4Closed (2013) Movie Script

s there anybody?
s there anybody?
Come on !
Based on true story.
- It is very expensive .
- Or too small , or intersection ...
Everything is so expensive .
It's awesome God.
What do you say ? Wait?
To stay in California ?
Well, then I'll find a job that
is closer to home.
The new job doesn't pay anything anyway.
I'm make 1/2 of what I did before.
You need this job. We need this
I don't mind the drive.
I do.
We will find a house.
Don't worry.
One more.
This is not what I was expecting,
from what the realtor told us.
There is no way that this house will sell
at this price. Even if it's foreclosure.
Let's look around.
Doesn't look like there's a lot
to fix.
Wow look at this.
It's so pretty.
Oh my goodness. Oh! I didn't
mean to frighten you. I'm sorry.
Hi I'm Lydia Mullens. I live
right next door.
Oh hi I'm Jake.
This is my wife Ally and my
daughter Christine.
Hi, whoo lovely young lady I
love your hair.
Are you interested in this
Yeah yeah we are interested in
buying it.
I mean it seems like the previous
owner took good care of it.
Yeah, well I guess you can say
Sounds like you didn't like him
I don't like to say anything bad
about anybody, but he was a nasty man.
Yeah. Nasty.
Granted his mother was dying. That's no
reason, that's no excuse for everything.
Well he's gone now.
Yeah Thank goodness.
Ah. Here's the realtor now.
Hi guys!
I'm so sorry I'm late.
Of course I grabbed the wrong
set of keys.
Didn't realize it till I was
half way here.
Hi! How are you?
Good to see you.
Hi guys. Hi.
Hi, well I'm Lydia and I live
next door.
Oh Hi. Fantastic.
I'm gonna let you guys go.
Bye. We'll see you later.
Alright guys. Well I got the
keys now. Shall we?
Now as I said before, this
property is not even listed yet.
But the bank wants to move
This is an amazing deal.
It would normally go for twice
as much.
Ah. Beautiful! Isn't it?
I know. Spacious. Lots of space.
Lots of space.
Look at the fireplace.
Oh my gosh.
Oh cool.
You can have a giant party here.
And the house note is just going
to be in your name, correct?
Yes, for now.
You are going to love the master
Not bad.
Here we are.
The master bedroom.
- Again huge!
- Beautiful.
And if you're home alone...
Hear all the doors lock.
And the windows too.
The former owner was something
of an electronics wiz.
Besides the alarm system
He custom installed a state of the art
security system throughout the entire house.
All the windows and doors can be locked
by pressing that one little button.
So you can relax in peace.
Alright, well here is the
dinning room and the living room.
What's with the piano?
The previous owners left pretty quickly
but the piano takes special movers
so they left it behind.
It's all yours if you want it.
We'll take it.
Excellent decision.
Congratulations! Welcome to your
new home.
What do you think dad?
It's a big house.
It's gonna take a lot of up
But, you made a good deal.
I'm happy for you honey.
Thank you.
And, hopefully we don't have to
move again.
Hopefully not.
We will not move again.
Come on.
Come on.
Who the hell are you? What are
you doing in my daughter's house?
Wait a minute!
This is my house.
And now you're trespassing.
Now get the hell out of here and
don't make me tell you again.
I'm going to throw this bastard
out on his ear.
No no no no.
Call the cops.
These files have been filed by an
attorney and they bear the county seal.
They look official to me.
But these are her papers from
the bank.
I understand that. I suggest you
go down to the county clerks office,
and get their opinion.
Cause based on these conflicting
We can't make any type of judgment
or take any kind of action.
If you head over to the courthouse
right now, you should make it in time.
I'm sorry there wasn't more we
could do for you.
Have nice day.
Have a good day.
Yeah you too.
Ok. Go with grandpa.
You guys know where to go right?
Yeah Yeah. We can take it from
Come on.
We'll see you later honey.
See you later pop.
Do you still like vanilla
We need help.
We bought a foreclosed house
legally through the bank.
We went to move in today and the previous
owner was still there claiming the house is his.
Did you call the sheriff's
Yeah they came out but apparently
this guy had an attorney and he
filed some papers saying that
he still owns the house.
Can I see your paperwork?
Yeah thanks.
