3096 Tage (2013) Movie Script

It was clear .
Only one of us would survive .
And at the end it was me .
Not him .
Pleasehelp me! I was kidnapped .
My name is Natascha Kampusch .
This is my beautiful daughter.
Here it is.
Very good around the world.
We will not be that young forever!
Health !
I love you.
Dad, we gotta go , you
Mommy promised me back at eight.
We're in a minute , honey.
And then the man said :
I ... and I have it !
Natascha !
Natascha ,you gotta get up !
I'm not going to repeat again.
I cast you out the dress.
Do I have to use ?
Do you know how long you work on it ?
Other kids would be happy that their
mothers made ??them such beautiful dresses.
It's cute, but it makes me look fat .
Then do not eat so many cakes.
Why are you taking so long?
I have to go to work !
Took you back into that bar?
A girl has nothing
to do in a bar.
Enough! Give me a break , we were at the bar.
Honey,I'm sorry !
Do not get so ...
Help !
Hello !
Is there anybody there?
Arise !
Get to the back.
Take off your shoes .
I want to go with my mom ...
Help !
Help !
Help !
Help !
Mom ...
And Prince ...
But it had to be a real princess .
The prince wanted to marry a princess.
One night someone knocked on the door of the palace.
Dale, take one.
And the old Queen thought ,
will put that to the test ..
and put a pea under the bed .
And then laid twenty mattresses
Pea above
and twenty quilts on them.
The next morning she was asked
the princess how she had slept .
And she said: It was horrible.
I was lying on something hard ,
and I have black and blue all over.
Then the prince took her for his wife ,
because he knew he had found his princess .
Order .
Thank you ...
Already you go ?
Are you going to go far?
Will you give me a kiss goodnight ?
My mom always gives me
goodnight kiss ...
Natascha 10 years has disappeared.
Hundreds of police are investigating ,
since she disappeared the morning of March 2 .
Despite the relentless pursuit
the team has not been able to find anything.
Natascha 's mother told reporters ,
I lost all hope.
How could you say that?
I did not, Mom.
The media report what they feel like .
A dive team has been incorporated
looking at gaps in the area.
Thank God Natascha was not involved there.
Natascha remains without loss
trace. Now , in sports ...
" Stop it, leave me alone ...
Help ! Help ! "
"Honey , I'm sorry ..
Do not get so ... "
Five, six .
One, two , three ...
One, two , three, four .
One, two, three .
" I have to count the days . "
Four , five, six .
One, two , three ... what time is ..
Beef and cabbage casserole purple.
mashed peas and carrots.
You can have one one day, another in another.
I give up until Wednesday.
All right.
And the potato salad .
Without mayonnaise
so that you can heat .
So I can me with purple cabbage .
As vegetarians.
Vegetarians ? ?
And then your favorite sausage salad .
With cucumber and onions ,
as you like.
You have to eat it soon.
Let's eat it now, Mother . Both.
What have you done now?
Why do you say that?
It is suspected that Natascha
has been kidnapped.
Her captor had stalking while
going to school at this point on the map .
Much of the information given by the police ..
So that pervert should
be abusing that child
Why kidnap another reason ?
Who knows .
Maybe he's crazy mother.
This is a letter to my parents ,
not to worry.
Do you can send it ?
Take off your shirt .
Good for nothing.
Then let me go .
Nobody wants you .
My parents love me .
So why not pay the ransom?
They do not care .
That's not true !
Well , do not believe so .
But no one has paid anything for you.
They have no money , why not
you sought a rich family ?
That's all you have to do!
You do not care !
Because you 're not worth anything to them !
That's not true !
Yes ,it is! True!
Come here !
Now I wash my hair.
Stop mourn .
I told you to stop mourn !
Could you stop?
Look at me.
Stopmourn !
Stopmourn !
I can not stand the quejadera !
Shut up.
Shut up ! Shut up !
I can not stand the tears !
Shut up ! Shut up !
Shut up ! Be still ...
Look at this mess.
Look at me. Look at me !
You're going to clean everything.
What about you, mom?
Yes , please.
What? - I said ,not yet
can get a job !
Mom ...
I was in the back garden .
- Good day .
- Good morning .
Are you the owner of this van ?
Yeah, what 's up?
Can we see it ?
Yes ..
What 's this all about ?
Could you open it , please?
other. Are looking for a white van ? .
Is this about that girl .
Natascha Kampusch ? , Was not that his name?
I just saw on TV that looked for a
white van with tinted windows .
