6-Headed Shark Attack (2018) Movie Script

Honey. Wait, just...
Non! Bill, Non!
Honey! You're overreacting.
Am I, really? After I catch
you with Sharon and Cindy?
Babe, they mean nothing to me.
No, you know what? This is it.
It's over!
What? Wait!
That cost me 150 bucks!
- David!
- David!
- Oh, God!
Oh, my God!
Here we have no phones,
no television, no Internet.
At Camp Heart of the Matter,
you will unplug to reconnect,
working together
to repair your relationships.
So in order for you guys
to survive it here,
you're gonna have
to work together.
We're gonna be, uh, putting your
relationships up against nature.
That way, we find out
exactly what's missing.
Common struggle, that's love.
That's what we believe here.
That's what we teach.
I need a volunteer.
You two, you're up.
- Up you go.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Just breathe through it.
- Focus your energy.
- Go! Go! Go!
- It'll pull you up, yeah.
All right,
show some enthusiasm, guys.
You can do it, Angie, girl!
- Just flow! Flow!
- Move that ass!
- Yeah, just breathe.
- Slowly. Take it easy.
- What? Angie, please.
- You're shaking it.
- I'm not shaking it.
- Stop shaking it.
- I'm nervous! Angie, please!
- Come on!
Take it easy, guys!
Don't want you to get hurt!
I'm not gonna get...
Ohh! I'm falling.
Ahh! Whoo!
- Okay.
- You okay?
You did good.
Good job.
We didn't even
make it halfway.
Now, why do you think that is?
Kip's lack
of muscular integrity.
We gonna be... All right,
like Crocodile Dundee, huh?
Who's that?
Anybody else?
It's impossible.
You can't do it.
Sure you can.
Just focus your chi.
If you want to ruin
your nail beds, I guess.
If you go up one at a time
and push each other up,
you can do it.
Yeah, but that's
not the challenge, is it?
You have to go together.
That's the point.
Anybody else? Mary? James?
It's a wonderful exercise.
I... I appreciate
your enthusiasm, James.
I think I can do it.
Well done, you two.
If you do this on your own,
it's never gonna work.
The balance you need to create
is too hard,
so you need to do it
with each other to create...
the equilibrium.
- Whoo!
Good job!
Common struggle,
we believe, is love.
That's what we teach here,
and that's what we believe.
You mean you and your wife?
You said, uh,
"What we teach here."
You mean you and your wife?
I'm a facts kind of person,
you know, so...
Yes, uh, Mary, my wife and I.
And where is
your wife, anyway?
All right, guys,
let's get into our pairs.
Let's line up
in two straight lines.
I want to see what you got.
- Wow. Wow.
- Whoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo!
- Doing it alone.
- You rock!
- Whoo!
12 years of gymnastics.
- All right.
- Whoo-hoo!
Good job, Mary!
Yeah, you rocked it!
Here we go.
Work together. Work together.
Create that equilibrium, guys.
[LAUGHS] There we go.
There we go! There we go!
Hey, Brad, Rebecca.
Hey, Rebecca, Brad, can you get the
supplies onto the platform for me?
I got to deal
with Suzanne and Zach.
Copy that. We're on it.
This, too, shall pass, buddy.
All right,
good job, everybody!
Get your wet suits on.
Get down to the beach
in 10 minutes.
Becky and Brad
will meet you there.
I know I said there was
no water on the island,
but I didn't say anything about
there not being any champagne.
The first couple to get there,
they get the prize!
- Whoo!
- Yeah!
- Well done.
All work and no play.
There's a pretty big swell
out here.
Yeah. Hey, we should
head out over the reef.
I bet there's
some smoking sets out there.
Let's go.
What the hell was that?
Whoa! Babe!
Do you really want
to do this now?
I got people on the beach
I need the papers, Will.
I need them signed.
I told you I was coming.
In the middle of camp?
It's the beginning of camp.
I need your signature,
and that's it, okay?
You can... You can keep the boat.
Thanks. At least you're
keeping your, uh, standards.
Excuse me?
