48 Hrs. (1982) Movie Script

I wonder what reservation
they let him off of?
My trucks overheating.
It's 30 miles to the next station.
I need some water.
Maybe you should've stolen
a better truck, Tonto.
- You've got a big mouth, convict.
- He's only joking, Chief.
- Could I have some water?
- You mean firewater, Tonto?
Jesus Christ. Hold it!
He's a state prisoner, you asshole.
Knock it off.
Hold it, you asshole.
Get out of the way.
Don't move, convict.
APO 657, unit 25 to APO 478.
Escape in progress.
Two officers shot.
Fugitives in a blue flatbed truck.
Two men.
An Indian, tall, 200 pounds,
escaped with Albert Ganz.
They're armed and dangerous.
Get here, quick.
Escape in progress. One Indian
and prisoner Albert Ganz.
If we slept over at your place,
you could put on a clean shirt.
What makes you think I've got
any clean shirts at my place?
Great morning.
I want her young, tall, thin.
Real thin.
She's got to have nice legs.
I don't like jeans. Jeans are cheap.
A dress. A nice summer dress.
No, I know you don't get it.
- What about me?
- I need one more for my friend.
Make her an Indian.
No, not with a turban.
A squaw.
It'll be the Walden Hotel,
near Broadway.
Ask for... G P Polson.
Just be a couple of hours. Right.
- That's a crummy breakfast.
- I've got a crummy day ahead of me.
- What are you talking about?
- Jack, I hate that attitude.
What difference does it make?
I make you feel good.
- What do you want from a guy?
- You make me mad.
I don't have time for this.
I've got to go to work.
- You really are hopeless.
- That's what I always say.
- Call me later.
- You want me to? Good.
- Thanks for the coffee.
- Here, take this.
You know what the man said:
The coldest winter I ever spent, was
the summer I was in San Francisco.
We aren't going by the store again.
We need to save a little bit.
- I liked that carpet.
- We can't afford it.
I know we can't afford it,
but I'd like it.
You want me to go out
and steal for the money?
- Surprise, Luther.
- You were locked up.
- I want the money that Reggie hid.
- What are you talking about?
You want that Indian
to snap her neck?
- We were partners.
- Billy, break it.
No. I'll get you the money,
but I can't get it till Monday.
Honest. The place we've got
it stashed is closed.
Monday morning is when it opens.
I'll get the money right to you.
I always liked you, Luther.
You were fun to hang out with.
- We're going to keep her.
- Trust me.
If you mess with us, I'll put holes
in her you never even thought of.
- Ganz, please.
- Don't fuck up.
- Hey, Algren, need any back up?
- No, you make me nervous.
Your wife makes you nervous.
The radio said you had something on.
A guy named Polson
had his credit cards lifted.
One of Polson's cards rented
that green coupe over there.
It's just a laugher?
It was a kid with a switchblade.
- Well, you guys are experts.
- We don't need any big artillery.
I'm just trying to help out.
I love to watch pros work.
- I don't need your help.
- You can come in.
Stake out the lobby.
How's the car running?
- How's the wife?
- Mean as a snake.
You guys were in last week.
I'm not supposed to be hassled.
- We just want to search a room.
- Not unless you've got a warrant.
- You should've been a lawyer.
- What the shit is this?
- We're looking for a Mr Polson.
- Room 27.
- Okay, get it over with.
- Is he alone?
A couple of girls went up.
- You guys be careful.
- And you stake out the lobby.
- I'll let you handle it, Al.
- Thank you.
This isn't exactly
my life's ambition.
It's a part-time thing. I've got a
kid who's staying with his granny.
You don't want to hear personal
stuff. Are you listening to me?
Did you hear a goddamn word I said?
How much money have you got left?
Hi, Liz. It's me.
What's going on?
Nothing, just a couple of cops.
How was your date?
You've got to stop
sitting still for that kind of shit.
Ask who it is. Right?
- Who is it?
- Police, open up.
- Open up, right now.
- Keep stalling.
Hang on,
I've got to put something on.
