6 Hours Away (2024) Movie Script

We've been running surveillance
on your wife
for months, Mr. Montano.
That's what's left of the car
she rented in Los Mochis
Airport two days ago.
I'm telling you,
brother, he stole a knife?
Where's Sara?
-I don't speak English.
No English.
-Answer the question.
Wait, wait, wait.
He doesn't speak English.
He's my brother,
and he's just a cook.
We don't know anything.
What's he talking about?
What he's saying is,
"I have six kids."
Wait, no, he has six kids.
Down, down, down, down!
Get out of this place.
I said go.
Go! Get out!
-Where's my wife?
-Fuck you.
Where is she?
Well done, Mr. Montano.
You have passed the audition.
Where is Sara?
-You won't be needing the gun.
-I asked you a question.
Where is she?
She's not here.
Please, have a seat.
You either tell me
what I wanna know--
Or what? You're gonna kill me?
Are you gonna give me a motive?
If you want answers
to your questions,
I suggest you have a seat
and listen
to what I have to say.
Who are you,
and what have you done
with my wife?
Who I am is not important.
All you need to know
is that your wife is safe.
-For now.
-I wanna talk to her.
You don't make the rules here,
Chris, I do.
But, as a sign of good faith--
May I?
Very slowly.
I'd answer it if I were you.
If they hang up, they might
be tempted to hurt her.
Put it on speakerphone,
would you?
- Sara?
- Chris?
You okay?
Please, come.
- Stop.
- That's enough.
Put her back on.
I said, put her back on!
You don't make
the fuckin' rules here, Chris.
I do. I won't tell you again.
What do you want?
I wanna utilize your training.
-You got the wrong man.
Gunnery Sergeant
Christopher Montano.
Trained in combat,
infiltration and extraction.
You have a lovely wife
and a beautiful daughter
named Maya.
You're exactly the man
I'm looking for.
I'm listening.
You will need these.
On that phone
is the first of six names.
All six names are members
of Labarca cartel.
Each member responsible
for the trafficking of drugs,
guns, and young women
across the border
from the US to Mexico.
What do they have to do with me?
I want you to kill 'em all.
You can't be fucking serious.
Six lives in six hours.
Once you're done,
we'll release your wife,
and you can drive off
into the sunset knowing
that the world is a safer place
than it was this morning.
-You're full of shit.
-Six lives to save one.
Welcome to the Day of the Dead.
What will you do?
I'll do it.
But if you or anyone else
lays another hand on my wife,
I promise I'm gonna come back--
-What? You're gonna hunt me down
and kill me?
But you will wish I had.
The deal is this.
Six hours, six lives.
Not a minute more,
not a body less.
Do not lose the phone,
as it will be the only line
of communication between us.
Once the target is complete,
you will send me a photo
as proof.
Only then will I supply you
with the next name on the list.
There's a car
waiting for you in the garage.
It's under a tarp.
You'll find everything you need
in the trunk.
- Huh?
- No!
Here. How dare you?
Everything I need.
Your six hours begin
exactly at noon.
Calm down.
All my brother is asking is,
"Where are we going?"
We are going nowhere.
Get out.
Look, you saved our lives.
We owe it to you. We wanna help.
I don't have time for this shit.
-Get out!
We need this.
We need to help.
Besides, you know,
I speak English.
I can translate.
I can help you
with the language.
And, um, and-- and we know
our way around these towns.
It'll be easier for you.
You probably
don't understand it right now,
but we're in this together.
Together. You and me.
Don't say
I didn't give you a chance.
If he has something to say,
just say it.
Uh, we're not saying
anything bad.
It's just, um,
we're just curious.
Why did you kill those men?
It's a long story.
Well, it is a long way
and might as well hear it.
have you seen my charger?
-Phone or laptop?
-Actually, both.
I have your charger, Mom.
-Oh, which one?
What about the other one?
I might have that one too.
- Well, I need it!
- And I'm disorganized?
Mm-mm. You gotta pay for it.
You gotta pay the price.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
You always say the right things.
-We have time for, uh,
coffee before you leave?
-"Coffee"? Oh, my God.
Oh, guys, come on!
All right.
So, who's cooking breakfast
for Mom?