Well, I know
she's a fix-me-upper,
but, what, she doesn't fit
into your lifestyle anymore?
let's not do this now.
You and I
built this company together.
And what?
You're just gonna throw it away?
I am not throwing it away!
Therapy through action
is what this is.
You're the therapist.
I'm the action.
It works, because we work.
Are you signing the papers
or not?
Some people
find it hard to let go.
He has a point.
Look, that business
isn't your business anymore.
It's time to move onwards
and upwards, yeah?
No, you keep 'em.
I won't need two of them.
Look, you might want
to give them to somebody else
- at some point.
- No. I won't.
Okay. Be careful out there.
I hear there's weather.
Ah, it'll be good for them,
to remind them
that they need to work together
to make it work.
Aren't you
putting on your wet suit?
The water's freezing here.
We don't all have to go
on the supply run, do we?
I want to explore the island.
All you think about
is yourself.
We came here
to work on being together.
I am thinking about us
having unique life experiences.
Isn't that what we're all about?
No. Not right now.
Just hear me out.
There is a lab
very near to here.
They used to do all kinds
of weird-ass,
top-secret experiments,
you know, like MK Ultra,
Operation Paperclip type stuff.
Right, like Nazi scientists.
No, not that,
something far worse.
In the eighties,
they did
some crazy animal experiments.
You know Plum Island
off of New York?
No, I don't.
They did all these kinds
of top-secret,
Cold War pathogen,
animal experiments.
And this place made Plum Island
look like a petting zoo.
Jake, you can't believe
everything you read on the Net.
Okay, it wasn't the Net.
It was the Darknet.
It's not safe, Jake.
They shut it down years ago.
After the Cold War,
they closed it down.
We have to check it out.
Come on. It's literally
just over that hill.
And let me
tell you something else.
That is where they invented
the Chihuahua.
You go to the lab.
I'm making sure we have water.
I'm taking care of us,
like always.
Just wait for me
to put my wet suit on?
Hurry up.
This is really roughing it.
You're gonna be okay,
Come on. Hey.
FYI, he's a car salesman.
that's what it feels like.
Yeah? What do you feel like?
Are you flirting with me?
- What?
- No, you...
you asked me what...
what I feel like.
Can you help me
with my zipper?
Didn't he say
we should work together?
I don't bite.
Uh, you...
I'm sorry.
It's fine?
Could you get my bag
from the shelf, please?
You talk to my man again,
I'll zip you up so tight
you'll need a plastic surgeon
to get it loose.
You got it?
We're not gonna
get our money back, and not now.
Then you're gonna have
to eat it, because I'm done.
We haven't even
been here one day,
and you're just
gonna give up like that?
I'm not giving up.
I just don't think this obstacle
course therapy is gonna help!
I must have missed it
in the fine print,
but I didn't read where it said
I have to swim for my supper!
James, you haven't even
given it a chance yet.
We need time, time together.
We need to be together,
not surrounded by all
these neurotic strangers.
You know what?
I don't like
how that guy looks at you.
You think it's any coincidence
the camp counselor picks you?
I am not the one
with the wandering eye, James!
You're the one...
You're the one that went to go...
I gave it a shot!
I tried it.
I am done with this place.
Where are you going?
Deal with this.
You did an impressive job
building that campaign,
but you should be
in the city, you know,
where you can be recognized
for your talents.
We'll build something
bigger and better.
Are you listening to me?
Come. Wakey!
- Whoa.
What was that?
Did we hit something?
I told you we shouldn't be
coming close to this island.
Submerged rocks everywhere.
Let me look.
I'll take it slow.
Brad, Becky,
go for Will. Over.
Hey, Rebecca, come in. Over.
- Will?
- Hey, Mary.
Rebecca, come in. Over.
Hey, Will, um,
James wants to leave.
Yeah, sometimes
on the first day, that happens.
No, no, no. He... He didn't want
to come here in the first place.
This whole thing was my idea.
I think I made a mistake.
Are you listening to me?
I'm trying to tell you that...
- that James and I are leaving.
- Yeah.
I think that you'd do great
at this camp if you commit.
What? No, I-I'm committed.
It's James.
