365 Days: This Day (2022) Movie Script

Only mistake
You gave me 365 days
But nothing could ever make me be
Next to you
I've tried so hard
But no one's perfect enough
But when you're alone
There's something so sweet
About death
'Cause when you're gone
I've lost myself
And I've never wanted
To feel so wrong
When I'm in love
With you
I follow your steps
I'll never leave you again
'Cause when I'm with you
It feels like home
You shouldn't be here.
I've missed your touch
I want to drown in your eyes
And look at us now
- No one is perfect enough
- I don't have panties.
'Cause when you're gone
I've lost myself
And I've never wanted to feel so wrong
When I'm in love
Your lips, like poison
Our hearts, so broken
No one believed we don't care
We've made bad choices
Our souls were frozen
Now we are here once again
And I've never wanted to feel so wrong
When I'm in love
With you
I couldn't find anything decent.
New house, new wardrobe,
but it's still the same old mess.
What the hell are you doing here?
You're sick people. You know that?
You deviants!
Freaks! Filthy perverts!
you have to get out of here!
It brings bad luck
to see the bride before the wedding.
Not to say to bang her
and ruin her makeup!
You're driving me crazy.
You'd give Grandma Krysia a heart attack.
- Are you jealous?
- Listen to me.
Please have some respect
for Polish tradition, okay?
If you want, next time you can join us.
Go, go, go!
Adis, amigos. Ciao, bella!
Or whatever you people say.
See you later, alligator!
It was supposed to be perfect.
The wedding, the dress, and you.
And I was supposed to be relaxing.
Just look at you.
I'm not gonna get on yourass about it,
but you never smoke.
Whatever. If you wanna pretend
to be a badass, fine.
But I need to know something.
You haven't told him, have you?
Okay. None of my business.
You've been trying
to tell him, though, right?
I think about it every day.
Massimo can never know I was pregnant.
That's great.
A dark secret is the foundation
of any successful relationship.
What should I do?
Tell him I lost the baby
in the tunnel where I almost died?
Do you know what he'd do?
These people aren't normal.
A war would break out.
A war? Come on.
You know Massimo.
He never lets things go.
Know what a "vendetta" is?
You do realize we're in Sicily, right?
I mean, I've heard the word before.
In movies. Who hasn't?
Of course I know what it means.
Oh shit.
I wasn't thinking.
It was the hardest decision of my life.
I'm sorry.
You're the strongest woman I've ever met.
You know that?
Remember, you're not alone.
I'm here for you.
So, do you love him?
Okay, let's go.
Help me get ready.
I promise I won't forget
my panties this time.
Here you go.Pick any color you like.
What am I saying? They're all white.
Let me tell you a story
These couple things about us
We're on the way
To the brand-new morning
When you and I
You lift me up
I'm stronger now
You make me better
But I question myself
Am I a fool that I love you?
I just hope I'll make it up
Could you promise me
That you'll never break my heart?
Let's run away
from all this mess.
Am I a fool that I miss you
When I'm dancin' in the dark?
But I always knew
That you were gonna be
My girl
You have one hour.
Then... I'll do whatever I want with you.
No. I'll do whatever I want with you.
Sit down.
You don't carry a gun
But you shoot me down
Not a first time
I care about us
I care about you
Just show me something, girl
Don't treat me like a fool
I don't care if I lose it all
I don't wanna hurt you.
I feel the cold of the nightfall
Try to be a good guy
But actin' like a monster
Nobody knows me better than you
I don't care if I lose it all
In your diamond eyes
See my reflection as if through a fog
You locked me up
You don't care what I feel
Just say something, girl
And set me free
'Cause you know I'm in
On it
On it
On it
On it
On it
Oh, ooh
On it, on it
On it
I try to be a good guy
But actin' like a monster
Nobody knows me better than you
Got no control, got me so
Got me so
And now... I want you
to fuck me the way I like.
I don't care if I lose it all
You think this flower
will help make me forget that yesterday
you preferred the company
of your Mafia fellows over mine?
But it makes you smile.
How do I look like?
Like the first time, baby.
It will be
a perfect honeymoon, husband.
You came later
Did you see her?