- You.
- Me?
-No, you're the expert.
I don't know how to cook.
Why not? Scrambled eggs.
But I'll take coffee if it's on offer.
Oh, you'll take coffee?
- Do you have everything?
- Yep, everything.
-Are you sure?
-Yeah. Yeah.
-How about the phone
to go with that charger?
-Oh, give me that.
-Mom, your ride's here.
-Oh, I'm gonna miss you.
I'm gonna be having
too much fun to miss anybody.
-Keep an eye on that one.
-I will.
-I love you.
-Love you.
Okay. Shall we?
-I love you.
You say
all the right things.
Call me whenever you can,
all right?
Yeah. If there's a signal. Oh!
Wherever you're taking us,
we're almost there.
-The GPS.
We're almost
at the location you marked.
Thank you.
Hey, babe, it's me.
you're not gonna like it,
but it seems like
I'm not gonna be able
to pick you up from the airport
on Tuesday.
The French Embassy wants us
to hold the special operations
training session,
and the ambassador himself
asked me
to oversee the whole thing.
So, anyway, just give me a ring
whenever you have a chance,
all right?
-Love you.
-Hey, Dad. You've got visitors.
I'm heading out to Christine's.
Her mom came to pick me up.
They're waiting outside.
Don't wait up.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait, wait, wait.
Come over here.
Home by 10:00,
or your mom will string me up.
-10:30. Not a minute later.
-Get out of here.
-Cute kid.
-She's the best.
You are?
Agent Dules. Agent Grant.
I would say
it was nice to meet you,
but I'm not sure
why you're here.
We wanna talk to you
about your wife, Sara Montano.
Is she okay?
I think
you should have a seat first.
Let me try to understand.
You guys expect me to believe
that my wife,
the woman that I've been sharing
my life with for 18 years...
is actually a drug smuggler?
Are you crazy?
Well, she's more
than just a drug smuggler.
And it's not just about drugs.
Believe it or not,
your Sara has been pivotal
in every aspect of cartel growth
over the last decade.
But in recent years,
she's turned her attention
to sex trafficking.
Oh, sex trafficking.
Wow. Sex trafficking now, yeah.
It's bullshit.
Have you heard of this place?
Plastic Angels?
Should I have?
In the last five years,
your wife has used
her property business
to buy up properties
across the border.
Each acquisition
being redeveloped
and opened as high-end
plastic surgery clinics
run by a Dr. Michelangelo.
Well, the last time I heard,
it wasn't illegal
to carry out nose jobs.
I can assure you, Mr. Montano,
it's more than just nose jobs.
The girls are shipped in
from all over the globe.
Once they arrive
at Plastic Angels,
they belong to Michelangelo.
Once they're healed up,
your wife has them shipped
out again, like cattle.
New, improved and ready
to earn the cartel good money.
And you're telling me
all of this because--
Because we believe your wife
was the victim
of the latest cartel hit.
That's what's left of the car
she rented in Los Mochis Airport
two days ago.
Los Mochis.
See, this is all wrong.
Your intel is wrong.
Sara's in San Francisco.
Her company is looking
into a new business development.
We have a copy
of the flight manifest.
She was definitely
on that plane.
My wife...
is on a business trip
in San Francisco.
We've been running surveillance
on your wife for months,
Mr. Montano.
She has constantly traveled
across the border
to meet with various members
of the Labarca cartel.
Listen, I would fucking know
if my wife is going south.
If I'm not mistaken,
that's your wife
with James Montgomery.
There's word on the grapevine
that the cartels
are talking about joining forces
with businessmen from the US.
Montgomery runs
a family business,
dealing in charitable efforts,
in third world countries.
But, uh, that's just a front
for his global network
of people trafficking.
Can you tell me why your wife
is sitting with him?
She's also been seen
with Sebastian Corvo.
He runs the largest cocaine
growing syndicate in Mexico.
Not looking very good
for your wife, is it?
She's also associated
with Dylan Soza,
cartel fixer and all-around
nasty piece of work.
What do you mean by "fixer"?
What, is he a hit man?
Yes, Mr. Montano. A hit man.
He gets paid to kill people,
and he's associated
to your wife.