I'm really doing
the best that I can
to make this whole thing work,
but he just...
So you... you walked that arch
all on your own.
- The arch?
- Yeah.
What has that
got to do with anything?
Well, you could have
done this together,
but you decided to come
and do this on your own.
Wait. Are you blaming me?
Yeah, exactly, both of you.
I mean...[LAUGHS] Come on.
This is what
all of this is about,
- radical responsibility...
- Okay, stop right...
for both parties.
I walked that arch by myself,
because I can,
and because I'm right.
So you'd rather be right
than happy?
I would rather
have my money back.
- Ah, okay.
- Yeah.
You're... You're really trying
to piss off a lawyer?
Here we go.
What, you want to go there?
Yeah, let's go there,
and let's start
with false advertising,
'cause this place here is
nowhere near up to the standards
that you set up
in your documentation.
Those pictures on your website,
they're of Hawaii.
Is this place Hawaii?
You knew exactly
where I was taking you.
It's not like I blindfolded you
when I brought you to Ensenada.
Look, we came here
to work with Suzanne Nix, okay,
your wife. Where is she?
She was advertised
in the brochure.
All of us came here for her.
This place is nothing
without her.
No. No, no.
This place
is nothing without you.
I'm in contract law, okay,
so if you think
- I'm just gonna...
- Okay, okay, okay. Okay.
You... You want to go home?
I'll take you home
tomorrow. Happy?
No. I want to go home now.
Aw, come on, Mary. I've got
other people on this island.
And don't... don't worry about it.
You'll get a full refund.
But just remember,
you came here for a reason.
I want you to think about
that reason before you quit.
Hey, Brad, Rebecca, you copy?
Hey, Brad, Rebecca, do you copy?
Brad, do you copy? Over.
Rebecca, go for Will. Over?
We're leaving tomorrow.
It's the best I could do.
Just needed a little more time
with your boyfriend?
Hey, lawyer gymnast,
you gonna get in the water?
Bet you're rockin'
a secret hot bod under there.
You know what, Daphne?
Maybe I will.
Oh! You go, girl!
I-I got the zipper! Heh!
Hey, guys,
stop fooling around.
Come in. Over.
Ha ha!
Ha! I got it.
Rebecca, come in.
Brad, man, can somebody come in?
How the hell did he win?
- Whew.
- Whew.
Who's the greatest now,
great white hunter?
- Come on, Mary!
- Whoo!
- Go, Mary!
You can do it!
Come on!
- Come on, Mary!
- Whoo-hoo! Yeah! Yeah!
- Come on!
- Go on!
- Go on, Mary!
- Get up here, man!
- Hey!
What's up? What's going on?
- Oh, God. What's wrong?
- What?
She's gonna... She's gonna...
She's gonna... She's gonna...
- Don't get in the water!
Don't get in the water!
Oh, my God!
I got you!
Oh! Come on! Come on!
Get her up! Get her up!
Get her up!
Come on. Come on.
- Oh, my God!
Th-That's Brad!
Oh, my God. I'm gonna be sick.
Sweet Mother Earth,
that was a shark, wasn't it?
This is Baja.
It's great white territory.
W-Wait! Wait!
Who knew about this?!
- Everybody knew that!
- Oh, my God.
Well, don't let that
get in the water. It's chum.
It's okay. I got you.
All right, listen up.
We're gonna get to the boat.
But we gotta swim.
Are you crazy?
There's no way we're getting
back in the water again!
Listen, the tide is too low for
me to bring the boat in here.
There are too many rocks.
I might put a hole in the hull,
and then where are we?
We gotta swim.
I'm with her.
Honey, honey,
honey, honey, honey,
Hey, hey, hey,
we have to do this, baby.
What if we wait
for the tide to come in?
Nah, nah. The... The swell...
the platform is way too unstable
for us all to be on it.
I got a plan, but it's
gonna require teamwork.
I am so sick of your teamwork!
The only team you're gonna need
is a team of attorneys!
- No!
- When we get back to the U.S....
- Shut up!
- Look where it's gotten us!
Shut up, all of you!
I'm gonna take
everything you own!
