6 Children & 1 Grandfather (2018) Movie Script

All through this week I've
brought you six
beautiful models.
One of them just behind the DJ.
Ah, I see.
Yes, you know what?
She's your comper-trait.
A compatriot eh?
Compatriot, yes.
Yes, right.
Well you'll have
to introduce me.
Maybe a little later.
Maybe during our
wonderful dinner.
Of course, why not.
Jean Pierre!
Jean Pierre!
Here I am, sir!
Is the buffet ready?
It's ready sir, everything
is as you wish, sir.
What do you say, shall we eat?
Why did you bring me here?
There's nothing
weird going on here.
I'd rather just stay home
and play video games instead.
I heard the mayor's
daughter's gonna
be here amongst all the models.
Think of it, that
is amazing news.
You know, McDoll will
have to pay a large
amount of money if he
wants those pictures.
Fine, I'll stay here
for one more hour.
If nothing happens by
then, I'm out of here.
I'm gonna go home
and play video games.
Plus there are so
many mosquitoes.
Oh dude, you got a right
one right on your cheek.
Hold on.
Ow, that hurt!
Are you all right dude?
'Cause that was
a pretty big one.
I think I saved your life there.
Yeah, sure.
Very big one.
So where you from again?
Well I'm from Edinburgh.
Capital of Scotland,
you ever been there?
It's a beautiful city.
And you're a beautiful woman.
What's your age again?
I'm 23.
23, 23.
And you?
You know, I think we
should be dancing by now.
Don't you?
Where's the music?
Don't you see?
There's nothing weird and
scandalous going on here.
It looks more like my
granddad's care center.
Yeah, you're right.
It is getting quite late.
I guess we should
call it a night.
Oh wait, is that
who I think it is?
No way!
Is that her?
Dude, amazing!
Quickly, shoot, shoot, come on...
Stop hitting me!
Shoot it shoot it shoot
it shoot it, come on.
Dude, yes!
Yes, come on.
All right, perfect.
I told you.
Great, good job.
Your coffee, sir.
Thank you.
What is this stuff?
It's cold.
Take it away.
Oh god.
Monsieur, the newspaper.
And was breakfast satisfactory?
I would say no.
No, the pineapple's too ripe,
the coffee was disgusting.
And the newspaper's crumpled,
obviously it's been
opened and read.
Did you open the
newspaper and read it?
I would never do it
sir, but if you'd like,
tomorrow before I bring it
to you, I could iron it.
Please, don't be smart.
Now this morning
I intend to be out
on the boat with my
notary, Mr. Bloom.
When I return I'd like you to
be prepared for my usual walk.
Do something about those shoes.
They are extremely irritating.
Right away, sir.
My friend Shawn.
I wanna toast a long
and great friendship
and successful
enterprise together.
Now I'll add to that to beautiful
women and the good life.
Oh man, you're
obsessed, you know that?
With the women and the toys.
Shhh, not so loud.
The taxmen have ears everywhere.
He filthy rich!
All right, I'm just well off!
How about your daughters,
have you seen them lately?
You mean the three women that
just wanna spend my heritage?
They hardly ever call.
Maybe that's better that way.
That's pretty mean, buddy.
Ever since their mother
died, that beautiful woman,
my angel Bridgette,
they haven't wanted to
stay in touch, they
hardly ever call.
How about your granddaughters?
You see your granddaughters?
My grandchildren?
They play at their
home, I play at mine.
The loser buys dinner.
Who are those two guys?
Did you pay elves for security?
No no, they must be on the end
of the ship, I never
saw those fellas before.
Oh look at this.
Get outta here.
You lose.
Make a reservation
at Michelle's.
Who's paying?
You lose, you pay.
I didn't.
Jean Pierre, this is
exactly what I needed.
Air, exercise, beautiful day.
Beautiful day.
Jean Pierre!
Pass me that energy drink.
Jean Pierre!
Stop your singing.
Come on.
Oh, Monsieur!
Just hold still, monsieur.
I don't know why I
haven't fired you yet.
You're such an incompetent.
Didn't you see that tree?
Didn't you?
Monsieur, actually it was you
that didn't see the
tree, I wanted to
warn you, but you
were too fast and...
You weren't paying attention.
What were you thinking, huh?
Actually I was
thinking about...
You know what I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna withhold
this month's salary.
That's what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna hold
back your salary.
But monsieur...
Come on, let's go check
out my toys in the garage.
Come with me.
Move it.
To my toys.
To my toys, to my
toys, to my toys.
Come in!
Hi Arman.
Hi Zander.
I'm almost done.
Yeah, I'm almost done,
just a few things to do.
Wow, you printed
all the photos?
Yeah, kinda.
Just some photos
we did for McDoll.
I'm gonna be
delivering the envelope
and everything tonight myself.
Yes, yes yes.
You say 4 o'clock,
is that right?
4 o'clock.
Stefan, have you ever
heard such a thing
in all the years
I've been around?
Mr. Bloom, shall I contact
Mr. McDoll for tomorrow?
Why don't you
leave the gevalting to me.
All right sir.
I'll speak to Shawn myself.
Okay, let's go.
I'll go get the wine.
Where's my jasmine rice?
I will go check, sir.
And where is my wine?
