37 Seconds (2019) Movie Script

Come in.
There you go.
Take care.
Thank you.
Hi, honey.
Hi, Mom.
How was it today?
You never have anything to say.
-Yes, really. How was Sayaka?
Is she busy?
I found a secondhand Shakespeare book!
That's cool.
I'll read it to you later!
Mr. and Mrs. Saito are moving.
They're going to a nursing home.
That's too bad.
I'm gonna miss them.
I can't believe how hot it is!
And the humidity is unbearable.
Yuma, let's take a bath now.
I'm so sweaty!
I'm soaking.
Arms up!
Your arm is bruised...
Are you okay? Does it hurt?
Weren't you freezing
on the air-conditioned train?
You're soaking wet!
Even your panties.
I wish summer would end.
How's your heat rash?
Let's get in.
You need a haircut.
I want to grow it out.
You have another rash.
"'Love like a shadow flies
when substance love pursues...
Love like a shadow flies...
Pursuing that that flies,
and flying what pursues.'
'Have you received no promise
of satisfaction at her hands?'
'Have you importuned her
to such a purpose?'
'Of what quality was your love, then?'"
Here's last month's pay.
I had to buy a lot of
office supplies, so...
I see...
Why is he here? Can you send me that file?
What's the background?
Maybe stars.
Come in!
It's open!
Hello! How's it going?
Sorry to bother you.
100,000 followers! You're magic.
It's a team effort.
It's all you.
So, how is it coming along?
I'm doing the cover.
What's the background?
Something simple... like stars.
So, I wanted to discuss the new event.
Do you mind stepping out?
No problem.
Why don't you go public with her?
If they knew you had a disabled assistant,
you'd be more popular.
Well... maybe.
Think about it.
Take care.
You, too!
-Excuse me.
Could you take a look at my comic?
If Sayaka says it's okay.
I'll check with her. Thank you!
Are you up? You should have called me!
Good morning.
Can I wear a dress today?
No. There are too many creeps out there.
I should come, too.
You promised me I could go on my own.
I'll let you wear the dress.
What's the big hurry?
We are starting the book signing!
Okay. Thank you all for coming today!
If you bought the comic,
please get in line here.
You'll be the most popular girl in school!
Thank you very much!
Our guest is manga artist
and YouTube sensation, Sayaka!
Good evening!
How do you come up with such insane ideas?
I don't know, they just come to me!
How many assistants do you have?
I work alone! I'm used to it.
Yes, I've received the materials.
You want the others delivered
on Friday, correct? Yes, that's right.
Why didn't you call me?
I can get home on my own.
That's not the point!
Well, I've actually got
some spare time this month.
Please let me know if you have
additional orders. Thank you.
Where did you get these?
From a fan.
Your fan? Really?
Sorry, I'm really tired.
I need to go to bed.
Okay, I'll put these in water.
They'll look nice in your room.
Your bag and hat are here.
So pretty!
Hello, Auntie!
Sayaka! It's been ages.
I know!
You look like a little doll!
Yuma, Sayaka is here!
Wake up! Yuma!
Wake up! I brought some presents for you.
Which one do you want?
The cheesecake or the chocolate?
Let's have this one!
Here it is.
Guess which comic is
the cover story next month?
That's right! Isn't it awesome?
The deadline?
End of next week.
That soon?
I know you can do it. I'll work hard, too.
I'm sorry about earlier.
But you can't just show up like that.
I wanted to see what it was like...
I know, but we need to be careful.
Yuma! We're going to be super famous.
Iketani speaking.
Thanks for calling!
I saw your work...
How was it?
It's fantastic!
Wow, thank you!
The style is a bit too similar
to Sayaka's.
You shouldn't copy her style.
You need to develop your own.
I see...
Best of luck!
Thank you.
See you soon.
Are you looking for artists?
We don't take unsolicited submissions.
I see.
Sorry to bother you.
Sorry about that.
