5 Headed Shark Attack (2017) Movie Script

Now, I want sexy.
Give me sexy.
I like sexy. Yes.
I love it!
Beautiful. Nice.
I like that.
I like that.
Give me some plump.
Yeah. Do it. Do it.
What about you?
What about you?
Seduce me.
Do it. Do it.
Yes. I like that.
That's hot.
-Hey there, cutie.
All right.
Here, everybody.
I love it!
Wait. Is that blood?
-My God.
-Bloody hell.
What is that?
My God.
Look! Over there!
Is that a shark?
-A shark?
-And a big one.
-My God. Take a picture.
Hey, Juan!
Juan, come here!
Juan! Juan, get here, Juan!
My God, Juan!
We have a shark!
Juan, bring your video camera!
I love it.
Juan, bring your video camera!
Come on!
My God.
-I like it like hell.
-Is there something in the water?
There it is.
There it is.
Holy shit, it's coming!
Attention San Juan Police.
We have a federal report
of a shark attack
off Palomino Island.
Please investigate.
Calling dispatch.
This is Officer Sterling.
We are approaching
Palomino Island. Standby.
Anyone here?
There should be six people
on this boat.
Maybe they're diving.
No. I don't think so.
-Does it work?
-Let's see.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Go back. Did you see that?
Go back. That.
What the hell?
I better call
search and rescue. Now.
Six people don't
disappear just like that.
This may have convinced me
to become a vegetarian as well.
I love vegetarians.
-They taste great.
-Bon apptit.
Here we go.
Well, if the cyanide
killed fish...
When they're filled with plastic,
they eventually starve to death.
Way to go world.
I don't even want to know.
And to think,
humans produced
almost 300 million tons
of this stuff.
Too bad it's not nutritious.
That's actually
not a bad idea.
Nutritious, edible plastic.
I have that already planning.
All right, guys? That's mine.
Dr. Yost, these fine officers were
hoping to ask you a few questions.
Something about a shark.
Sure, let me just clean up.
I think she means
while we clean up.
Well, wait.
Why me?
Come on, I'll help.
So, to what do I owe
the pleasure, officers?
They're here investigating the
missing people on that yacht.
Okay. I'm not sure that I
can help, but go for it.
We believe this was
a shark attack.
Do you know how many
shark attacks
there have been
in Puerto Rico? Eleven.
And no one's died
of a shark attack since 1924.
I find it highly unlikely.
-Sharks are dwindling in
oceans everywhere. -Yeah.
Yeah. We know. They're not
here for a lecture, Dr. Yost.
I was hoping that maybe
you can help me with this.
I found this camera
on the boat.
The people disappeared.
We believe this is
a great white.
Give me a break. Great whites
don't just kill people on boats.
What's next, they fly
through tornadoes?
That's odd.
Can a shark like this exist?
We've had multiple sightings
of some sort of...
I think when Captain Sterling
is trying to ask is,
Is it possible for shark
to have more than one head?
Or is this just
a shark frenzy?
Most likely the ladder.
There have been reports
of sharks with multiple heads.
I've heard of two
and even three-headed sharks,
but shark attacks
are very rare here,
so I wouldn't expect
another one.
Did you say
multiple sightings?
Yeah. We've received
a few calls.
-This is a joke.
it's not at all impossible.
Let me look. Okay.
There have been hundreds
if not thousands of instances
of animals with more
than one head.
Here's an actual
two-headed shark,
but it only lived
a few hours.
Also in mythology,
take for example, Cerberus.
-Cerberus? -Cerberus was the
gigantic, two-headed hound of Hades,
who guarded the gates
of the underworld
and prevented the escape
of the shades of the dead.
-I mean, it could be... -This
is just ridiculous. Laughable.
I mean, a species like this couldn't
even exist with multiple heads.
As far as I can tell, these are
digital distortions on the image.
Or should we call them myths?
Or simply Photoshop.
-Yeah. But right...
-No. No buts.
This is just not possible.
Correct, doctor?
I have to agree,
it's very unlikely.
Well. Anyway.
Thank you for your time.
Thank you.
-Appreciate it.
-Good luck.
-Thank you.
Hey, Dr. Yo.
How's it looking out here?
Why are we going out again?
The aquarium's future,
my future.
Our futures.
What's he talking about,
Dr. Yo?
She didn't tell you.
Tell us what?
We're going to catch
the shark everyone's hunting.
-That's right.
-Here she goes. Watch this.
-Shut up, Ram.