Forest. Hayes.
Ok. Here it is.
Forest Hayes was the previous
tenant. But he was not the home owner.
Forest is not the owner.
His mother was but she's
So it seems like what his attorney
Martin coughlin is trying to do,
What he has filed... He's claiming that
Mr. Hayes never received the notice of
default on the house payments.
So he has filed for a wrongful
Is there anything we could do?
We, look. It's a bunch of BS.
It's never gonna hold up.
Oh Thanks Thanks.
So, let me tell you what you do.
You're gonna go next door to the
sheriff's station.
You're going to file, an
unlawful detainer.
They you are going to take them, you're
gonna show them all this paperwork.
And the sheriff's will have plenty
of ground to evict Mr. Hayes.
The sheriff's will throw him
Thank you so much.
Good luck.
Thank you. Really appreciate it.
Right here. Right here.
Normally it can take 3 months to
a year to evict someone.
3 months to a year.
No no no. Our daughter starts
school on Monday.
We can't wait 3 months-
Yeah, well that's how long it
takes, Im so-
Whoa whoa whoa.
Hold on here.
I can't stand this attorney.
Always giving me so much bull in
You know what?
I'm going to push this through
for you.
Oh that'd be great.
Well it's still going to take a
few days though.
A few days.
Ok. Good.
What you need to do is, you need to get you a
hotel for a few days. Till we can work this out.
Ok. Thank You.
What a day.
What do you mean by that?
Enough. Something has to be said
here. Ok? The truth has to be spoken.
Next time you want to buy a
house, why don't you check?
to see if somebody else owns it
before you buy it.
And then you won't put my daughter
and my granddaughter in this position.
Bud I haven't had a drink in 143
Over 3 months.
Yeah that's good.
What else do you want from me?
I don't want anything from you
You'll put my daughter and
granddaughter in a terrible position ok?
And that's just honest. I'm just
telling the truth.
It's just HONEST!
We should have never moved.
Are you ok?
I just wish grandpa wouldn't
talk to dad like that.
It's just...
No, no he shouldn't.
He just cares about us, and he
doesn't want us to get hurt.
Get hurt by dad?
I mean he drank but he was
always a good father.
How's school?
Did you check out the
Teen Anon web site?
Mom. I am not going to do the
Teen Anon Website.
Kids with alcoholic parents,
that's just awkward.
Come on.
I just need to do the profile.
How did you come up with that?
She's the heroine of the book.
O.C. Christine?
Where did that come from?
You're from the O.C.
It's cool to be from Orange
If you say so.
Ok. Height. An d Weight. No
bodies business.
Yeah no.
Beautiful Brown.
And eyes.
Stunning Brown.
I love you.
Jake answer your phone.
Yeah this is he.
No, Thank you.
No that's for calling.
They're evicting him today.
He's gone. He's outta there.
Ah! Finally.
Some times the good guys win.
Ladies and gentlemen of the media, I
have requested your presence here today
At my client's home, to exemplify
an all too common practice.
Forcing people out of their homes and onto
the streets because they are the victims
of sometimes tragic
Circumstances beyond their control.
Shouldn't the banks be helping people
retain their property? Huh? NO!
Instead, the slightest problem
they toss them to the streets.
Now Mr. Hayes terribly distraught
with the loss of his mother,
made a simple mistake. People loss
it sometimes. Don't under estimate-
Alright! Alright. That's enough!
Pack in those cameras. Cameras
Excuse me, what is this?
We are serving you and your
client an eviction.
The Turners have rightfully
purchased this property.
Your client has the last 15
minutes to get what he has left
in that house and vacate
the premises.
I suggest you do as the good
office says Mr. Hayes.
Mr. Hayes you said your mother
left you the home.
According to the county clerk's
office she did not.
In fact, she clearly indicated the bank
was to assume ownership of the home,
And all assets donated to
The house is the property of the
and rightfully sold to the
They own the home.
If you would have been honest
with me in the 1st place,
I would never have
represented you.
I suggest you do as the Sheriff says, and
move your belongings and vacate the premises
This is very embarrassing. My
client lied to me. He's all yours.
Excuse me.
Sir, you got ten minutes to get whatever
you have left in there and get out.
This is my property.
Excuse me?
