52 Pick-Up (1986) Movie Script

- Hey, boss. You want in the baseball pool?
- Let's try this one.
- What inning? Valenzuela.
- The third.
Great. Good luck with it.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Well? Will you do it?
It's quite a surprise.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- You have a 10:00 with Sol Rosenthal.
- Thank you.
SECRETARY: Coffee's on its way
and, please, call your wife.
Hi, Barb. How's it going?
Well, tell me when you see me.
No, I'll probably be late again.
Preparing a demonstration for tomorrow.
If you need me for anything
and the nightline is busy,
I'll be back in the shop.
So just leave a message,
and I'll get back to you. Okay?
I love you, too. Bye.
- Oh, hello there.
- Good morning.
- Where's Cini?
- ALAN: No talking during the show.
You've seen some of this before, Mitch,
stuff your girlfriend shot,
Las Palmas Hotel, Palm Springs,
August 17 through 21st
while your wife thought you were
in a convention in Miami. You rascal.
Now here you are shooting a broad.
Nice little body.
Great tits, what do you think?
Hot shit hotel. Two bills a day.
It's a very jazzy outfit.
Oh, that's a jazzy outfit, too.
Still with the beer.
That's your background showing, man.
What? Eleven years at Douglas, right?
And a few more at Lockheed?
I want you to know what we know
so your mind will be clear. You dig?
What is this? Live nude models?
Oh, there's your girlfriend again.
She told you she was a model, right?
What, did you think it was for Vogue?
There she is again.
In your very snappy car.
I must say, very snappy, indeed. Jag XKE?
You restored it yourself, didn't you?
Oh, I really like that car.
And as the sun sets slowly in the west,
we say goodbye to beautiful Palm Springs,
Oasis of Intrigue
and extracurricular games of
Hide the Salami, and we return to real life.
Here comes some of the new stuff.
You recognize this?
Ranco Steel.
Gross sales last year, almost 12 mil.
Huh? Oh, there goes one of your trucks,
probably taking a load to the bank.
Eighty some employees,
and you hold some patent
that fuses fucking metal together. Right?
They use it mostly
on those spaceships, huh?
You get a smooth 120 grand on that alone.
And there's your old lady.
Keeping herself in shape for you.
It's not bad, Mitch, huh?
Oh, you've got good taste in broads.
Chalet Lodge Motel. Oh, I like this one.
This one here. This expression, huh?
Mr. Casual.
It's not a bad place, 40 a night.
That's you going in to buy the room
while the broad stands outside. Christ.
You know, you start chasing that
young pussy, you got to stay in shape.
I bet she drains you dry.
Too bad we hadn't had time to
score the shit, but we're working on it.
Jesus, Mitch,
you don't mind my saying so,
but for a guy
who was a major in the Air Force,
decorated in Korea,
and now a successful businessman,
you got fucking rocks in your head
to let yourself get put on film like that.
I mean, as you can see,
it's just plain fucking dumb.
- Well, sport, here's the deal.
- The girl in on this?
Let's just say she did what she was told,
but back to the deal.
You pay us 105 grand, that's not even
what you make in one year on that patent,
you get to buy this video
for your very own.
Nice color footage
of a very expensive piece of ass.
105 grand, and it's done.
You think I just walk into a bank
and withdraw that kind of money?
It could take some time. Sure.
105 grand's a lot of money.
So, let's keep in touch.
And as a sign of good faith,
the first payment is,
shall we say, 10 grand day after tomorrow.
We'll let you know where and when.
Oh, and, yeah,
you get the tape after the last payment.
So why don't you be a good boy
and stick around for another five minutes?
- Okay? So long, sport.
- LEO: Take care.
Come on, sweetheart.
We're getting too busy, you know,
the two of us.
You think perhaps I could
book an evening with you?
- Soon?
- Why not?
They want me to run with Arveson.
- You want to do it?
- I don't know yet.
- When do they have to know?
- I have to make up my mind pretty soon.
You see, if I do it,
it means spending even more time...
I know. I know.
Look, I gotta meet O'Boyle this morning
because we're having that
special demonstration for NASA.
Can we talk about it tonight?
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
- They made a good choice.
- Say, "Hello."
Yeah. I will.
FOREMAN: We're gonna look at a series
of three explosions, Mr. Mitchell.
I think we're set for the series.
So anytime you're ready
to conduct the demonstration,
just give me a signal
and we're all set to go.
HARRY: Okay. You'll tell
the guy in the crane?
Yeah, and I'll be over here
waiting for your instructions.
Okay, that's good.
All right, all right. Easy, easy.
This is it? You just blow it up?
How does that fuse metal?
You ram the layer of titanium down
on top of the layer of steel
with such force that they fuse together.
It's very simple.
Yeah. So simple
you're the only one doing it.
How can a guy smart enough
to invent all of this, patent it, even...
- How can...
- All right. Don't say it.
Okay. You met her at a bar.
What? A few months ago?
Yeah. With a client.
What were you looking for? A little action?
No. He was.
It was a Friday night after a convention.
I took him into Hollywood.
- O'BOYLE: What kind of shape were you in?
- Fine. You know me. A couple of beers.
So, you sat down and started talking.
Yeah, more or less.
She had this friend who danced there.
A black girl. A beautiful black girl.
Anyway, I bought her a drink.
She tells me she's going to
secretarial school at night
and working in this modeling place
in the daytime with the black girl.
- Mr. Mitchell!
- Oh, excuse me.
