5 More Sleeps 'til Christmas (2021) Movie Script

NARRATOR: Christmas was
my favorite time of the year.
I would eagerly count
the sleeps till it came.
See, there I am, all cozy
and snuggled up by the fire.
I look like I'm sleeping,
don't I? But I'm not.
I'm just waiting
with my eyes closed.
For me, Christmas
was all about traditions,
magic, happiness,
and making sure
it was absolutely perfect
every single year.
And I never wanted it
to change.
Until one year, it did.
This year.
Let me tell you the story
of the Christmas
that changed everything.
[gasps] Five more sleeps!
There's only five more sleeps!
NARRATOR: There were only five
more sleeps till Christmas.
I'm ready for you, Christmas!
Let's do this!
Ooh. Sorry, Gary.
NARRATOR: Oh, yeah.
That's Gary, my best friend.
I couldn't wait
for Christmas Day,
and the best way
to make time fly by
was to plan out every
single second.
Five days packed full
with all
my favorite Christmas stuff--
pick an awesome tree,
break my sled record,
and bake
an epic gingerbread house.
The clock was ticking,
and everything
had to be perfect.
- Good morning, Mom!
- Oh, good morning, you two.
- [sips]
- Mm. So good.
You okay there, buddy?
Yeah, why?
'Cause you're eating
Gary's breakfast.
[coughs] Oh, gross!
NARRATOR: Christmas
was always me and Mom.
Dad and Mom split up
a few years ago,
so it's just been
the two of us.
It gets busy sometimes,
but she makes it work.
So, uh, honey,
can I ask you something?
No time, Mom, gotta go!
This Christmas is gonna be
one for the books!
- Come on, Gary!
- Oh. Okay.
Don't be home too late!
- Okay, Mom!
- [sighs]
Ready, boy?
There's only five more sleeps
till Christmas!
Whoa. I got it.
Easy does it.
NARRATOR: As long as
everything went
exactly to my plan,
this was going to be
the best Christmas yet!
First, we sent
our letter to Santa.
- Perfect.
- NARRATOR: Draft 117,
with some
very important updates.
Karate James,
not the one grappling hook,
but the new one
with the Fist of Fury!
Made a snowman
for the Snowman Fest,
and a snow dog.
[laughs] Gary!
Cleared some room for Santa
and a ton of presents.
I'd been a good boy.
I was feeling optimistic.
Ho, ho, ho!
Worked on my song
for Christmas Day.
Every year I do a show
in the living room for Mom,
and this one had to be
even better than last year's.
After that, we strung up
340 feet
of multicolored mini-LED
Christmas lights.
We always had the brightest
house on the block.
He goes for three...
and it's good!
And then of course,
set the timer for bedtime
on Christmas Eve--
7:00 pm, December 24th.
What do you think, Gary?
- Enough signs?
- [barks]
Yeah, maybe we'll put up
a few more on the way home,
just to be sure.
NARRATOR: One day down.
Went exactly to plan.
The only thing left was pizza
dinner with Mom, Gary and...
Wow, that looks so good.
- MOM: Is that a rhino?
- KID: Nope.
It's a hippo.
A pink hippo, with a horn.
NARRATOR: That wasn't
part of my plan.
I had a bad feeling
about this.
Oh, hey!
Honey, you're back.
- Uh, Michael's here.
- Hey, buddy!
Hi, Michael.
And you remember Evie, right?
[giggles] Hello.
- Uh-huh.
- NARRATOR: That's my cue.
Well, I'm kinda busy, so...
They're staying for Christmas.
- [nervous laugh]
- Huh?
NARRATOR: Yeah. Huh?
I tried to tell you earlier,
but, um,
this could be fun, right?
Little Christmas buddy?
"Little Christmas buddy"?
What's that supposed to mean?
Evie's really excited!
Yeah, me, too.
NARRATOR: I was not.
Perfect! Oh,
this is gonna be great.
NARRATOR: So, that
was a massive curveball.
