57 Seconds (2023) Movie Script

[ethereal music]
[mechanical whirring]
[dramatic music]
[bright ethereal music]
[dramatic music]
[gunfire popping]
[explosion booming]
[Franklin] Everyone on
this plane is about to die,
including me.
I'm Franklin Fox.
Some know me as Remedy.
I write a blog about
achieving optimal health.
That guy in the seat across
from me is Sig Thorenson,
who wouldn't be
in this predicament
if he had not caused
the death of thousands
by flooding the
pharmaceutical market
with a drug he knew
was highly addictive
and devastatingly lethal.
They say that life
flashes before your eyes
when you have a
near-death experience,
but I only saw
my last three months.
Let me take you back
to where that began.
[electronic whirring
and chirping]
I booked a gig as a ticket
taker at Sci-Trinity Arena
in the hopes I might snag
an interview for my blog
with health and tech guru
Anton Burrell,
who was on the brink
of discovering a means
to optimal health,
which required no pills
or any conventional medication.
I was behind schedule,
and I soon learned
that trying to cheat time
came with a heavy cost.
[manager] All you do
is scan the Tri-Band.
Admit only green.
[announcer] The new Tri-Band
Doc Remote, optimizing...
You're late.
Swipe your badge.
[announcer] Tri-Band...
[Franklin] Did I mention
that I only took this job
to meet Anton Burrell?
I researched him,
but I hadn't researched
this minimum-wage gig.
Simpler and more productive.
[electronic whirring
and chirping]
Experience optimum health.
First day.
Your top button.
Welcome to Sci-Trinity.
[announcer] Begin your journey
towards better health
for a better world.
As I was saying,
admit only green.
[gentle tones]
[announcer] Anton Burrell
welcomes you to
Sci-Trinity Arena.
[electronic chirping]
Thank you.
Walk through the door
to encounter the pathway
to optimum health.
[electronic chirping]
[error tone]
Um, sorry.
[error tone]
[manager] Sorry, ma'am.
This employee didn't
scan you properly.
My apologies.
[electronic chirping]
Learn your freaking job,
[manager scoffing]
[bright music]
[announcer] We're helping...
[Franklin] I was on
a mission to meet Burrell
and I didn't wanna get
sidetracked, but you know,
sometimes life comes
at you in weird ways.
[electronic chirping]
Next time, scan the
bracelets, not the babes.
Well, Louie, you shouldn't call
women you work with babes.
I'd hate to make another
report to your boss.
[Franklin chuckling]
[Franklin] That was amazing.
He thinks I'd fuck him
to keep this shit job.
Like, I bet he's still staring.
Oof. Totally is.
Yep, and you wanna know why?
Because I am a babe.
Um, it's a joke.
Uh, no, it's not.
You're a babe.
Hey, I'm Franklin.
Jala, nice to meet you.
Please find your seats.
Hey, would you, uh, wanna, like,
get food with me sometime?
Go to dinner or something?
OK, how's now?
Now? Uh, I just...
Oh, I see.
Our first date
and you already got
something better to do.
No, no, I was just,
I was kind of planning
on seeing the presentation.
Oh, do you have a secret
invitation hidden somewhere?
I don't see a Tri-Band.
No. I, uh, I can't afford it.
I've been saving up
to take you to dinner, so.
[laughs] OK, a boy
who sees the future,
Burrell fanboy.
More like I'm into tech
that I can't afford.
How about tomorrow night?
No, tonight.
Coogan's at seven.
Wait, here, let me, let me
get your number just in case.
[announcer] In the event
of an emergency
during tonight's performance
the alarms will sound and
you'll be led from your seats.
Wait, that's not--
My number? No.
But I did set your
alarm for 6:30.
It should give you plenty
of time to do whatever
sneaky shit you're up to.
[Franklin] I wasn't sure
where this would go,
but I really wanted
to find out.
But right now,
I needed to get to Andy,
my key to meeting Burrell.
[doors creaking]
Scared the shit out of me.
Maybe you should
be on the toilet.
What took you so long?
This thing's about to start.
I'm sorry, I, uh...
I think I may have just
met my future wife.
Dude, there are three emotions
that can kill a man:
love, greed, and revenge.
Court them at your peril.
You couldn't have gotten this
to me yesterday?
Save me the day labor gig?
Like your broke ass
doesn't need money?
Besides, these all-access
employee bands
just got here this morning.
Swiped yours from my boss.
Not gonna miss it?
Subbed his out
for a Tri-Band Two.
He'll never know the difference.
Anyway, I hacked that one.
Uploaded your DNA
from a beer bottle.
Not easy.
The security on these
things is a real bitch.
But it'll work, right?
[pensive music]
[Andy] Be careful!
[electronic whirring
and chirping]
[guard] Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Maybe, maybe it's...
Yeah, there we go. Go on.
[announcer] Please
take your seats.
Mr. Burrell has requested
no flash photography.
[announcer repeats announcement
in foreign language]
[vehicle approaching]
[equipment rattling]
[suspenseful music]
[curtain rustling]
Who... and why?
Uh, Mr. Burrell,
I'm, I'm Franklin Fox.
I'd love to interview you.
I have, I have a blog
that took--
[ethereal music]
Who... and why?
Not yours, is it?
Sir, I--
[crowd cheering]
You stay put, enjoy the show.
Oh. Mustn't distract
from the product.
[crowd cheering]
[announcer] Ladies
and gentlemen, Anton Burrell.
[crowd cheering]
[announcer repeats
in foreign language]
Normally I'm introduced
with a big fuss,
lights, music, some
announcer shouting my name.
Today I said,
"It's enough of all that."
You know me.
We know each other because
we have taken this journey
together, arm in arm,
or should I say
wrist and bracelet?
[audience laughing]
Our mission is one.
And we share a core belief
that to create a better world,
we must...
[crowd] Create better health!
[Anton] Create better health.
Mental health, physical
health, spiritual health.
When this trinity is in discord,
we experience illness.
When it's in harmony,
we experience optimum health.
How many of you here,
since integrating
a Tri-Band into your life,
have gained better
physical health? Hm?
[audience cheering]
How many feel more relaxed
and at the same time,
more alive than ever?
[audience cheering]
How many feel a new
loving connection
to the world around you?
[audience cheering]
Our technology has
monitored your physiology,
decoded your DNA
to devise a health plan
unique to you.
because remembering
it all can be a chore,
it reminded you when
and how to exercise,
what and when to eat.
But what if you didn't
have to be reminded?
What if you just naturally
enjoyed doing all the things
that are best for your health?
may I introduce Tri-Band Five.
[audience cheering]
Wear this and you'll not only
want to get up each
morning and exercise,
you will do it without
thinking and enjoy it.
You won't need those
pills for diabetes,
high blood pressure, food
addiction, drug addiction.
All lose their power with
the Tri-Band Five on your arm.
[audience cheering]
The mere thought that flossing
will leave you feeling
warm and fuzzy.
[audience laughing]
What's up?
Did you see the new taser?
[taser sizzling]
[guard grunting]
[dramatic music]
Now how is this all possible?
Good question.
We have developed a
neurotechnology that allows you
to be your best self
without even trying.
You're still you,
just the best you.
[Franklin grunting]
[gunfire popping]
Sci-Trinity's controlling you!
[gunfire popping]
[crowd exclaiming]
[guard] Piece of shit.
