44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shoot-Out (2003) Movie Script

Ninety percent of cops...
go through their entire career|without ever firing their gun.
On that day, there was roughly|1 ,500 rounds fired.
We were armed with pistols.
These guys were slinging|automatic machine guns.
- An AK-47 machine gun...
is a weapon|that was designed for war.
High-velocity rounds|were invented...
to penetrate armour|and kill their target.
Use them in a bank job...
and you've done something that|no one in America has ever done before.
Danger's all around us--|in the streets...
in your car...
maybe even the guy next door.
Come on. Drink, drink, drink, drink.!
- Yeah?|- The music.
- For God's sakes, will you turn it down a bit?|- Um, right.
- You okay?|- Yeah.
Let it go.
- Aw.!
- Turn it back on, man.|-
What'd they say?
- What's so funny?|- Our life.
Well, Jim, Kelly,|the forecast, plenty
of sunshine with seasonal|temperatures.
Looking for a high|of 7 2 degrees by midday.
Lord, help me to remember|there are many paths and one truth.
Help me to do the right thing|out there.
Wake|up, Larry.
Oh, shit.
Shit, what time is it?
- Let's go. Let's go. It's the morning time.|- Make some coffee.
You know any of'em?
Yeah, Davis.|He was a good man.
We went through|the academy together.
- So, you gonna mail those taxes today?|- Yeah.
- Don't forget to get a return--|- Get a receipt. Right.
Be careful.
My father was|my hero and a legend in the LAPD.
He died in his patrol car|of a heart attack.
He was, uh,|he was 62 at the time.
All I ever wanted|was to be just like him.
And my dad was proud.|He loved it when I made SWAT.
Go for a walk?|Wanna go for a walk?
Good boy.|Come on.
Let's go.
See, we're SWAT. That stands for|Special Weapons And Tactics.
And we respond|to any situation.
Regular uniform patrol,|you know...
wouldn't really have the firepower|or the training to handle.
- Police, coming in.!|- Open door!
This way?
- I got point.!|- Let me see your hands.!
- Get down on the ground.!|- Stay with me, Donnie.
- Down, now, down.!|-
- You, get down! Get down!|- Get down, now!
Drop your weapon!|I need a trailer!
I got guns.!|I got guns.!
- Cover him! Shit!|- Donnie, get in here.!
Where the hell were you?
I got multiple suspects here.
Donnie, what the hell|happened in there?
You left me completely|alone.
Yeah, I was there.
Hey, you gotta|take it down a notch, partner.
Don't worry about me, all right?|Wrap this up and get in the car.
You did good.
Good morning, half past the hour...
and it looks like|another beautiful
day in the City|of Angels.
For the latest on your|commute, let's go high
in the sky with our own|Captain Chuck Scott.
Well, Jim, Kelly,|traffic's moving
fairly well for|a getaway Friday.
Couple of trouble spots we'll be|telling you about in our next update.
Right now, clear blue skies,|wind out of the northeast by 1 5.
And we will have a complete|traffic break for you coming up in 1 0.
R.H.D.--|Robbery Homicide Division.
We're the best of the best,|and we get all the high-profile cases.
LA Confidential.
Al Pacino in Heat.
Joe Friday and all that.
The only difference is that, uh...
those guys don't have to juggle|7 5 cases all at once.
Me, I've got to prioritize.
Back in '95, my priority was them.
We had a name for|them. We called
them the High Incident|Bandits.
Chatsworth, two years prior...
these guys decided to make|an early withdrawal.
They kill a guard.
They executed him.|Ambushed him.
Took his head off|with an AK-47.
That kind of firepower|in a bank job is unheard of.
These guys were an anomaly.
I made a promise|to that widow that I wouldn't quit...
until I caught up with the sons|of bitches that killed her husband.
We make promises like that|all the time in my line of work.
And we like to think|that we mean it.
That time, I really meant it.
Six months later,|another armoured car.
Then, two more banks-- takeover style--|the most dangerous kind.
They, uh, got away|with over two million dollars.
I guess they wanted|to live the good life...
and they wanted to live it|pretty fast...
instead of getting a job|like the rest of us.
Anyway, they disappeared into the|wind one day, but I knew they'd be back.
Hey, did you see that?|A Porsche 91 1 .
- Oh, I love those.|- I hate the Germans.
You're from Romania.|That practically makes you a German.
I'm an American...
and I like Corvettes and Mustangs.
If you're going for horsepower and|good looks, nothing wrong with that.
Corvettes and Mustangs and Mexican|girls. I love that girl over there.
- Morning, sir.|- Hey, Luis.
So, what do you think|of my new wheels?
Wow, that's great, man.|I really love gold.
- Champagne.|- Huh?
It's the colour.|It's called champagne.
- Oh.|-
Hey, keep working hard and one|day you'll be able to afford champagne.
Oh, I sure hope so, sir.
I sure hope so.|Dick.
Ow! Geez!
- You all right?|- It's nothing.
Hey, you can say if it hurts.|It's okay, tough Robo-girl.
