alone?
Don't listen to them.
Listen to me.
We survive.
Why would you review
our life support?
Because I knew
you were lying.
We were wrong!
We weren't lying.
There's no chance
at fixing the shuttle?
Nothing we can do
to prolong our time?
We were so close.
She understood.
They'll be fine.
Vincent was not fine.
Tomorrow we separate Pangea.
And whatever happens
after that...
we figure it out together.
Vincent, please.
No, Diane is right.
This is wrong.
Them or us.
Vincent, please.
Not again.
Them or us!
What do you mean, not again?
Mark and Jean? No!
- Mark and Jean?
- I haven't done anything.
You told me
they poisoned themselves.
You lied to me?
- You murdered them?
- I saved us.
I will save us again.
Enough. Huh?
No, enough, okay?
Where's Captain Ures?
Vincent, I'm sorry
you think we lied.
Jackie, give us a moment?
Okay. You have us.
What do you wanna know?
Miss Miller, please give us
your honest assessment
regarding our life expectancy.
- You know the answer.
- I'd like to hear it from her.
- One month.
- And if there were only two of us?
- I'm not going to answer that.
- Please.
- No.
- What is this?
Where's Diane?
Diane, are you there?
Diane, please respond?
Captain Ures?
Jesus Christ.
- I want you off my ship.
- Where would we go?
No, it's too late for that.
- We could've left you to die.
- And I thank you.
But you can't expect us
to willingly commit suicide
- so you can live out your days alone.
- Fucking monsters.
No, no.
This is not some evil scheme.
When you told us we would survive,
do you know how excited I was?
- Because we were wrong, you want to kill us?
- This is not about you.
I like you very much.
This is about my men.
- What about your captain?
- How could I live knowing we would die in days
when in return for a horrible
act, I could offer us years.
What would you do?
I let you on board.
- Then you are the better man.
- Goddamn it.
- You can't run Pangea without us.
- We don't want to.
We'll fix our ship and go.
And with you gone,
we will have the time
to do so.
John! All right, down.
Stay down.
You're bleeding.
We need to get to Medical.
Go to Control.
Start the separation.
Get Vincent to Station Two.
Rebooting systems.
Stand by.
I'm right here, you bastard.
Come on.
No, Diane.
John? John?
Wake up!
Wake up!
John, what happened?
Where's Vincent?
Open the door.
Reboot interrupted.
Try again.
That's Vincent.
John. He's going to
blow the bridge.
He doesn't know what he's doing.
You have to stop him.
ventilation pilot system now.
Back away
from the computers.
I said, get back!
- I'm not going to die.
- If you don't stop what you're doing,
that's exactly what's
going to happen.
- You're lying.
- Let's ask Jackie.
Do I look like a fool?
Get back!
Jackie, you there?
- I'm here, where are you?
- I'm in Control with Vincent.
- What's happening?
- He's turning on the heating system.
- It's asking if we're going to ignite the pilot.
- Jesus fucking Christ.
- Vincent, are you listening to me?
- He's listening.
Vincent, we never sealed
the vents.
If you ignite the pilot,
it won't be controlled as we planned,
and fire will spread
throughout the vents
and Pangea,
and you will kill us all.
Where's Thomas?
Where's Thomas?
Do you hear me?
Thomas is safe,
but he won't be if you don't stop this.
What's he doing?
He's not gonna listen.
- Do you still have the knife?
- Yeah.
Use it...
and shut off the system.
It's either that or he kills us all.
Use it.
Is that what you want?
To get everybody killed?
- You won't let me live.
- Yes, we will.
No, no, not now.
Nobody's going to kill you!
Why would we kill you
if we're all that's left!
Earth is gone.
That's why you came here.
None of us want to die,
I was trying to protect us.
I saved us.
Fucking talk to me!
- I'm at the computer.
- Okay.
Back out of
the heating system.
Close the vents and open
this fucking door!
Vents secured.
I'm on my way.
- Vents are closed.
- Closing ventilation systems.
- It's too late.
- Shutting down temperature control.
It's too late!
John, what's happening?
He's gonna blow the station!
John, you have
to seal the bridge now.
I'm going back
in to seal the bridge.
No, you'll be trapped in Station Two.
He's gonna blow it! Run!
Heading for Station Two.
Error. Error.
You will come to forgive me.
I'm in Station Two,
brace for impact.
Heating system activated.
John, the pilot didn't ignite.
We're okay.
You lied.
Shut down the heating system
and throw Vincent off this ship.
I'm heading your way.
Fire detected in Bridge.
- It's ignited.
- Can you get to me?
- I'm trapped!
- Get to Station Two!
Jackie, can you hear me?
Jackie, are you there?
Jackie, can you hear me?
Jackie, are you there?
Warning, recalibrating.
there will be only one.
And what are you gonna do,
when you're the last man
left alone?
- John!
- Jackie? Jackie?
God, please, John!
Are you there?
Jackie, I'm here,
where are you?
I locked myself in the pantry.
Did we separate?
- Yeah.
- Am I close? Can you make the jump?
Hang on!
I can't see you.
You're too far.
- How can I get to you?
- The shuttle.
- Oh, damn it!
- What is it? What's wrong?
The explosion.
It damaged the shuttle.
- Can you fix it?
- I don't know.
- Jackie?
- Please, John, you have to find me!
I will. I will.
- Oh, God, John, please!
- Jackie, Jackie, listen to me.
Breathe. Calm down.
I swear I'll get you back,
- Tell me how to fix this thing.
- Okay. What was damaged?
Looks like the
ignition board is fried.
Okay. Okay. Can you see...
Can I see what? Jackie?
Abandon research directive.
Scanning for Station Two.
This is Captain John Laine
of Pangea.
Please respond.
I reprogrammed Pangea
to locate Station Two.
Give me a few days
to find you.
Once we're in contact,
you'll walk me through
how to fix
this ignition board.
If it takes longer,
I'll conserve resources
for as long as I can.
I want you to turn on
the generator,
reposition the stabilizers to
stop the station from moving.
Go into storage.
Turn on the lights so
I know you got this message.
Hang in there, Jackie.
I'm coming for you.
I finally understand
why you tortured yourself.
Even though you knew...
you believed.
Just like I believe now.
I'm coming to get you.
And I need you to be there.
Today is June 9, 2198.
Day 3022 as Captain of Pangea.
I'm setting out
to locate Station Two...
and retrieve
Jacquelyn Helen Miller.
If this recording is received
after June 21, 2198...
then I, John Raymond Laine...
have become lost en route.
Open the door.
I'm not there, John.
I'm here.
Be with me.
Let go.
You're not her.
Now, please,
open the fucking door.