40 Days and Nights (2012) Movie Script

Look. - Rain in the desert?
At home, it rains quite enough. - I hope the camera will take.
Nice. Run the mud. - Let's go home. It looks bad.
A little water. What's the harm? - Let's go now.
Stop by, David. Be nice.
Oh, my God. Is it right?
It comes towards us. - Drive!
Let's get out.
David, please. - Let's get out.
Send all.
I no longer want to come here. - We did not come here at all.
It sends us back and says that is the wrong direction.
I will send GPS information and images. They are forced to believe in us.
I'll send it now.
Ready. - Now let's get out.
Take us home.
There is poor visibility. I fly low.
What's going on?
Hunley Marine Institute
Thank you.
Now, do not play with.
When stressed it fits you perfectly.
Come on. - Changes are almost ready.
Do not have 15 minutes to his partner? Tragic.
15 minutes, no more. - Yes, I lieutenant.
Tule. - Reminds me menemme?
Soon you will see. It is a surprise.
Do I have yet to climb? - Yes. Come on, old man.
Some couples say this treffeiksi.
It's been a long time, when we ate together. We are always in a hurry.
You always work on the turbine working and I'm in the lab.
It is important to be together, especially now that ...
John. - Look.
It's too early. It was supposed to happen in a week.
It may not be our storm. - Nothing else is not moving as quickly.
We need to go to the conference room.
As you know, this is the first part of the destruction.
This is Central Africa. The desert has become a lake.
The storm began in the North of Egypt, and it is already here up.
Now it rains normally, but a storm in the middle of a bad situation.
Rain of 50 mm per hour.
The storm force here was supposed to last two weeks.
It becomes more powerful, immensely. - It is true, Dr. Nichols.
It becomes stronger 320 km in every direction, and is not known to subside.
According to calculations, it covers the entire planet in five weeks.
Corporal, I need a storm in the last coordinates.
They are given here.
Please, sir.
Will we choose to work in the sheet 35 working days?
We would like to thank the fleet that we were not even advance warning.
How far you've come?
The outer shell, interior and propellers are still outstanding.
And turbines. - Design to prepare for aamulla.
How far you have come with the collection of DNA?
They are not here. I have a seed stocks.
DNA samples are in Denver, as the Cooling system does not yet exist.
It is the most important thing of all, that ye shall receive them here.
The second sheet of builders expect tracings.
They do not even have a prototype. - Others do not have time to be completed on time.
Shall amend the Plan. Since time is limited, -
our arkkimme is probably the only one that will be completed in a timely manner.
Is not 90 per cent of their passengers sheets clear any of this?
Passengers are brought together and the seats will be.
Of these, 300 will be flown here.
Families have been promised places. After all, they still have places?
My parents and your mother.
The situation has changed. Your family will be flown here.
But not all of them survive.
What people have said? - That it is now a powerful storm season.
Admiral. - Tell me, Lieutenant.
Center of the storm is less than 640 km from the east coast.
It does not match calculations.
It covers the earth in less than three weeks. Schedule is becoming more difficult.
Get back to work.
I know that the turbine plan is impossible, but I have to try.
Personally, I have my orders. - After all, you have a conscience, sir?
I'll send it, but within 24 hours the earth is covered by water.
I've done my part. Now it's your turn.
Hey. Let us over the bridge. - The bridge is closed during the storm.
The house needs to be protected. - Here it is dangerous.
Everywhere is dangerous. The water rises all the time.
The island is covered item under the water. - What are you doing?
Saving our lives.
No! This is sick. - Why do all of the following us?
Check that the DNA samples are undamaged.
Tri Nichols.
Locomotive Man called. The train does not run due to the earthquake.
Where is it? - 60 km south-east of here.
Rebecca. - The samples are cold store.
They melt in a few hours and go bad.
See the copter and the staff are ready and call the Masters.
What do you do? - Someone has to retrieve the samples.
The Masters is one of the best soldiers. He knows how to handle the task.
And part.
The train has more than 100,000 samples, and do not fit into the chopper.
All is not mandatory, but the applicant will need to know what are.
He did not know what to yperhos- samples are needed -
in order to create a new permanent ecosystem.
I can not afford to lose you.
Get samples and come back. Do you understand?
Masters, this is Dr. Tessa Nichols.
The train has DNA samples. The train does not run due to the earthquake.
