6 Underground (2019) Movie Script

Rovach is leaving with a guard.
What if I told you...
I know what happens when you die?
You become a ghost...
trapped in a shadowland.
A world of whispers,
invisible except to other ghosts.
unable to return to those you loved.
But with loneliness...
comes freedom...
...to go where you please.
Do what you want.
Ghosts have one power above all others:
to haunt the living.
Haunt them...
for what they've done.
Dig down
Find faith
We won't let them divide...
Never abide
We will find a way
Tango-Tango, we have engine failure.
Shit, shit, shit!
Mayday, mayday, mayday!
Going down!
This is the day I died three years ago...
as far as anyone else knows.
There was no eulogy. No wake.
I became a ghost.
But this isn't where the story
really starts. No, no.
That was four months ago,
on my team's first mission.
And that was a glorious clusterfuck.
- It didn't fucking work!
- One? Five for One.
God, I hate these numbers.
- They're for your own safety.
- Get in the car.
She's, uh, she's bleeding.
- I'm aware.
- Drive!
Gonna smoke these motherfuckers!
They're shooting at us!
Go, go, go!
- We're gonna need a hospital.
- Getting a little tense in here.
Where did the guys come from?
- You said you were covering the door.
- I was covering the door.
- You were shot through a window!
- Such an amateur show.
- Oh, an amateur show?
- Yeah!
I know, you got shot through the window.
God, that's so bad.
What lawyer has this many guards?
You're definitely gonna die.
I don't know,
a lawyer with friends in high places.
- Mafia friends or something.
- Mafia?
The point is we got this.
That's all that matters.
- Yeah. What's that?
- It's... It's disturbing.
Gonna hurt, okay?
I'm gonna go in really deep
and find that bullet.
No, no, no. Don't.
No, you're not gonna put that in her.
Oh, I'm in. Feel that?
- Shit.
- Oh, God. There it goes.
Oh, that's so gross.
- Oh, I'm gonna yak.
- We got a tail.
Stop playing with your fucking gun,
and let me work.
Shut up. You wanna die?
Hey, I think they got us. You wanna...
Yeah, here we go. Hang on.
It's a little tight.
Watch out!
What did you guys do in there?
Why are you covered in blood?
The head, neck, and face
are very vascular, so it's a lot of blood.
Oh, please tell me
you didn't kill a mafia guy in Italy!
Fuck... off.
I'm trying to help you here.
And anything beyond a simple "yes"
is gonna just super suck for your face.
Look, your client is a half-wit,
fuckstain war criminal.
Why are you protecting him?
My client has never ordered
any gas attacks.
No, he's ordered the four generals that
work for him to order the gas attacks.
Just get him on the phone.
Let's just fucking get nuts.
What do you say?
Client privilege.
You're gonna be a pirate.
- This is getting blood on my car.
- Shut up!
There's a BMW chasing us.
Can I take a moment to thank you?
There is nothing else I'd rather be doing
with my life.
I don't care.
Go, go!
Oh, nuns, of course.
They'll forgive me.
What the fuck?
Watch out for that...
Oh, I so had the right of way.
You hit one more person, and I'm walking.
- You hear that?
- A lot of backseat-driving going on.
Nice call on the Day-Glo green.
- Is it too flashy?
- Blends into the Italian architecture.
- What, you don't like this color?
- Baby, baby!
Baby... Baby... Baby...
No, no, no, no! Puppies!
She's fine. She's fine.
Uh, he's got a gun.
- Move!
- What?
- Jesus! Shoot him!
- Go get him!
Do it!
She okay?
- She's lost a shit ton of blood.
- This isn't a shit ton.
Oh, it's leaking under my seat!
I am judge of what's a shit ton.
You see? Blood. Red.
Can you just staunch it
or whatever the fuck you call it?
I can actually hear it pumping out.
She squirted.
- That was literal... She squirted.
- That's a lot of blood!
Tell me that didn't go in your mouth.
Guess this happens when you try to steal
a whole country. Right, One?
Yeah, we could have used
a warm-up mission.
Yeah, that's my problem.
I'm just getting warmed up.
Oh! Fuck!
Why is everyone on a fucking Vespa?
God, I love Italy.
I'm starting to feel it.
I'm feeling fucking carsick.
This is not another story
This is not another drill
One for Four?
Yeah, go for Four.
We need you.
'Course you need me.
I'm here.
Remind me, where the fuck is "here?"