Is this for real?
We're supposed
to catch a shark? Seriously?
Dr. Yo?
I'm so sorry. My hands are tied.
I was going to tell you guys.
We can't actually do that,
can we?
-Technically, n...
it falls under the purview
of "Don't ask, don't tell."
And we're all okay
with that, right?
Because if you're not, you can
say good-bye to this job,
this opportunity,
and your futures.
You could gone about this
a different way.
You didn't have to put out
a press release.
What way would that
have been?
The right way.
Dr. Yo, I'm not here to mince
words, okay? We need a shark.
And what better than the
killer great white shark?
And we need it now.
It's no secret that aquarium
is suffering, and the only way
we're going to stay afloat is
if we can get a big exhibit.
Otherwise, we're done.
It's that simple.
Get the kids what they want.
Something different, right? A shark!
I mean, anyone can get a snorkel
and a pair of fins and see
80% of the species
we got in that aquarium.
But a shark...
that sells tickets.
Besides, it's conservation.
We can study it. We can rid
the ocean of this danger.
If we don't do it, there
will be droves of poachers
killing dozens of sharks.
I mean, that'd be horrible.
So, everyone, you're
either in or you're out.
And if you're out, I'd ask you
to step off the boat now.
Okay, good.
Let's head out.
Bait's all set. Cameras,
batteries, bait. All set.
I'll check the feed
on the GoPro.
-Linds, you good on your monitor?
I don't like this.
I don't even think it's legal.
Yeah, me neither.
Not even a guppy.
-You have anything, Linds?
But that could be
a good thing.
Sharks, they tend to scare other
animals when they're around.
But there's, like,
nothing here.
Yeah, she's right.
I don't see anything.
I mean, no fish,
no crustaceans,
not even at a snail.
Not that surprised,
word is the coral is dying
because of the cyanide
being used by the fishermen
for the fish
for aquarium trade.
Aren't we kind of complicit
in that now?
Hey son, throw it in
like you got a pair. Okay?
Wish we had
a little dog or something.
You know, that's really get
the beast belly rolling.
Are you serious?
That's messed up.
-I was just kidding.
-Are you?
Hey, guys,
I think I see something.
Right there.
-There, there. -Yeah, there's
definitely something there.
What is it?
I don't know, but it
looked like a fin.
Game on.
-Ram, you got anything?
Guys, guys!
I thought...
I thought I saw something.
It went away.
Anybody? Anybody
seen anything?
I didn't see nothing
on the video.
-Maybe we should get the nets?
My God, my God!
-I saw it.
-What did you see?
I think it ate the camera.
-Are you sure?
-It's definitely there.
I think it's under the boat.
Well, let's get the nets.
Grab it, Sean!
My God.
We are aquarium,
we're headed back in.
We've had an accident.
One fatality.
There's nothing
we could have done.
I know, but why?
Why him?
The ocean's
a beautiful place,
but it can also be
a dangerous place.
We all knew that.
Sean knew that.
He grew up out there.
-I'm sorry.
-Thanks. Thanks.
We're very sorry
for what happened.
But we need to confirm
a few things if you don't mind.
It wasn't a shark.
-But it was... -It was
shaped like a starfish.
It had four heads.
I couldn't tell.
It all happened so fast.
Multiple heads.
Shaped like a starfish.
Do you think they're going
to say anything about...
Are you kidding me?
One of our team just died.
That's what you worried about?
Just asking a question. I
know it sounds ridiculous.
We know what we saw.
That thing killed Sean.
You mean something like this?
I think you need to take a
good look at your priorities.
My priorities are exactly
where they need to be.
It's sad that we lost
one of our own,
but the show must go on,
as they say.
Thank you.
-I want you to go back out there.
I'm not putting myself or
anymore of my team in danger,
especially for whatever
that was.
Whatever it was,
it is worth millions.
-I'm not going to do it.
-Yes you will.
And you'll do it
with a smile.
This is your chance to study one of
nature's most interesting anomalies.
Atta girl.
Now go, get us
our marquee attraction.
So, the first attack
was here.
And this is where the
aquarium intern got killed.
Yeah. That's two
attacks in two days.
We should consider
shutting everything down.
No, no, no, no.
That's impossible.
What about
if we put a warning sign?
You know, I'm going to talk to the
chief about posting a reward.
Yeah, yeah.
All right,
reel them in there.
The trap is set.
The food is chill.
Did you see that?
It looks like a shark fin.
Yeah, I saw it.
