36 Saints (2013) Movie Script

According to ancient
mythology, in every
Generation, there are 36
individuals who carry the
Suffering of the world, and
assist those in dire need.
The 36 are amongst us all.
Anyone you meet
could be one of them.
The world exists in the merit
of these 36 righteous people.
Without them, the world we
know would fall into chaos.
And eventually darkness.
To achieve this darkness,
there are those too who have
Chosen evil over good.
They are united by their
leader, Lilith, and are all
Marked by the
symbol of darkness.
Once their mission on this
earth is completed, they are
Destroyed, either by
self-infliction, or by another
Dark one.
Damnation falls on the ones
who do not choose to be evil
And want to escape
the wrath of Lilith.
Lilith's ultimate revenge is
to destroy the 36 by choosing
The same fate that their
namesakes have been
The final nine have
been discovered.
By abolishing them, darkness
will reign over light.
Hey father, can
you save me?
Hey father!
28, Stephen.
Thank you.
Oh, damn it!
Oh my God!
Somebody help me!
No, no!
And cut!
Great job.
Great job.
Great job, Gabriel.
Great job, are you okay?
Um, Cain, do you really think
that these stiletto pumps work?
I mean, they just,
they feel so fake.
Eve, no more stiletto pumps.
You can throw 'em away!
Alright that's a
wrap everybody!
Um, Gabriel, why don't you
take Eve back down to holding,
And listen, you two rest
up, see you tomorrow.
Great job.
Um, I can walk myself down.
You sure?
Yeah, no, it's fine.
Alright, I'll
see you tomorrow?
See you, yeah.
Don't get killed!
Alright you two.
We've got a dead priest in
the subway tunnel on 189th and
A father Esteban Lopez from
St. Lazarus in the heights.
Father Esteban?
Ain't that your
family's parish?
Surprised your mother
ain't called you.
Yeah, well, a lot of
other people have.
Somebody apparently broke
into the church, destroyed the
Virgin Mary and cut
off baby Jesus' head.
They also stole some
books from the library.
Captain wants you two over
there as soon as possible,
'Cause he wants to make sure
that there's no connection
Between the death of the
priest and the destruction
Over at the church.
Detectives Byrnes and Rosen
are covering the murder scene.
How'd he die?
A rock to the head.
It's Halloween.
Yeah, hi mom.
I just heard.
Yes, mother.
It's a shame.
Yeah, me an Michael are going
to investigate right now.
Eve, please
let me suck the blood!
Joan, I know that's you.
Happy Halloween!
I swear babe, I had
nothing to do with this.
I know, I know, baby.
You would never do
anything this scary.
Oh, girl, they let you
keep all these shoes?
Ooh, you know we
wear the same size.
Then you can keep them
because they've been killing.
I thought we'd all go dancing
for a little bit tonight.
You know, thought it'd be fun.
I thought we were going
to plan for the memorial.
We'll do it, Eve.
But it's Halloween.
And we keep putting it off,
which keeps making it worse.
It's our responsibility
to carry on their names.
Eve, I know, but...
Life had other plans for them.
Aw, leave him alone.
He's too busy being a club
promoter to be thinking about
Okay, okay.
Enough with the
guilt trip already.
I'm just saying we're
alive and they're not.
That's, that's all.
It's Halloween.
I know you understand
what she was saying, Dom.
But okay, just give me
a minute to get dressed.
It is Halloween.
But tomorrow we'll start
working on the memorial
Planning, okay?
Feel that?
It's freezing in here.
Brings back memories, huh?
Hey Joe.
It may be Halloween, but this
don't feel like kids to me.
It's obviously someone
who has issues with God.
Doesn't everybody?
Oh, father.
Hard to believe you were once
an altar boy at this church.
Do you know what the beheading
of the baby Jesus and the
Desecration of the
virgin Mary means?
The Bible says that when the
desecration of idols starts...
The righteous shall be killed.
And that the end of
our days are near.
Jesus Christ.
I'm sorry father.
But the things you're saying
are making me nervous.
My partner Michael.
We've met.
The neighborhood.
Excuse me.
Yeah, we're here.
So how you been, father?
