33 Postcards (2011) Movie Script

Little Sister,
you'll be fine here.
Come. Come with me.
Little Sister,
do you have a name?
/ Dong Ying Orphanage,
Guangxi, China /
I don't remember anything...
not even my name.
But I remember the
day I came here.
And I remember good the year
they say, I turned 6.
I was angry that day.
- Be quiet.
- But then, I met you.
Xiaoyi, it's for you.
Ling, yours.
Little Sister, congratulations!
You too have a sponsor. You can
go to school from now on.
Study hard.
Now children, eat up.
"Dear Mei Mei, my name is
Dean Randall.
I'm from Australia,
and I'm your sponsor."
"Sponsor, financial donor
or godparent in a baptism."
Yes, a parent from God.
"I work as a park ranger,
taking care of wildlife, animals and birds.
My wife, Jenny, looks after the kids,
Aiden and Maggie.
And we live in Sydney."
"I want much seeing Sydney.
I want much meeting you.
Yours truly, Mei Mei."
/33 Postcards /
Little Sister,
what are you doing?
- Good morning Miss Chen.
- Good morning everyone.
I have wonderful news.
Tell them.
We're invited to perform
in Australia!
Do you know where we're going?
# Once a jolly swagman camped
by a billabong
# Under the shade of
a coolibah tree
# And he sang as he
watched and waited till his...
- It's all right. - # And he sang as he
watched and waited till his billy boiled
When you get to your room,
don't unpack everything.
We leave for Canberra tomorrow.
- Understand?
- Yes.
Good. Let's have a rest.
Miss Chen, can I go to see...
Little Sister.
He never replied to my letter.
Let's leave it, okay?
- But today is my only chance...
- No, we don't have time.
Shover and help
settle the children.
Be sensibile.
- Hi.
- Um...
- I want... I want to go to this place.
- Yeah. - You know?
Yep. No, you're right.
So, okay...
- Hi. Uh, this place, this bus?
- Yeah. - Oh.
Hey! What are you doing?!
Back of the line!
Australian money only.
You can change it at the bank.
Hurry up!
Come on! Get a move on! - Uh, please.
Wait. I-I have no time. Please...
No, no, sorry. It's got
to be Australian.
"Dear Mei Mei,
we went to a we went to a Christmas
concert at the beach last week.
And because it's summer here,
it was really hot. But it was a lot of fun.
I thought about you and imagined
you singing carols with our children."
"Winter in China...
sky always gray.
I like see blue sky, white bird
in your picture cards."
"Our house is by the beach.
It's really beautiful.
On the weekends,
we swim or bushwalk,
or just stay at home and play
with the kids in the garden."
- You are Mei Mei.
- Daddy...
Wake up, Miss.
Mr. Randall?
Who wants to know?
How you do, Mr. Randall?
What are you, Red Cross
or Salvos or something?
You sponsor me...
send money.
- I'm Mei Mei.
- Right. um...
I'm... I'm Gary Randall. You
actually want my brother Dean.
Where Mr. Dean Randall?
- At beach?
- Beach?
Please, I need see
Mr. Randall and his family.
Please. Please wait!
- G'day, Gary.
- Cashish time already, is it?
Come on, Gary. You must
own a calendar by now.
Please, wait.
Look, look,
I big trouble later.
My last chance
was Mr. Randall.
I- I go Canberra tomorrow, but no
Mr. Randall... just brother Randall.
- What?
- I need to see Mr. Randall...
Not that one, the other one.
Mr. Dean Randall. Y-you know?
Yeah, I know where he is.
Please take me. Please.
Hop on.
All right.
Now hold on tight.
Lean the way I do!
All right, well. Here we are.
Hey, how about...
how about you call me?
- My name's Carl.
- "Cow." - No, no.
- No, not... no. "Carl."
- Yes, yes... "Cow."
- I call "Mei Mei."
- "Mei Mei"?
Okay. All right.
Well, you'll call me? Yeah?
Come on!
Come on! Hey!
That's it. Come on.
Let's go! Come on.
You too. Let's go.
- Not again.
- Get out of the way.
Okay, first-timers.
We regroup at 4:00 sharp.
We bring back only what
we take out, all right?
- Yeah. Yeah, of course, boss.
- All right?! - Yes!
- What are you looking at?
- I-I'm gonna sit there.
Bugger off.
- Okay!
- Ah!
- Address.
- "Dress"?
No I.D.?
- Driver's license.
- Oh.
- You ask Mr. Randall. He work here.
He want to see me. - I don't think so.
Please? Mister, help me.
I need to see him.
- Please, help me.
- Uh, can I help?
Mr. Randall...
you know him?