I'm going to have to
fire everybody I guess.
I'm going, I'm going.
Here it is, sir!
Here you are, sir.
Chilled as you like it, sir.
There you are, sir.
Yes, we must save.
What people must do in
these terrible times,
but this boxed
wine is disgusting.
Tomorrow I'd like you
to get a Beaujolais.
One bottle.
It's cheap, but I can drink it.
Of course, sir.
It's a shame.
How do people with four,
five, six children?
I don't know, sir.
I can't imagine having a house
with children running around.
Here it is.
Matilda, perhaps you
could peel me half an apple.
Save the other
half for tomorrow.
Hear that?
Just half an apple, okay?
Enjoy your meal, sir.
Have now, half in the fridge.
Excuse me, sir.
Why won't he let me call the
locksmith to fix the button?
Sure it doesn't bother
him, he's not the one
running up and down in
the middle of the night.
Who are you?
I'm Arman from Arman
Inc. News Agency.
And this, this must be delivered
personally to Mr. McDoll.
Don't ask questions.
I'll be back when
the time is right.
Goodbye sir.
So who would bother us
at this time of night?
Monsieur, it was a...
A what?
A little...
A little what?
Dog, cat?
A child, sir, a
kid actually, sir.
What would a child be
doing out at this time?
Yes, he told me to give
you this personally, sir.
What is this?
What are these?
Who took these?
I don't know sir, I told you
I was given them
by a child, sir.
You do realize if these
pictures got around,
it wouldn't make a good
impression of you, sir.
What you're trying
to tell me is that
someone is trying
to blackmail me.
This one is
actually pretty funny.
Don't laugh.
We would never dare, sir.
I denounce anyone who
tries to blackmail me.
I don't care who they are.
Sir, you need to...
I have to think.
Who could have taken
those pictures?
Mr. McDoll's
house, who is this?
Of course Mr. Bloom, I'll
patch you through immediately.
What do you want?
It's the notary Bloom
on the phone, he insisted.
Oh, Mr. Bloom.
I always have time
for Mr. Bloom.
Albert, how are you?
Please, I hope you're
not going to ask me
for money because I
am worried that...
No no no, go ahead, talk to me.
Albert, you've done
this joke before.
There is no inheritance for me.
Wait, wait, you
want me there at 4?
I'll be in your office at 4.
I won't be late, I promise.
Is everything all right, sir?
I've just received
a great inheritance.
I can't believe it.
But I wonder who
sent that money.
I had a very rich
uncle from Argentina.
A distant relative of my
mother when I was a child.
He was so stingy.
He was stingy?
Jean Pierre,
get the car ready.
Let's go.
Sir, I note that your
appointment is in five hours.
Are you contradicting me?
Is that what you want
is for me to fire you?
Is that what you want?
He always says it.
But he doesn't.
What are you two
mumbling about?
Nothing, monsieur.
Let's go.
Jean Pierre, you get the car.
You seem very excited.
I am.
You seem very happy.
I am, I am.
Another beautiful
day in paradise.
My dear friend.
Have a seat.
You can't imagine how
excited I am to be here.
Well knowing you pretty
good, I can imagine.
I was desperate,
I was getting these
messages about some
people took photos
of me and I think
they were threatening,
but no, no, it doesn't
matter, this is
why I'm here, this is important.
So please tell me.
This inheritance, what is
it, millions, billions?
It really is not that
kind of inheritance.
Am I going to
be extremely rich?
Aren't you
extremely rich right now?
No, not really.
Yes you are.
Then what is it, houses?
Castles, yachts?
How long since you
saw your daughters?
My daughters?
I don't know, months, years.
What does that have
to do with this now?
Well the inheritance is
directly related to them.
Did something happen to them?
I don't know.
What then?
What's happening?
You'll see.
Hello, Stefan, please
come on in here.
This is your inheritance.
Shawn, these
are your grandchildren.
Say hello to grandchildren
and the three puppies.
Are you okay, buddy?
He is awake.
I'm so glad it's you.
I had a terrible dream.
How do you feel sir?
Not so well.
Not so well, I dreamt I
was in Mr. Bloom's office.
And I was thrilled.
I received a great inheritance.
Actually, monsieur...
I look and it was kids.
So, so many kids.
And dogs too.
What a nightmare.
I'm sorry to disappoint you
monsieur, but it wasn't a dream.
We've been invaded by
many of your relatives.
Some less and others more hairy.
Oh my god, this can't be true!
It can't be true,
tell me it's not real!
Unfortunately monsieur,
this is all very real.
Where are they now?
I didn't have any instructions
of yours, so I locked
them in the garage.
Oh my god...
No, not in the garage!
Not with all my beautiful toys!
You must've been insane!
How could you do this, you
got to get them out now!
You hear me?
Now, now!
Yes sir.
Oh gosh.
No, you can't be in here,
this is no, quiet, don't play!
Just get away from
that, that's my toys!
You don't understand!
Call the police!
But monsieur, they're
your grandchildren.
Grandpa, grandpa!
Thank you for letting
us stay here with you.
Everything is
so beautiful here
and there's so
many games to play.
Grandpa, how much horsepower
does this baby have?
That's not...
Come dance with us, grandpa!