I know you wanna be close
And I'm tryin' to understand why
- 'Cause we're doing no wrong
- No wrong
What you like, yeah
What you, what you like, yeah
I care about you
Like nobody else, yeah
So, what you like, yeah
What you, what you like, yeah
What you like
Baby, say what you wanna say
But I know you want it again
You're playing my game today
So,say what you wanna say
What you wanna say
If you like that, I will give you more
If you like that, let me give it all
If you like that
If you like that
If you like that
Doesn't matter, have another
Do you really think so?
You're a liar
You could stop it
But I see you won't
If I do
You'll not go back to her maybe
I'm just crazy
You stuck on my mind, baby
If I do, I'll be called that evil lady
Slow down, down, down
Down, down, down
What you like, yeah
What you, what you like, yeah
I care about you
Like nobody else, yeah
So, what you like, yeah
What you, what you like, yeah
What you like
Baby, say what you wanna say
But I know you want it again
You're playing my game today
So, say what you wanna say
What you wanna say
If you like that
I will give you more
If you like that
Let me give it all
If you like that
If you like that
If you like that
You changed your hair!
Welcome home!
Nice to see you too.
I didn't know we had to bring food.
I'm living my best life. I fell in love.
And when exactly did that happen?
You're the last person
who should be criticizing me.
I'm wondering how many pieces
of furniture I'll need to replace.
Would you be so kind as to make a list
of everything that's been tainted?
Want a raspberry?
In Italian, it's called "lampone."
You can stick your lampone
up your ass.
I would like to propose
you two catch up in a different location
'cause Domenico,
now he needs to focus on work.
Of course, when he's wearing
a normal suit and not...
What is that, a... a cake or something?
I arranged a little trip for you two.
Do I look like furniture
that you can move around?
- I want you to have fun with your friend.
- Oh, really?
- It's not a joke.
- Why don't you put a leash on me?
Oh, I can see honeymoon is over.
Shut up.
Calm down. We could use a vacation.
It's been so long,
I've forgotten what alcohol looks like.
- I'll be in the office.
- All right.
What's on your mind?
Nothing. I'm just enjoying being here.
- Is that why you're acting so serious?
- I'm not.
I just feel bad about Massimo.
He's making a real effort.
He arranged this trip.
Sometimes I think I'm just like my mom.
Nope. Even worse. You're a typical wife.
Thanks, Olga. I can always count on you.
No worries. Happy to help.
Listen. It's simple, really.
You know what Massimo likes,
so just do that.
Oh shit!
I've got an idea.
I like watching you
When you're on fire
Take off your pretty dress
And feed the beast
Deep inside me, mm
This is what you get
Playing with a devil
Triple-six lies
I don't give a fuck
If you're going back to heaven
Breathing you in and out
I'm breathing you in and out
I'm breathing you
Breathing you, breathing you
I'm breathing you in and out
Like triple-six lies, yeah
Don't mess with my mind
I go crazy when you look at me
Like this when I'm tied
'Cause it's never enough
Don't mess with my mind
They'll never tear us apart
I'm the only one
You can really rely on
Without you, I'm blind
Don't mess with my mind
Don't mess with my
Don't mess with my mind
This is what you get
Playing with a devil
Triple-six lies
I don't give a fuck
If you're going back to heaven
Breathing you in and out
I'm breathing you in and out
I'm breathing you
Breathing you in and out
Like triple-six lies
It is so late.
I'm sure you can spend
a few more minutes with me.
I promise you won't regret it.
I know.
But it's very late. I have to leave.
We're back to our normal life,
baby girl, aren't we?
What we found
The last ones
We are the last ones now
Oh yeah. Oh yeah.
You're beautiful.
Holy shit.
- Shit.
- Knock first.
- Get dressed. We're leaving.
- Domenico isn't going anywhere.
I'll be back in 30 minutes.
Be ready by then, okay?
At least be dressed.
Or just be out from under him!
We need to finish.
Oh yes!
Watch out. Careful! Wait.
You're filthy rich,
and we still have to run on the grass!
Ooh! Hi, George!
Hey, let me drive this time.
- We're here.
- Come on.
- Just who will be paying for the damage?
- What?
I drive around Wochy in Warsaw.
If I can do it there, I can do it here.
Hop in.
Move out.
- No. Want me to sit and wave?
- Scoot over. Come on.
Okay. I'll sit and wave.
I like it.
Just look at me, sitting and waving.
Let's go.
