4 Kings (2021) Movie Script

You dont have to go, Dad.
Why wouldn't I?
Its Fathers Day.
You look like hell.
-Damn stink of alcohol.
You came home at dawn.
Its the Fathers Day ceremony at school,
not Alcohol Day.
What are you going to say now?
You are always like this, year after year.
Your pants have
sweat stains all over them.
And look at your shoes.
Youd wear that junk to my school?
I'm ashamed.
Yes, Mr. Puttipong.
Billy, the concrete beam
is not settling yet.
It cant be,
the guys just finished it at 4 a.m.
Where are you?
Aren't you at the construction site?
Oh, damn!
Out of my way, damn it!
Come on.
Come on in. Come on.
I said get out of my way.
They are fighting out there.
Where would I go?
Im going to help my daughter.
Come on. Come.
Come on in. Come on.
Jerk! Get off!
Please help!
Please help my daughter!
Someone call an ambulance!
Im Suwicha, Inthira's teacher.
Remember me?
Mr. Pranott.
I sent the blueprint
for project four last night.
Yes, sir. I owe you this time.
Thank you.
Amm, do I have to
prepare for the parents meeting?
Students got into a gang fight again.
They are from two
different vocational schools this time
and it was right in the middle
of Samut Sakhon
with swords and homemade
hand grenades involved.
There's a report that a soldier
Teens these days
Whats wrong with them?
They were charging at
each other with long swords.
Like youve never done that.
The jurisdiction of
Krathum Baen police station.
A soldier who was driving by
Back then it was not like this.
It was not like this?
What was it like then?
Like real men?
I've never seen any
technical student act like a real man.
-You're telling me not to generalize.
The fact that Im crippled,
isnt it because of
technical students like you?
Hey, pay up.
I'm getting off.
does your tuition fee cover all bus fares?
You never pay your stuff, twat.
Oh, oh?
other than caffeine,
only a good beating up gets me vibing.
What a jerk.
I had a look at you
While you were sleeping
You seemed so innocent
Hey, Lupin.
Why are you so into singing?
Quit school and get a record deal already.
Oh damn! Its not
that I love singing, Billy.
I just love music,
so I keep rehearsing.
Stone Metal Fire have
a concert at the end of the year.
Im telling you, Im going to shine.
Just watch me, youll be so high.
Yes, Lupin. I believe you.
You always had potential.
Only Jae Danupol is cooler than you.
The gig is at the end of the year,
why the rush?
Come on, Billy.
You cant spell the word "target"?
Targets are for attacks.
And I'm planning a big attack there.
Hey! CHOLs alert!
Old man, stop!
CHOLs? We're INs!
Idiot, do one!
Let my friend show off!
Get your medicine at the counter.
You are invincible.
Where did you get the tattoo?
Invincible your ass.
Got 18 stitches on my back.
that I was too late.
No. Why sorry?
If it hadn't been for you,
Mod would have chopped me up.
You think too much.
Dad, hello
You only bring me trouble.
Your brain
ever come up with something good?
See you.
Are you leaving?
See you tomorrow.
You cant be mad at me, Au.
Im here on time.
I've missed my period for two months now.
You serious?
Are you joking with me?
No, seriously.
I'm not messing with you about this.
It's not a joke, Da.
Dont think too much.
Whatever happens, happens.
What about my parents?
You don't have to worry.
Ill figure it out somehow.
I am responsible for this.
But it is a serious matter, Da.
It is serious to me as well.
Da, lets get a taxi.
The Buranapons are all over the station.
If you have a girl around,
they don't do it.
It would be despicable if they did.
Walking with your head high.
Do you think you are Andy Lau?
Pickup, go home, get laid.
Dont you have it all too easy?
You can have it easy.
But if you want it difficult,
you might get a bit sweaty.
Its kind of hot around here.
Want a drink?
Enough, you idiot. Ill choke.
You come with a girl, drink up.
Whenever you come alone,
Ill beat the crap out of you.
Make way for Andy Lau.
Give me a cigarette.
Lets eat.
Thanks, Mom.
Billy will stay with us for a while.
Sure, make yourself at home.
But are you on a run?
No, Im not.
I have a problem with my stepdad.
Im kidding.
Da told me everything.
Just relax, son.
Thank you.
-Yes, Mom.
Why dont you invite Au for dinner?
You know her dad is very strict.
She cant stay out late.
A policemans daughter.
And you, make sure you use protection.
Respect her dignity.
Protect what?
Well, you know.
Au and I are not like that.
Come on, just do as I say.
Yes, Mom.
Let me answer the phone.
Mischievous, isnt he?
You seem to be very close to him.
Itd be nice if you were my family.
All families are different.
Its like this here.
Many are not.