"Here" here. Like, here?
...the greatest ever now
Watch out
I'm a force that you will fear
Here. Right effin' here!
Top of the Duomo, like we talked about.
Look up.
Where you going?
I will never be too afraid to bleed
Giving all of me
Even when it's hard
Oh, shit.
Coming down.
I do it for the glory
- Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh
- I do it for the glory
- Whoa-oh
- I do it for the glory
I see you.
Punch up. Pit maneuver!
I do it for the glory
I do it for the glory
Right over you!
Coming north. Down on Via de... Via de...
There's so many fucking vias in Italy.
Wrong way!
Come back. I've got an idea.
Round the corner.
That's it. Keep coming, keep coming.
Six, you see that?
- That's called "skill."
- Oh!
Who knew the optic nerve was so long?
Surprised his asshole didn't come with it.
This isn't gonna work. Pull over there.
Ah! What the fuck, dude?
- Aargh! No!
- Okay. Don't...
Don't you squish it, you motherfucker!
- Grab it! Got it?
- I'm fucking serious!
- You squish it, the mission's over!
- Get it!
- Dude, come on!
- Got it!
- Oh, fuck me!
- Got it!
- Toss it! Toss it!
- Keep your goddamn eye on the road!
This is so stressful.
- Whose eye is that?
- It's... It's the lawyer's.
- Did you just scoop it out, or...
- God, no! I didn't scoop it out.
Two did.
Okay, here we go.
All right.
Okay. All of Rovach's transmissions.
Gonna lead us straight
to the four generals.
- I'm getting light-headed.
- You're not the one holding it.
You got the generals? Can I go?
- Cop.
- Don't you move.
There's a cop looking right at us.
Go, guy. Go, go, go, go!
You gotta lose that police chopper.
Where is the bathroom?
Where is the bathroom?
Where is the bathroom?
Buongiorno, Uno.
Yeah, hey. Shit's gone...
We're super fucked.
Well, I could probably point you
to il bagno.
Whatever. Four needs an Uber.
Way ahead of you, papi.
Buongiorno, Quattro.
Go, go, go!
I'm gonna send new exfil.
As soon as we get clear, lose the chopper.
Can you do that?
- Lose the chopper?
- "Can I lose the chopper?"
Go, go, go, go, go!
- Shit! Shit!
- Fucking drive!
You fucking drive!
Get down.
- Is your arm hurt?
- What? You wanna fucking shoot?
Then can you use it to shoot back?
- You seeing that? You seeing that?
- Yes! Yes!
Don't tell me my job.
- Hey, remember the Uffizi?
- Fuck, no.
It's the museum next to where
we got those mochaccinos.
I remember the mochaccinos!
I'm saying fuck, no!
Punch him.
Sorry for yelling.
Mind if I turn on some music?
If you wanna be my lover
You gotta get with my friends...
Just watch out for the people!
Okay, where in the fuck is the front door?
Gun! Gun, gun, gun, gun!
- It's time to stand up, stand up
- Two!
Show me what you're made of
Hands up, hands up
Fight the fear
Rise up from the ground
Gonna make you a believer
Oh, fuck!
Glad you're on the team.
Me too.
You said whatever I need to do,
right? So, I'm just gonna do it.
- We're definitely gonna be on the news.
- No shit. Hang on.
Ah, shit!
No, no, no, no, no!
That was Apollo and Daphne!
You see any choppers?
I don't see any choppers.
Three, lost the chopper.
Not the David. No! Not the David,
not the David, not the...
Is the David the one
with the really small...
Yep, that's it.
You wanna get out and compare,
or should we maybe think about going?
- No. I'm good.
- Yep. Let's go.
Oh, shit!
Two black Suburbans coming your way.
Six, fake 'em out. I'm coming to you.
Go, go, go, go, go!
They're expecting, "Go, go, go!"
You got a superhero on the squad!
Here we go, here we go
It's about time that we set it off
I don't have any more bullets!
I don't speak that.
Red lights, I could never stop
Shit's about to get crazy.
Now? I'm conducting surgery.
- I'm trying to lose a thousand cars.
- She's gonna die, you know?
You can live for days with a gunshot wound
in the stomach.
She'll be fine.
No. Don't speak that either.
Up top!
- Oh, oh, oh, oh!
- Whoa.
Oh, I feel it, I feel it.
I got it, I got it.
Oh, I feel so much better now.