You know who I am
Nobody knows me better
Today I'm feelin' fine
No one drags me down
Even if I lose my mind
Who cares? I feel I want it
You won't stop me now, now, now
This time
Don't tell me it's not easy
Just take my hand and follow me
We gon' party, grow up
We've got nothing to lose
So come on
I just wanna have some fun tonight
Remember how we met?
Remember your mom hanging out the window
with a plate in her hand?
How old were we back then? Six?
Mm-hmm. Even back then,
you had powder on your plate.
Hey! It was just powdered Jell-O.
We ate it with our fingers
and went roller-skating. Remember?
Honestly? I prefer life now,
20 years later.
My skates weren't as fast as the Ferrari.
Not for lack of trying.
You know what?
It doesn't matter
what we drive or what we eat,
as long as we're together.
With you, I don't even mind
having to walk everywhere.
Love you.
I love you too.
I hope we're gonna stay
Young forever
As long as we can feel free
- How is everything?
- Great.
Great, thanks.
I've missed this.
everything's gone sideways.
Oh shit.
Hi there!
I guess we're not having dessert.
We're leaving.
Did you hear that?
I said... we're leaving.
Don Massimo Torricelli,
I have needs.
I know that our beginnings
were quite rough,
or more like sick.
You've kidnapped me, and this is sick.
But I fell in love with you,
and we are together because I decided.
You cannot control people,
and I won't let you control me.
- I'm your wife, not one of your soldiers.
- What are you talking about?
- I just want to protect you.
- This is not protection.
This is prison.
I can't live without doing anything.
I miss challenges.
You're right, my girl.
I screwed this up.
You were in love with me
Now you want to burn my heart
I know I could love you anyway...
But it feels
That our memories are away
Excuse me.
Mrs. Torricelli, right?
I didn't want to disturb you.
Mrs. Torricelli, right?
I'm the new gardener, Nacho.
Nacho. Nice to meet you.
You have a nice cap.
Yes, I know. Thank you.
But Nacho?
It doesn't sound very Italian.
It's a nickname.
My family has Spanish roots.
And you? Where are you from?
Oh, yes.
Thank you.
How long have you been working
for my husband?
I just started.
Mr. Torricelli wants
some changes in the garden.
I have to work.
I wouldn't like to waste
your precious time.
Wasting my time?
You're talking to a person
who has absolutely nothing to do.
Now my only job is being a... wife.
How pathetic is that?
You're wrong, missus.
Being a good wife is one
of the most difficult jobs in the world.
It's why I'm so perfect at it.
'Cause I don't have to do anything.
They cook for me. They clean for me.
Even they cut flowers for me.
It's why I'm so perfect at doing nothing.
You are a real busy bee.
That's a great talent.
To be perfect without doing anything.
Please don't tell me
that you also make money by doing nothing.
Where do you think it all comes from?
You need to teach me that.
Mrs. Torricelli!
I must go. Thank you for the water.
Ah. I will cut some flowers for you.
It was a pleasure, Laura from Poland.
It was a pleasure, Nacho the gardener.
Bells are ringing
Down the street
Children singing
Soft and sweet
Knowing there are presents
On the way
Evergreens are white with snow
I'm hanging up the mistletoe
All I want is you
On Christmas Day...
So, let's see what's inside.
Are happy times
Filled with joy and cheer
But I won't fall asleep tonight
Until I know...
You are the owner
of your own clothing company.
My Christmas list...
So, I know that you love work,
and I want you to be free
to do what you love.
And I know that you love fashion.
On Christmas Day
- All I want is you
- I love you.
On Christmas Day
It's hard to get a present
for someone who has everything.
But I will give you
something I think you should like.
I wanna be with somebody like you
I wanna kiss you in every way
When you stay with somebody like me
I'm gonna take you everywhere
Where you wanted
- What?
- I will take care of you
And I would...
Open it...
if you're brave enough.
When you spend this time with me
Every day was mystery
I give you my love and heart for free...
Is this a fucking summer-edition proposal?
Or it's real?
Will you marry me?
- Yes.
- Yes?
- Yes!
- Yes!
Stay like this forever
And you know
It will be our best Christmas, yeah
I don't wanna miss all these holidays
So, when everyone's playing
In the snow
There is the only one right place
You'll find me under the mistletoe
Where you wanted
I will take care of you
And I will never let you down
You can trust me...