You are a man now.
Stay with the present.
Look toward the future.
Forget the past.
-Very wise.
Are you sure, X?
Yeah, they usually hang around here.
What a smelly alley.
Are you sure Da is here?
Not sure.
But if he turns up,
it'll be this mofo's last day.
Turn off the engine.
Whoa. Those CHOLs.
What are they doing here?
Surely they are looking for trouble.
What the hell are you doing?
Ive always wanted to face them.
Now I have a chance,
I'll welcome them with my number 12.
Forget the drugs, I'd rather hit them.
When I shoot them, you take off. Okay?
My name is goddamn Yad!
Let's go!
My friend? My friend?
Where are you going, coward?
Who sent you here? Scumbag!
Damn, Mod.
Enough, Mod!
Hes going to die.
Do one, scumbag!
Like a drama that you have to act
Its because of some kind of force
The force of love, lust, so powerful
That commands you to do anything
Enough with your force of love!
Idiot freeloaders!
What a waste of my stuff!
Aunty, music is drug prevention.
Right, Lupin.
Like this alcohol
you are drinking is not addictive?
What would you know? Its medicinal.
Doc told me it's good for circulation.
Why did you sell it to me then?
For you its like charity.
My shop will be shut down because of you.
Honorable freeloader,
have you heard of it?
So fierce.
For the SMF gig this year,
I have my new Converse to attract chicks.
Theyre going to be thrilled.
Where did you get the money?
He snatched some
Scholls from the mall yesterday.
Got five pairs.
What did you do with five pairs?
Look at those
Mint condition.
Just watch me.
Gotcha. Gotcha.
Hey, kid!
Hey, kid.
Pretending to ignore me?
I guess I cant play nice.
Seems like you need Arahan palms.
Kid, you have nice shoes.
Can I have them?
Come on! Take them off!
Very good. I love obedient young men.
Lets go.
How are they?
They smell right.
-I mean you, jackass.
Can I have 40 baht for more games?
You wasted my time,
I thought youd be tough.
So you bought them, Mr. Customer.
But I didnt have to
go to the shop, right?
Oh, damn.
Who is coming to
the SMF concert this year?
School girls maybe? Damn!
Billy, what are you talking about?
We are the flashiest.
Listen to me carefully.
There must be Lupin with INs.
"Lupin." Do you get it?
I think the CHOLs
and KANOKs will be there.
Let them bind together,
Ill take care of that.
Also KANOKs and PAYUs.
Those scumbags are violent.
Are you scared, you dork?
Let those losers come,
Ill slap their heads one by one.
Mr. Customer,
what did you call Billy again?
A dork.
Schmuck. Dork.
It's for you, bro.
Ive got a Flirt Card.
Hows that?
"Can I have your number?"
Jealous, huh?
With my looks,
girls can't help falling for me.
Is she pretty?
Of course, I wouldnt do it if she wasnt.
Guide me to that girl.
-Lets go.
-Follow me.
Excuse me, guys.
You can compete in a boat race,
but you cant compete in luck.
I gotta go for now.
Come on, dork.
-Such a bully.
-So full of crap.
-Crap talker.
Where is she, huh?
It's the end of the line for you here.
Go. Go home.
Im Lupin of INTRA.
What do you want me to do?
You'll get your ass kicked,
son of a bitch!
I said stop.
Dont run, damn it.
Dont you get it? I said stop.
Where are you running to?
Hey, KANOKs!
Billy, get down!
What the hell are you doing?
Billy, you get hit?
I'm okay.
Holy hell! Lupin!
Can I have some money?
We're going school camping
in Kanchanaburi.
Sure, are you staying overnight?
How many days, so I know how much?
Four days.
Ill prepare you some coats.
It might be cold there.
Take my camera.
You can take some pictures
with your friends.
You should go longer.
Not as tough as your tongue.
Can you please calm down?
He might have thought it through.
You'd better shut up.
There is no point being nice to him.
I put your stuff in the dog cage.
If you want to come back,
stay in the dog cage!
Isn't that too harsh?
To discipline him.
He got his dads vile blood.
Dont talk crap about my dad!
-What are you gonna do?
Its my house. What are you gonna do?
You think you are tough?
I beg you, please.
Why? Cant I discipline your ex's son?
-Enough, Dad. Dad!
Get your stuff out of my house.
Dont ever come back!
Get out!
Billy, Im sorry.
You dont need to apologize.
Its my fault that I'm your son.
Just stay away for a while.
You took Au home today?
Yes, Mom.
Do her parents know about you?
They do, but
they dont really like me.
Especially her dad.
Are you serious about her?
Of course I am.
Like really serious?
Then prove yourself.
Yes, Mom.
Is that Billy?