Dr. Nichols goes to the train. Help him to take the samples.
They and the woman must be safely back.
Get back as soon as possible.
The forward speed of the storm in mind, 30 minutes can be a chaos.
Good luck.
I look forward to the helicopter's house.
What are you doing here?
Train with DNA samples does not pass. I have to fly there.
Can not they send someone else there? - I'll get by, John.
Be careful. We're gonna survive ... each one.
Of course.
I love you. - And you.
Get the goods from the office.
Get ready to go when I come back.
Hello, my dear. I am here.
How soon can you get to St. Louis? They draw to decide the ark psijt.
Pack your bags and go to St. Louis.
Why? - Storms are not normal.
They do not stop. They are biblical class.
Source immediately. Do not tell anyone. - Okay.
I love you.
What's going on? Who was it? - Chase.
What has he done now?
He said that we must go to St. Louis. The storm is not normal.
There are a ship that will save us. We have to go.
The journey takes ten hours. - We are safe here.
I know, but ...
It is time to leave. I'll get the keys. - I'll get Kileyn.
It is forced to leave, Kiley. - We're pretty busy.
The storm intensifies and is forced ... - It's a thunderstorm. Take it easy.
Get out. - Chase said that the premise.
Source and let us be. - Please.
Los, Amanda. Nyt.
Indeed exaggeration.
We do not have time ever in a traffic jam.
Everyone wants out of town. - We can not go anywhere now.
My grandfather was a boat. - Yeah?
We can go to the Morgantowniin and take a ride out there.
Are you crazy? We are trying to get out from under the water.
And now we can not even get out of Pittsburgh.
Where is the port? - Six blocks away.
Damn. Okay.
We are almost at the railroad.
The train is there.
Keep the line open.
Do you hear? - Sounds like lightning strikes.
It never stops.
Oh, my God!
The bridge will sink.
Hold on.
What's going on?
Fuel? - 36.2.
Dedusted and spreading the seeds. - Is it the contents of the wagon?
Insects are the foundation of human existence.
The honey bee is responsible for one-third part of the human food per year.
The third trailer of insects.
Start the engine. - Why?
Contact the Masters,. They need to get out.
Masters, loppu.
- Tyler.
You have to go away. - Not a good sound.
Run. - We need more time.
We need to get over to the chopper.
Come on! - Come inside.
Can you jump in with the tank? - I do not.
I'm gonna go inside first.
Hold my hand.
We need you. It's not worth it.
Oh, my God.
The Ark is here. Is not it beautiful?
Lieutenant John Travis.
Captain Frank Bridges, Sergeant and Sergeant Oates Hyams.
They guide the sheets. - My assistant Chase Freeman.
You have created a great ship. - Thank you, sir.
How many travel to accommodate? - 50000.
Ohjaako it is this technology? - Yes, sir.
How does it work? - Turbines driven by two energy sources.
Into hydro, when the water passes through the turbines, -
so-called vanes through which are outside of the sheet.
It is not enough-sheet activities. Other sources of energy are needed.
Business. As the waves and then to move the ark to the turbine flotation device -
transfer energy to fuel cells. It and hydro together -
produce electricity system. No fuel, only water and movement.
It does not end before the sheet is on land.
Are the tests were a success? - Hydropower works great.
What floatation device for kinetic energy? - It is currently being tested.
Now it is started.
Going for a few seconds.
It does not seem to belong to the test.
The fuel cell is a problem.
I checked the three times. It should work perfectly.
Can locate the fault? - They have been in the hundreds.
If one fails, the other will go out. It was forced to close.
Can you prepare a new device? - It takes a long time.
That's not acceptable. - I need a new device.
This is a theoretical technology. Where you will find a new device?
The device is not used in this way ever before.
But the components have been used for many years buoys.
Where will you find a buoy, Lieutenant?
Illinois. Joliet is a shipping company, where they have been.
Can you transfer the necessary part? - Yes, sir.
This is a secret mission. They may not know why you're here.
Right. - Amato is included.
Come at once. - Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Lieutenant, there is no room for error.
Right. - I checked everything.
For some reason, I have calculated the wrong.
Locate the problem. Fix it until I get back.
Come on.
How bad is it? - We will not survive.
What do you mean?
At the human race survives only in a few years.
In other words ... - Yes.