[contemplative music]
Killer machines!
Killer machines!
Sorry, I, I knocked
this off the stand.
Thank you.
Oh, and, uh, Franklin,
that interview you wanted,
it'll happen.
Meanwhile, I'd get someone
to look at that hand.
[pensive music]
And you came down,
you came through a back door.
Well, I'm gonna have to
hold onto this for a while.
You weren't supposed to be here,
but it's a good thing
you were, all right?
[ominous music]
[phone chiming]
Oh shit.
[electronic whirring
and chirping]
[Franklin panting]
You OK?
[pensive music]
I'm gonna have to
hold onto this, OK?
You weren't supposed
to be here, but I,
I think it's a good
thing you were.
All right?
[eerie music]
[phone chiming]
[traffic rumbling]
[horn honking]
[bluesy music]
That was so good.
Yeah, it was fantastic.
There's an injustice
That's bein' done
I see it although
I'm not the only one
[woman singing along]
There is a fever
Enough to know
His dark horizon
[glasses clinking]
We make our own, you know
More of us than
there are of them
More of us than
there are of them
Hey. Still waiting?
Let me know
if you need anything, OK?
Oh, cool ring.
[electronic whirring
and chirping]
[bluesy music]
That was so good.
Yeah, it was fantastic.
There's an injustice
That's being done
This is crazy.
I see it although
I'm not the only one
[woman singing along]
There is a fever
Let's try this again.
OK, you don't work
when you're white.
And you know
More of us than
there are of them
[glasses clinking]
[woman] Happy birthday.
Hey. Are you still waiting?
OK, well, just let me know
if you need anything, OK?
There you go.
How long?
Let's get together
And make a stand
[Franklin] So we're
talking about how much time?
We're gonna fight back
When I touch the jewel...
More of us than
there are of them
[electronic whirring
and chirping]
[bluesy music]
[Franklin shudders]
That's unreal.
[bells chiming]
[Jala] I bet you
were here at seven.
On time, waits for me,
and... you're not about
to propose, are you?
Oh, uh, yeah, no.
You, uh, look incredible.
Well, thank you.
When a girl goes out
to dinner with a hero.
Saw you on my feed
saving Burrell. Superhero.
Oh, no, I, I just, uh,
I just reacted.
Does that hurt?
Oh, no, it's a...
This is a flesh wound.
From a bullet?
Yeah, but it barely,
barely grazed me, so.
More of us than
there are of them
You wanna get outta here?
You're not hungry?
No, I'm, I'm, I'm famished,
but I only suggest this place
when I'm not sure about a guy.
It's safe, but the food sucks.
And now you're,
you're sure about me?
No, but I'm pretty scrappy
and you've only got one good
hand, so I like my chances.
OK. [laughs]
You paint like, like
paintings and things?
Yeah, yeah.
What, you thought taking
tickets at a sports arena
was my dream?
No judgment.
I mean, it's, it's
not yours, right?
No, no, no.
I just, I, I did the job
so I could, uh, you know,
sneak into the presentation.
Oh, OK.
But I, I write.
Oh, a writer?
Like, like novels.
Like articles for
newspapers or websites.
What do you write about?
It's about how
technology affects health.
Ah, so you're like
an investigative journalist?
Yeah, actually, I had,
I had three pieces that I,
I got in the Huffington Post
and Burrell agreed to give me
an interview tonight, so...
I mean, he knows
smart when he sees it.
Well, probably more
stubborn than smart, but...
Tenacity's an admirable trait.
[smooth jazzy music]
Open up the door with you
Have you ever had something
so crazy happen to you
you can barely believe
that it happened?
Franklin, we just met.
Unless that's not,
that's not what you meant.
[clears throat]
That's exactly what I meant.
Like this
[door creaking]
[Franklin] This is it.
It's a total mess
in here. I'm sorry.
No, it's fine.
I live with my aunt
and she steals outta my purse
and everything she owns
smells like cigarettes.
So this is, I like this.
Yeah, I still need to
take more corporate jobs.
Screw the blog.
Make some more money.
Classic problem.
Passion versus finance.
And you know what
they say about money?
Absolutely corrupts.
Isn't it power
absolutely corrupts?
Money, power.
What's the real difference?
Anyway, I mean, passion
trumps all, yeah?
[electronic dance music]
Ooo, here they come, son
Ooo, here they come, son
Ooo, here they come, son
Ooo, here they come, son
Ooo, here they come, son
Um, um, oh, Franklin?
Do you have a girlfriend?
No, why?
Whose purses are those?
Uh, I can explain,
but maybe later.
It's not...
Yeah, no, it's fine.
It's cool, it's cool, it's cool.
Maybe we're moving
too fast, anyway.
I'm gonna just...
[electronic whirring]
[electronic dance music]
Ooo, here they come, son
Ooo, here they come, son
Ooo, here they come, son
Ooo, here they come, son
[Jala panting]
Um, Franklin is, is
that your girlfriend?
I'm gonna just...
[electronic whirring]
Ooo, here they come, son
Ooo, here they come, son
Ooo, here they come, son
Ooo, here they come, son
Can you kiss my toes?
Your toes?
You think that's weird, right?
I'm so sorry,
you don't have to.
No, no, no.
[electronic whirring]
Ooo, here they come, son
Ooo, here they come, son
Ooo, here they come, son
Ooo, here they come, son
Drop, get funky
Oh wow, Franklin.
Drop, get funky
[Thorenson] You
think this was planned?
[Renee] Maybe, Burrell
knows how to market.
Now, who is this kid
who saved Burrell?
He's a writer.
Nothing major.
End-of-the-year reports
and feel-good PR articles
for small companies.
Maybe he should write
something for us.
Calvert, follow this kid,
see if he works for Burrell.
If we can prove
this attack was a con,
that'll change
the whole narrative.
All over him, Mr. Thorenson.
Renee, dig.
Perfect health wristband,
my ass.
There's gotta be
some chink in the armor.
It's snake oil,
it can't be real.
And if it is, we can't
let it get to market.
How are we gonna make money
if nobody gets sick?
Yes, sir.
[Thorenson] Go deep.
Fuck Burrell.
Good morning.
Look, I know it's after 12,
but you want breakfast?
You are like a mind reader.
Just bacon. People who
don't like bacon, like bacon.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
I'm, I'm talking
about last night.
It's like you were in my head.
I think you ruined
me for anyone.
[truck beeping]
Hang on one sec.
Oh shit.
[pensive music]
[engine rumbling]
Wait, wait.
[electronic whirring
and chirping]
Wait, wait!
Oh, come on.
My keys.
You know how long it's gonna
take me to make enough money
to get that car out?
I mean, they keep
raising the price
like every single day
it's there too.
Well, you still have that
interview with Burrell.
That should count
for something, right?
Yeah, I mean,
if he even does it,
and it could be weeks
before I sell it,
and then more weeks
before whoever I sell it to
actually sends a check, so...
You need to just have
a little faith, Franklin.
[announcer] Paragon
Casino Resort.
[Jala] You're a good guy,
something will happen.
Maybe something already has.
Hey, uh, I got, I gotta go
do something, actually.
You trying to get rid of me?
What, no, no. You can stay.
No, I'm kidding. I'm kidding.
You rattle too easy.
I gotta go walk my aunt's dog.
If not, she'll shit herself.
