4 Horsemen: Apocalypse (2022) Movie Script

We have a cease fire!
Why did you kill my officers?
Rodrigo, drop your weapon!
Down on your knees!
Down on your knees!
Major, the rebels don't have
air support large enough
to level an area this size.
There's no smell of conventional
ordnance, no smell of petroleum.
They must have access
to something
we're not aware of yet.
Then, respectfully, sir,
why don't we eliminate them
before they destroy
a vital target?
This is an international
peacekeeping mission,
not a sanctioned war.
The only reason your unit's
even here is to assist
in the identification of these
unexplained demolitions.
And, so far,
you've done a pretty
piss poor job of it, Lieutenant.
Since when does Brazil
get earthquakes?
I don't know, sir.
Could these tremors
be tied to something
that's causing this devastation?
Some kind of induced seismicity?
You mean like fracking, sir?
Yeah, possibly that.
But what would be
the cause of this?
That's what we're here
to find out for you, sir.
Zeus, Scavenger.
Come in, Zeus.
We read you, Scavenger.
The general is inbound.
General Norris.
I have Scavenger
on the line, ma'am.
What's your SITREP?
We've yet to identify
a signature, ma'am.
Seismic weaponry may
be a possibility
regarding the tremors.
But still doesn't account
for the source of demolitions.
Rule out any type
of seismic weaponry.
We're receiving reports
of global vulnerabilities
in kind, not just in Brazil.
Did you say global, ma'am?
Is this a coordinated attack?
Hold on, Scavenger.
Would you turn that thing off?
Yes, General.
Scavenger, we are not dealing
with weaponized systems.
I don't understand, ma'am.
We're seeing a variety
of natural disasters
around the globe.
Earthquakes, fires, floods,
tornados, tsunamis,
even locust swarms.
Locust swarms, General?
You've been around the world.
You've seen a few battlefields
in your day, as have I.
Now you tell me.
What does this look like to you?
Sounds like something out
of the book of Revelations,
the end of the world, ma'am.
The frequency and severity
of these disasters
are increasing and
Cal-Tech has determined
that they're originating
from a location
near you at an exponential rate.
Say again, ma'am?
These vulnerabilities
are occurring near you.
Copy that, ma'am.
You mention "geothermal"
as in volcanic?
Now I need you to listen to me.
Our priorities in Brazil have
changed effective immediately.
Yes, ma'am.
I'm assembling a team
of scientists who are experts
in the field of volcanology,
meteorology and mycology.
I'm dispatching them
to your location.
And they will do everything
that they can within their power
to stop this thing.
As of now, your new assignment
is to provide a security detail
and assist the scientists in any
way that they deem necessary.
Is that understood?
Affirmative, ma'am.
Expect the arrival of these
scientists within hours.
As of right now, we have
a 12-hour window
before the eruption
that will end
life on this planet
as we know it.
And that timeframe is subject
to change pending intel.
Copy, Zeus.
New orders received
and understood.
Scavenger out.
What do you got for me, Aidan?
Okay, these are our top
candidates all within
hour's travel time
to Brazil, General.
Lynise Hughes.
This is Colonel Nathan Hughes's
daughter, isn't it?
Yes, it is, General.
Actually, it's why
I pulled her file.
Not only has she worked
directly with the military,
she's also one of the
best I her field.
- Outstanding.
- I try my best, ma'am.
This is Lynise Hughes.
Dr. Lynise Hughes, this
is General Brigitte Norris
calling you from the United
States Army on a secured line.
I'm a colleague of
your father's.
Hello, General Norris.
I can't talk right now.
I'm in the middle
of something important.
I'm outside of Mexico City.
We're experience
volcanic activity here
like I've never seen before.
It's happening everywhere,
doctor, all across the globe.
Every continent is experiencing
violent volcanoes,
earthquakes and storms.
Now we think that
we've pinpointed
the epicenter of
these activities in Brazil.
Wait. Brazil?
But there shouldn't be
any volcanoes in Brazil.
They're dormant.
They've been extinct forever.
Not any more, doctor.
I want you on the ground.
I need your expertise.
I want you to confirm it
is indeed Brazil
as the source
of these disturbances,
if we can stop it,
and how we can stop it.
This is causing a chain reaction
of catastrophic
destruction around the world.
Okay, okay.
I'll need a minute to get down.
I'm on top of a mountain.
A helicopter is
already enroute to you.
They'll initiate contact
with you on this frequency
and instruct you where
to be for extraction.
I'll also have a full,
up to date report
for you to review
on your travels.
Okay, General, I'll be waiting.
Dakota Lenna, ma'am.
Magna Cum Laude from M.I.T.
She's currently assigned to
INM working on cloud seeding
and weather patterns in areas
suffering from
wildfire devastation.
Top of her game, General.
Dakota! Dakota!
- What?
- The Army!
- What?
- The Army!
They want to talk
to you right now!
- The Army?
- Get back in the truck.
It sounds important.
Come on.
Why's the Army on the phone?
Elliott Rodney, two PhDs,
one in mycology,
the other in ecology.
The reason I pulled his file
is he's worked
with the DOD before
involving mycotoxins.
Sounds good.
Call him up.
Yes, ma'am.
Dr. Hughes,
I'm Major Oakley Jones.
This is Sergeant Shockley
and Lieutenant Rohrbacher.
