4D Man (1959) Movie Script

A man, an idea,
the equipment,
a place to work in secret:
All the ingredients are here.
He attacks the job of trying to pass
a wooden dowel through a steel block
with the confidence of a man
who knows it can be done.
Maybe it will work tonight.
It has failed many times before,
but driven by an obsession
that it can be done,
he is unconcerned with failures
of the past or dangers of the future.
His only interest is to prove his theory.
More power, more risk.
Now it's steel against steel.
Two objects can occupy the same space
at the same time under proper conditions.
He knows his theory is sound.
It's all down on paper,
a few precious pages that represent
years of research and experimentation.
But he doesn't know that his obsession
will transform a man into a monster,
a man whose life will be changed
as he crosses the threshold
into the fourth dimension.
Oh, no!
Oh, no. No.
Is this your great contribution
to science, Nelson?
- You think I'm proud of myself, Mr. Wells?
- I might have known.
A man who's lost every job he's had,
a man who comes to me
with a letter of recommendation
not worth the paper it's written on.
If it hadn't been for your brother...
Nelson, you were hired to do a job...
Not to work on your own projects
after hours.
Mr. Wells...
- I'm sorry.
- Fire.
Why should this happen to me?
Against all my better judgment.
- I give you a break...
- Because I'm good.
And this is the result.
It'll cost me $100,000, but that doesn't
mean much to you, does it?
Look, Mr. Wells,
just tell me to go. I'll leave.
That's what you want, isn't it?
I'm glad to see you have some sense.
Don't shoot.
- What do I have to do to get in there?
- You got a pass?
My name's Tony Nelson.
I think my brother works in there.
- You Dr. Nelson's brother?
- Yeah, that's right.
You better come with me.
I'm sure it'll be all right.
Linda, Scott's waiting for us.
He wants to get this one off the ground.
I'll be right there.
Yes, Fred, I understand, but everyone's
tied up in the lab at the moment.
Have him wait at the reception desk.
- All right, Roy, I'm ready.
- Linda, how about dinner tonight?
- Tomorrow night.
- Sorry.
I think I know the trouble, Linda.
You're too accustomed
to this prince charming routine.
From now on,
I'm going to try the caveman approach.
Scott's waiting for us.
You know, Scott may not always
be the boss of this team.
Someday I may be in charge.
Well, if that's what you want, Roy,
I wish you luck.
You don't think it's possible?
It's building number 3 at the other end
of the plant.
How do I get there? Walk?
No hurry. Your brother's tied up
with some laboratory hocus-pocus.
We're going to use reactor number 3,
commencing in 30 seconds.
- Ready, Roy?
- Okay.
Start her in.
All right. Take it. I'm going down.
Scott. Scott, do you have to?
He keeps pulling stunts like this,
and one of these days,
we're gonna wind up
with one Scott Nelson, medium well-done.
Roy, it's a bust.
Finish out the block, will you?
Let's not have any contamination problem
this time.
Patient is dead, doctor.
You wouldn't mind cleaning up
the messy details, would you, doctor?
Well, there is one messy detail
you don't have to take care of.
That's explaining to Dr. Carson
what went wrong today.
I don't suppose you're too sorry
about that.
Carson? I'm not afraid of him.
Come on in, Tony.
Sit down. I've got to go to a meeting
for a couple minutes.
Hey, is this the stuff you're making?
Yeah. That's cargonite.
Cargonite, huh?
As in Carson?
Anything that's developed at this center
is liable to have his name on it.
No matter who does the developing, huh?
That's not right, Scott.
You do the work,
you ought to get the credit.
There are more important things in life.
Oh, boy, you haven't changed a bit.
But, my frowning, disapproving
big brother, I'm glad to see you.
I'm glad to see you too, Tony.
Are you really, Scott?
Been a long time.
Okay, I'll leave.
Hey, Tony...
I'm glad to see you.
We'll talk later then.
Anything else for today, Scott?
Roy, come on in.
I want you to meet my brother.
Tony. Tony, this is Roy Parker.
- Hi.
- You two ought to hit it off.
Roy's electrodynamics too. He's Berkeley.
That's a good school too.
- You passing through on business?