As far as we know,
he's the one that planted
the bomb on your wife's car.
Isacc and Maria de Leo.
If you can give me
a valid explanation
for what your wife is doing
in the company
of other known sex traffickers,
I'll close this investigation
right fuckin' now.
You need to leave.
You can keep the photos.
We have copies.
Think about it. Call me.
-We're only trying to help.
-Get out.
Are you okay?
I don't know anymore.
What is he talking about now?
He's just concerned
about your health.
Tell him that I'm not planning
on dying anytime soon.
your message after the tone.
Hey, babe.
It's me, again.
Call me back
whenever you hear this.
All right?
I love you.
Hi, Dad.
I made it home
with three minutes to spare.
If Mom calls,
tell her I said, "Love you."
Will do, baby.
You okay, Dad?
-You okay?
Yeah. Yeah.
It's been a long day.
Is that Mom?
Okay. Night.
- Hello?
- -Agent Dules and Grant lied to you.
Who is this?
Do you really wanna know
where your wife is?
You have my attention.
Her well-being
all depends on what you do
Find James Montgomery,
and then we'll talk.
Yeah, Dad?
Listen. Pack a bag.
We'll stay at Grandma's
for a few days.
What he means is that we should
probably skip this one.
Stay in the car.
It won't be long.
Your friend is full of shit.
No one does shit around here
anymore without Labarca.
You get caught
dealing with your friend,
and you'll end up digging
the hole for both of you.
-Fuck you!
-Fuck you!
Hey. Take it easy, guys, okay?
Hey, Mateo.
You expecting guests?
I need to talk to Sebastian.
Who says
you can talk to anyone?
Everybody calm down.
I'm only here for Sebastian.
You want Sebastian?
You're gonna have
to go through us.
Oh, I was hoping
you wouldn't say that.
Put the gun down
where I can see it.
Put it down. Let me see it.
Now, very slowly,
you're gonna come out.
What do you wanna do? Huh?
You wanna stay
or you wanna leave?
-I'm leaving.
-Then go.
Where are they now?
-One? Only one?
Burn the hard drive.
We have to go, now.
Get out there and bring me
that son of a bitch's head.
Shh. Hey. Don't do it.
Hands up and don't move.
It's all gonna be all right
if you don't move.
I'm not here for you.
I'm here for him.
-Who sent you?
-Does it really matter?
Whatever they're paying you,
I'll pay you more.
This is not about money.
It's always about the money.
Take it. Take it all.
If it's not enough,
I can get you more.
Take the fucking-- Take it!
Are we okay?
We're not gonna have
a problem, are we?
That's enough
to begin a new life.
Don't waste it!
Oh, my God, my friend.
My brother is saying that
you're a very dangerous man.
Well, he's right about that.
Take the car.
What? Where?
Wait, where are we going?
Where am I taking this car?
Uh, what's happening?
What's next?
-It was nice meeting you.
Hold on, wait, wait, wait.
Romn, wait.
Thanks, Mom.
Sorry it was late notice.
It's never late notice
to see my granddaughter.
But you would let me know
if something was wrong,
wouldn't you?
If I knew for sure,
I would tell you.
Thanks again.
Maya? Come over here.
All right.
Dad, I wanna come with you.
I could help.
-Not this time, baby.
-Is Mom okay?
I promise
I'll bring her home safe.
Be careful, Dad.
You take care of Grandma,
all right?
It's my favorite...
so don't lose it.
What the hell
are you guys doing here?
You gotta stop following me.
-I'm doing this by myself.
Hey, Chris.
There's more to us
than you realize, you know?
nothing surprises me lately.
Right now,
it's just the two of us.
My brother and I.
When we were kids,
we were three.
We have a sister.
Luna, my sister.
On her tenth birthday...
they took her from us, you know?
We've been looking
for her ever since.
That's why we were
working with him.
Trying to find my sister.
We've been doing that
our whole life.
We were making progress.
And guess what?
You got there
and killed everyone.
I told you
when we first met, man.
We're in this together.
We've never been face-to-face
with fucking Montgomery.
All we're asking for is closure.
That's it. Closure.
I can't make any promises.
We understand.
But, please, try.
Fair enough.
-Good afternoon.
