4 Days (2016) Movie Script

[car passing]
[fans blowing]
[phone ringing]
[girl laughing]
Stop. Stop!
Derek Derek Derek.
[clears throat]
- Sorry dude.
- Hey buddy.
You must be the new roommate.
- What's your-
- Mark.
Mark, I'm Derek.
This is my girlfriend Erika.
Sorry, sorry...
Just continue...
I will uh...
leave you two alone now.
Alright, I'll see you later tonight, right?
You're not going to leave me
alone on Valentine's Day, are you?
Of course not baby.
Call me.
See you.
You're going to interrupt me having fun with
my girlfriend and not bother to say hi?
I'm sorry.
I will just get my other stuff,
I left some behind.
Go get that later, sit down
for a minute. Let's talk.
You can understand Tagalog?
Yeah, somehow. Why?
Do I look like a foreigner?
Actually yes, you look like an American.
My dad is.
I'm ???? actually.
Take a seat let's talk!
Me and my ex-roommate had
something of an arrangement.
What kind of arrangement?
Every time we had a girl over we would make
sure we put a sock on the door so that
the other guy wouldn't walk in
on us like you just did.
So, it's my fault now.
Walk in.
Do you have a problem with that?
No, no, no it's okay.
No, I don't have a problem with that.
So we're okay?
Yep, that's it.
Okay then,
I'm late for class.
[door closes]
[fans blowing]
Now, what?
You thought it's gonna be Alex, huh?
What the fuck?
You know I'm preparing a song for Alex!
You stink!
I stink?
You armpit stinks!
Are you sure? Maybe you
want to take another sniff.
You really stinky!
Did you even take a bath?
Oh maybe -
Seriously, get off me!
Alright, so maybe a little.
So you did take a bath!
I may or may not remember
taking a bath this morning.
But wow, the fact that you
thought of taking a bath...
I thought-
Yeah! But still that's something different.
So it means you are that serious about Alex.
Yeah, yeah of course.
I am serious about Alex for sure.
Well it looks like you are
because you bought her balloons and pillows
And you asked me to write a song
and you are going to sing
her that song, in Tagalog.
But you suck in speaking Tagalog.
I made an effort, how's that?
That's what I'm saying.
I'm better than last year, you must admit.
I have progress.
That's it, you put effort.
And yes, I bought balloons.
We have practiced the song.
And she's going to love
it because I love her.
- You love her?
- I love her.
Oh. Oh.
Oh my!
And thank you also, cause it wouldn't
have been half as special as it's gonna be
if it weren't for the song.
Thank you.
But please make sure,
you will never hurt Alex.
You're... I'm serious about her.
I'm serious about her this time.
Yeah I know I know.
But see, Alex is my friend.
I don't want you messing this up cause
this could cost us our friendship.
Maybe all the things I've done
for her will be wasted
just because you can't
stick to your relationship.
I am actually serious
about this one this time.
Okay whatever but I've heard
that 1,000 times before.
How many times did you say that?
So how many girls?
Okay, okay.
Let's do
the Math.
When was the first time
you said you're serious?
To Erika...
Erika did not give me anywhere
near enough space and I thought
Space! Okay space! Okay fine.
Let's go to Sandra.
Now with Sandra, she was
in a political party so,
basically she was really busy.
You only see each other for two weekends.
That was also a reason why.
Sandra was kind of political and
Of course she was!
That's not the issue. Okay fine fine!
- How about Erika #2?
- Okay I get the point.
Erika #2 you met in a bar.
And she was sleeping with other people
and it was okay with you.
I've had a lot of ex-girlfriends.
Actually there are four other
people I haven't mentioned!
I've been busy.
- Yes you have been busy.
- Okay, how about you?
- And "serious apparently
- Okay so I've had my share
- But you haven't had anywhere
- Let's not go there
Haven't had anywhere
near enough ex-girlfriends!
Oh my god, what is enough for you?
There is something wrong when I worry
about your sex life more than you do.
You need to get laid, buddy.
I'm not that kind of person, okay?
Can you please just understand that?
Because I'm focusing on my studies, okay?
If you want it to be
special, fine. But why?
You've seen single for
two years going on three?
Does it matter? I mean...
It's not about...
I don't know.
Why are you directing
the conversation to me?
I'm not the topic of this discussion.
I'm single and I'm happy.
I've moved on,
it's just not my thing.
We're not the...
Back to the point: I'm actually
serious about this one.
So it's enough.
Okay. It's just hard to trust
you in this kind of thing.
You've said those things before.
Your hand stinks.
This' got to end somewhere.
That's enough!
Do I really stink?
You didn't take a bath.
Alright then, no seriously Derek.
If you're really serious about her, show it.
Hey Alex.
[playing guitar]
What's this?
This is how I feel about you.
