5th Passenger (2018) Movie Script

[lively music]
[dramatic music]
[door clangs]
- Franklin!?
It's Kanelo.
Franklin, are you here!?
Tell me what the scan says.
- Pod 396 was accessed by...
- I know who accessed it!
Are there survivors?
- Well, it's been over a month
so the probability of survival
- Tell me.
- There is a bio signature.
Something or someone is alive.
Wait, no there are two,
there are two bio signatures.
[dramatic music]
[Alana gasps]
- She's still alive.
- How did you get on that pod?
That was priority craft
for essential personnel.
Where is Commander Franklin?
- She's suffered a severe
trauma and dehydration.
She's nearly comatose.
- Can we Mem her?
- I'd question its reliability.
Let's give time for the
stimulant to work.
- How long until she comes out
of it?
- [Doctor] Hard to say.
Maybe several hours, maybe
I'll come back to update her
- Thank you, doctor.
[dramatic music]
That's all.
[door hisses]
Mem her.
- Yes, sir
if you're willing to take
the risk considering...
- Don't you dare rub that in my
Mem her.
[dramatic music]
- [Reporter] With air quality
now reaching toxic levels
a group of insurgents have tried
to breach the domes reserved for
This comes on the eve of
the migration to Hesperides.
[dramatic music]
[birds tweet]
[dramatic music]
- Lieutenant, is everything
- Yes, captain.
We're back online now, sir.
[dramatic music]
- Mr. Langdon, it's an
honor and a pleasure
to have you with us, sir.
- Thank you, Captain.
- As you can see our
crew have little to do
but monitor the magnificently
designed nav
and control systems.
- Now there's no need
to flatter me, captain.
I'm well aware of the
beauty of my inventions
and your systems command manager
is a non-citizen?
- Yes, sir.
This is Lieutenant Miller.
- I hope she didn't buy into
those rumors about Hesperides.
They're not accepting
citizenship applications,
not even for employees of UGS.
- Is everything stable,
- Sir, request permission
for manual override.
- She's allowed to do that?
- Sir, I am authorized...
- You don't ever speak to me.
If I may, sir?
- Please.
- On my ship non-citizen crew
are held to the same standards
as any citizen member.
I trained Lieutenant Miller
- Sir, do I have your
permission to proceed.
- I designed the system
to be a better pilot
than any human, citizen or not.
- Lieutenant,
keep the auto drive engaged.
- Yes, captain.
- When I have control of my own
the only thing a roach,
a non-citizen will be doing
is cleaning the toilets.
- Mr. Langdon, let us see
the view from the bow.
I believe Kapteyn's Star is in
It is a beautiful little red
- We would enjoy that.
- Lieutenant.
- I'm okay.
- You look terrible.
Go to the medic bay.
Officer Xian, assume
command for the Lieutenant.
- Yes, sir.
[door hisses]
[dramatic music]
- Good morning, Lieutenant.
[dramatic music]
- Lieutenant Miller, what's
going on?
- You shouldn't have come
in here if you need...
- I'm fine, I'm just
feeling a bit nauseated.
- All right, let's have a look.
She did get the contraceptive
- Yes, I reported for
along with all the other female
- Well, she's pregnant.
Sit down, we'll take care of it.
I should go back to the command
Are you okay?
- Yes, go.
- [Computer] All UGS personnel
to assignment immediately.
Warning, warning.
- Sir, 17 sections have been
- [Computer] Breach.
- Evacuate the bridge.
- Safe has been deployed.
- [Computer] Breach.
- The nuclear core chamber
has been compromised.
- Save yourselves.
- Let go of me.
- Come on.
- Myers, this way.
- I'm coming.
- No, protocol must be kept at
all costs!
- Come on, man, you've got
room for four people in there.
- I'm closing the door.
- Maybe we should make an
- I would advise against it,
- Get out of my way, Domer.
I'm closing the hatch.
- Wait.
- It won't work.
There's only citizens on this
- How'd you get up here?
- What, you're not
happy to see me?
This is the last one up here.
I came up the service
shaft from level four.