- Hey!|- Oh, here we go...
with that whole|''women can handle it'' attitude...
because of childbirth|and years and years of pain.
Yeah, yeah, that's|right. You couldn't
stand the pain of|childbirth, Henry.
Better you than me, sister girl.
I tell you what I could|stand. You need to take
me out with a salsa honey|and teach me how.
- I can salsa dance.|- Don't start that again. You'll embarrass me.
- I've got flavour. I got mad flavour.|- Yeah, I know, okay?
- I know you can move it, but--|Central Nine Adam 3 7.
Nine Adam 37, go ahead.
Possible 4 1 5 family.|52 42 Radford.
Nine Adam 37, roger.
You're my little sweetie.|Come on.
Just coming up over|the Hollywood Freeway
where it is slow|going this morning.
There's a SIG alert|south of Highland. A tractor
trailer is broken down|in the number-one lane.
If you're travelling north,|consider using side streets.
They're late.
They'll be here.|Just stay cool.
I'm cool.
I'm cool.|It's just so freakin' hot in here.
Try taking three of these.
It'll definitely help|calm you down.
Don't worry about it.
That's about it for out here.|Let me show you the vault.
I have one key,|and Randy has the other, okay?
- It won't open with just mine.|- Okay.
Let me show you something.
A little tool of the trade here.|You know what this is?
- Twenties.|- No. Two bands.
See here? Dye pack.
Dye pack. Gotcha.
We keep one in here,|one in each of the drawers.
You try and leave|the bank with
this, and the|battery...
makes the red dye|explode all over the bills.
It's the bomb.
One time we had this robber, right.|He leaves the bank with this...
drops it on the way|out, picks it up,
shoves it down his|pants and boom.
It goes off. I don't think|he's gonna be having kids any time soon.
Did you, uh, get robbed a lot?
About three or four|times. But not here.
At the other branches|I worked at.
Look. It's all insured, okay?|You never argue.
Look. It's all insured, okay?|You never argue.
-Just give them what they want.|- Okay.
- All right? Let's go get some coffee.|- Okay.
- Yeah. Yeah.|- Okay.
At that point, I kicked the door.
I understand the old guy|had to get seven stitches.
That doesn't concern me.
What does concern me is|that you went charging
in there like some freakin'|John Wayne...
and left your partner alone|in a room with four felons.
I know you've been going through a tough time, son.|Your father was a great--
Lieutenant, I'm fine. That's got|nothing to do with it. I had a bad day.
Nine thousand cops|in the LAPD, Donnie...
and only 60 are good enough|to make it to SWAT.
We can't afford|to have bad days.
Now, you're taking|some time off to mourn, kid.
I need you making decisions,|the right decisions, from here on in.
Next time it might not be some|70-year-old man behind that door.
- I don't need the time off.|- And I'm not asking your opinion.
That's all.
- Here you go, Frank.
- Thank you, Ralph.|- Good as new.
Should last you another 20 years.
Yeah, I'm sure it will.
- But what about me?|-
You're a survivor, Frank.|You know that.
Let's hope so.
- Hey, Donnie.|- Frank.
- How are you?|- Not bad.
Sorry to hear about your old man.|He was, uh, he was good.
You guys worked together.|77th, right?
He was my T.O.|Kicked my ass every day for six months.
It was a different department|back then.
So I hear.
I gotta run.|Gotta be in court.
So, uh, look after yourself, yeah?
- I'll see you later, Frank. Thanks.|- All right. Yeah.
Well, I'm a training officer,|and Bobby is probably the 30th...
or 3 2nd younger officer|that I've trained.
A young cop needs to learn,|more than anything...
how to leap to that training|that you get, mentally...
when you're in|an emergency situation.
Bobby, is it clean?
It is now.|Morning watch brought in a hype.
Found two needles|in the backseat.
Uh-oh. You get stuck?
- Had my gloves on.|- Attaboy. Tires?
At least 50 more miles of treads left.
- Twelve-gauge?|- Four rounds, double-aught buck.
- Tank?|- Full.
You keep this up,|I might let you have lunch today.
Hit me, huh?
- I will take you out!|- Calm down, please.
Come on! I will whip your ass|right now. Let me go!
- It's your lucky day. Let's go.|- Calm down right now.
Ramon, how old are you, man?
- Sixteen.|- Sixteen. That's good.
I don't understand|what's happened to him.
- Is he using or running with a gang?|- Hell, who knows?
No more juvie hall for you, huh?
No, you hang with the big boys now.
They're gonna love you, baby.
You gonna be someone's date|for the prom tonight, huh?
There's no father|to help me with
this. I'm doing|it all by myself.
- I know, ma'am.|- He's a man now. How can I stand up to a man?
- I see. I see.|- It's just me. I'm doing everything I can.
That's a good move too, man,|joining Florencia.
What's that, about two of them|dying a week these days?
Nigga, don't know|nothin' about me, man.
Tell you what.|I know this.
You mess with|your moms again, man--
Domestic violence|ain't no joke.
