6 Days (2017) Movie Script

The last
decade has seen a renaissance
for international terrorism.
This has been precipitated,
at least in part,
by a status quo of negotiation
and concession
enabling many recent terrorist
actions to be successful
for their perpetrators.
These successes increased
the various groups'
perceived legitimacy.
In overseas news,
us special forces have
made a disastrous attempt
to free 52 Americans held
captive in Iran. Casualty--
back at home,
exactly one year ago tomorrow,
the British people voted prime
minister Margaret Thatcher
into power.
Mrs Thatcher's
unswerving commitment
to economic and social reform
has been controversial, and
she remains a divisive figure
in a tenuous position.
on today's programme--
...that kind of
resource is not adequate.
Though we have to leave it.
mr timms, thank you.
With the bank holiday
nearly here,
many londoners will be
planning to go away.
But for those left in the city,
there will be plenty
of diversions.
God is with us.
Get down!
get down, or you die!
Everyone out!
Out! Hurry up!
Get down!
Everyone, on your knees!
Down! Down! Down!
Do as he says.
Ok. Good.
Don't be stupid,
you'll get us all killed.
Don't move! Don't talk!
You -- you want to die?
I said, 'you want to die?'
it's definitely
the iranian embassy.
Weren't Chris and sim
getting visas for Iran today?
Oh, bloody hell.
BBC. I have colleagues in there.
Yeah, back, I said.
What's going on?
Hey, you can't do that.
Free country last time
I checked, pal.
No, no, no, no, no! Get back!
All of you, get back!
Wait, wait, wait, wait!
I'll be back.
negotiator now!
I want a negotiator here now!
Tony, you're not
going to believe this.
Clear! Go! Go! Go!
That was shit.
How's that, then, Roy?
You never checked
behind the door.
Oh, fuck.
Font color="#ffff00" you're dead. So is he.
All right, boys! Get
yourselves outside now!
Outside, boys!
someone's pushed
the wrong button.
30 seconds! Let's go! Now!
Now, boys!
What's the deal, mate? Don't
tell me it's a fucking exercise.
Nah, terrorists in London.
Multiple hostages.
We're finally fucking on.
Right, lads.
We're off to London to
meet the fucking queen!
Do some shopping.
They say they are the
Democratic revolutionary front
for the liberation
of arabistan.
They demand the release of 91
arabs held in prisons in Iran.
What is it?
Unless these demands are met,
they will kill a hostage
at noon tomorrow.
Perfect timing.
You know ds Tucker.
Of course.
Tom lovett -- you'll
be supporting him
We were both on the
bramshill negotiators course.
I remember.
Good. Now, time to put
theory into practice.
We know they have
one of ours --
a PC Trevor lock of
the diplomatic squad.
Yeah. Armed -- Smith & Wesson
.38 revolver.
Don't know if he's used
it, still got it or what.
They won't expect an
English copper to be armed.
Yes. Could be a good
or a bad thing.
keep them talking.
Standard army field phone.
No listening devices,
so nothing to find.
But we hang up here, it's off.
They hang up, it stays open.
Never switches off.
Which means that, well, we
can hear anything they say
within range.
That's very clever.
Well, let's get on
with it, shall we?
Police are settling in tonight
for a long wait around
the embassy in Kensington.
The embassy's in princes gate,
just off Kensington road,
and the area almost
from the Albert hall
to ennismore gardens
has been sealed off.
Dozens of people from
nearby houses and offices
in this most fashionable part
of London have been evacuated.
I live right through London
throughout the war,
so bombing was something
that I was brought up with.
Metropolitan police are
by now all too experienced
in this kind of incident,
and well-oiled plans
have sprung into action.
In scenes more
reminiscent of north Ireland
or America, guns appear on
the streets of the capital.
The question here, too, is
do authorities face terrorism
with negotiation or force
on British soil?
This is Kate adie,
live from princes gate.
The rest of today's
news a little later,
and of course we'll be
going back to the embassy
if there are any developments.
I'm starving.