-Hi, good afternoon.
Mr. Soza, your table is ready.
-Follow me.
-Enjoy your meal.
-Thank you.
Sir, are you ready
to order your drink?
-Yes, bring me a bottle
of Navarro Cosecha, please.
-Excellent choice.
And also a tequila, ice,
but hold the lemon.
-Thank you.
-How about that?
-That was really good.
- Oh, cake?
- Dessert.
-Who ordered--
-What did they--
What-- "Will you m--"
- What is this?
- What?
I mean,
let me just go talk to them.
-Well, maybe it's--
-Where's the manager?
-Maybe it's from that--
-We'll have a conversation.
What-- Where are you going?
-Will you marry me?
Will you?
Of course!
Are you kidding me?
Yes. Yes, I'll marry you. Yes.
I love you.
Oh, my God!
-Now what?
-Where is the photo?
I told you
I wanted proof of death
for every name on that list.
I'd like to think
you wouldn't lie to me,
but my associates
are not so trusting.
Why don't you head over
to Soza's favorite restaurant
and see it for yourself?
It's clear he didn't die
from fucking heartburn.
I'll take your word
for it this one time.
But, Chris,
do not let this happen again.
Hello, can I help you?
I'm Officer Grant.
I'd like to ask you a few
questions about your son.
Can I see some ID, please?
Of course.
Can't be too careful
these days, can you?
Would you mind if I came inside?
Yes, I would.
Now, what do you want to know?
Has Chris been
acting strangely lately?
I'm not sure
I know what you mean.
You know, strange.
Odd. Out of the ordinary.
Does he do drugs
or anything like that?
What kind of question is that?
Would it be possible
to talk to Maya?
You could if she was here.
But I haven't seen her
in over a week.
I'm sure you know where she is,
don't you?
You can tell me.
I mean, if you can't trust
a cop, who can you trust, right?
I told you I haven't seen her.
Now, if there's nothing else,
I must go.
Sorry to bother you.
So, how'd it go?
She's a lying bitch.
She knows exactly
where the kid is.
I told you.
You should've let me handle her.
You'll get to have your fun.
Don't worry.
I never worry.
That's him!
Get in the car.
Get in the fucking car!
He was just trying to help.
"He was just trying to help."
Get the fuck out of this place!
You don't wanna be caught
in a stolen car, do you?
-Yeah, so what's next?
What are you guys waiting for?
Get the fuck out!
Am I not making myself clear?
Get out!
Well, you know
what's gonna happen
if you keep following me, right?
You're gonna get killed.
That's what's gonna happen.
Mira, look...
you know
we're coming with you, right?
We're gonna follow you.
And if that's stolen,
we'll take this car.
-All right.
-These guys are dead.
-Nobody knows--
-Fine. All right.
Meet me at Camino Real 347.
Get me a pair of binoculars
and some pain killers.
My shoulder
is killing me.
What you doing, baby girl?
Let's see your hair.
If a stranger ever contacted you
through the internet,
you would tell me, right?
And you know that I'll always
be here to protect you.
You can tell me anything.
I do, Mommy.
Mmm! I love you, little girl.
I love you too.
Let me put your hair up.
-Maya, baby, listen.
-Dad, are you with Mom?
Not yet. But I'm working on it.
Is she okay?
I think so.
There was someone here
at Grandma's asking about you.
-Wait. Who?
-I don't know.
But grandma made me
hide in her room.
I only heard a woman's voice.
-I think she was police.
-Maya, listen to me.
I'm gonna hang up,
and when I do,
I need you to tell Grandma
to take you to a hotel.
Pay cash and lay low
until I call you.
tell me what's going on.
It's all gonna be all right.
I promise.
Now, go get you and Grandma
out of the house now.
-I love you, baby.
-I love you too, Dad.
Did I say you could call anyone?
Why don't you go fuck yourself?
You have
a lovely daughter, Chris.
She has a long,
happy life ahead of her.
A life full of hopes
and dreams of a brighter future.
But I will not hesitate
to cut her life short
if you continue
to insist on breaking the rules.
You go anywhere near Maya,
and I swear I'm gonna
rip out your fucking spine.
You can kill me later.
But for now, I need you
to focus on that list of names.