- What's the nature of your
relationship? - "Nature"?
Oh, yes...
trees, birds, the beach.
- No, sorry. How do you know
Mr. Randall? - Oh. Um...
He sponsor...
parent from God.
He send me money.
I go school. Please, help me.
Oh, okay.
Uh, I look after Dean Randall.
His M.I.N. number is 256904.
I'll sign her in.
I'll put my extension number
here for future reference.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Um, can you sign your
name in here? - Okay.
"Little Sister"
How you do, Mr. Randall?
I Mei Mei.
I am Mei Mei.
Yeah, I know you are.
I want to say thank you,
Mr. Randall...
for school, for write me.
- Oh, it was... it was nothing.
- It... everything... for me.
I learn English.
I can read...
read your life.
And your picture cards.
Yeah, the postcards, yeah.
I bring gift for you, but...
- they take it. - Yeah, the...
the screws would take it.
- No... the guard. - Yeah, the screws
security-check everything.
Did they, um... secure
each of my letters, too?
- How'd you get here?
- Motor bicycle. Very fast.
"Cow." Honda.
- H-h-how'd you know I was here?
- Your brother... uncle Gary.
Right. "Uncle Gary."
- So, what do you want?
- Want? - Yeah.
I- I...
I- I don't understand.
Nothing seem like your words.
- Nothing looks same... no like picture
cards. - What do you want?
I want to see you. I want to see
Mrs. Jenny, Aiden, Maggie.
They aren't real, okay?
- Wh... what this mean?
- It means they don't exist. - Why?
You really shouldn't have
come here, you know?
Sorry, Miss. Visit's over.
Visiting a prison can be a
very confronting experience.
Everything is wrong.
I ask stupid questions.
Ah, it's probably
not your fault.
Mr. Randall doesn't
get many visitors.
Everything is wrong.
My car is over there.
Well, technically, she's got to be missing for
48 hours before she's considered missing.
- But she is missing!
- Not technically.
- Hey, mate. How'd you go?
- Hey, good, mate.
- Fletch is in the office.
- Thanks.
- How'd you go?
- Yeah, good. Um...
Mrs. MacNeil lost her job,
so she missed a payment,
- but she said she could pay next week,
at the latest. - Stupid woman.
She'll get her husband
killed if she's not careful.
- Hey, Brian. Good. Good. - Dad,
she said she could pay next week.
Can't you tell the guys
to leave him alone...
No, cool.
Just one... MacNeil.
You are not gonna let them
bug you... do you understand?
- Get back to your cell.
- Tommy. - Ta-ta.
You sprung?
It's MacNeil's wife.
Hands up, MacNeil.
- It's your warning.
- Please, no!
You know the rules.
Get him up, Dwight.
Now, you listen to me,
all right?
You tell wifey on the outside
that she respects my timetable,
and then I'll respect you.
You understand?
Then we won't have
all this nonsense.
You didn't see anything, okay?
Hey! He asked
you a question.
Leave him alone, Brian.
He's okay.
His brother always
pays on time.
- How many years have you known
Mr. Randall? - Many years.
We talk in letters...
and picture card.
Ah. Nice.
- And did he ask you to come to
Australia to visit him? - No.
- I come with orphanage.
- Orphanage?
- We sing for choir festival.
- Oh, right. I love music.
My daughter plays the
piano really beautifully.
Unfortunately, she's...
she's given it up.
- Thank you.
- That's okay.
Go inside!
She has disobeyed the
All meeting with sponsors should
be organized through our orphanage.
- It's a waste of our time.
- I'm sorry. It won't happen again.
There's no evidence that my client
was involved in MacNeil's beating.
I'm aware of that.
This protection-money
racket, cashish...
Is this the head guy,
Tommy Fields?
Would help your chances at your
parole hearing. We'd look after you.
Very well, then. If you change your mind,
contact Mrs. Crenaugh.
Make sure Mr. Randall participates in
outdoor activities and weekly excursions.
I'd like the parole board to
consider the fact that my client
has been sponsoring
a child for many years.
Haven't you? In China?
I've met her.
She's a nice kid.
Um, if you want to see more of her,
I would consider the deputy director...
She won't be coming back.
Mr. Randall?
Can I call you "Dean"?
Uh, what happened on
the bus this morning?
- It's in the Doctor's report.
- Yeah, I read it...
You know, Dean, it's not uncommon for you
to be feeling anxious about your parole.
It's a big change in your life.
Do you want to make an appointment,
and we can have a chat, or...
- I can arrange some counseling for you?
- You didn't have to mention the girl.
Well, should I mention
you're a park ranger, then?
Um, she left this in my car.