Listen, listen,
just quiet down now.
You do not know what
you're playing with here.
These are my toys.
You can play with us if you
want to, or with our dogs too.
Grandpa, you'll love them.
Jean Pierre, take
them all upstairs and
line them up, and you,
go wash your face.
Okay, you heard
the man, let's all
go back inside, okay,
back inside, come on.
Back inside.
Back inside!
Come with me please,
thank you very much.
There we go.
Don't touch the car, it's a
very expensive
car, there you go.
Expensive car, be careful.
I am so, so upset.
Please, everybody, you
guys, just please line up.
No, listen to your grandfather,
he wants you to line up.
Please give me the ball.
Did you hear what I said?
Please, hey, please, please.
Thank you, thank you.
Jean Pierre, I told you to
have those children in line.
Alrighty, okay.
You're Rebecca, right?
No grandpa, I'm
Matisia, Rebecca's sister.
And I'm Luke, Alexa's brother.
I'm Rebecca, Matisia's sister.
She's Alexa, Luke's sister.
Well then why don't we have
you stand next to your sister.
And Jean Pierre, you can present
them with two red armbands.
Red, sir.
Yes sir.
For these two, blue armbands.
Blue sir, yes sir!
And you must be Juan.
And you must be Coco.
Jean Pierre, for Juan and
Coco, a green wristband.
Green it is, sir.
Well now that we know
who's bonded to who, please,
these are very, very
delicate, expensive armbands.
Be careful.
But grandpa, what about
the tags for the dogs?
The dogs?
Who belongs to
whom for the dogs?
Well Alex belongs
to me and Rebecca...
We can deal with
the dogs later.
Since we've got everything
so well organized now,
you can all just go and
get ready for dinner.
Jean Pierre, would you
show them to their room?
I will prepare the guest
rooms immediately, sir.
No, no guest rooms.
Just get some mattresses
and bring them to the attic.
Erm, of course sir.
Of course.
Children, come with
me please, thank you.
Chop chop!
Let's go, come on, don't be shy.
Hey Shawn.
Mr. Bloom, you're here.
What are you doing?
What do you mean
what am I doing?
I'm thinking.
You caused this big
mess I have now.
Come with me.
I don't know.
You call this an inheritance?
Six children in my house?
And three dogs.
And three dogs pooping
all over my gardens.
I'll get you a pooper scooper.
Make sure it's cheap
You better tell me
the whole story.
Shawn, all I can tell
you is that a lawyer
for the daughters
called up and said
they wanna give you
custody of their kids.
I thought it was something
you'd want me to do, okay?
Yeah, you're doing
your job right?
But where are they?
Where did they go?
Your daughters?
Yeah, they can't
just up and disappear!
I have no idea, I have
no idea where they are.
Don't tell me you're
worried about them.
About my daughters?
Yes yes.
Seems to me you are.
No, I'm worried about my
house, my cars, and my health.
Shawn, having the
kids around will be
good for your health, very good.
Yeah right.
Are you mad now?
I can't believe we're
sleeping in this dusty attic.
I know, I mean ew.
I cannot live like this.
I like it.
It's just my size.
He can't treat his own
grandchildren like this.
Guys, I think we all
know what this means.
This means war.
But the question is are you in?
- War.
- War.
Finally, some peace and quiet.
Who could be here at this hour?
I'm sorry monsieur, but
two paparazzis are asking
for you, they insist they'd
like to see you, sir.
The pictures.
I completely
forgot about them.
Send them in.
Right away, sir.
Go ahead.
Send them in.
Right away, sir.
I know what I
can do about this.
You're here.
Yes we are.
And what do you
guys actually think
you're gonna do with
those pictures huh?
Blackmail me?
No sir, let me
introduce myself.
I'm Arman from Arman
Inc. News Agency.
And this is my right
hand man Zander.
We're the most feared pair
of paparazzis of
the entire coast.
I'm shaking in my boots.
Well actually you should be.
All right, what do you
want for these pictures huh?
- Six kilos of candy.
- Six kilos of candy.
Once a month for a whole year.
Oh, and a video game
once a month for a year.
Make it four.
Sir, we'd rather have six.
Fine, okay, you have a deal.
That's completely unreasonable,
but I'll tell you what,
so long as you
guarantee that you're
not gonna change
your mind later.
Sir, you have our words.
We'll be back the first day
of each month to collect.
And be sure not to call
the police, otherwise...
What are you talking about?
Shut up, don't worry,
I heard this in a movie.
It's okay.
I'm with you guys.
I won't call the police.
Thank you very much, sir.
And here are the contracts.
Yes, you heard me, contracts.
Just read them, they're
pretty straightforward,
and we'll be back to collect
them with our first deliver.
Thank you very much,
and goodbye Mr. McDoll.
Yeah, thank you.
Good morning, grandpa.
Good morning, grandpa.
You want some chewing gum?
No, no gum.
Just had breakfast,
put that gum away.
What are you doing?
Don't do that in my house,
you're gonna scratch
my floors all up.
Please stop!
You're gonna knock
something over, Jean Pierre!
Jean Pierre!
Please stop, just...
Could you stop them please?
Shall I punish
the children and
confiscate the hovercrafts, sir?
And you can torture
them for all I care.