Yes, Ill go see him.
As soon as you got back?
Forget it. Get inside.
-Hello, Mom.
Can I?
Yes, make yourself at home.
Thank you.
Have you eaten?
Ill make you an omelet. Come.
I have something to tell you.
What is it?
Au is pregnant.
Holy crap.
What are you going to do?
Ill take care of them. Im a real man.
But you are still in school.
You have no job.
But I have my hands and feet.
Its my child so Ill take care of it.
Does your mom know?
Ill find the right time.
How about her family?
Not yet.
Thats a big problem.
Don't go, I'm begging you
I'm begging you to stop singing already.
You have been singing all day.
Are you going to
the Kai Pang concert, channel 7?
Are you, Da, Billy?
Of course.
Its Pang we are talking about.
How about you, Da?
Dont tell me you are not going.
If you wont, I wont.
Can I just go to the SMF concert?
Ill pass on this one.
Why is that?
Or you dont like alternative music?
Are you anxious about Au?
See, Billy? I knew it.
Did Au break up with you?
I told you, she's stuck-up.
Im good at reading people.
No break up.
Au is pregnant, idiot.
Huh? Au is pregnant?
How did it happen?
They stared at each other
and she got pregnant.
What a stupid question, idiot.
Thats not what I meant.
I meant how did you let her get pregnant?
I gave you condoms,
why didnt you use them?
Do her parents know?
Not yet.
Just calm down, dont overreact.
Read my lips,
dont dwell on the past
and dont long for the future
or youll lose your present.
That works for me.
So in the present,
you go to the concert with me.
Yes, Lupin.
I hope in the present,
you dont get kicked out like last time.
Snap out of it, man.
To be frank
Ill stay through to the end.
This is how you snap.
Come on, I really want you to be there.
Hey, dont stress.
Well think about that later.
Its for the Kai Pang concert,
lets just go.
Fine, Ill go.
That's my friend.
"Stay through to the end."
Hows that, you idiot?
So you said you would
not get kicked out, Lupin?
Scumbag! Those CHOLs
really got on my nerves,
so I have to give it to them.
I told you I shouldnt have come.
We're the BUs from Bang Na
No one bats an eye
We're the unfortunate tech students
Ministry of Education couldn't care less
They say we're punks
Heck! There are a hundred BUs ahead.
We're diligently repeating the year
Making sure the world knows
We're despicable
We're BUs, BUs!
What do we do?
Just get on with it.
Damn, so many of them.
Seems like they want to eat my foot.
They want a show, let them come.
We never know.
The BUs might run away.
But leave the CHOLs to me.
Let's have some fun.
Is everybody okay? Get hit?
What are you doing?
Face down!
Hands behind your back.
Hands behind your back.
Are you tough?
Get up!
Everybody, up! Now!
Officer, take them to the van.
Calm down. Go further in. Up you go.
Ill whip your ass.
-What are you doing?
-Get on.
-Sit down or Ill whip your ass.
Sit down!
Want to try me?
Still fighting? Hey.
I'll hit you.
So gritty.
You have nothing else to do?
You thinking what Im thinking?
Of course, moron.
I was arrested once.
I get booked again, Ill be gone for long.
-What are you going to do?
-I dont know.
Let me handle it.
Tell your guys to be prepared.
You'd better make it, jackass.
Damn you. Always get on my nerves.
Ive despised you for so long.
-Want to go one-on-one with me?
I said stop.
Officer, I'm done.
Can I go one-on-one with this jerk?
Hes doing my head in.
Fine. But the loser
will get beaten up. I warn you.
You moron. Loose mouth.
Do you know channel 7 Muay Thai?
Ill make you the highlight of the day.
You're Channel 7?
Then Im the Dark Knight, schmuck!
Damn. If you are both from
Channel 7 and Dark Knight,
Then Im Songchai Ratanasubun?
When are you going to start?
Go on.
Damn! Still counting?
Annoying as hell!
-What the hell?
Sit down!
Sit down!
Hey, guys.
Let me ask you this,
why do you guys fight?
What is it for?
I see you guys always
having street fights.
If there were no idiots like you
in this country,
it would be much more developed.
The three of you
have you ever asked yourselves
why you have to fight?
Year after year,
I've always seen you fight.
Just use your brain. Think hard.
"Year after year, you fight."
Like you police are good, what a jerk.
Can you answer his question though?
Why do we fight?
Why then?
You are the BUs.
This jackass is the INs.
And Im the CHOLs.
Thats sensible.
You have a point. I agree.
If I was not in the BUs,
you were not in the CHOLs,
and that jackass was not in the INs,
would we still fight?
Young people in the US fight all the time.
They dont even have
patriotism for the institute,
they are just gang members.
All drug dealers.