How far apart would you like
these blasting trays?
This is good. About 20 feet.
One, two, three, four, let her go.
I must have thought I was falling in love.
What an asshole.
And Barbara?
Oh, don't think she didn't know
that something was going on.
And the irony of the whole thing is,
that morning I went to see the girl,
I was going to call it quits.
Quits, for Christ's sake.
And the video. The guy talking,
you ever heard this guy's voice before?
Eventually, we're gonna have to take it
to the police.
Barbara told me this morning
that she's running as a candidate
on Arveson's ticket.
Can you imagine
what the papers would do with that?
Look, Jim, she stuck with me
all these years while I built this.
What am I going to do?
Am I going to destroy the one thing
that she's built for herself?
I can't do that. I won't do it.
- Do I pay them and just forget it?
- That wouldn't end it.
- You mean these guys don't forget.
- Yeah.
BOB: How do you do?
HARRY: My lawyer, Jim O'Boyle.
My assistant, Bob Parker.
I'm really anxious to see this.
What about all this wind? Is it...
No problem. No problem.
Just step right up here.
- About ready, Johnny?
- Whenever you're ready, Mr. Mitchell.
Okay. Count them out.
Fire in the hole! Fire in the hole!
Fire in the hole!
Good evening.
Good evening and thank you for coming.
Let's get right with it.
It is my pleasure to introduce
Barbara Mitchell,
senior member of the Clean-Air
Commission and, as of today,
candidate for councilwoman
of the Thirteenth District. Barbara.
Thank you. Thank you very, very much.
I know that most of us who are living here
in Los Angeles are not used to
breathing air that we can't actually see.
But, tonight, I would like to
clear the air about one thing.
This city needs a decent, talented,
strong District Attorney.
A man who is on a first name basis
with the truth.
Now, Mark Arveson has demonstrated
his personal integrity many, many times.
He knows that one small deceit, one head
turned the other way, is one too many.
Ladies and gentlemen, Los Angeles
County's next District Attorney,
Mr. Mark Arveson.
ARVESON. : Thank you.
Thank you very much.
I want to thank...
Well, what did you think of Arveson?
You mean, what did I think of his chances?
Oh, the speech. Him. All of it. Thanks.
I've been seeing someone.
I met her three,
three and a half months ago.
- I don't do this very well.
- Try.
- Do I know her?
- No.
I wasn't looking. I didn't go looking.
How old is she?
- What's her name?
- Cini.
- Cute.
- Cynthia.
- Why are you telling me?
- It's been bothering me.
- Feel better?
- I'm not going to see her anymore.
I don't even know where she is.
She's young, 22.
Yes, she is young.
Maybe I've known for about a month.
I've known.
God, I wish you hadn't told me.
Why aren't you going to see her anymore?
- Look, this just isn't what you think it is.
- Was the sex that good?
- Lots of kinky things. Is that it?
- It's not that simple.
No? Our marriage has lasted for 23 years.
That's longer than she's been alive.
- Is it the first time?
- Yes.
- She was just a kid.
- What does that mean?
- Did you play daddy? Is that it?
- Maybe. In part.
It was different.
Maybe I just got tired of the part
of our relationship that...
- The married part.
- Not like that.
It's not that simple, Barbara.
You know that.
Do you have any idea how this hurts?
It's so easy to have someone
to look to you for answers for everything.
So easy to just coast along,
even when you...
You have no idea. No idea.
ALAN: Now, we're going. All right.
Let's go. Right here.
Here we go. Hey, come on.
I'm losing you. Where are you going?
Here we go. Hey, where are you going?
Come on back.
Enough is enough. We're leaving.
Baby, I'm going to find Cini now.
Okay? Give me a kiss.
You want to see my tinkies?
You want to see my tits?
- Oh, come on. Come on.
- Say, "Please."
- Hi, Mom.
- Leo, now, get out of there. Come on.
Hey, what it is?
We hit the fucking jackpot this time,
didn't we?
That fucking Alan's got
some weird friends, huh?
- That broad he's taking pictures of...
- Such a waste, Leo. Such a waste.
Yeah. Yeah. We'll call you.
We'll call you. Thank you.
He's got some weird friends.
That broad he's taking pictures of
is a big time porno star.
He said she won best actress
last year at these awards,
like the Academy Awards for fuck films.
Last year was 69, huh?
Deal went off okay, you think, huh?
Huh? Mitchell guy looked a little sick.
Green around the gills, but his world
done come apart on him, huh?
I don't know.
Seems kind of early to be celebrating.
Shit, Bobby, the whole deal was perfect.
I mean fucking perfect.
You worry too much, man.
Jesus Christ.
- How you doing, Mark?
- How'd you know it was me?
You're so cute.
Yeah. Wait a minute.
Baby, listen to me, now.
The man was not going to
pay your rent forever. He's married.
But this way you're going to end up
with a lot more.
I'm tired, Doreen.
I'm really tired of my life.
I know, but you're doing okay.
- Think about it, now.
- Fuck this school thing, too. You know?
I haven't been going. Doreen, you know?
But things are going to get
so much better, honey. I promise.
I want to go home.
- Okay. Give me this.
- No. I'm okay. Doreen, I'm okay.
Our little girl not feeling good?
Come on, sugar.
We're gonna take you home now. Okay?
We've got a nice little place
back at the motel for you.
And Bobby's gonna get
your things tomorrow.
Why? Because Bobby's such a terrific guy?
You got that right.
Oh, we're gonna have to get
some reaction shots around here.