10 years, you've been writing to her
and sending her money, she told me.
- So?!
- Why?
I don't know.
It's just something to do.
"There's a family of eagles nesting
in the bush near where we live.
I love watching them fly.
They do kill to survive,
but they also play.
They certainly know how
to protect their young.
If you ever come to visit,
I'd love to show you our beach,
and where the animals come to feed."
- "...the animals come to feed.
- You'd like it here.
And you can bring the other children, too.
We'd love to hear you sing."
"We'd love to hear you sing."
That's it for today.
Time for sleep.
Not yet.
We want to sing.
Yes, we want to sing.
All right.
Let's sing "Two Tigers".
'Dong Ying' 'Children's Choir'
Good morning, Miss Chen.
- Miss Chen. - See me
downstairs after practice.
From the top again.
Go on - one, two, three...
I've packed your bags.
- Miss Chen? - It's arranged.
You fly home today.
Big sister, please don't go.
Right, you lot.
Come on. Let's go.
Come on.
Out. It's an order.
Get out there now.
Come on.
Come on.
- Throw it up here, mate.
- Oi. Hey.
I heard they, uh, they got
you into a little talk.
Anything I should know?
Are you deaf, Dean?
Tommy! Tommy!
- Are we playing or what?
- Go ahead. I'll be there.
He has helped me for years.
I just wanted to see him...
He didn't reply to you.
He doesn't want to see you.
How do you know?
Little Sister, you're 16.
How can you be so naive?
You always get so carried away.
You have no idea how
complicated the world is.
If you can't appreciate
why I'm doing this...
- something is wrong with you.
- Yes, something is wrong with me!
A person without a name
isn't a real person...
That's enough!
Mei Mei!
Mei Mei!
# Happiness is just
a little thing
# Humans mostly are
too large for it
# If you cannot feel
the joy of spring
# Shrink yourself,
and maybe then you'll fit
# Happiness is just... #
Make the beamers (BMW) a priority. Keep
your eyes open for the other ones, huh?
Beamer. (BMW)
- Be good.
- Yeah.
Ah. G'day, mate.
How are you?
- Make sure that it's straight.
- Yep. - Hold it.
- Hold on to the wheel. Grab
the brace. - Okay. - Good.
They want to know if I can still
stay with you when I...
- when I get out. Is that okay? - Yeah,
of course. Where else would you stay?
- I don't know.
- Come on. Time.
They've got those
halfway houses and...
I haven't seen you for ages.
Yeah, sorry.
That place freaks me out.
I've been, uh, you know... busy.
Yeah, you must have been.
It's been, like, eight months.
Hey, look, I have been busting a gut
trying to organize things for you.
Yeah, all right.
Hey, um...
I need you to come in today, if you can,
and sign something for my welfare officer.
What, you... what, you want
me to just drop everything?
- It's for the parole hearing.
- Yeah, all right. All right. I'll, um...
- I can do it after lunch.
- Okay. Thanks. I'll let her know.
- Get off, mate.
- Right-o.
- Yeah?
- I want to see 'cow.'
Cow? Like a... like a moo cow?
Like a... "moo"? Moo-moo!
- Hello, 'Cow.'
- Ah... "cow."
- Uh, um... back off, Dave.
- Mm.
This is Dave. Don't worry about him.
I'm gonna break for lunch.
- Yeah, sure you are.
- Hungry? Hm? Yeah?
- You want to grab something to eat, or...?
- Uh, I want see Mr. Randall.
What... right now?
Yeah, look, I don't know how
they do things in China, but...
I'm not a taxi service.
- You just want to put your arms
around me again, don't you? - Oh!
After you.
I tried calling your brother.
He's not answering.
I meant to say the other day,
it's really admirable what you've done...
sending donations to
that child for so long.
Might tell my other
clients about it.
I don't reckon Gary's
gonna show up.
Because many of my
clients need my help,
to rebuild their lives after parole...
form connections again.
Why don't you go down
to the workshop?
I'll page you if your
brother turns up.
She ran away from me.
I spoke to the police again.
They won't do anything
for 48 hours.
What about the
Canberra concert?
Children, come over.
Something urgent has come up.
You go ahead with Miss Fong.
- Yes, Miss Chen.
- Good, get in the bus now.
- Yeah, good job.
- Yeah. - Yeah, turned out well.
M.I.N. number is 256904,
report to the visitors hall.
M.I.N. number 256904.
Hey, visitor?
Christmas, is it?
You're up.
You coming?
- Oh. Um... screw bring gift?
- Yeah. Yep. Thanks.
Panda bring you good luck.
And the CD is our choir,
but about five year old already. Uh...
I didn't think I'd...
see you here again.