Here. You'll need to be.
Guess what I just heard?
The terrorists called
BBC television centre.
What are they demanding?
I don't know.
I guess the real question
is what will mrs t
and the government
concede to them?
I don't know. Not these
bloody sandwiches, I hope.
You've had worse.
No, don't get up,
gentlemen, please.
I think you know everyone.
Mi5, MI6.
Metropolitan police.
Colonel rose?
Font color="#00ffff" special air service.
Well, I have spoken
to the prime minister,
and she is firm --
the rule of British law
must be applied here.
On that she will not be swayed.
So, what is the, uh,
first order of business?
Uh, to determine the
government's bottom line
And under what conditions
the sas would take over
from the police.
We can't give them what they
want, I'll tell you that much.
The iranian government
are point-blank
refusing to play ball. They're
not releasing anyone from jail.
Well, are your men ready to
go in, colonel, if need be?
An immediate assault plan
has been drawn up
based on what little
intelligence we have.
If it comes to it,
it won't be pretty.
press are everywhere.
Do not let them make you.
All right.
Just remember, lads,
we're cleaners.
Aye. Cleaners armed
to the fucking teeth.
Now, this is more
like it, lads.
...no sooner
did the iranians burst
into the iranian embassy,
police interpreter made
the first contact with them
trying to get the
hostages released
and find out what precisely
the raiders wanted.
They are demanding the release
of 91 arabs held in prison
in south Iran.
If the demands are not met,
they will blow up the hostages
and themselves.
Police are keeping
the foreign office
informed of developments,
but they are in full charge.
Most of the negotiations have
been conducted with one man.
The police are operating with
their customary caution.
Fewest possible details
of the police operation
have been disclosed.
In a tense
reference to the siege,
in the commons this afternoon,
the home secretary said,
'we are in the middle of
delicate operations.'
and of
course we assume
there is a significantly
greater number
of iranian hostages,
mostly staff of the embassy.
He reiterated that police aid
the release of the hostages
without bloodshed.
Iranian government's accused
western governments -- it's
the west's fault, as usual.
Have you seen this?
dear old mail. Never fails.
This, apparently, is our fault.
Watch out! BBC are here,
inflaming the
situation as usual.
Piss off, Jimmy.
Yeah, piss off, Jimmy.
Let's get on with it.
Nice cape.
Thank you.
Hey. Tom didn't go
home last night.
No. Wish I was. Stayed here
with the night shift.
He's wound tighter
than a horse's arse.
Seen this? A hostage
in the embassy
called the BBC's London office.
It was leaked from there.
I thought they cut everything.
Apparently there's a
phone still operating.
We can't negotiate
in the bloody press.
One hour till deadline, boys.
Maggie's made it clear
anybody gets killed,
she's sending us in.
Is there anything
else we should know?
No. It's a black hole.
So it's in through the front
door and hope the whole place
doesn't go 'bang', then.
You all right, mate?
Font color="#00ff00" yeah.
Get him talking.
we need to buy some time.
He demands the release of
his comrades in arabistan.
Your government must
or they will take action.
Tell him our bosses are
looking at their demands,
trying to contact Iran.
They have already
talked to Tehran.
Tell them they have no power in
the situation. They're trapped.
Don't they understand?
What did the iranians
say to them?
They welcome all the
hostages to be martyrs
for the great
islamic state of Iran.
This is sunray. Stand to.
15 minutes till deadline.
stand to.
We're on, boys.
Let's fucking have it.
The army's next door,
champing at the bit to get in.
I think the boss
said it's the sas.
You serious?
That's all we need.
Word from upstairs is if
someone's shot, they go in.
We'd better make sure no one is.
Can you speak English to me?
Do you speak English?
Yes. I speak.
My name is detective chief
inspector Max Vernon.
Where is the woman?
She's not here.
Will you speak directly to me?
I want to help you, Salim.
You don't help,
we will kill them.
No, no. If you do that, then
I won't be able to help you.
Do you understand?
In five minutes,
we kill unless you
follow our demands!