- We need to get back
down there.
Show me how.
- It's not use, level four is
- What do you mean gone?
- I mean it's gone.
I went up the shaft. the whole
corridor just broke apart.
- Excuse me.
[door hisses]
- This is not for you.
- What the hell is your deal,
- There are other pods for
- Those are all gone.
- Not my problem.
- Help me with him.
I hope we don't regret this.
Get locked in.
We need to seal the inner door
and eject
before the ship's reactor is
- Just leave him.
He's knocked out cold,
he won't mind.
[beeping and booming]
Hey Domer, not the first-class
trip you paid for, huh?
- Shouldn't we have ejected?
- We aren't disengaging!
- What does that mean!?
- It means we are stuck!
- You got to be kidding me.
Get us out of here.
[buzzing and booming]
- The reactor is going into
- These pods were designed
to withstand that.
- And you really believe that?
[dramatic music]
We're gonna die.
Last chance to say you love me.
[booming and scraping]
- What are you doing?
Put it back.
- Sir, I'm afraid she'll have an
- It's not your decision to
make, Alana.
- We won't learn anything
from a vegetable.
- I need to know.
- We'll find your brother.
- You stay here with her, no one
and ping me the very moment
she's awake.
- Understood, sir.
- She knows
and so will I
even if I have to rip it out of
[door hisses]
[dramatic music]
[suspenseful music]
- I'm hungry.
- They're programmed to dispense
every 24 hours and no more.
- You mean this is the only
that survived intact?
- Yes, its circuitry remained
It's designed that way as a fail
The same for auxiliary
breather for life support.
It's why we're still alive
after the main system failure.
- Wow, well, maybe whoever
designed the food dispenser
should have designed the
rest of the ship, huh?
- Silence, enough.
You, come here.
Li, you as well.
- Sir, I'm Eve Miller.
- I don't care who you are.
I'm only concerned with
what you did on the Sagan
and how it will help us survive.
- You mean how she and these
other roaches broke protocol
and have endangered us both?
- Sir, I am a Lieutenant with
the UGS,
a lead navigation systems
- Lieutenant means
nothing on a non-citizen.
Where are we?
- I'm not quite.
- What do you know?
- Sir,
we traveled at high velocity for
33 hours
before we were able to
How far we went is impossible to
because the positioner's
as are all other nav com
- Continue.
- I believe I can create a patch
that will allow me to get a
fixed position
so we can head back towards
the main UGS caravan route.
We can restore significant
It's our only chance...
- Is she correct?
- I agree with her.
Most of the circuitry appears
damaged beyond repair.
If we use it to restore thrust
we'd also be depleting
our life support system.
Our current calculations show
that we have no more than
22 days of oxygen left.
The sustained thrust will
deplete us by five to seven
- The risk is too great.
- I thought all pods had at
least 60 days
to ensure enough time
for at least three ships' travel
- We should have had 40 days
but with the damage done and...
- And what?
- These pods were designed to
optimally sustain four lives.
We have a fifth passenger.
- Which is why we have to get
to the main UGS caravan route.
We have to make the next Sagan.
We can't afford to stay here.
- Yeah, I mean, we gotta figure
- Who exactly are you to have an
- What is your specialty?
- I tended livestock.
- A goat herder.
- Chickens actually
and I'm also the guy that saved
your life.
You're welcome, man.
- Sir, with respect
we are all equally in this.
- This is not a democracy.
I have decided.
We will hold our current
- and wait to be rescued.
- You've decided?
- What makes you think
they'll even look for us
all the way out here?
- They will look for me.
[melancholic music]
- Good morning, sunshine.
- [Eve] You need to leave.
- [Thomson] Why?
- [Eve] Now.
I'm sorry.
It was a mistake.
- I know you're probably right
but it's the last chance
to say you love me.
- What?
- I just saw that.
You were thinking about me.
- Are you and I in an awkward
- It depends on if you feel
I mean, that's not how
I remember it happening.
- Well, that's how it happened.
- Well, that's the great
thing about memories,
especially with you women,
you can remember what you want.
