3:an Eye for an Eye (2018) Movie Script

IT: Where is this thing
taking me?
Fucking GPS.
- Shit!
What the fuck?
Fuck this.
I'm going to move your car back
about ten feet,
so I can get my car through.
Don't shoot me.
Oh my God.
- Aren't you going to help me?
- I can't touch him.
- So...
He's all tied up.
No thanks to you.
I'm sorry, okay,
I just... I just couldn't.
I can't even stand to think
what his skin feels like.
I know.
Sorry I said anything.
So what's the next step?
Well, he'll be asleep
till morning.
And the camera is all set up.
What happens
when someone finds his car?
I disabled the car tracker...
made sure
not to leave any prints.
There's nothing
to tie him to us.
What about the phone calls?
Everything is under the name
of the owner of the farmhouse.
And the burner phone
can't be traced.
Then why do I keep having this
feeling that we've missed something?
That you're gonna get
in trouble for this?
I'm not.
No one even knows
that we know each other.
I never asked you
to do this for me.
I wanted to do it.
He has to pay
for what he did to you.
There has to be another way.
The police say there's no evidence,
they can't press charges.
There is no other way.
He has to confess.
And if he refuses to confess?
Oh, he'll confess, all right.
What makes you so sure?
He will have no other choice
if he ever wants to get
out of here.
Let's take him back now...
- before he wakes up.
- Are you kidding?
We've been planning this
for weeks.
- I've changed my mind.
- Now?
I don't want anything
to happen to you.
[SIGHS] Nothing's going
to happen to me.
I know what I'm doing.
You could go to jail
for kidnapping.
Not if they don't know who I am.
And you have your alibi set up, so it's
not gonna come back on you either.
I'm scared, okay?
I know.
When the police ask you,
who you think
could have done this,
you will say?
That I don't know
who it could have been.
Maybe a good Samaritan
saw the story on the news...
- Right.
- And...
Stick to that story.
Don't ever waiver... okay?
Now we should get some sleep.
We need to be rested
in the morning.
I don't think I can sleep
with him in the house.
Oh, I tied him up good.
He's not going anywhere.
I don't think I can.
if it makes you feel better,
take the club I have
at the front door.
you could sleep in my bed.
I'll make sure you're safe.
Can anybody hear me?
Hello, can anyone hear me?
I'm tied up down here.
You can scream all you want.
No one can hear you out here.
- Who the fuck are you?
Why do you have me tied up?
I need something from you.
I don't have any money.
That's not what I want from you.
Then what?
I just want to talk, that's all.
- About what?
- Well, it's not about my
raging agoraphobia.
You're the one that called me.
I am.
I have to say
it's nice of you to...
be willing to make
a house call for me.
I care about my patients.
Hmm, I think
it might have something
to do with the five grand
I offered you.
So this is
how you get free therapy?
- Kidnapping?
I think you're just pissed about
not getting your five grand.
My wife has your address.
She's probably already
called the cops cause
I didn't check in
with her last night.
How stupid
do you think I'd be, Doc?
I just gave you an address that I knew
would take you through that road.
you don't have agoraphobia.
What do you wanna talk about?
I can help.
I've helped lots of people.
Oh, it's not me
I want to talk about.
Then who, uh?
- A friend, a relative?
- You.
What's that?
[SIGHS] That's for you
- for when you're ready to talk.
- About what?
You were at a party last year...
at a house in Sunset Hills.
a colleague's retirement party.
The police came by to see you
a few days later.
They asked me
where I went afterwards.
And where did you tell them
you went?
Home. My wife confirmed it.
- Of course she would.
- Because it's true.
No, it isn't.
- You were there.
- There where? I don't even know
what happened that night.
A woman was raped.
That's what happened.
A wo... Rape?
I don't know
anything about that.
It's just the two of us.
Your wife isn't here.
You can stop pretending.
I swear to God, I don't know
anything about a woman
being raped at that party.
I went straight home,
afterwards my wife
can confirm it.
You think I'm gonna believe her?
There were other men
at the party.
What makes you think it was me?
No. It was just you
and two other men.
- No, I think there were more.
- Nope,
just the three of you.
Okay, then what about
the two other guys.
I've looked into them...
and I'm sure it wasn't them.
If you're so convinced
I raped this woman then
why don't you take me
to the police right now.
The police aren't even
investigating it anymore.
They say they have no leads.
The file is now at the bottom
of a large
- pile of unsolved cases.