Listen to me, please, very
carefully. Will you do that?
My government is not on friendly
terms with your government.
Even if they were, we
can't force the iranians
to do anything they
don't want to do.
Understand -- we can't
release prisoners in Iran.
That's simply beyond our power.
The iranians have washed
their hands of us.
You and I have
to solve this now.
If you were to release
a hostage, it could help.
You think I don't
know what you are doing?
I'm trying to help you.
You are preparing to attack!
No. Believe me when
I say this, Salim --
I want this to be resolved
peacefully, without violence.
Every day in my land,
it is violence on my people
by the persians.
I can't do anything about that.
I wish I could. But I can't.
But right here, right now,
you and I can stop violence.
If you help me.
There's still a chance.
Christ! What's
going on in there?
Stand by.
He's been shot.
What? No. I'm sick.
I've got gut rot.
Look, I need to talk
to the bloody police.
All right. Just lie back.
Let go!
You mustn't go in there.
You've no idea what's
waiting for you.
They've released a hostage.
Says they're
armed to the teeth.
That man was ill.
we let him go.
Thank you, Salim.
Stand down.
I say again, 'stand down.'
thank you.
Font color="#00ff00" now, if you don't meet
our demands, they die.
We have food. You must be
hungry. Let us feed you.
You bring, mr Max.
only you.
Do we have any food?
is saying back off.
You've gotta
be joking, boss.
They released a hostage.
have been developments
with the siege at the
iranian embassy in London.
We now cross to Martin young.
The hostages, most
of whom are iranian,
are about to receive
their first meal--
mum, it's dad!
Policemen have brought
food in containers,
which have been placed on the
ground near the front door...
To the embassy.
A lone policeman now carefully
opens some of the compartments
for the gunmen to
inspect at a distance.
The policeman takes care
that none of his movements
can be interpreted--
the containers are
now placed in a box
that is fixed to a pole...
Who the fuck is this?
He will now wait
for the container
to be removed from the box.
The gunmen move cautiously
as they take the food inside.
Mr Max.
Font color="#00ffff" you tell them we
will kill a hostage
if our demands are not met.
You tell your government
we will kill.
We want arab ambassadors now.
One of the mad police.
he's gonna get himself killed.
I'll bet he's never seen
a weapon in his life.
Can you give me more time?
I want to help you.
I need more time.
And we want two buses --
to take us to Heathrow.
All right. I'll ask the bosses.
Please understand,
it won't happen quickly.
One more day. That is all.
48 hours.
Font color="#00ffff" no!
Salim, please.
Everything takes time here.
It's complicated in London.
I want to help you.
Please, let me help you.
48 hours.
After that, we begin
shooting them.
Fucking police.
the conversation
appears to be at an end.
That was Martin young
from the scene at princes gate,
where all but one
of the hostages...
London senior policemen
seem confident
that caution and Patience
will bring this matter to
what they call a
'non-violent conclusion'.
Well, this 'softly, softly'
is designed to put
pressure on the gunmen,
whom it's assumed are already
nervous and getting tired.
What do you think
might be in the minds
I imagine they feel
quite excited and elated.
In a sense, things are going
their way pretty well.
Post-world war ii Soviet
anti personnel
fragmentation grenade,
also known as the rgd-5.
Very destructive
in confined spaces.
4 ounces
of high explosive,
350 steel fragments,
if you're interested.
The x-rays have got
at least one each.
And they claim to have
a doomsday device.
So, 30-plus rooms over six
floors rigged with explosives.
Each terrorist ready to
pull the pin for arabistan.
Aye, it'll be a real
wild west show, boys.
The new deadline is 48 hours.
The head shed's
drawing up plans
that avoids storming
the embassy.
But we need a new
immediate action plan
in case these inmates go
off their medication sooner.
Preferably one where
everyone doesn't die.
We know there are some
hostages on the second floor.
The intel's never going
to be perfect, ever.
The clock will be
fucking ticking.
What about soll ladders?
here and here?
Too exposed.