This is my property.
Look, I'm trying to do you a
favor, Alright?
I own this house.
Sir, you got ten minutes to get
your stuff out of there.
Get off my property.
Do you want to go to jail?
Is that your vehicle in the
You're going to walk over there.
You're going to get into it.
Drive away and you will not
return. Do we have an understanding?
Do we have an understanding?
What are you doing in my car Mr.
I thought you were going to get
my house back?
As I said to you earlier this afternoon, had
you been more honest in your disclosure to me
perhaps I would have. But seeing that you were
less the truthful, you're going to have to deal
with the ramifications. I must
insist you leave my car now!
If you do not I will notify the
authorities and I don't think
this time they will just let
you drive away.
Even more, Get up!
What the hell is wrong with just
an old fashion dead blot.
Must be written in Chinese.
So, I just got off the phone with the
security company turns out we have to have
the previous owner's authorization
before we could change the code.
So there is no alarm till we get
all this sorted out.
Ah! You got moved in!
Oh wow.
Good to see you again.
Good to see you. You got rid of
that boy.
He is a very shifty character.
Yeah he's a bad seed.
This is my dad. Bud.
This is Lydia.
Lydia. Lydia. Oh have you met
Did you know that the previous
owner had moved back in?
It wasn't a surprise to me at all.
Forest Hayes was always kinda strange.
How so?
Well he lived in this house with
his mother as long as I can remember.
Forest had an electronic shop which
he had a lot of trouble keeping open.
So eventually he closed and then
he moved in here.
She often asked him to leave but
no he won't.
So, uh are you going to be here
Oh yes. I'm the home handyman. I'm here
fix all the minor stuff, the minor repairs.
Like that stupid system there which is a
binary system without the proper matrix for it.
Dad. She doesn't understand you.
I think she understands me
I've got to go to work. Bye.
Lydia I will see you later,
Oh yes.
You know I gotta go too, I just
remembered I have a cake in the oven.
Hope I see you again soon.
Oh I hope so.
What you think?
mmm, It was ok.
I was a little boring.
Make new friends?
I made a friend.
a boy.
What's his name? What grade is
he in?
Matthew. He's a Junior.
Whoo, an older man.
Mom it's one year.
I know I know I know.
Honey be careful.
You know, boys in general. Be
I will.
Thank you.
Hey. Did you cancel the gas
No. Why?
I tried to use it the other day
and it was decline.
Hmm, Call them.
You call them.
I paid it last week.
No me.
Gotta be you.
Hello O.C. Christine. After reading your
profile I think we have a lot in common.
I'm new to Valley High as well.
Hit me back on chat. My user name is
Matthew Rox if you want. See ya, Matthew.
Oh my god.
Oh my god he's so cute.
Add Matthew to chat.
Your in your own home you know.
Our home.
Still love it?
You don't anymore?
Oh yeah I still do.
I wonder if you miss the old
The thing I missed is you.
Hi, Matthew?
Hey Christine. How you doing?
Are you alone?
Um, yeah. My parents are totally
getting it on.
Ewe, it's so gross.
I was in the bathroom and my mom
was making this noise. I don't
even want to talk about it
anymore, it's grossing me out.
That's funny.
How's your dad doing?
Yeah, um he hasn't had a drink
in 145 days.
So. How's your dad doing?
Yeah he's doing good.
I still get angry at him though.
He put me and my mom through a
lot of pain.
Yeah. I know what you mean.
My grandpa is really tough on
him because he's mad that
You know, he lost his job and we
had to move here.
How do you like school?
It's ok.
I mean, I haven't found anybody
that I like.
it's so tough Matthew. No being
mad at my dad,
I mean, I don't have any friends
Well you have me.
Stay there.
What's going on?
I think it's nothing. Go back in
the room with your mom.
Yes this is he.
I don't know. No.
I don't see any sign of entry.
No, you don't need to send
anybody out.
Yeah, i don't have any idea but
thank you.
What set it off?
I have no clue why it went off.
I set the auto lock.
Hi, how are you Mrs. Turner?
How you doing Mrs. Turner?
Is your husband home?
What can I do for you?
Hi, we need to ask you a few
When was the last time that you had contact
with Martin Coughlin since last Wednesday?