"Little Christmas buddy"?
NARRATOR: But one thought
got me through the night--
I would be one day closer
to Christmas
the moment I fell asleep.
Which would be
Four more sleeps!
NARRATOR: Twenty-four hours
closer to Christmas.
And today was the day
I got to pick the tree!
And not just any tree...
I was going to find
the perfect tree.
BOY: It's Pick, it's Pick,
it's Pick-U-Pine
You can pick your favorite
and I'll pick mine
Hello. [giggles]
Only at Pick-U-Pine
What you looking at?
This is private stuff!
I like drawing, too.
I'm really good at hippos,
because they're
my favorite mammal.
Do you like mammals?
Ah, the armrest.
That should keep her away.
- Look what I have!
- [gasps]
It's to help us
cut down a Christmas tree.
- Mom?
- [giggles]
Are we there yet?
- All right, one more time!
- Let's do it!
It's Pick, it's Pick,
it's Pick-U-Pine
- [boy groans]
You can pick your favorite
And I'll pick mine
NARRATOR: Finally.
The hallowed gates of
We were off to a rough start,
but I wasn't going
to let her distract me.
The perfect tree was here
and I was gonna find it.
Not quite tapered enough.
- I like it.
- Aah!
Not a perfectly
symmetrical cone.
- I like it.
- Aah! Ugh!
These needles are too dry.
- [whispers] I like it.
- Aah! Ugh!
That's it.
How about you
go pick your own tree?
- NARRATOR: What did she know?
- Ugh!
It couldn't
just be any...tree.
[gasps] Whoa.
NARRATOR: Could it be?
Was I dreaming?
There is was, standing
on its own, perfectly lit!
Look, look, there's
even snow falling on it!
I couldn't believe my eyes.
Did I finally find it,
or did it find me?
Did it even matter?
The important thing is
that we were together!
Branches evenly spread,
a perfectly symmetrical cone.
Look, Gary,
I think this is our tree.
It's absolutely perfect.
- MOM: Honey!
- Huh?
Over here!
What do you think?
Evie found it!
It's kind of perfect, right?
For that thing?
Oh, no.
- I like it!
- Aah!
There we go,
almost got it! Ah!
- Did such a good job!
We've definitely
got a problem here.
But at least this day
couldn't get any worse.
- [groans]
- All together now!
It's Pick, it's Pick,
it's Pick-U-Pine
You can pick your favorite
and I'll pick mine
NARRATOR: Thanks to Evie,
we picked the wrong tree.
But there was still
plenty more to get right.
Christmas was just
four more sleeps away
and I had a feeling tomorrow
was going to be
a home run.
[boy beatboxing]
Three more sleeps!
Look, Gary.
It's snowing!
NEIGHBOR: It's 5:00 a.m.!
Oh, uh, sorry!
NARRATOR: There it was--
the Rocket Flyer.
One of a kind.
Every year I added
a new feature.
Look at the details
on that sucker--
the flames, the wings,
and my newest addition,
the Power Slide handle
for epic spin-outs.
Today was sled day.
I was determined to break
last year's record.
Faster and further
than ever before.
And nothing was going
to stop me!
MOM: Sweetie?
Could you take Evie with you?
- Hello!
- Aah!
The evil starfish.
Thanks a lot, Mom.
I wasn't gonna let her
slow me down,
and there was no way
she was getting on my sled.
-[distant grunting]
Okay, this was the run--
a straight shot
down Dead Man's Hill,
and if
I could get enough speed,
I could try a sweet jump
over the Snowman Fest
ending with a power side
outside the Gazebo Cafe.
This could be epic.
I decided she could watch.
After all, this was
a pro sled for pro sledders.
Sledding is very dangerous,
but I had reached the age
and skill level
of a master sledder.
So I knew
I could handle it.
- Whoa!
- [Gary barking]
[Gary howls]
That's not good.
- Yippee!
- Aah!