Always fight down, right?
Look. Excuse me,
let's have a minute.
Based on the intel
that we have right now,
we make our approach...
From the roof.
We use caving ladders
down at these top windows,
we make entry, we
dominate the area
and then we fight our
way down from there.
Click. Stronghold.
Fucking Einstein
over here, huh?
There's at
least 25 of them.
Five women, maybe more.
All got families,
all got lives.
It's a
bloody nightmare.
And Trevor Locke.
You tell your
government one more day.
We will kill a hostage
unless our demands are met.
We will kill until you bring an
ambassador here with the bus.
Hector's got a new plan.
We're gonna give them a bus,
gonna let them take the
hostages to Heathrow,
then we're gonna take the bus.
Piece of fucking cake.
Clear! Go! Go!
go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
You're a dead man walking.
The army now appear
to be directly adjacent
to the iranian embassy,
although officials continue
to deny their involvement.
The police
haven't actually seen
any of the hostages so far.
They will say that
food has been taken in
but no personal contact has
been made between the police
and the hostages.
For their part,
the police feel that
as long as the government are
letting their deadlines pass,
then there's a strong hope that
their suicidal
fervour will wane.
That was shit.
Go! Go!
but in general, experience
suggests the longer it goes on,
the less likely it is to
end in tears, so to speak.
Nah, too slow.
Need to get it
down to six seconds.
We assumed that they
are going to break down
by certain techniques that we
know work on western people.
It's a false assumption.
So to sum up, I mean,
everyone involved there --
police psychiatrists
and psychologists
are facing perhaps
the trickiest situation
we've experience so far
in London, in your view?
Uh, that would be fair, yes.
Go! Go!
Get down! Get down!
Last bullet.
There will be no bus
assault at the airport.
It's ready. And workable.
It didn't work for
the Germans at Munich,
and this government will
not copy their failed plans.
The special projects team
are elite soldiers.
But they are not superheroes.
They have never been
used on British soil.
Certainly never assaulted
a six-storey building
filled with civilians...
And terrorists ready to blow
themselves up if we attack.
Are you saying your
men can't handle it?
I back them 100%. They know the
risks. But be certain you do.
Now, I would advise you to
seriously consider any plan
that avoids a
stronghold assault.
On the positive note,
the arab league have agreed
to help with negotiations.
Uh, there may be an
impediment to that.
The prime minister believes
it is vital that this country
is not seen as a soft
target for terrorism,
especially in light
of the troubles.
She has instructed me to make
it plain that the terrorists
will be subject to
the laws of this land.
And under no circumstances
will they leave this country.
So it's jail or a box?
Well, we're still talking
to the arab league
to see if they will help,
so it's not a total dead duck.
We need to give them
something tangible;
what they set out to do.
Then maybe they'll give up.
Well you'd better think of
it before noon tomorrow.
Because if they do start
shooting, the sas will go in,
and it'll be a
fucking bloodbath.
All right. This is good.
Perfect point for
abseil tie-offs.
Watch it.
Oh my.
Looks like happy families
down there.
And that on the
green might well be the...
You all right, mate?
I need a word.
Fucking hell.
The, uh, the brass won't
sanction the bus plan.
Fuck's sake.
The colonel's ordered us to
prepare a stronghold assault.
We've waited too long, then.
Roy, they're gonna be fucking
waiting for us to set up--
no, no, no, no.
We've found, erm, a light well
on the embassy roof
that wasn't on the plans.
It leads all the way
down to a glass panel
on the second floor.
That's perfect for
a distraction charge.
Hector wants me to
detonate it, right?
So I want you to step up
and take my place
as assault team
leader with tom.
Don't you think it'd be
better to use one of them?
One of the older guys? I mean,
I'm only three years in--
I've thought it through.
Do you want
the fucking job or not?
Yeah, I want it.
Call signs.
And rusty, mate, aggression's
good; Control's the key. Yeah?
This is how it will
go down, mark my words.
Mrs Thatcher's gone
in for a fight.