For six months, he was doing okay.
Getting okay grades,|going to school every day.
Then his principal calls|me and tells me
he hasn't been to school|in two months.
And you didn't know about this?
I've been working. I get up early.|I go to work. I get home late.
Mm-hmm. How many jobs|you work, ma'am?
- What's your problem, man?|- Nigga made it good...
now you come back to the hood|all enlightened and shit?
Please, man!
Ramon, let me tell you something.
You recognize him? Huh?
Wasn't he the leader|of your gang there?
I mean, until he lost|his mind and his nuts?
You don't like my book?|Take a look at my book.
Oh, I got another guy here.|Check it out.
Huh. That's O-dog, right there.
You know him? I had O-dog,|just where you're sitting, just now.
You know, I need to get me|a picture of you.
See that way I can have|a before... and an after.
Now, you didn't like|my picture book, Ramon?
How do you think|you're gonna end up?
How you gonna get it, Ramon?|Like him?
You need to think about that.
These guys are media junkies.|Robbin' banks in the morning...
and watching themselves|on television in the afternoon.
Hello, Frank.
- Testifying in the Cortez case?|- Who's gonna cover it? You?
Care to comment on that?
Yeah, the cop.|I think he's guilty.
Actually, there are|three cops involved.
Well, then, all three of them|must be guilty.
I mean, that's what you're gonna|say anyway, right?
- Right.|- So now you've got a source.
Back in '65,|it was the Watts riots.
Then, early '7 0s,|the Hillside Strangler...
and, uh, the Night Stalker.
You got everybody|good and scared.
So afraid, they couldn't even|come out of their houses at night.
Then, along came the early '90s...
Rodney King beatings, and, uh...
well, by then, we all became|a bunch of racists, right?
It's gonna be a|while. Judge had
to hear a PI motion|in part 49.
What does that translate to,|an 8:00 a.m. tee time at Riviera?
- More or less.|- How long do you think?
- Couple hours.|- All right. Thanks.
You know, you forgot O.J.
- Did I? Well, imagine that.|- Uh-huh.
I'll tell you what.|
Why don't you come by|my house some evening...
and, uh, I'll show you|my Bruno Magli shoe, size 1 0 1 /2.
I only got one though. I left|the other one somewhere in Brentwood.
- Bye, Frank.|- See ya.
- There you go, chief.|- Gracias, seor.
- Payback.|- You're gonna get us in trouble, Henry.
You see that kid|in the car right there?
He's the one in trouble, not us.
Sometimes you gotta do|what you can do to reach somebody.
That's very noble,|Henry, but showing
crime-scene photos|of a live case.
- And playing preacher--|- You know what?
Just 'cause you don't|stand up for your own
beliefs, doesn't mean|I don't for mine.
Hey, you don't know shit|about my beliefs, Henry.
All I'm saying is|these days you even
look at a suspect|the wrong way...
and the department gets sued.
And our asses get hauled off|before a trial board. All right?
Slide over.
Turn around so I can uncuff you.
You hungry?
I brought you some food.
Here we go.
- Where's he going?|- That's not our guy.
Screw this shit, man.|
- Can you guys set up? And you, don't forget about Friday.|- Yes.
- It's your turn to buy margaritas, huh?|- That's right.
- Luis, can you open up for me?|- Yes, sir. I'm gonna do that.
- Listen.|- Thanks. What's up with Bagstrom?
- It's on your desk.|- Okay. Great.
Morning.|How's everybody doing today?
Change of plans.|We do the bank.
- Okay. I'm with you. Let's do the bank.|-
- Hello.|- Hi, honey.
- Hey.|- Did you get to go back to sleep?
- No, I couldn't.|- No, it doesn't work, does it?
So, you, um,|heading anywhere special?
- Going to the post office.|- Good to hear it.
Uh, you, uh,|gonna be late tonight?
I think I'll call it off early today.
Oh, great. Okay.|I'll talk to you later, baby.
- I love you, honey.|- Love you too.
When you're a cop...
you have to make|split-second decisions.
Sometimes it's life or death.
Then, everybody else--|your boss...
and the police commission|and all the reporters--
well, they get to take all the time|in the world to, uh...
form an opinion about what it is|that you did and how you did it.
It's kinda like|being on trial every day.
And sooner or later, I mean,|how much of that shit can you take?
You wake up one morning|and you say, ''That's
it. I wanna turn|in my papers.''
Everyone's got an S.U. V.|They're nice.
Yeah, and they're fun to drive too.
- Shit. Hang on.|- 21 1 .
- Everybody down!|-
On the floor!
Heads down!
Move and you die!|Don't look at my face!
1 5-A-39,|we have a possible 21 1 in progress.
- 6600 Laurel Canyon. Bank of America.|- Go! Go! Go!
Multiple suspects armed with AK-47 s.
Officers requesting help.
- 21 1 . Let's clear this street.|- Right!
I'll get the other side.!
All units, 2 1 1 in
progress. 6600 Laurel|Canyon. Shots fired.