- [yelling]
- Yipee! Yipee!
[yelling continues]
Faster! Faster!
[Gary barking]
- [laughs]
- Pull the Power Slide!
Pull the Power Slide!
[yelling continues]
Whoo! Yeah!
That was awesome!
Power Slide!
I did break my sled record,
but she broke my sled.
[grunts grumpily]
- So, how was it?
- Did you guys have fun?
[gasps] Oh.
Oh, boy.
- [grunting grumpily]
- Oh-kay.
[door opens]
- [door slams]
- Oh!
Evie had ruined Tree Day
and literally destroyed
Sled Day.
- [electronic hum]
- Oh.
But I had to stay positive
and stick to the plan
because tomorrow was
Gingerbread Day, my favorite,
and there was no way
even she could ruin that.
Two more sleeps!
NARRATOR: That's right.
With two more sleeps to go,
me and Mom always made
We used a secret recipe
handed down from Mom to me
and me to Mom and...well,
actually, we got it
off the internet.
But it was an amazing recipe.
- Whoo-hoo!
- I can taste it now!
Ginger Town.
NARRATOR: Me and Mom built
everything you could imagine.
Hey, Gingerbread Detective.
- Hiya, kid.
- Gingerbread Narwhal!
- [honks]
- [laughs]
There were gingerbread houses,
castles, penguins,
and even space stations!
We built
the entire gingerverse,
and it was all just so...
- MOM: Hon?
- Huh?
Evie's allergic to ginger,
so we're gonna make
surprise cookies!
- Okay with you?
- Uh-huh.
Ugh. Surprise cookies?
Why can't she be allergic
to something normal,
like broccoli?
- [groans]
[chuckles] Shh.
Look, look, look, look!
- Candy?
- Oh, did I mention?
There's no rules.
[gasps] Wow.
Well played, Mom.
Well played.
[growls, gobbles, laughs]
- Aah!
- More cookie dough!
Chocolate syrup!
- Potato chips!
- Candy attack!
Here you go, Gary.
- Rawr!
- [laughs]
- Gummy worms!
- More sprinkles!
Pretzel crumbles!
- [timer rings]
- [both gasp]
The cookies.
NARRATOR: I gotta admit,
I was a little nervous
about these cookies.
Oh, wow.
That's actually amazing.
Are these potato chips?
[mouth full]
Maybe these are better
than gingerbread.
NARRATOR: Did she say
"better than gingerbread"?
Okay, I'll admit it--
the new franken-cookies
were good,
but none of this
was part of my plan.
Too much stuff was changing.
I had to get back on track
and make sure
my Christmas show was perfect
because tomorrow was already
Christmas Eve.
One more sleep!
in the end game now--
presents being wrapped,
turkeys being stuffed,
and my song for the Christmas
show was almost done.
What was I talking about?
My song wasn't even close!
- [sighs]
- All these distractions
were too much for
my young Amadeus mind.
I needed to focus.
Ugh. Go away.
What you doing?
My Christmas song
is not working!
Something is missing!
Can I hear it?
Really? Uh, okay.
I guess that could help.
You could be
my test audience.
- Just sit here.
- [giggles]
It's not finished yet,
but it starts like this.
First, I open with
an angelic vocal intro.
Five more sleeps!
Then the beat drops.
wings appear behind me
as smoke
covers the living room.
There's gonna be
some smoke machines
and some other
cool lighting effects.
Then I hop on top
of a speaker
to perform my keytar solo.
[imitates solo]
That's all I got so far.
I just need one more thing.
Ooh, ooh! I could help.
I'm really good at this!
- Mm mm
- Oh, perfect!
That could work.
You'll be...
Oh! A dancing snowflake!
And Gary, he will be in charge
of the jingle bells.
It's showtime!
Now let's get this recorded.
Kids! Time to do the tree!
Aw, man!
I totally forgot!
NARRATOR: Then, I did
something I didn't expect.
Okay, okay,
here's the plan.