Please, this is too much
craziness in the house.
Just have them sit down
and serve breakfast.
Join us at the table please.
Thank you.
Here are your eggs, sir.
You trying to give
me a heart attack?
I apologize sir, but why
do you spy on the kids?
I'm not spying on them,
I was just watching
to make sure they
don't destroy my house.
Which is obviously something you
and Matilda have
lost control of.
Still, it is very nice to have
children playing in our
garden, I'll admit that.
Well first of all,
it's not our garden.
It's my garden.
And second of all, they're
trampling all over my grass.
By the way monsieur,
shouldn't you play tennis today?
Yes, I was thinking about it.
But who's gonna look
after these little scamps?
We could bring them
with us so that you might
teach them good manners
and on court etiquette.
All right.
All right.
All right, I'll
take them with me.
You just get the Bentley ready.
Good choice, sir.
And you'll take
care of the dogs too.
Excellent, sir.
All right, please, nobody
put your feet on the seats!
Just don't touch anything!
Let's try to be a
little quiet okay?
Try to be a little quieter.
Thank you.
What was that?
You have
a beautiful car.
Oh thank you, that's
very nice of you.
But let's just be calm
and, what is that smell?
Jean Pierre.
Come on, Jean Pierre.
That's disgusting.
Jean Pierre, I
think you should
take a bath before
we come back, huh?
Okay Jean Pierre?
Let's go.
Take a bath!
Here we go.
Oh, you know what?
I forgot my racket.
You guys, you stay here,
just don't touch anything.
You hear me?
I'll be right back.
What's that?
Oh my god!
What did you do?
Why's it in neutral?
Grandpa, grandpa!
What have you done!
What happened?
It's all right grandpa,
it's just a broken light.
What did you do?
Nothing to be worried about.
You killed my beautiful toy.
It's fine, it's fine.
Hey Jean Pierre.
Oh, the good notary,
how are you sir?
Very good.
Mr. McDoll is not here,
he's on the tennis court, sir.
The tennis court?
Aren't you supposed to
stay with him at all times?
Yes, but today he
wanted to play tennis
with the children and
drive his own car, sir.
I don't believe it.
It's true, sir.
Well come over.
Have you had a chance to think
of what we discussed before?
I don't think that
Mr. McDoll, I just...
Keep working for no
money, you keep doing it.
Look, you like that he cuts
your pay every month right?
You get less than
when you started.
Of course not, no
I don't, but just
to me, it just
doesn't seem right.
Doesn't seem right?
You think it's right
that he hasn't given me
a pay in five years because
he calls me his friend?
So you're gonna live that way?
It's true, it's true
when you say it like that.
I don't have to
offer you
I'll give you a little
piece of the bone, okay?
What would I
have to do exactly?
Exactly is easy, look,
here's a contract all formed.
Make him sign three copies.
Right over there, and do
it in triplicate okay?
You gotta get him drunk.
Trick him, okay?
We have a deal?
Of course.
A pleasure.
My pleasure, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Guys, this is really boring.
Let's tick him off.
Yeah, let's liven
this place up.
Okay, let's start clapping.
Hey keep it down, you can't...
Sorry about that.
He got
shot in the balls.
You see, we can't
concentrate when you're yelling
like that, and it's not
fair to the opponent, right?
One more.
Come on, fight!
What are you doing?
Go grandpa!
Grandpa come on, hit it!
It's out!
I won.
What out?
It was definitely in the court.
I seen it from here.
No, it's out.
It was out.
It's out, don't you see?
No it's not, it's not.
Take me, woo!
Listen, when I start
dragging the chains,
you bang on the
boards, you ready?
Yes, extremely ready.
Grandpa's about to wake
up because of the ghosts.
Alexa and Rebecca
should be ready by now.
Dude, grandpa is gonna have
the biggest heart attack ever.
Guys, shhh.
Are you all ready?
What's going on?
What's all that noise?
Help us, grandpa!
There's a ghost here!
They woke us up,
we're so scared!
This place is so haunted,
grandpa please help us.
Grandpa, the ghost!
A ghost, how scary, help me!
Okay, okay, calm
down, calm down.
Okay, now first
of all, there's no
such thing as ghosts all right?
Then what made...
Can we sleep here tonight?
In my room?
In my bed?
I don't think so, no.
What's all the commotion, sir?
The house is
haunted by a ghost.
Are you serious?
I'm scared now,
can I sleep here?
Oh come on now, please.
Look, this is getting crazy.
Jean Pierre, you
go upstairs and see
what's making all
this noise okay?
Monsieur, me, upstairs, alone?
I mean I'm not even armed.
What do you need, arms?
Go down to the
kitchen, get a broom.
Maybe some garlic and a cross,
I don't know, whatever works.
The faster you go, the
faster I don't fire you.
You got it?
Jean Pierre please,
you're a hero.
Jean Pierre!
Jean Pierre!
Jean Pierre!
Jean Pierre!
Jean Pierre!
All right, all right, I'll go.
It's no big deal.
All right, I checked everything.
Monsieur, ladies and gentlemen,
there is no one upstairs.
It's all right.
Now please, everyone go back
to your rooms and go to sleep.
Matilda if you're
still scared you
go and sleep in
Jean Pierre's room.