-Shut up.
-Shut up?
One, two, three, four, five.
He's got your...
Some water, Chris?
What Romn is saying is that--
I don't give a shit
what he says.
-Give me those.
-Hey, relax.
It's not gonna be easy.
You tell him to shut up.
You, do me a favor.
Tell Romn to stick here,
be quiet
and not to touch any guns
unless I say so.
That's what I always try to do,
but he just let--
Just-- just tell him. Yeah.
Hey. Hey.
And try not to kill each other.
-I might need you later.
You need to find
a better sugar daddy.
He pays well.
Oh, not anymore.
Get out of here.
Let me guess.
James sent you
to send a message to Jade.
That's between you and James.
You think I can get out
of the pool and dry up?
I don't want to die
like a fucking fish.
Thank you.
You speak Spanish? No?
No Duolingo for you, eh?
You don't look like an assassin.
I'm not an assassin.
Oh! Oi. That's not--
I thought
you were here to kill me.
Because if you were...
that pretty much
makes you an assassin.
They have my wife.
If I don't do this,
they will kill her.
But you think
this is gonna end by killing?
That Jade's just gonna...
she's just gonna
let you walk away?
Who the fuck is Jade?
If you do this,
Jade is a cold-hearted bitch
who's gonna kill you,
your wife...
your whole entire family.
-I'll take my chances.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Think I can have a drink?
I'd ask you for a cigarette,
but that would be
a little bit clich.
Plus, I'm trying to quit.
You want a drink?
You should have a drink.
You look a little nervous.
Come on, motherfucker!
Come on, motherfucker!
Put all the guns in that truck,
and my jacket
and follow me
before I change my mind.
You sure they came here?
Well, not 100%.
And Montana is not an idiot.
He would have
told them to use cash.
So let me guess, she used an ATM
no more than two blocks
from here to withdraw the money.
Thank you, Sherlock.
It was either this place
or Hotel California
down the street.
This seemed
a little more kid-friendly.
I mean,
I'd bring my daughter here.
Just never pegged you
for the fatherly type.
I'm not.
More the one-night stand type.
No, you're the asshole type.
Yeah, but you
fucking love me for it.
So how you want to play it?
Good cop, bad cop, as usual.
Very funny.
I'm hungry. Can you order out?
Ooh, good idea.
-Con pepperoni.
Ah, perfecto.
Like I said, we really need
to talk to your granddaughter.
You'll stay away from my--
No. No. No! No! No, Grandma!
The fuck was that?
You asked me
how I wanted to do it.
That's how.
It's how I want to play.
Good cop, bad cop.
If you don't like it,
you sit in the fucking car.
Just go get
the fucking car started.
-I'll bring her down.
No! No! No!
No! No! No!
Stay in the car.
- These two. We'll take them.
- Hmm.
That one?
You. What's your name?
I like her.
I love her innocence.
We'll take her.
Okay, so be it.
And I'll let Michealangelo
know your decision.
We'll invoice you
the outstanding balance
for the product
by the end of the week.
So how's the good doctor doing?
I'm not sure.
We haven't seen him
in a few days.
But you know what he's like.
He'll be at one of his retreats
presenting his asshole
to the sun.
You gotta love him, right?
I like that.
Don't move.
I suggest you put the gun down
before you get hurt...
If you don't mind,
I'd rather keep it.
I'd do as my husband says,
or I will put a bullet
in your fucking brain.
Drop it. Now!
All right.
Kick it.
Can I see?
-What are you, a nurse?
It's okay,
but it needs treating.
My best friend is a vet.
She lives very close.
-I can take you there.
-What about your friends?
You know what to do.
Take the money, leave the place
and never look back.
We can go now.
You son of a bitch.
-Whoa, are you okay?
-Yeah. Let's go.
What happened?
We'll tell you on the way there.
On the way where?
Okay. What's happening?
Where are we going,
and who's her?
I'm Savannah. Just go straight
and make a left.
My dad's going to kill you!
I don't know what kind of shit
you kids eat these days,
so I got you a mixture.
My dad's going to rip you apart.
Well, he wouldn't be
the first to try
and probably won't be the last.
You don't know my dad.