Not bad, for an old fool.
I'm sorry about
father Esteban.
He was a good man.
Like you.
Como esta Tu mama?
She's fine, thank you.
Give her my best.
I will, father.
We gotta go.
Forensics is on
the way, father.
Once we find out who did this
or get any information on
Father Esteban, we'll be back.
I know you will.
Ladies and gentlemen,
one straight line please!
What's up man.
Come on in, girl.
Thanks Dominic.
Happy Halloween, baby.
Happy Halloween.
And you!
It's a delight.
Hey hey!
You look so delicious.
Oh thank you.
I just might change
your diaper, honey.
Enjoy, chosen ones.
This boy is excellent.
Get some drinks.
Thanks Genesius.
Your horns are showing.
Want to trade
costumes with me?
Not really.
Maria, hey!
Hey! How are you?
Happy Halloween.
You too.
This is Alessandro.
He works at the hotel.
What'd you say?
Let's go.
Hey Tarzan.
Why are you so sexy?
'Cause me Tarzan!
And me Joan!
His girlfriend.
His boo.
Bye, bitch.
Killing it, Valentine.
Killing, think so, think so?
Killing it.
Thanks man.
Happy Halloween, guys.
Happy Halloween!
You're sweet.
Hey, how's about that shit?
Hey, hi.
Hey fellas.
How's it going?
It ain't pretty.
We're working on the lights,
so you're going to need these.
Alright, thanks Davis.
My God.
29, Jesus.
He's just a kid.
What the hell are we dealing
with here?
Jesus Ochoa.
He's from the neighborhood.
He's a freshman over
in Washington heights.
Did you get an address
to the family yet?
No, we're working on it.
I'll be outside.
Yes, can I help you?
Are you senora Ochoa?
Yes, I'm Tilda Ochoa.
Oh my God.
My Jesus is not home yet.
Did something happen to him?
I'm sorry senora.
No, God!
Hijo mio...
Ai, ai, ai, ai, ai.
Here you go.
That was my Jesus.
The group honored him as one
of the righteous of tomorrow.
He was such as special boy.
Senora, do you mind?
And these other kids?
Yeah, they're a wonderful
group of kids from the academy
Of royals.
They're the six that escaped
that horrible plane crash
Last year.
In Montreal?
God bless them.
You know father Judas is the
only survivor from that
Plane crash.
He was the one who introduced
my Jesus to the group.
Senora, do you mind if
I take this picture?
I'll make sure they return
it to you once we're done.
They're a wonderful
group of kids.
Just like my Jesus.
He was so happy to
be part of that.
So, what I'm curious to know
is how many of you actually
Believe in such a
thing as spirits.
Mr. Savio.
Stop it.
Mr. Savio.
Ugh, hmm?
Mm, sir.
Yes, Professor Okafor.
The answer is yes?
Yes, uh...
I mean, I don't...
And you mean you were asleep.
Then answer the question.
Do you believe in
spirits, Mr. Savio?
Well, I-i guess so.
So you believe there's
spirits all around us?
I do, Professor Okafor.
I, I think that, uh, there are
spirits throughout the world,
And they give comfort to
those that believe in them.
Have you ever been comforted
by a spirit, Mr. Savio?
I've been comforted by some
ghouls, but, the right spirit
Hasn't comforted
my life as of yet.
Alright, alright.
Your papers on the garden of
Eden are due next Monday, people.
And let's not use this weekend
of partying and spirits as an
Excuse for not
turning them in on time.
Especially you, Mr. Savio.
Class dismissed.
And are they tardy, I'll ask for
another one.
I overslept.
At what precinct?
Very funny.
Thank you.
Eating in the library?
Hi Ms. El.
Welcome back, Ms. El.
Thank you.
Oh, no thanks.
I really shouldn't,
but if you insist.
How was your trip?
Oh, it was just beautiful.
Jerusalem, Nazareth,
floating in the dead sea.
Oh, Israel is truly
God's country.
I hear that from everyone.
How's the movie going?
Oh, it's been fun, thanks.
What are you guys
working on now?
We're trying to organize a
memorial for the group that
Died last year.
Oh my.