I thought someone might approach .
Do not believe how many we have seen.
I can imagine.
Why does all the blinds down ?
Is customary .
Could abrrnosla , please?
Of course. Excuse me ...
I use it for construction .
- Well ...
What type of work do you do ?
Telecommunications . I am a technician.
And for whom do you work?
Who do you work for?
Siemens !
Well , she did.
At the moment I am unemployed ...
So live here then.
I have to ask you this .
Does the March 2 ?
On March 2 of ...
Ah yes, I was here . At home .
Can anyone testify to that ?
No, he was alone.
So you live alone then?
My mother and my grandmother just visit me .
They would like some coffee? Or a cake?
Thanks , no. We have to go .
But ...
- Goodbye .
- Goodbye .
Good morning.
Is it morning ?
How long should I stay here?
Until you pay your parents .
I can have a watch ? Please?
A watch?
If you're good.
What are you being ?
Did you send the letter to my parents ?
Stop looking .
Why is that?
So I can hear you from above.
And talk to you.
Do you also 're alone up there?
Day 183
Natascha , we have class until ten.
Please pay attention.
The river Aar Aar glacier that comes from .
Silence !
Y flows through Haslital
by Aar gorge ,
and by the Bienzer and Lake Turin
before cutting through mountains
of the Midlands .
So , how long is the Aar ?
- 295 miles.
What did you say ?
- 295 miles.
That is correct.
Now comes Aarestrup , Emil .
Danish writer , writing
influenced by the poetry of Heinrich Heine .
Heine , H. That will be for later.
Miss Kampusch , how achievement
you escape her kidnapper?
I could master.
How could he do that?
Was much bigger than you or not ?
Yes , I ...
Achieved only master.
Do you brush your teeth before or
after mastering ?
What was that ? Answer me ! .
Did you brush your teeth?
Did you wash the dishes?
You have to obey me.
Obey me .
Yes , I will.
Obey me ...
Obey me . Obey me !
Obey me !
Obey me ! Obey me !
Obey me ! Obey me !
Obey me !
Obey me ! Obey me !
Obey me ! Obey me !
I have something on your arm.
It really hurts ! It looks bad , I think
I should bring a doctor ...
It's too bad !
If you play with your food
You do not need any .
These too fat anyway.
Nobody will find you.
You know where it goes the cry ! , Going to the roof .
No one can hear , even smell you.
Come here, come here ,
I'll show you something. Come on!
Look, there .
You see that? You see that door?
Look .
No. No.
No. No.
- Let me go ...
Why do that after you've
built so nice room ?
Natascha , get ...
Next : " A propos" French.
A, P , R , O, P , O, S.
To: "In the context of something " , " on purpose .. "
" what we're talking about ... "
" What I meant was ... "
Are you there ?
Please , I have very hungry.
Please bring me something to eat .
I have so much hunger . I portare well .
Could you bring me some sugar ?
Natascha wants something to eat .
Please ...
Say something .
Say something !
Please, I have to eat something !
I have not eaten in four days !
Would you die or something?
Please, I have to eat something !
Whatever it is , I'll eat it !
I wanna go home ...
I want my mommy ...
Obey me .
Obey me .
" Obey me ."
" Obey me ."
" Obey me ."
Obey me , obey , obey .
" Obey me , obey , obey ."
Obey me .
4 Years After
Obey me . " Obey me ."
Obey me .
" Obey me ."
" Obey me , obey , obey ."
" Obey me ,obey me ! , Obey , obey ."
" Obey me , obey , obey ."
Please ...
Please bring me something to eat ...
Please, I am obeying ...
Please ...
Obey me .
I have not eaten in three days.
Obey me .
Please, if , but bring me something to eat ...
" Obey me , obey , obey ."
Are you that stupid ?
You have to say " obey me " ,
many times as I can hear .
Sorry ...
Do you hear me ? Sorry!
I'm sorry , sorry , sorry!
Please, just give me something to eat ...
A trial of former president
Yugoslavia Slobodan Milosevic ,
has begun in a court
UN in The Hague, Netherlands
He is accused of crimes against humanity ,
Heinrich Heine , poet and journalist.
Born in Dusseldorf
the December 13, 1797 .
Good morning.
You can sew this.
Is unstitched and is so expensive .
Hey . Hey !
Why are you sitting there ?
I have the period.
You ...
Your what ?
Are my days ?
So fast ?
Oh . This is now .
Oh , no,this is disgusting !
This ...
Watch this trail !
Clean it up!