Nine Adam 37, we're en route.
- Let me out here, man. It's cool.
Suspects described as|large males wearing
body armour and carrying|automatic weapons.
I repeat, multiple shots fired.
I'm en route.
That day, I was ready to say, ''Enough.''
And then... I got the call.
It's not something|that you can turn your back on.
- Stay down!|-
Attention, all Valley units.|Officer needs help, 6600 Laurel Canyon.
''Officer needs help'' call is|the most important call you can get.
That means there's somebody,|he's down, he's in trouble.
I'm gonna put the call|out there, and anyone
in the area, get|your ass over here.
The way I grew up,|the LAPD was family.
My dad was, uh,|a cop for 3 1 years.
Uh, my mom died|when I was very young.
And so these guys were the people|that I knew. They came over to the house.
They, you know, we had picnics|together. And, uh, they were my family.
You get|an ''officer needs help'' call...
that means your family needs help,|their life is in danger.
It's your job to get there.
We got a 21 1 in progress,|North Hollywood. Officers need help.
Come on. Get your shit.|Let's go.!
Load up the .223s. Leave the MP5s.|We don't need 'em.
Move and you're dead.
I did two tours of Vietnam,|and there's two things you never forget.
Your number of days in and the sound of a Chinese-made|AK-47 machine gun.
Now those two guys|were packing AKs...
and I had a nine-millimeter Beretta.
I was in the wrong place|with the wrong gun.
1 5-A-39, I want one unit|on the north side.
One unit on the south side.|One unit around back if possible.
Hurry up!
You! The vault!|Open the vault!
- What? What?|- The vault!
- I need a second set of keys.|- Who got them?
- Randy. Over there. Randy? Randy!|- Randy!
- I have the key.|- Hurry up, bitch.
- Faster.!|- All right. Let's not hurt anybody.
- I got the key right here.|- Give it. Give it. Shut up!
On the ground!|Pipe down!
Head down!
There's something|going on out
here. I don't|know what it is.
Flying over North Hollywood|right now,
where there are several|LAPD units...
surrounding what looks to be|a Bank of America building.
One Adam 1 1, we are on scene.
Where is your watch commander?
How long they been in there?
About six minutes.
This is 1 5-L-1 0.|All units, stay off the air.
I repeat, stay off the air|unless you have a genuine emergency.
Do they know we're out here?
I've been ringing the bank|manager's office. No answer.
I think I know these guys.|They're gonna come out heavy.
I want containment on the rear|of this building right now.
- We need traffic blocked off on Archwood and Kittridge.|- You got it.
No civilians in.|No suspects out.
Why don't you take the south side?
- All right, go.|- All the way to Kittridge.
Right.|Take another unit.
- Ramon, I'm gonna let you go under one condition.|- Are you crazy?
You heard the radio.|There's bank robbers everywhere, man.
- That condition is you stay your ass in school.|- Fine. Let me go, man.
Wait a minute now. I see you got|the cross and crucifix here, right?
All right. You take this.
You're gonna need it more than me.|Go ahead, take it.
A Bible, man?|What am I supposed to do with this?
- I want you to read it.|- Which part?
Whatever part speaks to you.
Ramon, listen.|Before you think
bout hitting your|mama again...
I got her number, she got mine.
I hit back.
Don't end up in my picture book,|brother.
Go on. Go.
You let him go?
Move back inside.
Hey, hey, I'm the one|that called 9 1 1.
These two guys just pulled up and--
Ma'am, we're all over it.|We know. You need to stand back.
- I saw them go into the bank.|- You need to stand back.
The 1 01 southbound|beginning to back up at the 1 7 0.
405 is clear but slow|in both directions.
Assignment desk,|this is Sky Fox.
I'm flying over North Hollywood|right now, and
something's going on|down here, you guys.
- Talk about--|- They're surrounding|this Bank of America.
- We're not sure what's going on, but it's really big.|- I have to call you back.
Numerous police units|responding to a ''shots
fired'' call. What|do you want me to do?
Bill. Bill!
We got a live feed up. Bank robbery|in progress. North Hollywood.
- I think we should cut in.|- Police response?
Multiple units. Shots have already|been fired in the bank.
Okay, let's do it. Go live.
Okay, everybody ready.|In three, two, one.
We interrupt|this program for
a special report from|North Hollywood.
Given the force out here,|they've gotta give up.
- Hello? Gentlemen, I need a land line.
- You ain't gotta do that, all right?|- Shut up!
Not the safe deposit boxes.|Open this one.
- Okay!|- Fill this up!
You, head down.!
Hurry up.!
I said, ''Head down.!''
Faster! Faster! Faster!
Lieutenant, over here.
- You want a driver?|- LAPD.
We got a major incident|going on down the street.
We need your store|and your telephones.
Yes, sir.
Frank, I need you to expand|that perimeter right now.
Let's set up on these tables here.
Hurry up!
Don't look at me!
The gunmen are|still apparently in the bank.
We don't know how many people|are in the bank at this time.