My aunt, not the dog.
All right.
I'll see you later.
[bluesy rock music]
I won, I won!
Good shit.
Yup, you got it.
[croupier] Hey,
how's it going?
Ready to play?
[Franklin] Uh, yeah.
Place your bets.
And bets are closed.
Good luck to ya.
Here you are, sir.
Thank you, lucky number seven.
[croupier] All right.
No more bets.
15 black.
Put me out and do me wrong
[electronic whirring
and chirping]
Good luck to ya.
Here you are, sir.
Uh, 15.
[croupier] Alright.
No more bets.
[ball rattling]
15 black.
[croupier] 21.
[ball rattling]
21, red.
How much did that pay out?
That pays $3,500.
$3,500, OK.
[electronic whirring
and chirping]
I think 13, I'll go 13.
[hostess] Two Miller Lites.
29 black.
Good job, man.
[Franklin] All right, thank
you, thank you, thank you.
[cashier] All large?
or do you need smaller?
Oh, uh, yeah, hundreds are fine.
Are you wild
[bluesy rock music]
Bye now.
[engine roaring]
[Franklin] Thank you!
[pulsing electronic music]
Thank you.
You are so welcome.
[cashier] Here you go.
Thank you very much.
[man whistling]
[Franklin grunting, panting]
[electronic whirring
and chirping]
Thank you.
You're welcome.
[electronic whirring
and chirping]
Get back here, you!
Stop that guy!
[patrons cheering]
You're with Dick.
I'm walkin' down the avenue
Hey, buddy.
You're running a scam.
Nobody gets percentages
like that in roulette.
Oh, I won that money,
so fuck you.
[horn honking]
Don't scuff your shoes, Timmy.
Hey, fuck off, Calvert.
This is none of your business.
Doesn't exactly look
official though, does it?
Out here in the
parking lot like this.
Looks like you trying to peel
something off for yourself.
And as a regular here, I am
shocked by what I'm seeing.
I don't wanna see your
ass back here again.
All right.
[grunts and groans]
You know what's good
after you get your ass beat?
So what is it?
Tight with the croupier?
Come on now.
Just between us.
What's the gag?
Nobody picks that many spins
without an edge.
I gotta tell you,
it's just luck, that's it.
I'll say. Those boys were
about to take your scalp.
So maybe you are lucky.
There's someone who
would like to meet you.
Know Sig Thorenson?
Renson Pharmaceuticals
Sig Thorenson? Yeah.
Why does he wanna meet me?
Yeah, the company's
been dealing with
some negative press about--
It's fueling an opioid epidemic
that's killing thousands?
he's seen
some of the PR work
you've done
for other companies,
believes you might have
the right sensibility
to put a different
spin on things.
Yeah. [clears throat]
You can tell Sig Thorenson
to go fuck himself.
Thanks for the burger.
In case you decide you want
to tell him that yourself.
Hey, what's up?
How are you?
I'm good.
Whose apartment is this?
Oh, this is my apartment.
[Jala] Did you rob a bank?
[Franklin] I just,
I went to the casino,
I got super lucky.
Can I have some of that luck?
Yeah, you can have
some of that luck.
No, I just, I had like
a, a bit of an edge.
[Jala] An edge
like counting cards?
Yeah, something like that.
There's something
I wanna show you.
My phone's dead,
can I use your laptop?
Yeah, of course.
Franklin, did, uh, who is this?
It's OK to have a past,
but is it in the past though?
Yeah, she's in the past.
That's my, my twin
sister, Nataline.
You saw her purses
the other day in the room.
What purses? I didn't see any.
[upbeat electronic music]
Right, uh...
No, I think her stuff
just kind of haunts me
since she passed.
I got a bunch of her stuff
in the house, so...
Uh, I'm... I'm sorry.
When did she... Unless you
don't wanna talk about it,
I understand.
No, no, yeah.
She, uh, she died
four years ago this month.
She, uh, she actually
OD'd on Zonastin.
It's like a pain pill they
gave her after a car crash.
And, uh, she just couldn't,
couldn't stop.
You know, once she started.
I, I spent every penny I had
to try to help her.
It was rehab and bail and rehab.
Never really could,
could help enough.
That pill killed my sister,
That's why I write,
try to make sure that never
happens to anyone again.
Here, let me show you.
Rebel Health by Remedy.
Yeah, I mostly, uh,
promote, like,
alternatives to pain
management and stuff,
but I go hardcore
after the people
that make those kinds of pills
and push 'em out into the world.
So for when I'm doing my normal
work, I, I use my real name.
But then when I'm doing that
stuff, those corporate fucks
who, who get way too much money
for what they do to people.
They're scary, they're big
and they got a bunch of money.
So I use an alias, Remedy,
and I hide my, my IP and stuff,
so they can't find me.
You're an activist.
An activ--
You know, the other day
I actually thought that
I was actively caught.
This, this guy came up
to me and he told me
he works for Sig Thorenson,
who's this massive pill pimp
who makes Zonastin,
who I've also written
a bunch of vile,
but very true things about him.
And he came up to me and I
was like, "Oh shit, I'm busted."
But yeah, it was scary.
Hey, don't, don't say
anything to anybody
about like the alias.
Listen, no, no, your
secret is safe with me.
OK, I, I think it's very heroic.
[Jala] Yes.
I can tell you
what's not heroic
is how my apartment
was looking before,
so I decided I'd use
my non-writing talents
to make a little bit more money.
And I was like, "There's
this really special girl.
And I want to get her something
special," so I got you this.
[Jala gasping]
Franklin, that's, that's for me?
[Franklin] Mm-hmm.
Jala, I, I haven't had anybody
like, in my life in a while
that I really care about.
And I want you to know
if it's important to you,
it's important to me.
It's just a little gift.
You, thank you, thank you.
Franklin, did you
get a new toy or...
You wanna see it?
I don't know if it's,
it might be too much.
I love it.
I hate parking it
out here, you know.
Franklin, put this in
a parking lot immediately.
Do you see where we are?
I know.
[phone buzzing]
[Anton] Is now a good time?
Excuse me?
[Anton] The interview
you wanted.
Burrell interview.
Uh, like right now, right now?
[Anton] Uh,
if you're available?
Yeah, yeah, I'm,
I'm available.
[Anton] Good.
I've provided transportation.
[mysterious music]
[Anton] See you soon, Mr. Fox.
Thank you.
Here, have fun.
I'll see you later.
[Jala] All right,
well, good luck.
[door opens]
[door shuts]
[ethereal music]
[Anton] Mr. Fox.
My hero.
Ingram will show you
to the boardroom.
[electronic chirping]
Oh, Mr. Burrell, thank you
so much for taking the time.
No, sir, thank you for
your quick thinking.
Oh, I, uh, just,
just reacted, sir.
I'm not, not a fighter.
I have a gift.
You might wanna come closer.
[contemplative music]
Thank you, Ingram.
Here, for you.
[electronic chirping]
Are these the new Fives?
No, but they're
the best you can get.
Unless you're me.
For you and your lady friend.
I do my homework.
I know that you were
a graduate of MIT.
I know that you started
your own biotech company
with your sister,
whom you lost to...
well, let's say
unfortunate circumstances.
[Anton] Your interview.
Unless you read minds.
No, no, I do not.
Uh... I was thinking we could,
we could start big. Um...