Oh, Doreen.
- Look at that. And it's sexy Cini...
- DOREEN: Relax.
Hey, where's Cecil B. Going?
- I'd like to speak to you.
- Me?
Hey, man, it's a great party.
I want Cini out of here. She's messed up.
She's pissing me off.
Come on. She's had a rough night.
You want some jerky?
Listen, sport, get Bobby.
I want her out of here. Now.
Okay. No big deal. Jesus.
MAN 1: Tomorrow, when you come in,
check on that, all right?
MAN 2: Yeah, no problem.
- Good night, boss.
- MAN 3: Good night, boss.
- Just came for you. Special delivery.
- Thanks.
- It's not your birthday, is it?
- No.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Number 12. Bill Madlock.
- So when are these guys going to show?
- I don't know. They didn't say.
It's a base hit!
Peanuts. Get your red, hot peanuts.
...stops, makes the catch.
So Bill Dorn hits it right on the screw.
Is that it, man? Open it up, huh?
It's looking good,
just like we thought it would.
Something we can finally
fucking cash in on.
You think so, too, huh?
ALAN: Shit!
Honest to Christ,
I don't know what the world is coming to.
You honestly tell the guy how it is,
and the motherfucker doesn't believe you.
- DRIVER: Hey, asshole, move that wreck.
- Hey, sport, have a nice day.
I'll tell you what I'm going to do.
I'm going to give you a personalized
monthly accounting service,
take care of all your bills and expenditures
for a low 3.5%% charge,
guaranteed accurate,
or we eat the difference.
Who are you?
Silver Lining Accounting Service,
we satisfy or we eat it.
- How did you get in here?
- I walked in, Slim.
I knocked. Nobody answered.
The door was unlocked, so I walked in.
Well, now you can walk out.
You probably got all the credit cards
ever invented
and you spend in excess of
5 grand a month on bills, right?
- Well, let's say 5 for now.
- I'm calling the police.
What for?
You walk into my home
and you refuse to leave.
I didn't refuse.
You didn't give me a chance.
Well, now's your chance. Get out of here.
5200 times 3.5, in round figures.
Five, five. 25. Three fives are 15.
In the neighborhood of
150 to 180 a month,
and you never balance another
bank account. How does that sound?
Give me your company's phone number.
That's okay. I'll get back to you
when it's more convenient.
We don't like
to inconvenience the customer.
Give me your number or your card.
I ran out of cards.
Don't worry, slim. We'll be in touch.
I gave her a "Silver Lining Accounting
Service, we satisfy or we eat it."
You Chow Hound, you.
I see her car pull in and I think,
"Christ, what's he gonna do now?"
I was upstairs.
You can't ever get caught upstairs.
They don't believe shit if they catch you
upstairs. She's not bad.
I wouldn't mind hurting her a little.
Get a leg over.
- Okay. You ready?
- Yeah.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
I got his sport coat.
I got his shirt underneath.
I got a tie, just in case.
And, ready for this?
The all time luckiest fucking award
of all time.
A genuine, no shit, P9 Automatic
and a box of shells.
Huh? How's that grab you?
You're hoping for something like this
going in,
never in a million years could it happen.
Clean living. It pays off every time.
BOBBY: Keep your cool, Mitch.
We're going for a drive.
Sit down, sport.
Second feature about to start.
Is that too close?
We can move it back a little if you like.
Okay. Start the show.
ALAN: Now, here's the star of our picture.
Little Cynthia Frazier who hadn't the
foggiest idea what the fuck is going on.
This is where the credits would be.
Slick Entertainment Incorporated
presents Tit in the Wringer
or How Harry Mitchell Agreed To Pay
105 Thou A Year And Found Happiness.
Note, I said 105 a year.
Not just the first year, not just the second,
but every year for the rest of your life.
Some people you've got to tie down
to convince them they can act.
ALAN ON SCREEN. : Come on, honey.
Come on. Cooperate.
This is gonna get you two back together.
ALAN: I wish we had some popcorn
or lemonade or something for you,
but we're kind of a low-budget production.
Come on, honey, smile. You know
how pretty you look when you smile.
Come on.
Just give us a little smile. Come on.
Come on. Not too rough.
We don't want to hurt her.
She's pretty, isn't she?
That's it. Sit up nice and straight.
Give us a little smile. Come on.
Oh, look at those eyes.
She wouldn't smile this day. No... See?
Almost one.
She almost smiled right there, but...
Come on, that's it.
This is to keep your interest,
or whatever, up. It's a little skin.
Yeah, I told Cini she was a natural, but
as you can see there, she's very modest.
Keep your eyes on the film.
Come on. Walk in and... Okay.
Hold up the wood. All right. Other side.
Give us a side angle so we can...
That's it. Not a trick board. That's it.
Tie it on her.
Careful. Careful now.
We don't want splinters.
(LAUGHS) It looks like she's sticking
her head out of a box. Doesn't it?
- Where's that smile? No hope.
- Did you feel that, baby?
I'm so proud of my lighting in this.
It's beautiful, isn't it?
You're probably asking,
"What do we have here?" Right?
Okay. Now, wait, wait, wait now.
What we're going to do is give you a...
Give us a smile. Come on, smile for Harry.
...a reverse angle.
I used two cameras on this, too.
A reverse angle to see just what she sees.
What is that? What is that hiding there?
It's a... It's a P9 Automatic, and it's yours.
Okay. Yeah. And that coat's yours, too.