Where'd it go?
-I can't see it.
-All right, calm down now.
-So, what do you say?
-No way.
I'm not going back out there.
You're kidding, right?
Sean just died!
Come on, team. We're talking about
a once in a lifetime discovery.
Right in our own backyard.
Don't you want to be
a part of history?
And before somebody
out there kills it?
Do you really think Sean would
want you to just give up?
No, I don't think so.
And if we make
a new discovery,
we can name it after Sean, as a tribute
to his passion and his sacrifice.
What do you say, Dr. Yo?
You can't lie to them, sir.
They're not children.
-He wants to catch this thing.
-Yes, a multi-headed shark
or a new species.
Either way, we all win
by catching it.
There's no way a shark like
that could survive to maturity.
Have you seen one before?
Studied one for that matter?
So what's to say
it's not impossible?
That what we saw out there
wasn't an isolated incident?
There could be more.
Hundreds. Maybe thousands.
An entirely new species.
And we're the ones
who saw it.
And we're the ones
who can have it.
-Ask yourselves, what would Sean want?
-You just want to display it.
Put it in your aquarium.
We can't do that.
Can we, Dr. Yo?
Catching it for the sake
of making money, no.
But bringing it in
for research, yes.
Whatever it was that killed
Sean, we have to study it.
Think of it as vengeance
for your friend.
By taking this beast
out of its element,
you could have a once in a lifetime
chance to study an amazing specimen.
Let's say we do this, how do we
even propose we kill this thing?
I hope you know
what you're doing, Dr. Yost.
Trust me, if anyone knows how to
catch something like this, it's Red.
-Hey, Red! Red.
Yo, yo, yo. Dr. Yo, get
over here, give me a hug.
Okay, please put me down.
Put me down.
Put me down.
Thank you.
So, you two know each other?
Yeah, use to do
research together.
Yeah, I think they get it.
Can you just tell them how you
think we can catch the shark.
Yeah, we're going
to use sonar.
All right, if the shark is as big as
you said it is, it'll be easy to find.
Sharks, all they do is they
eat and they get it on, so.
-Pretty simple creatures, actually.
-They're not creatures.
They're classified
under the Clad Selachimorpha.
Yeah, Selachimorpha.
-She's right.
-You're a shark hunter.
Among other things.
Aqua adventures
and water sports, you know.
-You're gonna go out on a
boat like that? -Yeah.
I was planning on it.
Why do you ask?
If you're cool with
getting blood and guts
all over you, that's fine.
You just, you be you, okay?
You ready to go kill
the shark or what?
Well, it's not
just any shark.
It's already killed
seven people that we know of.
One of them was our friend.
I'm sorry to hear that.
You know, he was with us.
And this thing
kind of has multiple heads.
-Four, actually.
You almost had me there.
Four heads.
Well, I guess it'll be
four times the fun then.
But we want to take it alive.
Take it alive?
Try to take it alive.
Killing it is one thing,
but bringing it home alive,
that's a whole other bucket
of chum, guys.
We were kind of hoping to keep
this under the radar, so to say.
We, the aquarium,
has a vested interest
in finding out
what this beast actually is.
Yeah, I get it.
But I'm willing to pay double
whatever the reward is on the shark.
Double? Double?
You didn't tell me that.
Yo, you got a deal.
Good. I'm glad we understand
each other.
So, what's the plan?
Well, we're gonna lay a bloodline.
We're gonna lure it in.
We're gonna shoot it,
we're gonna sedate it,
and we're gonna tow it back
to shore.
That's it?
That's your big plan?
Yeah. That's it, kid.
This ain't my first fish fry.
If things go south and it gets out
of control, then we go plan B.
Plan B?
I know. I'm sorry, Yo.
I know you hate these things.
I'll do my best.
All right, guys, lets see
what she has to offer us.
The reef's a lot more barren
compared to last year's dive.
The plant life, algae, even most of the
bottom-feeders seem to have checked out.
That's called global warming.
Yeah, and humans once again think
they can dump whatever they want,
wherever they want.
-All right, enough chitchat.
-Let's get to work.
Take your readings, collect
anything that seems out of place.
Roger that. Compared to last year,
she's down a few millimeters.
That's definitely not
what we are hoping for.
No, it was not.
Hey, I'm going to head around the reef.
Check the backside.
Be careful.
And watch your back. Keep
an eye out for that thing.
I'll be fine.
Famous last words.
Hey, how long have I been
doing this with you guys?