So do, do you
believe that one day
your Tri-Band technology
will be
a viable alternative
to medication,
pills, syrups, inhalers?
Alternative would be nice.
Complete replacement
would be best.
A technology that makes
medication an unnecessary...
barbaric relic.
But not all medical needs
stem from poor
healthcare habits.
What about accidents?
Car crash, ski injury, falls.
What besides medication
can manage pain?
You're asking
the wrong questions.
It's not what do we need
to manage pain from accidents.
It's why have accidents
in the first place?
Let's step outside a minute,
I'm feeling a little
OK? Come on.
In the future,
your Tri-Bands are gonna
eliminate accidents?
Not Tri-Bands.
What I'm working on
will make Tri-Bands
as antiquated
as a rotary telephone.
The platform has limitations.
It's reactive.
In order to eliminate accidents,
we're gonna need
a proactive solution.
And you have one?
Off the record?
[Franklin] Sure.
Years ago,
I stumbled on a substance
that contained
quantum particles.
Like quantum crystals.
I thought those were
just recently discovered.
Oh, well, that's
what the world thinks.
I discovered them decades ago
while working on laser
technology, but early sixties,
man of my complexion...
How long would it be before
the technology gets stolen
or I wound up dead?
So I just kept it secret
and kept experimenting.
But I do believe
that integrating AI
with this substance
will eliminate accidents.
No accidents,
no injuries,
no injuries, no pain.
No pain,
no need for medication.
That, that sounds incredible.
Well, forgive me
for sounding immodest,
but if I'm truthful,
incredible is what I do.
But you weren't being honest
with me completely before.
About being a fighter.
Look, I sense that
you're a modest man.
Power and material things
don't hold much pull.
But I also detect
a desire for justice,
desire to make
the world a better place.
Don't let
the intellectual fear in here
keep you from pursuing
what's burning in here.
Jay, do you,
do you think that I should take
that meeting with Thorenson?
What, you go see an angel
and then you gonna go
meet with the devil?
I mean, didn't you say
that he killed your sister?
Yeah, but it's just,
just a meeting.
You know, maybe I can,
I don't know,
maybe I can get him to slip up
and say something he shouldn't.
Blow it out to the world,
I don't know.
Could be a little
bit of justice.
[both mumbling]
[Franklin] Despite the effort,
I couldn't get Burrell's
words out of my head.
I did have a desire
for justice,
a fire burning inside of me.
This was an opportunity to
confront the man responsible
for my sister's death.
And I wanted to take that fire
and use it to light
Sig Thorenson the fuck up.
All I had to do was
push past my fear.
All I had to do
was take action.
[Calvert laughing]
Change of heart.
Good man.
Follow me.
[Franklin] All right.
[Calvert] Mr. Thorenson,
meet Franklin Fox.
Franklin Fox.
Sig Thorenson.
That beautiful woman
there is Renee Renzler.
Brilliant mind, keeps
my business afloat,
which is why
I don't have a problem
that she won't give me
the time of day outside of work.
Isn't that right, Calvert?
But as you can see,
I do all right.
Mmm. Give me a minute,
sweetheart, OK?
Oh, ignore the
naysayers, Franklin,
'cause money can buy you
happiness, and a lot of it.
You want, you wanna
meet her girlfriends?
Oh no, I'm good. I don't mix
business and pleasure.
Oh, dull, but I like it.
No, Renson Pharmaceuticals
could use a persuasive
voice like yours
to help us regain
some goodwill.
'Cause fact is,
Zonastin has helped a,
a lot of people
dealing with pain.
Like it helped my sister?
Took away her pain.
Took it away permanently
'cause it killed her.
You knew about the dangers
of that drug and you put it out.
So my truth is her death
is on your fucking hands.
Well, this is awkward.
Anything else before you
become a broken memory?
[Sig grunting]
Renson Pharmaceuticals
could use a--
A persuasive of voice like mine
to help this company regain
some goodwill,
get your story out there.
I mean, the truth is,
Zonastin, it's,
it's helped so many people
with so much pain.
[Sig stammering]
You took the words
right out of my mouth.
[Franklin] Oh.
Calvert says you have a gift.
Right, you have a, a lucky
streak like nobody's business.
Not so much luck as it is,
um, it's more of a skill.
You know, I can,
I can see things,
but my, my abilities
are rather limited.
I can only see things that
are just about to happen.
So you can see
what I'm thinking.
You're thinking that
I'm full of shit.
I like that. I like that.
I'll tell you what,
let's make a wager. Hmm?
You prove Calvert right
and I'll pay you, I don't know,
what do you get for an article?
About a thousand.
All right,
you prove Calvert right
and for every article you write
that tells the world
Sig Thorenson
knew nothing about the
addictive effects of Zonastin
and elevates the Renson
Pharmaceutical name,
I will multiply that by 100.
A small price
for good publicity.
Fail and I fire Calvert
for telling a ridiculous lie
or being too stupid
to see through your scam.
And you owe me five articles
at half your going rate.
What do you say?
I say you name the game.
Ah, no, no, no, no game, no.
You simply tell me
what will happen...
after I whistle.
You're gonna whistle?
And you predict the outcome.
Come on, 100K if you
can do it right now.
Let's have some fun.
Sure. Uh...
OK, uh, you're gonna whistle
and then your dog's
gonna come running from
outside and jump in your lap.
[Sig whistles]
[woman grunting]
Calvert, you're fired,
and Franklin,
you owe me five articles.
No, no, no, no game, no.
You simply tell me
what will happen...
after I whistle.
So you're gonna whistle.
And you predict the outcome.
So the woman that was just here
behind you is gonna return.
She's gonna trip along her way.
Come around, kiss your neck
and put her hands
on your shoulders.
Maybe you get a massage.
[Sig whistles]
[woman grunting]
What the...
[Franklin chuckling]
It's not bad, huh?
How'd you...? [wheezes]
[engine rumbling]
[tires squealing]
Anton Burrell's behind
this magic act somehow,
I can feel it.
Sig, are you sure about this?
Him working here?
Put him in the corporate office.
No. Friends close,
enemies closer.
It's trite, but it's...
it's true.
[thunder rumbling]
[rain pattering]
So he wants you to write an
article to make him look good?
Yeah, 100K a pop.
But, Franklin,
that's like selling out
all the people
who read your blog
and your sister.
You're just gonna
let him buy you?
Jala, come on, it's
not about the money.
You don't think I
wanted to kill him
when I was standing
in front of him?
But if I go and work for him,
you realize I can get like,
deep in underground
and get some actual proof
that he knew about
Zonastin the entire time
and mess up his entire world.
While writing glowing
reviews about the man. Mm...
No, I know.
I'll find a way around that.
In the meantime,
I'll take his money
and I'll use it for something
worthwhile, like us.
Yeah. Us.
We can move outta this
shithole, get an insane house.
I can fill it with paints
and easels and, and...
Franklin, this
sounds like some...
backward-ass marriage proposal.
I don't...
[drawer scraping]
[thunder rumbling]
You know I'm crazy.
You know I'm crazy about you.
This was my grandma's,
she gave it to my sister.
I want to marry you.
I don't wanna waste any time.
I want to be crazy together.
Let's just do it.
Frank-Franklin, um...
Ah, it's too crazy.
No, no, no.
It's not too crazy.
I, you know what you want
and I, I, I want it too.
You want that too?