I stay here.
- Where?
- Here... Australia.
- What for?
- You are alone. Me too.
- Now we no more alone.
- Yeah...
but... w-w-where
you gonna live?
- Who's gonna look after you?
- You look after me already... many years.
- Now I can look you.
- No, no. I mean...
- How are you gonna cope?
- You no want me stay?
- You don't know anybody.
- I know uncle Gary and his friend.
Uncle Gary doesn't have
any friends, okay?
All right? He...
He has alibis.
Do you know what that means?
That means you'll end up like
me, in a place like this.
Why are you in place like this?
You never said anything to me
about y-y-your parents in any of
your letters and what
happened to them.
- What... what happened to them?
- Don't know. Don't care.
- They don't want me. I don't want them.
Okay? - Would you shut up?!
Dad, I want to go!
All right.
I've always liked the name
"Mei Mei."
It's... it's good.
It's... it's a cute little name.
"Mei Mei" mean "Little sister."
Not even real name, you know.
I big now. I can find a
stronger name myself.
"Mimi." That's right.
"Mimi" is a bigger name.
I no more crying "Little Sister,"
like that one!
- Hey, I told you... shut up!
- No!
- Hey, leave her alone, will you?
- Both of you, sit down! - Or what, bigmouth?
You two... outside, or the
visit's over. Hey! Hands off!
She's just trying to help, okay?
- You don't like outside?
- Uh...
Children cry.
No one listens.
That father no good.
He no listen her cry.
Like your picture card.
Can I come tomorrow?
For the buses, okay?
A- and tell them my M.I.N. number,
which is 256.. - ... 904.
Why... why you
always go first?
Well, they've already
left for Canberra,
but they said they'll be back on
sunday for the Sydney concert, so...
Do you Miss them?
Your friends? Yeah?
Well, it can't be all that bad.
I mean, you like our beaches, right?
I've never been
to beach before.
How old are you, Mimi?
I old enough.
You know, you shouldn't be so
trusting of everyone.
You shouldn't even trust me.
Who's coming in the water?
But definitely don't
trust these idiots.
- You're going in the water!
- No! Aah!
- Put her down, Dave!
- No! Carl!
- Hey! Put her down!
- Let me down!
Come on! Let's go!
Let's go!
All right. Come on. Open the door, babe.
Open the door. I got to pee.
- Yeah, this is it.
This is our place.
- Open the door, babe.
- I'm going! I'm going!
- Hurry! I got to pee!
- Don't do it. Don't do it.
- Shut up! - Let's go!
- And we're home sweet ho... aah!
That's Dave and Ruby's room.
And this...
- ... this is our room.
- Dave?!
Or you can sleep on the
couch. That's cool, too.
Oh, wait a minute.
Wait a minute. Uh...
get these out...
Dave's left his junk everywhere.
Uh, you can watch TV
if you want. Um...
- Got some videos and DVDs.
- Oh. Ruby's? - Oh, no.
Actually, uh... that's mine.
- Y-you cook?
- Ah, yeah. Yeah...
"Hello, Mr. Randall.
I 6 years old.
One tooth go bye-bye,
and other wanting to go, too.
I learn ABCs.
I learn good because I want to
read your words and see your face.
Mr. Randall,
I tell you everything...
Things I no tell others. You
always there... hear my words.
Friends come,
friends go with new parents.
I no see them no more...
but I see you.
Miss Chen, she says maybe I was
born in the year of the fire dragon.
Yours truly, Mei Mei."
# Happiness is just
a little thing
# Humans mostly
are too large for it #
Anna, I've already paid for it,
and you can't even thank me.
There is nothing
wrong with this model.
Mine's still working,
and it's been two years.
Calm down.
It is just a mobile phone.
He said that?
Well, you can tell your father
that that is because I know...
Oh, God.
Ah, Mr. Randall.
Can I... how can I help you?
Um, to be honest,
I have no idea
whether you can legally
sponsor a child to stay here.
Yes, there would be legal restrictions,
but, yeah, I can check.
- Hey, Dean. Burned Robert yesterday.
- I didn't say anything.
- You didn't say anything about what?
- About anything.
Hold yourself up. Hold yourself up.
Hold yourself up.
Hey. Hey. Listen to me.
This is just a warning, all right?
'cause I care about you.
I do.
You stay quiet.
We do clothes!
# Decked out driving
in my Red Corvette
# I got my hair in a ponytail
on top of my head
# A fresh pair of blue jeans
with my white vanity
# My shades on,
and I'm ready to roar
# Hit the town for the night,
everything's on me
# Shout out to all my girls,
are you ready, ready?
- # All eyes on me, are you ready, ready? #
- Yes! You are so cool!