-Too long.
I've swam with sharks hundreds
of times all over the world.
I think I'll be fine. Just give me
some time on this side of the world.
I'll be back in a minute.
-Fine, just be careful.
-I always am.
-How you been? -I'm okay,
all things considered.
Yeah. If it were up to me,
I'd just kill the damn thing.
After all that's happened.
I'm sorry.
I know how you are.
How exactly am I?
How are ya?
You know, vegan, free-range,
saving the world kind of gal.
I'm sorry it offends you
that I care about animals,
I'm a marine biologist.
Yeah, I know. I know.
And you capture them,
and you put them in aquariums
for a whole bunch
of tourons to see.
Yeah, I get it.
Please don't start with me.
Glad to see nothing changes
but the date, Yo!
-You all right?
-I can't sleep.
I keep thinking about
what happened to Sean.
I shouldn't be out here.
I'm not a shark hunter,
I'm a marine biologist,
and an intern at that.
Whatever's out there,
it's dangerous.
You want to know something?
I'm scared too.
But don't think about it
for the money or the research.
Do it for Sean.
And make sure
that whatever happened to him,
doesn't happen to anyone
else ever again.
So, this part of Puerto Rico
is actually called
Roosevelt Roads.
It's actually a
decommissioned US naval base.
My father actually
served here back in '68.
It's one of my favorite
places to come on the island.
The reason I wanted to bring you
here today is because this part
of Fajardo
actually has manatees.
Have you folks
ever seen a manatee?
They're beautiful,
docile creatures.
They're very loving,
kind animals.
But there's only 700 of them
left here in Puerto Rico.
We have to do everything
we can to conserve them,
to make sure they're happy and that
they thrive in this community.
So, get your cameras out.
We should see a couple
manatees here in the harbor.
Folks, folks,
look over there.
Folks, get your cameras.
Look right over there.
Come here. Come over here.
Get your cameras out.
Humpback whale.
You never see them this close
into the island. You see them?
Get your cameras. Get a photo of this.
This is a very rare sighting.
We never get whales this close into
the island here in Puerto Rico.
Make sure you get a picture.
Look at that.
-Look at that.
-That's cool.
Look at that.
This is such a treat today.
My God!
Let's just back away
from the water here.
Okay, guys,
get inside the boat.
-Get inside the boat.
-Get inside the boat.
This is Vessel Bodega.
Mayday, mayday.
We have just seen a humpback whale
attacked by a large predator.
Mayday, mayday! Mayday.
We've seen a humpback
attacked by
a large predator.
He's coming for us. Start the boat.
Start the boat.
Start the boat.
Jesus. Come in, Bodega.
This is Captain Sterling
from the policia de Fajardo.
The shark appears
to be coming towards us.
Get back, get back.
We are headed your way.
I'll meet you at the dock.
Go! Go!
We are coming into
the harbor now.
The shark appears
to be following us.
-Any vessels in the area?
-Please help
Copy that. Over.
Looks like our shark might
have found its next meal.
Let's go get this bad boy.
As fast as you can.
The shark is following us.
Go, captain, go!
Hey, that whale boat
is about to become lunch.
Hey, guys, guys,
it's time to go get a shark.
All right, here we go.
Grabbed that chum.
Let's go!
Right off of here.
What's that? It's a
speargun with a sonar tag.
-Won't that kill it? -It's not
impossible that it won't.
But at least if it doesn't,
I'll know where it is.
-I told you not to kill it.
I'm the captain of this ship. You
don't tell me anything, all right?
And make yourself useful
and get out of my way.
My God.
-Help us!
We need to go back to shore.
We already lost Sean.
I'm not losing anyone else.
We're not going back to shore.
We got a boat out here.
We got people in trouble.
We gotta go get this shark.
Go, go!
It's quick, quick, quick.
Go, go, go. Go ahead.
Nice and safe, but get quick. I
want to get you guys on the land.
It's okay.
You should be safe now.
Let's get you on the shore.
It's okay.
Get you on the shore.
Nice and slow, guys.
-What happened?
-It's a large predator.
It's... it's a shark,
but it has multiple heads.
It ate a humpback whale
out there.
Where is it? Anybody see it?
You got eyes on it?
Where is it?
I don't know.
-Guys! It's coming!
-It's coming!
My God. No.
Day Off, do you copy?
He's going your way now.
Right there, right there.
That's where it is.
Wait a minute.
Where'd it go?
-Where is it?
-I don't know.