- No, no business.
Not unless you call
being out of work pleasant.
Roy, you can wrap it up tonight.
We'll start a new run of tests Monday.
Right. Sure nice meeting you.
I guess that's it.
I haven't had time to change yet.
Give me five minutes.
- Hello, Tony.
- Hello.
Don't look so startled. I'm the good fairy
who passed you through the gate.
- In that case, hello again.
- And goodbye, if I'm going to get changed.
- T'll miss you.
- Not for long.
We're having dinner together.
That's your assistant?
And secretary and right-hand man.
I could work here myself
if you promise to get me one of those.
There aren't any more.
But I'm glad you like her, Tony.
I'm going to ask her to marry me.
Scott, that's wonderful. Congratulations.
- Hey, dinner's on me tonight.
- It's a deal.
- If you lend me 20 bucks.
- Let's get out of here.
Now, isn't this a nice place
for a family reunion?
Now, I think this is a nice place
for a family reunion.
Home cooking. That's what I like about it.
What are you drawing, Tony?
- No. Don't, don't. I want to see it.
- Nothing.
It's probably full of hidden meanings.
Well, if you must know,
it's a self-portrait.
Where do you go from here, Tony?
Just follow my destiny, I guess.
No definite plans?
Not exactly.
Why don't you stay here
and work at the center?
- No, I...
- Why not?
I don't know how many times Scott has said
he'd like to have you work with him.
Tony, listen, why don't you?
I've got something going now
you could lick hands down.
- Why don't you stay a couple of months?
- Well, I...
Tony, Scott really needs you here.
I know you'd like it.
How do you know I'd like it?
Because I'm psychic.
- And I like to dance.
- I don't.
You're gonna make me feel old and ugly.
I'm sorry. May I?
Well, maybe I'll get a spot
on a bomb test in Nevada.
With my record,
I should make a big man on a bomb test.
Why don't you be serious for a minute?
Why can't you stay?
Scott wants you to stay.
And I'm just getting to know you.
In that case,
I should have left yesterday.
I don't know.
You seem harmless enough to me.
Why don't we get a date for Tony tonight
and go out on the town?
Great idea. How about it, Tony?
I know a lot of nice girls.
Thanks a lot, but, no, thanks.
Scott, don't tell me that your brother
has a deep, dark secret past.
Come on, tell me. Who was she?
You have to ask Tony that.
Oh, no. Tony wouldn't get hurt.
He just leaves a broken heart in every lab
and goes his charming way,
interested only in science.
- Got me all figured out, haven't you?
- I'm psychic.
I'm going to beat Tony at something today
if it kills me.
I can't.
Scott, where are you going?
I forgot I have to do something.
Tony, would you mind
taking Linda home for me?
- What's the matter?
- I'm not sure.
Come on. We're going back.
No, Roy, start the next block.
Let me know the instant it's finished.
I'll have to backtrack the procedure.
Just stay with it.
I'll be back in a minute.
You're not going back down there again?
I keep hoping I'll catch something
the monitor doesn't.
Scott, there's no need for risk.
The government will be just as satisfied
if you do it next week or next month.
Tony, I'm glad you decided
to come after all. Come on.
I didn't come for the job, Scott.
I've got to talk to you.
Listen, I've decided to leave.
You don't want the job,
there's nothing to talk about.
- I've got to talk to you.
- I can't talk now.
I'm running an experiment.
But this is important.
Important? Tony, why don't you grow up?
If a job isn't important to you,
what is important?
Scott, we're underway.
Yeah, I'll be right in.
- Let's talk about it tonight.
- I'm not going to be here tonight.
I'm pulling out this afternoon.
Why do you have to leave right now?
I need a lab, some equipment,
a place to work.
Why do you have to leave?
Scott, where are you?
I can't stay here.
If I stay here, we're both gonna be sorry.
I've got work to do now.
Let's not play guessing games.
Do I have to put it on a slide
and shove it under your microscope?
Man! When are you going to grow up?
I don't know what you're talking about.
I've got a few thousand saved up.
I'll give it to you,
but I'd like to know what it's for.
Scott, do you see what's happening?
I don't want a gift. If you can't lend me
the money, I'll do without it.