- So who is this person?
Your wife? Your girlfriend?
I don't even know her.
So what?
You're some type of vigilante?
That's exactly it.
I don't even know who was raped.
Sure you do.
The brunette
with the short hair?
I guess it might be hard
to remember...
when you have her tied up
so you can't see her face.
I have never raped a woman
in my life.
- I love my wife.
- Hmm.
Found this in your wallet.
Is that her?
She looks so happy
in this picture.
If she only knew...
the kind of monster
that she's married to.
What the fuck
do you want from me?
All you have to do...
is tell the world
exactly what happened
and this will all be over.
Okay, we're rolling.
Nothing happened.
I left that party
and I went home.
- Straight?
- Yes.
You didn't get a flat tire?
- No.
- Really?
I found out that you bought
a new tire the next day.
If I had a flat, so what?
Oh, but I don't think you did.
I think you slashed
your own tire
to have an excuse
to give your wife
as to why you were late.
You got all of that
because I bought a new tire?
it proves your wife was lying
when she said you were home
by midnight.
It doesn't prove
that I raped that woman.
That's why I need you
to confess.
Tell you what.
I'm gonna give you a couple
of hours to think about it.
Think of your wife, Doctor.
What are you doing way out here?
I couldn't stand to listen
to him scream.
Well, he's quiet now.
Did he?
What, confess?
Not yet, but he will.
How do you know he will?
I'll make him.
What are you gonna do?
Well, I learned
a few things in Iraq that
won't leave a mark.
You're gonna torture him.
Torture, persuasion.
Potato, potahto.
What good will that do?
He can just say that he confessed
because he was coerced.
That's why I need you
to give me some details
about what happened.
I need him to say something
that only the rapist would know.
Like what?
I don't know, you tell me.
Ah, I... do. Let's go hiking.
- It's a beautiful day.
- No, no, no.
I'm sorry. I know you don't
wanna think about that night...
but I need you to.
- I'd rather go hiking.
- Please, I need you to help me.
I know that a rape happened
that's all I know.
I don't know any of the details.
It's all jumbled up in my head.
Well, it's like Dr. Jacobs said.
But you can remember...
if you just detach yourself
from the situation.
"Practice detachment,
be an observer."
So let's try it, huh?
HE: Okay.
you get to the party...
get to the party...
and there's music playing...
and everyone is talking...
And you're there,
and then I...
Wait. What?
What did I say wrong?
I wasn't there.
We hadn't even met yet.
Are you sure?
Yeah. We met at Dr. Jacobs'
office a few months later.
I could have sworn...
It's okay.
It's just a false memory...
it's a confabulation.
It's you...
wanting me to be there,
so you'll feel protected.
I wish you had been there.
Oh. Then none of this
would be happening.
Yeah, me too.
What happened after the party?
I decided to go home...
but by the time
I got to the car...
I could barely walk.
He must have put something
in your drink.
And then...
Then, he...
he put his hand
on my shoulder...
and he said...
He said?
"Are you okay?"
And then it all went black.
What's the next thing
you remember?
I woke up
tied to a cart...
SHE: I couldn't see him.
He was behind me.
SHE: I'm in so much pain.
Okay, all right. Shh.
All right.
Come here. Shh.
Hey. How about...
we go inside...
and make you some tea?
Come on.
Come on.
You should also take your meds.
Remember why Dr. Jacobs said
you can't stop taking them.
I haven't stopped taking them.
See? Completely in control.
You kidnapped a man.
We kidnapped a man
and he's fine.
I'm going down there
to check on him now.
I'll get him to confess,
and we'll drop him off
where we found him.
Now drink your tea.
Are you ready to talk?
I'm glad you could see reason.
I just want to tell my wife,
that I love her
she's the last person
I'd ever want to betray...
Yeah, I'm very touched.
Can you please get to the part
where you confess what you did?
Last year,
on April 6th,
I went to a party by myself.
My wife was expecting, and, um,
she wasn't feeling well.
I left the party early...
and I got a flat tire.
When the police showed up...
my wife and I knew
that it looked bad, because...
I didn't have an alibi.
So we told them
that I got home earlier.
And that I confess to.
But that's it, man.
I did not rape that woman.
- Stop lying!
- I'm not, I swear!
You said you were
going to confess.
I did. I confessed to lying to the
police, but that's all I did.
- You think I'm playing games here?
- No, you have to believe me.
What are you doing?