It's kind of ratty looking,
if you want my opinion.
But what I like about it is that your name
is sewed right on the inside. You see?
Now then, hello, what is this?
What is that tied to the trigger there?
Oh, see, you can shoot the gun without
messing up any fingerprints that are on it.
We'll let you think about that for a while.
- ALAN. : Baby.
- Oh, please. Oh, please.
ALAN. : Please? Please, what? Please?
Pretty please? Pretty please?
Honey. Honey, honey.
You're gonna play the scene. Don't worry.
We wanted you to see the gun
and our little star. Okay?
Okay. Suspense time is over.
Bang. Bang.
And bang.
Hey, hey. You still with us?
There's your coat again.
You know, the thing that makes Cini a star
is that she not only lives her part,
she dies it, too.
You don't believe me, you just watch.
See? Bullet holes go
all the way through it.
ALAN. : Good, good. All right.
Give him the other.
Okay. We don't need the board.
You mark my words, that's not ketchup.
Now, watch this. See, the eyes don't blink.
No breath to fog it up.
You still with us, Mitch? Huh?
Okay. Almost ready to cover her up?
We ready almost?
There's your coat again. What?
What's he gonna do with it.
Oh, God. All right. Close the eyes.
You remember those eyes,
they never blinked, did they?
Never. You know why? You know why?
Well, it's because they don't see.
Now, what we want you to see, sport,
is that your tit is tight in the wringer.
There ain't no way to pull it out.
The cops find the body with no clothes on,
the gun, with your prints all over it.
Nice fucking guy that Harry Mitchell!
Takes the broads clothes off,
pumps five rounds into her.
He probably raped her after.
Jesus, that guy should be gassed.
You big cocksucker.
Or, as I said at the top of the show,
you pay us 105 grand a year
for the rest of your life
and no more fucking around!
That's 10 grand day after tomorrow,
10 grand next week.
30 Gs in good faith. You got it?
That'll give you time
to get the rest together.
That's it, sport. We'll be in touch.
Come on.
- You all right, mister?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
Okay, then, why don't you
move out of here, then, all right?
- Yeah. Okay.
- Let's go!
I have to pick up a few more things.
Why did you run off the other night?
Don't you think we can handle this
like two adults?
- Has anyone, any man been here?
- What does that mean?
Mitch, what is going on here?
Has anybody been here recently?
Anybody we don't know?
Yes. Yes, there was someone here.
I came home one day
and there was a creep in the living room
saying he was from
some accounting service.
I told him to leave, and he did.
That prick. He found the gun.
He fucking came up here
and found the gun.
What gun?
Would you please tell me what's going on?
These guys, three guys,
they're blackmailing me.
I wouldn't pay them.
They had pictures
of me and Cini in a hotel.
they showed me a videotape
of Cini strapped in a chair
being shot in the chest five times.
And this accountant,
he used my gun to kill her.
Why didn't you tell me
about this fucking guy?
Tell you what?
Where the hell were you?
How can I tell you anything?
They got an airtight case against me.
I don't pay, they put me away.
And why not?
I mean, I can't go to the police.
It's my gun.
I'm calling Arveson,
tell him I'm out of the race.
Now wait a minute!
We've got a couple of days,
a couple of days.
Give me that much time.
Let's see what happens.
I almost...
The other day,
I almost threw out all your clothes.
Everything, just chuck it
out of the window, right?
Ten, 15 years ago, I would have.
I never fired that gun.
Not once since the day I bought it.
- Hi.
- Bye.
You wanna take some pictures?
It's $25 for a half hour,
$50 for an hour, $10 for the camera...
What's this?
Hold on. Leo.
Hey, there. What can I help you with?
Now, let's see, it's 25 for a half,
10 for the camera...
What the fuck is this?
That's $10,000.
Yeah, we don't charge that much.
It's 25, and 10, and 5 for the film.
You know anything about this, Leo?
- You know anything about this?
- What?
Now, you want the film or not?
Come on, I'm a busy man.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- I want the film.
- Here you go. Put that away.
The black girl that just left?
What's her name?
- What black girl?
- You mean Doreen?
Yeah, Doreen.
You don't want Doreen.
Hey, Lori! Yeah. Come in here.
Lori's got some goodies.
I'm telling you, there's nice goodies here!
Doreen. Yeah. Okay. Go get Doreen. Okay?
Now, it's the first booth on the right.
And the rules say
don't get any closer than six feet, okay?
You a cop?
You wanna look in my wallet?
Pat me down?
You're the one
that seems to want to do the patting.
Have a seat.
- I've seen you dance.
- Is that right?
- At the club?
- Yeah.
A couple of times.
So tell me, are you a tit man?
Or you want the whole show?
Oh, so you really do take pictures, huh?
We met about two, three months ago,
Yeah. How'd it come out?
- It's a little dark.
- That's me, honey.
When we met,
you were with a girl named Cini.
- She was going to school.
- We're all students.
Cini's a nice person.
You used to see her, didn't you?
Now you want to focus on me, huh?
- The last one was underexposed.
- Oh, yeah?
And I say wait until I get my pants off,
you want more exposure.
That's pretty good.
Or, as the dude says,
"What size is your aperture?"
A lot of laughs in your business, huh?
You ever go up to Cini's place?
You said I used to see her,
that's where I used to see her.
Where exactly?
An apartment on Crenshaw.
She said you had one in the same building.
She moved though, you know?
So I heard.
This one's a little better.
So how much did she used to charge you?