I'm glad you arrived safely.
Thank you, Major.
- Are you a man of faith?
- I am.
Good, 'cause
we're gonna need it.
We're expecting two more
scientists within the hour.
So please come with me.
Major, I meant to ask you,
I saw a lot of the country
burning on my flight in.
Are they wildfires?
Yes, ma'am.
Wildfires too.
And I read in the report
that we're
in the middle of a civil war?
More of an uprising.
Oh, so that's
the original mission
that brought you down here,
fighting the rebels?
Government tactical
assistance and guidance.
But things have
changed drastically
in the last 24 hours,
straining those efforts
and altering our priorities.
Did you have a chance to examine
General Norris's file
on the way over?
I did.
Assuming all of these
global disasters
can be traced to our current
events here in Brazil,
what comes next is an eruption
that is orders of magnitude
more powerful than anything
we've ever seen before.
To break it down Barney style,
molten fire will rain
down on every continent.
It'll be followed
by a nuclear winter
and all life on
earth will perish.
What was that?
That's one of our
random phenomenon here,
random explosions.
Yet without the typical
acrid smell
that accompanies bombs
and incendiary weapons.
We brought on a team from
the 71st Ordnance Group EOD
to investigate, but so far
they've turned up nothing.
You know what?
I should take
an initial reading here.
Okay, there are inordinately
high levels
of ambient sulfur dioxide.
It's being violently pushed
to the surface
by the volcanic pressure.
That's most likely what's caused
the unexplained explosions.
Right, but would that cause
the levels of destruction
we've been experiencing?
With readings like this,
absolutely, Major.
I mean, those gases
could literally vaporize
anything they come
in contact with.
General Norris
set a 12-hour window?
If that.
But how many hours,
I can't say at this point.
I'm gonna need to run more
tests at the actual site.
And I need to locate the actual
epicenter of this disturbance.
Think you can stop it?
That last tremor felt
to me like magnitude six.
And they're just going to
get more intense with time.
And based on the readings
I just took,
we're too far along
in the process to attempt
any depressurization or
aperture venting techniques.
So there's only one sure option
I can think of.
How much ordnance can
you get on short notice?
I'll get you whatever
you need, ma'am.
I need to locate
the epicenter first.
Now we have a general
vicinity from Cal-Tech,
this lake lago Do Fodo.
But it's my company that has
the best geothermal targeting
software in the world.
And given that we're using
explosives on a grand scale,
I'm gonna need to get as close
to the drop zone as possible,
so that I can get a visual
reference on the actual
location of the epicenter.
We cannot afford to be off
by even as much as two meters.
Let me grab my man
from EOD to provide you
safe escort to lago Do Fodo
and if you
wouldn't mind standing
in the command bunker over there
to wait, it'll be safe.
Of course, Major,
but time is of the essence.
Right away, ma'am.
Based on what I've seen so far,
I'm beginning to think
that we have a lot less
than 12 hours
before the eruption.
Copy that, ma'am.
We getting close?
Approaching now, doctor.
Hey, Major?
How's your knowledge of recent
history in this part of Brazil?
- Proficient.
- Okay.
Well, volcanoes have
been extinct in this country
for a very, very,
very long time.
Now I know that industry
has decimated the rain forest,
but is there fracking or
any other seismic explorations
that you're aware
of in this part?
Not that I know of.
There have been reports of
large demolitions being used
to clear foliage for
the pipelines out of Sergipe.
Okay, that's good to know.
All right. I'm getting extremely
high levels of C02.
Now when C02 is detected
at the surface,
it means that new magma
is running
into the volcanic system,
even though there isn't supposed
to be a volcanic system here.
Also, exorbitant levels
of sulfur dioxide,
which indicates that the
magma is close to the surface
and eruption is definite.
If these levels were any higher,
we wouldn't be able to breathe.
Also, judging by the intensity
and the increasing intensity
of the earthquakes,
I would say that we are
well past the 12-hour mark.
Eruption's gonna happen
in a few hours.
Now I can confirm
all the information
in General Norris's report.
This is the source of all of the
disturbances, this lake here.
But without being able
to visually see the epicenter,
I'm gonna need to link up
with my company's satellite
and get an infrared image below
the surface of the water
so that we can pinpoint
the exact location
of the fissure if we have
any hope of stopping this.
This shouldn't take long.
What's the matter?
I've lost the satellite link.
I need that satellite link
if we're gonna
find the location
of the fissure!
I have to have it!
We can do a hard patch through
our server back at Foxtrot.
Let's do that.
Let's Oscar Mike, Lieutenant.
Copy, sir.
What is it, doctor?
This fungus.
I'm practically an expert of
flora around volcanic sites.
And I've never seen anything
like this before in my life.
When's your mycologist get here?
They should have been
here an hour ago.
All right, let's get going.
Lieutenant, let's Oscar Mike.
Yes, sir!
You got enough room?
You good?
- Yes.
- Sorry.
Did they say what
the holdup was?
Yeah. There was another storm
between the airfield
- and the destination.
- Oh.
Why didn't they just
circumnavigate it?
Because I didn't want to
risk taking us through
rebel-controlled territory,
get shot at and kidnapped.
Let's not do that.
Yeah, please?
Go Brazil.
Look at that!
I have never seen lightning
like that before in my life!