- What do you want, goat herder?
- Goat herder, that's funny.
It's chickens.
I just came down to use the can.
Saw that you were...
- Well, then you should probably
- Why don't you hand me the
We'll watch my memory.
Let's see my version you have.
- In my version we have this
There's two of you.
- Uh huh?
Stop it.
- Wow, Jesus, wow.
I was just trying to have some
I was trying to kill some time
before we get rescued.
- Wake up, Thomson.
This isn't a joke.
I'm not dying out here.
I've worked too hard, I've come
too far
and you should probably know
- Believe it or not I
don't want to die either.
We all want to get to
we all wanna grow up and
live happily ever after
but that's not...
That doesn't make a God damn
bit of difference, does it?
Because for you and for me
that is never gonna happen.
We are gonna spend the rest of
our lives
slaving away in these transport
and the difference between us,
I've accepted it.
So just relax.
Go back 20 seconds
and just lay down.
- Sounds like a very high
and admirable aspiration.
- [Thomson] Come on.
- But unless we get the pod's
navigational system fixed,
citizen or non-citizen, we're
all screwed.
Here, you can have it.
- Shit.
Damn it.
You always say the wrong
God damn thing, Thomson.
You mess up every good thing in
your life.
- Fresh off the griddle.
[upbeat electronic music]
- Come on, come on.
I mean, how is what happened
In one minute everything's fine
and calm and that's balance
and the next half the states are
and the whole world is pretty
much ending.
- [Myers] When the
Yellowstone Caldera erupted,
it wasn't its first time.
It was thought that it
was at least its fourth.
- Okay, that's comforting to
when pretty much everything
is going extinct.
I'm sorry, what is your point
- My point is...
life is resilient.
Mother nature always
finds a way for survival.
- Maybe the planet wasn't happy
with what was done to her.
- About the only thing
we do agree on for sure
is that the planet is a woman.
- Hey, hey you.
You wanna help out here.
- I'm not a technician.
- You will help her.
- But sir.
- Do as I say.
- It's a piece of the
nav motherboard, right?
- Yes, it's a component
of the short range signal
Solder these, will you?
- Without the Positioner
it's not gonna work.
You making a radio Doppler
a primitive radar.
That's so 20th century.
- If something is out
there, we'll find it.
[dramatic music]
- It changes nothing.
- It changes everything.
- We don't know if it's another
It could it be an asteroid
from the same field that hit the
- We need to try for it.
Li, tell him I'm right.
- What is your opinion?
- I think she could be right.
- No.
We will maintain course.
- But
based on my calculations
going in that direction
does put us back towards
the caravan route.
We should proceed to it.
- Hell yeah.
I'm with my guy here.
- Are you sure?
- I don't think we can be
absolutely sure about anything.
- What I am sure is I was wrong
about how much oxygen we have
We have less.
We using more than earlier
If we stay here in our current
the probability of us
depleting it before rescue...
- If there is a rescue.
- How much of our oxygen will it
to reach this object?
Look at me, not her.
- Half.
- Half?
- Maybe less.
- But maybe more.
Are you willing to bet your life
on this?
- I am.
- And you're certain
you can find this ship
flying blind with no navigation?
- Yes.
- The rest of you,
this is what you want?
Your lives in this woman's
- Yeah, it beats waiting to die.
- So be it then.
- You need to reroute
power to the thrusters.
- That was good.
He listens to you.
Just hope you don't make
a habit of taking credit
for other people's work.
- No promises.
[dramatic music]
Ready up here.
[dramatic music]
- [Myers] Okay?
[dramatic music]
- Okay.
[dramatic music]
- I'm glad I'm on your ship.
- These are for you.
- Those are for you.
- You need them more than I do.
- You don't have to do this, I'm
- Where have I heard that
We should talk about your...
- Where did it go?
- Yes, where is this ship
you used our precious oxygen to
- I, I don't know.
It should be there.
- It could possibly have
been a molecular cloud
that dissipated,
hydrogen gas.
- So, we don't have enough
to wait for the next Sagan
because of a gas cloud?