You're dreaming if you think
we're gonna go in there
and clean this up nicely.
We have an alternate plan
that will guarantee every
hostage comes out alive.
have entry into the embassy
through a skylight.
An assault squad could enter
under cover of darkness
with silenced weapons.
We could neutralise
the terrorists.
You can't be serious.
Who do you think
we are? John Wayne?
I can hear the sphincters
tightening in whitehall
as we speak, Mike.
And the headlines --
'sas assassination squad'?
I'm sure. But no
other plan comes close.
I'll take it to
the prime minister.
But I know what
the answer will be.
It's down to the negotiators
to break the deadlock...
Or your men will have
to storm the embassy.
I just wish the army would
hurry up and storm the place.
'If it bleeds, it leads'. It's
gonna make our careers, Kate.
Are we really part of
the same profession?
I don't think we're part
of the same species.
When was the last time
you printed the truth?
'you wake me sing, make
it dance, make it up'.
Jimmy, omit emotion,
report the facts, remember?
It's not a football match.
That's boring, isn't it?
look, trust me, all right?
I've covered every
siege since Troy,
and the army are
not going to attack.
Oh yeah? How's that, then?
Look at it. The place
is a fortress.
Be an absolute slaughter.
Hassan! Hassan!
Faisal, calm down.
No more talk.
Get down!
Something's got them wound up.
Sit up!
Can't you see he's not well?
We have waited long enough.
What are we doing?
They lied to us...
They lied. One day they said...
...and the police would give in.
I don't want to die here.
There is an argument
between Salim
and this other
one called faisal.
Faisal says all
they do is talk.
They need to show
they mean their threats.
They have agreed they
will kill a hostage
unless their demands
are met today.
Can I have a word?
The arab league has refused
to be part of negotiations.
So, uh, no ambassadors.
The arabs want to give the
terrorists safe passage
out of the uk.
And our government refuses?
We trained him
to be a killer.
He's detached, professional.
Drop of a hat, he'll
pull the trigger.
He's my choice.
Isn't he up in court for
a drunken street fight?
Well, he works
hard, plays harder,
I'll give you that, boss.
That's not my point.
It's about leadership.
Boss, this is the sas.
We're not philosophers;
we're not warrior poets.
Once we let these dogs off the
leash, we know what they'll do.
It won't be pretty.
And when it comes time, we need
someone up front with a heart
of a lion and the brains
of a fucking judge.
All right, sergeant.
But you'd better make sure
he doesn't go off grid.
Max Vernon.
Where are the arab ambassadors
we asked for?
Why have you not brought
them to us? And the bus.
Salim, there's a problem.
We can no longer
wait for problems!
The ambassadors, they...
They're coming, but
it may take some time.
Your army is going
to attack us.
Nobody is going to attack you.
We can hear them in
the walls and outside.
Stop the noise. Do you hear?
Are we doing that?
Consider it done.
I want to speak to the BBC.
The BBC?
That I can do.
Um, it may take a
day or two to organise.
No! Now!
Salim, you have to
understand, the--
this is a free country. I can't
order the BBC to do anything.
If you would release
another hostage,
it could help, believe me.
Don't say another day.
They need one more day, what can we do?
Come! You will come. You!
Sit down!
One more day. Do
you hear me, mr Max?
There are others here
who would not be so kind.
Do you know of my
country, mr Max?
My people are tortured and
oppressed by the persians.
Do you understand... what
is at stake here for us?
I'm trying to help you, Salim.
Good. Because this
is your last chance.
After four days,
as more deadlines pass,
another hostage was released
from the iranian embassy today.
Tensions are easing as
hope grows ever stronger
for a peaceful solution.
Do you think
there could be a situation
like the situation in Tehran,
where the hostages
are held for months?
Well, that's all right,
as far as we're concerned.
We all have to agree
to be gentlemen,
but the sword of damocles is
hanging over everybody's head.
The hostages are
in a terrible state now.
But even they do not know what
the terrorists are saying.
What are they saying?