Oh, God!
I hope Onyx is okay.
- Who's Onyx?
- Oh, he's my pup.
He's tough, but he does
not like thunderstorms.
And I had to leave him
with my ex-girlfriend.
I hate doing that.
I hate doing that.
- Oh. I'm sorry.
- Thanks.
So is he.
Poor boy's probably
behind a couch shaking.
Oh, I hate that.
How many times are you gonna
read through that thing?
- I'm a slow reader.
- I'm sorry.
God, it is hot.
It's 40 degrees Celsius outside.
You know the crazy thing?
10 minutes ago,
I would've sworn I was cold.
I mean, look at this.
We're kicking up dust.
The air is drier than hell.
I don't understand
what's going on.
Whoa! Whoa!
That was an earthquake...
in the Amazon.
Hey, just get us safe
there, buddy, huh?
You're doing a good job.
Everything's great.
Everybody's doing a good job.
Look at that!
Look at the trees, complete
absence of moss or lichens.
These things should be covered!
I mean, but a catastrophic
climate shift
would dry out
all the tree trunks.
But this is the rainforest,
it's not a desert.
That's what I'm saying.
Maybe it's accelerated
warming at ground level
due to the extreme
weather cycles?
Which would suggest that
the weather patterns
are subject to
the volcanic activity?
Yeah, absolutely.
I mean, that is why
I'm here to figure out.
What was that?
It looked like a locust.
Locusts go where
the climate's drying out.
Yeah, but this place isn't gonna
be drying out anytime soon.
Look, look, look!
Oh, right... whoa.
Yeah, before that gets here,
we should stop and
take a quick look.
See if we can't figure out
what's happened here
in the last couple of hours.
You think that's gonna be safe?
We'll stay close to the road.
- Okay. Let's do that.
- Yeah?
All right. Hey, can you find
a good spot to pull over?
We wanna get out
and take a look.
Thank you.
- Let's hustle out.
- Okay.
Soldiers! This is Major Oakley
Jones, United States Army!
Corporal Kyle Tremblay,
Canadian Army!
We're getting vermin out
of the area
and securing the jungle, sir!
Corporal, we're under explicit
orders for nonlethal engagement!
Not anymore, Major!
We're getting fired on
and we're gonna fire back!
No more half measures, sir!
Corporal, you're in violation
of the United Nations SROE!
Cease fire and fall back on
my position immediately!
I got him!
Did you see that, Major?
I got him!
Let him go, Lieutenant.
Security for Dr. Hughes
is our priority.
Yes, sir.
Someone is hurt.
Okay, but stay behind me.
Yes, sir.
Yes, I speak English.
What's your name, son?
I'm Major Oakley Jones
with the United States Army.
We're gonna get you some
help, okay, Paulo?
There's no help anymore...
for anyone.
Okay, Paulo.
Hang on...
You don't understand.
Everyone is killing everyone.
There's something... wrong.
It's evil.
Foxtrot Command Scavenger.
Request Medevac on my
immediate location... 1CI.
Foxtrot, how do you read?
Major, we've gotta get moving.
We gotta go fast.
We don't want
to get stuck in that.
Okay. We're gonna have
to handle this ourselves.
Let's get him loaded up.
I never...
I was just trying
to protect my crops.
That was the Fifth Seal...
those who are martyred
for their faith.
Sergeant Wayne!
Sir, we gotta get out of here.
Okay, let's go.
Let's go, Sergeant.
Look out!
You guys better
get to higher ground.
I have to get out of here.
Good luck.
Go, go, go, go!
Ah, thank you.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Oh, that's...
Looks like
we're gonna be here a bit.
No disrespect, Major,
you really think
this has something
to do with the Bible?
I do. That I do.
Time will tell.
It's just hope
preventing the Apocalypse
is all part of God's plan.
Is that smoke?
Something's wrong.
Where is everybody?
Man, that storm really put
an ass whooping on us, sir.
Sure did, Sarge.
Make a sweep.
The other scientists should
have been here by now.
Yes, sir.
Where do you think
everyone went?
Don't know. No signs of
There are no shell casings
or small weapons damage.
Would they have fled
because of the storm?
No signs of rapid departure.
Conditions are bad,
but they'd be better off
just hunkering down.
Major, we need to reestablish
that satellite link now.
Okay, but just hold on.
As soon as the base is cleared,
we'll get the power running.
Sir, it looks like the lightning
took out our generators,
So we've got no power?
Can we fix it?
Not fast enough.
There's a radio station a few
klicks from here we can try.
If it's not damaged,
we can get you linked up
to the satellite there.
Then what are we waiting for?
All right, let's Oscar Mike.
So what's the plan?
I don't know.
We were going that way, but the
road disappears into the trees.
If it takes a bend, there's
a fork in the road...
I think we need to signal
for help somehow.
Do you have any matches?
Or a lighter?
Or anything?
I have some hygroscopic flares.
I was gonna do some cloud
seeding for the fires. Why?
Yeah, yeah, that'll work.
Let me have one.
What are you thinking?
I'm thinking I start a fire
and try the old smoke
signal routine.
Do you think that's a good idea?
Do you have a better one?
Look, with the timeframe
that we're on,
we can't afford
for help to come to us.
We need to get back to the
rest of the group, ASAP.
Yeah, that...