- I ought to punch you in the mouth.
- Go ahead.
Come on. Go ahead.
It's holding. It's holding.
Scott, where are you? You've done it.
Dr. Carson.
All right. All right.
Gentlemen... gentlemen and ladies...
Last week in this room,
I handed out a printed press release
entitled "cargonite."
Then I found myself
in the embarrassing position
of having to ask you
to keep that release under your hats
because of security reasons.
Today, however,
and with a great deal of pride,
I can say to you, "print away."
Dr. Carson, do you predict cargonite
will replace steel
in buildings, transportation,
and so forth?
Well, I... I see no reason.
For the present, the government
is more interested in the military
and defensive uses of cargonite.
Cargonite is your discovery,
isn't it, doctor?
Well, I wouldn't go quite that far.
I am in charge
of a large research center, true,
but we here are a team.
It would be impossible for one man
to do all the work by himself.
For instance,
the team that did all the final work
in the final stages of development
and was so ably led by Dr...
Yes, Dr. Scott Nelson.
Was composed of a humber
of young scientists
who we have gathered together here...
With the able assistance
of Dr. Scott what's-his-name.
Yeah. I guess it was kind of funny.
Well, at least he did remember
the name of the metal.
- Tony?
- Yeah?
I'm glad you're here.
- Train leaves in half an hour.
- You got to help us celebrate.
Cargonite, the world's first
impenetrable metal.
I don't believe it.
Tony, we proved it today.
Not to me.
It can be penetrated.
- Okay, Tony.
- You don't believe me?
- Get me some of it.
- Get it yourself.
I told you,
you want to work with cargonite,
I can get Carson to put you on.
I wouldn't be able to work there.
You couldn't work
anyplace you had to do a job.
You just want to play around
with your theories
and make like some 16th-century alchemist.
I told you,
I wouldn't be able to work there.
Or anyplace else.
You think this cargonite
is the ultimate defense, don't you?
Bomb-proof, bulletproof, heat-proof,
absolutely impenetrable.
This idea of yours is...
Okay, it's my idea, but you gave it to me.
Look, Scott, will you sit down
and listen to me for five minutes?
Scott, do you remember
when I was still in school,
you showed me a picture
of a piece of lead and a piece of gold
from a European museum.
- Yeah. The Paris conservatory.
- Then you do remember.
Linda, there were these two
pieces of metal,
and over a period of time,
they'd grown together. Am I right?
All right, all right.
Now, it took 50 years for the lead
and the gold to mingle.
What would happen
if we could speed that process up?
I don't mean just lead and gold.
I mean anything.
Concrete, wood, steel.
Where would your cargonite be if I could
penetrate it with a small piece of wood?
Tony, it's impossible.
All right. I can't get any cargonite.
But what about steel
and an ordinary wooden pencil?
What would you say to that?
I've done it.
Now you really think I'm crazy.
Well, you just sit right where you are.
Don't you move. Don't either of you move.
- You okay?
- Ouch. Yes.
A pencil, right through the center.
But, look,
that pencil isn't piercing that steel.
There's no wood or graphite embedded
in that piece of metal.
Within this piece of steel,
there's an intermingling of atoms.
- Wherever they touch, they're one.
- You did this?
Four years ago. I admit it was a freak.
Something happened to my equipment.
I haven't been able to duplicate it since.
- You got any notes on it?
- I did have.
The fire.
But I'll tell you something.
I was working on a theory
of amplifying atomic fields.
I built myself a force field.
But at the moment when this pencil
mingled with the steel,
my device wasn't affecting them.
It was affecting me.
How do you mean?
I willed it.
You did what?
I willed it.
With your brain? With occult powers?
Is this why I sent you to school,
to become a mystic?
I said to myself it was going to happen.
I said it was going to happen, and it did.
And your equipment,
your fancy turn-lead-into-gold machine?
It acted as a booster.
It boosted my brain waves to an extent
I've never been able to achieve since.
But at that moment, I willed it.
Tony, wait.
Tony, please wait.
You frightened me running away like that.
I wasn't trying to frighten you.
I was sore.
I'll be honest. I don't know
whether to believe your story or not,
but at least now I know
what's been bothering you.