I In the middle of the night,
I you are the echo I
I of my only voice and prayer
I follow me, follow me I
You are gone beside me
drifting in the depths of the night
I follow me, come follow me I
The brightness of the moon
cannot equal your light
ta ta tee ta taa
ta ta tee ta taa taa taa
[laughing] J'?
Do you even think of me
while I'm yearning for you
ohh, ohh
A' My heart that cannot steep. .. a'
[guitar strumming]
So I close my eyes, I cannot
utter a word anymore
reminiscing the warmth of your lips
I Wherever you are I wish I was there too I
to be beside you and feel your embrace
Do you even think of me...
Ohhh I
while I'm yearning for you
Do you even think of me...
Ohhh I
while I'm yearning for you
I my awakened heart is running towards you I
ohh ohh
I [more singing in Tagalog] I
That was for you.
Thank you.
Umm... ah shoot I forgot
I have to get something...
I'm sorry guys I have to go
but you have fun now, okay?
Thank you!
Okay so happy Valentine's! Enjoy!
- Sorry
- Thank you
- See ya
- No thank you!
- Happy Valentine's!
- Happy Valentine's!
[kids laughing]
[kids squealing]
[more kids squealing and playing]
[whistle blowing]
[whistle blowing]
[metal creaking]
[whistle blowing]
[showers running]
Come on.
There's a Valentine's concert.
Come with.
Come on...
The Light-sabers are playing
and the MM's are playing.
Plus I know the vocalist of MM's.
So we can jam with them after, right?
You have a crush on one of them, correct?
Come on don't sulk over there.
Just listen to this.
[playing guitar]
Oh, I got nothing, not even a smile.
0y! Derek come on!
You've been sulking in there for too long.
I'll give you five weeks.
I'll give you five weeks.
I'm sure you'll find someone new.
Come on.
And in the concert you might
meet someone there.
Come on, come on.
Is there something wrong with me?
It's just a joke.
I'm just messing with you.
Cheer up, come on!
There's nothing wrong with you.
There's just a lot of things
wrong with your exes, okay?
Okay, let's start with Erika 1.
[high pitched voice]
Oh my God it tickles!
[deep voice]
Someone's in the mood.
[high-pitched voice]
No no, ah.
And then Sofia.
Sofia who is like,
she has this very deep voice.
That sometimes I mistake her for you.
[deep voice]
Hey Derek, can you get me a cab?
Can you come over Derek?
Derek I love you Derek
can you kiss me Derek
Oh wait wait! Fine fine.
Ericka #2.
Then Erika number two,
there was one time you
left the sock on the door.
There was no place I can go to,
because it was late night
I was just standing there
and I could hear her.
I have a question
Is Erika number two Japanese?
Because all I can hear was...
[short quiet moans]
[both laugh]
I mean, really, is she Japanese?
I didn't hear you though
You are laughing now.
Let's go to Pam!
Pam is very sassy like... Right?
Hi Derek! Like, can you go
with me to them prom???
What prom?
Like prom Derek!
She's so ditzy! She like vomits
rainbows and butterflies like
Am I right?
And then there's Janine.
Janine is also one of a kind.
She has a big ass.
Like really a big ass.
When she sits down
she's like three feet taller.
Right? And you like that!
Okay don't get me going.
Then Lea...
Lea is so dead serious.
She's really in to you.
She's the most recent but she's like
Derek, I love you Derek.
Derek, we did it once.
We made love Derek.
We're one.
Derek do you love me too?
Sow; , ...
Sorry, sorry. I'm off...
But really you should go
with us to the concert.
It's Valentine's Day and you're
alone here. Come on and join us!
Come in.
Come on Derek!
Bro! Come on!
We'll be late.
Our girls are waiting.
Oh, girls again.
Bro, the concert.
Yeah the concert,
I almost forgot.
Because of this man,
he doesn't want to join us.
Are you really letting Reena wait?
She has a thing for you bro.
Okay fine.
But how about this one?
Hey Derek, are you coming with?
Come on man.
Come on bro, there are a lot of girls.
He is heartbroken.
Okay, okay.
Come on, let's go.
Bro! Let's go.
Let's go!
[light saber sound]
You shall get over
your ex
[light-saber sound]
Oh well! Reena and the others left,
and so did James so,
I decided to leave too.
[alarm beeping]
If you didn't like what happened
between us, it's okay Derek.
I understand.
I will just tell Mrs. Esguerra
that I'm transferring to another
room later or tomorrow.
I do understand.
Have I ever told you how much
I hated ketchup when I was a kid?
When I was about 5 or 6, it was
my worst food in the entire world.
There was no way you
could get me to eat ketchup.
I just avoided ketchup like the plague
for pretty much my entire childhood.
And then sometime junior year, I uh...