Has it been a year already?
Any ideas yet?
We want to have something
that's kind of fun, but we
Still want to get out our
message across to the world
That we care, that we haven't
forgotten, and that we're
Still actively involved in
helping the less fortunate.
What about that club
you all like to go to?
The deity?
The deity!
Why don't you organize
an event there?
That's actually
not a bad idea.
It's a great idea, but what
would we base the memorial on?
Well, it is all
saints day today.
And with this month
being the time to...
Honor the memory
of lost souls.
Maybe you can throw an event
around that same theme?
Yeah, but the anniversary of
the crash is tomorrow, and how
Can we do something so quick?
Well, if we all met up at the
club tonight, we could talk to
I mean, if anyone can
make it happen, she can.
Sounds good.
I mean, this
could really work.
Thanks Ms. El,
you're the best.
Oh, oh.
Let me help you with that.
Hold on, hold on.
Hey, the alphabet...
Of Ben Sira.
Oh, Ms. El.
Great to have you back.
Oh, it's great to be back.
You guys are the ones
who are truly something.
Don't eat in the library.
The butt-kiss!
I'm not sucking up!
What'd I tell you?
Who brought the food anyway?
You brought the food?
She gonna push the
bag down the steps!
She'll push the bag
down the steps!
I can hear the screams!
I can hear the screams!
I can hear the screams! And then
there'll be more!
It's usually a crackhead.
Woah, woah, woah.
Let's take it easy now.
So I told this guy, "mama,
look, if you do that shit one"
More time, I'll
break your balls. "
Look at this guy.
Alright, be cool now.
What the hell's going on here.
Be cool!
I'm innocent, on a
young man's blood.
We got it, alright?
His name's punches.
Punches pilot.
Hey, stop!
Listen to me, I got a truth.
Let's do this easy.
Let's do it easy,
take it easy now.
I hear the screams!
Get this lunatic
out of here already?
We got him.
Don't go, no, no, ho!
You've been chosen.
You've been called.
You are one of the ones.
Isaiah 13 through 15.
Stop, stop them before
the other ones die!
Get out of here.
The Lamed Vovnik! The Lamed
Come on, let's get
back to work here.
You don't need me
in there, right?
Mm, nah.
I got this.
I've been waiting for you.
Jesus Ochoa was a good boy.
He reminded me so much of
you when you were young.
How's his mother doing?
I guess she's good
as she can be.
I shall pray for her.
Father, I have some
other questions.
Do you know these other kids?
Lamed Vovniks.
In every generation, there are
36 individuals chosen by God,
Chosen, not of
their own choice.
They are like the rest of us.
Father, I don't even understand
what you're talking about.
This morning there
was this man.
This homeless man.
He kept saying the
words you just said.
Lamed, uh...
I-I don't know what the word.
Lamed Vovniks.
Lamed Vovniks.
Everyone thought he was crazy.
Did you think he was?
I don't know.
And what else did
he say, Joseph?
He wanted me to read
this verse in the Bible.
And then he said that I was...
One of the ones.
Joseph, you are
the gifted one.
Look deep.
Seek and you shall find.
You find out
anything in there?
Guess not.
Do you even understand what
you're reading in that thing.
Michael, read Isaiah
34 verses 13-15.
Go ahead.
I'm not reading that thing.
No, just read it, come
on read it. Out of here.
You're serious?
"And the palaces of
Edom break into thorns. "
Nettles and thistles
in its castles.
And it becomes the abode
of wild dogs,
"pasture for ostriches. "
I don't even understand
what I'm reading here!
Come on, just keep reading. Just
keep reading, come on!
"And martens meet with
jackals, and a wood-devil runs"
Upon his fellow.
Yea, Lilith dwells there
and finds rest for herself.
There the arrow snake makes its
nest, and breeds and lays eggs.
"And broods in the
shadow there. "
Let's get out of here, man.
Jesus Christ, Alessandro!
Oh my God!
You scared the hell out of me!
I was, I was hoping...
I was hoping we could pick
up where we left off this
Ugh, no.
I told you, nothing
serious, Alessandro.
Just a fun place.
It's just um...
Who's there?