Yes. Put the ring on.
Franklin, please!
That's it, that's it.
[both laughing]
[Sig] So what are you thinking?
[Franklin] Well,
I was thinking instead
of doing a bunch
of little articles,
why don't we do one
big event-style piece
where we completely rebrand
Renson Pharmaceuticals
and yourself?
What, like that
circus Burrell does?
Well, I was thinking
something more in line of
Renson Pharmaceuticals'
to the community and health.
Time and cost.
[Sig stammers]
Time and cost.
It's not a fast process.
I would say... six months
to get it done right. Um...
You need a lot of time to
really dig into the company and,
you know, products and the
pipeline, that sort of thing.
As far as cost, I can create
a budget for you.
There's a shareholders'
meeting in August.
I know that.
So there's a shareholders'
meeting in August.
You know, I was gonna
pay you per article,
but what the hell, Renee,
put him on payroll.
Let's amortize
his articles over a year.
Are you sure?
You good with that?
Yes, yeah.
[Sig] Great.
So now you work for me.
Big money, big results.
[pensive music]
Got it.
[footsteps echoing]
You'll be in here.
Sig is in the next wing
and I'm just down the hall.
OK. Thank you.
[door closes]
And you are...?
First-day present.
[Sig chuckling]
Is he...?
Goddamn Boy Scout.
We're gonna have to
rethink our collateral.
[Sig] We gotta figure out
how he does that trick.
And it better not
have anything to do
with that ridiculous Tri-Band.
Maybe we need to see
if he can do the trick
when he's not wearing it.
Pretty sure he didn't have it
when I first saw him.
Pretty sure? That's,
that's the best you can do,
Calvert, pretty sure?
I think it's time
for a little road trip.
Let him do the trick
in a place with a bunch of eyes.
[chuckles] OK, that's good.
Yeah, let's, let's do
that, let's do that.
And let's juice
him up a little bit
so that it's easier for
the kid to express himself.
Didn't you say he
has a girlfriend?
Just got engaged.
Great, invite her too.
Renee, have some girl talk.
See if you can get her
to spill a bean or two.
So let's go.
Go, go, go, go, go.
Let's get some collateral
on Franklin Fox.
Let's get some collateral.
[smooth music]
[Franklin] It's not?
[Jala] No.
But... [indistinct]
But mine does.
Wondering why
OK, well...
Designing, just before,
let's do the whole thing.
And then I have like this
cool little couch thing.
'Cause when I leave,
yeah, we're left out then
There's only so long I can
Pretend that I never had
any other
Welcome aboard.
Pretend that I'm not
a hostage of the world
[Franklin] You guys got our,
our luggage, right?
Jala, this is Mr. Thorenson,
Renee and Calvert.
Well, Franklin,
you didn't tell me your
lady friend was a model.
No, about a foot too short.
But thank you,
and for the invitation.
Oh, I like to relax
with my team now and then.
Have some fun.
Sit back and relax, we'll
be in Miami in no time.
All right.
Yeah, I'm gonna
have to ask you both
to leave your Tri-Bands on
the plane when we get to Miami.
It's a small boutique casino
owned by a buddy of mine
and he, he knows how much
I can't stand Anton Burrell.
If he saw my employees
wearing one of those,
I would never hear
the end of it.
Yeah. OK.
I can't wait to see how much
you steal from my buddy.
[pensive music]
Oh, that's sweet.
Look, this night, this night
probably gonna be on TikTok
Take my wristwatch,
I've been list stop
Got a couple biddies on me
And they trying to lip lock
With me, Ziploc plastic,
but I give no shit
She not bad man,
she's atrocious
It's so damn hard
to stay focused
I got to turn that
shit to hurricane
I said I'm really
glad you came
Made her sing out
like T-Pain
And have blood rushin'
through my veins
[player] Oh wow!
[croupier] Seven.
Late night, baby,
but you know she creepin'
Off for tomorrow,
I say we should sleep in
[pulsing tones]
[electronic whirring
and chirping]
[player] Oh my God.
He did it again.
Prolly gonna be on TikTok
So cool.
Got a couple biddies on me
and they tryin' to lip lock
All your eyes in the sky
and you got nothing?
My team's been watching him
from the second he walked
through the door.
Whatever he's doing,
it's undetectable.
Yeah, but still,
you have nothing.
Sig, trust me,
if I had half a reason
to take those
chips back, I would.
Calvert, let's
make sure that Renee
pulls something valuable
from the girlfriend.
All right?
You got it.
So how long have you and,
uh, Calvert been together?
Our work with Sig is 24/7.
So yeah, we hook up,
just convenience.
Not like you with that ring.
You lovebirds moved quick, huh?
I mean, you know, when
you know, you know. Why wait?
[Renee chuckling] I get it.
He's very smart and cute.
Yes. Yes, he is.
It's just so odd that
he was so down and out
before meeting Sig.
Yeah, I just think
he was burnt out.
You know, when people
keep going, they just,
they tend to burn out.
I don't think he's
in it for the money.
Oh, but he's so
good at making it.
How does he make it happen?
You must have some idea.
No, I guess he's
just really lucky.
[Jala giggling] Hey.
How'd it go?
I started with
like a big stack,
and I just got down to one.
You see, he loses
all his chips,
and he's like,
"Yeah, it's whatever."
Holy shit.
This is real?
Yes, it is.
Your boy Franklin
did it again.
He made us both a lot of money.
Yeah, Mr. Thorenson
bankrolled my play.
And that chip you're holding,
that belongs to you,
if Franklin will
let you keep it.
That's his cut for doing
whatever sorcery he does.
OK, come on, come on, come on.
Let's go celebrate.
I stand out in the crowd,
you be blended
Hit the cup who gone
fall like a domino
In her guts I go
deep like Geronimo
Hit the bay, I ain't
talkin' Guantanamo
You can play me one
time not another moe
Ain't no Valentine's,
you gotta fantasize
Only time feel alive
when I slip inside
I can't flock with no birds,
got a pigeon eye
Why you dapping
[both laughing]
Fell in love with the dope
All this smoke up in the air
look like a cloak
We ain't gotta tell
nobody keep it low
When she pull up on
the scene she drop it low
Let it go
Hit the cup and go
I fell in love
with the dope
All this smoke
up in the air
Well, that was
impressive, Mr. Fox.
Tell me, how do you do it?
What's your, what's your secret?
No secret. Surprisingly,
he just has really good rhythm.
[all chuckling]
I think what Sig meant
was more, what's the secret?
How do you do it?
[Sig] Inquiring minds
need to know.
Oh, well, I mean,
your boss is one of the
richest men in America.
So I, I'd like to know
what his secrets are.
[Calvert chuckling]
Well, Franklin,
my secret is I'm a bastard.
But the secret to
success of my business
is that I know everything
there is to know
about my employees.
Sig Thorenson?
It's time to pay up.
[gunfire popping]
No, no, no, no.
[Jala gasping]
[gunfire popping]
[crowd screaming]
Anybody else
with this asshole?
[Franklin grunting] The ring!
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Don't shoot!
[gunfire popping]
[Franklin gasping]
[electronic whirring
and chirping]
Surprisingly, he has
really good rhythm.
[both chuckling]
I think what Sig meant
was more, what's the secret?
[Sig] Inquiring minds
need to know.
Hey, Sport, did you
hear what he said?