I was really hungry and I ate t
he first thing I saw in a cafeteria,
I didn't bother to look inside.
And it was one of the best sandwiches
I ever had in my entire life
I told myself right after I had it,
I'm gonna have to have more.
And when I ask what was inside the sandwich,
it was ketchup.
The food that I hated, something
I never thought I might like,
ended up being my favorite food of all time.
Right now, you feel like ketchup.
And I don't even know how to begin
to describe what just happened but
I mean...
I don't want to pretend it didn't happen.
Derek you're just confused.
We're just the same.
Even me, I am just confused.
I don't know what to do because...
I didn't know this would happen.
It is your first time right?
Let's just think it through, please.
I know you.
I know you well.
I know you.
You had relationships with girls.
If those didn't last, why would with me?
I am so confused.
To be honest.
I don't know.
I'm late for class, okay?
Oh that boy!
He hasn't changed, he is still messy.
Will he take too long?
All I know is that he has a class
but I just don't know
what time it will finish.
I'll surprise him. You know,
it's Valentine's Day.
Us, mothers, sometimes like
to be their sons' date.
Has he ever mentioned
a girl he is into or crazy about?
Oh well...
You know before, he introduced a girl to me.
He brought her home.
I think her name is Erika, yeah Erika.
But they didn't last that long.
They lasted for only two months.
That's why I'm scared of him,
because I might be surprised.
That one day he will just bring
a pregnant girl home, right?
I think that would be impossible to happen.
WW M you say so?
He is American.
One-night stands are nothing to him.
Just like his father.
He is just like me.
So look what happened,
I got pregnant with him.
Will it take him too long?
I'm not that sure.
I've been texting him but he's not replying.
Maybe his phone's battery is low.
[playing guitar]
Oh! Mom!
Why are you here?
Of course, it's Valentine's Day.
I'm your date tonight.
1 did. Why?
You don't want it?
Because I haven't seen you for awhile.
I thought you might have a girlfriend.
Do you have one?
I should intro -
[nervous laugh]
- Yeah Mark
- Yeah you met
We talk about you.
What exactly did you talk about?
Oh, nothing.
I should've visited sooner and I'm...
Are you [inaudible]
Right now?
I know a restaurant, they serve good food.
I want you to come with me and be your date.
I promised I would see one
person tonight and I, I...
Well you came out of...
you didn't exactly tell me you were coming!
What time is it?
Mark, what time is it?
- Uh...
- I cannot wait any longer!
How about I'll be back at
9 PM sharp, so be prepared.
If you aren't good to go at 9 PM,
I won't give you your
allowance for next week.
Wow okay, I'm gonna
be there, I promise.
BYE bye.
I missed you too.
See you later.
So cool!
Cause I know you better than that.
Than what?
You wanna let something out
and if you don't do it in a normal way
it's gonna get way out of control very fast.
Very soon.
But there's really nothing.
No, I'm okay.
I have no problem.
Like none at all.
In fact I'm so happy!
I'm really really happy!
Come on just tell me.
Tell you what?
There's none.
Do I have a problem?
I don't really have a problem.
Derek, we've been together
for quite awhile now
I don't have a problem.
How about you? Do you have a problem?
I'm a happy guy.
I'm a happy guy in a happy relationship.
Okay, so am I.
I'm also a happy guy
in a happy relationship.
Oh there it is.
- Now it's coming out.
- What's coming out?
I'm a happy guy in a happy relationship!
What else can I ask for?
It's Valentine's Day, let's not do this.
It's Valentine's Day,
there's no reason to be angry
or frustrated or sad or unhappy.
Is there a reason?
Is there something you want to tell me?
Huh? Is there something you want to tell me?
Is there something you're not telling me?
Huh? For me to be frustrated?
There's nothing to say, right?
I want to tell you Happy Valentine's Day
Oh well Happy Valentine's Day to you too!
No, really.
How about you? What is your problem?
What is your problem?
Why don't we skip this and jump
to what you really want to say.
What I want to say? Now you
want to hear what I want to say?
My mom was in the room,
I didn't come out
I never said that.
- No I never told you that Derek
- You really really wanted
- I never said that Derek
- Yeah you do
I never demand you to
come out to your mother
right in front of her face...
I never said that
Then why are you angry?
I am not angry!
I am not angry!
I kind of think you are.
You kind of think I am.
Is there a reason for me
to be angry? Tell me!
Is there a reason for me to be angry?
No, there isn't.
Because I'm eventually
going to in my own time.
Okay your own time.
Okay then let's follow that!
One year down, how
many more years to go, huh?
How many more years to go?
I'm not ready.
I'm not ready!
Oh my!
Oh my Derek!
It's always about you isn't it?
It's always about your time.
It's always about your happiness.
- It's always about you.
- That's not fair.