Without a larger number of samples in the human race will die.
What is the direction?
8 degrees to the northeast. We'll be there within 30 seconds.
Over there.
Down the stairs to the roof.
50 meters to the west, 20 meters to the south. Not more than five minutes.
Right. Ready?
Go to bottom.
How do we get inside? - Wallace took care of the code.
Where are they?
Here it is. Screw device.
What? - We can not do anything about it. Come on now.
Top is another code.
What did you do? - Improvise.
What are you doing here? - I'm sorry, son.
Come on.
Not quite accurate, but it was successful.
Perhaps. - Maybe?
The boat was better. - I will not go back.
We need to find a car. Continue searching.
What was that? - The sinkhole. Run!
David. Apua!
Apua, David!
David. - Vauhti.
Take hold of.
Come on now. Come on.
We have to get out of here. - This is truly the world.
Do not think that way. We have to get out of here.
Is everything all right? - Does it look like?
We need to get to St. Louis. - What is it?
A large ship, which can save us.
We will help you if you help us. - If my family gets by.
Okay. - Come on, then.
Who are these all are?
Morgantownissa are all my family. They are still here.
The ship is best to be big. - I hope.
Now, let's go.
Admiral. - What happened?
We did not get everything. - What happened, the Masters?
When we collected the samples, was struck by a tornado.
We had time to collect everything that was Dr. Nichol list.
What you got with you? - A few important species is lacking.
What? - Mushrooms and spores.
And single-celled organisms.
What are the most important? - Insects.
Did you get the honey bees? - They were in the container that fell.
Are they important to the project? - They pollinate the plants.
Plants that we and the animals we eat. We can survive, -
but we can not grow crops, which are sufficient for all.
Can we get more of them? - We do not. The train was the only place.
The only option is to go to bee habitat.
It is raining over 1.5 weeks.
What about caves? - They may have been looking for shelter.
If they are in high places.
How we work? - There is a search for caves in the mountains.
It is used in thermal imaging camera that detects the flocks.
Everything you need can be found in the paper.
The helicopter does not work in a storm.
We need an airplane. It can be found in Colorado Springs.
We can go there and search for the helicopter on the way to the north.
How long does it take? You have two days left.
I can not think of schedules. The air samples do not survive.
Going back to the issue when they are with us.
Colorado Hills lost contact.
Permission to write to you, if you come on duty.
Outreach tools. Be the air hours.
I have to ensure cooling of the samples first.
I can do it.
John wonders why I left again.
I'll talk with him. - Thank you, sir.
We have a problem.
Do not come any closer. - Let us in.
It's not safe. - We know what is happening.
We do not know what you are talking about. - Her boyfriend is at work in Colorado.
He told the ark and the value of the pin. We want that.
Flag Headquarters.
I do not care about you.
Take it easy!
Check it out!
Come on!
DAY: 14
I liked the rain. It was reassuring.
Let's see you agree with the six month's time.
Six months from now is the perfect monsoon season.
You need to rest. You do not know what you're talking about.
I thought that when you came out you site.
Participation in the project is important, but there are others involved.
I have the main responsibility, and I can not be everywhere.
I am assuming that you have heard of Tessa. - Yes.
Have you managed to repair the device?
It was easier than expected, but we made major changes.
Does it work? - We had to improvise.
But it works for sure.
It is mandatory. When the turbines are on the high seas and the sheet tilts -
and face waves below. When to do a new test?
In the morning. - Excellent.
Listen, John. I had to put her there.
He was the only one that can handle the task.
DAY: 16
What do you think? - Worth a try.
Valley was flooded orchard. It means the bees.
What do you think of the waterfall? - It forms the lakes in the mountains.
Water Pressure due to the areas may sink, but it can be successful.
What do you think? - I do not know.
Come on in.
You did a great job. Mr. Travis managed to get in and out.
No one is dead. Oh, great. - Thank you, sir.
If humanity survives alive, it is to your credit.
No, it's yours.
What's going on? - St. Louis.
Internal communication at the sheet.
The commander sent it at the same time gave the alarm.
What else have you heard? - We can not contact them anymore.
Denver is the only place where we can get the connection.
This has given the penalty. Is the culprit identified?
Anna soul.
This part seems to be uncertain. - We're the lake below.
Location must be dry, if the bees are here.
There are not many choices.
I know.