Jim, Kelly, we'll get back to you|as soon as we have any more details.
Between Sherman Way and Oxnard.
I want east and west traffic blocked.
- Air 1 0. How's our perimeter look?|- Go ahead.
Yeah, we've got four units|it looks like on--
Where's the rest?|Where's the rest?
That's all we've got.|We're waiting for our morning delivery.
Are you lying to me?
No, no. They reduced|the amount of money
we keep because of|recent robberies.
Don't shoot me, man.
We are going to the A.T.M's.|Let's go!
- Fast! That's right, stay down.|- Okay.
Everybody, in the vault.|Get up! Move!
- Open it!|- I can't. See?
What the hell does that mean?
They changed the policy.|Only armed transport can open it.
We just gonna sit here?
We can't run in. We need to get|a possible position on them.
We rush 'em now, there's civilians|in the background, somebody gets hurt.
Conflicting numbers. We don't|know who's still inside the bank.
People in there,|whether or not they were shot.
We just don't know.
Hit the deck! Shut up!
Don't look at my face!
What's taking so damn long?
Eight minutes. Time's wastin'.|What the hell's goin'on?
We're burnin' time.|What are you doin'?
Piece of shit says|he can't open them.
Open it, bitch!
- I can't.|- Yes, you can!
- I can't!|- Open it!
- We're hearing some more shots fired inside.
How do we open this stupid thing?
I don't have the combination.
Stupid. Come on!
- Move! Go!|- We're movin' out.!
Okay. What are you gonna do now?
In the vault.
These guys weren't playing games.|The black masks, the eyes.
That guy just looked|at me, you
know. I'll never|forget it.
It was scary, you know.|I didn't think
I was gonna get out|of there, really.
I thought-- I thought|you were gonna be, you know...
seeing one dead Latino right here.
You know.
Go down!
You all go down.
Larry, we got the money.
Who's there?
- I don't know what it is.
Hey, hang on. Go back!
- Mike, get me a shot of the bank. Come on. Let's go.|- Okay.
Set up right here.|This is great.
Turn it around.|Come on. Turn it around.
- Some roadblock.|- You can't come this way. You have to find another way.
I have an important meeting|in the studio in 1 0 minutes.
Your meeting will|be with the coroner
if you don't|listen to me.
- Back it up and move out now!|- You guys are always blocking--
You can't go this way, sir.|You must go back.
- And take a left. Go. Back it out now.|-
She's telling me to move.|I can't believe this.
We can't|confirm at this time how many gunmen.
We are monitoring the|situation. We're
gonna stay overhead|as long as we can.
We are monitoring the|situation. We're
gonna stay overhead|as long as we can.
LAPD.! Drop your weapon.!
I repeat, drop your weapon.!
I can see two gunmen are leaving--
- Return fire.! Return fire.!|- Get down.! Get down.!
Return fire.!
Return fire.!
Civilian down!
- R.A. units are responding.|- Shooting hundreds of rounds.
1 5-L-1 0, suspects|are exiting the bank.
They're wearing body armour|with AK-47 s.
I repeat, they have body armour.
Anyone with a head shot, take it.
Guys, we're looking|at multiple suspects,
assault rifles|and body armour.
Do not deploy the MP5s. Leave 'em|in the trunk. We're gonna go 223s only.
I'm hitting them,|but they're not going down!
- They got Kevlar. Head shots.|- Aim for the head.
Aim high.!
Hold it.! Here.! Cover me.!
These guys are|out of their minds.
They're just shooting|hundreds of rounds.
- Hang in there, partner.
Jim and Kelly, I'm here live on|Laurel Canyon in North Hollywood...
where a bank robbery|is currently in progress.
What you hear behind|me is not coming
from a movie set. It|is actual gunfire.
The details are coming in slowly,|but when we arrived--
- The North Hollywood site--|- ...bank in North Hollywood--
LAPD officers--
Once again, we|are in a firestorm of bullets.
The gunmen are now shooting|at anything and everything.
Officers from all over LAPD have been asked to respond|and are trying to--
Being the wife of a cop,|you learn that every day...
any day, could be the day|that he doesn't come home.
So, you can either|obsess and go crazy...
or you do what I did,|which is, uh, denial.
I mean, you know|that bad stuff happens...
but you just think, um...
''Not my guy.|He's too good. He's too smart.''
So, most days, that worked for me.
But, uh, that day, it didn't.
Cover me.!
An officer who was trying|to help a civilian has been shot.
He's down. I can't tell from here|if hes moving or not.
But he appears|to be seriously hurt.
Rescue units are|unable to get to either of them.
All responding units|to Laurel Canyon--
- Frank. Thank God.
- So, where are you?|- Don't worry about anything. I'm okay.
I guess you're watching TV, yeah?
Oh, yeah. It's on every channel.|They say there's officers down.
Patty, look. I'm not even close|to the action. I'm okay.
Everything's fine.|I'm all right.
- I don't want you to worry about me.|- I'm not worried.
No one's worrying, okay? I just--|I just want you to be careful, okay?