Wait, where'd it go?
-Hold on. Hold on.
-Hold on. Hold on.
Everybody listen.
Just chill.
Day Off, do you copy?
What are they doing?
I don't know. I think
they're trying to catch it.
-Anybody got eyes on it?
-Get out of the water!
-Get out of the water!
Hold on.
Hold on.
My God.
At least the sonar tag's
still inside that thing.
Let's get some help.
Yes, the shark is dead
and I plan to pay him.
I just need to know
if insurance will cover this.
Yeah, we're almost bankrupt anyway,
but I can't go to jail over this.
Look. Just do your job
and find out.
I can't believe you.
Hey, guys.
I think you killed it.
I mean, there's no way anything can
survive a harpoon in the heart, right?
So, I don't have to shutdown
any public beaches, right?
Until I see a carcass,
I ain't buying it.
Yeah, a normal size shark eats
about 11 tons of food a year,
and whatever that was, it was at least three
times the size of a normal shark, so.
I mean, if it's still alive, it's
going to kill again, and soon.
Look, half the people on this
island work in the ocean.
And the other half
are here for vacation.
So, that's it.
That's it?
It's over?
Look, I'm sorry about your
friends, okay? Go home, rest.
He's right.
Let's all take a week off.
Go home and rest.
You're such
a horrible person.
We should've never gone
back out there.
Now this is all my fault.
Yeah, it is.
Who's else would it be?
Two of our teams dead.
Sean died.
And then we were crazy enough
to go back out there,
and now Lindsay's dead.
And it's still not my fault.
If Lindsay had been more
careful, she'd be here now.
-You forced us.
You guys wanted this shark
as much as I did.
To name it after yourself or
make the scientific discovery
to put your names
in the history book.
You just wanted payday.
-Plain and simple. You killed
Sean and Lindsay! -Hey, hey, hey!
No, no, no, no, no.
Knock it off, all right.
Both of you guys.
Now, listen. I know that
your friends are dead.
Both of them,
and I'm sorry about that.
There's nothing that we can
do about that now,
and fighting about is not gonna
do anybody any good, is it?
You okay, kid?
Good news guys, we have reports
that the shark that was
delaying this year's
surf classic has been killed.
And as you can see, life is back
to normal here at Playa Aviones.
Where the action is just about to begin
at the 10th Annual Surf Classic.
And by my side
I have a very special guest.
He's one of Puerto Rico's hottest
musicians and a great guy,
PJ Sin Suela!
How are you doing today, PJ?
I'm doing just fine.
It's a great day.
Great waves. Great surfers.
Head out here, man.
Nice. He's going to be
-performing live here at Playa...
Get out of the water!
Shark! Shark!
Shark! Shark!
Shark! Get out of the water!
Ladies and gentlemen, there seems
to be something in the water.
Get out of the water!
My God!
My God!
-There's been another shark attack.
At Playa Aviones.
At the Surf competition.
Damn it.
I told you I wasn't buying it.
What happened?
It was gnarly. I've never
seen anything like this.
This shark,
it has, like, five heads.
Maybe six.
I couldn't tell.
It attacked the whole lineup. There was
blood everywhere. It was horrible.
I'm still looking for my partner.
He went in.
This is a disaster.
How's it looking out there?
Sixteen injured.
Five dead.
We have to stop this thing
before more people die.
It's times like these I wished
sharks had natural predators.
I have an idea.
We're under attack
from the most amazing
scientific discovery
of our lifetime,
and you're
showing us dolphins.
Just watch.
I think I found something.
What do they see?
We observe this behavior
when a pod of dolphins
came into contact
with a great white.
They were able to
manipulate it into leaving.
Too bad we didn't bring a pod
of trained dolphins with us.
-Yeah but we have the next best thing.
-What's that?
We have speakers.
So, you're saying
that we're going to use
the dolphin sound
to scare the shark?
Hang on the second.
She's right.
Sharks hate dolphins.
They might look cute but you
don't want to piss them off.
So, you're saying we lay a
speakerline, right? To isolate them.
Let me show you
where you do that.
All right, so we're going
to use the bathymetry
along the coastline
right here, okay?
We're gonna lay
a speakerline.
We put the bait here.
We rig it with explosives and we
blow this damn thing to pieces.
We eliminate it completely.
Yeah, but I don't have
that much explosives.
All I got is a couple M-80s
on the boat.
-You got anything?
-Yeah. I have dynamite.
I still have... got 20 grand
if you bring it in alive.