HE: You want
to play games, doctor?
Whatever you're thinking
about doing, please don't do it.
HE: I like games, too.
Oh, my God.
Please don't.
Not to worry.
I was a medic in the Army.
I know just what to do
that won't kill you.
I did not rape that woman.
I swear on my wife.
When a person can't breathe...
the feeling of desperation...
That's why the military
uses water boarding.
Please don't.
They think
it's very effective in...
extracting confessions.
Did you kill him?
What happened to the tea
I made you?
Are you kidding me?
You just killed a guy,
and you're worried about tea?
He's not dead.
He's just unconscious.
I... suffocated him.
You did what?
I told you
I was gonna do something
that wouldn't leave a mark.
Who cares about marks
if you killed him?
Way, way before you die,
you lose consciousness.
You have to choke someone for a
long time for them to actually die.
And what now?
he knows I'm serious.
So we leave him down there
a couple hours...
no food or water...
thinking I'm gonna start playing
with my toys any minute.
He'll be singing like a canary.
I hope you're right.
Can't sleep?
He's screaming out again.
- Just ignore him.
- I can't.
Well here, scoot over.
I can hear you up there!
How much longer
is this gonna go on?
Don't worry.
I'm sure he will give
a full confession tomorrow.
IT: If somebody doesn't bring
me any food or water...
And I need to go
to the bathroom,
or it's going to smell
really bad in here.
Let's go upstairs.
Come on.
SHE: Oh, God.
Rise and shine!
I thought you could use a bath
since it stinks in here.
What, are you cold?
Yup, thought I'd throw
some ice in
with the water to cool you off.
It can get very hot down here.
- I need food and water.
- I just gave you water.
To drink.
You could have drank it. You
need quicker reflexes, buddy.
So are you just planning
on starving me to death?
Don't be ridiculous.
I need you alive and well, so you
can go to jail after you confess.
This... has all the water,
and nutrients you need to live.
Why can't you just
give me food and water?
No, no. This has extra goodies
that will save your life.
- Like what?
- Like...
prophylactic antibiotics
to fend off infection.
Not to mention some stuff
to help you stay awake.
That shit's used.
But don't worry. I put it in
boiling water, so we're all good.
Don't make this worse
on yourself.
You keep struggling, you'll
end up like a pin cushion.
Now, was that so bad?
You learned that
in the military.
HE: Yup.
In the Army, right?
I was in the Navy.
Oh, yeah?
Where were you stationed?
I was in the reserves.
[CHUCKLES] Weekend warrior.
All the benefits
without the sacrifice.
I would have gone
if they'd called.
Yeah, sure, sure.
You were in Iraq, right?
Ah, you saw some shit.
You're a true hero.
A true, American hero.
That's what politicians
like to call it
when they need a photo-op.
I'd call us "pawns."
- Pawns?
- Yeah, they send us over there
to kill or be killed...
just to make a bunch
of millionaires richer.
And when we come back
all fucked up...
I mean, what the fuck
did we accomplish there?
Yeah, you're... you're right.
It was a big mistake.
You were injured over there?
Got a medical discharge?
Physically I'm fine.
But here?
You suffer from...
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?
That's the official diagnosis.
I can help with that.
I've helped veterans
in the past.
I've helped them
alleviate the symptoms.
Helped them lead normal lives.
Yeah, Doc?
You think you can help me?
Yeah. My wife, Lori, she...
I saw that shit in
Silence of the Lambs.
Get the killer
to see you as a person,
it makes it harder
for him to kill you.
I am not the bad guy
in this scenario...
you are!
You are the monster, not me!
Tell me, Doctor...
how many other women
have you raped?
You mean to tell me
that this was the first time?
None. Period. Including the one
you're accusing me of.
Try telling the truth for once.
- I swear to God!
- Or I will make you tell the truth.
Please, don't. Please, don't.
In how many pieces
is she going to find you?
You can end this anytime.
I'll talk.
Okay, it's on. You can start
from where you left off,
with your real confession.
Last year, I went to a party.
And I saw a woman,
and I raped her.
No, no. You need
to be more detailed than that.
Say who she was,
and how you got her alone.
- Who she was?
- Yes.
Say her name.
Her name was...
Her name was Katherine.
- Nancy. Annie, Stephanie, Daniella...
He didn't know your name.
What did you do?
He doesn't know your name.
He just rattled off every name he could
think of, and he didn't mention yours.
Tell me we have
the right guy downstairs.