When I tell you to jump,
you jump.
Call for help now!
Jack, there are two of them.
Stay here.
- Operator...
- Drop the phone, lady.
Let me go.
Billy, bring her out.
He ain't going to shoot.
Come on.
Shut up.
My God!
You, toss me that piece,
and he won't waste him.
Jack, don't give them the gun.
Don't do it!
Don't do that for me.
Get the car.
Nice gun.
- What happened?
- Read the report.
Two cops get blown away
by a credit card booster?
- Those guys were good cops.
- They fucked up.
That's what you say,
that's what you always say.
- We're always fucking up.
- The truth hurts.
- It don't figure.
- Can I borrow a piece?
When somebody steals your gun
you usually file a report.
Two cops died
because you fucked up.
That isn't going to bring them back.
Cates, I want to see you right away.
Do you read me?
I hear you. Your voice carries.
Five minutes.
There's a lot of people
getting shot with 44s lately.
People must be getting
mad about something.
- You're an accessory to murder.
- Give me a break.
His real name is Albert Ganz.
He's from back East,
but did an armed robbery out here.
He broke out of prison
a couple of days ago.
A real animal. Read this.
Did he give you a return match,
or didn't he like the merchandise?
- Fuck you.
- I'll take a rain check.
This is from the first weapon
Ganz used.
It's a perfect match,
but it's not from the Walden Hotel.
It was fired six hours earlier.
We found him on a park bench.
There are some bad people out there.
If there weren't,
what the hell would we have to do?
He took me down, then he put on
the tv. Then you people arrived.
That's it, but I think he's going
to give you guys a hard time.
He likes shooting cops
a lot more than getting laid.
This is his stuff from the hotel.
The big guy's room was empty.
A speedloader.
This guy's got a 44 like yours.
- He's serious about his artillery.
- Here's the files.
- Billy Bear.
- He's worked with Ganz before.
- Who's this guy?
- Henry Wong. He worked with them.
Kehoe, come here.
I want to show you something.
- Tell me, same guy?
- Dick Fucking Tracy.
- Any of these guys still around?
- One of them is in the slammer.
- Get in here, Cates.
- Yeah!
Goddamn speedloader! Kehoe.
I want to be left alone on this one.
There's an official department
policy about cop killings.
Any man crazy enough to kill a cop
is a great danger to civilians.
We can't seem
like we're in the revenge business.
What's bothering you?
It bothers me when cops get killed.
You might be more of a team player
on this one, hot dog.
Hotdogging has been working
real well so far. I've got a lead.
You can do things your own way.
You nail this guy
and make us all look good.
But if you screw up,
you're going down.
You know how to send a guy out
with a real great attitude.
- I'm here to see Reggie Hammond.
- He's in 18.
- You want company?
- No, thank you.
You don't have
to sell your body to the night
Roxanne you don't have
to put on the red light
you walk the streets for money
don't care if it's wrong or right
Is that Hammond?
- Hammond.
- Put on the red light!
- Put on the red light!
- Hammond!
- Have you got a name, cop?
- Cates. I want to talk to you in private.
You're single,
no fixed address, no relatives.
One conviction, armed robbery.
Six months to go.
- Are you writing my life story?
- Not likely.
I just need a little help.
It's Henry Wong. An old friend
of mine. He's looked better.
I've been in that cell for 2% years.
I'm getting out in 6 months.
You've come to the wrong person.
I don't fuck my old friends over.
That's too bad. I thought
maybe you were a smart boy.
I guess if you were real smart,
you wouldn't be a convict.
A second-rater like you
would be no help against Ganz.
Ganz will be in jail
for two years after I get out.
It didn't work out that way.
A big Indian busted him out.
- Cates.
- Yeah?
I can help you get Ganz
if you get me out of here first.
To get him
I've got to be on the street.
I want Ganz as bad as you,
and we've got no time.
- Bullshit.
- I'm serious.
- Get me out of here.
- I'll think about it, Reggie.
You've got to get me
out of here, man!
Fuck you!