I don't want to sound impatient, but...
I think that Santa has forgotten me.
Santa is coming.
He will let you know where is the present.
Christmas, yeah
It will be
A very good, good Christmas...
Be patient.
A very special Christmas, yeah
I think I've seen this before.
Now the only thing
that's missing is the lion.
This is your present, Don Massimo.
I trust you.
I want to give you
everything you wanna take.
Everything is there.
Don't get me wrong
But I don't like promises
Light me up like a cigarette
Oh, babe
Don't get me wrong
Play me like a violin
You know the sweetest melodies
I wanna do bad things with you
I'm a little bit of a psycho
I'm drivin' you like a Lambo, oh, girl
Don't you lie to me, oh no
Just give me love
Give me true love
When the sun goes down
Oh, baby
Your eyes shine as bright as the stars
And I know we'll be sinners
And then saints
Don't get me wrong
But I don't like promises
Light me up like a cigarette
Oh, babe
Don't get me wrong
Play me like a violin
You know the sweetest melodies
I wanna do bad things with you
But I don't like promises
Light me up like a cigarette
Oh, babe, don't get me wrong
Play me like a violin
You know the sweetest melodies
I wanna do bad things with you!
With you!
I wanna do bad things
With you
With you
Thank you for arranging
the arrival of my parents.
It was a wonderful gift.
Anything for you.
Don't you miss your family?
Because, besides Domenico,
you have nobody.
You had Mario.
It was Mario's own decision to retire.
I didn't make him do it.
He couldn't deal with...
After the accident,
he was blaming himself for what happened,
but I know that he couldn't do anything.
But... he's a man of honor.
And I've lost my right hand.
I know how important he was in your life.
Sometimes I think that, uh,
you feel so lonely...
'cause besides me, you have no one.
No parents, no siblings.
I have a brother.
But I'd rather not have him.
But... correct me if I'm wrong...
Do we still have something to try out?
You have a brother?
And you didn't tell me about this before?
I still have some work to do.
No, do not tell me
that you're about to leave.
This is one hell of a present.
Hello, ladies. I am Emily.
- Hello.
- I'm glad you're here.
Thank you so much.
I'm Laura,
and this is my best friend, Olga.
Let's go.
Luxury is my middle name.
- Do you like it?
- Amazing.
If I understand correctly,
we have to talk about business
after the New Year.
And today we have to make you look
like superstars. Is that right?
Sure, sure.
But remember, I'm the hot goddess.
You get used to her.
Or not.
Mia, can we begin?
Of course.
Come on in.
But I never said
That you're gonna like me
I am what I am
Call me baby girl
But it doesn't work on me today
- Hey!
- We don't
We don't worry about a thing now
Troublemakers, this is our game
Take it off, take it off
Let's spend some money
'Cause girls just want
To have some fun
- Hey!
- Come on, come on
They will never find us
Troublemakers, we don't give a fuck
Take it off, take it off
Let's spend some money
Like, ooh
We don't, we don't worry
About a thing now
Troublemakers, this is our game
Take it off, take it off
Let's spend some money
'Cause girls just want
To have some fun
Laura, what's going on?
- Nothing.
- What do you mean? Something's wrong.
- I don't want to talk about it.
- Do I have to force it out of you?
I'm pissed off at Massimo.
But I'm not discussing it
with him or with you.
I get it. I respect your decision.
Booze would help.
It's enough for me.
I want to go back.
Excuse me.
Can't you see
I'm in the middle of a conversation?
Yeah. You're so gentle, talking to him,
but talking to me,
it's a different situation, right?
I have one more last conversation.
I'll do my best to be quick.
All conversations
are more important than one with me.
Excuse me.
Thanks for inviting us.
I haven't had this much fun in ages.
Mom, I'm not sure
I can say the same about Dad.
If the love of my life
is having fun, so am I.
You know what?
You've been married for 30 years,
and I wishMassimo lookedat me
the same way Dad looks at you.
Sweetie, you need to understand
that marriage is aboutcompromise.
Don't you agree, honey?
I wouldn't dare think otherwise.
And now... let's dance. Just you and me.
Do you feel okay?
Get me out from here.
Can you stop the car, please?
My God.
How could he be so stupid? And with her?
I wish I could go away from here
and never come back.
I'm flying home in a few hours.