She never charged me anything.
Not even the first time?
Not any time.
Of course, you could just be bragging.
Maybe telling me a little story, no?
What's the difference?
Well, love, I was entertaining the thought
maybe you and I could
head on over to my place, you know?
Leave this shop here.
Only thing is, though, the management
doesn't accept any freebies,
not for nobody.
- How much?
- 100.
You get tea, a smoke,
maybe a chance for seconds.
- Leo, give me my check, man.
- Oh, come on, I'm having lunch.
Hey, excuse me.
I'm sorry, you can't come back here.
What do you think you're doing?
You can't... Hey!
Hey, hey, what the fuck
do you think you're doing?
You don't take pictures back here, buddy.
I need that print back.
No, I don't want that. I want the picture.
I need that picture back. I'm serious.
- I need that picture back.
- You look real good.
You don't take pictures in here.
I want that picture back now.
I want that picture back now,
God damn it!
Alan, we've got a problem here.
We've got a problem, Alan.
DOREEN: I've never seen Leo so uptight.
HARRY: Yeah.
Seemed a little high-strung, didn't he?
Maybe all them kind are like that.
You all ready?
You dancing at the club tonight?
Why? You want to catch the show?
You're after something, aren't you?
And it ain't my pussy, is it?
Leo has a couple of pals,
a white one and a black one.
Honey, I ain't gonna say nothing.
That's a thick envelope
he's got there, huh?
HARRY: The white guy, smooth talker,
You trust him, Doreen? What's his name?
For some reason
I'm not getting through to you.
I make that in five minutes
with the shoe clerks.
- How much you got in there, lover?
- That's it.
What's his name?
- I'm gonna ask you a question, okay?
- Okay.
This way nobody can say
that I told you anything.
I'm only gonna ask you a question.
Go ahead.
- You own an umbrella?
- Yeah.
What kind of weather you use it in?
- Rainy?
- Close, baby. Close.
It's not him.
This guy was younger.
Longer hair, not so weird looking.
Ask Arveson if he could...
If he can get us any information
on Gold Coast Enterprises, San Francisco.
They run the nude model place.
See if they have anybody
on the LA payroll, name of
Rainy, Raingy, Rainier.
Something like that.
Shouldn't be hard.
Won't Arveson wanna know
why you want this?
Yeah, but he won't ask.
What about the money?
Tomorrow we pay them $10,000.
We can afford it.
It buys us a couple of days.
What if you wanted to pay them?
Just suppose you wanted to.
How much could you get?
Before next April?
I'd say about 52,000.
I'd like to stay.
In the den.
Arveson got the information you wanted
from Gold Coast Enterprises.
His name is Alan Raimy.
He manages a porno theater
at 14312 Western A venue. That's it.
Thanks, Barb. Take care of yourself.
I will. Bye.
- How's the show?
- What?
- The movie, is it any good?
- Beautiful. 5 bucks.
Is Mr. Raimy around?
- Alan?
- Yeah.
Yeah. Who wants to see him?
Tell him a friend. A home-video fan.
He's upstairs. 5 bucks.
MAN. : (ON SCREEN) Oh, yeah!
That's it, baby. That's good.
I like that.
There you go.
What's the problem?
You don't like the film?
You want a refund?
You want to play "Let's Pretend"?
Or should I just give you the money?
What money is this?
You asked for $10,000, didn't you?
(LAUGHS) Oh, this is weird.
Maybe I've got the wrong guy.
You wanna give me 10 large ones,
that's okay with me.
Well, maybe you'd rather go to another
ball game or something?
But my heart really isn't in it
since Carero got hurt.
I'll tell you what.
Why don't you get the fuck out of here?
MAN. : Oh, yeah.
You don't want it? Okay.
I'll take it home.
Hey, hey, hey. Wait up. Okay.
You want to give it to me, that's fine.
- Are you the guy or not?
- You seem sure.
Is this for you or isn't it?
I said if you want to give it to me,
that's fine, if you're sure.
I want to hear you say it.
All right. Yeah, I'm the guy.
Give me the money.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, don't touch me!
Something about your face
makes me want to slap the shit out of it.
Now I'm going to talk to you.
I'm going to show you something.
- So show me.
- All right.
You come to my plant tonight at 12:45,
after the last shift.
I could be walking into something.
Buddy, you could be walking
into surgery right now.
12:45. Be there.
The 10 grand?
Oh, you're pretty convincing, all right.
But I'm still not sure I've got the right guy.
ARVESON: Now, this shows
how we're doing in every district,
and you can see we're not doing
that well in North Hollywood.
Okay. Now listen, we're gonna need...
Nifty car.
The radio sounds like shit.
- You need new speakers.
- Yeah.
Let's go inside.
This is it, huh?
So, Mr. Mitchell,
I understand you'd like me
to take a look at your books.
All right, Raimy. Cut the shit.
You're not being bugged.
Now, I figure
if you know what you're doing,
this will take about two hours.
If you don't, we'll be here all night.
I bet I can read this quicker
than your accountant.
I had a hunch you could.
- What, a Biz-Ed major?
- Yeah, Northwestern.
But then I learned better ways
to make money.
So, the government takes
half of your salary.
- Yep.
- And you live on the rest.
Past royalty is what?
Trust funds.
The balance in municipals.
A few long term investments.
It's not what I would do exactly, but, hey.
Well, yes, sir, like a lot of people
who make a lot of money,
you don't seem to have any.
The balance sheets are in there.