We have
the right guy downstairs.
Don't make fun.
I need you to be completely
honest with me.
I am.
So why doesn't
he know your name?
I don't know, we were
introduced quickly at a party.
He must have forgotten it, okay.
That's how sick,
and twisted this guy is.
We're not real people to him.
We're just things he can rape
and leave for dead.
"It puts the lotion
on its skin."
What are you talking about?
What did you do?
hit him with it.
- Is he alive?
- Yes, It is alive.
What happened to not leaving
any marks on him?
I just reacted.
I told you...
you need to be careful, okay?
You lose all control
when you get angry.
You need to take your meds.
I'll go get you some water.
No need.
if he doesn't know your name...
I need more details
to prove that it was him.
Like what?
I don't know,
you have to tell me.
Do we have to do this again?
I'm sorry.
- Let's go for a drive.
- No.
Look, okay. I don't know
what you want me to tell you.
I was at the party,
you were there.
- There was music playing...
- Wait...
why do you keep saying that?
Saying what?
That I was there.
You know I wasn't.
You weren't?
No. We've been over this.
Was there really a rape?
Or did you make that up too?
How can you ask me that?
You know that's why I started
going to Dr. Jacobs.
I know that's what you told me.
You think I would make that up?
Not on purpose, but...
how can I be sure you're not
just imagining it all.
Imagine it all?
Maybe you saw it
in a movie or something,
and you imagined
that it happened to you.
No! I know that it happened.
You have to believe me.
I don't know what to believe.
I know that it happened.
I can still feel his sweat
on my back.
I can smell his breath.
It smells like eucalyptus.
I can feel his fucking cum
dripping down my leg!
He took my shirt...
and used it to blindfold me.
And then he turned me around...
and he cut me.
Cut you?
Cut you where?
What are you gonna do to him?
- Are you up?
- Yeah.
Yeah, come on in.
- Can I sleep in here with you?
- Yeah, of course.
Is everything okay?
I can't stop thinking
about what you did to him.
- To It.
- Is It going to die?
I gave him some coagulants,
he won't bleed out.
He'll be fine.
We should go into town tomorrow.
Watch a movie.
How can you think about watching
a movie at a time like this?
Can I tell you something
and you won't judge me?
You know you can.
I was just having a dream
about that night.
I imagine you have nightmares
about that often.
But it wasn't a nightmare.
I enjoyed it.
I enjoyed it so much
that I came in real life.
You had a wet dream...
- about your own rape?
- Is that weird?
I'm not sure.
Dr. Jacobs said it's normal.
A lot of rape victims fantasize
about it afterwards.
- They do?
- Apparently it's...
our way of taking control back,
or something like that.
Turning a horrible experience,
and changing it.
Do you feel like it helps?
I don't think so.
I haven't been with anybody
since it happened.
Do you think I should?
Should what?
Have sex with someone,
and see how I feel.
Might help.
Who am I kidding?
I'm not ready for that.
Good night.
[SOFTLY] Shit!
More than fifty people
were killed
during the attack in the city..
- MAN ON TV: North of Baghdad.
The bombings came as Iraqi security
forces continued to drive ISIS
out of Fallujah.
- In local news, the search continues for Dr...
MAN ON TV: Who disappeared
Tuesday night.
- His car was found near the city of...
What happened?
Oh my God.
I think he saw my face.
So what are we gonna do now?
I don't know. Just help me
put him back for now.
I told you. You need
to take your medication,
or you'll lose control.
Me? What did you do
to the other guys?
What other guys?
The two guys in the basement.
There are two guys
in the basement?
Oh. [SCOFFS] Jesus!
You are the one who needs
to keep track of her meds.
Up already?
I guess
I didn't give you enough.
It must've been a nice break
from the pain though, huh?
Oh, damn it,
I forgot the camera.
Ever the optimist.
Exactly how were you planning
to use this?
There's no reason
for me to confess
'cause you're going
to kill me anyway.
I won't kill you
if you tell the truth.
Is that what you told
those two guys in the tunnel?
- You saw those.
- And I recognize them.
They were from the party
as well.
Yeah, they were there.
Is that the plan?
Just kill all three of us,
get the bad guy.
- Yo, I didn't kill them.
- Yeah, then who was it?
The person I hear you talking to
in the house?
There's no one in the house.
You must have heard me
on the phone or something.
Is it that woman
you keep talking about?
I told you, I'd...
- I've never even met her.