- I said shut up!
- All right!
That's my staff, man!
I know you're angry, okay?
Brad is dead!
Rebecca's missing!
All I'm trying to do
is keep you alive,
so listen to what I have to say!
This is what we gotta do!
Mayday! Mayday!
This is the Sweet Waters!
Est es the Sweet Waters.
Calling the Bsqueda
y Rescate Martimo.
Mayday! Mayday!
This is Sweet Waters.
Come in. Over.
There's too much
radio interference.
We're on our own.
Okay, seriously,
who knew this is shark country?
This is the ocean.
It's all shark country.
Then what are we waiting for?
Let's get out of here.
Rebecca is still out there.
So what are the chances
she's not already dead?
Whoa, hey, we don't know that.
So what are you gonna do?
We're gonna find her,
and we're gonna kill that shark.
You got a flare gun?
- Yeah.
- Give me a shell.
I'm gonna make a bang stick,
jab it into the shark's head,
and blow its brains out.
A bang stick?
A bang... A bang...
He's gonna... He's gonna make
a bang stick, everyone!
You guys are nuts!
Duke, people are dead.
That thing...
Is a stupid shark.
We're the apex predators here.
That was brilliant.
"Apex predators."
- Keep an eye on it.
- If you leave this boat,
I will sue you
for everything you got, man.
You can sue me all you want.
This is still my boat,
my island,
and I am not leaving
without Rebecca.
Duke, look, please don't go.
Ah, Jitterbug,
who you gonna bet on,
shark or me, huh?
Great. I'll watch over them.
You can count on me!
Hey, we need duct tape.
I'll... I'll go find some...
Tape it up. Over there.
Tape it face-up.
We'll ram this into that sucker,
and it's goodbye, Johnny.
Let's go.
We need to find Rebecca.
We can't just sit here.
Yeah, we can, and we will.
That was the most awful thing
I've ever seen in my life.
Hey, hey.
There's a shadow in the water.
We gotta find Rebecca!
Rebecca's dead.
Somewhere over there.
What are you doing?
I'm ringing the dinner bell.
Here. Take this.
Poke it in the eye
if it gets close.
Come on.
Come to Daddy.
Come on, come on.
What is he doing?
- Duke!
- He's getting in the water.
What is that?
What are they doing?
Someone pull the anchors.
Duke, get out of there!
They told us not to move.
Well, someone's
got to help them.
- Get out of there now!
- We've got to move.
Let's go!
What the hell is that?!
- Shark!
- Shark!
- Shark!
Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah.
Who's your Daddy?
Who's your Daddy?
I'm the man. I'm the man.
Can I tell you the truth?
I've never killed
anything before.
Angie hates hunting.
Guess who my hero is.
I don't know. Gandhi?
No, Hemingway,
He was a great white hunter,
and I just killed a white shark.
- Duke.
- Yeah?
- Duke! Duke!
No! No! No!
- No! No!
- What happened?
- What's going on?
I feel like we hit a rock.
I'm gonna go check.
- Jake!
- Hold on.
We've run aground!
We have to get going!
We're stuck!
We're not that far
from the rocks.
There's a big hole
in the hull.
How bad is it?
I don't know, it could be
a big hole in the hull.
- In the hull?
- Yeah.
Oh, God,
did you see that thing?
I mean, did you see it?
- What the hell was that?
- It was so awful.
It was so awful, the most
awful thing I've ever seen.
We have to get this going.
We're stuck.
It's coming at us!
- It's coming at us!
You gotta get
off the boat now.
You've run aground.
You're not going anywhere.
Are you kidding me?
You want us to swim?
The beach
is really not that far.
Are you insane? Insane?!
Here, you will die for sure!
If we get off, there's
a chance that we can survive!
I don't know
where that thing is. I...
And I don't know
when it's coming back!
We gotta go!
We gotta go now!
Will it taste blood?
Oh, stop!
Okay, Daphne, it's your turn.
Let's go.
I'm not going
out into the water.
Duke is still out there,
and part of him might...
I'm not going.
Listen to me, Daphne.
If you stay on this boat,
you're gonna die,
we're both gonna die.