Sig Thorenson?
[glass shattering]
[shooter grunting]
[Renee gasping]
[Franklin gasping]
Sig, are you OK?
I'm all right, I'm all right.
[contemplative music]
I think he saved my life.
[Jala] You OK?
OK, good.
[pensive music]
Franklin, look.
They put your picture up.
Oh God.
It's like you some kind
of super sexy superhero.
"Franklin Fox saves
Sig Thorenson just months
after doing the same
for Anton Burrell."
You're famous. My man.
Oh my gosh.
You remember what
tomorrow night is, right?
My art exhibit.
You're gonna come, right?
Of course.
Because I don't know,
I don't think I can take
people judging my work
and me being by myself.
I'm gonna need
my superhero fiance
there for emotional support.
All right, I'll,
I'll come on one condition.
You gotta stop
calling me a superhero.
[contemplative music]
Well, excuse me
if you fly out to
a casino, win big,
stop a murder, fly back.
That's superhero-type shit.
[both chuckling]
[reporter] Breaking news.
The man arrested
in last night's
assassination attempt...
What's wrong?
...of Sig Thorenson
has been identified as...
I knew that I
recognized that guy.
Who, the shooter?
[reporter] Two years ago, the
suspect's wife, Susan Miller,
was found dead inside
Renson Pharmaceuticals'
corporate office.
He was married
to this Renson exec
who hung herself in her office.
I tried to track him
down for an interview,
but there was no media
coverage or, or anything.
[reporter] ...of the company's
drug, Zonastin.
[Jala] I'm going to bed,
you want to come?
[reporter] ...suicide
by the county coroner.
Uh, I'll be up in a minute.
[reporter] ...a murder in which
Sig Thorenson played a role.
[Jala] Don't leave me lonely.
[reporter] Last night Miller
attempted to take justice
into his own hands.
[Miller] Investigate
Sig Thorenson!
Investigate Renee Renzler!
They're blackmailing everyone.
[safe creaking]
[knocking on door]
I didn't mean to startle you.
No, it's OK.
How's our hero doing?
Getting a little tired
of the hero thing.
You know, I have some real
work I need to get done.
How can I help?
Well, I was gonna
see if you had a file
on an old employee,
Susan Miller.
Why would you want that?
Her husband's the one
who tried to kill Sig.
She knew about Zonastin's
propensity for addiction,
didn't tell anybody,
and Thorenson still catches
some heat because of it.
She had a financial
stake in its success.
I guess money was more
important to her than lives.
That's why I'd like to learn
a little bit more about her.
See, I wanna know
as much as possible
while I'm trying to game plan
how to reframe
the whole company,
and having her employee file
might lend me some
helpful insight.
[pensive music]
I'll see what I can find.
Thanks, Renee.
You know, if I can clear
out whatever dark cloud
is still left over
Mr. Thorenson and this company,
that's when I'll
call myself a hero.
I'm just saying, Mr. Thorenson,
he saved Burrell and then you.
I think he set it up.
[Sig] Well, maybe that's because
he was doing your job, Calvert.
Sig, Franklin just asked
to see Susan Miller's file.
You see?
[Sig] Yeah, maybe I do.
I mean, maybe it's
an innocent question.
Maybe I need to thank
Mr. Fox properly
for doing your job.
[knocking on door]
I had Renee pull this
from the safe.
Susan Miller, Renee said
you wanted to see it.
Oh, yeah, but I,
I thought that you were...
It's empty.
Her not telling us what
she knew about Zonastin
cost us a lot of credibility.
We probably should
have kept her records.
I mean, hindsight, your
instincts were correct.
And that's undeniable.
After saving my ass in Miami.
I, I want to thank you.
No, I want to thank you.
Oh, don't, don't bother,
you already have.
No, grab your jacket.
Follow me.
[pensive music]
I really appreciate
what you did.
Oh, yeah.
Last night.
No, no, no, no.
Don't, don't downplay.
Hey, let's take a drive.
Which one should we,
which one should we take?
Which one, what do you like?
I like that,
let's take this one.
All right.
You know, come on, climb in.
This'll be fun.
You're gonna feel
the power on this.
[engine rumbling]
[engine revving]
Heck yeah, here we go.
You don't need
that seatbelt. Live.
[engine roaring]
[engine rumbling]
Mr. Sig, what
can I do you for?
How about a couple of shots?
Sound good?
Uh, sure. [clears throat]
For you.
What do you mean?
She's all yours.
That's my gift
for saving my life.
Thank you.
Here you go.
A toast to one hell
of an employee.
[glasses clinking]
We good, Sammy?
Exactly how you asked.
All right.
Come on, one last gift.
Just up here.
Come on, this is gonna be fun.
[Franklin panting]
Now it's a party.
Oh, look who's here.
[Franklin] No, no.
Oh, no, should I
have arranged for boys?
No, I...
You're about to be real good.
Go get 'em, Tiger.
Come on.
No, no.
I don't...
Oh, let me zoom in on that.
[Franklin grunting]
[discordant music]
[women laughing]
[Franklin grunting]
I gave you a little something.
Makes one head hard, makes
the other as hard as ever.
You're very
photogenic, Franklin.
[women laughing]
[Franklin grunting]
[grunting and panting]
Oh, fuck.
Hey, is he still here?
Oh, he left a few hours ago.
But he told me to give you this
when you were good
enough to drive.
Come on, what?
You didn't have a good time?
Some gorgeous girls in there.
You spiked my fucking drink.
That was a part
of the good time.
[engine rumbling]
[tires squealing]
[engine roaring]
That fool's gonna kill
himself in that thing.
Hey, hey.
Sorry, sorry I'm so late.
I, I got held up in
a meeting with Thorenson.
[Anton] Franklin?
Mr. Burrell.
What? What's, what's going on?
Oh, you mean what went on?
Exhibition of paintings
by this talented young lady
you're engaged to.
Yeah, he just
stopped by the gallery.
I find her paintings
so intriguing
that I had to see some more
before I decided
which one to buy.
Couldn't decide.
He brought them all.
I just might have made
her independently wealthy.
And you, woo,
so full of surprises.
Predictive analysis
be damned, huh?
Saving Thorenson? Didn't see
that one on the horizon.
[ominous music]
[door closes]
Did, did he just say...
You took a meeting
with Thorenson?
You think these things
are spying--
Franklin, forget
the, the Tri-Band.
You had a meeting
with Thorenson,
that's why you bailed on me.
No, no, I didn't bail on you.
I have a job.
Oh, it's your job now.
I thought your job was to get
enough dirt on the asshole
so that you could put
him out of business.
Yeah, it is.
Is that why you smell like
cheap whores and stale beer?
Or is it the other way around?
I am so close to
nailing him, all right?
Why did you save him?
If you wanted
to get rid of him--
I saved him to save you, OK?
Who knows how many people
that guy would've shot.
Apparently you.
I'm building a case.
OK? Listen to me,
in four months,
this all explodes at his
annual investor's meeting.
Four months?
Franklin, this is not about
your sister or the world.
This is about you and
power and all this shit.
I think you like
taking his money.
His money paid
for your art show.
I knew you would hold
that over my head.
You say you don't care about
the money, but you do, Jala.
Leave me alone.
That makes you a hypocrite.
I'm a hypocrite?
Yeah, it makes you a hypocrite.
I'm a hypocrite?