- Let me borrow your pen, Bob.
- Are you using your own name?
Shit, no.
If all this comes down,
I'm not going to burn for you.
And if it comes down,
your ass is new-mown grass.
- You've got him for 48 hours.
- Sure thing.
You've got a big career ahead of you
as a forger.
- Hammond.
- Okay, send him through.
You've got to sign him.
He's all yours.
- You need me more than you thought.
- That shows you how desperate I am.
- Is that suit prison issue?
- $957. I wore this shit in.
- We're after a killer.
- My reputation is as a ladies' man.
Maybe we can get you dressed
and go on a pussy hunt.
I've already got that department
taken care of.
You've got a lady? The generosity
of women never ceases to amaze me.
I don't work like this. No deal.
- We have no deal. I own your ass.
- What a way to start a partnership.
We ain't partners,
brothers, or friends.
I'm keeping you
until Ganz is locked up or dead.
If Ganz gets away, you're going
to be sorry you ever met me.
I'm already sorry.
This is your car? It looks like
you bought it from a brother.
I got you out. Where are we going?
We've got to see
a guy called Luther.
- Is Luther part of the gang?
- What gang, Jack?
I can read a police file, shithead,
and quit calling me Jack.
- It's better than shithead.
- I may call you worse than that.
Right up there,
but he isn't expecting company.
Luther isn't very stable.
I don't want you getting shot.
Right there. 232.
- What are the chances he's packed?
- 100%.
You'd better leave me a gun.
Sure thing, asshole.
You just hang on.
I hope this big move of yours
turns out to be something.
What's happening, Luther?
Did that hurt? It looked real painful.
Luther, I'm talking to you.
- Hammond, drop that gun.
- Don't point that gun at me.
- Don't point your gun at me!
- Hand me that gun.
- I'm looking for Ganz.
- I haven't seen him for years.
You just took a shot at me.
I think you know where Ganz is.
Who gives a fuck what you think?
You better tell this boy something.
He's having a ball with this door.
Luther, are you angry with me?
What are you smiling at?
Your big move turned out to be shit.
I was defending myself.
- I want to make a citizen's arrest.
- Shut up!
- What have you got there, Jack?
- Carrying a concealed weapon.
Resisting arrest.
I'll think up some more tomorrow.
- I bet you will.
- Get him out of here.
- Bye, Luther.
- Fuck you, Reggie.
I want a lawyer.
You stay right here... okay?
Get your hands off me.
You ladies look like
you need some assistance.
We don't need some court-appointed
lawyer trying to bullshit us.
The city is coming down
on people involved with vice.
- Hello?
- Jack Cates, any messages?
Some lady called to say she still
wants her occasional roommate.
She'd like to talk it over
tonight after work.
Look, Elaine, I don't know
when I'll be able to come by.
I'm working too hard at this.
I'm not happy about it. I've got
a few things to take care of.
This is not the way people
who care about each other behave.
You're both going to do
a little time. 30 days each...
...unless we talk
some real business.
- We can go in this room.
- Let's go.
- I was about to get some trim.
- We're not on a trim hunt.
- My stomach is starting to growl.
- We eat when I say we eat.
I want some food now. If you
don't like it, take me back to jail.
You've been treating me like shit.
I want to eat in a nice place.
Hold it. I'm hungry.
Let's go get something to eat.
I want mandolins and violins...
There's your goddamn dinner.
Come on.
- Who was that on the phone?
- None of your business.
- Keep your mouth shut.
- I think it was your lady.
- What's her problem?
- The same as half the population.
She can't get the job she wants.
It pisses her off.
- What do you care?
- I'm in jail.
I was surrounded by guys
in blue suits 24 hours a day.
The clothes you wear,
you look like you'd love it.
- Where to, convict?
- Mission District. Indian hangout.
- Tell me about your girlfriend.
- I don't give out details.
I've been in prison. I'm tired
of hearing lies about pussy.
- Was it last week?
- Last night.
- Was it fun?
- Yeah...
In the morning
we got in a fucking argument.