- What you think?
- I don't... I don't know.
Ruby think I hot,
then sometimes she say I cool.
- Oh. What happened to face?
- Uh...
...it's nothing.
Don't worry about it.
That no good. You must
look after yourself.
You sound like my mum did.
Well, except with
a funny accent.
Uh... got some more money for you.
- No, no, no. No need to give me money.
- I work already.
- You work already?
- Doing what?
- Wash car.
- I clean inside, outside.
I clean good. - Huh.
Yeah. I bet you do.
Y- you sing pretty good, too.
I, um, listened to that CD.
- It's good.
- Old songs.
- I sing no more. My voice
not the same. - Ah.
You said in one of
your letters that, um,
Miss fong told you...
I think when you were about
14... that you were too
old to sing anymore, right?
And... and that you want to
be a conductor now. Yeah?
Well, that...
that sounds good.
Oh! My job!
I come sometime tomorrow.
Ah, so, you're the first one to
leave today, huh?
We going?
- You call the hostel again, please?
- Uh, yeah, I already called them.
They just said the
same thing... sunday.
No, but, hey, hey, hey.
Don't worry about them.
Worry about yourself.
- Dad. - What?
- About that course I was...
- I was talking to you about...
- I already said no, didn't I?
Well, I could still do the
collection rounds for you,
and I get a student allowance,
so I wouldn't need any money.
Where's that course
gonna get you?
- Well, chefs make good money, dad.
- Hey. Come here.
Have a look at this.
You walk straight into it.
It's all yours if you want it.
Do you like girls, Carl?
- No, no. Don't touch that!
- What?
What did you say?
- Quit mucking around, Dave. Get the
car painted. - Yeah, we're on it, mate.
- Change it... metallic silver.
- Yeah, got it.
Good. Higher up.
- What are you doing? Take it off!
- I'm changing the plate. - No, no.
We're spraying the car first.
You told me to change the
plate... I changed the plate.
No, no, no. I come all the way
down here to help you out.
- I don't want to touch stolen
cars... - No. Ruby, Ruby.
- I don't want to touch them
in the first place. - Shh!
Take a seat. Thanks.
- So, what was that all about?
- What do you mean?
- Parole hearings can be quite...
- No. Not that.
What was that crap about
you testifying against Tommy?
- Don't worry. It's not gonna happen.
- Then why were they asking?
- 'cause they... - Gary... Gary,
you were an asset in there.
Now the parole board knows that
your brother has somewhere to
stay and that someone's
gonna be looking after him.
Hey, any more news about
the immigration lawyer?
Yeah. You can't sponsor
he because of your record,
but he can organize a visa for
her and look for a foster family.
- All right. - But it's not
cheap. It's $2,000.
Shut up, will you?
Shut up.
All right, well,
tell him to do it.
- He'd need an establishing
fee of $500. - That's okay.
And, as I said, you can't be
seen to be sponsoring her.
- It would have to be anonymous.
- Yeah, that's fine.
That's good.
Mrs. Crenaugh, can you
come here for a moment?
The Chinese chick? - Listen, can you
take 500 bucks out of my money?
- Your money?
- Yeah.
- Mate, your money ran out
six months ago. - Why?
- You keep stuffing up your parole.
- What are you talking...
There is no money there, okay?
I am the one who has been paying...
- ... overheads in here. - Yeah, but...
- Do you understand?
- After all I've done for you.
- What you've done for me?
- I took the rap for both of us, okay?
- I'm the one keeping you alive in here.
It's 500 bucks.
Can you do it or not?
- Not if I have to pay Tommy, as well.
- Don't worry about that.
I'll sort that out. Just make
sure you get the money to her.
You are lucky Fletch has
got a big job coming up.
W- why are you still doing
stuff with him? You're an idiot.
Where do you think I'm
gonna get the money from?
Jesus, Dean, grow up.
You can come in now.
Thank you for waiting,
Mr. Randall.
The board has
reached a decision.
Parole is granted. You'll be
released two weeks from today.
Well, I'll tell you what
I am concerned about...
I'm concerned about Fletch taking
more money than we've agreed upon.
You're the one on
the phone talking to him.
If the phone's tapped, it won't
be going down. It'll be you.
- I know, Tommy. - So this is your
problem, not mine right? - All right.
Yes, Dean?
Man, I have to be a bit late
with the next cashish, I think.
Maybe... tuesday,
if that's all right?
Is he for real?
I mean, are you for real?
I just heard you're
getting out soon, Dean.
And now you're trying to
wiggle out of your last payment.
Don't do it.
Toddle off, Dean.
Away you go.
- For the beamer.
- Thanks.