Okay, that makes sense.
Look, I've done it
a couple of times.
I was in the Boy Scouts.
It'll be fine.
Be careful.
Get Scavenger on the line.
Right away, ma'am.
Scavenger. Zeus.
How do you read?
Would somebody fix
these damn comms?
Yes, Aidan.
We've lost communication
with Foxtrot Command.
Looks like the problem
is on their end,
and not necessarily
from storm interference.
We did receive confirmation
that Doctor Rodney
and Doctor Lenna landed
safely at the airfield.
But then we lost communication
with their transport
enroute to Foxtrot.
Contact the 4th Fleet.
I want to err on the
side of caution
that possibly they could have
had a vehicle breakdown
or worse, could have
encountered rebel resistance.
I want a pararescue
team deployed
to their last known location
Yes, General.
Yes, yes, yes, yes!
Wait a minute.
Are those smoke signals?
- 12:00!
- I see it.
Look out!
Hold tight!
Elliot! Elliot!
I think I see a car!
- Hey! Hey!
- Dakota, wait!
Is that one of
your scientists up there?
I don't know who
else it could be.
No civilians out
this deep in the bush.
No, no, no!
Dakota, it's not safe!
We don't know who they are!
Dr. Dakota Lenna?
- Yes. Major Jones?
- Affirmative.
Do you know the whereabouts
of Dr. Elliot Rodney?
Yes. He's the one making
the smoke signals.
There he is!
What the...
Come on!
Come on!
Get in!
Let's go, guys.
Dr. Elliot Rodney?
That's me!
Nice to meet you.
Come on! Come on! Come on!
Come on!
Let's go.
Come on!
Are those locusts?
There's a lot of them, too!
Come on, come on!
Doesn't this thing
go any faster?
Going as fast as I can, doctor!
Major, how good of
a shot are you?
Did three tours in Afghanistan
as a forward recon sniper. Why?
That'll do it.
Metharizium acridum!
What, is that like a bug bomb?
Kinda, it's a
fungal-oil based compound
that disrupts
their oxygen exchange.
Basically kills them without
killing everything else.
Oh, God, that's so clever.
It wouldn't destroy
all of the birds,
and it wouldn't kill off
their food chain supply.
Exactly, exactly.
The fungus attaches to
the exoskeleton
and disrupts their exchange
of oxygen,
causing organic death without
spreading to other species.
Do you spray it?
No, I usually do a
controlled burn in the fields.
But the canister itself
is pressurized.
If the major puts
a bullet through it,
it should explode
dispensing a cloud
- It's worth a shot.
- Genius.
- Yeah?
- Okay, let's do it.
Cover your ears.
This gunshot's gonna be loud.
On your count, Major!
On your command!
- Ah!
- I got you!
Thank you.
- Major!
- Hold!
Nice shot!
Nice shooting, Major.
What happened to your transport?
We stopped to do some tests
and there was a flash flood.
It took it and our driver
away with it.
Hey, I didn't get your
guys' names, by the way.
Major Oakley Jones.
This is Sergeant Shockley,
Lieutenant Rohrbacher,
United States Army.
Nice to meet you guys.
Thanks for saving
our asses back there.
Pleasure to meet you,
Elliot Rodney.
Dakota Lenna.
Lynise Hughes.
Glad to make your acquaintances,
albeit I wish it was
under better circumstances.
Hell, maybe can all go for a
beer after this is over, huh?
I hope so.
Major, where are we going?
Radio tower.
Comms were down back at base.
Dr. Hughes needs to patch
into her satellite network.
I'm confident that I've located
the epicenter for the eruption.
But now I need to
pinpoint an exact location.
What is your proposed
plan of action?
Bomb it.
In the middle of the Amazon?
Well, we don't have much time.
And we're too far along in
the process
to attempt depressurization or
aperture venting techniques.
So this is the only
chance we have
of stopping it from destroying
the entire world.
That's why I need
to determine the exact location
and the exact drop point.
Also, at the rate these
earthquakes are escalating,
my guess is this eruption
is coming sooner, not later.
I need to get the SAT link
up and running
so that I can determine
the exact timeframe
before the eruption.
Oh, Elliot, I meant to ask you.
I saw a fungus at the site
that did not look familiar.
Orange palette?
Black spots?
- Kinda looks like carrots?
- Yeah! So you've seen it?
Yes, indeed.
I have a sample of it
with me here in my bag.
As soon as we get
to the station,
I'll set up a field test.
To determine whether or
not it's related
to the geothermal activity
we've been experiencing.
Whoo, this is up here, huh?
What about you, Dr. Lenna?
In my professional opinion,
these are clearly
unpredictable weather cycles,
but it's not distinct.
It's definitely
the geothermal-related,
based upon all of your tests.
But these erratic weather
are definitely coming from all
of these potential
volcanic eruptions.
And it's coming from
this immediate area.
How much farther, Sergeant?
Almost there, ma'am.
Okay, we're gonna need to
pull over here and go on foot.
If there are any
rebel hold outs,
we can't run the risk of
them hearing our vehicle.
Stay alert.
This way.
Wait. Does anyone else hear...
Stay close and stay quiet.
- You okay, Sergeant?
- Yes, sir.
A headache coming on.
Stay behind us. There's been
rebel activity in this area.
Copy that.
This is never going to work.