Weekly Boom Magazine.
I'd like to submit some work.
One moment, please.
When you look at me like that,
I get so wet!
I'm coming!
This is Weekly Boom!
Every time you flip through the pages,
we won't let you down,
we'll make you hard!
Fujimoto speaking. Hello?
Sorry to cold call,
but I'm a manga artist and looking for--
Have you been published before?
I've got a series in print at the moment.
Why don't you bring us a sample?
I will! Thank you.
Thousands of planets were destroyed
in the intergalactic war.
Our planet, Floratia, was one of them.
I must rebuild our planet and our army...
But how?
Planet Earth!
Seven billion people live on Planet Earth.
I'm going to capture superior human DNA
and infuse the Floratians with it.
Here's a fine specimen!
The tracker has been implanted.
Mission accomplished!
I will copulate with
the best DNA candidate
and give birth to our new king!
Excuse me.
Is Ms. Fujimoto here?
What's your name?
I'm Yuma Takada.
This way, please.
Boss! Ms. Takada is here to see you.
Be right there.
Good afternoon.
My name is Takada.
Fujimoto. Can I see your work?
It's pretty good.
Thank you.
Why the wheelchair?
I was born with cerebral palsy
but I have no problem drawing.
Can I ask you something?
Have you done it?
Done it?
No... Never...
I thought so.
The characters and the story are great.
But the sex scenes don't feel authentic.
What should I fix?
It's not about fixing it.
Have you ever been physically close
to someone?
Artists draw from experience
but you don't have any.
Imagination alone isn't good enough.
Bring me more work
when you've lost your cherry.
We need more female readers.
With some sexual experience you'll go far.
Good luck!
What's your birthday wish?
Same as last year.
I'm coming!
Oh, my goodness!
The supermarket was so crowded!
Dinner will be soon.
When will you be back?
It'll be late.
Be safe!
Call me when you get to Sayaka's.
Sit up straight!
Thank you.
Well, I don't get out much.
How long has it been?
Ten years.
That's a long time.
Yeah, but I still have lots of
friends online. I'm an extrovert.
Wow, this is really yummy.
What did you say you do again?
I dress up
and fans take my photo at anime expos.
You can take my photo.
Go on!
That's good. That's really good!
He was a soccer player.
Was he your first love?
I guess...
Did you kiss?
You're really cute.
Wow, you think so?
I never thought I'd be comfortable
around people with disabilities.
We're just like everybody else.
You're right.
Would you feel funny...
having a relationship with
someone like me?
Not at all.
That's good to know!
This weekend...
would you like to see a movie with me?
For sure.
I can't answer the phone right now.
Please call back later.
You're so cute!
Where are you going, sweetie?
Where should I go?
That's totally up to you!
Hello there.
Looking for fun?
What's up?
Are you lost?
Can you introduce me to a man?
How much is it?
30,000 yen for 90 minutes.
Aw, okay...
Wait a second!
I'll find you a better deal.
Follow me.
This way, please.
Hey, there. Remember that guy
you sent me a while ago?
Slim, decent-looking...
I think he's from Hokkaido.
That's the one. Is he still working?
He is? Awesome! Hang on.
When do you wanna meet him?
As soon as possible...
ASAP? Okay! Hang on.
Is he free now? Yes, the usual spot.
Thanks, man.
Wait for him here in an hour. Room 315.
If there's a problem, call me.
You have a cell phone?
I do.
Have fun!
Come in.
Good evening.
There you are!
You scared me! You've requested me, right?
I believe so.
I'm Hide. Nice to meet you.
That's super cute! I like your flower.
You're in a wheelchair?
Is that a problem?
No, no problem, it's just that...
Usually I charge a bit extra.
Sorry, I didn't know.
Well, I'll make an exception today!
Do you mind if I make a call?
Excuse me...
Hello, it's me. I just arrived.
Man, you could have told me!
Fine, I got it. Sorry.