He's a Marine.
He's going to find you.
Can you get her to shut up?
We got a long way to go.
You're going to wish
you never hurt my grandma.
One more word.
One more, and I swear to you,
I will paint the inside
of this car spray pink.
That's better.
Wake me up when we get there.
What the fuck do you want?
Isla, put the gun down, please.
What are you doing here?
You were supposed to be
with the girls.
-What happened?
-You don't want to know.
I see you brought friends.
-They're friends, right?
-Yeah, they are.
And this one needs your help.
Get 'em inside.
-You guys want coffee?
-No, thank you.
All right, lady.
Have you seen her?
Mm. No, sorry.
She is your wife, right?
She is very beautiful.
Yeah, she is.
I'll go check on the others.
You better stop moving,
or this will scar.
Hungry? Really?
You're gonna be fine.
Sore. You'll survive.
I gave you something
for the pain.
- You should be good to go.
- Thank you.
Do I owe you something?
Savannah told me what you did.
If anything, I owe you.
You gotta be kidding me.
What's going on?
It's a long story.
She'll explain everything.
So, what's next?
There is no next.
Listen, you have
already done more than enough.
And you have found
what you were looking for.
-Do you need translation?
I got the point.
Thank you
for bringing my family home.
Next target is Jade Labarca.
- No photo?
- No. Not this time.
Where the fuck is she?
Five more minutes
and we're gone.
She's here.
It's about fucking time.
Jade. It's so nice to--
Let's get this shit done.
So it's here?
Well, according to this,
Jade Labarca's
on the other
side of the cemetery.
Gonna go check.
You guys stay here, right?
, but--
We got a plan, right?
This is not a good time.
Just checking in on you,
Mr. Montano.
Agent Dules.
Do you have
any more news on my wife?
Well, got a little
confession to make.
Not actually with the FBI.
To be honest,
I don't know where,
how your wife is right now.
Just told you
what you wanted to hear.
You motherfucker. Motherfucker!
Also thought
it was time to offer you
a little extra incentive
just in case you start
to doubt your motivation.
I told him
you're gonna kill him.
You just made the biggest
mistake of your life, asshole.
Just finish the job,
and she'll be fine.
A mistake
you won't live to regret.
Hope everything's on schedule.
Like clockwork.
Guys, these ladies
cross the border before sunset.
I got buyers,
and they're not fucking patient.
You never disappoint me--
Here's a full list of works,
carried out
to have them showroom ready.
Twelve months guarantee
on all of the procedures.
And as usual, they come
with a clean bill of health.
So I need
a confirmation of payment.
All business.
I like that about you.
So, let's see, 150,000, right?
You wish, Rennie.
It's 200 on the nose,
not a dollar less.
You can't blame a guy
for trying, now, can you?
No, but I can
kill him for pushing his luck.
Make the payment.
250,000, it's all yours.
-Good doing business with you.
-You're welcome.
What the fuck?
Son of a bitch!
What are you doing here?
You shouldn't be here.
I shouldn't be here?
What about you?
What the hell is going on, Sara?
Who the fuck is Sara?
Don't move.
Son of a bitch.
Don't move, fucker.
Do not fucking move.
Hand me that gun now.
Give me the gun.
So, before I kill
this motherfucker,
can somebody tell me
what the hell is going on?
So they were right.
This is not
what you think it is.
No, no, no, don't.
This is not what I think it is.
What is it then, huh?
What is it?
Help me fucking understand!
What is it?
What am I
supposed to think, huh?
Help me understand!
Who am I looking at right now?
Who is this person?
I don't know you anymore.
Do you remember,
what I told you
about my father when we met?
You said he was abusive and...
your mom fled with you
when you were young.
Is that a fucking lie too?
-No, no, no, no.
-It was!
My father was Joaquin Labarca.
Head of the Labarca cartel.
The fuck are you talking about?
Ten years ago...
I was approached by the FBI.
They approached me.
They wanted me
to return to Mexico.
Claim my father's crown.
What better place
to have an FBI informant
than at the head of the family?
I was able to feed back
information on rival cartels.
No one suspected it was me.
-It was perfect.
-It was perfect?
How could you--
It was ten fucking years!