They are preparing to
kill all the hostages
if they do not
get what they want.
Right, the boss has approval
for the deliberate action plan
to storm the embassy.
When there's proof
of murder, we're in.
Stand by. Stand by.
Go! Frame charge.
Room clear.
You two clear that room there.
Where's Jerry? Jerry, man,
watch the stairs.
So watch your arse.
Tak, basement's that way.
Mink, you head upstairs.
Take control, all right?
We can evacuate the
hostages from up there.
any questions?
If we do it 20 times faster,
we just might save someone.
Let's go again.
Move it!
Frame charge!
This is a tricky one, rusty.
Maggie owes us a few fucking
pints, that's for sure.
Hey, rusty, tell
Maggie her gear's shit.
Honestly, mate, I
don't think she cares.
No craftsman blames
his tools, pal.
Who the fuck's this?
Caretaker. Knows
the place inside out.
Oh, it's all wrong.
What do you mean it's all wrong?
Here -- it does
not open this way.
And this -- the door
is on the other side.
Here, you will end up
in a cupboard.
Let's get it changed, mate,
quick as you can, please. Yeah?
Let's gear up. Let's go again.
We'll rehearse it till we can
do it in our fucking sleep.
We need an ambassador
there now!
The arab league
refuses point blank
until there is the option
of freedom for the terrorists.
Can the prime minister
be moved on this?
I'll ask.
The Iraqis are willing to help.
I bet they are.
Sami Mohammed Ali,
Iraqi intelligence.
Box 500 traced his movements
to a boarding house
in Earl's court.
Sami probably smuggled
the weapons in diplomatic bags.
Left for Iraq one day
prior to the attack.
Gentlemen, we
are plainly on our own.
Hello. Salim?
Your demands will be
read out in full tonight
at 6 o'clock on the BBC.
Do you promise this?
I promise you.
6 o'clock. If not,
I will kill a hostage,
then one every half hour.
Why don't you eat
something, Trevor?
You're not still
thinking of using it? The gun?
I might have to, sim.
Can't you feel it?
Like animals to the slaughter.
All we do is eat and sleep,
but we know it's
bad news in the end.
Bravo three in position.
Good evening. This is
the BBC news at 6 o'clock.
Police released
a statement today
saying that the terrorists
in the iranian embassy
had requested a plane to
take them out of the country.
As yet there's no word
from the government
as to whether this
demand will be met.
We'll have more on the siege
later in the programme.
But now for today's main news.
Alex Higgins has
been advised...
Is that it?
They're not reading
it out. Stand by.
They were meant
to read it in full.
Christ, they'll kill them.
Mr Max?
Mr Max?
Yes, Salim, it's Max.
Thank you for what
you've done, mr Max.
We are very happy.
Very happy.
Well, that's good
to hear, Salim.
They just read it out in full
on the BBC world service.
We will release two hostages.
Two hostage...
After five long days,
a further two hostages
have been released
after the terrorists'
demands were read out
on the BBC world service.
The statement of
the group holding the hostages:
'The reason for us
to come to britain
'to carry out this operation
is because of the pressure
'and oppression which
is being practised
'by the iranian government
in arabistan
'and to convey our voice
to the outside world
'through your country.
'Once again, we apologise to
the people and the government
'for this inconvenience.'
the terrorists want
freedom from repression
for the arab-speaking part
of Iran called arabistan.
There is now a growing
sympathy for this oil-rich
arab-speaking state ruled
by the persian-speaking
iranian majority. Syrian news
reports repeated instances...
Looks like we missed
our chance, boys.
What do you reckon?
What do you reckon?
Doesn't change a thing.
You're murdering our brothers daily...
...I'll make an example of you.
Look at me!
Radio Tehran reports that
an assault is about to be made
on the iranian embassy
at princes gate.
While officials deny
any such action
and insist negotiations
are ongoing,
the iranian government
itself is calling
for the use of force.
You've got that wrong.
Bet you anything you
like they'll give up now.
I hope you're right, Jimmy.