Do you?
Well, the...
Up until tonight, I only knew part of it.
I don't know if you willed it.
But I know you believe it.
And I believe in you.
Isn't that enough?
I guess so.
Are you ready to go back?
This is the second time
you've tried to run away from me.
Linda, you're my brother's girl.
No, Tony, I'm your girl.
Linda, please, don't.
I am.
And nothing will ever change it.
I'm taking the first train
tomorrow morning.
If I didn't love you,
I'd lose my Patience.
Linda, I've done this before.
I've taken a girl from him before.
He was going to marry her.
I took her, and I went away with her.
Do you understand that?
I hear you, Tony.
It lasted a month.
She was no good.
I found that out soon enough,
and Scott would have too,
but do you think I could tell him that?
You think it made any difference?
Did you love her?
At the time.
Do you love me?
I felt a lot of things about Scott.
I hope we don't end up hating each other.
Well, here's where you hang your hat.
Looks all right.
Well, this is as good a time as any
to say it.
- Welcome aboard.
- Thanks.
Scott's the only fellow on this team
who has his own office.
You can have this locker.
And we won't be starting any serious work
until after tomorrow.
Now how about some lunch?
- I think I'll just poke around for a bit.
- Right.
Roy, what about materials
if I should need something?
Anything you might need
would have to be requisitioned.
Scott's the only man on the team
who can do it.
- If you need anything, just ask him.
- Okay.
Look, Dr. Carson, I've been trying
to be patient like you suggested,
but I'm no better off than I was before,
maybe a little worse.
What do you mean?
Tony Nelson.
Tony... oh, Scott's brother.
Forget about it.
The team needs you.
You've made yourself very valuable.
I'd be a lot more valuable
if I had my own lab.
Now, now, Parker.
Have a little more Patience.
You know, I can't start a new project
till someone comes along with a new idea.
- Didn't you eat lunch yet?
- No.
Well, what are you working on?
I could type it for you.
No, thanks.
But you have got to eat something.
Yes, mother.
When are you going to tell him?
You've been saying that for days now.
Well, I hate to tell him right now.
Carson, he hasn't left him very much.
Do you want me to tell him?
I'll see him tonight.
Look, Brian, we...
We did all this this morning.
Why don't you just tell me?
- Am I hot?
- Not a trace of radiation.
Okay. Then why the pain?
- Have I got a tumor?
- No. You have no tumor.
You have no brain damage at all.
In fact, your brain is so healthy
as to be almost...
Come here.
See for yourself.
I asked you to come back because I wanted
some time to check these eeg charts.
I know you've been working in close.
That's why I wanted you to take
this electroencephalogram.
I figured with a picture of the electrical
impulses given off by your brain...
Brian, I know what an eeg test is.
These graphs are supposed to measure
minute electrical impulses of the brain.
Instead, your impulses were so strong...
Well, I've never seen anything like it.
That's why I ran the tests twice.
Wait a minute. You mean this
is what's causing the headaches?
The impulses.
- How?
- I don't know.
Maybe it's your work...
An effect of radiation
we don't know anything about.
Okay. Where do I go from here?
The brain. What happens to it?
Have a series of extensive tests made
at the hospital.
Take a week, maybe a couple.
Brian, I can't afford the time.
Scott, listen to me.
You've got to realize there are some
things more important than your work.
Why, Scott, what is it?
I don't know. I...
I was just...
Guess I wanted to talk to you, but...
I don't have anything special to say.
Maybe I just wanted to look at you.
Look at me?
Is that so strange?
Come in, Scott.
- Is that mommy?
- No, honey.
Hi, Scott.
I think you better go on back upstairs
and go to bed.
- I'm going to drink a root beer.
- You had two glasses at suppertime.
You know what happens
when you drink too much.
But I'm thirsty, Linda.
All right. I'll settle for half a glass.
But be quick about it. I want you in bed
and asleep when your mama gets home.
Go on. Hurry up.
Come on it, Scott. Sit down.
I know Mrs. sutherland doesn't like you
to have visitors this late now.
That's all right.
I'm just watching Marjorie for her.
Something the matter, Scott?