How do you know?
Have you been there?
Piss off.
All I know is
every country has their own problems.
It depends on how
they solve their problems.
And what's the problem in the US?
Are you stupid?
Dont you have cable TV in your area?
You are a jerk.
Whats wrong with you?
I really want to know.
Its poverty.
How many cans of glue have you sniffed?
And what's the problem in this country?
How would I know, slimeball?
If I did, Id be in parliament.
So do you or do you not know?
What is wrong with you? Why so quiet?
Your parents are here to bail you out.
Im sure they are not mine.
My parents.
Please sign an acknowledgement here.
Im not here to bail him out,
I want to press charges.
What did you say?
Your son is a piece of crap.
He should be in jail as discipline
and know what being miserable is like.
Officer, he stole my camera.
If you really want to report your son,
file a report with the officer in charge.
Lets go.
Wait, you cant do that.
Stay out of this.
Im sorry.
You told him about the camera?
Im sorry.
let me ask you one thing.
What is it?
Why did you have me?
Its my fault.
Im sorry.
-Hi, boss.
Are you doing well?
If I was doing well, I wouldnt be here.
What did you do this time?
War with the INs at the Pangs concert.
They got me busted.
Only three of you got busted?
This scumbag is BU, that jackass is IN.
How about you?
Im okay.
The technical boys at house 4.
House 2 is for stray local guys.
Yad and his friends
were busted for drugs and guns.
The whole gang is in here.
Dont they fight?
The locals hate technical boys.
Damn right they do.
They outnumber us.
Clashed with the DONs since the first day.
These guards are mean.
They punish offenders severely.
Isnt this Mr. Oh the CHOLs?
Are you here on vacation?
Never thought I would meet you here.
Yeah, Im on vacation, hunting animals.
Oh, hunting animals?
What kind of animals?
We have them all here.
The crappy kind,
Im never bored of looking at.
Well, its not fun time now
because we hunt at night.
There is an IN guy here.
Ive always wanted to chew you.
Lets see if you live up to
your reputation.
What the hell are you looking at?
What the hell are you looking at?
This one is quite fierce.
You might want to get some jabs.
-Dont worry, youll have your chance.
But Im hungry now. Got to eat.
Ill save my dessert for later tonight.
-You slimeball!
Hey, you are not the IN here!
You are not the IN here!
Look at those creeps.
They hunt in groups.
They are not like you!
You think the military police are cruel,
these guards are even worse.
I thought the CHOLs were fearless.
Lets beat the crap out of them,
see if they are tough.
Next time,
I dont think they'll have the guts.
Dont you know the rule?
What rule?
The big guy showers near the tap.
Is that so, schmuck?
It is not mentioned in the text book.
Then put it in your skull,
because the text books
dont tell you everything.
Well, go ahead, Ill wait.
I thought you were tough, schmuck.
But in my book,
this is what it taught me.
Here come Social Studies.
Son of a bitch!
What the hell are you doing?
Who started this crap? Say it!
Or you all will be punished.
I did.
I started it.
Me too.
Its done.
Is it?
Anything else?
If not, you'd better go home.
Dad, if you need anything,
please let me know.
Whos your dad?
I'd never have a son like you.
Da, you should get back.
You can come again later.
Dont come again ever
and stay away from my daughter.
Why do you talk like that?
Why cant I?
I say what I like.
You have a problem?
But Au and I are seeing each other.
You are together then, or what?
Au is my daughter.
Who I want her to date, is my decision.
Go. Get lost.
Da, please leave, trust me.
Goodbye, Mom.
Au is pregnant.
What did you say?
I said
Au is pregnant.
You impregnated my daughter?
You punk. Son of a bitch.
You piece of crap.
Da, listen to me, please go home.
Get out of my house!
And never come back again
or I will kill you!
Do one!
Da, please go home.
So many nice men
Yet you choose this jerk!
You caused trouble on your first day.
Two times for now
and you have to
clean up the toilet tomorrow.
If you still cause more trouble,
there will be more coming.
Who will be the first?
I will.
Take a deep breath.
Deep breath.
Come on, one more.
Take a deep breath.
One last time, now you remember.
Come on.
Are you hungry?
I cooked you some food.
Lets eat.
Your favorite, stuffed bitter gourd soup.
Whats wrong, Mom?
What happened to you?
Why are you crying?
Did someone hurt you?
Today I met Aunt Duang Jai,
she invited you to Kik's graduation.
She doesnt know that you
Im sorry.
Damn it.
We were punished
and still have to wash the toilet.
Why are you whining?
Why did you pick the smaller bucket?
You clean that zone,
and this zone is mine.
Damn Oh.
You come to this zone, jerk.
They didnt flush their crap. Damn!