- We were gonna die anyway.
Might as well have tried, right?
- I'm so.
I am so sorry.
- It's okay.
- You bet your life.
- I thought, I was so sure.
- She bet her life,
so why should we pay with our
Since she was proven wrong
it's only fair that she forfeit
- What the hell are you talking
- I'm talking about
the facts, goat herder.
The fact that we now
don't have enough oxygen
to make the next Sagan,
the fact that this woman
has led us to this calamity,
the fact that she stakes her
life on it
and the fact that if she gives
as she said she would we may
Li, if she were gone
how much more time would that
give us?
- I'm not sure.
- How much more time?
- About two days.
- Two more days.
One more than we would
need for the next Sagan.
- No, no, no way, man.
There's not a chance in hell
of that happening, man.
You kill her over my dead body.
- Well, if you wish to join her,
I'm sure no one here would
- I wonder how many of
us would object to you.
- I have had enough of your
- Stop it, stop it, stop.
- What hit us?
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
- [Computer] Memory
pathway bypass detected.
Initiate bypass?
- That's odd.
- It sounds like a dangerous
if you ask me.
- It's the only way.
- I say that...
- You will go.
- Yes, of course
but it's a two-man job.
We need to grab the other
antenna array
and see if there's any
air left we can salvage.
- Li will stay back and
operate the controls
in case something happens out
- Who's the lucky guy that
gets to go out there with her?
Forget me.
[dramatic music]
- The shortwave will work
so we can communicate
as should your helmet camera
with a direct relay to
the main viewing screens
so they can see what we do.
- Well, if I'm gonna die
I'm gonna die looking sexy.
I look good in this thing.
- Come on, put it on.
- I see that MRE diet is only
working for one of us, baby.
A little paunch there.
Hey guys, are you getting this?
- Yeah, everything's fine.
- These are the tools you'll
need detach
and then attach to the antenna.
- I got it.
- We'll have to disengage the
boot magnets to get across.
- Thanks, mom.
- We have less than 30
minutes of air in these things
so no messing around.
- Last chance to say you love
- Are you ever serious?
- Always.
- Ready?
- Sure.
[door clangs]
Can we get a bit closer.
- It's less than 15 meters.
- It really looks infinite.
This is really stupid.
After you, ma'am.
Ladies first.
- Don't wuss out on me.
[dramatic music]
We need you.
[dramatic music]
You can do this.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'm coming.
Oh yeah.
I don't think I'm gonna make it.
- [Eve] I got you.
- I totally failed.
That was lame.
- [Eve] We're good here.
- [Thomson] Thank you.
I thought you were gonna catch.
- Follow this conduit to
get to the antenna array
and then I'll guide you
if you need any other help.
I'm gonna go inside.
- Okay.
[dramatic music]
[door creaks]
[dramatic music]
- Miller, are you okay?
We've lost visual.
Okay, we're back, you must
have a short in there.
- [Eve] I'm entering the ship
Are you guys seeing this?
- They look like incubators.
- [Eve] Why would there be
incubators on an escape pod?
- Let's not waste time,
[dramatic music]
What is it?
- I just found one of the crew.
- Oh shit.
Guys, which one.
- Second one in from the right,
the one with the small gray box
The Positioner is inside it.
- This one?
- Yes.
Now take it off.
[dramatic music]
- Okay, I've done my part.
What was that?
What the hell?
Miller, are you up here?
- Negative, I'm at the command
Everything okay?
We've got power
and let's see if
we've got any air.
All right we've got...
- Your feed is rubbish.
What's the situation?
- 35% of air left...
What the hell?
- What is it.
- We're losing air.
Thomson, can you check
chamber number four.
It's on your left as you
climb down the conduit.
- Guys, I don't think we're
gonna get any of that air.
- Damn it, Miller.
Your carelessness has cost us
that air.
[dramatic music]
[screaming and grunting]
- Miller, where are you?
- Hurry, Thomson, I'm stuck.
I'm leaking air.
- [Thomson] What happened?
- I have to get back to the
other pod.
I'm losing air fast.