The lawyer. Why would I have any
contact with him?
He's missing.
The lawyer is missing.
And last time he was seen was
Wednesday after we came here
and evicted Forest Hayes. Now on
his desk calendar in his office,
It was written that he was
meeting you for drinks.
Well that's crazy.
No, I'm not drinking. That's
insane. Why would I-
I was at work. Go call them right now.
They will tell you I was there all night.
Just to clarify, you had no contact or
correspondence with him since last Wednesday?
Can you give us the name of the people that
can verify that you were there that evening?
Have you asked Forest Hayes?
I bet he's had contact with him.
Here's 3.
Alright, we will check this out and
somebody will be in contact with you.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Turner.
Good day.
I was at work Bud.
Then how come there is a record drinks
of you having drinks with Coughlin.
I don't know.
And I'm not drinking. God!
I'm so sick of this.
So am I.
I'll finish up myself Bud.
Yeah. Good Idea.
How many times is this guy gonna
How many times has he said, this
is his last drink?
I, I. This man, there's
something wrong with him.
Why did he meet with Coughlin?
I don't know. Maybe I would have to do
with the circus they had here the other day.
But one thing I'll tell you,
You've got to keep an eye on him.
I've gotta go, goodbye.
Mom, Have you seen my journal?
No I haven't.
Where's your necklace?
I don't know, I can't find that
Honey, Can you make a call for
Please. Please.
This is the number to dad's
work. I need you to call and see
if he was there last
Wednesday evening. Please.
You want me to call his work and
see if he was there on Wednesday?
- Yes. Please.
- He's right outside. Why don't you just as him?
RPL Medical Technologies.
Hi, I was wondering if Jake Turner
came in for work on Wednesday night?
I'm sorry. We don't blindly give
information like that. Who's calling?
They don't give-
I can't believe this.
You should know better.
I'm sorry.
Oh you don't trust me?
That I'm a financially
irresponsible drunk?
I haven't had a drink in 4
I know. I know.
4 months.
I know.
Then if you trust me. Trust me.
You too.
Don't tell me you do and then,
pull that crap.
Thanks mom!
- Christine.
- Dad wait!
Christine met a boy.
No. She told me about him a
couple days ago.
What happen?
Maybe the electricity went out.
I think it's just us.
Hey Matthew. Are the lights out
at your house?
Everything is fine over here.
What's going on with you?
I've been dealing with so much
drama lately.
You know? And I can't find my
necklace and I can't find my journal.
I don't know, I mean I had them yesterday
and when I woke up the were gone.
Maybe your mom has your journal?
Why would my mom take my
Oh my god for real?
That's why I don't do it anymore
except on my phone.
My mom doesn't have my password.
Can I call you right back?
Oh god!
Are you ok?
Yeah yeah yeah, I'm ok.
What happened?
It looks like they're all blown.
What do we do?
I don't want to try to fix them.
Well we knew we might have some
things to fix.
Go to sleep and call somebody
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
You lied to me.
I had asked you if you had seen
my journal and you said no.
Oh you found it. Where was it?
On your bedside table mom.
I didn't take it.
So it just go there by itself?
I didn't take it.
I am so sick of this.
I'm sick of this mistrust.
And I am so sick of YOU!
I didn't take it.
You were checking up on me at
I didn't take it!
What are you doing?
Miss Mullens I'm just looking at
my house.
Your house?
That's not your house.
I grew up in it.
I know.
It's not your house.
Yes it is.
No it's not.
Yes it is.
That's it.
I'm calling the police.
Miss Mullens don't do that. Miss
Mullens don't do that.
What's happening?
I don't know. I saw the lights.
Oh no.
Are you acquainted with Miss
Is that Lydia?
How well did you know her?
When I came to see my daughter
we would speak. That's Lydia?
Looks like she must have
suffered a heart attack.
Her sister found her this
Thanks for your time.
I never even got to know her.
I'm sorry.
I don't understand it.
This is odd.
What is?
This is not supposed to be wired
this way. It's like all jerry rigged.
I don't understand it.
You or Jake do anything to this
Well it must have been that
idiot Forest that here.
Because this is not suppose to
be this way. Not at all.
He could have burned the whole
place down. Alright.
I'm gonna get some new fuses.