I'm starting the session now.
Sorry about that!
You're not going to have a fit
or anything, right?
I don't think so...
I wouldn't know because
I've never done it.
What if you do?
I don't know what to do.
Call an ambulance?
Okay. Fair enough!
Are we on the clock?
Yep. Sixty minutes, right?
It's so hot in here.
Do you do this often?
No, it's my first time.
Wow! Sorry that I'm your first.
Okay, then...
Set the mood a bit.
It's pretty!
Can I undress you?
Such a pretty dress!
Very fruity!
Don't be shy.
Just relax.
Relax, okay?
Are you embarrassed?
You're super cute. Don't worry.
Excuse me...
Will you please kiss me?
I'm sorry, that's against company policy.
I'm sorry!
I didn't know.
Do you feel good?
You are so wet.
What? Pee?
You pissed yourself!
I'm so sorry...
I'm not into this kind of thing.
I'm sorry. You did nothing wrong.
But... I don't know
if I can get it up now.
I'm sorry.
It's my fault.
Do you mind if I smoke?
Do you want to cuddle a bit?
No, it's okay.
Could you pay me now?
How much is it?
It was 20,000 yen...
but 18,000 is fine.
Excuse me! The elevator isn't working.
Hello? Is anyone there?
Excuse me!
You're my one and only.
You promise? Don't cheat on me!
Here we are.
Is it off?
Excuse me...
I think it's broken.
I'll call Toshi.
Let's get a better hotel next time.
This one's cheap.
You're cheap!
I need to pee again.
Hey, Toshi, we've finished,
but the elevator is broken...
Can you help bring down Mr. Kuma?
Are you alone?
What happened?
You want to go down?
How did you get here?
By train.
Need a ride?
Is that okay?
Of course!
Can you take her down?
I'll get Mr. Kuma.
Hi. Can I take your bag?
-Sexy earlobes!
-Keep touching.
I love your ears...
I'm getting hard again.
Sorry, I need more stimulation.
Please don't mind me!
What's your name?
I'm Yuma Takada.
Hi, Yuma. I'm Mai.
This is Mr. Kuma.
And he's our caretaker, Toshi.
Nice to meet you!
Do you want some more?
You two get on so well!
It's just work.
Did you say it was work?
No! Never. You know I love you,
my little bear!
What do you mean by work?
He's my special client.
Very special.
Thanks for the ride!
Do you live nearby?
Call me any time.
I will!
We're open 24 hours.
See you later!
Yuma! Where are you?
I've just gotten to the bus stop.
I'll come and get you.
Wait somewhere bright.
Hello, my little kitties!
Are you ready for a little adventure?
Today I'm going to show you my room.
This is my dressing table!
This is where I create
my look of the day! And...
This is my "Power Spot!"
When I'm stuck, I sit here and meditate.
Do my bangs look weird?
They look fine.
Can I get back to work?
Mr. Iketani said you submitted your work.
If they find out, we're finished.
Do you understand?
I'm sorry.
Mai speaking.
Hi, Mai-san, this is Yuma!
Hi, Yuma!
Thank you for the other day.
No problem! What's up, honey?
Well, I've got a favor to ask you...
Damn... This one looks like my ex-husband.
He was a prick,
but he sure had a great cock.
This one?
Looks too real, huh?
What about this?
It's pretty!
I'll take this one.
Got a bit more time?
Let's have some fun.
Okay, we'll take them all.
Thank you.
What's it like
to have sex with a disabled person?
Is it different from normal people?
Not really.
But sometimes,
they can get a little rough,
as if they are angry at the world.
I guess it's stressful for them.
Why do you ask?
I'd really like to be with someone...
but every day, I doubt myself.
Disabled or not, that's totally up to you.
Hi, Sayaka, how are you?
Is Yuma with you? I can't reach her.
What? She said she was working today.
She didn't come today.
Really? Where could she be?