I got it, baby!
Blood, sweat, I'll break my bones
Till all my scars bleed gold
Whoa, whoa
Blood, sweat, I'll break my bones
Yes! Now, that's driving! That's driving!
My name's forever known
What the heck?
Bang, bang
Won't stop till we're legend
I can't see!
Whoa, shit!
Oh, shit!
Come on.
Go, go, go!
Here's a toast to a kid I liked.
Are you crying?
We didn't even know his name.
We don't know any names.
What was his name?
It doesn't matter.
He was a good man.
Thought I managed the risk. I'm sorry.
Did he have a family?
I think you're looking at it.
All of us.
We're not a family.
Not the Cleavers.
The Cleavers.
Ward, June?
- What? No.
- Leave It to Beaver.
- Leave It to Beaver?
- Jerry Mathers?
- No.
- Tony Dow?
- No.
- Barbara Billingsley, Hugh Beaumont?
- Never heard of it.
- No? Nobody watches Nick at Nite?
The French don't watch shit like that.
Millennials, French people.
Let's just grab the head.
What does this mean?
It means we find a Seven.
Central, Aid and Base.
Aid and Base, this is Central.
The net is yours.
Don't be afraid now,
I'm gonna put my foot...
- Whoa!
- We'll be quiet for a second.
Do you hear any noise?
- Zero.
- Zero.
Hey. Whoa!
Whoa, hey, hey!
We got a van stepping out.
United Nations.
ISR is approaching coordinates.
Black Hawk, got eyes on the white van?
He looks agitated, man. Something's wrong.
He's headed for my guys,
and I don't like it.
I said he is headed for my guys.
My guys...
Looks like the letters are backwards.
I said the UN is backwards.
Request permission to fire.
Maybe you haven't heard,
we're spectators here.
- Commander...
- Unless you wanna
suck on a court-martial, I suggest
you pull up a chair and spectate.
The van! The van!
Dear mister and missus,
you may not know me,
but Johnny's one of my Delta brothers;
a friend.
Welcome home, Blaine.
We've been looking for a special operator
like you for a while.
Who are you?
I'm somebody who'd have let you
pull the trigger.
Excuse me?
I listened to your call.
Never mind how.
I would've let you pull that trigger.
Can I come in?
Thank you.
Nobody's gonna save the world.
But we can make it a little less shitty,
you know?
And I'm the guy who can help you do that.
You wonder what it would be like
if you could do the job
that you were put on this Earth to do?
You could take out some truly evil people.
Not people that the government tells you
are evil,
because based on, you know,
policies or politics and bureaucracy
or trade relations or any of that shit.
No, I'm talking truly world-class
evil motherfuckers.
I can help you go after those guys.
And I will never tell you
to not pull that trigger.
What would you say to that?
Hey, kid!
- Hey, what's that guy doing?
- Don't do it!
Man overboard!
Blaine was a born operator,
a fourth-generation soldier.
As a matter of fact, his family fought
for us since the Second World War.
And like those before him,
Blaine believed in right and wrong,
in knowing the difference
and then doing something about it.
He told me stories...
he heard as a kid about his grandfather.
A Tuskegee airman
killed in action in 1944.
He would like that we're here,
placing these photos together...
...at his hero's grave.
And he damn sure loved his country,
like Captain America.
And none of us know how we would react
if we were put in the same position
he was.
The fear, the noise.
But if I was Blaine,
I would've shot the motherfuckers.
I would've blown their fucking heads off.
That's just me.
I would've been the last man standing.
And I don't have any military background,
but I'm like a mother duck.
You get in the way of my ducklings...
Man, just sit down.
Just... Just sit down.
You should have seen him watching Coco.
Puddle of tears.
It's an emotional movie.
He's really heaving.
God, that's hard to watch.Okay.
I think we've seen enough.
From now on, you will be known as Seven.
I'm One.
So, there's seven of us.
No, six.
Were my oppressor
And I
And I have been programmed...
There's this trick that we all do
to get through our day.
We take a box and into that box,
we place all the horrors of the world,
all the wrongs humans do to one another.
And then we close the box
and pretend it doesn't exist.
Only some of us spend too much time
inside the box.
We've lost our ability to pretend.
We know there's too much
unfinished business
in this fucked-up world.
Our job as ghosts is to do the dirty work
the living can't or won't.
And we do it from here.
This is our haunted house.
It's a lot like the Batcave,
except it's nothing like the Batcave.
