3G: A Killer Connection (2013) Movie Script

I love you.
Sam! - Hi, baby.
When are you coming?
We both are missing you? - Both?
Who else?
Me and Fiji.
I don't think I can make it this time.
Promise I'll make up for it, baby. I..
So you aren't coming!
I can explain it to you.
I'm doing this for us. - Sam.
If there's no you there is no us.
Baby, I love you...
Sam. You'll have to leave tomorrow..
..to finalize the Hong Kong deal.
Sam. Are you listening?
How do you say no to someone?
Why are you laughing?
Tell me something.
Do girlfriends think
twice before saying 'No'?
Just remember that brutality
and say it. N...O!
Say in capitals.
What's the colour
of the ocean? - What?
And the sky?
Right now my face's all red.
In rage.
It'll turn white when you see me.
You...you're in Fiji.
You know what,
we've got to thank Joe this time.
For the villa.
It's beautiful. - Hmmm. Very nice.
By the way, what did you tell mom?
I said I'm with my friends.
But she knows you're coming too.
I see.
You don't know these moms.
They know everything.
Thanks for not breaking my heart.
Thanks for drowning my phone there.
I love you.
Let's see here.
Hi. - Hi.
How may I help you?
I need a phone.
- Sure. I'll just show it to you.
Which one, this one? -Show me.
I don't know. Are you sure?
Not sure.
- Hello. I'll talk to you later.
Are you Indian?
- It's hard to tell now, ma'am.
They all look the same.
This one?
200 years ago,
the British brought us here..
..to toil on their sugar-cane fields.
Now, we're selling mobile phones.
Fiji's our home,
but the heart's still Indian.
Yes, sure.
This one.
Show me this one.
See this one.
That's second hand.
Doesn't matter, it solves my purpose.
Is this 3G enabled? - Yes, sir.
I'll take this. - Sure.
Thank you.
Baby, are you playing with me?
You look scary.
I am scared, Sam.
What's wrong?
There's something I want to tell you.
- Yes, go ahead.
And, it's important that you know this.
If you're looking for a future with me.
What's wrong, baby?
I can see people, Sam.
You mean...
You mean dead people.
Behind the door,
in the closet, the gallery.
I'm scared, Sam.
I am scared!
Why didn't you tell me before?
Because I didn't want to lose you.
Sam, remember I had
joined a Lifestyle class?
Actually, there was no class.
I was visiting a psychiatrist.
And I was cured, Sam.
But, I can see them again.
And, they want to harm you.
They want to do something to you.
Sam, he's..
He's standing right there.
- Who, Sheena?
Sam, I'm scared. - What happened?
Sam, he's saying.. - What?
What is he saying?
He's saying.. - What?
What happened, Sheena?
He's saying...
He's saying I should
push you in the water.
"How do I say?"
"What my heart's trying to convey."
"Let's erase this distance..."
"that's between us."
"How do I say?"
"What my heart's trying to convey."
"Let's erase this distance..."
"that's between us."
"I want to stay close to you."
"Just say yes."
"Sit closer to me."
"Let me stroke your tresses."
"And, take you in my arms."
"My heart wants you..."
"to heed it's request."
"And just surrender yourself to me."
"I am in love with you."
"That was my only mistake."
"Staying away from you..."
"is something I can't endure."
"I want to be with you."
"And forsake this world."
"Sit closer to me."
"Let me stroke your tresses."
"And, take you in my arms."
"My heart wants you..."
"to heed it's request."
"And just surrender yourself to me."
"I just wish to lose myself in you."
"In your grace."
"I want to be so close."
"That I see myself in you."
"My heart wants you..."
"to heed it's request."
"And just surrender yourself to me."
Hey, what are you doing?
You know...you're the most amazing man.
Who are you talking to? - No one.
Get back to sleep.
So, what about the deal?
I mean.. - We'll get that deal.
Are your requirements
getting fulfilled?
Don't know about him,
but my needs aren't being fulfilled.
It's your mistake, Sheena.
You shouldn't have
refused when I proposed to you.
Rascal. I can't help it.
Your loss is my gain, buddy.
- Sam, quiet. It's mom. -Very funny.
Hi, mom. Yeah, we've reached.
- Listen, I'll talk to you later.
Hey this is beautiful
Yeah, with my friends.
Sam. - Show. Here.
He's busy as usual.
Hello, mom. - Sam. -I mean, aunty.
Okay, mom. Yeah.