We found it!
How do we get there? - I do not know.
I have to climb.
Be careful. - Absolutely.
Earthquake? - No. It belonged to the upper side.
Ceiling deceiving. Run!
Let's get out.
Come on.
Come on, Tyler.
We need to go away.
Can you fly like this?
Let's find out.
Hold on.
Is everything all right?
Tyler and Welker are gone. What was the benefit?
Without honey bees do not have any hope.
Hei, Freeman.
- Amiraali.
Is everything all right? - Come on.
You have spoken girlfriend, Amanda, with -
sheet in St. Louis, is not it?
He took with him 1,000 people who require access to that.
I have no family and all other ...
The place has been destroyed.
You have your people are gone, like ours. Of deaths each and every.
Be glad that I did not shoot you.
Take this. - What is it?
You will receive an opportunity like everyone else. It's almost too much.
Ota se.
Can I talk to?
We need to talk. - What is it?
You're not going to like this. - What?
Hunley is a helicopter platform, but not the runway.
Radio does not work and the fuel is exhausted.
If we find in Denver, we can keep the course towards the Hunley.
Everything else is too risky.
You can find a place, but you can not descend, so ...
Not. - There is no alternative.
We do not jump to the machine. - Let's do a tandem low.
It could work. I've done it before.
You have two options:
Do you want to jump or die?
Oh, my God.
I found Denver.
Wait a minute. If Denver is flooded ... - All is covered with water.
Ready? - Yes, sir.
Begin. - We look forward to Free Mania.
Action, Lieutenant.
Activate the device.
The generator is running and the turbines are loaded. It works.
Hopefully this will continue. What else should I do?
Turbines must be installed in the ark.
I am ready, Maggie kun is ready. - Oletteko you?
We work with the turbines and the body working.
End in sight, but there is still much to do.
How many days? - Six, seven.
We do not have so many days. Increase the pace of work.
Sir. Have you heard any of Tessa? - I do not.
It's been several days. - I understand that you are concerned.
Dr. Nichols is in good hands.
Do not let your emotions influence. It can have devastating consequences.
We have 3000 meters of altitude.
I open the shadow of 450 meters. If I do it in the past -
we can run into the mountain.
The descent takes a minute. Ready?
Ask me later.
One, two, three.
How does it look? - Turbines is attached.
The switches are half-finished. Help speed up the work. Where Freeman is?
Freeman is on holidays. - What do you mean?
He juorusi sheet, which is in St. Louis. It has now been destroyed.
Where is he now?
Denver, waiting for the lottery results.
It is murder. - It was a gracious.
Ask your workmate.
My family was sent to St. Louis.
My parents and my brother were there.
Did we get it right? - Yeah.
How far are we from? - Up to 5 kilometers.
Good evening, ladies. Where are you going?
You have to let us go. - Okay.
Or you can socialize with us.
Forget about it. - It was not a suggestion.
Wrong choice, honey. - Point it is seen.
Let's get out.
Who are you? - Most would say thank you.
Thank you.
I'm not like the others. Who are you?
A person who has no place to run. My name is Ralph.
Judging by the uniforms you know how to be going Hunleyhin.
You have certainly good reason for it.
Yes, it is.
Not. I do not take responsibility for any of this to myself.
I'll take. I can tell you what happened.
Come with me. - I have followed.
They can also come by.
Let's go.
DAY: 18
Does it work at sea? - When the panels are installed.
Are the turbines in place? - John connecting cables.
What the hell is this? - Say armed guards.
When I get to know who they are. - Passengers.
Says who? -I'll. They saved us from this.
Onnistuitteko you? - Yes.
Make sure that they get the points.
Come on. - Follow me.
Time is not enough. - Denver is under water.
The water rises up to the mountains and soon become a flood.
First, you change clothes and jhdyttte samples.
First, I talk with John.
Common-law husband gets the job done. So you too should be done.
If you speed up the schedule, there is an extra moment. Come on.
Is everything all right?
Do you think if I blame this poor nerves?
I'm the last day after. How long are you?
Ten weeks. - You're braver what I could have imagined.
Maddie is installed into the ark Cooling system. Come on.
Where's John? - Run!
Evacuation alert.
Start turbines. We're leaving now. - Tessa has not yet come.
Turbines on. Now!
This way. Come on!
I can help. - Inside the ark.