Seven, you're dead.
You're gonna be restricted to cities
that you've never visited before.
People that you've never met.
All, of course, except your fellow ghosts.
None of whom you'll know by name,
only number, for safety,
and so no one gets too close.
Walk over here.
This is our target hit board.
These nine men have been placing
too much shit inside the box.
So, now, they answer to us.
Target number one: this prick.
First mission:
the dictator of Turgistan, Rovach Alimov.
When you're dead,
you get to stop all the bullshit.
No more DMV lines,
no more shopping Christmas...
Or backstabbing girlfriends.
They should make
an "Out of Office" reply for dead people.
"Sorry I'm away from the planet right now.
I'm fucking dead."
No more tax, no more criminal records,
no more getting arrested by the pigs
just for being naked or just usual stuff.
You know, being naked, getting drunk.
Casual stuff.
Know the best part about being dead?
- Mm.
- No more immigration lines.
Don't look at me like that.
I'm fucking American.
I'm illegal.
You guys sure are cynical.
How about high blood pressure?
Fuck you, high blood pressure.
I'll eat whatever the fuck I want.
Thank you very much.
You realize you're actually still alive,
Fuck you, too, technology.
What they don't know
is I've been making magnets
since my seventh grade
science fair project,
which I completely dominated, by the way.
I figured out
how to take big stuff like this...
This is pure shit.
...into this.
I came up with neodymium, micro magnets.
Equal vibrating phones,
ten million cell phones...
...Priuses, Teslas, all use my ingenuity.
And someday,
this will make me very, very rich.
You guys, you got it all wrong, you know.
Best thing about being dead...
is the freedom.
I mean, we're all gonna die.
May as well do it
while we're alive, right?
When you're young, you lock yourselves
into all of these bad decisions.
You know, marriages and mortgages,
and all that kind of stuff.
But you die...
it's all erased.
Poof! Gone.
From that point forward,
all that matters is what you choose.
The point is that we should bring Seven
behind the curtain.
You wanna hand me those over there?
Here we go. All right,
a little demonstration, no technology.
This is how to stage a coup
in three not-so-easy steps.
All right, you got a country,
Turgistan, yeah?
These are the people, nice people,
going about, doing their thing.
Then you got the four generals,
cuatro cunts, very bad guys.
But there's one worse guy.
That's the piece-of-shit dictator.
Right there at the top.
Don't forget his brother.
Democracy-loving brother.
He's the key.
So, we're gonna hit the four generals.
They're gonna lead us to the brother.
You kill top generals,
you fuck a dictator's day.
The second thing we're gonna do
is free the brother.
The last thing that we're gonna do
is we're gonna say goodbye
to piece-of-shit dictator
and hello to democracy-loving brother.
It all goes down in four months.
El Da de los Muertos.
The Day of the Dead.
Oh, that's it?
Oh, well, that's pretty simple, you know?
It's cups.
So, we're all gonna die?
Not me.
She's not. We all are.
- Painfully.
- Yeah, y'all are funny.
So, what else can you tell me
about this guy Rovach in Turgistan?
On the Turgistan border,
hundreds of thousands
are fleeing Rovach's reign...
Military targets the aid work...
Rovach's military targets
these secret hospitals.
As the world sits on the sideline...
A million people have been displaced
since the conflict began.
We have over 80,000 in this camp alone,
nearly half of them children.
- Heartbreaking. God.
- Yeah.
I'd love to show you
the hospital we just built.
We're not gonna go to the hospital.
I'm a little behind
on my malaria pills, but...
Malaria's not an issue in this part.
I'll be the judge of that.
Here's what we're gonna do, though.
Okay, I'm gonna...
- What's your name again?
- Oliver.
Oliver. Oliver here is gonna take
a picture of us right there,
and then I am going to take some shots
of some kids, hopefully not too sick,
nothing too depressing, no amputees.
Then I'm gonna carry some...
...you know, water jugs around,
and then I'm gonna cut your foundation
a giant check.
- Okay, what's your name again?
- Mike.
Yeah, okay. Thank you, Mike.
Watch out there.
- Please, let me help you.
- It's balanced.
If I dropped one,
I'd just walk around in circles.
What's that rich guy doing here?
I don't know.
Photo op for social media?
Showing he cares?
I should've been a soccer player.
I could've gone pro.
Get out of here. We're good.
- They're gonna hit us!