The world revolves around you, right?
Am I correct?
What about my happiness?
What about my perspective?
What about what I'm feeling?
Did it ever cross your mind?
Did you ever considered it?
Don't touch me, okay?
For once did it ever
cross your mind, how I feel?
Huh? It's been one year Derek!
It's been one year!
Has anything happened? Nothing happened!
Because we are following your pace.
Your time.
That's what it's about right?
What's wrong with that?
What's wrong with that?
What's wrong with just
a little bit more time?
Derek every time,
we have to be in this room.
We can only be like this here.
Once we leave that door
we are nothing.
Everything we have just stays in this room!
That doesn't I like you
or love you any less.
But still! What do you want
me to think, it's been a year!
And then your mom comes in,
and she's right here in front of us
and you don't introduce me or anything!
This is the first time that happened
that a person comes in this room
the only place where we can be
together and be happy and be ourselves.
But not a thing changes.
So what do you want me to think? Huh?
What do you want me to think?
Don't touch me!
What do you want me to feel, huh?
Do you want me to think that you love me?
Even though we've been together
for a year and that...
You've never told anyone,
not even your best friend?
Not even your best friend?
You are my best friend.
Oh now I'm your best friend!
You're not only my best friend.
But your the first person in my life
is what I was trying to say.
Okay the, why don't you show
that to the other people huh?
Why can't you do that if front of other
people if I really am your best friend?
What's wrong with that?
I don't see anything wrong with that.
This isn't fair.
What isn't fair, Derek?
This isn't fair! What you're
doing to me isn't fair!
What I'm feeling right now isn't fair!
And how okay you are with this
and how not okay I am with this
- Calm down.
- Calm down?!
You're telling me to calm down?
Oh my - what's wrong with you?
What's wrong with you?
Oh my God!
One year!
One year!
And you haven't told anyone!
And your mom was just hear a while
ago, you didn't do anything!
What am I supposed to feel, huh?
Do you still want me
to feel happy about this?
- Calm down.
- Are you that cold-hearted?
No don't tell me to calm down!
Don't you ever tell me to calm down!
When are you going to be ready?
Cause I'm ready! I'm ready!
I've always been ready!
You're the one who's not ready!
And that's so unfair!
When are you going to be ready?
When I'm not ready anymore?
When I'm done? When I'm tired? Huh?
Don't touch me!
Are you ashamed of me?
Of course- of course not!
Then show it!
If you really are not ashamed of me
then let our relationship
be freed from that door
When would that be Derek?
That's not fair.
You know what's fair?
Me giving UP-
I'm tired.
- Don't say that.
- I'm tired.
- Don't say that.
- Just...
Just go have dinner with your mom, okay?
- I'm tired.
- Don't leave.
Don't leave.
Don't touch me, don't come after me!
Okay? Don't talk to me.
Just stay here, wait for your mom,
and go out with her okay?
I'm tired, Derek.
Hold on. Just, hold on.
Let's go to the room. Let's just
talk about this like we normally do.
In the room. Okay?
Derek if you want to say something
why don't you just say it here.
Like we normally do.
In the room.
I don't wanna... Why would
I wanna do this in front of-
This is what I'm saying
You're just proving me that you can't.
You are embarrassed of me,
is that it?
It's not that I'm embarrassed
What do you mean you're not?
Why can't you do it right here?
Eventually, you know.
I've told you before.
It's been a year
It's so tiring
It's been a year, Derek
and you haven't even told
your best friend about us,
or even your friends
This is why -
you haven't told anyone even
to a single person from your group
how come?
Do you even know how painful that is?
Okay so you wanna go and explode
in the library where tons of other people
Is that so?
Yeah because you are ashamed of me
Until somebody escorts us -
Let's just go to the room
You can't even mention it to your friends.
You can't say it to your family
Let's just finish this in the room, please!
And now you're the one who's furious.
After all the things you did
I've been holding back
for so long,
but still you're the one who
has the right to be furious
You didn't tell your family,
you didn't tell your mother
She was just right there,
and you lied in front of me.
You lied to her just like that.
- That's my mom
- Exactly she's your mother
Your mother, your friends,
you said nothing to anyone
It's been a year and I'm tired.
I am going to do it. I am going to-
Listen to me!
When would that be?
I don't know yet
I have no idea when would
that I don't know be
I'm tired
I'm just asking for more time.
That's all I'm asking for, more time.
If you want to fix something, fix it here.
We're making enough of an
embarrassment of ourselves.
Look around.
Let's go to
If you want to fix it, fix it now.
Are you going to do it?
[quiet chatter]
' Get up!
' Hey! What? No!
What are we going
to talk about?
Wait, wait.
If you're not going to do it,
then don't talk to me anymore.
I'm tired.
[captioning: Ryan Suits]