Why not?
Just look at it.
Once we know the area is secure,
I'll get the radio
tower up and running.
After we locate the epicenter,
it's just a matter of collapsing
the volcano's magma chamber.
The Pentagon should be
able to provide enough ordnance
to get the job done.
If we're successful,
the cataclysmic weather events
should dissipate worldwide.
Assuming all of our
findings are sound.
Correct. Bottom line,
it's the best chance we have.
Lead us in, Sergeant.
Hold, hold...
Move out.
Follow me.
Sergeant, on the perimeter!
Shockley! On the perimeter!
Now, soldier!
I need that sat link ASAP!
I can't get a clear channel.
- Well, keep trying.
- I am trying!
If today I lose my hope, Lord,
please remind me
that Your plans are greater.
Hey, that storm is coming in.
We better have good
radios, otherwise
on the tower
there won't be a signal.
In a building this old?
Yeah, sure.
How's it going, major?
How's it going?
I think the issue's
on the tower itself.
I'm gonna go examine
my funky specimens.
But I need to do that away
from everybody, just in case.
I'll be back
when I have something.
Sergeant Shockley?
He's not our priority right now.
That is!
Come on.
Let's find the access ladder.
Look, I need to know the
exact epicenter of the volcano
so I know how much
ordnance that we need.
And I cannot do that
without a sat link.
Right, okay.
You, um, you said you had taken
some tests earlier.
Can you share some of
that information with me?
- Oh, yeah.
- Oh, great.
So. This was taken earlier.
Obviously, it's not a livestream
because we don't have
satellite access,
but you see all these
clouds dispersing?
So they all disperse,
and then they
come back together,
which means that there are
all correlated,
they're not independent
from one another.
Yeah, that's great that
you can confirm that.
And you see all these
weather conditions?
This is what's causing all
the locust infestations.
- Copy that.
- Yeah.
Okay, so the last piece of
the puzzle is that fungus.
We need to figure out if
that's connected as well.
I'm gonna check on Elliot.
Shouldn't you put a mask on?
Oh, I'm not gonna go in.
I'm just gonna check on him.
Yeah, yeah, yeah?
- Elliot?
- What?
How's it going in there?
I'm almost done.
How's it looking, Major?
Yeah, looks like the tower
got hit by lightning.
Just burned out some
circuits and wires.
I'm repairing them...
repairing them now.
Just a few more minutes.
Any sign of the Sergeant?
I'm gonna go check on the Major.
Major, where are you?
Up here!
I'm coming.
I'm hung up.
- Ah!
- There we go.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
We can't afford to lose you.
How is it?
Just some burned out wires.
- It should work now.
- Great.
- I'll meet you back down there.
- Okay.
- Are my men inside with you?
- No, I haven't seen them.
I'll be in in a second.
Shockley, what are you... whoa!
How bad is it, Lieutenant?
He got me in the oblique.
Missed the organs.
I'm okay, sir.
The antenna's working.
You have some paracord on you?
Yes, sir.
Bind Shockley, then
there's a skin stapler
in the first aid kit
in the Jeep.
- Close that wound up.
- Yes, sir.
And be careful.
Shockley's burning up.
Could be malaria... or worse.
Sergeant Shockley became ill.
The Lieutenant's
outside binding him now.
I just put him to sleep.
Anybody starts feeling bad,
speak up.
This is a particularly
bad case of malaria.
Dr. Hughes, what's the status?
I'm working on
establishing a link.
It should be ready in a minute.
Let me call the General.
Zeus. Scavenger?
Zeus. Scavenger.
Come in, Zeus.
Zeus. Scavenger.
Zeus, we've been trying to
hail you for some time now.
Foxtrot was just hit bad
by the storms, General,
disabling comms.
We've had to mobilize offsite.
But our guests have
narrowed down the location
of the disturbance and arrived
at a plan on how to proceed.
Go ahead.
The only option we have is
to drop massive ordnance
on the epicenter
and seal the vent.
I'm requesting air assistance
to deliver a GBU-43B
to location coordinates
soon to follow, ma'am.
I'll contact the 4th Fleet.
I'll send a Black Hawk and two
Chinooks to evac your team.
One with a GBU-43B and the other
with a Massive
Ordnance Penetrator.
If one or both of those don't
do the trick, then God help us.
Yes, General.
Confirmation ordnance
request received, ETA...
three hours.
What are your
target coordinates?
I should have them
in a couple of minutes.
It's just everything
is still running slow
because of all the storms.
Stand by for exact
coordinates, General.
Copy. Standing by.
Sergeant Shockley
is secured, sir.
Good, Lieutenant.
Scavenger, we're detecting
a massive storm system
headed straight for your
vicinity, ETA 30 minutes.
Advise you to take cover.
We're inside a solid structure
to ride out any
inclement weather, Zeus.
Copy that.
Do you have those
coordinates yet?
Yes, it's um...
Everybody okay?
That was the worst one yet.
Oh, God!
We lost the connection!
Sounded like the
radio antenna, sir!
We lost them.
Let's go check out the antenna.
I have to go secure
those samples.
Antenna is wasted.
Crumpled like a tin can
with that last earthquake.
No, Major.
I need the satellite link!
I understand!
Look, there's an abandoned
airfield north of lago Do Fodo.
We can try to link up there,
but it was rebel-controlled.