I need a shower .
Shower? Just rinse it !
Rinse it ! There!
I 'm getting worse!
You better do what I say ,
And do not contradict me ! - Yes
Dejasmile at !
God !
You must have a shower. Up there .
- Up there ?
Top ...
No up there .
Do not move until I call you .
And do not even think anything either.
I put explosives on doors and windows ,
So if you play what you should not ...
Do you understand ?
You can come now.
You just do as I say.
Iras before me.
If you scream ...
I kill you .
What are you seeing ?
Do you want to spoil my towels ?
Flush your eye !
More and more hair leaves you .
Locking me down there , did not stop to stop growing ..
What was that ?
Tomato that.
To put it to the dishwasher.
And you do not turn on until it is full ?
Ok .
Good .
I'm going .
Do you have a girlfriend?
Where do you get that idea?
Is a blonde ?
I'm glad .
Grandmother and cared
you were gay.
Bullshit !
I know, son .
Wow ,it's Christmas again!
The year has passed quickly !
The shops are still open for another three hours!
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
It looks great.
Enough, that's for later.
Look what I have here .
Oh guao .
With screen.
Great, is not it?
So ..
Ah , ah, ah.
Good . We'll see .
So again.
Merry Christmas.
For me? Thank you !
- Yes
Well, this ...
Ok , come on.
Okay ...
Careful, careful , careful, careful ! .
If ...
Wow , a Walkman !
-Thanks !
- Treat her well , we do not want ..
batteries wear out so quickly this time .
- I promise , yes. Thank you.
Continuous .
The Jungle Book ,
Treasure Island , Karl May .
Wow ...
Go on, read .
The daylight fades .
The silence of the night is in its path.
Also as heart pain
passing .. as do days.
This is very kind of you .
Thank you ...
Stop that!
This .. since it is Christmas ...
I can not stop thinking about it ...
I wonder how my family is.
Yes, but you no longer have a family.
Do you understand ? Because I 'm your family !
I'm your father , your mother and your grandmother !
I'm all for you! Because I've created .
Your family is dead
They're all dead .
But I'm here .
You're no longer Natascha .
We need a new name for you.
A completely new name .
Here . Maybe Mary.
Is the name of my grandmother.
Yes , why not ?
It's my middle name ...
Then it will not serve , we need
completely new name .
What about Christa ?
Viviana ? ?
Viviana ? ?
Unbelievable. Viviana , that is .
So, wait ...
So as of today ...
From now on your name is ...
Viviana .
No , say Vivi , it's better .
From now on your name is ...
My name is Viviana .
No, your name is Vivi .
My name is Vivi .
And you can call me Wolfgang .
You could thank me.
Thanks , Wolfgang ...
Do not look .
Look, what I knitted it.
You will need to have something hot,
for when you return .
Should ajustarle .
Do you think still likes pink?
I always take her to school ...
in the car ..
but this morning ...
she just ...
Why did it have to be her ?
Take off your shirt .
There is no reason to use
inside the house .
Why do you need all this space ?
Does your girlfriend moving out here?
I can take a shower ? ?
You can sleep upstairs tonight.
You put my sunscreen
and lip balm ?
- The energy bars are also .
- Well .
- Do you have your gloves?
- Yes
A propos ..
Will you take me with you at some point?
If you behave, maybe.
I if I'm good .
Good .
If you would be nice outside
having fun home alone together , okay ?
So a propos ..
Did you hear what the skier ?
Just before the start of
Ski race ,
an avalanche is coming down
and all skiers die .
So ..
Come on.
So, the next morning ..
Open the first coffin ,
but she shakes her head .
Open the second ,
She shakes her head again.
But the third casket open ,
she nods and says : The .
Thank God , at least
came in third!
No. another .
I want to go into the garden .
What do you do ?
I want to go into the garden , please.
Only you are bound to me as I love you .
Not so much !
First, put the cloth for dishes,
How many times do I have to say?
You do not need one .
Why do you have to do everything twice ?
Why have you been for seven years a
and forth all the time?
And I'm listening .
Give !
And the oil is too hot .
Fish .
Come on . Even my mother
makes it ten times faster.
How about something to drink?
How long you need panties ?
What are you out of your mind ?
Put something down there !
Put something down there !
And look for these tablecloths .
You're dumber than a dog !
A dog can teach you something!
Sit .
And do not think for a minute that you'll have some of this.
We have to change the water filter .
Metete .
- I can not .
- Yes you can . Come on .
- Need a plumber.