- Yeah...
you kill three people
for a perfect stranger?
I also told you,
I didn't kill those men.
I think you're so bat shit crazy
you don't know what's what.
Let's see.
What am I in the mood for?
- God, please,
haven't you done enough to me?
No, I am...
curious about something.
You said before...
the reason you went
to the party alone...
was that she was expecting.
That was more than a year ago...
I don't see any baby pictures
in your wallet.
My wife
has had five miscarriages.
We thought this time
we'd beaten the odds, but...
Well that's a darn shame.
I feel bad for your wife.
She's been very devastated.
She suffers
from clinical depression.
My wife needs me.
Poor woman.
You on the other hand...
karma is a bitch.
You have...
ten fingers.
How many...
will I get to break off...
before you agree to confess?
God, please no!
You got till three.
- two...
- Wait!
How do you know one of those men
in there did not rape
that woman?
Long story,
but I know it wasn't them.
Then why are they dead?
That's another long story.
Let's just start again. Okay?
One... two...
two and a half...
Oh, you know what? I don't think
these pliers are going to cut it.
Cut it. Get it? Cut it.
I thought it was funny.
- Are you left or right handed?
- Oh, God, please no.
Choose, or I will choose
for you.
- Don't, don't!
- Okay, fine. I will choose.
You could have stopped this.
I know you were there!
At the party.
I met you there.
No, I don't know
what you're talking about.
You have me confused
with somebody else.
I saw you without your mask.
I met you that night.
hadn't even met her back then.
Her who?
You're confusing me.
I know I wasn't there.
You said earlier
that there were more than three.
You were there.
You were the fourth.
No, no. That's...
that's impossible.
What is this really about?
Do you remember me?
No, I've never even seen you
before three days ago.
Stop the charade!
What do you really want with me?
I told you. You need to confess
to raping that woman!
I don't know that woman.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Yes, you...
You may not know her name,
but you know
what she looks like.
She's a brunette
with short hair.
I do not know a brunette
with short hair.
Well, she remembers you.
Then you do know her.
No, I...
Can you
put some sun block on me?
I'm gonna go sit in the sun.
Oh, oh, we also have
to go buy groceries.
Do you wanna
come with me later?
- What's wrong?
- When did we meet?
I'm not sure.
But it was
in Dr. Jacobs' office?
Right? You were coming in,
I was going out?
Yes, yes, um...
I just don't remember when...
But... you didn't start
going to see him
until after you were raped,
- If you say so.
- No, I'm not saying so, I'm asking you.
Please don't get angry.
I'm sorry.
Sorry. I just...
I need you to concentrate
really hard for me.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I need you to tell me exactly
when you started
going to see Dr. Jacobs.
- Can't we just go get groceries?
- Just...
- try for me, please.
- Okay.
I'm sorry. I...
I can't remember.
Please don't be angry with me.
- Please don't hurt me!
Hurt you?
Why would you even say that?
I know how you get
when you're angry.
Everything I've done,
I've done for you.
- I just want to protect you.
- Me?
I never wanted you
to hurt anybody.
- And I definitely didn't want you to kill anyone.
- No.
Do not...
- try to pin that on me.
- Oh, my God.
You really don't remember,
do you?
Remember what?
I am here,
because I was abused...
and you... you are my protector.
You would do anything for me.
Not kill people.
- I didn't do that.
- You just chopped off a guy's foot yesterday.
Yeah, but...
I don't even know
what I believe anymore.
It's okay.
I'm here for you.
You're here to kill me,
aren't you?
All right, then.
I'll confess.
I now understand
why you have me here.
- I'll talk.
- Really?
I know
what you want me to say...
and I know why you don't want
people to know you were there.
I was there?
Go get the camera.
I don't remember everything
exactly as it happened, but...
I'm gonna need you to help me
fill in the details, okay?
Last year I went to a party...
at Sunset Hills.
I met a woman there.
She had short brunette hair.
I don't remember her name.
I liked her,
I put a roofie in her drink.
Later that evening,
I took her someplace private.
And I raped her.
I did it.
It was me.
I raped her.
Don't forget about the part
where you cut her nipples off.
And I cut her nipples off.
I'm a horrible person...
and I deserve to go to jail.
Thank you.
Can I go home now?
I just have one question
for you.
You said I could go home
if I gave you the confession.
Why did you cut off her nipples?
You've got me on tape
and I'm going to jail.
What more do you want from me?