- Hold still.
You all right?
I got you.
It's just wires.
Okay, let's get out of here,
come on.
Get ahold of that.
Let's go.
- Thanks.
Give me a push
and I've got it from there.
- No, no, I got this.
I'm gonna hold you right here,
- Okay.
- Are you ready?
Let's go.
[dramatic music]
- Thompson, what are you doing?
- I'm going to fix this thing
so we can get the hell out of
[dramatic music]
20 minutes.
- What happened?
- The incubators.
I got tangled up in some wire
and I hit the broken glass.
That was all.
It was a stupid mistake.
How's he doing?
- I'm just about there.
- [Li] You've nine minutes of
air left.
- Yeah, I know that.
I'm just about there.
- Thomson?
- [Thomson] What?
I'm great.
- Turn around quick, behind you.
- I don't see anything.
- There was something.
- Two minutes, Thomson.
We'd better bring you back
- Yeah, yeah, I'm coming back
right now.
You girls scared the shit out of
- Tell me what you saw.
- Out of the other pod I
thought I saw something
come out of it.
- Lock the outside door.
- What?
- Do it now, do it now.
- I won't.
Get back.
- Why, Franklin?
What's out there with him?
- I don't know but
protocol is not to allow
a foreign body inside if
contamination is possible.
- Who said anything about a
foreign body?
What's out there?
- Hey, quit screwing around in
Close the outer door and let me
- No.
[dramatic music]
- That man is not coming inside.
- Guys, it's getting hard to
- He'll die.
- Yes.
- He saved your life.
- It doesn't matter now.
I will kill all of you, make no
[dramatic music]
- Thomson, Thomson?
Don't leave me, don't die.
God damn it.
[dramatic music]
- This should keep him
out for about 12 hours.
- So, he's like out, out, yeah?
- Yeah, like the dead.
He won't bother you anymore.
- Good.
- Hey, hey, hey, what are you
- Let go of me.
- I won't let you do that.
- Screw him, he was gonna let me
- What's going on over there?
- Nothing.
- I'm just keeping him comfy.
- You got other things
to worry about right now.
Did anyone know he had this?
- It's not shocking.
He is military.
- He heads up the bio weapons
- You knew this?
- Yes.
I've known for a long time.
- What exactly does he do?
- I don't know.
It's bio weapons, it's all
- Where did he get it?
- I don't know.
- When push comes to shove
at the end of the day
was he just gonna shoot
us when the time came?
- Don't be ridiculous.
- Ridiculous?
Was that you that he had out
not letting back in the pod?
- Oxygen.
- He'd kill us all, he would
kill us all.
- Why would he do that?
- Oxygen.
The less of us there are,
the better chance the
rest have for survival
especially now that we have a
Some of us are expendable.
- He wouldn't do that.
- What do we do now?
- First thing is we make sure
no one gets shot.
- So, you're just taking
That what happening here?
- In case you haven't noticed
I have been steering
this ship and making...
- Hey, I trust her more
than I trust that sociopath.
- Sociopath or not,
he and I are citizens
and the only ones who have
the right to be in this pod.
- Oh God, he's right, he's
We're boned, we're hosed, we're
We just committed
mutiny, do you know that?
We just did.
All three of us, not him
and they're gonna kill
me, they're gonna kill me.
They're gonna execute me
I'm not worth the resources
to send back to Earth
to rot in a box.
We'll just explain to the
- Look, I don't support
what just happened here
but for the sake of getting
I'm with you.
Oh, shit.
When they start asking
- Oh sweet Jesus, thank you.
It's working.
The blast seems
to have pushed us
a little more than 20,000
from our point of origin.
We cut several thousand of those
by heading towards the pod we
but we still have
quite aways to go.
- What did you do?
It's okay.
It's okay.
We'll get there.
We need to know what happened to
the crew.
[engine booms]
- I don't know if I can
keep this a secret anymore.
You won't be able to keep hiding
- I know that.
- They're bound to figure it
- I'll handle it.
- How exactly?
It's only going to get worse
and then I'll be obligated.