Didnt you start all of this?
Now we have to clean up crap.
You are the one who built it up.
You've had a go at him since we arrived.
Are you gonna talk crap or clean it?
Im still in pain because of you.
Hurry up, scumbag.
Which room do
you want me to wash? Let me help.
Were you just crying in the toilet?
What I do in the toilet is my business.
Im a grown-up.
Just get on with it.
What the hell? You argue like kids.
Wheres my brush?
Why do you go to IN?
And you?
Why do you go to CHOL?
I asked you first.
Seriously, I have no idea
why I went to CHOL.
This is strange.
We wear different uniforms out there.
But if I was not studying at CHOL,
I might end up like Yad.
No future.
Because we hold onto the institute's name.
I get to see my mom's tears.
Damn it.
I dont know.
I think its the virtue of this.
Skills that teach us to survive.
People fight in all lines
of work and study.
By the way,
if we all meet outside,
will we fight?
I dont know.
We know each other now.
We'll just try to
avoid each other in public.
If we cant,
well meet later to settle it.
All right,
Da, when will Billy get out?
In a few days.
Did his family visit him?
His mom sent letters and some money.
Poor Billy.
How did he manage to go back to school?
There's only one semester left.
Billy will have to stay with us
for a while.
Billys mom will send the money.
Sure, no problem.
I want to ask you
what do you think about Au?
What do you mean? I dont understand.
I mean, do you like Au or not?
Well if you love her
and think she is good for you,
then I love her too.
You gotta make a decision by yourself.
is there something else?
No, nothing. I just
want to know what you think.
Ill wipe the plate.
-Hello, Mom.
-Hello, Mom.
Good luck.
Dont come back here again.
-What's up?
-Whats up, man?
Why are you here?
Im sorry.
Please dont be mad at me.
Take this money,
and finish your studies.
Ill try to make things
better with your stepdad.
Well be friends until we grow old
Share many memories from now on
Share sadness, happiness, dreams
Laugh and cry together
Until that day comes
Until we die
My turn.
Until that day, the day we die
Billy, you are really good
at song writing.
Its just a hobby, for Lupin.
I see that he likes singing.
One day he can be a singer.
I dont think he can.
But you, maybe after graduation.
Hey, the SMF concert is in a few days.
What is your decision?
I dont know.
How about you?
You go, I go.
If you dont, me neither.
Okay, Ill go.
Yes, its the last gig before we graduate.
Damn! Attaboy.
Well have a great time.
Lupin has been preparing
since the start of the year.
-Our Lupin?
He talks about this concert every day.
Prepares his costume early.
Yeah, hes quite something.
Let me ask you something.
When my baby is born,
what will your gift be?
I dont know yet.
But Ill have a gift for sure.
Ill be back.
Hello, Da. Its Au.
What are you doing?
Playing guitar with Billy.
How are you, Au?
What are you doing? Did you eat?
Have you told your mom that Im pregnant?
Not yet.
I will tell her after the SMF concert.
The SMF concert
is it that important to you?
Au, its the last thing with my friends.
Dont sulk. Its not a big deal.
Its not a big deal.
I got to go.
Okay, Au.
I love you.
Sweet dreams.
It was Au.
She doesnt want me to go.
What will you do?
Its one last time. Come on.
After my baby is born, I will
just be a good father.
Okay, lets do it.
One word that makes the world delightful
It turns bitterness into sweetness
One word that makes you cry
That takes all your hopes
It makes you want to die
That makes you a good person
Like no one has ever seen
That makes you a bad person
Like you have never been
One night that will make you enchanted
For no reason, you forget to breathe
Like a drama that you have to act
Its because of some kind of force
The force of love, lust, so powerful
That commands you to do anything
The force of love, lust, so powerful
That commands you to do anything
Look at Lupin from INs.
Mod, look at him.
It's gonna be so goddamn fun!
The force of love, lust, so powerful
That commands you to do anything
The force of love, lust, so powerful
That commands you to do anything
Hello, Mom.
Is Da home?
The force of love, lust, so powerful
That commands you to do anything
Anything, anything
Love makes you do anything
We all smile to everyone
But its different in our mind
People seem friendly
But they are not real
Look at ourselves, we realize
Deep down we dont
Want to be less than anyone
People fight for everything
Do everything to get what they want
We give up and become losers
We are generous and become victims
Stop trusting and be more pessimistic
Prevent it before dangers get to us
That mofo Lupin is asking for it.
Very well. I like it.
Paranoid, do I think too much, doc?
Paranoid, Im insane, arent I, doc?
Paranoid, its curable, isnt it, doc?
Paranoid, Im afraid
Youll prolong my treatment
Did a good job, get praised and rewarded
It is actually misleading
When useful, you are always wanted
When useless, they replace you
Everybody is looking
For their own benefit
Paranoid, do I think too much, doc?
