47 Meters Down: Uncaged (2019) Movie Script

Oh really
Okay, yes, why not?
Hey isn't that Mia.
Sorry, I must have slipped
Do not touch me
Oh, God
It was an accident, I swear
Bro, your sister sucks
He is not my sister
Let's go
Oh, God
Your clothes are wet
We will meet tomorrow, right
Yes , Tomorrow
OK, bye
That would be impressive
I promise, impressive
Bring your bikinis
You want to tell me what happened
Just walk
Hey hey
Wow, you swim with your clothes
Shut up Ben
Hi Mimi
Do not call me
that , Why are you all wet
Why is he all wet?
have to talk to him
What happened
What happened
Someone pushed him to school in school
Not a big problem
It's not my fault, nobody likes him
You know, that's the thing
bad to say
Sorry , Sasha
Look, I know
it's hard to move here, but you guys
the two of you have to protect each other, okay
Thank you
You want to finish
Yes, everything has been raised, boss
Okay, thank you, man. - I'll see you tomorrow
See you tomorrow Carl, rest
Yes, we will , Okay, thank you
Objection I'm in
What is wrong
I hate it here
Mia, you're much stronger
than you think
And if your mother is here, she is
will be very proud of you
But he isn't here, right
I'm proud to call you my daughter
Look, I know you and Sasha don't
get along sometimes, but we're family
He is not my brother
Hm, very good
Hey, I almost forgot to show
you guys what I found this morning
Look at this
That's shark teeth, Yes
Is this a white shark? I think
Where did you find it?
find a new road to town
How sharks get in there , I don't know
Maybe he swam from
the sea chasing seals
They are lost in the tunnel
hundreds of years ago
Very cool , You can keep it
That reminds me of something else
Children, I know I said I would
get together with you this weekend, but
Open this new road means
there will be an archeological team
It's okay dad , Yang will fly
from New York next week,
so I have to finish mapping
the cave, turn on the light
You don't need to explain
But your father is up to something
very special for both of you
What His shark teeth are clues?
Boys, come on, show it to him
Here it is
Glass floor boat trip
to see the white shark
in their natural habitat
Fun for me , No, it's for
tourists , We are indeed some kind of tourist
These kids will impress,
they take you out
The place where the white shark eats
You saw them in the gallery under the ship
Cool , No, I have plans for tomorrow
You have to reset your plan
Also, I think this is a good time to
you spend quality time together , Yes
Where are you going
To tell Alexa me
can't hang out tomorrow
Is that okay
Keep your tone up
Sorry about tomorrow, but
the shark will be very cool
And maybe next week, you
and I can scuba dive
You remember how you like scuba
diving with me , Yes, it's like
when I was 10, father
10 years, the youngest person ever
scuba diving, come on, you're kidding me
And the most beautiful
Yes, you're like a sea monkey
I'll pick you up when going home, okay
Hey Mimi
Don't eat the shark
Yes, Mimi, don't eat sharks
Hey, if you sink, us
will come save you
I will save you
I can't believe he's here
What are you doing
here , Come on, we have a plan
I told you, I can't
Bro, I'll take you to a place that is not
any tourist will find in a million years
The opportunity of a lifetime
Or you prefer to sail
on a stupid boat with him , Yes
I mean, stay, stay if you want
Hey, maybe you can
friend with Catherine
Talk about how beautiful she is
She is indeed beautiful, Be quiet
Up to you
Come on
You really want to spend it
all day with the girls
Come on
What do you think, I don't know
Don't let the girl get you
Come on
Goodbye Catherine
Come on
Okay, watch your step
Guys, come on , Almost there
You keep saying that , This time I'm serious
Oh, God
I mean, how are you
can know this place
Uh, Ben brought me here
Ben Like my stepfather's assistant, Ben
Stop, oh god, oh god
Okay, how do we get down there
Uh, so there is a way that will
take us spinning and going down
or you can go there
What are you waiting for
This is amazing
I do not know
We have to go the way
Oh wonderful
Fuck the road
That's really cool
Look at all this stuff
Lots of scuba equipment
This is the equipment your stepfather and Ben prepared
for the archeologist coming next week
Is this the entrance to the city?