We go for a swim, we stand
a chance of surviving, okay?
Do this. Do this for Duke.
I make fun of him.
I make fun of Duke.
I made fun of him
behind his back all the time,
'cause he's a fun guy. He's...
I'm not a bad person.
He brought me here
to fix this, us,
and I laughed at him.
I should die, too.
Hey, you know, Daphne,
sometimes these things happen.
Duke knew that you
loved him, okay?
- Did he?
- Yeah.
Did he tell you that,
that he knew it?
Yeah, he told me.
Can we go?
Let's do this for Duke, okay?
Here we go. Come on.
- Come on!
Come on.
Come on.
They're gonna
get killed out there!
- Shark!
- Come on!
- Shark!
- Come on!
Shark! Come on!
- Come on!
- Shark!
- Come on! Shark!
- Come on! Hurry up!
Shark! Shark!
- Come on!
- Swim!
Go! Come on!
- Oh, my God!
- Go! Go! Go! Swim! Swim!
Go! Go! Swim!
- Come on!
- Come on!
Get out. Come on!
I'm good. Okay. Okay.
It's your fault.
Yeah, it is.
Oh, so you admit it?
Well, good,
'cause we are
gonna sue you for real.
We're all gonna sue you
and ruin you!
You're gonna go to jail
for what you've done!
- She's gonna be our lawyer.
- Aw, forget her.
We'll get a real lawyer.
Jake! Jake!
- Stop!
- Jake! All right!
Get off him!
All right, guys...
- Jake!
- All right, stop.
Get off of him!
What is your problem, man?
Let it go, both of you!
- Stop!
- Wait!
Wait! Stop! Look!
My God, mammatus clouds.
Those wall clouds are
a sure sign of severe weather.
A supercell thunderstorm
inside those anvil clouds
could house tornados
and who knows what.
This whole island
will be deluged.
We're going to end up underwater
or blown into the ocean.
- How do you know that?
- She's a weathergirl.
Meteorologist, Jake!
With this island swamped,
that thing will...
...cover all of us.
So, what are we gonna do?
There's an old
World War I lighthouse
on the south side of the beach.
We can camp there.
We're not going there.
If we're gonna
weather the storm, we are.
That's a 40-minute walk
in the direction of the storm!
We'll never make it
before it hits!
We need to get to cover now!
What if we go to the camp?
They're just above
the tide line. They're not safe.
Which is why we need
to get to the lighthouse.
We'll never make it!
We could go to the lab.
It's right over there.
Didn't you say
it was on floating docks?
O-On the water?
It's been there for 40 years.
No matter how high the water
rises, it'll rise with it.
Plus they're likely to have
a radio and weaponry
if we have to face
that thing again.
That place is a ruin.
You people can't go there!
Let's go!
I'm going with them.
I'll go where you go.
Look for a radio.
This is supposed to be
safer than being outside?
This is the safest place
we can be to weather the storm.
Settle. We could
be here for hours.
All right.
See if you can find anything.
The depression's
transitioning into a cyclone.
Don't worry. This lab's
been here for 40 years.
When the water rises,
we'll rise with it.
It's safe. Don't worry.
Safe? This looks
like something unsafe!
That's blood!
Unsafe blood!
We don't have
any other options.
I'm sorry.
I should never
have brought us here.
The Darknet
is a bunch of hoca-pocus!
It's bogus-hogus-nogus!
There's no sense
staying in this...
"It's been here for 40 years.
It'll rise." What the hell...
It's hocus-pocus!
This thing's gonna crumble
before our very eyes!
Oh, I can't do this.
I can't. Baby.
- Baby.
- Help me, honey.
I'm freaking out here.
I'm freaking out!
I'm freaking out.
I can't do this!
It will rise with us, okay?
It's been here for 40 years.
It'll rise with us. I promise!
You even said so.
You're a smart guy, okay?
You're the smartest guy I know.
I'm a smart guy?
You're the smartest guy
I know. Okay?
- I'm a smart guy?
- We got this!
- We got this!
- We got this!
- We got this!
- We got this!
- We got this!