I've told you before..
..no need to worry when I'm with her.
Just a second, talk to her.
Talk to her. - What's your problem?
Mad girl.
Yes, mom.
Yes, mom. Everything's fine.
Mom, I'm not 16 anymore.
Take care!
Sam? - Yes.
What's wrong? - What's wrong?
What's wrong? What did mom say?
Mom said...
Hey, what're you doing?
All this for me?
You scared me!
You're scaring me, Sam!
Since we've been living in this hotel,
you're turning into a ghost.
Good morning. Towel, sir.
Good morning, sir. - Morning, ma'am.
I just want to trace
a call that I received last night..
..at around 2:30.
Is it the same number
you're calling from? - Yes.
Just hold on. - Sure.
Hello. - Hello. Yes.
Sir, we've no call registered
at that time on your number.
Are you sure? - Yes, sir.
Alright, thank you. - Thank you.
Didn't I say you need a new Rosary?
How much is this for? - 20 Dollars.
That's not bad. Let's see.
Looks nice.
Let's take it.
There you go.
Thank you. - Thank you.
Do you believe, that..
..people can come back,
from the dead and trouble others?
People like Joe can trouble people..
..even after they die.
Sheena. - Yes.
What will you do if you see a ghost?
What happened? - Scream.
What else?
Sam. You're too funny.Come
Thank you. Thank you.
Sam. Look,
there's a wedding happening there.
Come on.
James. Congratulations. - Thank you.
Aren't you going
to make me meet your wife?
Sam. What happened?
Congratulations. - Thanks.
Come, let's go.
What's wrong?
I get a phone call.
What call?
Sam. Answer the call. - No.
Are you serious?
Give me a break, Sam.
You think this is a joke.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Joe. - Hi, Sheena. What's going on?
You two really think you can scare me.
Just tell Sam,
if he really wants to scare me..
..then all he has
to say that he won't marry me.
I'll be really scared.
Scared? Marriage? What..
Didn't work.
What was wrong with that hotel?
You and your mood swings!
I promise you.
The other hotel will
have a better view and food.
And shopping?
Shopping too, baby.
Shopping too.
Do you want to watch the game? - No.
Where did that come from?
- I'll take a look.
That's weird.
Who could be, Sam?
Hello. - Hello.
"The moments forgotten,
were the painful ones."
"Let tomorrow be a better day."
"How do I say thank you?"
"For your grace."
"The moments forgotten,
were the painful ones."
"Let tomorrow be a better day."
"Let's dream again with
new aspirations."
"Let's hold hands and
tread down this difficult path."
"There's an upheaval."
"There's an upheaval in the heart."
"There's an upheaval."
"There's an upheaval in the heart."
"Fun-frolic and happiness
"Evenings just like you."
"Bliss and delight in-abundance."
"My mornings begin with you."
"You make my day and night."
"I've realised this now."
"Sweetheart, your love."
"It's just so wonderful."
"You've such a beautiful face."
"I've never seen anyone like you."
"There's an upheaval."
"There's an upheaval in the heart."
"There's an upheaval."
"There's an upheaval in the heart."
Sam, are you sure?
Do you like it?
I mean, this is so not you.
Just experimenting.
Beautiful place, nah baby?
It's gorgeous.
Since when did you start smoking?
Since now.
Hi mom how are you?
I'm fine.
Oh it's beautiful.
Sam's right here.
He's busy.
How's papa?
Hello, aunt.
I want to marry, Sheena.
You can discuss the rest with Sheena.
Mom, I'll call you back in a bit.
Did you just say that?
You know,
I'll give this news to Joe first.
He never wanted us to get married.
I would love to see
that expression on his face.
Sam! - He kissed you on these lips,
didn't he?
Sam... - Didn't he?
You're hurting me. - No, you hurt me!
You hurt me!
You hurt me! - Sam.
We weren't even serious back then.
I was serious.
I was.
I was. Yes.
Then, maybe you aren't
serious even today. - No.
This is why I left
my work and came here.
Why are you screaming?
What happened?
Sam. Sam.
Have you gone mad?
Get away from me!
What the Sam!
What is wrong with you?
This is crazy, Sam.
This is it.
If this is some kind of a joke,
Sam, I am sorry.
I am sorry I played a prank on you.
You win.
You win, Sam. Okay?
But stop doing this with me, Sam.
Sam, I'm scared of you.
I couldn't control myself.
- Don't touch me.
Don't touch me!