Well, we have no choice.
How close is it to the lake?
It's right on the water.
Plus, there's old helicopters
and heavy ordnance.
Failsafe if anything
happens to our air assets.
Okay then, let's do that.
At least we'll have some options
if it comes to that.
- Let's go.
- What about the Sergeant, sir?
I found his kit by the antenna.
We'll have to move
on without him.
Elliot, let's go!
Stay low and move quick.
Hey, Elliot, did you get
a chance to learn anything
from the fungus
samples you took?
Oh, yeah, yeah.
More bad news.
As if we need more of that.
Well, this fungi is similar
to a rhodotorula graminis.
That's a fungus
found in volcanoes.
Yes, but unlike that one,
this one
has an additional membrane
which indicates
it originates in water...
likely the lake.
The bad news is that
it's laced with toxins.
So like most fungi,
if the structural integrity
is comprised,
say, for example, if you step
on it, it releases spores.
So as far as
the major's theory goes,
that it's a malaria outbreak,
it's probably actually
this little fungi responsible
for all the symptoms,
the disorientation
and fever and stuff.
Yeah, and also with all storms
and the weather cycles,
the precipitation's most
likely carrying
all the spores into
the upper atmosphere.
As far as mitigating
the infection,
a high dose of oxygen should be
enough to suffocate the fungi.
Major! We gotta go!
Get in the truck now!
Looks like our route
is blocked by the wildfire.
We'll be safer closer to
the lake,
but we have to go on foot.
This way.
The lake is only
a few miles ahead.
There's the air base.
Follow this river
bed around to it.
Hey, guys?
I'm gonna catch right up.
I wanna grab a
quick water sample
and verify that the fungus
is indeed from here.
I'll stay with you.
I'll hang back and cover them.
Fungus has to exist in a
relatively low acid environment.
I'm wondering if this
is the place.
Sounds like a plan.
With that added membrane...
I'm pretty sure...
that this is the body
of water it's in.
Let's hold. I don't wanna
separate the group too far.
Major, we're running
out of time.
I can't do anything
without that link.
Under normal circumstances,
the volcanic activity would
make the lake highly acidic.
Water pH is 8.5.
This is definitely
the source of the fungus.
Oh my gosh.
Which makes total sense.
The sediment in the lake
is limestone... it's alkaline.
That's how the massive spores
have been able to survive.
There's zero acidity.
This is it.
We found it.
I wanna collect some more.
You guys, we have
to keep moving.
Yes, yes, of course, of course.
So, I'm having a thought.
Follow me through on this.
I want to try to combine
the fungus and the acridum,
make kind of a concoction.
And douse my little
friends with it,
essentially infecting them,
then set them loose on
the rest of the swarm.
- That's a great idea.
- Right?
That should work.
Bingo, bango, no more locusts.
We just lost both birds carrying
our payload over the Atlantic!
This road takes us
away from the river,
but it should be faster.
The base is just ahead.
Scavenger! Zeus!
Do you copy?
We just lost both payloads!
I repeat!
We just lost both payloads!
- No!
- We've lost the payloads?
We've already dispatched two
Chinooks with similar payloads,
ETA three hours.
We don't have
three hours, Major!
Dr. Hughes, we can't get
that ordnance here any sooner.
It's coming by helicopter off
a carrier out in the Atlantic.
No! That won't do!
We have to do something now!
Zeus, stand by.
You said that that airfield has
helicopters and ordnance, right?
- Yes.
- Okay.
Then we handle this right now!
- Scavenger!
- Zeus. Scavenger.
We're going to explore
possible options on our end.
We'll keep you apprised.
Scavenger out.
Okay, let's go.
And stay low.
- Hey, you guys okay?
- Yep.
I think we're safe.
That was close.
Hm. There's no guarantee any
of these birds are operational,
but there's a Bell Huey
and a Chinook.
- Great.
- Wait. You can can fly helicopters?
It won't be a smooth ride,
but we'll manage.
She'll definitely struggle
to gain lift with this heat,
providing I can find ordnance
big enough to do the job.
If we can get that helicopter,
I have some hygroscopic
flares in my bag.
It might temporarily disperse
the warm clouds
and give the helicopter
some lift.
Hey, if I go up, I can
dispense more acridum.
Keep the locust swarms
from choking up the engines
so you guys can carry the bombs!
Check out the Huey.
I'll take the Chinook.
Copy that.
Stay here.
When the Lieutenant gives you
the signal,
Dr. Rodney and Lenna, you move.
Get up in the air,
do what you need to do.
Dr. Hughes, you're with me.
We're gonna take the Chinook.
And do what we need to do.
Good luck.
Come on.
Careful, careful.
Come on, come on.
That should be enough
firepower to get the job done.
Okay, I'm gonna use that loader
to get the ordnance
loaded up on the Chinook.
Stay put this time.
Come on, Dakota, come on.
Come on!
Dakota, come on!
We're in!
Go, go, go, go!
Hang on!
This is gonna be rough
with these winds!
Copy that!
Very rough, okay?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay.
Hang on!
We're gonna go down if we don't
do something about these bugs!
Ooh, ooh,
I'm gonna try out my concoction!
- Okay, sounds like a plan!
- I'm gonna try right now!
When you get a chance,
hold open the door
so I can drop the flare.