- What's going on?
Come with us! We gotta get the masks!
- Get the masks!
- Gas! Gas!
- Get the masks!
- Gas!
Gas! Gas! Gas!
- Go open the boxes.
- Pass them out.
Put that on. Put this on.
We're in the Louvre.
In the most beautiful place in the world.
Shut it off.
But, sir...
- Where did you find this?
- Social media, sir.
It's everywhere. News outlets
and foreign governments are greeting it
with universal condemnation.
He is a war criminal
that no one holds accountable.
His worst atrocities involve
banned chemical weapons.
Such a fuss.
It's all perfectly bloodless.
Who do you think shot it?
Impress me.
You shot it,
had it shot and leaked,
to communicate resolve, inspire fear.
Show my enemies what's in store for them
and for those they love.
It's only the beginning.
Thou wast provoked by thy foul mind,
which never dreamt on aught
but butcheries.
Say that I slew them not.
But dead they are,
and devilish slain by thee.
Why dost thou spit at me?
Would it were mortal poison, for thy sake.
Never came poison from so sweet a place.
Never hung poison on a fouler toad.
Thine eyes,
sweet lady, have infected mine.
Would they were
basilisks, to strike thee dead!
Stirred. Not shaken, stirred.
What's your opinion?
I'll take a Negroni.
Just poured.
On the... On the play?
There's that old clich,
"Does art actually imitate life?"
'Cause you got this tyrant
who's walking the stage...
And, uh, in the first act,
his cruelty goes completely unpunished.
But in the fifth...
In the fifth... justice.
Always justice.
You see a tyrant.
I see a man bringing order
to a disordered world.
Scouring its filth,
polishing it till it shines.
In art, our most fervent hopes come true.
Heroes always win.
It's bullshit.
In life... totally different.
Nah, I'm with Shakespeare.
Act Five's coming.
- To Shakespeare.
- Mm.
To Bill.
I think you both just spoiled the end.
We didn't.
I didn't catch your name.
- Rovach.
- No, I was talking to her.
Do you mind? I can feel the tip.
He's no longer inside me. We're safe.
What is your name?
Big guy's still staring at me, isn't he?
- Yeah.
- He's gonna kick my ass later.
- Good.
- Yeah.
When hope
And love has been lost
And you fall to the ground
You must find a way
Dig down...
We must be doing something wrong.
'Cause the chocolates have lasted
the whole night right there.
- Like they're glued there.
- That's crazy.
I'm getting old.
Do you believe what that man said?
Evil goes unpunished.
I believe he believes it.
And what about you?
I just feel like the whole world's,
like, on an...
endless, evil...
shitty loop.
But he'll get his.
You know, this was fun.
Are you ghosting me?
Do I look like a ghost to you?
No. It's like the things you say,
it sounds like you want to be.
- The things I say.
- Mm-hmm.
But what makes you think
that I want to see you again?
You weren't that memorable.
Besides, I'm moving to New York.
That's where I live.
So, now you're stalking me?
Maybe a little bit.
And now you're all caught up.
Anything happen in school today?
Angela Valentine said
she was going to get sick in class.
What happened?
She did.
- Hey, what do you know about One?
- He loves Wally the dog.
He's obsessed with this Beaver show.
I think he's an orphan.
We got a little bet on
if you wanna put some money in.
It's an interesting crew
you got here, bro.
How many missions you guys run?
- Counting Florence?
- Yeah.
- One.
- One what?
Actually, no, there was, um,
this, like, mini-mission,
so maybe one and a quarter.
It was in Sicily.
But Florence, absolute shitshow.
I mean, if I wasn't there,
probably more than one of us dead.
- That's all I'm saying.
- Are you fucking kidding me?
I don't fuck around.
You realize I just buried myself
in front of my family and friends?
Yeah, One told me about that.
Big military funeral.
Guns popping, flags.
It's pretty cool. At my funeral,
there was five people there,
and two of them left before the end.
It is tough watching
your mum cry at your grave.
This mission, I got a good feeling.
I got a really good feeling
about this mission.
How come you can't find this guy?
I don't know. One can usually find anyone,
but he just can't seem to find him.
He said Americans caught him
a few years back.
I don't know.
Prep your team, target...
Camille, I get you hate this,
but sometimes you gotta put bad guys
on thrones.
Just do your job.
No one touch. He's mine.