Come on!
Turbine situation? - Ongoing.
Area full of water.
Fuel cells are charging. Turbines are ready to start.
Start propellers and get ready to go.
He is gone.
The doors are closed.
How many passengers is it? - About 500.
Full speed ahead. - The door is closed.
We did not get it from here open. Let's go straight through. Forward.
Be prepared for a collision.
Check the water level.
Approaching the mountains. Water is not yet in height.
If the water level does not rise, the sheet is broken into pieces.
It is durable. We tested all the materials.
You threw it in the mountains?
John. - Tessa. Thank God.
Are you okay? - I ... can we well.
Take the room. - Come on.
The turbine area is a problem. - How bad is it?
The body is broken. - It does not hurt anything.
The inner part is durable. - Only the exterior is broken.
What about turbines? - Turn them on again.
Does not work. Propellers slowed down and the electrical system is at half capacity.
Is there another turbine power? - It takes time.
Electrical system pushes back even then. - So what? There's no rush.
Some of the waves are enormous.
Visit badly, if we do not get a second turbine to operate.
DAY: 21
The turbine is broken. We do not help it.
The game is being played. If the power is not enough, the sheet is useless.
Is used only for essential electrical systems -
and we're doing a single turbine. We're still alive.
Kapteeni Bridges haluaa raportin.
The turbine is broken, but the other is in operation.
Propellers on a six-power. The sails are raised, but they are flimsy.
They do not last. - What do I say to him?
Turbines are doomed.
Let's try something else. I need your help.
Without more.
Denver is under water. I hope that their sheets were launched.
Turbines do not work, and the sails are broken. Bad look.
We are a Denver-sheet case. We do not see it.
I hope it was able to move without the turbines.
DAY: 23
What? - The last chance.
Is it a sail? - The material is durable for all.
We have to climb the masts and sails to repair.
It is dangerous, but we know how to do the job.
Who is "we"? - The need for the three men. Volunteers?
I will do it. - Me too.
When we are there, let Bridge It brand set sail.
I'll go first. Enter the sail.
We have 857 passengers. 35 slightly injured.
Is the Admiral on board? - No. He did not come aboard.
Captain, raise your sails.
Wind becomes stronger.
Oh, my God.
What happened? - There is dangerous.
Is he alive? - Barely.
Amato is gone. - And no.
Captain, Lieutenant Amato died trying to repair the sail.
DAY: 31
How can he?
He's in a coma, but the situation has been stable for 24 hours.
Maddie at her side. How's it going?
It works great. Electricity is not much, but the job is held.
Could you come with me?
Is something? - Come on.
What's the matter? - Point to see.
Oh, my God. How are you, Lynn?
I'm thirsty. Hangover.
He is dehydration, but he survives.
You've been asleep a long time.
Where Amato?
He does not, unfortunately, survived.
How does it feel? - Good. Strong.
Big waves striking towards the front.
Prepare a collision.
In front is a barrier.
What was it?
Sounds bad.
Come on.
What happened? - Wave forced us down.
We have two mountain peaks in between. We can not get away.
What was it?
The impact was hard. Mountain could collapse at any time.
We were buried here. - We need to get away.
How does it happen? - Some kind of explosive form.
We need the accelerator.
What materials did you use for cooling the samples?
Ethyl chloride. I have four tanks, each is eight.
Is it enough? - One is enough.
It is a quarter of the samples. - It is better than destruction.
I have a little sort.
I will spare all the most important. - Good.
Place the screwdriver on top.
The clock is ticking. - In and out.
Has anyone thought about what happens if it works?
Not to think too much. Turn on the cable.
We are once again on course, sir.
Oh, great.
Are we alive? - Probably.
Now let's get out of here.
DAY: 40
The water level has subsided.
Oh, my God.
Invite staff position.
What is it, Captain?
I have never seen anything more beautiful.
Sheet 1, the end. - Captain Bridges. Who's there?
Freeman. Te selvisitte.
Where are you? - Denver-sheet.
We have other sheets in the company of Kansas.
Blowing Rockin, Los Alamosin,
Minneapolisin arkit...
My parents and your mother.
Admiral Wallace got the drawings there.
Who else survived? - Is Maddie's there?
I'm here. - St. Louis is in good condition.
Large your family is involved. - Thank God.
Nhdn, Denver.