- I don't know.
- I want a peanut butter sandwich.
I think that's just about enough,
young lady.
I want you to get upstairs and to bed.
Go on. Go on.
Linda, I want you to marry me.
I'm not joking. I'm serious.
I'm sorry. I...
You just surprised me, that's all.
It's not every day
that a girl opens the door
and a man comes in and proposes to her.
Will you do it?
No matter what I say, I'll only hurt you.
Okay, I want to hear it anyway.
It's Tony, isn't it?
No. It's us, Scott. You and me.
I admire you more than any man
in the world,
but we both know that's not enough.
There's more than that.
What you feel for me isn't love,
it's habit.
Working together,
spending so much time together,
you depend on me so much.
Don't, Linda.
- It's true.
- Just don't.
Dr. Nelson?
You walking?
Yeah. I just want to get some air.
Lots of it out here.
- Going in?
- No.
I guess you're surprised
to see me working the night shift, huh?
To tell you the truth,
I wish that I was back on days.
But I guess I can't complain.
At least I don't have to work night
and day, like your brother and that...
What's his name? Parker.
- Open up, will you, Fred?
- Right.
Come onl!
Tony, I broke open your locker.
I saw your force field.
You what?
I broke open your locker.
I saw your force field.
You had no right.
For heaven's sakes,
don't talk about rights.
I've been working with it.
You mean you believe that it can be done?
Believe it?
I did it.
What is this matter
that can't wait until morning?
You said you could use an idea
for a new project.
At 11:00 at night?
I think you'll find this worth your while.
This is it?
Those are a few of the top pages.
If you're interested,
we can talk about the rest.
And the third time I did it,
I didn't feel any pain at all.
- Where are my notes?
- Around here someplace.
I don't see them.
- Wait a minute. I'll get the lights.
- Oh, well. We'll find them.
Come on. Show me what you did.
- What?
- Hey, do you feel all right?
- You look terrible.
- I feel fine.
This time I'll try it without the rod,
just use my hand.
Turn it on, Tony.
All the way up.
Tony. Tony!
Did you see it? Did you see what I did?
What's the matter?
Scott, the amplifier isn't working.
You did that by yourself.
- Maybe I don't need it.
- But you must need it.
That's the whole theory... to amplify
the electrical impulses from the brain.
Well, somebody told me recently
that my brain waves
acted differently fromm most people.
I wonder where those notes are.
Well, tomorrow we'll go to Carson.
He'll give us all the men
and equipment we need.
This project will be top priority, huh?
There isn't much here.
Enough to give you an idea
of some of the possibilities.
These are your notes?
I'd like to see more.
I'd like you to.
Have you plans
to construct this equipment?
I don't think there's much sense
in putting a lot of work on this idea
until I'm in a position
to develop it further.
Do you?
Tony, don't tell Carson.
Don't tell anybody.
- A thing like this, can we handle it?
- You got to promise me.
Just give me a couple days
to see what we can do with it.
Then when we understand it more...
Tony, I don't want Carson to have this.
I don't want him.
Now, you've got to promise me.
You do want the credit.
I don't know.
Maybe I don't know what I want. Maybe I...
Maybe I just like the power of being able
to do something nobody else can do.
- Scott, not you. You've always said...
- I don't care what I said.
Come on. Let's go home.
- You go.
- Now, wait, Scott.
There may be side effects to this
we don't know anything about.
- You ought to be checked by a doctor.
- You go.
- Scott.
- Now, leave me alone. I just...
I told you I've got to be alone
for a little while.
Now just take the car and go on home.
I tried to wake you this morning,
but it wasn't any use.
Are you all right?
Yeah. Why shouldn't I be?
- Well, you don't sound so good.
- I'm fine.
Listen, I told Linda
what happened last night.
She still doesn't believe it,
but we've been trying to figure it out.
It seems that if you really are able to do
this without the aid of the force field,
the only thing for us to do now
is to find out why.
Then we'd know how to fix it
so other people could do the same thing.
Does that make sense?
And, Scott...
She agrees with me.
She thinks we ought
to make this public too.
Oh, no.
He still won't tell Carson.
That doesn't sound like Scott.