I just want the answer
to that question.
I don't know why.
You don't know why you would
do something so horrible?
Do you know why?
Did you do it
to the others as well?
What others?
You can't tell me
that someone so sick
hasn't raped other women.
there were others.
And you cut off
their nipples too?
Jail isn't enough.
I can't let you do that
to any other women.
No, I...
I... I confessed.
There were others that I...
I can tell you why. No.
I... No, no, no!
Oh. Oh, no. Oh, God, Oh!
No, no, no, no!
Oh my God.
You killed him.
No... he's okay.
I stitched him up,
hooked him up to an IV.
Then what's all the blood from?
Just needed to fix something.
But he's alive?
Yes, It is alive, and...
he confessed.
Yes, I guess the third time
was the charm.
- Third?
- Well, the other two guys downstairs.
Yes... you told me about them.
Fine, keep playing it that way.
You've got...
first thing tomorrow, I'll drop
him off in front of the ER
where I know someone
will find him.
And the tape?
I'll get that to the police later.
Still have to edit it.
So it's over.
It's over. For you, yeah.
What about you?
Well, he's seen my face, so I
need to disappear for a while.
Where you going?
I don't know.
Thinking Canada.
Some friends in Vancouver.
All because of me.
because of me.
I did this.
And I don't regret it
for a second.
Hey, why don't you come
meet me up there?
You know, after the
investigation calms down.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I don't think the cops
are gonna search too hard
for the guy
that helped them catch a rapist.
- Exactly.
Either way...
tonight will be our last
dinner together for a while.
What do you say
we cook something special?
How about...
stir fry?
Oh, I love your stir fry.
- I'll get started.
- I'll take a shower, and get dressed.
NEWS CASTER: Police said one
person was killed Sunday afternoon
in a two vehicle crash
on Highway 153.
The crash happened
around 3:20 p.m...
You want another one?
Yes, please.
Ah, just put the bottles in the sink.
I'll take them to the recycling place
- in the morning.
- Okay, but...
hospital first.
Yes, of course.
MAN ON TV: With enemy forces
shooting at civilians
fleeing the fighting in Fallujah
after a two-week battle
between Iraqi government force,
- and ISIS...
- That's still happening?
It will never end.
- All those people died...
- Don't think about it.
You're out of there now.
Yes, ah.
NEWS CASTER: The psychologist has
been missing since Tuesday night.
However, inside sources
in the police department
have told Channel One news
that he had been
recently questioned
about the rape of a man
after a party
in Sunset Hills last year.
It's unclear
if his sudden disappearance
is related
to that investigation.
- What did he say?
- Ah, he made a mistake. He said a man.
No. You were there.
What are you talking about?
- It was you.
- Me what?
Will you stop saying
I was there? I wasn't there.
It was you. You...
- you were the one.
- Stop saying that!
Will... meet Christine.
She's you, another part of you.
She's the one
that keeps your pain.
She's the one that helped
you cope with the war.
You can always
feel her presence.
I don't know
what you mean, Dr. Jacobs.
Christine, meet Will.
Nice to meet you, Will.
He's your protector.
You don't have
to be afraid anymore.
- You have each other.
Christine, are you up there?
CHRISTINE: I'm sorry.
I told you...
you needed
to take your medication.
I mean, look what you've done.
What have I done?
You tortured
that man downstairs.
You killed those other two men.
That was you. You killed them.
You are the one
who loses control,
and becomes someone else.
Yes, I become you.
I don't hurt others.
I did not kill anyone.
When you get angry,
you lose all control.
No, I know I didn't do it.
But I don't remember doing it.
It had to be you, okay.
It wasn't me.
Stop saying that.
I am not a murderer!
Then who?
No, no.
Oh, my God.
I fed him every detail
of the confession.
He didn't know
anything about it.
He just confessed
to the rape of a woman,
and that never even happened.
I know what I have to do now.
You come here to kill me?
Just make it quick.
I'm ready to die.
I don't wanna live like this.
CHRISTINE: I can smell his breath.
It smells like eucalyptus.
IT: I know
what you want me to say...
and I know why you don't want
people to know you were there.
- IT: Are you okay?
- WILL: I don't feel so good.
IT: You're not gonna
tell anybody about this.
Is he home from the hospital?
They'll be back any minute.
And then?
Then we'll wait
for his wife to step out.
She can't watch him
24 hours a day.
Then what?
And then I'll do what should have
been done back at the house.