We will find a ticket...
if you want to sort things out...
away from here.
Wait for a second.
The number you are trying
to reach is currently unavailable.
Please try again later.
Mom, I'm sorry.
You were right.
I was wrong about Massimo.
After what I saw, I don't want
to see him ever again.Obviously.
I need to get away
for a while and collect my thoughts.
Don't worry about me. I'm safe.
I love you. I'll call in a few days.
Take me anywhere,
but take me away from here.
Wow, you look great.
I like you in this outfit.
I took what I found in the closet.
Maybe it's your girlfriend's?
I think she prefers asporty style.
I don't have a girlfriend, Laura.
These are my sister's clothes.
Dinner is ready.
Look what I made for you.
My favorite dish.
- Paella.
- But dinner?
Did I sleep so long?
It's so nice here.
It's my father's house.
Anyway, my sister Amelia
will come by later.
I think you will like each other.
She's a cool girl.
She's a bit moody.
You know,
pregnancy hormones.
Your sister is pregnant. I'm sorry.
Are you okay?
It's just a pity
she chose an asshole for the father.
Wait a moment.
I have to clean.
I'm gonna kill him!
Excuse me. Leave me alone!
Let her through.
I have no idea where she...
What did you do to her?
What did you do to my daughter?
She recorded a message
saying she was leaving you.
She never wants to see you again.
I knew you were a bad person
since I met you.
I don't know what you did to her,
but I know one thing.
If my daughter decided to leave you,
she has a damn good reason for it!
We are going back to Poland.
We'll wait for her to come home.
My husband is already in the car.
Don't try to stop me.
Bring me Davide and Tommaso.
You have secrets in your head
No one will find you in the night
So I'mfallin' back
Into gravity
Emptiness consumes me
And I know you will
Pay for everything
Every time you lose me
Ignacio has been so sweet
since I'm pregnant.
I'm treated like a queen.
How do you know
that Nacho doesn't like him?
Because he's Sicilian.
I used to like Sicilians.
You used to love the Sicilians.
That's even worse.
I can see that your brother
takes care a lot about you.
Yeah, Nacho is wonderful. The best.
Just don't tell him
I said that.
I would like to see him
finally settle downwith some nice girl.
Like you. He deserves it.
How do you know I'm nice? You just met me.
Intuition. It never disappoints me.
And there is something
between you two, I hope.
Oh, really?
But you know, my life got complicated,
so right now, I have to fix it.
Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that.
And you know
that Nacho worked for me as a gardener?
As a gardener?
Oh my God,
my brother will never cease to amaze me.
So, you didn't know
what he was doing in Sicily?
Honey, you can't keep up
with Nacho.
He's the most spontaneous person I know,
and he's also very loyal to his family.
Maybe too loyal sometimes.
- I did my hair and makeup. Come on.
- Sorry.
I forgive you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
A Sicilian man
can only be understood
by a woman born and raised in Sicily.
You can't expect a woman
who's been living a normal life in Poland
to be able to handle life with...
...an extraordinary man such as yourself.
Let's put all that behind us.
Let's join forces and unite our families.
We will be indestructible.
Thanks for coming.
I had my doubts, but now I'm sure.
Laura didn't leave on her own.
You were involved.
I'll find out what happened,
and you'll get what you deserve.
It's complicated
When things go wrong
Will I ever feel okay
When it all goes away...
You could be
my new girlfriend.
You're so good at it.
I'm not sure
if it was a compliment
or you just cut my balls.
thank you.
I miss him.
I know.
But tell me one thing.
Why always good girls
fall in love with bad guys?
How do you know I'm good?
Maybe something's wrong with me
because he cheated on me.
don't you ever say that again.
It's not your fault.
A guy cheating on a woman like you
must be an idiot.
Without balls.
Do you understand?
You understand.
My thoughts are with you...
We can watch the movie now.
Want them
And drink.
Need them
It's hard to say
Thank you
for letting me stay here.
You're welcome.
Will I ever feel okay
When it all goes away?
It's complicated
When I run away
And things go wrong
I wanna know
Will I ever feel okay
When it all goes away?
It's hard to say
I told you
it wasn't going to work
and that he'd figure it out.
You should have done a better job.
I played my part perfectly.
It's not like it was difficult!
She doesn't even know
Massimo has a twin brother.
I should have listened
to my intuition.
Come in.