At least you took care
of business first.
Does she have big titties?
I can see this is going
to be a long night, convict.
- What's the deal?
- Billy used to work at this club.
- I heard him talk about it.
- This is a bad neighbourhood.
You just back me up.
Pretend like you've got a piece.
They may beat me up,
but they'd kill you.
It's amazing how far a gun
and a badge will take some guys.
A bullshit attitude and experience
is what gets you through.
White cops
used to fuck with me and my friends.
- They just flash their badges.
- Experience is what counts.
- You want to bet?
- Two problems.
I ain't playing games,
and you've got nothing to bet with.
If we get any kind of lead, turn
your back and let me get some pussy.
Any man who talks about women
like you, can't get it up anyhow.
I've been in prison for three years.
My dick gets hard if the wind blows.
It's a bet, but when you lose,
you tell me the truth.
- What is Ganz after?
- What are you talking about?
Fuck you! The bet's off.
All right, look...
If I lose, I'll tell you everything
you want to know.
You've got a deal. Hell, I might
even give you my badge.
Bullshit and experience
is all it takes.
Come on and experience
some of my bullshit.
Not a popular place
with the brothers.
I always liked country boys.
They'll sure as hell like you.
- How do?
- Yeah?
I'd like something to drink.
How about a Black Russian?
Black Russian. That's a funny joke.
I'm black,
but I'd rather have plain old vodka.
As we're standing here talking. -
- I wonder if you know
where I could find Billy Bear?
- Never heard of him.
- Never heard of Billy Bear?
Look here...
- You heard of him now?
- What are you talking about?
- I'll look around for a while.
- I don't give a shit what you do.
I've never seen so many backward-ass
country fucks in my life.
You look like regulars.
I'm looking for Billy Bear.
This is our place, nigger.
You're a big, tough, country faggot.
Are you out of your mind?
Get up against that pole.
Do you think
I'm playing a goddamn game?
This is a police matter. I'm looking
for an Indian named Billy Bear.
I know everybody in here
wants to cooperate with me.
That's not even necessary.
I've got the situation in hand.
Some of us citizens
are behind you all the way, officer.
- What's you problem?
- I'm on parole.
Sit your country ass down.
Listen up.
I don't like white people.
I hate rednecks.
You people are rednecks.
I'm enjoying this shit.
- You're loaded here.
- Tax refund.
You're too stupid to have a job.
You don't like that?
You hate that shit, right?
- What kind of cop are you?
- I'm your worst nightmare.
I'm a nigger with a badge. I can
kick your ass whenever I like.
One of them was underage,
another attacked a police officer.
You're going out of business.
Let's see
what we can fuck with next.
Okay, listen... The Indian
hangs out with a chick up the block.
Chinatown. She lives
on top of the jewellery store.
- I didn't ask about the girl.
- You'll have to settle for that.
That's all I know.
Look, hoss, you start
running a respectable business -
- And I won't have to come in here
and hassle you every night.
The rest of you cowboys should know
that there's a new sheriff in town.
His name is Reggie Hammond.
You all be cool.
- How's it going?
- You've got something for me.
- What are you talking about?
- The gun you took off the redneck.
- You saw that?
- Yeah.
- There you go.
- And the switchblade.
You don't miss anything, Jack.
It was real smooth how I took it.
You owe me a piece of ass.
Give me the gun, we'll call it even.
You did a good job, Reggie.
You deserve a reward.
- Fucking bastard.
- That I am.
Hey! Let's go get us an Indian
down the alley.
I don't think anybody's home.
Let's check around back.
I hope we have as much fun
as we had in that hillbilly bar.
Did you see the way
I handled those boys?
Why don't you get a megaphone
and announce we're coming?
- What the hell are they watching?
- I don't know.
tv has changed. Get this.
That must be Billy's girlfriend.
- Police, nobody move.
- Stay where you are.
- Drop it, or he gets another one.
- This girl thinks she's Babe Ruth.
- Police. Put the goddamn gun down.
- Don't give me that police shit.
Look, don't shoot.