The box seems ok.
- Ok.
- Alright.
What a day.
Thank you for your help dad.
I'm glad I could help.
I'm gonna go buy the fuses and
turn on your electricity, ok?
Hey Dad?
When was the last time you had
your heart checked?
A couple of months ago. My heart
is fine.
I love you.
No no no. Don't be scared. Don't
be scared. Hey look.
I got your necklace.
Did you steal that from me?
No No, I won't do that.
I'm not a thief.
I went to your place the other
day to talk to your parents
about trying to get
my place back.
I walked out at the yard and
looked down, and there it was.
I never see you with anybody.
Why is that?
Hey I know what it's like.
I don't have any friends either.
Still don't.
Anyway. I'm not a bad guy.
I'm not.
Just that house is all I have.
I grew up in that house.
I don't have any friends. I've been
sleeping in that truck over there.
Let's put this pack to the
rightful place where it belongs huh.
Don't go loosing that again.
Cause then I'd have to come
looking for you.
And your parents won't like
You go run along now ok.
You found it! Where was it?
I found it in the cafeteria.
Ah, so happy!
How was school?
It was ok.
Did you see your boyfriend?
He's not my boyfriend mom.
Leave it alone.
Ok. I'm sorry.
I'm just playing with you.
Do you want to go shopping?
New clothes?
Ok. Let's go shopping.
Look at you.
I like it.
What do you think?
Do you think I look fat?
You are a very beautiful girl.
Look at me.
You are very pretty.
And you have to believe that.
You want to get it?
I'm sorry your card had been
Do you have another card?
Declined? You said we had money
for this.
I do.
I have money in this account.
Can you try again?
That's what came up.
Let me try it again.
Same thing.
That doesn't make any sense.
This is ridiculous. Something
is wrong with the machine.
Sometimes the wires come loose
on these contraptions.
Let me see the card.
I'm sorry. Unless you have cash
or another way to pay.
We'll be back.
Hey honey.
What's wrong?
I thought I could trust you?
What? What now?
Our bank account is empty?
What the hell is all this stuff?
You tell me?
I don't know what this crap is?
I don't gamble.
I don't either.
I have an addiction but it's not
And I'm sober.
I can't explain it if I don't
know what it is.
I don't know where this stuff
came from but it's not me.
I told you Jake you had one more
chance. I've given you many many chances.
That one more time something
like this happen, One more time.
What does that mean?
Huh? Your gonna divorce me?
For this?
It's been going on and on, and
on and on.
Everything is me. You never
trust me. Never trust me.
I'm tired of it. I'm tired of
Not me.
Hey Christine, what are you doing?
I was just thinking about you?
Really? I saw you at school
Why didn't you say hi?
You seemed really busy.
I've been dealing with a lot of
stuff lately.
My parents are always fighting.
Yeah, my parents fight a lot.
I just try to get outta the
house when that stuff happens.
Where to? I don't even have a
car or anything.
Hey we should meet somewhere
some time.
And talk, you know in person.
Maybe a movie?
Umm, I don't know if I can.
It's kinda silly for us to be chatting. I
mean, I don't even have video on my computer.
We've been doing this for a
while don't you think?
Wouldn't you like to meet in
There is that new Jayden Smith
movie I want to see.
Ok, I'll have my mom drop me
I can pick you up.
You have a car?
Yeah, what's the address?
It's 3150 French Court. I'll
send it to you.
I can't wait to finally meet
Me too. Bye.
Just let me know when you're
ready pal.
Your not going to a different
seat are you?
I thought we could have a little
I don't have anything to talk to
you about.
Well I hope you brought cash.
Being that your credit cards
don't work anymore.
What did you say?
What do you know about that?
What do you know about that?
I know about a lot of things.
Like what?
I know Christine is having a tough
time in school making new friends.
It's just so hard.
It's tough on kids when your dad
is a drunk.
I also know, that little noise
that Ally makes.
What noise?
You know.
When you're giving it to her.
I love you.
Hey! What's going on here?!
You want to make fun of my wife?
Whoa whoa whoa whoa.
I saw him drinking and I asked
him if he wanted a drink.
This guy.
I think you broke my nose.
Man I'm sorry. You don't
You want me to call the cops?
You sure your alright?