Yeah. Okay.
Just give me a second.
These things are getting
in the turbines!
No time for this.
Give me your flare!
Are you gonna put them together
and kill two birds
with one stone?
- Yep.
- That's genius.
It'll clear the skies
with the cloud seed
and it'll disperse
all the locusts!
That's the idea.
Okay, great.
Wait, how are
we gonna light that?
Same way as we did last time.
Yes, but the Lieutenant
is flying the helicopter!
- How is he gonna shoot?
- Good question.
Lieutenant, does this thing
have an autopilot function?
This is Vietnam era equipment!
I guess I'll take the shot.
Do you know how to shoot?
I used to go plinking
with my dad.
That was with his .22 and
my BB gun, but that's okay.
I'm gonna give it a shot.
Lieutenant, can I use
your rifle, please?
Take it!
O-kay! That's a big boy.
I need advice on how
to shoot a canister
out a moving helicopter into
a swarm of angry locusts
and lightning.
Push the selector
button to "full"
and make sure you lead it.
Lead it, okay.
And when you say "lead it",
you mean with the barrel
in front of the target, right?
On full auto, you wanna
lead it by
about two feet below to be safe!
On full auto, the rifle's
gonna tilt up
when you pull the trigger!
- Okay, sensible enough.
- Yeah, yeah.
Okay, here we go.
On three.
- Okay.
- One, two, three!
- I did it!
- You did it!
You did it!
It's not working.
Oh, it's not...
It's not working!
These things are getting
into the turbine engines!
I'm gonna have to put this
thing down before we crash!
Go, go, go!
Take it down! Take it down!
Go, go!
- Is everybody okay?
- Yeah.
What are we gonna do?
I don't know.
I don't understand.
The acridum didn't
kill these things.
Maybe the Hygroscopic aerosols
didn't... dampened the
effectiveness of the acridum?
Of the acridum!
Yes, that's it!
Do you have another one?
I have one more.
The one that worked
the last time, so...
Okay, okay.
Lieutenant, you take the shot.
You throw the canister.
- Okay. Copy.
- I'll open the door.
- We got this.
- Yeah.
One, two, three!
It's working?
It's working!
Major Jones, the locust
swarms have been dispersed.
You are clear for takeoff.
Copy, Sergeant.
Dakota? Elliot? Thank you
for your work up there.
All right, here we go.
Hold on, Lynise.
I should be able to connect
to the satellite
using the Chinook systems.
I'm getting a signal!
It's weak, but it's
gonna get the job done!
Okay, I got the coordinates.
Go to the north shore
of the lake.
You're going to 10.7339 Sierra
by 37.5681 Whiskey.
Adjusting accordingly.
The world is coming to an end.
Don't count our
team out just yet.
Yes, ma'am.
Major, are you all right?
Major, did you hear me?
I heard a voice.
Like thunder.
"Come", it cried out.
Where are you taking us?
To Sergipe! We will open
the Seventh Seal, doctor!
Major! I need you to turn
the helicopter back around!
I saw before me a white horse,
its rider armed with a bow,
an adorning crown upon his head.
Behold the second horse...
fiery red!
Its rider armed
with a mighty sword
to strike down my enemies.
Major, I've got
something for you.
The third horse!
A black one!
Its rider baring
the scales of justice...
Justice and punishment
to my enemies.
Major, please, take this,
it's going to make
you feel better.
A pale horse emerged...
And death was its rider.
And all hell followed!
Major! It's me!
It's Lynise! Please!
Major, please!
Don't worry, doctor.
No need to worry.
I'm pulling
the cold air out there.
Major, tell me about...
tell me about Joseph
when he finally revealed
himself to his brothers!
What did Joseph do?
After the terrible injustice
done to him by his brothers...
What did Joseph do?
What did he do?
He offered forgiveness...
Genesis 50:20.
"You intended to cause me harm,
but God intended
it all for good."
I need you to breathe this in!
The oxygen will kill the fungus!
Breathe, please breathe!
There you go, there you go.
There you go.
Keep breathing, keep breathing.
Good, Major, good.
Now I need this.
Keep breathing, Major.
General, this is Lynise!
Dr. Hughes, where is the Major?
What's happening there?
The Major was infected
by the fungus.
I was able to clear
it out of his system
with the oxygen
from a respirator.
Listen, I don't have
time to explain all that.
Can you find us
on your satellite?
We're in a Chinook helicopter.
Our coordinates are 10.7739
Sierra by 37.5861 Whiskey.
Are you over lago Do Fodo?
Yes, yes.
We have a huge bomb
from the airport.
And we're gonna drop it
over the epicenter
because the ordnance isn't
gonna get here in time.
The Major has promised me
it's going to work.
But I still need you to use
the infrared satellite
and guide us directly
over the epicenter.
Can you do that?
Stand by.
Let me get in there, doctor.
- Let me in there.
- Okay, okay.
The General is gonna guide us
to the epicenter, okay?
Who's flying the helicopter?
The Major is now.
Good. Glad to hear that oxygen
is an effective antidote.
We have eyes on
the epicenter, Major.
I want you to take
a heading out in vector 4.7.
I've lost access
to my guidance systems.
I'll need you to direct me
with landmarks, General.
Copy that.
I need you to reduce
your speed to 160 knots.
Target is to your 2:00.