- Well, I didn't plan for it
to happen like this, okay?
I'm sorry, Myers.
You've been so kind to me
and I have asked so much of you
I hope you don't regret helping
- Okay.
Get some rest.
- What's going to happen to us
- I don't know.
Considering the timeline
it'll be too far along for
and then there's the possibility
that you'll give birth on
- It will be a citizen.
- If we're still alive.
- Was Thomson right?
Will they condemn us for what
we've done?
- Franklin is...
is difficult
but I think he'll consider the
you've done here as well.
- How do you know him.
- We were students together
in pre-med before Caldera.
Let me worry about Franklin.
Get some rest.
That scared me.
I guess I better get some rest
- Miller, what's going on down
- Myers, Myers, Myers.
[dramatic music]
- Miller?
I'm coming down.
- No.
Don't touch me, don't touch me.
- Whoa, whoa, hey, hey.
Are you hurt?
What the heck happened?
Where's Myers?
My God, is that his blood?
- Forget this.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- Why not?
You have to let me go down
- It must have come in with you
when I let you in.
It's what attacked me in the
other pod.
- [Thomson] What attacked you?
I thought you said it was...
What is it?
- I don't know.
It was a...
It was small.
It cut open.
Before I even realized what was
and then it was too late
and then it was gone.
- Where did it go?
- I don't know.
There was so much blood.
I tried to save him but I
- Where did it go?
- The maintenance shaft.
- The maintenance shaft?
- Shit, can it get up here?
Does that shaft lead to
- All of the major systems.
Food, navigation, life support.
They all have main wiring ducts
that lead up from the central
core shaft.
It's in the walls.
- Is it just gonna pop
out of the food dispenser?
- You really are a moron.
- Miller, where's the gun?
I think it might be time we
put the bullets back in it.
- It's downstairs.
[dramatic music]
- Are you ready?
It's always me.
[footsteps clammer]
- Oh my God.
- Where's the gun?
- It's under the pillow on the
- Get it.
[dramatic music]
What are we gonna do about
We can't just leave him here,
- Let's just get upstairs.
- I command you to open this
That's a direct order, roach.
- Maybe we'd be better
off bringing him back in.
- We don't know that he's
not involved in all of this.
- What's going on?
Where is Myers?
- He's dead.
You happy, Domer.
You got more oxygen to breathe.
- You all don't fully
understand the situation
you are dealing with here.
- He's right.
We don't.
We need to find out exactly
what that thing is.
- Give it here.
[dramatic music]
- Wait, stop there.
- See if you can find a clearer
- What the hell.
- Is that?
That's in here?
[dramatic music]
How did something like
that even get in here?
- What exactly did you
guys see on the other pod?
- Like Myers said,
incubators, glass tubes.
- They were exactly like the
ones we have down on E deck
and we used them to
hatch the chickens with
but these, they were for
something much bigger.
- What do you know about this?
- I am telling you nothing
until you let me out of here.
- We have a situation here.
All of our lives are in danger.
You need to tell us what you
- Sagan 98 was a
biological transport ship.
- Yes, a lot of them are.
- This one was different.
Found this earlier after I
some of Franklin's access codes.
Humans handle the low oxygen
ratio fine
but not our livestock,
so there's been an ongoing
to modify the Earth
species with the alien DNA.
- What does that mean?
- It means hybrid alien animals.
- Wait, no but they
can't possibly do that.
I mean, can they do that?
- It seems like they've
been having some success
but I can't get into
the rest of the files.
- I have to know.
- He was right.
We should not have opened the
air lock and let you back in.
- Greetings.
This is Captain Arnold
Reguine of the UGS Sagan 99
en route to Hesperides.
If you are receiving this
then you are one of the few
of the UGS Sagan 98.
I regret to inform you that our
will be unable to come to your
We have picked up those pods
that have been in our immediate
but we hold no hope that others
UGS Sagan 100 is aware about
your disaster and will,
like us, make every effort
to bring you to safety.
I only pray that you have
enough resources available
for the next 18 days.
Onward and upward.
- How the hell did that happen?