Everything's going to be okay.|I'll see you later. I gotta go.
- Bye.|- ...of this part of the Valley are to remain where they are.
I don't know if you can see this,|but the police cars...
are literally being|ripped apart by bullets.
Bullets are going|clear through the cars.
At least one LAPD officer|has been hit at this time.
Henry. Henry! Hey.
Nicole. I want you|to do me a favour.
You got it, Henry.|Whatever you want, buddy.
Why don't you go ahead|and pray for me.
I already have.
Then I know I'm gonna be all right.
The 1 70's really|starting to back up
as the LAPD have|closed the exits...
at Burbank and Victory off the 1 70.
Oh, what a mess.
Command post, this is 43 David.|I need someone on tac-one right now.
- Donnie, what's your E.T.A.?|- Frank, I'm about 1 0 minutes out.
I'm gonna need someone|to walk me in here.
This off-ramp's like|a parking lot.
Confirmed. Multiple suspects,|body armour, AK's.
It looks like our guys, Donnie.
We train so we're ready.
That way what we do,|it's automatic.
We don't have to|think about it.
It's second nature.|It just comes instinctively.
No, I don't think they|have any intention
of giving up. They've|seen our resources.
Firing non stop.
- Back inside!|- I can see they have gone back into the bank.
Shit. There was a lot of them out there.
- We got these.|- Yeah, right.
They got nothing but their dicks|in their hands.
Multiple officers and|civilians are lying
wounded, some critically|in the streets.
There's also an unconfirmed report|of another uniformed officer...
that has been shot several times.
- Rescue units are unable to help either of them.|- We can't wait for SWAT.
- You're bleeding. You're bleeding.|- What?
- Oh, that's a scratch. Are you all right?|- Yeah, I'm good.
Four years earlier,|these two guys were arrested...
in a routine vehicle stop.
The sergeant of the Glendale PD|found an AK-47...
and 1 ,200 rounds of ammunition|in their trunk.
They went to jail for six months,|and, uh, walked out.
And then the judge|gave them their guns back.
Their attorneys said they needed|to sell them to pay their legal fees.
Can you believe that shit?
Harris.! Hey, Harris.!
- Yeah, what?|- You're right in the line of fire.
- Get your ass over here.|- Oh, you mean, back there by the gas tank? No, thanks.
1 5-L-1 0, requesting|a V-1 00 RA unit.
Copy that.|V-1 00 rescue unit is on its way.
All units, we are on a|citywide tac alert. All
units on citywide tac alert|till further notice.
1 5-L-1 0, hold your positions.|They could be coming back out.
I repeat, hold your positions.
Henry. Henry!
Hey, Henry.|Do you hear me?
The RA's coming, Henry.|You hang in there.
Henry, hey.
Henry, you hear me?|Henry.
- Get the hell outta here!|- Okay.
Get that camera outta here!|You're gonna get yourself killed.
Stay with me, buddy.
- Stay with me, Henry.|- Officer needs assistance.
Unit requesting help.|What is your location?
I need help.
9-L-49, hang in there. Help is on the way.|What is your location?
9-L-49, what is your location?
- 9-L-49.|-
Officer down. Officer down, code|three. He needs help. Code three.
Hey! We gotta get that man outta|here fast. He's not gonna make it.
- What do you have in mind?|- I'm gonna take this car.
- Pull around. Wait for me.|- All right.
Henry. Henry,|you hang in there.
We're coming for you.
You drive, I'll cover.
Just create enough chaos,|and we're bound to slip through.
Right. Right.
Very little movement|down there right now.
The suspects are|still inside presumably.
Police have not begun to move in.|They're still behind their vehicles.
You know, I just remember,|I got my Visa from this bank.
No shit.|Hey, you make it out of this alive...
you oughta ask them|to waive your balance.
If we get separated,|I'll meet you at the safe house tonight.
I'd rather die than go to jail|for the rest of my life.
That's right.|We'll do it. We'll do it.
- I'm not going to jail.|- I'm not going to jail.
I'm not going to jail!
Wait. Hold on. The gunmen--|- Coming out again!
Come on!
Come on!
It looks like there's|a rescue mission underway.
Despite the gunfire, two officers|have scrambled out of their car...
and are pulling|another policeman to safety.
This is unbelievable.|He's driving directly--
This is unbelievable.|He's driving directly--
I was at a point where it was--|was out of my hands.
It wasn't in my control anymore.
Literally, whether|I was going to live or die.
And, uh, they say|that if you lose...
over 50 or 60% of your blood,|well, that's it.
And I think I lost|40% of my blood.
I was scared and...
I went back to a place where...
I remember...
chasing a suspect on foot.
He fired at me,|and I went for cover.
I guess, in some ways,|maybe I stayed too long.
The suspect got away|and eventually turned up...
robbed, uh, some folks|and killed somebody.
And there's a part of you|that you know...
maybe you didn't|do your best.
And, uh, because you didn't do|your best that day, someone got hurt.