Oh sh...
Hey you.
Uh, no, I'm still volunteering
at the cafeteria at the red
Cross blood drive.
Uh, what?
Yeah, sounds good.
See you later, Tarzan.
You order a small coffee?
Yeah, they're on their way.
That's the picture
from the Ochoa house?
Cream and sugar?
You saved my black. Life man.
Good afternoon.
Morning fellas.
What's going on?
What's this?
It's a picture of the
remaining kids from the
Academy of royals that weren't
on that flight that killed 27
In Montreal last year.
Oh yeah, yeah.
I remember.
Wait a minute.
Isn't that...
Yeah, that's Jesus Ochoa and
Father Esteban Lopez.
And the other priest?
Judas Neri.
Saint Lazarus.
Saint Lazarus?
Fanny, me and Michael went to
the bodega this morning, and
There was this guy
screaming out these words.
He was just dressed up in
some flight outfit, with...
Punches pilot?
Yeah, you know him?
Uh, yeah.
The guy's been in and out of
here more times than any of us.
Are you kidding me?
Lieutenant told me that they
already released him, though.
I mean, but the guy's
out of his mind, right?
Are you kidding me?
The guy's a complete nut job.
Complete nut job.
Because he said some
things that, I just...
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
You guys are not telling you
believe anything this guy
Says, are you?
W-what did he say?
He said that she pushed
him down the steps.
And that she was here.
That Joe had to kill her
before the others died.
Oh, come on... come on.
Fanny, listen.
Have you ever heard
of Lamed Vovniks?
The Lamed who?
Lamed Vovniks.
No, no.
Fanny, two people in
this picture are dead.
What I want you to do is
make a copy and keep one for
Yourself so then...
Then maybe you could
do a search, you know?
Find out who these
other kids are.
You guys are really serious
about this aren't you?
Alright I'm...
Forgetting something?
Oh, thank you.
What would I do without you?
I've been thinking a lot
about our assignment.
What assignment?
Okafor's class.
The garden of Eden.
Oh yeah, right.
What about it?
I want to show you something.
Watch this.
According to the
alphabet of Ben Sira.
Ben Sira?
Lilith, not Eve, was the
real first wife of Adam.
She was created at the same
time and from the same earth
As him.
After she refused to become
subservient to him, Lilith
Left the garden of Eden
and set out on a path of
Destruction and chaos, killing
anyone or anything that got in
Her way.
Lilith is commonly referred
to in ancient mythology as the
Female demon who is
portrayed as the foe of Eve.
You scared me.
Uh, we were just looking at
some very interesting stuff on
The Internet.
Of what?
About the real first woman in
the world and how because she
Wasn't subservient to man, she
was cast out of the garden of
Eden and now runs around
creating trouble and chaos for
Everyone she meets.
Was, was her name Joan?
Boy, please!
It's not even a real story.
It's just a
mythological story.
Uh huh.
So are you ready to go?
Hey hey!
Well if it ain't
Saint Dominic himself.
Hey Sam.
You are the coolest, Dom.
I'm not the coolest.
You're the coolest,
Samson, okay?
Alright, I-I'll see you
later buddy, and uh...
Man, don't worry
about that man.
Always getting something free.
Yo man, I was hoping you could
get me into the club tomorrow
I got a date.
That's what's her name?
She's beautiful man.
Beautiful, yo.
Uh huh, uh?
Shes' older.
She hot though.
Yeah man, I've been chasing
her for a long time.
I know it's gonna
work out man.
Thank you so much
for this really.
I love what you're doing. So
amazing that you're doing this.
So amazing.
Yeah, I've been knowing her
ever since she quit school.
Yo, you ready for this?
You know what her name is?
Short for Delilah.
Get it?
Sam, short for Samson?
D, short for Delilah?
Samson and Delilah?
Okay, alright.
You know, a lot of people joke
around, think it's stupid, you
Know, because it's exactly
like that in the Bible.
I take that seriously, man.
You know, serendipity.
Well, I'm happy for you Sam.
Dom, I've been knowing her
for a long time ever since she
Quit school.
You know, she got
her beauty license.