There's a figure
you ought to take a look at.
- 52,000?
- 52,000.
That's all I can get my hands on right now.
- Your fiscal year ends when?
- April.
You see, I don't intend to sell my factory
or my house
or change my life to deal with you.
How soon can you get
your hands on the 52,000?
About five days.
You can pick it up right here.
Maybe. I'll let you know.
Of course, how you divide it up
is up to you guys.
One thing more,
I wanna deal only with you.
Answer me something, will you?
Who was it told you where to find me?
Your pal, Leo. Who'd you think?
Listen, I swear to God it wasn't me.
The deal seemed clean and simple.
Nobody was gonna get hurt.
All of a sudden, it gets complicated.
Yeah. Hey, you know,
the guy must have some dough.
He showed me 10 grand, huh?
I told you the man has money,
but the government has him by the balls.
A guy makes that much,
how come he has nothing left?
- You know that for sure?
- No! I'm making it up!
Oh, Leo, I'm sorry. Come here.
Come here, Leo, come here.
Come here to me.
- I didn't...
- I know.
- I didn't do anything.
- Leo, Leo, listen. Listen to me.
I saw the books.
I saw the correspondence
from the IRS on their stationery.
Then I asked the guy, I said,
"Who was it told you where to find me?"
- Oh, he said it was you.
- I didn't tell him, Jesus Christ!
- Okay. Okay. Okay!
- I didn't even tell him your first name.
It could have been somebody else.
All right, what about Doreen, huh?
I mean, she went out with him.
- She wouldn't talk to him.
- How do you know that?
Because she's a friend of mine.
And she knows if I found out,
I'd throw her dead ass off a roof.
But he said it was you, Leo.
- I didn't... I didn't tell him. Jesus.
- Stop whimpering!
Okay. Okay. Okay.
So, gentlemen, we got a little problem.
We killed somebody.
He saw it in the movie
and now he knows about us.
That's why one of us
is going to have to blow him away.
Now, what do I get out of it?
Peace of mind.
I look nervous to you?
Bobby, you've been in the joint, if I recall.
I don't believe you wanna
get double billed.
The man wants me to clean up his mess.
Aren't you the pro?
The cowboy in this group?
Now you're blowing smoke up my ass.
Shit. You walk up, ring his bell,
he opens the door, it's done.
That's the way you do it, huh?
We stick together.
I mean, we started something, okay?
It didn't pay off.
So we cool it for a couple of weeks,
tie up loose ends,
then we look for something else.
Hey, Doreen.
Doreen, I'm home.
Hey, baby?
Wakey, wakey, wakey.
Come on, baby. It's time to get up.
Wakey, wakey.
Hey, Doreen.
It's time to get up, baby.
Bobby? What time is it, honey?
It's about 3:00.
That man who come here,
his name Mitchell?
Friend of Cini's?
He didn't tell me his name.
Just a friend of Cini's, honey.
Well, what you'll talk about?
I told him to come back some time.
What else you tell him?
What do I... What do I know I can tell?
I don't know nothing.
What did you tell him?
I don't know nothing to tell him.
You know me.
You know the people I know.
He was only here for five minutes.
Well, did he come to buy,
or did he come to talk?
I told... I told him I was busy.
You're not answering my questions.
No, you're not answering my questions.
Now what did he want, huh?
Now, one more time.
Did you tell him where
I or anybody I know lives or works?
I didn't. Please. I...
- Are you sure?
- Yes, Bobby.
I didn't say nothing.
I believe you,
but I believe everybody.
I told him I was busy. That's all I said.
I want you to get some sleep.
And when you sleep,
I want you to say to yourself
over and over again,
"I ain't ever gonna talk to that man again."
No more.
You're late. Where's your car?
Mark brought me home.
What are you doing with this thing open?
Don't worry about Raimy.
He's off doing his homework.
I'm scared, Mitch.
I'm scared all the time now.
What are you doing?
We are dealing with murderers. Scum.
We should be at a police station
and here you are, changing your plugs.
If you were doing that three months ago
instead of screwing around,
we wouldn't be in this goddamn mess.
I hope you know what you can do
with those plugs when you get them out.
There's somebody in the house.
Come with me.
Get in here
and don't come out until I call you.
Come on!
Shit. Motherfucker!
Get the camera.
Drink this.
Motherfucker bust in your house,
you always serve him drinks?
Now you've got pictures of me,
and I've got ones of you and Leo.
I don't have one of Alan yet,
but I'm working on it.
I got a question for you.
How come you come busting in here
when I'm gonna hand you $50,000 in cash?
- 50,000?
- 52.
That's the deal I made with Alan.
Didn't he tell you?
- He said about you owing the government.
- Everybody owes the government.
The payment was made for three guys,
however you split it.
Or how we don't split it up.
- When you gonna make this payment?
- In a couple of days.
- Why don't you talk to Alan?
- Yeah.
Have a talk.
You need a Band-Aid?
I'm fine.
I can go now?
You forgot something.
Guys take over your life just like that.
You never believe anybody can do that.
One dumb move
and these animals rush in.
I really fucked up, didn't I?
Good, Judy. Come on, Gilda,
what's wrong with you?
Oh, that's beautiful.
Yes, that's very good.
- JUD Y: Do you like this?
- Oh, yes. Okay.
Oh, yes. Take those straps off, Judy.
Good, Gilda. Okay.
Gilda, you lie down on your back.
Judy, you get up. That's it.
Turn around this way. Come on.
Here we go. That's good. That's good.