I'ma need you to leave or else
I'ma call the cops on your ass.
You stay away from my family.
Jake. Your home.
Oh is this about Martin
Sir, did you do this to Forest
That's impossible.
I hit him once.
Where was it?
I was sitting at a bar for
Wait. Wait Wait. In a bar?
It's not a bar. It's a
restaurant that has a bar.
Look, Forest came in and started talking about
all these sort of thing he couldn't possibly know.
He's setting me up.
Sir. We're going to have to take
you in.
- Please turn around. Place your hands behind your back.
- This is ridiculious.
Your under arrest for assault
and batery.
You have the right to remain silent. Anything
you say can and it will be used against you
in the court of law. You have
the right to an attorney.
If you could not afford an attorney,
one will be provided for you.
Do you understand these rights
as I've read them to you?
It's ok honey. I didn't do any
of this ok.
Sir do you understand these
What happened? Where are they
taking day?
No mom, What happened? Why is
dad getting arrested?
I have to go to the station. Ok.
It's all a mistake.
Do you hear me? Do you
Now, what I need you to do is to
stay home.
Stay by the phone. And I will be
back. Ok?
Stay here.
I love you.
I'll be back.
Hey, Are you still there?
Yeah, um...
Can you come over now?
Sure. Is everything ok?
Yeah, it's just, I really need
someone to talk to.
Great. I'll be there in a little
Hi Christine.
What are you... What are you doing
here? You're not suppose to be here.
I thought you wanted to go to
the movies?
I'm Deputy Dolin, and I will be facilitating
your conversation with Deputy Drew.
Where is Jake?
We are going to hold on to him
for a few hours.
This is crazy!
My husband has never hit anyone
in his life.
There is no way he could have
beat up that man.
Well according to the arresting deputy,
Jake admitted hitting Forest Hayes.
I know my husband.
He would have never hit anybody
like that.
I am telling you. Forest Hayes
is lying.
Something happened to him and
he's using it to blame Jake.
Why would he do that?
I don't know?!
Look, Jake has given us the name of the
restaurant where all this happened at.
I guess there is a bartender
there who saw it all go down.
Well send a unit over to try and
get a hold of this guys.
Get a statement. If it all
checks out we'll cut Jake loose.
Ok. So when are you going to go?
I'm not going. We'll send a
patrol unit.
Ok, well when are they going to
As soon as one is available.
It's not exactly a priority.
My husband sitting in jail for
something he didn't do is not a priority?
No it's not and I'm sorry.
Mrs. Turner we are going to try to
get your husband out as soon as we can.
But in the mean time, I suggest
you make a few phone calls
and try to find an attorney for
him while you wait ok?
Certain things go together.
There's combustion.
Kinda like your family moving
into my house.
Here's your chance to scream for
Why are you calling me?
Text Me.
Christine! Christine!
You looking for Christine?
What are you doing here?
Where is my daughter?
Sit down.
I said sit down.
Please. Please.
Where is my daughter?
I will do anything.
What do you want?
I want my house back.
I want my house back that you
I did not steal from you! I
bought it!
Do you understand me?
Where is my daughter?
Where is my daughter.
Shut up!
You want your daughter? Do you
want your daughter?
You give me my house back and
I'll give you your daughter.
You can't be serious.
Look familiar?
Sign it.
Sign it or I will kill her!
Ok, I will.
Follow me.
Do not move.
Do not move.
Don't you do it.
Right up here.
Let's go.
Let's go ok?
Hey officer.
Did they find that bartender
Just like your wife.
No, no one has gone down to the
restaurant yet.
When is that gonna happen?
It's not a priority.
This is ridiculous for me to be
in here for something I didn't do.
You admitted it. Did you or did you
not admit to hitting Forest Hayes?
I hit him 1 time.
But I didn't beat him up like
you saw on that picture.
So come on. How about that phone
No no it's Jake.
Did they release you? That bail
cost me $3,000 dollars.
No. They can't release me. They
are still processing the bond.
I'm stuck here at the station. Look,
Bud I tried calling Ally alright.
I tried texting her. She's not answering.
They are giving me one more chance.
So please, first of all I swear to you.
I didn't beat that guy up. I hit him once.