Sheena, I am sorry.
Something's happening to me.
I can feel it. I am telling you.
I can feel it now.
I can feel it.
Sam, listen.
Sam, you're stressed.
Sam, talk to me.
Talk to me, Sam.
Tell me what it is.
Sam, you're stressed.
Say it me sam.
Sam, talk to me.
It's not stress.
It's not stress.
It's me.
It's me.
It's me. - You'll be okay, Sam.
Let's get rid of this phone.
You slept like a baby last night.
I did.
Have some juice.
You're done? - Yeah.
Shall we go? - Yes.
Excuse me, sir. - Yes.
You left your phone on the table.
That's not my phone.
Sir, but it has
yours and madam's picture.
Madam, your towel. - Thank you.
Is this your phone?
I found it in the garden?- Who is it?
This is not possible. - What?
Thanks. - Thank you.
Where did you get this?
Where did you get this?
I love you.
Somebody help!
I don't remember why I did that.
I don't know.
I don't know.
Sam, I don't want to lose you.
I don't want to lose you.
Sam, why is this happening?
Why is this happening with us?
It's all my fault.
Sam, let's go from here.
Promise me. - Promise.
Promise me we'll go from here.
It's okay.
Shall we go, Sam?
Hello. How are you now?
Hello, doctor.
I am fine now.
It's a big thing.
Considering the accident..
..you've suffered very minor injuries.
Thank you, doctor.
Can I go now? - Sure.
I'll discharge you.
- Okay. -Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Are you okay? - I'm fine.
Everything's okay.
Let's go.
Sir. Sir.
Your phone.
We tried throwing it, smashing it..
we just can't get rid of this phone.
Sam, we should go to the police.
They will help us.
What will we say?
When you didn't believe me,
do you think they will?
Just forget it, Sheena.
Forget what, Sam.
Sam, we've to find a way through this.
I know what we've to do.
Good evening, sir.
Good evening, ma'am.
Can you please tell
us who sold you this phone?
Sorry, ma'am. But I have no clue.
it's very important for us to know.
I'm sorry, ma'am. But a lot of
people come here to sell their stuff.
And, I can't note
down their name and address.
It'll take less than 10
minutes for the police to find out.
But I don't want to do that.
Because, one Indian helps another.
And, just like you said
"You're still Indian at heart".
The name's Jaden.
Ed's Bar, Nandi.
Thank you.
I am Sam. - So?
Where did you get this phone?
I didn't, you did. It's yours.
By the way, where did you get her?
Are you here to have fun? - Sam.
Having fun?
Go. Have fun.
- Sam, let's go from here.
Let's go.
Stop! - Please!
Max had this phone.
He was wandering
in the jungle insanely..
..after murdering a girl,
when we brought him here.
He has totally lost it.
This is Suva's mental hospital.
He's been admitted here.
My friend Afzal,
will take you to Max's ward.
Max. Hey, Max.
Can you hear me?
Max, where did you get this?
Please tell me where you found this?
Sam! What are you doing?
- Did you enjoy killing her?
Sam, have you lost it?
- Did you enjoy killing her?
Sam, let him go.
- Did you enjoy killing her?
Sam, let him go.
Let's go from here.
Let's go from here.
Let's go from here.
- Time heals all wounds. Does it?
Obessesion filled in every moment,
and not a moment of peace.
Obessesion filled in every moment,
and not a moment of peace.
You're the most amazing man.
Losing you.
Joe, I'm sending you a photograph.
I want complete information about her.
Do your best, and I will try as well.
Okay? - Okay, Sam.
I'm going to Hong Kong for three days.
As soon as I find out something,
I will call you.
Okay? - Okay.
I've sent the email.
We're from an NGO.
We help in locating missing people.
Your daughter, Chaima.
We had some questions regarding her.
She never listened to anyone.
It was always something or the other.
I told her not to go.
There was nothing wrong
with this place.
She went out to study..
started working in a club instead.
At first I thought, it's a good thing.
At least she's sending some money.
she stopped sending money as well.
She must have eloped with someone.
You must be earning well.
Look at this hand.
I used to feed her with it.
And she left it.
Did Chaima have any siblings?
He has a brother.
He got married 4 years ago.
But, his wife took him to Hong Kong.
Forgot all about his mother.
Everyone has their own life.
I wish them well, wherever they are.
Do you miss her?
Get out!
Let's go.
I helped your NGO, won't you help me?
What did you say the club's name was?