What do you want?
I have a message.
Spit it out. I don't have all day.
She's not in Sicily.
- What did you say?
- How come?
She left with him.
Please, don't.
I'm just...
You're just a clown.
You just screwed up our plan.
Everything was ready.
All you had to do was pick her up.
Will you take care of him...
...or should I do it?
Okay, calm down. Relax.
Have a seat on the couch, okay?
I will take care of it.
Come on, now. Easy. Come on.
Okay. Shh.
Relax. It's all right.
Hey. Don't worry, okay?
Have somebody clean up this mess.
Fuck. My pants.
They're new.
Yes. Okay.
Thank you.
We got confirmation.
He's on the island with him.
Everything is ready.
He's waiting for the green light.
I know what to do
in this kind of situation.
We can't be compared to this scum.
You know you can only rely on...
...on yourself.
I'm here too,
if you haven't noticed.
And if you are talking about Laura,
I want to know everything, you understand?
Pumpkin, we're trying to do business...
Don't "pumpkin" me!
Laura is fucking gone,
and you're talking about business?
No fucking way!
Baby, please calm down.
I can't calm down. I'm Polish.
Sit down.
Does it mean nothing to you?
Don't leave me somewhere
Where I could lose
Everything I know
Make love with me.
Where do we go from here?
What have I become without you?
Where do we go?
I'm heartless, I'm broken
When my heart's so frozen
'Cause everything I wanted is you
Give me some love
Give me some love
My thoughts were unspoken
But new days are comin'
I feel you got closer to me
Give me some love
Give me some love
One day it used to be fine
And we didn't know
That it could go wrong
Was the storm meant for us?
So it's nothing I could give away
But I know there is no different way
Can you love me
Can you love me like this?
So where do we go from here?
My thoughts were unspoken
But new days are comin'
I feel you got closer to me
Give me some love
Won't you give me some love?
Give me some love
Won't you give me some love?
You killed him?
Unfortunately not. He will be fine.
For now.
Are you okay?
What happened last night?
Don't think about it.
You are safe here.
Tell me.
Someone broke in.
It's over now.
The police will take care of it.
But... why would anyone
break into your house?
And why can an ordinary gardener
like you have all of this?
What a luxury life.
I told you.
My father is a wealthy man.
I'm trying to become independent of him.
Sorry, 'cause you helped me
in a very difficult moment in my life,
and right now, I take it out on you.
I deserve it.
You do not deserve it.
Sometimes I act so irrational.
I'm sorry.
it's fine.
Now, let's eat. We have plans for today.
I do appreciate your good spirit,
but, you know, because of last night,
I don't have a good mood
to do anything special.
You're right.
It would be better if we stay at home
and get upset about last night.
So, where do you want to get upset?
In the dining room?
Or the dancing hall?
let me take you
to a place where you can smile.
I promise if you don't smile there,
we will come back here and weep together.
Eat, please.
I was looking for you
And I found you
Could you stay with me?
They said there are no right ways
Love is only a runaway
But I never listened
When it's over
Be good to me, good to me
I wonder
If you fight for me, fight for me
I've never stopped lookin' for you
They said the rain would never stop...
I think this car is so cool.
It's cooler
than your husband's spaceship, huh?
Corvette, 1992. The best year.
Like wine?
I like this model.
Be good to me, good to me
Turn on the air conditioning.
Of course. Thanks.
They weren't able to find her.
He survived.
Can you go any faster? Hurry up.
I need your love
Give me some love
I need your love
- Give me something, give me something
- I need your love
Give me some love
I need your love
Your love, your love
Your love, your love
Your love
Some love
Your love, your love
Like it?
I can say this one is,
um, different than I used to drink.
Or maybe this one guy's just different
from the ones you had before.
It's so beautiful here, yeah?
We can only come here by sea.
So, that's the perfect place for a date
because you know you can't run away.
Success is guaranteed.
Yeah. That's true.
I usually come here
with all my girlfriends.
From Poland.
Any of those Polish girlfriends
ever escape from you?
Hold my beer.
I will leave you
with my sister for a moment.
I need to take care of one thing.
Hi, guys.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Wow, you look so gorgeous in that dress.
- Thank you.
- Ladies.
I can see
you won't be missing me too much.
But I hope you will miss me a little bit.
Let's sit.
How are you?