Well, I'll give her a call as well.
Yuma? I just got a call from Sayaka.
Where are you?
Call me as soon as you get this message!
Where were you?
At work.
Sayaka called me.
Where were you?
I was working at a cafe today.
Why on earth do you need to work
at a cafe? You could work at home!
I need to get out of the house.
But you're always out!
Do you know how vulnerable you are?
There are so many freaks out there!
Don't be ridiculous! Nobody has
the slightest interest in me.
What a great store!
I love this.
So cute!
It suits you. Daddy will be happy!
I think he's calling you.
Don't forget dinner next week.
I won't!
I'll remind you.
-See you.
See you soon, Yuma! And Kyoko.
Say hi to Daddy.
Don't forget to call us.
We'll go for dinner.
I promise!
Take care.
Call me before you leave here.
Sorry, we were just chatting!
I just left Sayaka's.
I'm heading down now.
Are you okay?
Sorry, Sayaka...
I'm not feeling well. Can I go home?
What about the drafts?
I sent them already.
You can go, then!
Take care!
We are here to entertain you
May your cup never be empty
We're working hard for you!
To help you have a fabulous night!
It's delicious!
Can I speak to Yuma?
She was feeling sick so she left.
Drink up! Drink up!
One more for the road!
We're the happiest queens in town!
Let's party and be happy!
I'm really sorry.
I feel so funny.
You need to practice drinking!
Take care of her.
I'm sorry...
Toshi will take you home. So don't worry.
Here's some water. And a puke bag!
Thank you.
I'm shutting the door.
I'm really sorry.
Don't worry about it.
There they are!
Do you see a face on that building?
Which one?
That one!
The lights are the eyes.
The door is the mouth.
I don't see it.
You know...
they watch us sometimes?
Who does?
The aliens.
You're drunk.
From space, human lives
are just the blink of an eye.
Sometimes I think...
I'm just one of their experiments.
Like a science assignment.
We're here.
Wake up.
Where do you live?
It's close by.
I'll take you home.
It's right there. I'll be fine. Thank you.
Take care.
I will.
What's all this?
You wouldn't understand.
Where did you get this dress? And the wig?
Stop! It's none of your business.
Yuma, what's going on?
Why are you dressed like a slut?
Don't touch me!
You've been drinking?
Are you drunk? Who were you with?
Who cares?
Leave me alone!
You can't live without me!
Yes, I can!
You can't dress! Or take a bath!
I can! You just never let me!
Show me, then!
Don't touch me!
That's enough!
Stop treating me like a child!
You act like you're sacrificing
yourself for me,
but you're just afraid of being alone!
You're too needy!
Dad left us because he couldn't stand you.
Give me back my phone.
Use mine if you need to.
"Like a fair house built on
another man's ground,
so that I have lost my edifice by
mistaking the place where I erected it..."
Excuse me. I need to go to the bathroom.
Hang on a second.
Let's go.
Wait... I think I can manage on my own.
I can help.
No, I'm fine.
Okay. I'll see you in a little bit.
Ms. Takada. Have you seen Yuma?
I wonder where she went.
I'll look for her.
Hey, Yuma!
So you're a runaway?
What happened? Are you okay?
Do you have a place to stay?
No, but I'll be fine.
It's small, but you could stay with me.
You're up five flights of stairs.
Please don't worry.
I will look for a hotel.
Honey, it's Friday night.
You won't find a room with
your wheelchair.
Why don't you come to my place tonight?
We'll figure it out.
I won't worry if you're with Toshi.
Are you sure?
What you need now is...
I'll be fine.
Some cash!
And if you need more, let me know.
Really, I'm okay.
You've taken a big step.
You better not fuck it up!
And when you're ready,
you need to call your mother.
Oh, the joys of youth!
I think I'll go get drunk. See you!
Thank you!
Thank you very much!
Twenty-three years old, cerebral palsy,
and short hair.
I think you should wait for her
to contact you.