But sir, I have a
boyfriend in Paris.
I can't.
So what?
Your boyfriend's in
Paris and you're...
You know something,
you may be right.
Just find a room, okay?
Find a room for
yourself and just go.
Everybody to bed!
I'm gonna go to sleep.
See you in the morning!
You heard the monsieur.
You heard the monsieur.
Let's all go.
Goodnight, monsieur.
What are you doing?
Nothing, nothing.
Just pouring the
tea for Mr. McDoll.
I see, but what are
you putting in it?
Come here.
It's a deal I've
made with the notary
Bloom, but you have to trust me.
What are you talking about?
I have to get
Mr. McDoll to sign
certain documents
and then you and I
will become rich, we'll
share all the money.
What's in there?
But it's illegal.
Poor Mr. McDoll.
I know, but for him it's
just a drop in the bucket.
For us, it's a small fortune.
Aren't you tired of
being treated like this?
What did you put
inside the drink?
Nothing, just something
to make him relax,
and then when he's relaxed we'll
trick him into
signing the papers.
Jean Pierre, you're getting
slower and slower and slower.
You expect me to not fire you?
I apologize
monsieur, but I'm gonna
make it up to you with
your favorite tea.
There you are, right there sir.
What are you doing now?
Are you gonna eat with me?
Is that it?
There you go.
You mind?
Thank you, that's
very kind of you, sir.
I always wanted to
try one of these.
I hope you like that tea sir.
What are you doing?
You think this is funny?
You can't get away with this!
I'm definitely
going to fire you!
And you, stop laughing!
Take your books and
go upstairs and read!
Morning, gentlemen.
You got the pictures?
They're in the briefcase.
Yes, well a
briefcase that will
self destruct in 10 minutes
if we don't complete...
What are you talking about?
Hey hey hey, let's be cool.
We got a deal now.
Jean Pierre.
Here it is, monsieur.
Now in that bag is the
payment we agreed on.
Five kilos of candy, one video
game, and a signed contract.
Amazing, thank you very much.
You didn't make
any copies did you?
No copies.
Trust us, Mr. McDoll,
here at Arman Inc.
News Agency, we are
very honorable people.
Well it was a pleasure
doing business with you.
I'll see you again in a month.
Goodbye, Mr. McDoll.
Goodbye sir.
Come, I have an idea.
I don't believe it.
Your plan actually worked.
Of course it did, Zander.
You should totally
listen to me more often.
My plans do work.
And anyway, I'm pretty
sure Mr. McDoll got that
we could destroy his
life with those pictures.
Oh hey, you two!
Oh hi girls, what do you want?
We need your
technical assistance.
something vital.
Tell us.
We have to make a huge
prank for our grandfather.
Super huge prank.
What do you need?
Loudspeakers and
horrible noises.
Ladies, I think
it's your lucky day
'cause you have just
bumped into the FX master.
What are you talking about?
Just go with the flow.
We're not in the Matrix.
Let's say we have what you need.
When do you need it by?
Okay, we'll prepare
screaming, screeches,
loud noises, howling,
blood curdling sounds,
everything that will give
the old man the creeps.
And our reward?
And a video game.
We know.
All right, sure,
we have a deal.
It's a pleasure doing
business with you.
You too.
Bye girls.
Goodbye girls.
Girls, girls!
Please, please!
Girls, stop it!
Stop it!
Girls, Coco, no!
Girls, don't!
Please, please!
No, stop it, please stop it!
Rebecca come on, stop it!
I can't do this anymore!
I'm firing myself.
What did I tell you?
What did I tell you?
No skateboarding, no
ball in the house!
Ladies and gentlemen, please!
Be a little more
respectful, okay?
Jean Pierre, make them stop.
I'm trying, monsieur.
I don't care if you
dance, play the guitar
and sing, anything you
can do to make them stop.
Yes, please play something
for us, Jean Pierre.
Matilda, a glass
of wine please.
C, F, C
C, G, C
Woke up this morning,
heard about the earthquake
People around the world
make the same mistake
Judging each other by
the color of your hand
When all I wanna do is
be a member of the band
And I start a fire
when I walk on water
And I admire
everything I see
And I start a fire
when I walk on water
And I admire
everything I see
Come on, let's take
the loudspeakers out.
Put it under the curtains.
Now take this one and put
it in the chimney okay?
Done, let's go.
And I admire everything
I see, yeah yeah
Oh yeah, break it down.
Oh no, no more wine.
But you know, it
is really good wine.
You're getting me drunk,
and I've had enough wine.
And we have all
the children here,
I don't think we should
have the wine out.
Go ahead, put it away.
Go on.
Put it away.
And I admire
everything I see
And I start a fire
when I walk on water
And I admire everything
I see, yeah yeah
Break it down.
Shhh, you guys be quiet.
Everybody, after this
grandpa's gonna be so scared.
It's up to us...
What was that?
Did you turn it on already?
No, it's just grandpa snoring.
Shhh, you guys, zip it.
Let's get this started already.
Who's there?
What's going on, who's there?
Help us, grandpa!
Not again!
Oh geez.
What happened, what's going on?
There's a ghost here again!
Oh my god, what was that?
please help us!
Enter the dragon, freeze!