- You good for tuesday night?
- Yeah. What is it?
- Two this time.
- Sweet.
How's your brother?
Yeah, he... good. Good.
Gets out in a couple weeks.
Fast pair of hands, your brother.
Business expanding... be a real asset.
I'll tell him you said hi.
Don't take all bloody
day on that thing.
Okay, Mr. Fletch.
We do quick.
- Hey.
- Oh!
Oh, sorry.
Thank you.
- Is that your daughter?
- Yeah, that's right.
I've, um...
got the, uh...
- ... $500.
- Oh. Terrific.
- Thank you. I'll pass that on.
- Count it if you want.
No, that's okay.
You all right?
- Yep. Good night.
- 'Night.
All right.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Come up.
- N-no.
Ah, come on, Mimi.
Got to learn to
ride sooner or later.
Hop up.
What you want to do is put both
your hands on the handlebars.
Yep? All right.
And what you got to do
is when I turn, you lean.
- Okay? - Okay.
- All right.
- So, when I turn, you lean. Ready?
- Oh. - Lean.
- Nice. All right. Gonna go left.
Ready? - Mm-hmm.
- And turn... whoa!
- Aah.
- Got to lean a little bit.
- Okay. - Okay?
- Aa-aa-aa-aah! Ow!
- Ow!
- Is she okay?
- Yeah.
Nice work, Carl.
Paint job's not bad, either.
All right, kiddies, it's just
like Christmas.
- Hey!
- Pizza!
- There you go.
- Thank you, Fletch.
Now, Ruby.
- Ah. - Dave.
- Thanks, mate.
And Mimi.
Aw, no, no, no. You keep that.
That's yours.
But... look.
That's a lot of money, Mei Mei.
Who are you working for?
Rich man. Nice. Lots of cars.
He take our business.
What kind of business is it?
Is it legit?
Put that away, will you?
Is it legal?
I work hard.
Money's for us.
I not break a law.
Yeah, how do you know?
You sure? Put it away!
You not believe me.
- Well, just seems a bit suss, that kind
of money. - Why you no believe me?
I always tell you everything in letters.
No lie. Always tell truths. But you?
Picture cards all wrong...
No Mrs. Jenny, no Megan,
no Aiden. And here?
- You don't tell me why you're here. Why?
- You want to know why I'm here?
You want me to tell you?
Because I killed someone, okay?
Now, all we had to do was burn down a print
shop, and we were gonna make a lot of money.
That's what Gary's mate reckoned.
I'm sorry.
You know, the whole time, I
had a bad feeling about it.
But I just wanted that money.
So, you know, I just pretended
everything was all right.
There wasn't gonna be anyone
in that building, they reckoned.
Mr. Randall.
He died, Mei Mei, that old man.
It was my fault.
Yes. But you have paid.
Oh, I don't know about that.
And you have give
me a good life.
We've got to live a good life.
- And not be doing things that make
you feel bad. - I don't feel bad.
Look, Mrs. Crenaugh's gonna
try and help you, okay?
It's complicated,
but s-she's
gonna try and
find you a family,
- and we're gonna take care
of you. - A family? - Yeah.
But... you are my family.
- You don't want me?
- No, no, no. It's not that.
You see, legally, I...
What I'm trying to say is, you're
gonna be taken care of. All right?
When I get out of here,
I'm gonna come and see you.
All right? I'm gonna get
out of here in two weeks.
- Two weeks?
- Yep.
So happy!
I will go to work.
You will see.
I can make money. I will help you.
In two weeks, you will see.
- That... t-that's him!
- Oh, yes! That's him! That's him!
- Nope. - Can't you help us out?
- You have to calm down.
Hey, Gary.
So, my place, 8:00, yeah?
Two items.
Two different locations.
Yeah. Right.
Dad, I want to do one.
You reckon you're up to it?
I'm not doing it
for free, though.
Exploiting your
old man, are you?
Don't worry, kid. You'll get
your cut, you do a good job.
You saving up for a new bike?
No. I'm gonna
go do that...
That course I was
telling you about.
Did you get the money
to my welfare officer?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
She got it.
How'd you go with the, uh...
the other thing? You know... Tommy?
Oh, good. Yeah. Spoke to him,
and, you know, it's fine. He'll wait.
All right. Well, I don't, uh...
I don't think you'll have to wait long.
Got a big job tonight.
I don't want to know about it.
- Thought you were all right with Fletch
now. - Why would you think that?
Well, the Chinese chick...
didn't you set her up with him?
What are you talking about?
Yeah, well, that's where she's working...
helping Fletch with the cars.
All right.
Got to go.
Here you go.
What's the urgency?
I want to testify.