Come on.
Come on, scumbag.
Im afraid youll prolong my treatment
You're gonna get it, schmuck.
Please help. Doc!
This way!
This way.
Family waits here.
I told you. Who shone tonight?
Did you see their faces?
Mod must have been so mad.
He deserves it.
It could have been worse.
I told you, where there are INs, there is
Lupin, you dork.
Let me call Au.
You are a dork.
What are you doing?
-Im a watchdog.
I can talk to my girlfriend.
Dont drink it all.
Hello, Au?
What did you say, Au?
Follow him.
1144, please state your pager number.
Seenoom messaged that he saw Da the IN
and two friends on his street.
Au!, Its me, Da!
Hey, Da.
What are you doing?
Come on, if you want to die.
You'd better go back.
I wont.
Youll be charged with
trespassing and sex with a minor.
Go ahead.
If you want to get me arrested, do it.
But Ill tell the police
that you will take Au to get an abortion.
You cant get rid of my baby.
You dont have the right
to tell me what to do!
I do.
The baby is mine!
But Au is my daughter!
And I dont want her
to have a baby with you.
Look at yourselves.
You're like a bunch of dogs,
running around and biting people.
What's wrong with dogs?
Dogs love their puppies.
We are human.
We also have right to be fathers!
Do you think I'm heartless?
Because people like you have no future.
Can you tell me
what the future looks like?
Have you ever seen it?
Although we have no future,
we still have hearts.
Tell me the truth, Au.
Do you really want to get an abortion?
If I keep the baby,
can you really take care of us?
Im only 17.
You are still in school,
you dont even have a job.
So for the baby and myself
what will it be like?
Can you tell me?
I dont think we're ready.
You know, before all of this
I never thought of anything like this.
Until today
its today, Da.
You went to the concert.
You always go and fight.
And you
you still think I can rely on you?
Can I, Da?
Au. Please calm down.
I understand what you said, but
can I ask you only one thing?
Please keep the baby,
Ill take care of it.
You will?
You cant even take care of yourself.
How can you take care of a baby?
No matter what you think
or what you say,
Ill never let my daughter
stoop down to your level.
My level? What's low?
You want her to have an abortion,
thats the lowest!
Enough with this.
Do you want to die? Come at me!
-Come on.
Dad. Enough.
No, calm down.
Im sorry that I snapped at you.
Im sorry about the crappy things I said.
But the only thing I ask,
can you let Au keep the baby?
After she delivers the baby,
Ill raise it.
Ill be responsible for everything.
And she still has
to bear it for nine months.
You only think about your own benefit.
When her tummy gets bigger,
Au, I and my whole family
have to be embarrassed.
Mod and his friends, Billy.
I really dont know
what to do, Dad. I really dont.
The only thing I know,
please let Au keep the baby.
Please, and after she gives birth,
she doesnt have to do anything else.
I will never come to see her again.
Please let her keep the baby.
Have mercy on it. Spare the babys life.
Da, why are you bowing to him?
This idiot doesnt deserve your respect.
-Dad, no!
I said stop. Stop now.
Stop now! Stop.
What would you like me to do?
What would I do?
The way I beg and fall to my knees,
everything is for my child.
Its for my child, you get it?
I know.
Im useless. Im an idiot,
a piece of crap.
This is the best my life can do.
But my child's life
please let it live.
Even my friend goes to technical college
and seems like a crappy person
but ultimately the baby is his.
Please dont force her to get an abortion.
We beg you.
Lets go.
Finally, after three years.
Yeah, we graduated.
I never thought that we would graduate.
We've had so much fun
in the past three years.
We went through so much,
all the bad and the good.
Oranges, Mom.
Three years
I hadnt slept well until you got this.
Shed so many tears.
You should look for higher education.
Get well paid
so you can afford for your child.
I can still help with
the expense at the moment.
Thank you, Mom.
Thank you.
He graduated from that crappy institute?
He's quite alright.
If you could go back in time,
would you go to vocational college?
That is an odd question.
Who would be able to go back in time?
Even the river doesnt flow back.
Billy, the water flows in
one direction in high tide,
it flows back the other way in low tide.
It will be the same tomorrow.
You idiot.
So deep.
If I could really choose.
If I could go back in time,
I wouldnt choose this path.
I feel you, my friend.
But we cant go back to fix anything.
Life is up and down just like the river.
Look at it that way.
Hell, yeah!
Even deeper than me.
Hey, come support me
at the military draft.
Of course well come.
Lupin, have you seen Rhang lately?
How is he? Quit using drugs?
He said hed come to my military draft.