I'm gonna record
the rest of the song,
and you go start on the tree.
Just follow
these instructions, okay?
NARRATOR: I couldn't
believe I was doing.
- Okay.
- But what option did I have?
Do you need any help?
Nope. I can do it.
NARRATOR: Somehow I thought,
despite all the hiccups,
we were actually gonna
pull this off.
I was adding
the finishing touches
for my Christmas performance,
while Evie was
taking care of the tree.
What could possibly go wrong?
[continues straining]
Five [gasps]
What did you do?
I didn't mean to.
It was an accident.
The tree! The cookies!
And my sled?
All my plans, ruined!
And it's all because of you!
That's it, show's over!
I am done!
I wish you'd never come here!
I wish you were... [gasps]
Oh, no.
Evie! Evie!
What are you doing?
[grunts, cries]
I'm getting a new tree!
You don't have to do that.
[sniffles] I'm sorry I broke
the Christmas tree,
and I'm sorry
about your sled.
And I'm sorry
I'm allergic to ginger.
I didn't mean
to ruin Christmas.
I was only trying to help.
[sighs] You didn't
do anything wrong.
you picked the weirdest
tree I've ever seen.
But I'm sure it looked great
before it fell over.
And we crushed
my sled record.
And my sled.
But--but that's okay!
Oh, and the cookies!
They werebetter
than gingerbread!
You didn't ruin Christmas.
[sighs] I thought I had
this perfect plan,
but I completely forgot
the most important part
of Christmas,
and it's sharing it
with others.
I'm super glad you came.
- [giggles]
- Wha?
Cool tree, by the way.
[giggles] Thanks.
The needles are tapered and
the height matches the width
so it's a perfectly
symmetrical cone.
- [both laugh]
- MICHAEL: Found them!
MOM: There you are!
Are you kids okay?
Yeah, Mom. Actually...
- Come here, you two.
- Mo-om!
[all exclaiming]
It's beautiful.
Merry Christmas, everybody.
[all overlapping]
Merry Christmas!
Ho, ho, ho!
Merry Christmas!
- [alarm ringing]
- [gasps] No more sleeps!
- No more sleeps!
- [alarm stops]
I'm ready for you,
- Yay!
- We finally did it!
No more sleeps!
BOTH: Sorry, Gary.
[both laugh]
- Whoo-hoo!
- Whoo!
- [laughs]
- [gasps] Whoa.
It's all fixed!
[both gasp]
Karate James!
With his Fist of Fury!
- It's a pink hippo!
- Mmm!
These are pretty good!
Is that a potato chip?
I think it's a dog biscuit.
- Oh. Not bad.
- [both laugh]
- It's just what I wanted!
- Oh!
- Here, Dad, this one's for you.
- Oh, wow.
- MICHAEL: Socks. I love socks.
- MOM: Oh, I got socks, too!
Thanks, Evie.
NARRATOR: In the end,
it turned out to be
one of the greatest
Christmases ever.
Definitely one for the books.
Now there are only...
365 more sleeps left to go.
Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen .
On keytar, drum machine,
and lead vocals, me.
On backup dancing
and jingle bells,
Okay, back to me.
I hope you like the show,
and thank you for watching!
Oh, this is gonna be good.
Okay, you guys
know what to do.
Let's do this!
No more sleeps
- No more sleeps
- La da da da
Da da da, whoa
- No more sleeps
- Da da da da
Da da da whoa
No more sleeps
till Christmas
I've waited all this year
I've counted down 365
The day is finally here
No more sleeps
till Christmas
Let's gather round the tree
The biggest present
of them all
I'm with my family
Let's go
- No more sleeps
La da da da
Da da da whoa
- No more sleeps
- Da da da da
Da da da whoa
No more sleeps
till Christmas
No more sleeps
till Christmas
No more sleeps
till Christmas
I've waited all this year
I've counted down 365
The day is finally here
No more sleeps
till Christmas
Merry Christmas, everybody!