Oh. Against Tommy Fields?
That's good.
Um... why did you
change your mind?
What difference does it make?
I mean, that's what
you want, isn't it?
I'm glad.
Um, I'll... I'll let the
deputy director know.
The thing is, I-I have to
get out today, okay?
- Uh... I don't think that that's
possible. - Oh, come on.
I mean, he can make
it happen if he wants.
You people are doing
deals all the time, right?
I'll try.
I am here to help you.
- Nice!
All right, wait.
If you lift up the black thingy
and then scrub right underneath...
- Hey.
- Hey.
Mimi, want to come on
a joyride with us tonight?
This will be fun.
- Okay.
- Good girl.
I want you to check through the transcript
of your statement for accuracy.
Uh, my client will need a decree
of protection before he's released.
You did the right thing.
Thank you, Mr. Randall.
I didn't do it for you, mate.
Well, I didn't.
Bring it back.
Got you covered.
No, you've got to get over it,
and like that. See?
Tommy. You-know-who
has been talking.
Open up!
Open up, will ya!
- Hurry up!
- Paperwork? - Here.
I'll be seeing you later,
Randall. Did you hear that?
What is she doing here?
We get her hands dirty, she's part of
the team. She's part of us. Understand?
- This was not part of our
deal, dad! - Deal?
Which particular position
are you dealing from, Carl?
You wanted to come.
You're in or you're out.
Uncle Gary!
What's going on?
- You know her?
- How you do, uncle Gary?
That's, uh... that's Dean's kid.
The... the kid he sponsors.
- You knew this? - What's going on?
What's she doing here?
Let's go.
- You all right?
- Yes.
Well... good luck.
- Okay. Who wants to do the honors?
- Here, I'll... - I'll do it.
- You up for it? - Come on.
- No, it'll be all right.
Carl, what's this?
- You... what are you doing?
- It's got nothing to do with you, Mimi.
You want to steal that car?
- It'll be okay. - No.
- It'll be all right. - That's wrong.
You no can do that.
That is... this is bad.
- Hey, Mimi. Mimi. Shut up and
let him do his work, yeah?
- No, that's wrong! - It'll be okay!
It'll be all right! - Shut up!
- You gonna do it?
- Mate, come on.
Let's just call this off. We should
not have brought the kids.
Hey, there's nothing wrong
with my kid, mate. Just leave it.
- You will be like Mr. Randall. You will
be inside... - You don't understand!
- Just stay in the van.
- Don't go.
Are you gonna do it?
- Yeah.
- No! Don't! Don't!
Stay in the van.
- This feel no good.
- Shh!
No good?
- "Feel no good"?
- Shh. Come on.
What's that supposed
to mean... "no good"?
You bad father!
Come on, mate.
Seriously, mate.
- Fletch! - I said shut up!
Come here! Just had it! - Ow!
- Uncle Gary!
- Right! Come here! Come on!
- No! No! Uncle Gary! - I told
you to shut up in there! - No!
- In the back! Go on.
- No, no.
- Ow!
- Stay there!
Get in! Get in the back!
Stay there! - Uncle Gary!
- Shut up!
- Uncle Gary!
Uncle Gary, you help me!
Mr. Fletch!
This is wrong!
- Get me out! - Hey! I'll punch your
lights out if you don't shut up.
- Just ignore her. Blue 'Beamer' (BMW),
right? - Yeah. The automatic.
Get on with it.
Where's Mei Mei?
- Who the hell are you?
- I'm Gary's brother. Where is she?
Um... uh, uh, she's with
my dad at the car yard.
- Okay, well, you got to take me there.
- I can't, man. The car's hot.
I don't care! She's in
trouble, all right?!
Come on!
That should be down
in the garage!
- Dean.
- Where is she?
- I don't know what you're
talking about. - I'm here!
Where is she?!
- What are you doing?!
- Just tell me where she is!
You'll bloody ruin everything!
I don't know! I told your brother!
- Come on, Fletch!
- I don't want to hear... - Gary!
Hey, Gary!
Bring it back in now!
I just want Mei Mei!
- You're gonna ruin it!
- Where are you?!
- Security 1 to base. I need the Police.
- Roger that, security 1.
- Dad! Dad, get off of him!
- Where is Mei Mei?!
You shouldn't have
brought him here!
You're gonna bugger everything
up as usual, you bloody idiot!
- No! No! I'm here!
- Mei Mei?
- Mei Mei?!
- Where is Mei Mei?
Mei Mei, just wait!
I'll get you out!
- Mr. Randall!
- Dad! Dad!
Dad! Stop! Let her go!
Just wait, Mei Mei.
- Dad! Dad! Dad!