This is a good shot. This is real good.
Okay. Oh, look. Yes, sir.
Oh, you do that good, huh? What?
Hey, listen...
- Hey, Bobby.
- Get rid of the bitches.
GILDA: What'd he call us?
- Okay, kids, that's a wrap.
- Alan, no!
- Here you go. Come on, come on.
- Alan, no, way.
Come on. Get your clothes and get out.
Come on, come on, go on.
- You said we could stay.
- Go on, go on. I know what I promised.
Go on, go on! Get out through the kitchen.
- Hey, hey, hey, Bobby, Bobby.
- JUD Y: You son-of-a-bitch.
What are you doing now?
Hey, come on. What is this?
Don't be fooling with guns in here.
You ready for the big question?
Oh, man, what are you on?
The question is, how much
did the man say he was going to give you?
Give me?
Give you. Give us. Just say it.
Yeah, you went out to see the guy,
didn't you?
What's the answer?
Before I can talk to you, you go out
on your own and see the guy yourself,
is that it?
Hey, hey, now. You listen to me a minute.
When a man pulls shit on me,
he's either very brave or very stoned.
- Which are you?
- Hey, now, my mind is clear. You hip?
Hey, hey. Now, you... Fuck it.
Think about it a minute.
You just wait.
Now, how was I going to tell you anything
with Leo sitting right there?
I called you later, you were gone.
Stop, stop, stop.
Now, now, I called you, man!
You weren't...
What did the man say?
This is the last call.
Now, don't you feel better?
The man made us an offer, 52,000.
That's all he can afford.
You believe it?
I mean, let's take it
while he still believes it'll save his ass.
But here's what we're talking about.
What do we need Leo for?
I never saw how we needed him at all.
- So it's me and you. Fifty-fifty.
- 26 grand apiece.
- All right, what about Leo?
- He'll be gone.
But he could find out, now, couldn't he?
I don't see no other way.
Do it soon.
Seeing how he's a friend of yours,
you want me to do it.
But you know, I mean,
don't let me know how you're gonna do it.
Let me read about it in the papers,
be surprised.
Hey, I'm really glad to see you.
I was afraid you weren't gonna show up.
Place must have a big 5:00 crowd, huh?
Yeah. Honey?
Strictly a shot and beer joint,
don't you think?
You want some jerky? It's good.
Sit down, will you? Sit down.
Look it, I understand
that Alan talked to you
and you talked to him.
You guys talked together, right?
I saw him.
Then he came to see me.
Right. That's what I understand.
What I want to know is,
why did you tell him it was me
who said where you could find him?
I didn't tell him that.
- Well, he said you did.
- Somebody's mistaken.
What's on your mind, Leo? You called me.
The man's been blaming me
for what you guys talked about.
I mean, I was doing a favor.
It's not my fault the deal fell through, is it?
I know that you and Alan
and the black guy...
- What's his name?
- Bobby. Right. Yeah. Two more.
Yeah, Bobby.
I know that you three killed Cini.
Whoa. Whoa. Time.
It was Alan's idea.
I swear to God, it was Alan's idea.
(STAMMERS) I saw that tape right before
you did and I threw up my lunch.
Listen, I... I'm not...
I'm not as involved in this as you think.
- You were there, though, weren't you?
- No, not...
I was not there. I was not.
I voted against the whole thing.
I was going to give her my... She...
I... You were going to give me money,
I was going to give her money
to get out of... I...
There was no point in killing her,
there was no point.
I'm just trying to settle this thing,
and I've made a deal with Bobby and Alan.
I'm going to pay them 52,000.
- What did you say?
- 52,000.
Alan said you couldn't pay.
He said that you owed the government.
- Talk to Alan.
- Yeah, right, right.
Talk to Alan, that son-of-a-bitch.
I knew that they were up to something.
I knew it.
They're plotting something,
and they're plotting me out.
They're... They're planning... They're...
You want it finished, huh?
You pay and it'll be settled.
He sics Bobby on you,
or he'll do it himself.
And, I mean, for all I know,
they're in this thing together.
I can't reach them.
I don't know where they are.
I can't reach them.
What if... What if you go to the cops
and you tell them your story?
What about that?
And I'll back you up.
I'll go with you and I'll back you up.
(STUTTERS) Go to the cops
and I'll make a bargain or something,
and I'll take the stand
and say that they killed the girl,
which they did.
And they'll...
They'll let me plead to blackmail or...
I didn't want the girl dead.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry. I didn't want her dead.
They'd still have a case
against me, though.
Yeah? What case?
The girl's body. My gun. The tapes.
Yeah? What body?
You wanna know something?
There's no body.
They dumped it in the river
and it's in the pollution and shit.
Since they did it, you see,
they think that you think
she's on ice someplace
'cause you can't afford to think
that she isn't. See?
You see her get killed.
You're scared as shit
and you agree to pay.
Only you know that Alan and Bobby did it.
Where's the tapes?
They're... They're in the...
- They're in the river with the girl.
- And my gun?
He... He has it...
I don't know, he has it someplace.
He likes guns. He's a gun nut.
- For the road.
- Hey, hey, hey.
Where are you going, huh?
I just told you they could kill you.
You haven't told me what
you're gonna do about it, you fuckhead.
I'll wait to see what happens to you.
Then I'll know if they're serious.
You swim good.
Good strong legs. A terrific ass. Nice rack.
A little chilly for taking a swim, isn't it?
You see this? Now you don't.