Hell leave
Wat Thamkrabok rehab in two weeks
but his dad wont let him go back to IN.
He'll send him to Sripatum university.
So he won't go back
to the same environment.
We did it!
Rhang, give me.
Wow! Damn, super black.
-Thats awesome.
I got it.
You are going in?
The black ballot!
-How's that?
Red ballot, mofo!
-I'm so pissed.
Those scumbags are noisy.
God damn
He's going solo.
Two officers locked my hands.
Stop me from running away? I dont know.
-You're a lucky son of a bitch.
-Sure I am.
Noisy bitches!
Why the hell are you barking?
Oh, Billy from IN?
Your friend is damn lucky.
But you and me seem out of luck.
Wanna show me what you got, bitch?
Ill see you outside.
Who is that?
Such a kickable face.
Yad, a local stray.
From Central Ladprao
and picks fights with technical boys?
How do you know him?
At the juvie.
I fought with him there.
Dont mind him.
He has nothing on us.
-Let's have hot pot.
Your treat, Lupin.
Yeah, your turn.
I have 20 baht.
Where are you?
You are so late.
Lupin could have gone to boot camp.
How was it?
Black ballot.
We gotta celebrate.
In the hood.
Just come join us, stop asking.
Page Rhang when you get here.
Hell pick you up.
Rhang is there?
Everybody is here but you.
Just come, stop asking.
I saw Mod too.
Mod who?
Ill crush him.
Just hurry, Rhang has
to rush back to rehab.
What rehab, you idiot?
Let me talk to him.
Hello, Da.
Hurry up.
See you there.
All right?
Yeah, see you, man.
Drink up all you want, my treat.
Oh, I saw Lupin today.
When I walked out,
I saw Billy and his friends.
So what?
Im just telling you.
You know Billy, dont you?
Yeah, I know him.
We became good friends in juvie.
But they are always the INs, arent they?
And I am the one who slashed him.
But Im a CHOL,
I know what you are thinking.
But to me, friends
and institute are as important.
Billy was there
so you didnt want to fight?
I was gonna go after Da,
Billy and I would settle things later.
You were there, werent you?
You know what happened.
Yeah, I understand.
Im kidding. Dont think too much.
We did the right thing that day.
It would be despicable if we fought them.
Da was on his knees crying,
who would want to hurt him?
But I wont spare him next time.
Wheres the restaurant?
I dont have that 20 baht anymore,
already spent it on cigarettes.
-You are always like this.
-This one.
-My parents dont give me money so often.
They say the hot pot is really good here.
There is a jukebox too.
I told you its
the best here. All kinds of music.
-Hit songs, Grammy
Sony, Grammy,
RS, FourS, they have it all.
Bakery too.
-Come on.
-Do you have two baht?
Put some music on.
Do you see that, Billy?
A table for three?
Please come in, please.
Seeing their faces
made me lose my appetite.
They should put our feet
in their mouth rather than the meal.
They should rather eat our feet.
What now, Billy? Go somewhere else?
one grilled beef.
Whiskey, two waters, one bucket of ice.
Calm down, Lupin. Keep it cool.
Leave now, we're losers.
Theyll talk crap about us.
What are you gonna do?
Clear up.
Dont know.
Your order is coming.
Rhang, get me the whiskey.
let me drink with you guys.
About that night.
Looks like well have a hot pot with feet.
That sounds yummy.
You might have watched too much
Dreams Come True.
Coming here wishing to drink with us?
Im not as generous as Mr. Traipop.
What do you want me to do?
If you want to drink with us,
make a drink for us first,
are you okay with that?
Which one is your glass?
Straight? Mine is.
That's good.
Straight, pure with nothing else.
Just like your heart.
It's okay.
Thanks to you guys.
You finished your drink,
let me make another one.
Thanks, man.
What did you talk about with them?
Grilled beef is coming.
I thought youd get in a fight.
I was so prepared.
-To fight?
-To run.
That was nothing.
They asked about
what happened at Aus house.
They must have understood.
Quite a big heart they have.
I thought they would beat you up.
No, its over.
Give me the money you extorted from kids.
Damn, Rhang!
You are desperate for two baht?
I want some music on.
How can you afford drugs
when you want two baht from me? Here.
I quit.
Quit buying?
Quit taking.
Fine then.
Are you sure you can find them?
Of course.
Trust me, I got red ballot today.
My hands need blood. Either IN or CHOL.
So, whats next?
Stop talking, ride on.
Okay, got it.
Just tell me, just tell me one thing
Why you have changed?
About me
Upset and crying because of you
It's just your imagination
Da is here.
Ill pick him up.
Let me come along, I miss him. Lets go.
You stay here with Billy.
No. Where are you picking him up?
District office.
I wont be long.