[Franklin grunting]
[ominous music]
[bubbles burbling]
[ethereal music]
[electronic chirping]
What? What?
What was that?
You were touching me.
No, no, no, no, no.
'Cause we, we were,
we were out there in the water.
It's OK. It's OK, all right.
I, I, I, I can--
Franklin, what was that?
I can explain.
What the fuck?
How the fuck did I
get in the water?
I, I, I didn't--
I was in there. I saw it.
It's the ring, OK?
What is that?
I, I found it.
And it does that?
Yeah, yeah, it takes you
back in time 57 seconds.
No, no, no, no, no.
That's not, that's not real.
You want me to,
I can show you a--
No, don't do it again.
Don't ever do it again.
I feel like I'm
going fuckin' crazy. [sniffles]
Where did you get it?
I found it on stage the
night that I saved Burrell.
But I don't know
where it came from.
I don't know how it works.
The night we met?
So you've had it
this whole time?
How many times
have you done that?
And why can't I remember?
I mean, I don't know.
I guess you only remember
if you're like touching it,
and if not,
it just, just resets.
Do you use it to do
things, to get stuff, like...?
That's it, isn't it?
This house, all,
all this, all this shit.
It's that thing.
Did you use it with me?
Is that how you got me?
Just a redo until you
say what I want to hear?
This ring gave us
everything, OK?
Our whole life
is a lie, Franklin.
It's not a lie, 'cause
when you press it,
it's like it never happened. OK?
But it did happen.
It happened and you know it.
It happened,
you know it, I forget it.
You know what? I should have
gone with my gut from the start.
You are a liar.
[pensive music]
[Franklin] Jala.
[Calvert] Talk to Renee.
She knows where all
the bodies are buried.
[pensive music]
They're blackmailing everyone.
[knocking on door]
[engine rumbling]
[drawer slides open, shuts]
[gun ratcheting]
[tense music]
I heard you got a nice
gift from Mr. Thorenson.
Yeah, I did, it was,
it was pretty nice actually.
But you know what would
be an even nicer gift?
[Franklin] Code to that safe.
[Renee scoffs]
Let me know when
you're serious.
How about right now?
Give me the combination.
[electronic whirring
and chirping]
I swear to God
if you scream, I'm...
[Franklin gasping]
[gunfire pops]
Oh, shit.
[electronic whirring
and chirping]
Do not scream
or I will kill you again.
OK now, write down the code
to that goddamn safe.
Write it down.
Write it down!
Seven, two, one, three, one.
[electronic whirring
and chirping]
Seven, two, one, three, one.
Hey Renee, you wanna
see a magic trick?
I am going to get the
combination to this safe
using only my mind.
Franklin, that's not
something to play with.
[electronic buzzing]
Just play the game, Renee.
[electronic whirring
and chirping]
Hey Renee.
Check this out.
Put it on your lap.
[gunfire pops]
[Renee gasping]
OK, next time it won't be
your thigh, it'll be your head.
And trust me, it is not pretty.
Now tell me, what is
the code to the safe?
[Renee mumbling]
Tell me what the code is.
[Renee] Five, three,
five, seven, eight.
Five, three,
five, seven, eight.
Five, three, five, seven, eight.
Shut up.
Wasn't that easy?
[electronic whirring
and chirping]
I heard you got a nice
gift from Mr. Thorenson.
I did, it was very nice.
You staying late tonight?
No, no,
I'm almost out the door.
OK, well, I'm gonna
stick around for a while.
I got some things
I wanna finish up.
[door closes downstairs]
[engine rumbling]
[electronic beeping]
[lock rattling]
[Franklin grunting]
[suspenseful music]
[pensive music]
Hey, are you working
tomorrow's game?
[Andy] The basketball game?
Yeah, dude, you think Fink
could do it without me?
Neanderthal would probably
burn the building down.
[Franklin] Look, I,
I need your help with something.
What's up?
[Franklin] I'm taking down
Renson and Sig Thorenson.
Payback for your sister?
[Andy] Fuckin' yeah.
But, but how?
What is all that?
[Franklin] This is
a bunch of shit
that Thorenson uses
to keep his employees in line.
[Andy] Whoa, are
those naked Polaroids?
Yeah, he's been doing
this, like, forever.
He gets all this
collateral on his employees
to keep them in line.
So I put proof that
he knew about Zonastin
and all of this other
blow-up-your-world type shit
on a file and I'm
sending it to you.
Stop, stop, freeze, freeze.
Is that you?
Why didn't you invite your boy?
Look, I, I
literally got drugged
and I don't remember
any of it, OK?
That's depressing.
Look, whatever I send you,
I need you to put it
up on the jumbotron
and blast it out to the world
before the game, all right?
That means I'm fired
and then broke.
No, no, no.
And probably homeless.
Do me a favor, check your
bank account real quick.
Damn, player!
How did you--
Hey, hey, hey.
No questions, OK?
I just, uh, I wanted
to take care of you.
I got you covered.
Thanks, man.
[clock ticking]
[pensive music]
It took the rest of the night
to craft a final blog post
for my readers
why I'd be gone for a while
and why they should
tune into the game.
[phone line ringing]
The next day I
prepared to skip town
while waiting for
the game to start
and making an attempt to
mend things with Jala.
[horn bellowing]
Hey, it's Jala,
you know what to do.
Jala, look, you were right.
All right, I, I let the money
and the power get to me
and I'm, I'm sorry.
But I'm, I'm back
on track now, OK?
Turn the game on
if you can, you'll see.
[horn bellowing]
I'm gonna be getting outta
town for a little bit, OK?
And... I love you.
[shoes squeaking on TV]
[announcer] Team on a mission
and they have the most
complete package.
They had a rough start.
They're ten games under .500.
That is their high
point for the season.
I am calling the upset tonight.
And look who it is.
It's Anton Burrell,
part-owner of the--
[car horns honking]
["The Star-Spangled Banner"
[Franklin] Come on, Andy.
[electronic whirring]
[Franklin] This message is
being simultaneously sent out
to news outlets everywhere.
Renson Pharmaceuticals
CEO Sig Thorenson
has been accused of
misconduct for years.
Let me in, Andy!
What's wrong with you?
Open this damn door.
You're gonna be fired.
[Franklin] He blamed her
for all the deaths
caused by ignoring
report after report...
Open it!
Don't care!
[Franklin] I have
plenty of evidence,
but let's start with
the most shocking first.
What you are witnessing is one
of Sig Thorenson's henchmen
staging the murder of
employee Susan Miller
to appear as a suicide
so he could blame her
for all the deaths
caused by ignoring
report after report
of the addictive nature
of his pill Zonastin
that led to the deaths
of thousands.
[Sig whispers] Ah, come on,
come on.
Thorenson definitely knew,
'cause that's him right there,
hiding behind the wall,
getting collateral
on his henchman
after masterminding
the murder plot.
[announcer] Right
now we are not sure
what's going on in the booth.
[Franklin] I shouldn't
have watched,
but I just had to
see it go down.
And now with the word out,
it was definitely time to go
as I expected an unpleasant
knock on my door at any moment.
[door thudding]
There was a knock,
just not on my door.
You really don't have to.
[Franklin grunting]
[Franklin gasping]
[trunk lid squeaking]
You really fucked me.
[ominous music]
But you're gonna fix it.