You. Come with me. Now.
You'll go blind the amount
you stare at those boards.
Just figuring out who
not to shoot, mate.
Mate, this guy --
faisal jaseem.
Been in the army his whole life.
I know this guy. You back
this guy into a corner,
he's going to fight his way out.
Nothing to lose.
I mean, it could be me, John.
Apart from 'well educated'.
Make sure you memorise
all the faces, yeah?
It's constable
Trevor lock here.
What the hell is
going on in there?
They've got a hostage
downstairs, sir.
They've got him
tied up down there.
they said they're
gonna kill him.
I really think they're gonna
do it, sir. I really do.
If we do not get what we want,
we will kill him. Do you hear?
I want a bus outside to
take us to the airport now!
Salim, calm down.
Not 'calm down'!
you have had long enough!
are the ambassadors?!
I told you, we're
working on it.
No more delay. You
bring the bus here now!
I'm talking to them right now, OK?
Stop talking.
Khomeini kills our brothers at home...
...tortures them...
...his leader, Salim.
His leader.
While you sit up there, and talk.
Still want to talk?
I welcome death if it leads to yours.
Don't do it, brother.
Shots fired
in the embassy. Get set.
Was that one of the hostages?
You have 30 minutes to
meet all of our demands
or we will kill more.
You can collect the body.
You ready?
I'm thinking that we should
call the negotiators,
get him to keep the leader,
Salim, on the phone
We should steal as much time
for these boys as we can.
Aye, I'll tell the boss.
And rusty?
Check behind the doors, mate.
The prime minister
has authorised
the military takeover.
Do we think this man was
killed accidentally?
No, we do not.
I would like the record to
show you signed over control
to the regiment.
Maggie's government's
hanging by their tits,
and it's Lance corporal
rusty firmin
who's got a hold of them.
Just don't shoot the
fucking hostages, John.
Are we on?
I need a drink.
The prime minster asks
that there be no smokescreen
to cover or block the assault
from the television cameras.
Colonel rose?
She wants the world and
the British people
to see how this government
deals with terrorism.
All stations.
This is sunray.
I have control. I say again,
I have control.
I had a call from whitehall.
you gave the sas time to plan.
They're very grateful.
This is a request
from their colonel.
Keep Salim talking
during the assault.
If they haven't got their
leader, it might help.
What are you saying, sir?
you want me to help kill them?
Oh, no.
I want you to
save the hostages.
What am I supposed
to offer them?
The world now, for all we care.
I've got a nice shot of heads.
Let's move.
What is it?
Salim, it's Max Vernon.
What is it, mr Max?
Do you have anything for me
or do we have to kill another
and another?
I've been authorised to
discuss buses with you
and get you to Heathrow airport.
The government has
accepted your terms.
The ambassadors
are on their way.
We are arranging buses now.
You are lying.
No more lies.
No more lies.
I'm not lying to you, Salim.
One bus. Enough for all of us.
One bus. All right.
How is it?
It's a lot better,
I'll tell you that much.
Look at this as an overview.
that's great.
Distraction charge is in.
It must have curtains.
Good. Yes. We can do that.
And I want you
to drive, mr Max.
Mr Max.
Here. Here, mr Max.
Here. Here.
Advance to wait.
I say again -- all
teams advance to wait.
PC Trevor lock, sir.
Trevor, put Salim back
on immediately, please.
Sir, we're all very
concerned in here, sir.
Please assure me there is not
an assault about to happen.
Oh shit.
Bravo one, rear team
in position.
Trevor, I can assure you 100%
we are not about to attack.
We are genuinely arranging
for their demands to be met.
Frame charge going in.
Just can't believe
after all this,
the promises you're making.
Trevor, listen carefully to me.
I have my instructions
from the government.
Those instructions are
to keep the hostages alive.
Do you understand?
Yes, sir.
Now put Salim back on, please.
Put him down, boys. We're
gonna let off the charge.
Yes, mr Max?
Salim, we need to know
where you want to fly to.
I can make arrangements
immediately for the jet.