Y'all need to calm down!
I thought hippies
were calm people.
That thing
had more than one head.
This has gotta be
where it came from.
This is its pater familiar!
It's gonna be okay!
Oh, please work. Please work.
Please, please, please, please,
please, please work.
Please work.
Come on!
Mayday! Mayday!
This is William Nix
of the Sweet Waters.
We are stranded
on the Isla Corazon.
There's a storm coming,
and we are being hunted...
We're being hunted
by a six-headed shark.
- Seis...
- This is...
cabeza de tiburn.
I'm not joking. Mayday!
Can anybody copy? Over.
Aw, this is pointless.
Can I ask you a question?
Did you know
the storm was coming?
Yeah, I heard
something about the weather.
It was only meant to be a couple
of raindrops. That's it.
So you knew.
I thought I could use it
and force us to work together.
I don't... I don't know.
I was wrong.
You know they're serious
about suing you
and sending you to prison?
I'm still gonna try
and save them.
Are you gonna save us?
Yeah. I'm gonna save us.
Mary, I found something.
You should see it. Come on.
That shark was born here.
You see those bays outside?
That's where they birthed them.
See? I told you.
This is
the monster's birthplace.
But why?
Because sharks
have an amazing ability
to repair themselves,
regenerate, really.
Seems like they were taking
some of that ability
of the shark to regenerate
and trying to impart it
into humans.
You know, sharks have been known
to live for 400-plus years.
Look here.
If you damage
this thing badly enough,
but you don't kill it,
it regenerates,
but instead
of just repairing itself...
It grows a new head.
And this thing has been
injured five times severely.
That means
what we're dealing with
is six interdependent
great white sharks.
That grow its heads back
every time you chop it off.
So how do we kill it?
We have to go
for the heart space.
We have to kill its chi.
Are you guys seriously
talking about killing it?
Did you guys not hear
Captain Science over there?
He said it regenerates.
What if it regenerates
its heart?
One soul, one heart, man.
That's the way
the universe works.
No, we need
to get out of here now.
We need to stay here.
It's not safe outside.
That thing has six heads.
We have eight heads.
We can outsmart it.
Is that your reasoning?
- Oh, yes.
- That is so dumb!
- Oh, yeah?
There's a tropical
depression outside.
We need to stay inside here.
It's gonna turn into
a tropical cyclone.
Water is better
than being murdered by a shark!
I don't like killing animals,
But that thing needs to die!
Oh, my God.
Jake! Jake!
Jake! Jake! Jake! Jake! Jake!
Can you hear me?! Jake!
Where did he go?!
Where'd he go?
- Get him!
- Get him out of there!
Please don't leave me!
Don't leave me! [WAILING]
I'm so sorry.
I always yell at you.
I'm sorry, baby.
I'll never yell at you again.
No, no, no. I'm sorry, baby.
I've been such an idiot.
No, damn it!
Get to the island!
I'll hold it here
as long as I can!
Go! Go! Go!
- Come on!
Let's go!
Can you hear me? Are you there?
Will, come in!
It's Suzanne! Will!
Hello? Can you hear me?
Will! Oh, my God.
Will, is that you?
Yeah! Suzanna.
I'm in the old lab
on the west side of the island.
Okay, stay there.
We're coming to get you.
No, no, no, no.
Don't come here.
You go to the lighthouse.
You know where it is?
Yeah, we know where it is,
but are you sure?
The water's
pretty harsh out there.
Yeah, go to the lighthouse.
Will, did you say something
about a shark with...
Yeah, six heads. I know.
It sounds crazy, right?
But it's true,
and it's on the hunt.
It's already killed five of us.
My God. Are you safe?
Yeah, sure.
William, be honest with me.
Yeah, I'll be good.
What was that sound?
Just go to the lighthouse.
The party's waiting there
for you, okay?
Hey, hey, Suzanne,
you listen to me carefully now.
I want you to know...
all of this was my fault.
You tried. I know you did.
And I want you to know
that I don't blame you
for anything that happened
in this relationship, okay?
I still love you.
I'll see you soon.
Yeah, I'll see you soon.