Yeah, everybody knows
that you can manufacture
any kind of fake video
these days.
That's exactly what you're
gonna tell the world you did.
It was all a hoax.
That's not gonna happen.
[Sig] Oh, I think it will.
I got collateral.
[Franklin] Oh, those stupid
photos? I don't care.
Oh no, something much better.
You bastard.
Exactly what I am.
Franklin, I saw what you did.
You did the right thing.
Hit my ring and then run.
Wait, where?
We gotta go, they're coming.
[sirens wailing]
What are you two
whispering about?
Do it now, do it!
It's over!
[electronic whirring
and chirping]
[Sig] I got collateral.
Jala, I'm sorry.
No, it's OK.
You did the right thing.
We gotta go, they're coming.
[sirens wailing]
[Calvert screaming]
Oh! [grunts]
Get back here!
Get her! I got him.
[guard] I'll take
care of the girl.
Forget about her.
Just get him on
the plane, let's go!
Let's go!
[sirens wailing]
[dramatic music]
Come on, let's get
this thing in the air.
[radio] This is
Flight Control.
[engines whirring]
You are not cleared
for takeoff.
They're blocking the runway.
[radio] You are not cleared...
[sirens wailing]
Fly over them, fly through,
just get me outta here.
[radio] You are not
cleared for takeoff.
Ground your...
[engine roaring]
There are vehicles
on the runway!
You are not cleared
for takeoff!
[engine whirring]
[gunfire popping]
[plane booming]
[engine booming]
[tense music]
[engine booming]
[alarm chirping]
We're good, right?
Might have done some damage.
We should get back
on the ground.
No, no, no.
We fly, dammit.
[engine sputtering and booming]
Calvert's right,
let's turn back.
Personally, I'd
rather fight my case
from a private island
than a cell.
Gotta at least get
across the border.
This is all your fault,
you know that, right?
Hey, I am talking to you.
[electronic whirring
and chirping]
What the hell?
That ring?
That's it, that's what
you've been doing.
The ring? Sig, what
are you talking about?
I was here, then you,
you were...
Give me that ring!
[Sig exclaiming]
[engine booming]
[Jala gasping]
Franklin, please.
[alarm blaring]
Strap in!
You give it to me.
Give it to me, asshole.
We're going down.
Don't you wanna see
your girl again?
[electronic whirring
and chirping]
The ring? Sig, what
are you talking about?
The ring, it takes it back.
What explosion?
She doesn't know.
But you do, you know.
You know.
I do.
[Sig] Give it to me.
That's it, it's too late.
There's not enough time.
Here, you can take it.
What do you mean
not enough time?
The ring only goes
back 57 seconds.
Then I'll just take us back.
Take us back, take us back.
It's not working.
It's not working, make it work!
[engine booming]
[Sig exclaiming]
[both panting]
Here, here.
Make it, make it
work, make it work.
I told you when we first met.
It has limited power.
[Renee] What is
he talking about?
That's it,
it's over, you're done.
If I'm done, you're done.
You wanna die?
Your pills, your company.
You killed my sister.
You don't deserve
anything you've got.
[Renee sobbing]
So if you die, I, I don't care.
[Renee] Sig!
Pull up.
Pull up.
[alarms blaring]
[Calvert] Get back!
[soft contemplative music]
[plane engine screaming]
[sirens wailing]
[officer] Ma'am, please
stay inside the vehicle.
Ma'am, ma'am, do not
approach the crash site.
[Jala] Franklin?
[officer] Ma'am, get back!
[Calvert groaning]
[Calvert coughing]
Where's Franklin,
where's Franklin?
[Calvert] I don't know.
[Calvert panting and coughing]
[Franklin groaning]
[Jala] Franklin, Franklin!
Oh, God!
[Renee groaning]
Are you OK, are you OK?
I'm OK.
[sirens wailing]
I'm OK, I'm OK.
[Franklin moaning]
[radio chatter]
[sirens wailing]
[Renee groaning]
[explosion booming]
[Franklin groaning]
Are you OK, are you OK?
[flames roaring]
[radio chatter]
[Franklin] Thorenson's gone.
[sirens wailing]
Hey, you want me to
look at that for you?
[Anton] He'll be OK.
[Jala] Franklin, what
is he doing here?
And how do you know he'll be OK?
Ingram's circuitry
integrates with the ring.
[Franklin] The ring.
You, you knew I had the ring?
Sorry, I, I should have
given it back to you.
Well, I wanted you to have it.
The moment you picked it up,
Ingram determined that you
could be the perfect person to--
To test it on?
I wasn't testing the ring.
I was testing you.
Monitoring you to see
how technology
would affect your...
decisions, actions.
Quantum crystals.
The crystals put me on the
path to develop the Tri-Bands.
But the real breakthrough...
Time travel.
I've been looking for
someone with the aptitude
to work alongside me
to determine how best to use
the vast potentials of this
technology for the world.
So I'm asking you
to come on board.
Help me discover it.
You can't,
you can't just
keep going back and...
redoing things till
you get it right.
Is that what a better
future looks like?
You're not about to
mourn Sig Thorenson.
But innocent people
could have died.
Jala could have
been on that plane.
So you're turning me down.
Well, in that case,
I need the ring.
[ominous music]
This thing is,
this thing's dangerous.
It's addictive, it's like...
the same stuff
that killed my sister.
I couldn't stop using it
and I didn't want to.
[ring drops in grass]
Now wait, Franklin, wait.
Sorry. I gotta end this.
[metal crashing]
[electronic sizzling]
[Franklin panting]
[pensive music]
[electronic whirring
and chirping]
Should we run?
I can't run, you run.
No, I told you
I'm not leaving you.
Offer still stands.
You just proved
that you are the
perfect partner.
You, you already
have a partner.
He analyzes,
does what he's told.
Last thing I need
is a yes man.
I need somebody who's
not afraid to tell me no.
Now what do you say?
Will you help me
make a better world?
I just did.
You can have these back too.
[pensive music]
[Franklin grunting]
You have a lot of
explaining to do.
I know.
But what you did
was so fuckin' sexy.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry.
[Franklin] Time is
the universal factor
of synchronization.
Subvert the law,
even for 57 seconds,
and you create disharmony,
disparity, disunity.
A world of disses.
And honestly...
[electronic whirring
and chirping]
...who wants to live there?
[pulsing electronic music]
[mellow music]
All in a daze
Time is so strange
It's always circling
to find a way
Turning the page
I see the changes
It's like I'm close
to something real
Something happening and
All this time
that I step out to the light
It's gonna be all right
All this time
that I step out to the light
It's gonna be all right
this time
It's gonna be all right
Gonna travel along
On to somewhere
Heard my baby say don't lose
yourself along the way
No, I
I'm sure
When I leave this place
It'll be the change
to leave me straight and
All this time
that I step out to the light
It's gonna be all right
All this time
that I step out to the light
It's gonna be all right
this time
It's gonna be all right
this time
All in a daze
Time is so strange
It's always circling
to find a way
Turning the page
I see the changes
It's like I'm close
to something real
Something happening and
All this time
that I step out to the light
It's gonna be all right
All this time
that I step out to the light
It's gonna be all right
this time
It's gonna be all right
this time
It's gonna be all right
this time
[suspenseful music]
[ethereal music]
[choral vocalizing]
[suspenseful music]
[pensive music]
[contemplative music]