Yo, she used to date this dude
from back in the day, and she
Had a set of twins, and then
she had another set of twins
From another dude the
very next year too.
Two, right?
Get it?
She sounds, she sounds,
she sounds great.
Yo man, so you gonna work your
magic, get us into the club
Tomorrow night?
Hey, no problem buddy.
And it's going to be
a special night, too.
I can't wait to meet her.
Yo, tomorrow night.
The deity!
Samson and Delilah!
Alright man.
Hoo hoo!
Worshipers of club deity.
Make some noise!
I said worshipers of club
deity, make some noise!
So, tomorrow night, in
observance of the accident
Last year in Montreal, the
students of the academy of the
Royals will be holding a
memorial to honor all 27 lost
That night.
Therefore, our doors will open
a little late tomorrow night.
Simmer down!
Our doors will open at 10
pm, followed by a memorial at
The exact time of
last year's tragedy.
In lieu of a cover, we ask
that you be as generous as
Your means will allow
and make a donation.
A donation to a scholarship
fund we are establishing for a
Chosen kid from the
neighborhood to attend the
Academy of the
royals next year.
Make some noise for that!
And our DJ for the evening
will be none other than
Academy of the royals'
very own DJ Valentine.
DJ Valentine!
They really took it out, baby.
Now, now where's Dominic?
Um, I don't know.
He hasn't arrived yet.
Make sure he's on time
tomorrow night, okay?
Alright, will do.
We're going to need his help.
Forgive me father,
for I have sinned.
I have betrayed both father
Esteban and Jesus Ochova.
Forgive me father, for I have
I have betrayed
the innocent blood.
Hey Michael, come
check this out.
Relax, guys. It's just me.
Watch your step.
I'm so sorry about
father Neri, Joseph.
I came over here because I
gotta show you something.
So listen, Joseph.
Yesterday you were telling me
about punches telling you that
Somebody pushed somebody
down the steps, right?
That somebody turned out
to be a Dominic Savio.
A student at the
academy of royals.
What's that burning?
Yeah, I got it.
Wow, what is this?
W-when I looked at the picture
that you left me yesterday...
That's Dominic, right there.
Saint Dominic or...
Saint Stephen, a protomartyr,
was stoned to death.
Like father Esteban
in the subway.
Let me see...
Saint Maria Valentine.
Four, five, six, seven, eight.
There's eight saints here.
Eight plus 27 is...
I thought it'd be 36.
There's gotta be
something else.
Take a look at this, huh?
Was it really an accident?
Oh my God.
Out of what?
It's Jesus Christ
on the cross.
It's Jesus Ochoa!
Fanny, we got to
find the other kids.
Their names are Eve,
Sebastian, Joan, Valentine,
Maria, and...
Let's get to the steps.
Oh my God.
Oh, Ms. El, do you
live around here?
Uh, close.
Oh my God.
Split shifts at the hotel
this morning so I can make the
Event tonight.
We're having it at the
deity for the crash victims.
Oh, it's tonight?
Yeah, we have a memorial at
exactly 10:15, and then a
Celebration afterwards.
Oh, how nice.
Yeah, I'm lucky Mohammed
switched my shifts.
You know I'm on work-study
there for hospitality, right?
Well, I didn't know.
Well how great for you.
Yeah, they start us out at a
small, struggling hotel and
We work our way up
to park Avenue, so...
Ms. El, you should
definitely come tonight.
Sebastian invited
the other faculty.
Professor Okafor's
going to be there.
Oh, well any time after 10 is
a little late for me, but I
Think it's special what you
guys are doing, so please tell
The others I'll be
there in spirit.
I will.
It's so good to see you.
I really hope you'll surprise
us all and show up later.
Ah, let me get that for you.
Oh, thank you.
Let's cross.
You know.
So what are we
talking here, what?
Couple hours, maybe ten
hours he's sitting here?
Yeah, through the night.
Any witnesses in the
neighborhood, anybody saw
No, we asked
around the area...
Stop, sir you
can't be up here.
Get back.
I said get back!
I, I told you about it!
I told you to...
I told you, but...
I'm gonna cut him off!
I just want to talk to you!