Okay, okay. We'll go along.
Are you coming in?
He hung up.
He ordered me not to tell anyone.
That just doesn't sound like him.
I'm worried.
Me too. I'm worried about what he did
last night after I left him.
- Hello.
- Scott, Carson's trying to reach you.
- What do I tell him?
- Just tell him I won't be in today.
Is anything wrong?
You want me to come home?
No. No.
No, I won't be here
when you get home tonight,
but don't worry about it.
I'll see you tomorrow.
- Yes? What is it?
- Brian, you've got to help me.
Scott, is it you?
Yeah. Yeah, this is me.
- What's happened to you?
- I don't know. I...
- I just saw you last night...
- A lot's happened since last night.
What's happened?
Brian, look.
Brian, you've got to help me.
Oh, my god.
Oh, god. Oh, god.
He must have come in very late last night.
I didn't want to wake him this morning,
so I haven't seen him for almost two days.
He's never acted like this before.
I know he hasn't. That's what worries me.
Well, it's a fine time
for you to be coming to work.
I tried to wake you this morning,
but, boy, you were out cold.
How's it going?
This whole business has me worried.
I keep thinking there must
be some connection
between force field and cargonite.
But all my research
and all yours on cargonite
has been on the molecular structure
of inanimate matter, not people.
Well, a scientist is wrong
to call anything impossible.
Take the Paris experiment
with the lead and the gold.
You said it yourself.
What if it could be speeded up?
Well, that's what you've done
with your force field.
You've compressed the energy of years
into a moment.
But that's like the fourth dimension.
Well, I could see that with objects,
but not with a person.
If you could use, say, ten years of energy
in a single moment,
it would take something out
of you physically.
- Say, did you hear about Schwartz?
- No. What?
His cleaning lady found a body
in the hallway this morning,
and they can't find Schwartz.
- Oh, Scott.
- You mean they think it was murder?
No, he died of old age.
This guy must have been about 90.
- Well, do they know who he was?
- No, that's the funny part.
This guy was wearing Schwartz's clothing,
he had his wristwatch and ring
and even had his wallet.
That's terrible.
Where do you think Brian could be?
Scott, Dr. Carson wanted to see you
right away.
What do you think of Roy Parker?
- I like him.
- Well, you like everybody.
What I mean is, I've always thought
of Parker as being the perfect assistant.
Never the sort of man who could
forge ahead with ideas of his own.
You might be right. Why?
New spot opening up.
I'm just looking around.
I see.
How are things with you, Scott?
Anything new up your sleeve?
What about you?
No. No, nothing. I was just wondering.
You have the sort of mind
that I like, Scott.
It's never idle, never stagnant.
I thought now that cargonite
was pretty much off the ground,
you might be turning to other things.
No, I'm sorry.
Well, if anything turns up,
I'm sure you'll let me know.
Roy, did they ever check furnace 3
for leaks?
A couple of days ago. Nothing major.
I might want to repeat the test.
Get me the planned activity on that room.
I just did. Nothing in furnace 3
for at least a week.
Okay, thanks.
- Right. You going to lunch, Scott?
- Yeah. I'll be along later.
Scott, how did you get in here?
I didn't hear you. What is it?
Well, I didn't quite tell you
the truth today.
I have had an inspiration or two lately.
- I think you know something about it.
- What do you mean?
Where are the notes?
What notes?
Carson, I want you to know
you're not taking this away from me.
No. No, I'm not taking it away
from you, Scott.
No one will. No one.
From now on, I do the taking.
Yes. Yes, of course.
You thought you had me in your pocket,
didn't you?
All tagged and classified. Good old Scott.
So what if we do pick his brains?
Good old Scott.
So what if his girl is a tramp,
if he goes half blind with pain and fear,
as long as the world can have cargonite?
- Good old Scott, he won't care.
- What's happened to you?
Scott does care. Scott's a man,
not just a member of one of your teams.
- What do you want, Scott? You want money?
- Yes.
- I'll get you money.
- That isn't enough.
You want a more important position?
Your name on a project?
- I can get you these things.
- Come on. How many things can you name?
How long can you keep yourself alive
by naming things you can do for me?
Please, Scott. Please! Please!