But you know it's there, don't you?
Now, come on out of the pool, slim.
Come on.
ALAN: You're chilly, aren't you, slim?
What we're doing, we're gonna
get something to warm you up.
How you doing?
- Everything's everything.
- Huh?
You did say you wanted one spoon,
didn't you?
Present for a friend.
Help me! Help me!
No! No!
God, you're a strong little bitch,
aren't you?
You know how you're turning me on?
No! No! No! No!
You wanna fight it? Okay, fight it.
O'BOYLE: My God, they've got Barbara.
All right, we go to the cops now. That's it.
That's why I didn't show you the note.
You want Robert Lee Shy here?
I don't have it all,
but when he was 13 in Los Angeles,
he did three years in a juvenile facility
for bludgeoning his step-uncle to death.
God damn it.
Alan Raimy was arrested twice
for rape and convicted.
On the phone,
you said you talked to Leo Franks
and he said for his own protection
and for your protection, tough guy,
he was willing to testify.
Well, why don't we let him?
LEO: Let it ring.
$1 10? That's it? $1 10?
- It's been slow.
- "It's been slow."
Don't touch it!
Just let it ring.
We're getting out of here, Grady, tonight.
- Christ. How did you get in?
- I walked in the back.
You know, I ain't seen you or Alan around.
I'm beginning to wonder.
If you'd pick up the motherfucking phone,
you wouldn't have to wonder.
Yeah. Yeah.
How come you're closed, Leo?
No. No, no, no. We're counting the money.
(STUTTERS) You know,
I'm opening up right now. Wait.
I mean, you know,
I ain't heard from you guys.
You know, 'cause of weird shit like
maybe you're cutting me out, huh?
Nobody's cutting you out, Leo.
You're part of the group.
Bobby, you don't think that
I told that Mitchell guy anything, do you?
I wouldn't do that.
I wouldn't tell him Alan's name.
- I wouldn't tell anybody anything.
- You're whimpering, Leo.
Now, Alan wants to see you at the club
at 1 1:00.
I'll be there. Can you give me a lift?
Leo, I think we ought
to get out of here right now.
No, we're fine.
ALAN: Now this won't be hot.
Maybe a little warm going in.
Lady, it's just scag.
It'll give you a nice slow ride uptown,
see the lights.
Oh, Jesus, I'm not hooking you.
I just... I wanna make you
quiet and easy to handle.
Now put your leg out, either one.
There. There.
It'll make you warm and quiet.
That's okay. That happens.
That's okay. That's okay.
Just don't let it ruin your high, though.
Don't touch it.
ALAN. : Hey, sport, it's me.
- I know who it is.
- How're you doing?
I've got a friend of yours here.
- Put her on.
- Yeah, okay, here she is.
Say something. Go on.
- There you go. Up.
- BARBARA. : Honey...
Barbara, don't... Don't...
- That's it, sport.
- Hey, Raimy.
- See, I wouldn't lie to you?
- Alan.
- Listen to me.
- No, you listen to me. I want the money.
- You'll get the money.
- But no police.
- No. No. No police.
- You sure?
Look, let's quit the dancing.
I've got the money.
You know, I've been thinking about you
and I've been getting bad vibes.
Well, if you're nervous, see a doctor.
(LAUGHS) Look, I want you
to meet me tonight at 8.:00
at the old Terminal Island railroad bridge.
The Long Beach side.
- You know where that is?
- Yeah, I know where that is.
- All right. Now, Alan, you listen to me.
- Yeah?
You like my car, huh?
Why don't I throw that in?
I've always wanted an E Jag.
Is it the 6 or the 12?
The 6. It's yours. All yours.
That's real white of you, sport.
Yeah. But Barbara, one hair,
and I'll get you, you fucker.
You've got my word, sport.
8.:00 at the old Terminal Island
railroad bridge, the Long Beach side.
- Enjoy your Sunday, sport.
- I'll be there.
O'BOYLE: When?
- Did you talk to Barbara?
- A second.
- Mitch...
- No. No police.
I'll do this. I know how.
ALAN: Bobby, I liked it.
(LAUGHS) Yeah. You're a fucking cowboy.
Now listen, it's set for tonight. Yeah.
I want you to meet me at the warehouse
at 7:00.
But... No, we don't want two cars,
so get Doreen to drive you up,
drop you off.
Yeah. Okay. So I'll meet you at 7:00, slick.
On the button. 7:00.
You know enough not to be stupid, right?
Hey, cowboy, how you doing?
I see. Hi, baby.
Come on.
Oh, I've got something to show you.
Something that's gonna knock you out.
Come on, sport!
That's fine.
- You got it?
- Yeah.
Come on, baby, let's go.
Come on. Hey, come on. Move your ass.
That-a-girl. That-a-girl.
Let's see it.
Let's see it.
- You wanna count it?
- No, I trust you.
Put it back in the car, passenger side.
Come on!
You fix that shitty radio speaker?
Yeah. It's fixed.
If you're fixing to do anything to us,
you better think twice.
There's a lawyer sitting in my office
looking at your fingerprints on my ledgers.
If he doesn't hear from us within an hour,
he'll know what to do with them.
Well, this is it, then.
Adios amigos, it's been fun. Beat it.
Beat it!
You got a fine bitch there.
There's a lot of mileage on her,
but she still cooks!
Hey, sport, hey!
This is so you don't do something stupid.
HARRY. : Hi, Alan.
This is the first and last 10 seconds
of the rest of your life.
So long, sport.