How much dynamite you got?
Oof, enough to wipe Fajardo
off the map.
Well, this should be fun.
So, we isolate this shark
and then blamo, right?
You got it, kid.
Way to go.
Anybody ready to go kill
a shark?
-For Sean and Lindsay.
-For Sean and Lindsay.
For Sean and Lindsay.
Let's go do this. Come on.
For Sean and Lindsay.
The inlet
is right here, okay?
So, once we find the shark we're
gonna to circle around it.
I'm going to use the sound to
lead it towards the abandon ship.
Okay, I'm gonna take
the bait and the chargers
and I'm gonna put them
over here on the west side.
That's going
to create our net, right?
You got the speakers ready?
Yeah, I got three speakers set
and three buoys ready to go.
Okay, my team is on it.
Okay, let's go.
-All right, let's do it.
-That makes both of us.
Just you wait
you little whippersnapper.
Hey, come on, let's go!
We got a fish to catch.
-Any sign of it yet?
-Not yet.
No. The sonar should start picking
it up in a couple of miles.
How far to the inlet?
About another 15 minutes.
Sounds good. I'm going to
get the speakers ready.
Yeah, go get 'em, girl.
Hey, listen, man.
I know we're not out here
for what you paid me for,
but whatever you plan
on doing with that shark,
it ain't worth it.
You're right.
It's already killed
too many people.
It's the right thing to do.
The right thing to do
would be not
put your employees
in danger.
I know. I can't take
back what's happened.
We're good?
Really, I'm sorry.
You should be.
All right, guys,
enough of this.
We got a shark to kill.
-Hey. You doing okay?
-I'm all right.
-I'm sorry about your friend.
-Thank you.
Seemed like a good kid.
She was my best friend, too.
I'm sorry.
Have you ever lost someone
to a shark?
Oof, yeah.
Yep. Spear fishing.
Back in 1997, El Nio year,
a yellowtail running.
And we were diving down in the kelp bed and
buddy got a nice size yellow on there.
Got wrapped up in the kelp.
By the time I got to him,
he was gone.
The shark took his leg off.
He bled out.
That was about
the end of that.
I'm so sorry.
That's terrible.
Well, you know,
the ocean is... teaches us all
a lot of things
about ourselves.
I was not prepared for this.
Me neither.
Four-headed shark.
Never hear of such a thing.
-But we'll get her.
She's out there,
we'll get her.
I hope so.
Promise you.
Any sign on that shark yet?
Not yet.
Well, here it goes.
One down.
Nine to go.
You think that speaker
will hold up underwater?
It's supposed to be waterproof,
but just in case,
I put them all
in a waterproof dive bags.
And Captain Sterling has one
on the police vessel as well?
Yeah, his vessel
has a built-in speaker.
You know, I'm sorry.
I really am.
I know all this is my fault.
Yeah, well.
We're all on the same team,
so all we can do now
is just try
to make it better.
I'm trying.
I want you to know I know
I've been a real jerk.
But it was all
for the aquarium.
I repeat, I want confirmation of the
mandatory shutdown of all coastal traffic,
And all the beaches are to remain
on lockdown. Can you confirm this?
-Yeah, copy that.
-We can confirm.
Where are you, baby?
-Do you think this will work?
-I hope so.
This is Sterling.
Come in, Day Off.
-Day Off here.
-Any signs of the shark?
Yeah, we're almost set here.
We got one more buoy
and we gotta put the bait
in, and we're good.
Okay, copy that. Let me know
if there's any sightings.
Copy that, over.
All right, see this?
We're coming up into the mouth
of the inlet right here.
All right, if this is gonna
work, now is the time, okay?
Get those dolphin sounds going.
Let's go, girl.
See you in a little bit.
Okay, that should do it.
It's not
the nicest of sounds, is it?
No wonder sharks hate it.
All right, this should draw the
shark directly into the inlet.
Right where we want it to go.
Okay, that's it.
Okay, we're all good.
Let's set that trap.
There she is.
-It looks like it's just
two miles away. -Yeah.
The dolphin noises is keeping
it from the coast,
but it's just going
the wrong way.
Let's circle around
and cut it off right here.
Great. Sounds like a plan.
-Yep. This is it, right here.
Okay. -Yeah.
-It's go time, kid. Lay that
bloodline, let's go. -You got it.
All right, here we go!
Time to set the trail.
Hey, Cait,
you want to give me a hand?
It'll help you get
your mind off of things.
I can't do this.