Oh, no. This is inevitable.
You needed me, and you used me,
and now I need you,
Dr. Theodore w. "Cargonite" Carson.
This has been a nightmare.
We'll be out of here soon.
But I'll remember.
- Tony, they made me look at him.
- I know.
Poor Dr. Carson.
He wasn't much of a man, but he certainly
deserved something better.
Dr. Nelson?
Sorry to keep you.
Just a few more questions.
Here's a medical report, captain.
Would you like to see it?
No, I can guess.
Death by natural causes. Extreme old age.
That's silly. Carson couldn't have been
any more than 60 years old.
- If it was Carson.
- It was.
Fingerprints check with the security
records at the research center.
I don't believe it.
I'm a cop. I work with facts.
If I have to start looking for something
that saps the life out of a man
like juice out of an orange...
Dr. Carson's secretary told us
that just before noon yesterday,
Dr. Carson had a talk with your brother.
Any idea what it was about?
Could have been almost anything.
Carson often dropped in to find out
how Scott's projects were getting along.
Yeah, well, this meeting took place
in Carson's office.
Where is your brother, Dr. Nelson?
We expected him to come along with you.
I don't know.
Well, did he leave the research center
with you?
No. No, he hadn't come into work yet.
- Well, you live with him, don't you?
- Yes.
What makes you think
Scott had anything to do with this?
I'm just asking questions.
Let him go.
Captain, why not ask him
about the bank job?
Oh, yeah.
Dr. Nelson, you probably heard about
the robbery that took place at the bank.
Something happened there
that we withheld from the papers.
Perhaps you can help us with it.
I'll try.
Well, you're a scientist.
Can you think of any reasonable
explanation for a piece of paper,
a thousand-dollar bill,
that we found embedded in a vault door
made of eight inches of solid steel?
Scott, what are you doing here?
I want you to come with me.
Where? Why?
You know why. I told you why.
- It's impossible. I told you...
- You've got to.
Scott, this discovery of yours,
you should tell somebody about it.
- You should. To get help.
- No.
- After all, a discovery like...
- I said no!
I'm sorry.
- Please go.
- I didn't mean it. Look, forgive me.
Now you've got to come with me.
- Please.
- I'll buy you anything.
I'll get you anything.
- Please go.
- You don't want to marry me,
all right, you don't have to.
We'll do anything you want.
Linda, what's the matter?
Linda, do you know where he is now?
Look, if he comes back,
don't let him get near you.
Now, listen to me. Do as I say.
Get dressed.
I'll be over there in five minutes.
We're going back to the police station.
I want to see captain Rogers, please.
What about?
Wait here.
Tony, maybe we could find him ourselves
and get him to give himself up.
He's already killed two people,
and he came after you tonight.
I don't think he'd hurt me.
Tony, they're going to track him down
like an animal.
What'll it be?
Give me a beer, will you?
Want company?
- What are you drinking?
- I usually drink what costs the most.
Sam, champagne.
And Brandy.
So, every time Scott
goes through something,
he uses up a month's,
or maybe even a year's energy
in a single second.
In that case,
he ought to be pretty old by now.
That's right.
But he isn't.
The way I figure it is he's...
Found a way to renew his energy
and keep himself from getting older.
You're trying to tell me that your brother
can get energy,
time from other people?
That's why a young doctor dies of old age.
Then how do we get him?
He's not in this fourth dimensional state
all the time.
You'll have to get him when he's normal.
Or you'll have to convince him
to give himself up.
Get out an all-points on Dr. Scott Nelson.
Tell them not to take any chances.
If he tries anything, shoot to kill.
This guy is a wild one.
What's the matter? Tired?
Do I look old?
You? Nah.
You should see some of the old geezers
that come into that crummy bar.
I'll be 32 on my next birthday.
Honey, that's not old.
You want to kiss me?
Don't you know you're not supposed to ask?
- Oh, no.
- What happened? I feel strange.
All right. Well, see if you can find out
which way he's heading.
Four more.
I don't understand why all these killings.
Unless the effectiveness is diminishing
and he's got to kill more people
to keep himself alive.
Look, Nelson, I don't know either.
I only know I got to stop him.