If my father finds out, he will kill us
Relax, I've talked to Ben
Your father on the other hand mapped
the path they found
They will never know you're here
This doesn't look like a city to me
This is virtual city
This is built below
land, outside the cemetery
To hide from Kinkisador,
when they invade
Rising sea levels,
make everything under water
Thank you, professor
Did your father ever invite you
dive into the city
Yes once
Like what
That's amazing down there
I mean, we only entered the first cave
It's used as an entrance
Scary , Yes
Like I said, the underworld
Burial Cave
Yes, it's quite scary.
but that's really cool
They have all ancient statues
and other ancient items
so what are we waiting for
Come on, this is just the first cave
But my father , He is miles away
Yes, they have different entrances , Look
All that we need
I mean, there are no fins, so , Come on,
this is only the first cave, we are not
swim all over town , friends
Diving in a dangerous cave
Diving in a dangerous cave , No,
Mia is right Nichole
I don't really know about this
We've come this far,
and we don't see the temple
Really , It's not like ever
You saw before, we have to
in and out after the first cave , Yes
When was the last time you dived
Many years ago
I used to go with dad, but
never in a cave before
Like riding a bicycle, right , Come on Mia
Yes, he will do it
Come on Mia!
Come on
This will be fun okay
Just remember to keep your movements slow
The last thing you want to do,
make the water murky down there
You won't be able to see your own hands
Okay, you are ready
I will lead, then be near me
One round in the first cave, and out
Yes teacher
Nichole, I'm serious
You do as I say, or
You don't do it at all
Come on miss, time to continue
Everything is alright
Sasha, you're fine
Yes, I'm Good
Everyone try to check the equipment
you guys, we have to have a full tank
Mine is 100
I also
Come on, I'm getting older here
Okay, turn on your lights
Follow me, the entrance is at the end of the stairs
Come on
You will be scared
Crazy down there
Come on
Oh God , You're sure about this
Yes, believe me
Oh god, this is crazy
I can't believe we did this
look at that
Run out of air in the cave, opportunity
both of you in an air bag like that
Seriously , Yes, want to try
The road is getting narrower than
Here, make one line
Through this way
Everything is fine
Yes , Yes , Yes, I'm fine
Sasha, your butt barely fits through there
Shut up Nichole, you have no butt
All okay Mia
Yes , Sasha , Mm
Nichole , Yes, teacher
You are ready for this
That's really cool
I told you already
That's Shibalba
This place is crazy, right
Hey, Nichole, no
Stay behind me and
stay together , OK, OK
One round to the altar, then
we are going home, right?
Come on
Oh, God
they make human sacrifice here
Hey, I think I see
something moving
There's nothing down here, Nicole
There's something there. Come on, Nicole
Maybe mermaid
Shut up Sasha, I'm serious
Come on Nicole, stop joking
Maybe my father
Your father is on the other side of town
There's nothing there , Nicole, he is
being an idiot , I hear it's Aleza
Come on, we're back
We say we enter
and then come out, right
Nicole, stop being an idiot
Come here, look, look
Oh, God
Where's the eyes
That's not there
That's the Mexican tetra
I'm blind
Wait, I heard about this
There is no light down here, so
they don't need color or eyes
They evolved
How does it know where it goes
With sensor
I didn't know they could be this big
That may never meet humans
It's hidden from us
Who says we are
It's hiding from , Stop
Here fish
No Nicple, I will not
No, stop it, we fall
I can't hear you guys
Nobody move
Sasha where are you
I can not see
where are you guys
I can't hear you, where are you guys
I can not see anyone
Reply me
Mia, what are you doing here
Oh god, sorry
I'm sorry, we are at the lake
Wow, wow, wow, calm down
OK, never mind
Let me guess, Alexa persuaded you
to get down here, huh
And then we dropped
stone pillar and me
lost in this silt
You don't think down
come here with a guide light
Mia, mia, praise God
Oh, I should know
Try my dive, huh
I am sorry
Honestly we should go in then come out again
Last time I show
you are my secret place
Okay, surely Sasha and Nicole are not far away
They waited on the road
come out , What a surprise
Let's get you guys out of here
before your father knows, huh
You won't tell him, right
Are you kidding
Alexa, which is the other one
Where are they Sasha!