What if something happens to her?
She can't defend herself!
From what you've told me,
this doesn't sound like a kidnapping.
Legally, your daughter is an adult.
You argued and she took off.
You don't get anything!
She can't even raise her voice
to cry for help!
Okay, okay... How about this?
Try and think about why she disappeared.
Good morning!
Morning. Help yourself to anything, okay?
Thank you.
Here's the key.
See you later.
Have a good day!
I'm back.
Hi, Toshi.
-Everything good?
By the way...
these clothes are from Mai.
Really? They're so cute!
I'd better call her.
Is ramen okay for dinner?
I love ramen!
Let's eat!
Do you want some?
What do you think?
So good!
What made you think of
putting lemon in it?
My dad. He experiments with
food all the time,
and it usually tastes good.
Have you ever done anything
in your life that you regret?
Sure, I have.
What's wrong?
I received this postcard a long time ago.
Who is it from?
my father.
Have you ever met him?
Have you tried to reach him?
I sent him a letter once...
but I never got a reply.
I've decided...
to go there tomorrow.
Thank you for everything you've done.
How beautiful!
Hello, Sayaka?
She left me a note
saying she's quitting!
I can't believe this!
Can you?
Let me go find him.
Okay. Thank you.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Excuse me!
I'll check over there.
Good afternoon.
Are you Mr. Furuya?
I'm Yuma Takada.
Please come in.
Thank you for having us.
I've got it.
This way.
Thank you.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Did your mother tell you about this place?
Wow... this takes me back.
Kyoko has been giving them to you?
I got this one in the mail.
My brother sent them to you every year.
He figured your mom probably
threw them away.
Excuse me... Where is he now?
He died suddenly about five years ago.
Your father really wanted to see you
until the end.
Look how small Yuka is!
You don't know about her?
Your twin sister?
She's a school teacher in Thailand.
Hello? Mom?
Are you okay?
How are you? Who are you with?
I'm fine. I just need more time.
Are you eating all right?
I'll be back in touch soon.
It's so hot!
Thank you!
Thank you so much!
The breeze is nice!
It's nothing like Japan!
It's wild! It's half jungle.
We're in the jungle!
They only had one room.
I see...
They gave us some juice, though.
Sorry I couldn't get two rooms.
She said we should wait.
Are you Yuka?
What was Dad like?
He was free-spirited, and a pacifist.
He always told me to follow my dreams.
What else?
He always looked on the bright side.
If something bad happened,
he'd say, "Congratulations."
And just before he died,
he said, "Don't cry
because we'll meet again."
Were the two of you very close?
Yes. We only had each other.
That's nice.
What's Mom like?
She's a good cook.
she's really overprotective
and it's too much.
if I wasn't like this,
she may have been different.
I wonder why they split up.
Probably because...
you're the most important thing
in her life.
When you come back to Japan,
please come visit us.
Thank you.
I'm sure Mom would...
love to see you.
Shall we?
See you soon.
I knew about you all along.
when I learned that you were disabled...
I was too afraid to contact you.
I'm sorry.
Are you...
still afraid of me?
We'll be waiting for you.
See you soon.
It was 37 seconds.
What was?
That's how long...
I didn't breathe after I was born.
If I'd been born first...
Yuka might have ended up like me.
I'd started breathing...
even one second sooner...
I'd be like her.
I'd be free just like her.
I'm glad it was me.
I'm back.
Welcome home.
She wants to meet you.
Where is the comic?
It's not finished.
Then why are you here?
I came to say thank you.
Thank who? Me?
Because of you,
I've had so many experiences.
Did you have sex?
So, you haven't drawn anything since?
I have,
but not adult comics.
Do you have them?
Send me the files.
But there isn't any sex in them.
It's okay.
Thank you.
Not at all.
See you soon.
Hey, there, it's me. Everything good?
Well, I've just met with a new artist...
and her work is really remarkable.