Trust me, it was not
supposed to be like this.
It was supposed
to be over years ago.
It was hard to get in,
to be accepted,
especially as a woman.
They had me do things
you could never imagine.
At some point, it got so bad,
it got completely out of hand,
and I knew I had to get out.
So I came up with a plan.
And it was bulletproof.
But all of a sudden,
the nightmare got worse,
and now we're trafficking
these young, innocent girls.
Some of them just
a year or two older than Maya.
They would be sold, forgotten.
I had to try to help them.
I was their only hope.
So I stayed, and I made
another agreement with the FBI.
I would pretend
to traffic these girls...
but in reality, I made sure
once they're
across the border...
the right people
would pick them up,
and help them
restart their lives.
And in return,
the FBI would ensure
your and Maya's safety.
Maya's safety.
-They've got Maya.
They've got Maya.
If I want to save her...
If I want to save her,
I have to kill you.
We're going to fix it.
We're going to fix it.
-Yes, you can, baby.
-I can't.
Yes. Yes.
-Is it done?
It's not over yet.
You can do this, take it.
-I can't.
-You can.
Just kill Jade.
I love you.
You say all the right--
Hey, you sure about this?
Not sure about anything anymore.
But if you guys can do
this last one thing for me...
I'm gonna be grateful forever.
Count on it.
Still can't believe
that son of a bitch
actually killed his wife.
You don't have to be
so fucking amused by it.
What can I say?
I mean, appreciate
a hard day's work.
You fucking scare me.
Are you really gonna let him
drive away with his kid?
Sadly, that won't happen.
He will leave with his wife,
and young Maya will become
part of her mother's
Plastic Angel legacy.
I like it.
Mr. Montano.
I am genuinely happy to see
that you made it
throughout the day in one piece.
Where's Maya?
She's here.
But I strongly recommend
that you drop the weapons.
don't be offended,
but I don't fucking trust you.
You don't have to trust us,
Just got to do as you're told.
Or once I've shot you,
I'll kill your darling Maya.
I want to see her now.
You heard the man.
Bring out the little brat.
You know, after
what you've done for me today,
I feel
like I owe you an explanation.
We never had your wife.
But you were
so easy to make believe.
I'm here, Chris. Come, save me.
We needed to make you panic
and leave Maya unprotected.
It worked better than I thought.
If it wasn't for her,
I don't think
I could have convinced you
to finish the task.
Where's Mom?
Yeah, Dad, where's Mom?
You want to tell her or shall I?
Shut up.
Did you shoot her or stab her?
Shut the fuck up!
A lot of blood in the photo.
Is he telling the truth?
-Did you-- Did you kill Mom?
-Maya, listen to me.
You have to trust me, remember?
This is not what it looks like.
Why don't you tell her
exactly what it looks like?
She doesn't need to know this.
Not here, not now.
-Why not?
-Well, I think
this is the best place and time.
Don't you?
It's got to be hard
to lose a parent
and a grandparent
in one fucking day.
Trust me, I--
It was quick and painless.
She didn't suffer,
did she, Maya?
You son of a--
Come on.
So you're the bitch
that took my daughter?
I was just following the money.
Fuck you!
-Get away from me.
Maya, baby, listen.
-Mommy's not dead.
Everyone has to think
this is real.
You think this is
a bulletproof vest for sure?
It's gonna be fine.
One into the chest.
She's not dead.
I fucking knew it.
Dad, Dad, Dad. Dad.
Hey, over there, little girl.
Get over there!
You point
that gun on me, asshole.
Asshole? What makes me
the asshole in this scenario?
Hmm? Explain.
Tell me why you and I
are so fucking different.
I mean, you just spent the last
six hours killing people.
You know, in fact,
you've probably killed
more people than I have.
So how am I the fucking asshole?
Because you enjoy it,
and I don't.
You've made it fun.
You have.
I will give you that, buddy.
You have really made this fun.
Drop it, motherfucker!
Oh, all out of bullets?
Pretty fucking sweet.
We get the whole fam--
It's been over a month,
and you still haven't
found that bitch, Jade.
I want her dead.
I want her dead now.
Raise the reward
another quarter of a million.
Whoa! Move out of the way, move!
Damn it.