I didn't do anything, I swear!
I told you this would happen!
I know!
I know, I know, I know!
Just listen to me!
You said some other
things yesterday.
And they're true!
I know!
I just want to talk to you.
Just listen to me!
You're a murder
suspect right now!
It's them!
The Lamed Vovnik!
You're in danger, man!
What do you mean?
You didn't read the Bible
story like I told you to.
But I don't understand it.
And martens meet with jackals,
and a wood-devil runs upon its
Yea, Lilith dwells there
and finds rest for itself.
She's here!
Who's here?
The demon!
The demon Lilith?
No, she captivates.
There's no escaping her.
But the only way to beat her after
she's taken your soul is to...
Is to take your own life
or to let her take it!
Just like that priest.
Her ultimate plan is
the rule in darkness.
Her ultimate revenge is to
destroy the 36 righteous
Chosen by God.
And you my friend,
are one of them.
And how do you
know this, punches?
Because I...
Used to be one of them.
I got him.
Oh my God, oh my God.
What the fuck?
This isn't funny!
Ah, oh...
What the fuck, Alessandro?
What are you doing?
Please, Alessandro, no!
Agh, please!
Shh, shh!
31, Maria.
Oh, absolutely.
Yes, baby.
I'm listening to you.
Yeah, she wants us to
meet her on set tonight.
Yeah, so we can all
walk over together.
Yeah, it's, it's her
last day filming.
Okay, um, so why don't you
meet me in front of the park
On Broadway.
Alright, sounds good.
Love you too, baby.
Alright, bye.
That's bad.
Did you see anything,
anything s...
She wasn't even supposed
to be at work this morning!
We've got to quit
meeting like this Davis.
Whaddya got?
Maria Goretti.
She's a student at the academy
of royals working on her
Hospitality major
here in the hotel.
That's her coworker,
Alessandro Medea.
Were they dating?
Don't' know.
Nobody heard anything?
Nobody saw anything?
Only thing we know for sure is
that it wasn't her scheduled
She switched scheduled so that
she could attend some benefit
Tonight at that
club, uh, deity.
Do you know what
the benefit was for?
Not sure.
I'll take it from here, Davis.
Thanks for all your help.
Saint Maria Goretti.
Patron Saint of youth, young
women and victims of rape.
Rather than submitting to her
assailant, Saint Maria Goretti
Was stabbed to death
14 times by a knife.
We got four kids out there
whose lives are in danger.
You go to the club, I'm going
to head back to the office,
See if I can locate
the rest of these kids.
You got it, sounds
like a plan.
Oh come on, it's not that bad.
It's awful.
It's your last day.
It's not bad, you look cute.
You look angelic.
Okay, hooded man kills college
girl, then she realizes that
She's actually in love with
him and tries to shoot him
With an arrow of love.
You look cute.
If you think this looks
bad, you should see Gabriel.
Look good, man, you look good!
Right, you guys gotta
bear with me, alright?
We gotta wait for it to get
a little bit darker, or else
That whole dream sequence
is not going to work.
You look perfect.
No, come on.
When you guys see this
finished film up on screen,
You both are
going to thank me.
Hey, did you get
the new sides?
Yeah, but they don't
really make a lot of sense.
Eve, trust me.
The only thing that I'm
trusting in right now is that
You promised us that you'd
get us out of here by 10.
I know.
I promise, I know how
important it is for you.
We're doing the best
we can, alright?
Alright, flying in!
Okay, you called
Professor Okafor, right?
I told him it was the last day
of filming and that we'd meet
Him there when we're
done in the park.
Okay, and did you to
Valentine or Joan?
Yes, yes, yes.
They're going to meet us here
and we'll all go together.
What about Dom?
I haven't heard back from Dom.
Call him again.
He can't be late.
Alright, I'll call Dom.
Are you okay?
You know, we're having
a party tonight.
Oh yeah?
I think it would be
nice if you joined us.
You know, considering
its our last day and all.
Thanks, sounds like fun.
Hey, Eve.
Look, I had this dream.
And we were both
dressed as angels.
But, um...
This messenger came and he
wanted to tell you something.
The messenger was...