I mean, can we send a message to
- It's no use.
They're already gone.
- 18 days.
- If we full thrust towards
the next oncoming ship
we can meet it in 10 days.
- We don't have enough
oxygen for that long.
- What the?
This is chicken shit.
- We're losing power to the nav
and the thrusters are out.
- All the connection
points are still good.
The problem has to be at the
core reactor.
- If we don't secure
power to the main system
then we are not going to make
- [Li] Oh shit.
[door hisses]
Oh shit.
If we can't get power from the
we'll all be dead within 24
- I'll go down there.
- What do you mean go down
- Down into the crawl space
to the reactor core.
Someone has to go down there
and secure the connection.
I know what we're dealing with.
I've seen it.
- You're not going alone.
- Thanks for volunteering.
Just be ready to fire this thing
when we get down there.
[dramatic music]
Ah, crap.
- [Eve] Thomson?
- Oh God.
I'm fine.
- [Eve] Thomson.
- I'm fine.
I just slipped.
Oh... sh...
I'm fine.
We're gonna be fine, we're gonna
be fine.
- I know.
You just watch my back.
- I'll be right here.
I promise.
[voices echo]
- We lost our power.
They're down at the core trying
to fix it.
- Both of them, yes?
- Yes.
That scared the crap out of me.
- Let me out.
- Oh yeah, of course.
I can't until the power comes
[dramatic music]
[power whizzes]
- Open the door.
- Yeah.
- Well done.
- Thank you.
We missed the rescue shop.
Miller said...
Oh shit.
- Okay.
[dramatic music]
[screeching and screaming]
- Miller, go.
I've got this.
[dramatic music]
- No.
Holy shit.
I thought you were the...
- What were you thinking?
[Li screams]
[dramatic music]
- You filthy, roach bitch.
- Get away from her.
- You don't know what you're
[Franklin grunts]
- No.
- [Computer] End of memory
- Not again.
Let's get you out of these
into something clean.
- [Computer]
Dichloropheny-piperazin-hydroqui nolin
is commonly known as
It is primarily used as
an antipsychotic drug
to treat the symptoms of
schizophrenia, bipolar disorder,
and dissociative identity
- Can these conditions
disrupt memory pathways?
- [Computer] Certainly.
Both schizophrenia and
dissociative identity disorder
have been known to create
parallel memory pathways.
- I'll be damned.
[dramatic music]
- [Computer] Memory
pathway bypass detected.
- No bypass.
- I ran out of my pills.
- How are you feeling?
- Actually I feel like my mind
is a lot clearer than
it has been in a while.
- You'll need to manage your
Don't trigger your symptoms.
Please, get some rest.
- I'll be okay.
- I don't know if I can
keep this a secret anymore.
- I hope you don't regret
helping me.
- Don't trigger your symptoms.
Please, get some rest.
- I'll be okay.
[dramatic music]
- That's the great thing about
You can remember what you want.
- I did what I had to do.
- She's pregnant.
- [Eve] It'll be a citizen.
- [Myers] How are you feeling?
- [Eve] Actually I feel like
my mind is a lot clearer
than it has been in a while.
[dramatic music]
- [Thomson] You can
remember what you want.
[dramatic music]
- I have to tell Kanelo.
[dramatic music]
- [Myers] You'll give birth on
- [Eve] It'll be a citizen.
[dramatic music]
- What information did you get
from her?
- What have you done?
- I followed your
I administered another stimulant
and have been waiting for your
- What did we get?
- I scrubbed through everything.
This is what's left.
- I am so sorry.
I am so sorry.
- Now there will be plenty
of air for both of you.
- You would have been a good
- Last chance to say...
[Eve cries]
- I love you.
[Eve cries]
Back, back, go away.
- Is that all?
- I'm afraid so.
[dramatic music]
- You got this.
- You gonna be okay.
- You got this.
- It's okay.
- Give me one more good push.
One more right now on three.
One, two, three.
[dramatic music]
- She's precious.
[baby gurgles]
- Shh, it's okay, it's okay.
[dramatic music]