Yeah right, you're
really gonna be a help.
What's with garlic?
Garlic is for
vampires, not ghosts.
That's what I told
him, garlic doesn't work.
And what's with this mop huh?
That's what I said.
I was like what are you
gonna do with a mop?
Look, look, look,
I think everybody
should stay here tonight.
I think if we're all
together, there's less
chance of ghosts getting
to us, all right?
How's that?
Great idea, sir.
Great idea, excellent idea, sir.
Can we all stay in here?
So are we doing it?
Don't shout, please.
Did you notice?
He stopped drinking the wine.
Yes, I saw that,
and I'm thinking.
We are running out of time,
these children are
ruining our plan.
I'm really afraid
of the ghost.
I'm afraid, and
worried, that we're
not gonna see this money, okay?
Jean Pierre!
Oh monsieur!
What are you two doing, huh?
Never mind, you go
ahead, you talk.
Isn't that what
I'm paying you for?
We're sorry, sir.
All right, forget
about it, no buts.
What I'd really like
to know, what are
we going to do about
these "ghosts"?
I don't even want
to think about it.
It scares me.
I could call a
friend of mine, sir,
who's a friend of a friend
of a ghostbuster, sir.
He's quite serious actually.
A ghostbuster?
Do they exist?
Is he reliable?
Of course, sir.
Of course
monsieur, otherwise I
wouldn't have mentioned it, sir.
That's very important to
me, thank you, Jean Pierre.
Yeah, I know.
But you know, we
didn't have this
problem until our
guests arrived.
Those six little scamps.
Well it might be the ghost
likes to scare children.
I think you're
more afraid of those
ghosts than those children are.
Well let's just hope that
tonight it's a little more quiet.
It will.
Agreed, sir.
We'll see you back in the house.
I'm sure we'll find
you in the house soon.
Jean Pierre!
Jean Pierre!
Come on, girls.
Did you hear her scream?
Come on, take the
corners quickly.
We need to move fast.
Ew, that's disgusting.
Come on, move!
Come on, Remy.
Help me.
We need to get
out of here now.
Let's just go.
You have to see, there were
thousands of worms, nasty worms!
It's horrible.
They're over there.
On the bed.
This bed?
Well Matilda, I
don't see any worms,
I don't know what
you're talking about.
They were everywhere.
They were under the
sheets, on the pillow.
Have you been...
The ghost!
It was the worm ghost!
Everyone stop!
He's here, sir.
The ghostbuster, sir.
Send him in.
Did you arrange everything?
Yes, of course.
Everything is set up
in the living room,
so let's go in from the back.
It's been a few
days, they started
annoying us in the night.
It was terrifying,
please help us.
Be quiet.
Right, right.
Yes Matilda, breathe.
This way, please.
We're nearly there.
What are you two doing?
You know, we were
just passing by
and decided to
take a rest, yeah.
Can I take a rest too?
Yes, right, we're very tired.
Whatever you're doing,
keep doing it, all right?
Can we really?
You're not angry, grandpa?
No, I'm not
angry, I wanna have
some fun too, can
I do this with you?
Oh, here they come.
Let's roll.
But how can this device
trace the presence of a ghost?
Don't worry about that.
That's not your problem.
I'm sorry to pry, but do you
get a lot of work around here?
There is something in this room.
What do you see?
Oh god.
Who's gonna pay for all this?
Don't worry about that,
there's Mr. McDoll for that.
And where is he?
He's just there,
he's in the...
Mr. Mc...
Where is he?
I don't know, he was there.
Oh god!
That's them!
Oh my god!
We disturbed them.
Do something!
Good job.
Good job.
A whole amusement
park for ourselves.
Come on guys, let's go.
Yeah, let's!
Grandpa, let's go!
Wow, wow.
I can't believe he
rented an entire
amusement park just
to play with the kids.
I know, that's so
sweet of Mr. McDoll.
Don't you get it?
He's only nice with
children, not with us.
Well that's something right?
We have to continue
with our plan.
Our plan is not working.
I'm not able to hurt him.
We're not hurting him, we're
not doing anything, okay?
We'll try again at
his birthday party.
What party?
Mr. McDoll never
celebrates his birthday.
Well this year
he'll celebrate.
Trust me.
Go, go!
Two points.
Come on, up top.
I am a bad man!
I eat children!
I'm bad bad bad!
Okay, I don't eat children.
One, two, three!
That was actually
pretty fun, I gotta say.
Guys, guys, come on, over here.
Quiet, okay?
Okay guys, Jean
Pierre just told me
that next week is
grandpa's birthday.
Yeah, but he
never celebrates it.
That's sad.
Surprise party?
We can split up the tasks
and arrange everything.
Music, dancing,
lots of sweets.
Done deal.
For grandpa.
For grandpa!
For grandpa!
Woo, let's go!
It's very good,
this champagne.
My compliments, Shawn.
My friend will be
very happy, he made
this wine and I wanted
you to taste it.
Well this is a historic day
that you're offering us some.
And a little birdie told me you
took the kids to a tennis club.
How's it being
being a grandpa now?
I may be a grandfather,
but nothing's really changed.
I just have a lot more
people in my house.
Then I heard he rented
the Lunar Park, right?