All the problems in my mind
I know I'm safe in your arms
My heart crumbles like a glass
Harder and harder to endure the pain
You promised me
That we'd be other than they
You tooksomething perfect
Then painted it red
But I don't care at all
So if you need me
And you feel empty
I promise I will be
By your side
Sometimes I'm trying
To understand it...
I'm going for a swim.
So if you need me
And you feel empty
I promise I will be
By your side
Sometimes I'm trying
To understand it
Nobody is perfect enough
What's wrong?
I will teach you something.
Surfing without waves.
I don't have an outfit! Stop!
Now it doesn't matter.
Something in her has me losing my way
I keep losing breath
At every no that she say
But I swear I saw her
Start to give it away
All the feelings that she swallowed
That I'm trying to get a taste of
Just like wire into my brain
Lure me in while you lead the way
Ain't enough to get in my hair
But enough to know where I stand
Got me feelin' this race
Ain't no grip
But I ain't holding back
Think I'm learning all of her ways
Ain't enough to live
But enough to love, now
I still feel her eyes are on me
But she's movin' kinda slowly
I've been losing all my senses
Yes, she got me goin' senseless
Just like show me, show me
Show me all the things that you got
All the things you've got
Call me, call me
Call me anytime that you want
Anytime you want
Massimo. Excuse me.
What is it?
Call Tommaso.
We have to go. Get everything ready.
I don't wanna know
What happened
With the trust you gave me?
Just hold my hand
Just let it go
'Cause in every dream
I feel you stronger
And I wonder, how could I ever love?
How could I ever live without you?
Promise me
That when I'll wake up
You'll be there for me
I don't wanna lose you
Will you stop the rain?
Just promise me
That it won't happen
Never ever again
Are you having a nightmare
or just an erotic dream?
Nobody taught you that gentlemen
do not come
to a woman's bedroom uninvited?
Technically speaking, this is my bedroom
that I'm sharing with you
so you don't have to sleep on the beach.
You must admit
that I am a real gentleman.
Anyway, I just came
to tell you that food is ready.
Was it... a nightmare
or just an erotic dream?
- It was sex.
- With whom?
With you.
And did you like it to be?
It was pretty good,
but in my entire life, I hadbetter.
This is my asylum.
One day, I would like to leave here
for good withsomeone like you.
But for now, you're stuck here with me,
so... I'm not going anywhere... yet.
We are going to see my father today.
That makes you worried, or what?
I've already met your sister,
and you're not going to tell him
that we're getting married
or something like this. So?
Massimo will be there.
Here, they're coming
Sir, they're here.
Here, they're coming
Let them wait.
I see their carts are rolling
Better run
Who are you?
And stop telling me bullshit
about being a gardener.
This is the only moment
that you can tell me the truth.
I am Marcelo "Nacho" Matos,
son of Don Fernando Matos,
the head of the local Mafia
and eternal rival
of your husband's family.
So, your father told you
to bring me to the island?
No. You came here because you wanted to.
What if I didn't want to?
I would've found a way.
I was so naive.
I thought that you were my real friend
and nothing was a coincidence.
Laura, I wasn't faking
my feelings for you.
So I guess I have to thank you.
'Cause you proved that men aren't good.
Only good at lying.
You think I would fake all of this?
Take you to the beach?
Teach you to surf?
And the kiss?
You didn't feel it was real?
It was real, like a fairy tale.
And if you think I would fall in love
again with a guy who thinks
he can have me just like that,
you're absolutely wrong.
'Cause I've learned from my mistakes,
and I've learned
that you're a fuckin' liar.
Be rational.
I didn't make you come here.
You came with me because you felt safe.
You ruined everything since the moment
you hid the truth from me.
And I'm done with guys who think
that they can do whatever they want.
Take me there.
Let's end with these gangster games.
Walkin' on water
Time to summon my faith...
I always dreamed of living
in a beach house
and opening a surf school.
I was just unlucky
to be born into the wrong family.
My father had different plans for me.
Laura, for God's sake,
you are the wife of a Mafia boss.
You know how important
the loyalty is for the family.
When the Mob boss is your father,
you don't have much choice.
No. You always have a choice.
The thing is, you have to take
responsibility of your own life.
We'll take care of her now.
No. She's coming with me.
Don Matos asked you to come alone.
Nobody told me about that.