I'm just going
to reach for my badge.
- I've seen fake badges before.
- Hey, sweetheart...
Listen up.
This guy's one nervous cop.
Shut up! I'm the calm type.
I know you don't want me
to shoot you.
Just hand me over the gun.
- You assholes better be real.
- Hey, let's see your badge.
- I don't have a badge.
- Call the cops.
Put that phone down. You're both
going to answer some questions.
All right...
which one of you sees Billy Bear?
The son of a bitch isn't here
and he's not coming back.
- You can do better than that.
- He hasn't been here for two weeks.
It sounds like a stormy romance.
Yeah, I went a couple of laps
around the track with him.
Wait, I've been
in prison for three years.
Maybe these ladies would like
to go around the track with us.
- Fuck off.
- Come on.
If you find Billy,
tell him to stay out of my life.
Let's go.
This sucks!
A maniac gets hold of my gun
and starts killing people with it.
I ought to be at home in bed
with my girl. -
- Not out on the streets
with a charcoal-coloured loser.
Just leave.
I can take care of Ganz by myself.
You can't take care of shit.
You've been dicking me around
since we started.
- You've given me nothing.
- I'm impressed with you, too.
Kicking in the door
on a couple of dikes.
Either Luther or you has to tell me
what the fuck this is all about.
You got 48 hours.
The clocks running.
- I don't like the way you ask me.
- Who gives a damn?
You're just a crook
on a weekend pass.
You're just a spear-chucker
with a prison number.
I'm through fucking around.
Tell me the truth
or I'll beat the shit out of you.
You're going to kick my ass?
You've lost your mind.
I'm not in the mood.
It's going to be embarrassing
for you and the police force.
Look, nigger, I fight dirty.
You little fucker!
Don't put me in the fucking garbage!
Get the fuck off!
- What's going on here?
- Nothing.
- It's all right. I'm a cop.
- Get your hands up.
I'm too fucking tired.
My gun and badge are in the car.
Check it out, Bill.
Get in the car.
What the hell is going on?
Two women called and said a couple
of hoods broke in to their place.
We rousted them.
You can straighten it out.
Why don't you do it yourself?
We've got better things to do.
- I'll file a report tomorrow.
- I'll file a report tonight.
It goes with the territory.
- It's good your friends came.
- You want to try it again?
- You'd call your buddies back.
- They saved your ass.
- That's what you'll tell them.
- I'll put it in my report.
I bet you will.
- How much do I owe you?
- Ten bucks.
Mother fucker!
You come clean or we're going again,
right here and now.
I want to know what's going on
between you and Ganz.
I've been waiting for some money
for a long time... $ % million.
Are you starting to get the picture?
Tell me about the money.
Me and some friends
hit a dealer during a sale.
It's the kind of money
nobody reports stolen.
One of the guys dropped dime on me.
He now has your gun.
- He's after your money?
- You're a real bright cop.
How much do you want?
Do you want to split it 50-50?
- Not likely, convict.
- I can't have any of it?
I believe in the merit system, boy.
- I'll be real good from now on.
- Where's the money?
In the trunk of my car.
Right, partner.
But get this: We ain't brothers,
partners or friends.
If Ganz gets away with my money,
you'll be sorry you ever met me.
- Where's the goddamn car?
- Be cool, the car's parked.
- For three years? Bullshit!
- Bullshit?
I'll let you in on a little secret.
You just passed it.
- Now what?
- Now you get to play cop.
Watch that building
while I have a sleep.
You son of a bitch! You knew
where the money was all along.
- I almost got my ass shot off.
- Being a cop is a hard job.
The garage opens at seven o'clock.
Wake me up at a quarter to.
Jack, tell me a story.
- Fuck you!
- That's one of my favourites.
Yeah, yeah...
- You're sleeping on the job.
- They open in five minutes.
- Go look for Ganz.
- You took a chance leaving it here.
I knew Ganz was away.
I knew Luther wouldn't cross me.
Lutherjust crossed the street.
The guy took a shot at a cop
and is back out on the street.