"I still love you"?
[SIGHS] Zach, just go.
This is insane.
There's the lighthouse!
We have to wait for William!
No time! We gotta go!
Come on, Mary!
Hey, you can. Look.
We're almost there. Mary!
Come on!
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
If we get out of this...
I want to split up.
I do, too.
You do?
[SIGHS] Come on.
I mean,
this marriage is an idea.
Doesn't mean anything, right?
it does, if you want it
to mean something.
It does.
Oh, my God!
Let's run! Run!
To the lighthouse!
DAPHNE: No, I can't. I can't.
[GASPS] I'm done.
Let's go! Let's go!
- No!
- Let's go!
- No!
- We have to go!
- No!
- Daphne, we have to go.
- Please, Daphne, let's go.
- No.
James! James!
Get 'em to the lighthouse.
Visibility out here's
impossible, Suze.
Even with
all this instrumentation,
we can still run aground.
We don't have a choice!
JAMES: We got lucky, babe.
We'll get her down here.
Here. I got this.
JAMES: We need to find power.
We need to find the fuse box.
No, dude, down here.
You gonna be okay?
I got this.
- Will!
- I'm coming!
Duke, you don't have to...
Relax. Daphne.
You can have
that purple El Camino.
I love you.
I'm so glad you know it.
So glad.
Here it is.
I know what's going on
with you and Mary.
Whatever you think
is happening,
- it is not...
- Is happening!
You know...
you shouldn't lie to me.
I'm smarter than you.
There's nothing
going on between me...
How old is this lighthouse?
- Why?
- Found a whole case of these.
- Acetylene.
- Yeah. They used it to burn the lights.
We still need
to turn the lighthouse on.
I'll turn the light on.
You bring the acetylene.
There's too many of these
for one person to carry.
Let's go.
There it is!
There's the lighthouse!
Okay, bring us around slow,
close enough to the beach
- without running us aground.
- Okay.
Guys, a boat!
What's that
heading towards the boat?
What is that?
It's circling.
It's dragging us down!
Not if I can pull us up!
Get out of the way!
- Give me the shells!
No! No, you'll hit her!
One shot, one kill!
I hit everything
I'm shooting at!
Not on my watch, you don't!
Save yourself!
- Zach!
- Go!
No! No!
No, no! No!
No. No, no, no.
No, no. No. No.
We have to get
away from the water.
Where did you find
the acetylene canisters?
I need to lure the shark
out of the water.
You shoot the cylinders.
And make it count.
I will.
We're gonna
get out of this.
You are. I'll make sure of it.
So are you.
What's the point?
I relish the idea
of spending time in prison.
That's not gonna happen.
I'll represent you,
but you might lose
everything else.
I've already lost everything.
Then I'll help you
with that, too.
Spread out.
Stay parallel with me.
Confuse the shark
on who to attack.
Come on!
I'm over here!
Come on!
Come on, come on,
let's get out of here.
Come on. Come on.
What are you doing?!
Wait for the shark
to be over the canisters!
Don't shoot yet!
Come on, you ugly bastard!
Come on!
Is that all you got?
Come on! 1, 2, 3!
Show me what you got!
Come on!
Ah! I'm over here!
Come on!
I'm over here!
Come on!
No, come on!
Come on...
Come on...
I'm here!
Come on! Kill me!
WILL: The boat, it's free
from the rocks.
I'll get the canisters.
Get on the boat.
Let's go, let's go.
Damn it.
She's not starting.
The motor's busted,
but the hull's not too bad.
We can sail out of here,
but I need your help.
- Okay.
- Okay.
It's coming back.
Unh! Aaah!
All right. Come on.
I got... got you.
Stay here!
Come on!
Die! Come on! Just die!
- We have to get out of here!
- You get out of here!
- I'm not gonna leave you here!
I'm not gonna leave you here!
Go, go!
Die, you son of a bitch!
Go now! We gotta go!
We gotta go!
Go! Go!
It's still coming!
We gotta go! Go, go!
We gotta get out of here!
Okay, go!
Come on. Go!
We gotta go...
Go! Go, go!