I guess I knew that|on this day, I was gonna do...
whatever I could do|to help my fellow officers...
to make sure that this time,|the bad guys didn't get away.
They didn't-- They didn't hurt anybody again.|They didn't kill again.
Incredible. I gotta tell you.
I am watching this and I still,|I can't believe it's happening.
The money, Larry.|The money!
Fifty cops outside.
He turned around|and strolled right back in...
without a care in the world,|like it was nothing.
- What the hell's he doin'?|- Look at the duffel.
Whoever put that dye pack in there|is gonna be dead.
Man. Total disregard for life.
The devastation is terrible...
as the gunmen continue|to fire at the police
officers as they try|to make their getaway.
Dozens of officers and|civilians have been
wounded, but reports|are telling us...
- that ambulances are being held until the danger has been cleared.
Absolute war zone down there.|The firing continues.
...keep the police|pinned down...
although these brave officers|are refusing to back down.
It looks like one of the gunmen|has reached into his car.
Want some?
Come on, pig!
Continue to fire at him.
43-David. We are eastbound|in an alley heading toward Laurel.
Should be there in two minutes.
The policemen's return fire|doesn't seem to have any effect.
The rounds just keep coming--|Whoa.!
Wait. He's shootin' at us.|We're gonna have to get outta here.
- Looks like he's taking shots right up there.|- Yeah.
Get up! Get out of there!|Higher!
- And are firing at will. It is complete chaos here.
- Pratt.|- Yes, sir?
Haul your ass around the corner|to B&B Guns...
and grab as many|semiautomatic
weapons as|you can find.
Yes, sir.
They're still shooting at us.
Larry, get in the car.!|In the car.!
Stick to the plan.|You drive, I cover.
Kill the cops.
...just continue|to pummel the officers.
...just continue|to pummel the officers.
- They fire-- It achieves|no effect at all.|- Officers, good morning.
- I need guns. We got a situation.|- You're tellin' me.
We need some assault rifles,|some semiautomatics. What've you got?
We don't carry AKs, but, uh,|we got America's answer.
It's the AR-1 5.|It'll get the job done.
You got your CAR-1 5.|It's used by the U.S. military.
If you really want|something special...
that's the Remington 7 00,|bolt action.
It's the best sniper rifle made.
I can't believe they|let people just buy these.
You got proper I.D., good credit,|wait 1 0 days for a background check--
We need all this.|All of them.
- Okay. Hey, John, give me a hand.|- Okay.
Here you go.
- We need ammo.|- Okay, sir.
- Get these guys some ammo.|- I'll get it.
They're here.
Command post, this is 43-David.|We are at the scene.
Let's go.
Yes, Jim, unconfirmed reports now|have a possible third...
and maybe even a fourth suspect|in the bank.
and maybe even a fourth suspect|in the bank.
Jay, I want you to grab|that armoured car.
- We're going to use that as our rescue vehicle.|- You got it.
L.T., what's the position|of your suspects?
We have two suspects|heading eastbound on Archwood.
We have a report of a|possible third suspect
inside the bank|holding hostages.
- Shots have been fired.|- Okay, guys, we got an active shooter in the bank.
We're gonna make an entry.|Let's go.
- Who's gonna pay for all this?|- Charge it to Mayor Riordan.
Suspects are leaving|the bank building.
They continue to fire|into police officers.
8-L-1 0. Suspects are|attempting to go mobile.
That's Archwood Street that|you see he's pulling
out on. He's going|east on Archwood.
Get out of the way!
Police! Open up!
Open up.!
They're gone.|It's just us in here.
- They're gone.|- Bank's clear. Stay in the vault!
All right. Come on.
1 5-L-1 0, officer advised.
You've got a clear shot|at the suspect...
eastbound on Archwood,|from behind the supermarket.
Larry! Get in the car!
Get in the car!
Come on!
It's gotten strange.|They've slowed to an almost crawl...
but the police seem helpless|to stop them.
But now they're|moving a little
quicker. They're|separating.
I need officers on all four corners|on Archwood.
I want you to extend that perimeter|four blocks in all directions.
We've got a number two|suspect driving the
white vehicle headed|east on Archwood.
We've got number one suspect|on foot. Number
one is behind a|long trailer rig.
- Come on.
Come on. Come on.|
Come on!
His gun is dropped.!|Go to the back side.!
Hey, you kids.! Get back inside.!|I'm a policeman.!
Go back in your house!|Get in there!
Oh, my God.! One of the gunmen|has just been shot. He's down.!
He's down. Officers are moving in.|He's not moving.
Vehicle is moving very slowly.|He's trying to escape.
Looks like he might be trying|to commandeer another car.
Larry.! No.!
I told you, get in the car!
- I told you.
There are cars coming|the other way. There is
no police presence down|on Archwood, mind you.
- This is a residential area.|-
Looks like maybe he's|trying to force someone
to stop, but cars are|going around him.
I don't know if these people know|what's going on. They're very lucky.
You can't go through.|You can't go through.