The judicial system is shit.
- I want to pick up my car.
- What's the name?
Reggie Hammond.
- This is three years old.
- Yeah, I've been busy!
Al, bring out 29-012.
It's been here three years.
- Charge the battery.
- We do that every month.
Thanks a lot.
There he is.
Look at all the dust on my car.
He should take it to a car wash.
I didn't know darker people
went in for foreign jobs.
Some white asshole had just bought
the last shitty sky-blue Cadillac.
I hope none of my fellas
sees me riding around in this car.
- I don't care how it looks.
- It has no class.
Class isn't something you buy.
Look at you in that $500 suit.
- Is that suit yours?
- They used to be in style.
If you switch from armed robbery
to pimping, you're all set.
That's the money.
Look out!
Hey, put that down.
I'm going after the money.
Come on. Stay close.
- Freeze.
- I'm a cop.
Meet me at Vroman's,
and bring the shit. Thank you.
Vodka with a twist,
and I'd like to run up a tab.
- Hey, baby, I'm Reggie Hammond.
- So what?
- Hey, my name's Reggie Hammond.
- I'm with somebody.
How you doing?
My name's Reggie Hammond.
This ain't my night.
- You look awful.
- Yeah? Well, so do you.
From what I've heard, you've
lost Ganz for the second time.
And some soul brother
beat the crap out of you.
- Did any calls come in?
- Nothing.
- Your reports are late, Cates.
- They'll be in tomorrow.
You can depend on it.
- I'm heading out.
- I've got to wait for a call.
You really ought to get some rest.
Yeah, he's here.
Cates, for you. Line three.
- Motherfucker, where are you?
- I'm at work, asshole.
Elaine, I'm sorry. I thought it was
somebody else. Police business.
- No wonder you're so popular.
- I'm sorry about all this.
- Jack.
- Jack?
I almost forgot, your pal
from the vice squad phoned.
- You rousted a bar with him last night.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- What's the goddamn number?
- It's on my desk.
- I've got to put you on hold.
- Don't put me on hold.
You son of a bitch.
It's under the light.
- Reggie Hammond.
- Where are you?
I've been waiting for you to call.
I'm at Vroman's in the Filmore.
I know you don't know the place.
The brothers hang out here.
I'll be right there.
Don't move your ass.
- Elaine's on the other line.
- Jesus!
- Elaine?
- Jack... Fuck you!
- My name is Reggie.
- I'm Candy.
Look, if I don't get some trim
tonight, I'm going to bust.
- You know, sex.
- Can't you ask me better than that?
It's 10:05, by 10:10,
I want to be into some flesh.
Let's go across the street...
I don't have any money.
You can't even pay for the room?
Jack, I want you to meet
my friend Candy.
- Hello.
- And goodbye.
- Maybe I'll see you later.
- I hope so. You're so rude.
- Where's Luther?
- Where's Ganz?
You missed him. Luther took a cab
to the hotel across the street.
- Maybe we should pay him a visit.
- It makes no sense.
There's a Do Not Disturb sign
on his door. We'll see him tomorrow.
- That way we'll catch Ganz.
- Why don't you just take the money?
I could have done that,
but I want Ganz as much as you do.
I'll let you in on a secret...
Keep it. I'm too tired
to argue about that.
Thanks for calling.
Calling you a nigger,
I didn't mean that stuff.
I was just doing my job
and keeping you down.
Doing yourjob
don't explain everything, Jack.
As long as you're being Abe Lincoln,
you see that girl?
She'd love to take me to a hotel
and fuck my brains out.
- I need the money for a room.
- I've got...
- 20.
- That should be fine.
- Have fun.
- I'll have sex, Jack.
- You come here often?
- This is my favourite place.
This is my wife.
Are you whispering in my wife's ear?
I've got rent money for one night.
Lack of pussy makes you brave, man!
Let's go.
- Where do you want to go?
- Over to the hotel.
Shit! Excuse me, please.
- Wait a minute!
- That was quick.
Luther's on the move.