It needs to be of a certain
size, a certain fuel capacity.
I heard something suspicious.
There's nothing suspicious.
There is a-- a
suspicious sound.
There's nothing, Salim.
Talk to me.
No, wait! I will come back.
Salim, wait.
Go! Go! Go!
Keep filming.
where the hell are you going?
Bravo one, where
is the frame charge
on the ground floor?
If we blow it, we're
gonna fucking kill him!
Are we live, bill?
Cutting in... now!
At the iranian embassy
at princes gate,
an explosion has sounded
from the rear of the building
as police and press nearby
are being told to take cover.
Now two black-clad men can
be seen on the balcony.
They are placing an
object of some kind
in front of the embassy window
and climbing back over
the balcony to their side.
A second explosion
has ripped through
the front of the embassy.
All right! Go on!
Fucking cut him down!
Bravo one,
where is the frame charge
on the ground floor?
We're changing the fucking plan.
If we set off the
charge, it'll kill him.
What the hell is
going on? Rusty!
Forget it, boss.
He ain't talking to no one now.
Cut the rope!
Smash it in!
Flash bang!
I'm all right! I'm all right!
Get in there!
Font color="#00ff00" clear!
Smoke covers it,
obscuring everything.
Jesus Christ.
On your fucking feet,
sim! Out! Out! Now!
Go in.
Watch yourself, mink.
Clear. Stairs clear.
Come on, boys. Let's go.
Locked door.
Four female hostages.
Four female hostages!
We have four female hostages.
Stairs are clear. Send them. Go.
Door's jammed.
Right! I'll go round!
Basement -- clear.
Keep them moving, John.
We need to clear this floor.
Go! Go! Go! Go!
get up! Get up!
Go! Go!
come on!
You all right, Trevor.
you're all right.
Hostage PC Trevor lock
appears at a window.
He's waving his police
hat as identification.
Police shout at him,
and he draws back inside.
Police dogs howl. A woman
relative of one of the hostages
can be heard screaming.
Helicopters can be heard...
Get them out!
Move! Move!
Move! Move! Move!
Hurry up! Fucking hurry up!
let's go!
Send them down to me!
Eyes forward! Move! Move!
Keep moving!
Get down!
get down!
Get down!
Stay down! Stay down!
Don't move! Don't move!
Anybody! Anybody!
We've got a room
full of hostages.
Stay down! Keep
your fucking heads down!
Ok, lads, let's bring them
out right now, yeah?
Ok. Get out.
Stop moving!
to the door! Let's go!
fuck! Get moving!
Go on, move it!
Move it! Fucking move!
Let's go! Let's go! Get up now!
There are still
two x-rays missing.
Move! Move!
Trevor! Get down,
I said! Move!
Go! Move! Move! Go!
Come on!
Come on! Move! Go!
He's got a grenade!
Stay there!
The pin's in!
All right!
Let's bring them out!
Let's bring them
out right now! Come on!
Stay down! Let's go! Let's go!
Font color="#00ff00" move!
Get out! Keep moving!
Keep moving! Come on!
Out! Out! Come on!
That's an X-ray, boys.
The boys all made it.
They all made it, boss.
Only one hostage killed.
It's a miracle.
After six days and
almost 11 hours exactly,
the siege at number 16
princes gate is over.
Did you see him come down
those fucking stairs?
I fucking did, man.
He was a cheeky bastard,
wasn't he?
For the inquiry.
Oh, wait. Wait, wait. One sec.
Is that you, love?
Thank god!
I just saw it now.
are you hurt?
Max, please.
Will you say something?
I'm all right, love. I'm sorry.
Just didn't want you to worry.
You know, in case you heard
anything on the news.
I regret
that it proved necessary
to resort to the use of force.
But there was in the
end no alternative.
I entirely agree
with my honourable friend,
and if I might say one word,
it was, I believe,
a brilliant operation...
...carried out by
special air services
with courage and confidence.
And I agree with my honourable
friend that the performances
of those of police
and the sas...