She was my best friend.
I'll miss her too,
but we have to keep going.
I mean, that's only thing that
we can do, is just keep going.
Trust me.
-Okay. Let's do this.
All right, let's go.
There he is.
-He's getting closer.
-Where is it?
-I don't know.
Okay, there he is.
Let's get that bait
up and rolling, guys.
Here we go.
What is that?
It's mammal fat.
It attracts the sharks.
Just like the women, with me.
Ain't that right, sweet pea?
-All right, here, give me that.
-What's that?
These are depth charges.
Look out.
And another one.
Don't worry, they don't go off until
20 feet after the shark eats them.
Is this seriously
going to work?
Is it gonna work?
The only other alternative
is live bait.
-Want to try it?
-No, no, no, no, that's all.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
All right, Yo.
Here we go.
Time to get dirty.
Grab that. Yeah.
Okay, now, grab the anchor line, please.
Thank you.
-What happened?
-Maybe the sonar tag fell off.
It was just on the screen.
Maybe we should turn on
the dolphin sounds.
No, no, no, no.
No, it needs to be
in the east side of us
so we can drive it toward
the inland.
Come on. Come on.
I can't see him.
Do you have anything?
No, no, no, no.
It's not here.
-Something's not right.
-Come on, where are you?
Where are you,
you son of a... where are you?
Wait a second.
Do you have it?
Can you see it?
-No. -I can't see it.
It's not here.
There's nothing here.
I'm getting something here.
Wait. It's right under us.
Mayday. Mayday.
I have visual of the shark.
He's right on me.
Mayday. Mayday.
I have visual of the shark.
Sterling, where is he?
He's... he's right on me.
Damn it.
No, no, no.
Mayday, please! Please!
I've lost engine power.
Red, can you hear me?
Stay calm.
Stay calm, all right?
I need you to get the shark
to swim toward me somehow.
The shark is circling me now.
Wait till it gets east.
Okay, when it gets east,
that's when you release
the dolphin sounds.
Okay, Red, just give me
a second.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
Yes. Yes.
It worked. It worked.
It's headed east now. Kill it!
-Kill it, Red!
-Copy, all right. Over.
-There it is. Coming our way.
-It's working!
Hey, everybody on point.
It's coming our way now, guys.
The shark, it's coming
right into the inlet.
It must smell the blood trail.
Hey, let's get this bad boy
in the water. Hey, hey!
Give me that teaser line out there.
Let's go.
Aye, aye, captain.
And listen, let me know when you
see anything. We're all set here.
Wait, Red.
The shark, it stopped.
What do you mean,
"It stopped"?
Hold on, where is it?
That doesn't
even make any sense.
It should be going toward
the chum line.
Cait, go downstairs
and help 'em out, okay?
Go downstairs
and get that chum out there.
Keep an eye on it and let me
know what you see, okay?
Yo, let me know when something
pops up on there, okay?
This isn't working.
What you mean
it's not working?
This is why they call it fishing,
not catching, all right?
-Anything on the monitor?
How's this lined doing
over here?
Now, this part
of the problem right here.
This thing is all the way back.
Yeah. It's quiet.
You sure this shark bait
trick is going to work?
Patience, all right?
This is the calm
before the storm, guys.
That's what I'm afraid of.
How long is this going to take?
I'm not doing so well.
I don't know, man. Relax, give me a
break, okay? I'm gonna catch a shark.
Why they call you Red?
Yeah, why do they
call you Red?
You really want to know why
they call me Red?
Spear fishing.
Off the Channel Islands.
Got a yellowtail on the line.
Start reeling them in. Pulling them
like this. All of a sudden, boom!
Back of my head,
I get hit by a hammerhead.
Pull out my dive knife,
I start stabbing him.
I fight him the best I can.
I work my way back
to the boat,
crawl up, I'm bleeding
all over the place.
My scalp's hanging off.
The guys were a pretty salty
crew and they're, like,
"What's up, Red?"
But, I won.
So, there you have it.
you don't believe me?
You're the shark hunter.
Yo, Thaddeus, you all right? Hey!
Thanks for the show, buddy.
You okay?
Let me get
that line back out.
I think I see see something.
What is it?
It's definitely there.
It's moving fast.
How fast?
I think it's circling us.
Circling us?
Hold on.
It's coming!
All right, let's go, let's go, let's go.
It's time. Game on.
I saw it.
There it is.
There it is.
A fin!
Wait, is that it?
Is that our shark?