We all have to have some fun.
Can I expect that
you're gonna be throwing
a birthday bash this
year for yourself?
I haven't even
thought about that.
Let's not everything
get out of control.
So you have the evening for
Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly?
No more fashion show for
playboy Shawn McDoll?
I will never give
up on beautiful women.
Hey Shawn, we got a
big surprise for you.
Girls, come on!
That's a unique style.
Holy cow.
Beautiful eyes.
Good job.
I'm glad you
like it, same here.
Perfect, thank you.
Good work, Matisia.
Remember, your grandpapa likes
his cream to be
light as a cloud.
Good, good.
Good, Coco,
excellent, very good.
Rebecca, less
eating, more mixing.
Alexa, please go to the
pantry and get the frosting.
Let's relax, okay?
Your grip needs to
be firm, yet soft.
I have an idea.
What kind of idea?
A strong caress, good, yes.
Jean Pierre.
My cream smells funny.
Oh my god.
I can't leave you alone
with them for two hours?
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
So is everything
ready for tonight?
Of course, Shawn.
My girls will be
here tout de suite.
Tout de suite, tres bien.
The models are beautiful?
Only the best for you.
Matilda, could
you make sure that
the children don't
run wild tonight?
Sure, I will try.
Thank you.
What are you waiting for?
Tyra's models.
And your models?
Already inside changing.
So do you know what
you're gonna say?
Yeah, I got it.
Girls, girls, please.
My grandfather is unfortunately
really sick with a
terrible disease.
And it's very contagious.
It's measles.
Very very dangerous.
So that means that
the fashion show
will be rescheduled
to another night.
Bye bye.
Let music start please.
Here we are.
What's happening?
Where are the models?
I don't know.
What does it mean?
I do not understand.
I think I
understand very well.
Tell me, where'd you
discover the fountain of youth?
Awesome, good job guys.
Jean Pierre, these
are my special cars,
this one, this toy was my first.
I will suggest that
when you massage
my toy, you go in
a circular motion.
Certainly, sir.
Otherwise my toys,
they suffer, sir.
I'm sorry, did
you say something?
No, sir.
You watch it now.
Sir, I know you
don't wanna talk about,
but today is your birthday, sir.
We're not gonna throw even
just a little party for the...
Jean Pierre.
For the kids.
I hate birthday parties.
However today I might
receive a special present.
Really, sir?
Might I know what that is?
Your dismissal.
Oh my god!
Oh no, there's mountains of hair
and fleas in here, out dogs!
Out, out!
Come on, come here.
Could you take care of the dogs?
Jean Pierre.
Jean Pierre!
Thank you, thank you.
We're gonna have to vacuum.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here, Nina.
I don't know, it's
awfully quiet in the house.
You think the children
are up to something?
I don't know sir, I think they
were just waiting
for dinner actually.
Yeah right.
Happy birthday!
Thank you!
Thank you!
It's party time!
Well you decided
to do your duty?
Yes, of course I'm doing it,
he signs those papers tonight.
If you didn't
help me with this,
I would just expunge the deal.
We will make it, Mr. Bloom.
I have a special potion
that should do the trick.
Don't worry, he will sign.
Holy smokes.
I'm gonna celebrate.
You sure you want to do this?
I don't know.
But it's now or never.
This is to recognize it.
Wouldn't want this getting
in the wrong hands.
All right, let's go.
Come on.
Happy birthday monsieur,
this is for you, sir.
Thank you, Jean Pierre.
It's a pleasure, sir.
Dear grandpa, on
behalf of all of us,
I wish you a very
happy birthday.
I just want to
tell you that we're
all so happy to be
with you and hope
that you can stand having
us for a bit longer.
I'm speechless.
I can't tell you how happy I
am that you all could be here.
You've all brought
life to my house.
And Jean Pierre, thank you
for all that you've done.
Matilda, you and Jean Pierre,
I've been unfair to both of you.
And I intend to
make it up to you.
No more of this
selling you short.
And tomorrow I
think we should meet
and talk about what you
feel I might owe you.
And I will repay you.
And more.
You deserve it.
And my good friend Mr. Bloom.
You and I have some
things that I feel
I have neglected, and
next week we're going
to get together and
resolve all of those
accounts that I've let go, okay?
Now what are all
these faces for?
Come, let us toast.
To our happiness and our future.
Happy birthday, monsieur!
Oh my god.
Oh geez, I'm so clumsy.
Here, please, take another one.
Sir, happy birthday, sir.
He doesn't change.
Okay, to your health.
Where have you been?
Hi, dad.
It's nice to see you, dad.
Excuse us that we
came without notice,
but we knew about the party
and we did not want to miss it.
And sorry if it was a bit
mean leaving our kids with you.
Well listen, I
really was worried.
I thought you disappeared and
I didn't know where you'd gone.
Well we did disappear,
and it was great.
We haven't had a holiday
in peace for years.
Forgive us.
Thank to notary Bloom, we
arranged this little fiasco.
Convinced him that it's
a good idea, that you
would appreciate to finally
get to know our kids.
Your grandchildren.
I haven't changed.
I just love your kids.
Thank you.
Okay, so we're just
gonna play fair, you see.
Kinda let the girls play.