It's in Nandi...
Some Ice Bar.
Ice Bar? - Ice Bar.
Okay, thanks.
Chaima was a good friend.
She was simple, but attractive.
Full of life.
She had big beautiful eyes, you know.
We used to go out party,
shopping, movies.
We were close.
Put some spice on it. Sorry.
But that witcsh poiled everything.
Who? - The hostess of Ice Bar. Diana.
She had a lot of connections.
And obviously, she started
introducing Chaima to her connections.
I tried stopping her.
But, Chaima fought with me for her.
She fought with me.
Did she have a friend, I mean..
She was quite friendly with a boy.
He was nice.
But, not my type.
What...what was his name?
We met at a birthday party.
He was the quiet type.
I don't remember the name.
Can we get any information about him?
I mean anything at all.
I might have his photo.
Just hold on.
Put some sauce on it.
Here it is.
Any contact for Diana.
Just hold on.
Here it is.
Thank you.
Mention not.
Let's go.
Brandy. Thank you so much.
No, darling. That's business.
Chaima was a friend.
Take care.
Bye, honey.
Which one?
This one.
What do you think?
Does devil drink blood..
..to quench his thirst,
or to get high?
I never met a devil before.
I will if I ever met one.
By the way,
do you want to taste blood?
From where?
Use this.
That's the wrong one.
And in breaking news..
..the body of a 30
year old woman was found..
..in mysterious circumstances.
The police have identified the body..
..to be that of Diana Rodriguez.
So far, the police have
found no evidence.
It was believed the
Diana was a hostess at Ice Bar.
More on this later.
Moving on to sports, we have..
You don't remember...anything
about last night.
You think I...
Sheena, I'm damn scared.
I don't want to hurt you.
I think we should
stay in separate rooms.
I don't want you to
fall in trouble because of me.
I don't want you to
land in trouble in my absence.
No. Sheena, I'm scared.
Trust me,
I'm in no danger from you, Sam.
We lost Diana's lead as well.
One second.
I think I've a picture
that Brandy gave me.
Its right here.
We need information
about this tattoo. - Why?
We're from an NGO that
searches for missing people.
No need to help.
The man that's sporting this tattoo..
..doesn't need your help.
Look, please.
It's really important.
It's a gothic tattoo.
And, a special one.
Ages ago, many cults existed in Fiji.
They practised witch-craft.
These spirits believed
in supernatural beings.
That means ghosts, spirits, spectres
Not just that.
They would talk and see them.
But, there's only a handful left now.
How can we get some more information?
Only one man can tell you about it.
Father Patterson.
Father Patterson?
Sacred Heart Church, Suva.
Yes, but this tattoo must have
been made in a local parlour, right?
Not necessarily.
Those who follow this cult,
can draw this tattoo themselves.
It's good thing,
that you're helping others.
When people help others,
they're pardoned soon.
Father, what does this tattoo mean?
It's originated from
the Greek language.
'Oro' means tail.
'Boros' means eating.
This is a powerful Greek symbol.
And it means snake eating its own tail.
Thus, he who eats his own tail.
The circle of life.
Life - Death - Rebirth.
According to this,
humans are immortal.
Thank you, Father. - Thank you, son.
Father. - Yes.
Will you be forgiven?
Who's this inside me?.
A confused strager I see.
I've lost all ties with myself.
I'm missing from me.
Every element around me..
..says I'm lost myself.
Why am I hiding my face behind a mask.
One moment I'm surrounded by friends.
And, the next moment
I feel deserted.
No one knows what fate has in-store.
One moment my heart's
filled with peace.
And, in the next it's restless.
Who's refuge are we seeking?
Not a moment of serenity.
I feel scared every moment.
The restless destroys
all my tranquility.
My heart has lost all peace.
Obessesion filled in every moment,
and not a moment of peace.
Obessesion filled in every moment,
and not a moment of peace.
What happened, Sam?
Just a bad dream.
Sam, there's bad news.
Father Patterson
burned to death last night.
What could be the
significance of number 8?
Snake eating its own tail.
I E!
8 means..
Joe's phone is still unreachable.
He's always got infinite
solutions to every problem.
Sheena, come here.
I thought this is I E.
It's actually M H.
That's infinity.
Infinity group...
Members Mong Hayward.
M H?
His name was Mong.
Mong Haywards.
In fact, this was his favourite bench.
Mong was the member of Infinity Group.
A group of brilliant, genius minds.