I think you could give me something more
to go on if you wanted to.
- Captain Rogers.
- Yeah?
They spotted him, corner of 5th and Adams.
Let's go.
All residents, 435 Adams street,
come to street level immediately.
We've thought we've had him twice,
but each time, he goes through a wall
into the next building.
There he is!
Cover that building
and get these people out of here.
We got him boxed in. We even have
machine guns covering the roof.
There he goes!
Nothing can stop him.
Can't imprison him or surround him
with men or guns or tanks.
There's no walls thick enough
or guns strong enough.
A man in the fourth dimension
is indestructible.
We're playing a game.
Marjorie, is Linda home?
How do you know my name?
I don't know yours.
You don't?
Are you a hobo?
You run along now, Marjorie.
Are you hungry?
Sometimes my mother feeds hoboes.
Now, go home, Marjorie.
- Please, you run along right now.
- Maybe you'd like to play a game with us.
Will you be a good girl
and just do as I ask?
Just a short game. It won't take long.
All right, Marjorie.
Just a short game.
Let him through here.
Let him through, boys.
Somebody better come up
with answers we can print soon.
- Roy, did you find it yet?
- Not yet. We've looked everywhere.
Well, it must be here somewhere.
If we can't find that force field,
I'll have to try to build
another one from memory.
I won't even be sure that it'll work.
We've got to find that thing.
If they know how he does it,
they ought to figure out a way to stop it.
Sure. If they knew how.
Suppose someone did know how.
Suppose they were looking for something
that would stop him.
- Would there be any story in it?
- Would there? What's your name?
What good do you expect this to do?
Look, he's not a magician.
He can't fly, he's not invisible.
He's as real and as solid as you or I.
The only thing is,
he can walk through a wall and I can't.
If I can get this thing to work...
I can go anywhere he can go.
If I can run as fast as he can run,
I can outguess him.
I'm going to stay right with him.
Sooner or later, he's bound to want
something he can't have in 4-d.
- The moment he changes back, t'll...
- No.
It has to be done.
But not by you.
Yes, by me!
You were wrong, Tony.
Look, every hour there are more people
being killed by my brother...
Because of something that I made.
He has got to be destroyed.
I've got to stop him.
Someone let our plans leak out
to the newspapers.
- Who did this?
- Roy Parker.
Parker! Parker! Where is he?
It's too late for that. The important
thing is whether you can finish that thing
before your brother comes here
to stop you.
- Well, that's what I'm about to try now.
- Good. I'll alert the security guards.
I'll let you know.
Remember, don't try to stop him.
Don't worry.
We have to increase the capacity.
I wish we could find that other one.
Well, come on. Let's go.
This'll take another half hour.
Who was that?
That's just one of the scientists,
Roy Parker.
No, Scott.
No! No!
- Captain.
- Captain Rogers.
He's here. He got Parker.
Well, keep me informed.
Get me the power plant.
- Where is he?
- Just approaching the fence.
Stand by. I'll tell you when.
I hope it slows him down.
It didn't even tickle him.
He'll go right to where
he put the force field.
Maybe we can get there before he does.
Let me know exactly where he's going.
He's heading straight into the back
of reactor number 3.
Come on.
You men go to the materials room.
Help me. Those two dials. Help me.
Turn them up all the way.
It didn't work. It didn't work.
Oh, god. Forgive me. Oh, god. Forgive me.
Tony. Tony, we've got to get out of here.
Come on.
He tried to kill me.
Tony tried to kill me.
He didn't want to.
He'll do it again.
Scott, can't you stop this killing?
I could.
Do you want to be remembered
as a creator or a killer?
What if I promise to stop?
- Would you mean it?
- What would it be worth to you?
Will you come with me?
Linda, I need you.
I need to have you near me.
I need to kiss you.
You hate me that much?
It's all... it's all right.
Don't you know I'm indestructible?
I can go through anything!
You didn't hurt me.
Nothing can hurt me.
I can go through lead walls, I can go
through brick, I can go through steel!
Nothing can hurt me!
Hurt me. See if you can.
Nothing can stop me. I feel fine!
Lead, brick, steel... nothing!
Not even cargonite!