Look out, you guys. Look out,
you guys, coming through.
Is that the one?
Don't know, we've only
seen it's fin.
All right, hang on a second.
Hey, where did it go?
There it is,
there it is, it just took it.
All right, this is gonna be big.
You ready, guys?
Here we go.
In three, two, one.
Holy crap.
-Did it work?
-Did it work?
Guys, we killed it.
We did it!
-Great job, Red.
Nice job.
Guys? Please tell me
you just saw that?
Yeah, I did.
I just saw that.
That's a fin.
It's not dead.
Do something.
What's going on?
Go! What the hell do
you think I'm doing?
I'm trying to get
out of here.
Why aren't we moving?
Man, We got a problem.
We got... he took out the prop.
So, we're just sitting ducks?
Sterling. Sterling,
this is Day Off.
Requesting vessel assist
right now.
We got a problem.
Come in.
This is Sterling, come in.
Sterling, shark took out
our prop.
We're in trouble out here.
We need some help.
Man, that's one
smart shark.
It did the same to me.
Hang in there, buddy.
I'm doing all I can.
Okay, copy that.
We need to get
the hell out of here now.
I didn't pay you to make us
all shark happy meal.
Where is it?
Can anyone see it?
Ram, you and Thaddeus
gather up all the chum left.
Cait! Ram, help her!
Guys, hurry!
Come on!
Come on, swim faster!
Come on!
Come on, you guys, okay!
Hurry, hurry!
-Come on!
I got it!
I got it! Did you see that?
I got it!
I killed that freaking shark.
Come on.
Thaddeus Young!
I got it!
Mayday, mayday! I need a
helicopter to the inlet right now.
Day Off is stranded.
They need help.
We need to search
and rescue right away.
Do you copy that?
Dispatching helicopter now.
All right.
Come in, Day Off.
Sterling, this is Day Off.
Come in, over.
Red, I'm sending
a helicopter right now.
He'll be there shortly.
You're going to have to hold off
the shark till it gets to you.
Copy that.
Hey, guys,
they're sending in the chopper.
We gotta hold it off till then.
Let's go.
All right.
You guys ever use one
of these before?
What you do, you rack it,
point it.
Shoot it.
Here you go.
Here you go, pal.
Rach, it's for you.
What about the dolphin sounds?
We don't have another speaker.
Well, you gotta go old school.
Search and rescue on the roof
to location chaos.
Please await
visual confirmation.
Where did it go?
The sonar only picks up
a diameter about 100 feet.
It's coming back.
All right, on the count of three,
when I tell you to fire, we fire.
You ready?
One. Here it comes.
Two, three. And fire!
Where is he?
Do you guys see it?
Check the sonar.
-I don't see it.
-Hey, maybe we got it.
You know, I think I shot it a few times.
Maybe we killed it, you know.
I don't think
a shark like this
gonna be scared off
by a couple of bullets.
We have a visual confirmation
of the Day Off.
Going in.
Red, do you hear that?
Thank God!
Yeah, over here!
Hey, hey!
Hey! Hey!
Did that just happened?
What do you see?
All I see is something big.
It's probably the helicopter.
Is it dead?
Did the explosion kill it?
I don't know.
It might of.
There's nothing
on the monitors.
Maybe we got it.
I highly doubt it, kid.
I highly doubt it.
Sterling, this is Day Off. Sterling,
this is Day Off. Come in, over.
Sterling here.
Did the rescue helicopter
-Are you safe?
-Yeah, we're safe.
Shark's dead.
Is the helicopter there?
the chopper went down.
I'm sorry
about that, man. Over.
Red, come take
a look at this.
What's up?
What do we got?
No, no, no!
It's moving.
I knew it. Something
my gut was telling me.
What else do we have
to kill this thing?
I don't know, I just got a
couple of depth chargers.
That's it.
Here we go.
-Didn't I tell ya. Throw
it in the water. -Yeah.
Wait, what are you
gonna do?
I'm gonna kill
the son of a bitch.
I'm gonna tell you to start
chumming, all right?
Get ready, you guys.
Here we go.
All right.
All right, where are you?
There he is.
Throw it in now, Ram.
It's coming right at us.
Yeah, I see it.
It's right there!
There you are,
you dirty bastard.
Where is it?
It's moving away from us.
I'd say bout 50 feet.
I don't see Red, though.
My God.
Did you miss me?
You son of a bitch.
Good job.
Way to go.
Do you want to get married?
You'll have to go vegan.
All right.