Hey! Hey, pops!|Let me borrow your ride for 1 0 bucks?
- No, no. I can't.|- Ten bucks.
Look, look.|Here's 1 0 bucks for you.
All right? All right?
- Block the street, damn it!
Okay, he's firing.|He just shot through his own window.
The victim is running|down the
street. He looks|like he's okay.
Keys are here.
Well, it looks like the gunman's|reached into his car.
What, you want a piece of this?
You think you're gonna get me?|I'm the man. I'm the man here.
He's stopped.|Maybe he's stuck or something.
- Come on. Come on!
The guy who's got the initiative,|that's the guy who's calling the shots.
That's the guy who decides|where and when
it's gonna happen, how|it's gonna go down.
And that can't be the bad guy.|That's gotta be you.
- Oh, shit.
Just unbelievable.|Shots are firing everywhere.
Looks like SWAT's on scene|and shooting from point-blank range.
Watch your crossfire!
- Malfunction!|- I got you covered!
That way!
Clear! Go!
I'm out of ammo!
Are you gonna hide down there?
He's down. Okay, he's down.
SWAT officers are moving in|and they're on him.
- Stay down.! Do not move.!
Hands! I wanna see hands!
When I saw that black mask...
I thought to myself,|''Here we go.''
But, you know, those are moments|when your training kicks in.
Do you get scared? Yeah.
You stay scared?|Better not.
It looks like it's over.|I think this nightmare is finally over.
Check the truck!
Get down!
- Hands!|-
1 5-L-1 0. Code four, guys.|Code four. It's all over.
- Ah, shoot!|-
All units in vicinity, all units...
just be advised|code three is no longer.
We generally are supposed|to have the firepower.
They had the firepower that day.|We had the willpower.
But you know what? I'll take the|willpower over the firepower any day.
308. Holes complete.
Looks like a war zone.
You're going to be okay, partner.
When you|think about it, the
kind of firepower we|were up against...
that we were outgunned--
People talk about being lucky,|where you're lucky...
that the bullet went in and out,|or you're lucky this.
Well, my granddad said, ''Luck is|preparation meets opportunity.''
You've prepared and you get the|opportunity and then you can be lucky.
And I was lucky.|A lot of us were lucky.
We were lucky that that day,|when you think about it...
the only two guys|that got killed...
were the suspects,|were the bad guys.
That wasn't a miracle.|That's a series of miracles.
Come on.
- Hey, there, look who I found.
- Hey!|- You hanging in there?
- Here, partner.|- Hey, thanks, Bobby.
Aw, sir.|
They got you good.
Hey, I know a buddy in East LA|that can fix that air bag.
Does this mean|we're closed tomorrow?
It's funny how fast everything|returns to a state of normalcy.
In fact, the very|next day, there was
a line of customers|outside the bank...
and one of the customers|was complaining
how the bank didn't|open on time.
Hey, life goes on, I guess.
It's kind of weird,|the way it happened.
The morale in the LAPD|was at an all-time low.
The public was all over us...
and then, all of a sudden,|out of nowhere, this happened.
After that, even the media|were calling us heroes.
Nobody becomes a cop because|they want to be loved.
They become a cop|because they love the job.
But every once in a while,|you get to put away some bad guys.
And on that day,|in 44 minutes of...
sheer terror...
not a single officer ran away.
And everybody did their job,|and I think that means something.
And in 44 minutes|of sheer terror...
there wasn't a single officer|that ran away.
Not a single one.
I think that means something.
- That's our out. Good?
- Very good.|- Great.
I think we should|do that over there.
On Friday, February 28, 1 997...
the Los Angeles|Police Department...
experienced a day of terror|and remarkable heroism.
The North Hollywood bank shoot-out|will long be remembered...
as one of the country's|most shocking
displays of criminal|behaviour...
and an outstanding example of|professional heroic law enforcement.
Yesterday's true|heroes were the members
of the Los Angeles|Police Department.
One thing|agreed on was the
bravery shown by the|police department.
Police officers tell me|they're just overwhelmed
by the amount of support|they've received.
Now the officers are|standing by this community...
doing their best to|support the community
as they try to move|on with their lives.
My dad works|in North Hollywood. Thanks.
It's nothing short|of miraculous that no one was killed.
In fact, what you're talking about here is--|It's multiple miracles.
For actions above|and beyond the call of duty...
seventeen LAPD officers|were honoured today...
for their heroics during the 1 997|North Hollywood bank shoot-out.
Yesterday's true heroes, of course...
the Los Angeles police officers...
without bullet-proof vests,|without the same firepower...
courageously tracked|down and stopped
the two heavily|armed gunmen.
I'd like to personally|thank Commander Weller...
and the North Hollywood police station.
The heroic behaviour|of many officers yesterday...
- has triggered an outpouring of support.|- Thank you for what you did.
Some baked cakes.|Others brought flowers.
Many sent cards, yet others--
Thank you for|what you did, all of you officers.
We're 3 2 years|living in North Hollywood...
and we really appreciate|everything that you've done.