Please watch out for my plants.
Just be careful.
The girls are
playing good, sir.
The girls are very good.
Are you ready?
Okay, let's go!
Oh, good pass.
Here we go, nice shot kid.
Oh my gosh.
Here we go.
Oh here we go.
Almost, almost.
Here we go.
One, one, there's one.
Whoa, whoa!
Oh there he goes.
He crushed the plants!
Oh no, okay, that's
enough, bring it back here.
Okay, here we go!
Oooh, score!
Here we go!
Let me just take care of it.
Thanks for taking
our bags, that's really cool.
Of course.
Your bags.
Okay, bye bye.
Thank you.
Well let's get this
out to the car, shall we?
Thank you.
It's a shame you
guys can't stay.
Time to get back to work now.
And our husbands.
And the kids need
to go back to school.
Holiday is over, but next
time we're gonna stay longer.
I promise.
I hope so, you know, I have
so much extra space here.
And I think they like it here.
We all know that.
We can tell.
See you soon, dad.
See you soon.
Come here.
Thank you.
Bye, dad.
Bye dad.
You drive careful now.
Say bye to your grandfather.
Grandpa, grandpa!
I love you guys.
I love you guys.
You're terrific.
You guys are terrific.
Grandpa, I'll
miss you so much.
I'm gonna miss you too.
We'll be back, you'll see.
You better come back, huh?
Sorry for all the pranks.
Your pranks?
You didn't do any pranks, huh?
You're the best
grandpa in the world.
Thank you.
Okay, look, I love
you and everything,
but next time don't
cheat in soccer.
It wasn't me, it
was Jean Pierre.
Okay, that makes sense.
Thanks for putting
up with us, grandpa.
God bless you.
Your moms are waiting for you.
You be good for them.
They'll let you come back, okay?
We will.
If you're not, they
won't let you come back.
Well we wouldn't
want that would we?
Bye grandpa.
Love you so much grandpa.
Tell them drive careful.
Time to say bye bye.
So long.
My home will be
empty without you.
We'll be back soon, promise.
Juan, bye Juan!
Bye Jean Pierre!
Use the force, Luke!
What are you two doing?
Stop crying.
Come on, back to work.
Back to work.
Monsieur, how about
if I prepare the Bentley
and we take a ride
on the waterfront?
No thanks.
I don't wanna go anywhere.
We could go downtown.
No thanks.
Cruise on the
notary Bloom's boat.
Monsieur, if you
permit me to say,
it's been weeks since
you've left the house.
Can't a man be
happy in his own home?
Sir, are you feeling okay?
I'm fine.
Now no more questions.
You just take it easy here,
and I'm gonna go inside.
And I wanna be left alone.
Hey Shawn.
Oh gee.
What are you doing here?
It's been months, Shawn.
You don't force me
to your shows anymore.
Oh I'm sorry.
I don't do the, I haven't
done them for a long time.
I just don't feel
like doing them.
Everybody's a little
worried about you.
People at the tennis club,
they're worried
about your absence.
It's just, I've been busy.
That contractor you
introduce me to,
I fixed up the club
and been working
on the rooms in the
house just in case.
"Just in case"
just lousy excuses.
Grandpa, you're sad because
you miss the grandkids.
Everybody knows that's
why you're down.
All right, you're right.
I miss them.
You're right.
I gotta get my life back.
They got a life, they got their
family, they got the school.
The dogs.
You know what?
When was the last time
you took your boat out?
Oh my goodness.
Out of the harbor?
You gotta take
me out on a cruise.
I hope you have insurance.
I do.
Okay, buddy?
All right.
Thanks for coming by.
My pleasure.
Come on, you get with it,
get some strength back.
I'm fine.
I'm fine, don't worry about me.
Don't worry about me.
Be careful of the ants,
they're coming by here.
Yeah, the red ants.
I see two of them.
What are you looking at?
Can't a man have any
privacy in his own home?
I'm sorry, sir.
Ah, it's you.
I thought it was Mr. McDoll.
What's up?
I'm worried about him.
He'll be fine.
He seems better
after seeing Bloom.
must do something.
Like what?
We've tried everything.
That's not true.
Not everything.
Did you have something
specific in mind?
Maybe, well if it's
tiresome then please
count me out because I
am already tired today.
Stop it.
We owe him.
Oh really?
Do we?
You, me, and Mr.
Bloom, we almost
betrayed him just
for stinkin' money.
Well when you put it that way.
Come on, let's call Mr. Bloom.
And all the
girls are here now.
Just go in, have a drink,
take a look around.
All right, one drink.
Of course.
Here we go.
Excellent sir, after you.
Shawn, sit down.
What are you doing here?
You guys got something going on?
There's a surprise
for you, monsieur.
Oh yeah?
We're here to discuss
another inheritance.
Oh no, you can't
do that joke twice.
Don't be so sure.
Hello, hello!
Oh it's so good to see you.
So good to see you.
Hey, do your parents
know where you are?
What, are they on vacation?
No grandpa, our
parents, we love them,
but we adore you,
so we asked them
if we could stay here with you.
That's so great.
I built rooms for you.
Yeah, but the real question is
how long can we stay
with you grandpa?
How long do you wanna stay?
Drinks for everybody huh?