Adjusting coordinates.
You're 55 meters on target.
Stay on that heading.
Gasses are rising
to the surface.
It's getting ready to
blow any minute now!
Okay. You're directly over
the epicenter.
Push yourself into
a holding pattern,
drop your ordnance
and get out of there!
Confirm holding pattern,
preparing to drop ordnance.
Engaging autopilot.
Doctor, there's a switch,
a release switch,
behind the door there.
Turn the top dial first
and the second dial after.
- That'll release the bomb.
- Okay.
First, and sec...
I'm sorry.
What? What happened?
Mechanical failure,
a loss of hydraulic pressure.
Okay, but what do we do?
Must be a leak.
There's nothing...
There's nothing to do, doctor.
It's over.
Well, can't we cut the cables?
You can't cut
those cables, doctor.
They're holding up an
8,000 kilogram bomb.
They're not made out of string.
What's happening, Major?
Sorry, doctor...
I'm not feeling well.
Major, I'm gonna crash
the helicopter into the lake.
There's no greater love
than to lay your life
down for your brother.
I like that.
This is Lynise.
The other payload should be
there within three hours.
General, there is no time left.
Is there any way
to fix this lever?
It could be
several things, doctor.
He said it's something with the
hydraulics, loss of fluid maybe.
That can't be fixed.
You need to have
the helicopter grounded.
I'm not going down
without a fight.
We're gonna crash
the helicopter into the lake.
You're gonna what?
We're going to crash
the helicopter!
That won't work, doctor.
The firing mechanism won't...
The firing mechanism
is heat activated.
Hold on!
Don't do anything rash!
As long as the helicopter makes
contact with the magma chamber,
the heat from the volcano
should be high enough
to trigger the bomb.
It's our only option, General.
Okay, Major, tell me about
one of your best memories,
maybe something about church?
My mom...
I used to love going to church
each Sunday with my mom.
Oh, good.
That sounds nice.
Tell me what it was like.
I had to
pass the collection plate.
I dropped it.
She said it was okay.
What happened then?
She went under the pews
to get the money.
She told me it wasn't my fault.
Oh, that was so nice of her,
really nice of her.
Okay, Major.
Major, look, it's gonna
be all right, okay?
I got you.
We have to go get them!
Will they even be alive because
of the volcanic fumes?
Isn't that water
extremely caustic?
No, no, no!
The lake is alkaline.
The limestone neutralizes
the volcanic acids.
Scavenger, we have
two heat signatures.
It looks like they're moving to
the north-eastern shoreline
headed straight for you!
Come on!
Hey, you guys, over here!
Help me get Oakley out!
I got you, Major, come on!
Major, major, major,
come here, come here.
Come on!
Come on, big guy!
Hey, what happened to the bomb?
Why didn't it go off?
Come on.
That ordnance...
it has a supersonic
impact casing in the head.
It won't blow until it
reaches temperature
from the heat inside
the magma chamber.
We have to get out of here!
- Let's go!
- Go, go!
We've got them, Zeus!
We have all thee guests and
Major Jones in possession!
Get to safety now!
I can't breathe.
That's normal.
Ordinance sucks the oxygen
right out of your lungs
when you're this close
to detonation.
Did we do it?
I can't tell yet.
General, look.
The monitor!
It looks like it worked.
It looks like it worked!
Yes, it did, ma'am!
Nice work, soldier.
Scavenger, do you read me?
Please tell me you're okay.
Scavenger, come in.
Oh, thank God.
I am looking at
feed all over the globe.
And it seems like
you stopped it!
Excellent news, Zeus.
I'd like to speak to
Dr. Hughes if I may.
General Norris...
I mean, Zeus.
No need for mil spec
talk, doctor.
This is a secured line.
We are getting satellite imagery
that shows the entire chain
reaction is shutting down.
All right!
The storm systems
appear to be clearing.
The locust swarms appear
to be dropping off
at a substantial rate.
And it looks as though
the geothermal readings
are dropping rapidly
at lago Do Fodo.
Great to hear that, General.
And what of the
infection you spoke of?
Regarding the fungi?
General, I'm gonna let
Dr. Rodney fill you in on that.
Hello. Hi.
Elliot Rodney here.
It's our respiratory systems.
As soon as I get back
to my labs,
I can synthesize a compound
that we can release
in aerosol form so we can spread
it through the locust swarms.
It'll also spread
from human to human,
neutralizing the neural
effect of the fungus.
Outstanding, Dr. Rodney,
You wanna say something?
We all did our part.
General, this is
Dakota Lenna speaking.
Good to hear your voice,
Dr. Lenna.
The cloud seeding worked
exactly as planned.
With the immense rush of
cooler air from the atmosphere,
we'll soon be
stabilize weather systems
along the jet stream.
I'm watching it happen
via satellite as we speak.
Excellent work from all of you!
Thank you!
You've all done
the world a great service.
Just doing our job, ma'am.
General, we're getting
calls from all over.
They want to speak
with you, ma'am.
Everyone, I've got a few
people that I need to talk to.
We can converse a little later.
Copy that, Zeus.
Scavenger out.
You guys, we did it!
We did it!
Let's not do it again.
- We did it!
- Good job!
Come on.
Lynise, I owe you an apology.
No apology necessary, Major.
All is forgiven.
Thank you.