-No! Do you know why ?
Because I can not leave the house !
Come on,otherwise no water!
Come on!
Well ...
Vivi ? ?
Come on . Can not handle a joke?
I went to three stores to find it .
Do not even think .
I have my gun and kill whoever .
Including you .
We are clear .
Look .
Maybe for the fourth .
Take one.
That is enough even for your room.
I'll show . Come .
This is , you see? .
" Obey me , obey me ."
Please an employee
in the electrical department .
This is something extravagant for bathing ,
however I like .
Vivi .
Forward . Come on .
Vivi .
Come here , Vivi .
Come ...
Come here .
If ...
Yes , very well.
And now the new bedroom.
Surprise !
What good , lilac !
- Look . Hmm?
- Yes , it looks good .
And here . All gold.
I know , I put myself tiles .
Here , look.
The bedroom Aphrodite.
Or do you prefer the passion ?
Well , pick one .
- I want my long hair again.
- So come by Aphrodite .
Oh , it's so pretty.
And the carpet , very nice .
Color ...
You have good taste .
Good .
Enough space for two ...
Come on, Mom .
I have a surprise.
- See?
At some point we all need
someone is not it?
Now try it .
- That looks very strong .
- Oh , nonsense .
It was delicious.
You are very funny.
The mysterious case of Austria
6 years have passed since the disappearance
Natascha Kampusch in their school ,
the case was never solved.
I 'm here.
There was no trail and to date
found no body.
Many remember the photo of the girl
even after six years.
But I'm still alive ...
As heartbreaking theme of the book,
is creepy .
Why are you lying in bed ?
It is noon.
Stand !
Aphrodite is here.
- Who?
- Aphrodite.
The new bedroom.
Our wedding night.
This is very beautiful.
- You do not?
- No. ..
You belong to me , I can do
what you want.
Why did you choose me ?
I saw you smile ...
I saw you smile.
- Hey, baby , how are you ?
- Natascha , no more cakes.
How long did it take all this?
From June to the following March .
The pipes and cables.
The plaster walls .
Always going to different
hardware to achieve things.
Getting rid of land in different places
Install the doors.
All for you.
Do not look at me that way.
Do not give me that look !
What is that smell?
What did you do ?
Nothing .
You're not going to kill
Did you hear ? .
Do not kill , you understand ?
Look at me !
Ah !
You ...
no ..
want ...
kill you!
Do you understand ?
Why do you always have to ruin everything?
It could be so beautiful.
But ruin everything .
Let me go ...
Then one of us must die.
18 blows to the head .
6 strokes in the stomach
12 strokes in the ear.
4 leg kicks .
Come on . Come on!
Arise .
Do not act like a fool.
I can not ...
Come on!
Go !
Go !
Oh ,shit!
My knees tremble a lot.
You are about to ski!
- How much do you think this cost?
- 53 euros .
- What?
- 53 !
Then patina .
I need to go .
All right.
Put on your sunglasses.
Pleasehelp me! I was kidnapped .
My name is Natascha Kampusch .
What was going on the toilet ?
Nothing ...
Nothing . Do not lie.
Ah !
A 18 ..
You want me to court?
What , you're not hungry ? Hmm ?
Take the largest.
So then ...
So ...
Happy Birthday .
Thank you.
A dress !
Put it on .
Here ..
If ...
You want to dance ?
I am a good dancer.
Fuck .. not dance .
Come here .
One, two, three , wait.
One, two, three , wait.
One, two, three , wait.
Hello !
You're more stupid than a dog!
I will sell the van.
For us to have some money.
We have to make it very clean.
Your aspiralo inside.
I want everything very clean .
Both the seats and the floor.
Hare windows.
You will not, because I told you aspire .
Magazines !
Oh ...
It's about the Van .
Say . Wait a moment.
Wait a minute ...
Right. Sorry ...
A second .
No , not yet.
It is still for sale.
Uh , I think I had two previous owners .
Come tomorrow at two ...
Hello? Hello , can you help me ?
Pleasecall the police !
- What are you doing in my garden ?
- Natascha Kampusch ! I was kidnapped !
Please stay where you are.
Is this the girl that we speak ?
- Yes
- Do you have any identification ?
- Can you identify in any way?
- My name is Natascha Kampusch .
I was kidnapped eight years ago .
If ...
Any news of him?
Mom ..
- Here it is.
- Thank you.
It's nothing.
Do not be afraid .
It was clear .
Only one of us would survive .
And at the end it was me .
Not him .