These people
could change life styles..
..through their
inventions and discovery.
Mong was working
on communications technology..
..harnessing cosmic
rays to link up with God particle.
I mean...
What's this all about?
If we can connect
with Gandhi or Einstein.
Or, with the people whom we love.
But, they're not in this world.
They could've solved
so many of our problems.
But, they are all dead.
What does death mean?
The body perishes.
But the soul.
Soul is a form
of energy that can never die.
In fact, in the Gita (Holy Book)..
..Lord Krishna has
said that the soul's immortal.
And Mong,
was trying to connect with that energy.
In fact,
he was close to a major breakthrough.
Where can we find Mong.
'Mong was working on a application
that would allow him..
..to connect with spirits..'
'..through mobile phones.'
'And he believed,
through these special cnnections..
..he can show
the people a new world..'
'..he was successful
in his experiment.'
Hi, mom.
Mong was a very silent boy.
And, he was mostly engrossed
in his own world.
He never had a
fight or argument with anyone.
He was very intelligent,
and equally sensitive.
Everything he did,
he did it with enthusiasm.
And he would always..
..stay happy.
Maybe he...
Had a girlfriend.
'Hi, mom.'
'My girlfriend.'
Did you ever meet Chaima?
- Whose Chaima?
Chaima was the name of his girlfriend.
Her name was Jasmine.
Jasmine? No.
No, aunt. I'm sure.
Just a minute.
Was it her? - Yes, it was her.
Are you sure, aunt?
Was it her? - Yes, it's her.
It's her.
He really loved her.
There was just one
thing that bothered him.
His dad didn't like him.
That's the only thing I feared.
Because his dad is dead.
But one morning, when I woke up.
I saw him...from the tree..
I couldn't understand a thing.
Why did he do that?
I hope you didn't
do anything wrong with him?
Don't even think about it.
He never forgives anyone.
Sam, where are we going?
Sam, this place..
You knew about this place?
Yes, I did.
I've been waiting for this day...
...so eagerly.
And that day...
Has arrived.
I want you to make you mine forever.
You're the love of my life.
Oh my, God?
Are you serious?
It's so beautiful.
You already proposed to me, Sam.
While you were trying to kill me.
You've taken my life too, baby.
How many more surprises, Sam?
One more.
Just one more surprise for you.
All of this for me.
You're the most amazing man.
You know I love you.
And I love you.
There's a surprise for you.
Where did you get this?
Let me go.
Mong, let me go.
You were the only one in my life.
You meant everything to me.
And, you did this to me.
I loved you, dammit.
So God damn much.
How could you be so ugly, Jasmine?
I thought you're the
most beautiful girl in the world.
How could you do this for me?
What did I mean to you?
Was I just a customer for you?
Was I a customer for you?
Don't touch me!
Please, don't touch me.
Mong. Mong, listen to me.
This means nothing.
I love you.
I don't trust you.
- Please, trust me.
You've no idea what I escaped from.
Please! - Shut up!
Mong, Please listen to me.
I thought I knew you
better than everyone else. - No.
I don't even know your name.
Jasmine. - What's your name?
Jasmine. - What's your name?
Or just plain bitch!
You want money, don't you?
You know I still love you.
Come on.
You know I still love you.
I will get you money.
I will get it.
Don't cry.
What do you want?
What do you want? - Nothing.
What do you want?
I will call all my friends.
They will all you and pay you,
and guess what?
I will make a video.
You'll like that?
You'll like that, won't you?
That will be fun, right?
You want to touch me?
Is that want you want?
Sam, it's me!
Please let me go.
Sam. The photograph you sent me..
..her registered
ID is Jasmine in our 3G.com
And, out of our
5000 porn girls database..
..she has the most downloads.
'I really loved her.'
'But, didn't know that
she's leading a dual life.'
'As Jasmine and Chaima.'
Okay, listen. From now you're
name's Jasmine, not Chaima.
Another porn star of 3G.com.
James, are you crazy?
Send me the clip right now.
Send it on my mobile.
And that single phone
call changed everything.
You're the most amazing man.
There's a surprise for you.
'Even after killing Chaima,
I didn't let her die.
'So that her spirit
keeps wandering around.'
'I showed her ugly face,
which I had seen.'
'I kept her alive through
the phone she gifted me.'
'And, my revenge began
after my death.'
'Will you be forgiven?'
'You started this.'
'And now,
no one can severe this connection.'
'Because I, never forgive anyone.'