Get me some drink.
I nearly got drafted, you know.
Luckily I didnt.
There is a hot pot shop ahead.
Lets go check it out.
They might be there.
All right, lets go.
-Ive missed you.
I could have attacked you back.
Are you all right?
Yeah, how about you?
You look the same, same long hair.
Have you waited for long?
Not at all.
And you, are you drunk?
Im good. A little tipsy.
Who chose this song?
So spot on.
Sorry, Oh.
That son of a bitch, Billy,
stabbed JR at the concert,
you stay out of this, alright?
Billy, you son of a bitch!
-You scumbag!
-Why did you slash me?
-Mod, please.
Mod, stop. Please!
If CHOL means something to you
Stay out of this!
This is my day.
Dont you want to fight now?
INs and CHOLs?
Arent you so great?
Now that you got my little bee show.
Werent you so gritty before, huh?
Even Thai Life Insurance cant help you.
And you, look at what you did to me.
You want more?
And you,
you think you are a CHOL?
You are a CHOL?
I cant hear you.
How is it running into my bullet?
Does it feel good? Does it?
Of the three of you,
who do I shoot first?
Do you wanna know who I shoot first?
I'll tell you who I shoot first.
Who do I shoot first?
Shoot you?
Do I shoot you?
Or you?
I know.
Ill shoot you all
at the same time, scumbags!
You dirtbag!
Dont worry, Da.
I promise
Ill take a good care of your child.
After Da died,
I adopted Amm to be my daughter.
Amm lived with Da's mother from then.
How did Das mother die?
She was killed by drug addicts.
They have no relatives.
Billy took Amm in.
We all have to help with the expense.
Im sorry
that all of this happened.
Why are you apologizing?
Its been a long time.
All because we were so wild.
I feel guilty because of that.
Thats why I became a teacher.
Its just a moment in time.
I believe that everybody
goes through rough times.
What matters is how you act upon them.
Thats why I am to blame.
Society despises me.
My daughter despises me.
Whats this?
Why are you drinking with my dad?
Did you force my teacher into this?
If I knew what you had
planned for the parents meeting,
I could have taken a motorbike taxi.
stop talking to your dad like that.
Do you realize what you have just said?
I do.
I always know what Im about to say.
Do you have any idea why I am like this?
Ill get some more ice.
How was the parents meeting?
I was so embarrassed
when my friend asked
where my dad graduated from.
He went to a technical college.
Whod want to say that?
Is graduating from
technical college that disgraceful?
Ill call you back, Ter.
Do you have any idea
what I have been through?
I know what you have been through.
Do you know the man you are drinking with
is not my real father?
I was there when your dad died.
There is never a day
that your dad and I in more pain
than about that awful mistake we made.
I am sorry
that I am a part of that tragedy.
Im so sorry.
You say sorry and does
that make my life better?
Or will my dad come back to life?
My apology can't make your life better
or bring Da back to life,
but do you know that its Billy
who has been taking care of you?
Yes, I know.
I knew all along.
Let me fly with you.
I saw that he came to
visit grandma all the time.
Hello, Mom.
When I was a kid,
he always gave my grandma money.
It was for me.
Always brought along many things
and played with me,
made me smile.
He taught me to do my homework
and even did it for me.
He played guitar just to put me to sleep.
But I didn't sleep.
After my grandma died,
he took me in and raised me.
He took me to Aunty Peaw's restaurant.
He and Uncle Lupin took me to play games.
But what I never knew was,
I never knew if what
he has been doing for me
is because he feels responsible
or because he loves me?
You know, he never
remembers anything about me.
He cant even remember my birthday.
He doesnt know what my favorite food is,
or what I enjoy doing.
He only knows when my real dad died.
When the school was established.
He drinks all day,
only cares about work,
wallowing in the past.
Dad, I really want to know.
Do you love me
or do you just feel responsible?
Im sorry.
I told you to stick to just one thing.
Now its all mixed up.
Think you are tough, huh?
Told you to take ketamine,
and you took two things.
Let it out.
The mall will be closed, no more buses.
Ill have to find a way to get home.
You are such a burden.
How is it?
Get up, scumbag. Get up.
Anytime he is drunk, my shoulder hurts.
I wouldnt complain if it was a girl.
Hes so heavy.
Put down the spartan sword.
or youll get to taste my Beretta.
I can shoot the three of you
like playing Tic-tac-toe, schmucks!
If I put it down, youll shoot us anyway.
Stop talking back to me.
You forked tongue.
I said put down your sword.
Six rounds left, I definitely wont miss.
Come on!
We're the BUs from Bang Na
No one bats an eye
You have some grits, scumbags.
Go and find some
Baihor bitter pills for your friend.
See you next album, man.