Was me.
Hmm, I couldn't reach him.
Uh, I'm sorry, Gabriel,
what did you want to say?
Oh nothing, nothing.
It's fine.
Baby I'm coming!
Baby, I-I-I'm
coming, I'm coming!
32, Valentine.
Oh God!
33, Joan.
Mm, hey.
I'm almost certain they're
filming this thing tonight.
Okay, I'm gonna, I'm
gonna call him right now.
Okay, Fanny, what
have you got?
Joseph, you're
on to something.
I'm sitting here with
Professor Okafor from the
Academy of royals.
He's a Professor
of theology there.
Listen, tonight at 10:15 the
kids are all having a benefit
For the 27 who died in that
crash in Montreal a year ago
Now, the others in the picture
are the ones who escaped the
Crash by coming to New York at
the last minute to receive an
Honor for their
humanitarianism at the
United nations.
I'm already at
the club, Fanny.
Where are the other kids?
That's what I'm
trying to tell you.
Professor Okafor told me that
one of the kids, Eve masters,
Is an actress.
Okay, now we think that their
film is shooting in the park
By Dyckman.
He said that all of the kids
are meeting up with Eve on the
Set and then they're all
heading to the club afterward.
Okay, the park on Dyckman
is near here, alright.
Listen, I told Michael...
No, no, I already
talked to him, okay?
He's meeting you in the
park entrance on Dyckman.
Okay, great job Fanny.
Listen, call Michael and let
him know that I'm on my way,
Got it, bye.
Okay, look out.
I want you two to stand over
here like, you're like this
Young couple in love, alright?
Get close to each other,
cuddle up and kiss.
All that kind of stuff.
Eve, Gabriel, come here,
Gabriel, come over here.
I want you to stand over here.
I want you to look over here,
look in that direction right
Out there.
Do not look at Eve.
I want you to just be looking
off into the distance,
Okay, Sebastian, uh, I, you
know, I'm going to use you in
This, do you mind?
You don't mind, do you? No.
You okay?
Okay, what I'm going to do is
I'm going to have you stand
Over here.
I want you to look down, okay?
When I raise my hand,
you just walk, okay?
But always looking down.
Don't look at the action or
don't look at the camera.
You got me?
Okay, Eve.
Okay, props!
I need you to take
the arrow, okay?
And I want you
to pull it back.
You got all your lines, right?
I want you to come
from back here.
Uh huh.
And I want you
to walk forward.
Doing your lines.
Don't look at him.
Shoot the arrow, we'll fade to
white, we'll have a wrap, and
Then you will make your
party on time, alright?
But, about the lines and
about the arrow flying...
Eve, Eve, Eve.
Please, listen to me.
You are great in this movie.
The lines, they're
like Shakespeare.
Trust me, Eve, alright?
Are you ready?
Alright, yeah.
And, action!
Dear commander at the
Roman emperor's court.
You chose to be soldier
of Christ, and...
Dared to spread faith to the
king of kings, to which you
Are condemned to die.
Your body proved however to
be athletically strong and the
Execution arrows to
be extremely weak.
So another method to
kill you was chosen.
May all athletes be as
strong as you in faith.
No, no, no, Eve.
Not like that.
Like this.
You pull it back,
you aim it...
Someone, please
call an ambulance!
Someone help me please!
Freeze right there!
I need a bus, fourth width,
in the park on Dyckman.
I'm going after her.
Genesius, where are you?
Genesius, oh my God,
please help me Genesius!
Genesius, where are you?
Oh my God!
Ms. El...
Immortality, my dear Eve.
It's what I have to offer you.
You, my dear are the 36th.
Bite the apple, Eve.
35th has just arrived.
Stop right there!
It's Ms. El!
It's Ms. El, please
listen to me, please!
Stay right there!
It's Lilith!
Take her, Michael!
Do it now, Mike!
35, Joseph.
Please tell me that
they found her.
I'm afraid not.
I'm sorry.
And the others?
How are they?
Aren't pretty.
How's Eve?
You know, she's
been through a lot.
Happy holidays.
Thank you.
You've been a real Saint.
It's been a pleasure.
36, Eve.