Mia, where are you
Sasha, look
Look, over here
Friends, there are sharks , Mia, what's up
There are sharks, I'm serious
That killed Ben , What
We must leave
We must leave now
You scare me now
Guys, if this is some kind of joke
This is not funny
Sasha, behind you! Yes, that's right
Swim, come on!
The stones are falling. , We must hurry
Watch out! , It will collapse! , Come on! Come on!
What should I do! We
will die , don't move!
Push, help me push!
Come on!
Help me move this stone!
We are trapped!
There must be a way out
Come on
All of you, this is useless
This is useless, Alexa! Alexa!
Alexa! Look at me!
You said my father and
Ben enters by road
Enter different , Sasha!
I'm a maze, I'm not
will be able to find them
Comrades, there is a rope
Ben, he has a guide line with him
That leads back to the place
where they work
How about the sharks?
look blind, like a tetra fish
It must have evolved down here
My father opened a new cave, it must have made it
can come in , Mia, what is a white shark
Yes, I suppose
Everyone check your oxygen
I have about 40 , leftover
How about you guys
I have 40
Okay, we don't have much choice
As far as I can see
Everything must stay together, okay
But what about the shark
We can do it Alexa
OK, come on
the guiding line, I can see it
Don't be far
If we follow the rope,
it will lead us to Grant
Yes, come on, come on
The rope is going down here
Through this way
Are you OK, Mia? Yes
Oh, God
What place is this
The city was built outside the burial chamber
The rope is stuck in something
Come on, Sasha, we must continue
What we will?
do , We must continue
We will die down here
No, Grant must be close
We cannot give up
No, no, this is the way
Gosh, we have to go back
There is no other way.
where will we go back
We will run out of air,
we will sink
We will sink
Wait! Wait
Where are they
Sasha, where is father?
He must be close
Grant! Grant!
Dad, where are you dad! Grant!
Father! Can you hear us
There is another way
Get down
Come on
Turn off, turn off!
Through this way
Through which
Come on!
Through this way!
Come on
This way Nicole
Hurry up , come on
I think we are safe here
Too narrow for sharks to follow
You're fine , I'm fine
Friends, guys
The air isn't good
This is an air bag
This is just a minute, us
can't breathe for long
So what we do
I can not see
way out of here
How much oxygen do you have left
I have 22
I'm 20/18
You heard that
Shh hear, hear
I guess that's music
That's impossible. Yes
It comes from this side
That must be my father
It's a dead end
Mia, you're fine
There is a gap, I can pass
I will tell when I am
on the other side , No.
We have to stay together , Nothing
we all use up oxygen
You sure you can do this? Yes
Please be careful , Okay,
we will be here
I'm angry now
Come on, you guys, seriously, stop playing
Error, please reset
Check, error, please reset
Check, error
What is that
This is an emergency alarm
Designed to find
divers in the cave
I passed by
You can see something , Daddy!
I can't see anything,
but I can hear the alarm
I saw it, I saw the alarm
I can't hear you
Why isn't he back yet
He did not respond
What if the shark got it
Comrades, I'm lost,
I can't hear you guys
Can you hear me
I can't hear you guys
Can you hear me
What are you doing here
We just want to see the entrance
main, then the tunnel collapsed
ben and Carl are both dead
Where's Sasha
We found an air bag
he is back there,
with Nicole and
Alexa, but I can't
hear them again
These pillars confuse radio signals
Your oxygen is running low
We are going to their place, follow me , Okay
Mia! Mia! Behind you!