And he had it coming. But anyway, I've
just been sitting here thinking and
I know I'm being completely paranoid
but I think that somehow Forest Hayes
might be causing all of this.
All of it. All the problems. The
problems with the bank account.
The credit cards. And all the
stuff he said at the restaurant.
There are things that no way he
could know unless
Unless what?
I know this sounds crazy, It's like he's
there. Unless he's got microphones or cameras.
Remember he had that electronic
And he installed that auto lock
And I keep finding foot prints
all over the place but I think
somehow that guy is
getting in our house.
So I need you to get over there
before Alley and Christine get home.
And just stay with them until I
get out of here.
Bud, Bud, I need you.
Ally and Christine need you.
And I can't be there.
Yeah, I hear yeah, I'm on my
Thank you.
What was your reason for wanting to
execute a quit claim deed on the property?
Too much work.
What's too much work?
Purchasing a foreclosed
property. It's a lot of work.
Oh. Yeah.
It can be a lot of work, That's
for sure.
Especially if the previous owner
didn't take care of the property.
I just need to see your I.D.
Um, your driver's License.
This address does not match the
once on the deed.
We didn't get a chance to notify the DMV yet,
we just bought the property no so long ago so.
Can you make an exception?
Oh, honey. Um...
It's ok.
I can go ahead and notarize them
and it won't be a problem.
I just need you to sign here.
And there for me.
Ok. So if you could put your
fingerprint right here. Right there.
I'll stamp this.
And you'll be off to the county clerks
office now. And then you'll be all done.
Thank you.
Give me my daughter. You take me
to my daughter.
What did I say?
Where are we?
I don't know.
We have to get out of here.
Oh my god.
We're in our house.
We're in our house?
We have to leave.
I got it. I got it.
Hurry mom.
He's coming.
Hurry mom.
He's coming.
You guys know where you are?
You're in dream house.
My dad built a bunker. Nooks
never came.
As you can see I kept my word.
Dear Jake. I'm filling for
I'm taking Christine with me.
Furthermore, I want to right the
wrong that I have done.
I have signed a quit claim deed.
So Forest Hayes can get his
house back.
It's such a tragedy, you not
being able to get your drinking
and abusive behavior
under control.
That's the note that the police
are gonna find in your car.
It's gonna look like Jake rigged
the house with explosives.
After he found out that you
filled for divorce.
Then he's going to kill himself.
And you two.
You are a free man.
Bartender came through; Identified
Forest Hayes and what went down.
Still don't know what's going on
between the two of you.
He's trying to get his house
See this?
This is my new house.
It's pretty isn't it?
I know, I designed it
I didn't want to have to be a
bad guy.
I didn't want to have to blow it
But you ruined it.
You and your family. You soiled
my house.
My memories.
I'm not a bad guy.
But when someone takes something
that is not theirs,
I strike back.
I take what's mine!
I got the house totally watched.
Either one of you tries to
I push this button. Right here.
You won't make it past the blast
Come on.
Hurry Mom.
There's got to be a way to get
I need you to go to the
neighbor's house. Call the police.
Relax. Relax.
I'm scared mom.
Me too. You have to do this. You
have to be strong.
Ok Ok.
I'll see you there. I love you.
Go go go go.
Bud, it's Jake. Would you call
me when you get this?
I want to make sure you're on
your way.
Take a left on country side.
That's faster.
Dad! Dad!
Are you ok?
Pills. Pills.
I will go get help.
Ok Ok. Stay here.
You ok?
Honey wake up.
I'll kill us all if I have to.
She's a girl. Leave her alone.
She just a girl.
Is she? Is she?
You caused all this!
You did!
This is what I'm gonna do to
Left here.
Bud, what happened?
What's going on?
We got to go!
The auto lock.
Come on Come on.
We can use the exit in the
Right here. Right here.
Go go go.
Go in.
What is this?
It's a way out dad.
Over there.
This is my house.
Will you be ok?
I love you.
I love you too.
I love you grandpa.
See you later.
It's a whole lot of work that's
got to be done.
Are you going to be alright?
You're lucky to
be alive.
Thank you.
Sorry Mr. Turner.
Thanks for everything.
You ok?
Yeah. I am.
I love you Daddy.
I love you Mom.
It's just a house.
It's just a house.