- Let go of me! - Stop!
All right, it's over!
Just stop!
- Let go of me!
- It's over!
You're an idiot!
- Hands behind your back.
- All right.
No! Stop! Not him!
Stop! Stop!
- All right, hands behind your back.
You're under arrest. - No!
- Stealing cars?
- I didn't steal anything.
I got you out of here this morning,
and now you are straight back in here!
You don't understand. Mei Mei was in
trouble. I was just trying to help her!
This is so disappointing.
Do you realize that the lawyer has
almost finalized Mei Mei's temporary visa?
Where is she?
Is she here?
No! She is locked up,
thanks to you.
But that's all right.
We can sort that out.
We'll find her a foster family,
and can look after her until then.
Is she all right?
Can I see her?
- She can't have anything more
to do with you. - Why not?
Or with this place.
Do something right for
once and let her go.
What she needs now is a nice
home and a responsible guardian,
- and someone with financial and social
stability. - And that's you, is it?
You don't even know her!
But what I know is
that she needs help.
"Mr. Randall, I tell you
Things I no tell others.
You always there...
hear my words."
Little Sister!
I've found you at last.
Don't be scared. It's me.
Miss Chen...
What should we
do with you child?
How is everyone?
Did the children perform well?
How would I know?
I wasn't there.
I'm so sorry Miss Chen.
I'm sorry.
Little Sister,
I've been thinking about
what you trying to do.
If you want to find your parents,
we'll try when we go home.
Mr. Randall is a parent to me.
You mean... you want
to stay here with him?
It wasn't my intention.
But when I met Mr. Randall
I realised he's alone and needs help.
I really don't know what to do.
To me, the most
important thing,
is you have a good life,
and you are happy.
If you really want
to stay here...
I'll understand.
Uh, she was brought
in last night.
I have authority to
take her into my care.
Mei Mei.
I have an interim order here granting
Mei Mei temporary protection status.
Mei Mei, this is what you want.
You can stay here in Australia.
You can stay with me while
we find you a foster family.
I go back to China.
No, but, Mei Mei,
you can stay here.
- You can start a whole new life...
a nice house, good school. - No.
Little Sister, are you sure?
What about Mr. Randall?
In my heart,
he's always my father.
But China is my home.
And children need me more.
Let's go home.
Thank you.
# Happiness is just
a little thing
# Humans mostly
are too large for it
# If you cannot feel
the joy of spring
# Shrink yourself,
and maybe then you'll fit
# Happiness is just
a little thing
# Humans mostly are too... #
When I was seven,
I broke a vase.
It was a secret.
I didn't tell anyone but you.
When I was nine,
I joined the choir.
The very first
song that I sang...
I sang it for you.
Always you appear real to me.
Please stay real.
For me.
Thank you.
Thank you.
D- don't move.
You're hurt... hurt bad.
You need to rest,
Mr. Randall.
I'm sorry, Mr. Randall,
but I have something
to tell you.
Children need me...
...and I miss them.
So you...
You won't be here?
Yes. I will.
In letters.
And you will be with me,
like before...
But different.
Real, huh?
I have a name for you.
Mei? That...
that already my name.
May's spring in China.
And autumn...
...here it's autumn.
So you can be
"May" in both places.
It's a real name.
It's a big girl's name.
But, you know, in China,
only parents can
give name to child.
How are you feeling?
- Yeah, I'm all right.
- Where are you going?
To speak to the
deputy director.
- Oh, you don't need to speak to
the deputy director. - Yes, I do.
- We had a deal, and he didn't live
up to it. - You didn't let me finish.
I've made all the arrangements.
They realize that they can't
fight any lawsuit you'd bring,
so you're free to go.
And joining the Sydney
children's choir today
is the Dong Ying Choir.
Put your hands together and
give them a warm welcome.
This is the final performance
of their Australian tour.
It's all ready.
Your turn has come.
I... I can't.
It's your favourite song.
Go on. You can do it.
# It's because I love you,
not because we're far apart
# It's because I love you and
because you're near my heart
# Ooh oo-oo-ooh oo-ooh
# Do what you wanna do,
be what you wanna be, yeah
# Do what you wanna do
# Do what you wanna do,
be what you wanna be, yeah
# Do what you wanna do
# Do what you wanna do,
be what you wanna be, yeah #
"Dear Mr. Randall...
two new little Mei Meis come
stay in orphanage last week.
I teach them sing.
Their voices are small,
but will be stronger next year
for when you come to see us.
Love, May.
# Ooooooooooh
# Do what you wanna do,
be what you wanna be, yeah
# Do what you wanna do
# Do what you wanna do,
be what you wanna be, yeah #