Over here!
Friends! Over here!
Over here!
Shark! Come on!
You succeeded
I love you guys
Come on
We will die down here
Okay, this is the descending tool
You have to raise yourself on this tool
Put your feet in this circle
And this
You have to pull up and down
Pull down, push up. Yes
Okay , Yes , We will get out of here soon
You are ready , Yes
Okay, push it
You have to use all your strength , Okay
Push and pull
That's it, yes
I experienced
Okay , One more time
As strong as you can
Shark !
Get me out of here !
Come on !
Pull !
Pull the rope!
- Get off the rope! - Me
must leave here
No, it won't work
arrest you both!
Nicole, get down!
Stop it!
You have to let go!
I have to get out of here
Oh no
Remove yourself from the device now!
Let yourself go!
Nobody can hear you Alexa
You heard that
Alexa, what are you doing
They are gone
Where do they go?
Way out
The sharks evolved to become blind,
they have sensitive hearing
Must be the frequency
Maybe we can use it
alarm to keep them away
I mean someone will look for us
when we don't come back tonight, right
Nobody knows we're here
I just found my way into
This cave, only I know this place
And there is no way we can go back
go up without the down tool
What we will do
We have to go back down,
there is no other way
What , Listen, this cave is connected to the sea
If we follow, we
will appear in the ocean
There will be strong currents down there
will try to suck us down
So we must stay together
If you stay here, you will die
We will take care of each other
And we can survive this
Okay, kids, I believe in you guys
Watch out!
Where are they
I do not see it
What we will do
We will do what he says
We will go back down
I can not
I can't , We have to,
or we will die
I don't want you to give up now okay
Do we have enough oxygen?
Your choice!
What if we
wrong, what if
What if the shark is still here
We must try
You're ready
I can't see them
where do they go
Current !
Sasha !
Help me !
No! Give your hand !
Come on !
Come on! Come on!
The current is too strong!
Come on! Give your hand!
Mia! , I'm slipping
Come on
Sasha! No!
No! Mia!
Sasha , Mia, she's dead,
there is nothing you can do
No! , Look at him
Help me
Mia, look at me!
We will not die down here
You understand me
Over there
That's the way out
The current will drag us out
We will be fine
if we stay aside
Until it's over
Okay, okay, I'll guide you
Hold my hand, come on
You are okay
Mia, give me your hand!
Come on, give me your hand!
I coming!
Hold my hand!
I got you!
You are okay
This must be the way out
We are almost there
The way out can't be far
Watch out !
You're still alive
You are alive
We stuck Mia
We will die
There is no way out
I am so sorry
Don't , No, no
This is my fault, if not for
I, you will not be here
Stop, you stop it okay
We can't stop now
We can share oxygen
I have more than you
We will not die here
Come on
Where are you going
Sasha, come here
Maybe there is a way through
The current is too strong, that
will drag us down
We must try
This is a dead end
Come on, come on
I think I can see sunlight
That's too far to enter
There must be another way
Come on
Oh my god, Mia
I'm stuck
Mia! lt's coming!
I'm stuck!
Go ahead, we can do it
I can not
We are almost there
Come on Mia
Come on Mia
Come on Mia
There is light
We are very close
Mia, I'm stuck
We are close
We are very close
I have to let go of mine
Come on
Oh, God
Mia! Mia!
Oh, God
There must be a way up
Maybe we climbed it
Look , Oh God
Please! - Over here!
Over here!
We have to swim
We are safe , Come on
Come on
Over here
Oh god, that's Chum
Come here
Come on
Do you see this?
Come on
Come on!
I am fine
Mia okay
Look at me! Look at me!
Breathe! Breathe!
Yes, you're fine