Open your coat... both sides.
- Let her go.
- Money first.
Show me. Set it there.
- Rosalie, are you okay?
- What are you talking about?
I said I wouldn't hurt her.
Goddamn! You lost a stolen bus!
Five deaths are related to Ganz, and
you blow it for a nigger convict.
I called him a nigger,
you bet I did.
That piece of shit hasn't spent
one legal day in his life.
This is it for you.
Suspension, review board.
- You're protecting a con!
- Goddamn it!
This man has got more brains
than you'll ever know.
- He's got more guts, too.
- That don't mean shit to me!
Let's get out of here.
Where do you think you're going?
- Don't be so hard on the guy.
- You go fuck yourself, convict.
- How did my car get here?
- I had it impounded.
- You're going back to the slammer.
- Ganz got away with all my money.
Now you're taking me to jail in my
own car. That don't seem right.
A lot of things don't seem right.
I could use a drink. I'll buy.
It'll be my goodbye present.
- I feel like I let you down.
- No, it was a longshot.
- We gave 'em a hell of a run.
- But we didn't catch 'em.
- Hello?
- Let me talk to Kehoe.
Kehoe, answer the damn phone.
It's for you.
- How's it going?
- Not so good.
- How about the other guys?
- They're on the street.
- Airport? Train station?
- They're clean.
They dumped the bus in Chinatown.
Other than that, we've got nothing.
I'll get back to you later.
Nothing! No Ganz, no Indian.
Airport's clean, bus station,
train station, docks... Shit!
It's too bad. Our partnership
ended before it got started.
Some partnership.
- What's up with your lady?
- We had another fight. Why?
If I was depressed and had a lady,
I'd go and see her.
No, I'll make it up to her tomorrow.
- What about that big Indian's girl?
- He won't be going back there.
They found the bus
down in Chinatown.
- Maybe he's visiting his girl.
- Billy's girl isn't interested.
- She'll put a bullet in him.
- Yeah, I'm reaching.
Well, you've got important things
to do, like going back to jail.
- Chinatown?
- Yeah.
There she is, Jack.
What ever play I make, back me up.
Come on.
I hear you've got visitors.
Don't give me any crap.
Answer my questions!
You're Billy's girl.
You've always been his girl.
The man can live or die,
it's up to you. Let us in.
Otherwise he's a dead man.
- He's in the room down the hall.
- Where's Ganz?
- Down the other corridor.
- All right, come on.
Give it up, Billy.
You've got no chance.
Billy, you're going to lose.
Get down!
Come on.
It's all over.
I'll kill you!
You ought to know, Reggie, if you
come up against me you will lose.
There's one more little thing
I've got to take care of.
Hey, cop, come on.
I've got something for you.
- You're not going to make it.
- What are you talking about?
I've got your gun. I've got
the money. I've got everything.
- Blow his fucking brains out.
- Bullshit! He won't try it.
Right, cop?
Are you crazy, man?
I was just bluffing.
I got hit!
I don't believe it. I got shot.
- You're done, end of story.
- You!
I've got to go, okay?
- Here's something for you.
- I'm not a pro.
Buy yourself something.
I'm in a rush.
I've got a cop
waiting for me downstairs.
I'll be back in about six months
and we'll go dancing.
- Okay, take care of yourself.
- You, too.
See you later.
So tell me how great you were.
I don't go in for that macho shit.
I was great.
I should have my dick bronzed.
Is this what you want to talk about?
I've been waiting for that money
for three years.
Where's your
merit-system shit now?
It's your money.
It'll be there when you get out.
- You don't want any of it?
- It's not my style.
I need a car. Loan me a couple
of thousand when you get out.
- What kind of car do you want?
- A convertible. I'm a rag-top man.
- Deal.
- Good.
Even if you do give me the money
for a car, it don't mean shit.
If I ever hear of you crossing
the line, I'll bust your ass.
Both of us know that I'm going
to be honest from now on.
But if I did decide to be a thief,
do you think you could catch me?
Can I have my lighter back, Reggie?