He already has guests.
- Be careful.
- Oh, really?
I don't think anything worse
than the last few days could happen.
Thank you for accepting
the invitation to the meeting.
I didn't really have a choice.
Oh, I would like to apologize
that we are meeting
in such unpleasant circumstances,
but I believe that, as a businessman,
you will understand
that the goal justifies the means.
After all, the stakes are high.
Our family had the non-aggression pact.
You violated it.
Oh, your father and I,
we were both men of honor.
As long as he was alive,
we both respected
the borders of our interests.
But you, Massimo,
you're expanding too much.
Some people don't like it.
Some people?
Some people, who?
We have been sending you
Laura's accident.
But you were too convinced
of your own strength.
Your father was wise.
He knew that no opponent
should be taken lightly.
I cannot bear...
more chances with you as a boss.
All the families
would benefit from someone more, uh,
controllable to be in your place.
We figured your stupid brother
will do perfect.
He's so blinded with revenge and greed
that he doesn't care much
for the family business.
You're wrong.
You're wrong... if you think
I'm gonna put my father's empire
into the hands of a dog.
Sit down.Massimo...
A traitor who put my dad
into the hands of Death!
You're fucking wrong!
Let me remind you
that your wife is still with us.
You call yourself a man of honor?
And you use my wife this way?
Massimo, coming here
with Nacho was Laura's decision.
Nobody made her do it.
I need to see my wife.
I need to see my wife. Now.
Oh, I can assure you that she's safe.
Marcelo brought her to the island
and has been taking care for her.
Now she's with Miguel,
my personal bodyguard.
- You said Laura's with Miguel?
- Yes.
I wanted to make sure she'd be safe.
Laura left with Enrique
and the other bodyguard.
Find her.
We need to go. Now.
I try to forget your name
But I'm fallin' apart into pieces
And I think to myself
Are we damned?
We almost lost this game
But I don't believe it's the end
You were
the biggest mistake of my life.
How could you?
How could you?
You're not Massimo.
I'm not.
I am Adriano Torricelli.
The twin brother who was so unlucky
because he was born ten minutes later.
Ten minutes.Ten minutes.
But it's nice to meet you,
baby girl.
Do not call me "baby girl."
- Where isMassimo?
- He's not too far.
Not too far.
But I think
that you have to wait a little longer.
He's a busy man.
Yeah, I'm happy to spend
a lot of time with my new sister-in-law,
you know, and have a little chat with her.
We have nothing to talk about.
I disagree.
I'm gonna tell you a story
about taking back what's mine.
I mean, my dad
is no longer an obstacle, yeah.
And now...
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I have
to get rid of your husband.
Don't worry, Laura.
I won't leave you alone with him.
What are you doing here?
What does it look like I'm doing?
I'm winning.
Massimo made a huge mistake
by underestimating the anger
of the abandoned woman.
What are you doing here?
You were supposed to wait in Sicily
until the negotiations were over.
You know them?
Honey, we were the ones
who pushed you into his arms.
Did you really think
you could just say the word
and I'd disappear from your life?
That I would've lived
off your handouts in exile?
No, Massimo. No.
You finally showed your weakness.
Question is,
do you really think this little whore's
worth the whole empire our father created?
Though I have to say,
she's not bad.
Sometimes I wonder
if your child
would've looked more like you...
...or like her.
- I tried to forget your name...
- Huh?
It's a pity.
It's a pity that we will never know.
Because of the accident.
To myself
Are we damned?
We almost lost this game...
This is the end
There was a time when I felt inside
Love and hate, but you were mine
You were the only reason to make
My eyes smile over and over again
And I just feel this fear
Is eating me inside now
If you believed in my eyes
We would've had another day
And you just see me inside
I swear we would have another day
Another day
And I swear we would have another day
And I know you told me a lot of lies
Of lies
Something told me
I was going to fall straight down inside
Down inside
This hell won't let me breathe so fine
But I can't allow you
To fall on the ground
I would prefer to lose my head
My head
If you believed in my eyes
We would've had another day
And you just see me inside
We would've had another day
And I don't know
Why somebody else is in your head
And it makes me feel
I'm getting crazy and in my brain
If you believed in my eyes
I swear we would have another day
I swear we would have another day
Mm,I swear we would have another day
Ooh, I swear
We would have another day
Another day
Another day