All we ever hear from you
Is blah, blah, blah
So all we ever do is go ya, ya, ya
And we don't even care
About what they say
'Cause it's ya, ya, ya, ya
Blah, blah, blah, blah
Blah, blah, blah
I was assured by your state department...
- I'm from a different department.
- God, CIA.
I've come to deliver you to your brother.
You don't know my brother.
Rovach is a monster.
He'll violate every single principle
your nation holds dear.
I begged the director
not to do this, Murat, begged.
The Americans caught him years back
and gave him to his brother.
That bald-looking fella.
You like him though, One, yeah?
He's definitely an arsehole,
but a likable arseshole, no?
- No.
- Well, he likes you.
Here's the fun part.
How many billionaires
do you actually know?
You've heard of Elon Musk,
Bill Gates, that's the... Fuck it.
Okay. Of course
you haven't heard of me before.
That's how I like it. I'm a good inventor.
Created a lot of tech, tracking
and hiding digital trails of people.
Some I even sold to the CIA,
where I met some interesting people,
did some adventurous shit.
But slowly, I cleaned house,
and I had other ideas.
Used my money to help people
in bad situations.
But I realized,
my billions, that's not enough.
Governments don't really help
people in need.
So, I said, "Fuck the government.
I'm gonna do this myself."
So, here we are. A little eyeball led us
to these fuckhead generals,
and it's game on.
Okay, General,
you're flying to Vegas.
I have a very important mission for you.
You are going to meet Viktor,
the arms dealer.
Get drunk.
We're going to Vegas, baby!
Viktor, Vegas, viceroy.
General Garioff, lots of consonants,
so we'll make this easy.
The little fat one, he's the handler
of Rovach's baby brother.
You know, the truth can be a weapon...
Las Vegas has more facial recognition
software than any place on Earth.
Oh, I know what I'm gonna be.
Choose your disguises wisely.
I'm a grown man. I can handle my shit.
That's not how the expression goes.
Don't handle your shit, flush it down
the toilet like a grown-ass man.
Be subtle. Blend in. Disappear.
A new answer to the same question
How many times
will you learn the same lesson?
Been dreaming of the payoff
Through the struggles
And the trade-offs
Fighting tooth and nail
On the way up
Tell them the truth
But they think it's just made up
Okay, now it's safe.
You mean the red one or the blue one?
- Probably a Ferrari.
- You don't see gas of this quality.
It's US Army, experimental sarin gas
for testing antidotes.
Whatever's left over,
they bury in the desert.
Now, I can procure it,
but you take delivery here.
And no middlemen.
Kill them all?
Love it.
What good fortune.
- A gift from Viktor.
- I love Viktor.
Ain't nobody worried
Come on
Come on
Somebody help me now
I'll take you there
Welcome to party!
- I'll take you there
- Oh
I'll take you there
- Mercy
- I'll take you there
Oh, let me take you there
I'll take you there
Damn zit!
All right
Come on now, play on it
You're the last living general...
It's too late.
The deal is done.
Two tons of sarin gas.
- Where are you keeping Rovach's brother?
- What?
You got three seconds. Be specific.
No, don't think, don't think. Talk!
Three, two...
Ni Hai Tower, uh, in Hong Kong, penthouse.
It could be worse.
You know, he could've finished.
Good work. I said undercover,
not coked-up Borg and McEnroe.
I hate this town. I really do.
No, it's Navratilova.
She's a woman tennis player.
Your costume's stupid, too.
Motorcycle dick.
I'm so, so sorry, ladies.
But what happens in Vegas...
You know the rest, yeah?
We can't.
Ow! Watch the gun.
Oh, my gosh.
- We can't do this.
- What?
No kissing.
I'm cool with that.
Can we talk about us
Stop kissing!
Like we care about us?
What? I'm not kissing.
Can we talk about us
- Come here.
- Nose off.
Way better.
Can we talk about us
Like we care about us?
Can we talk about us...
Where are you running to?
One promised my soul back.
I just gotta talk to somebody.
You're scared.
You're such a pussy.
Ever stage a coup d'tat?
No. No, I don't even know what it means.
Oh, wow. A coup. A coup dtat.
It's French, Napoleon.
French history stuff.
You can't tear a place down
until you have someone
to build it back up.
That someone is Rovach's brother, Murat.
Imprisoned in Hong Kong.
You see, the army's fucked
now we killed the generals.
They will look for a new leader.
And we're gonna give them one.
"Coup." I don't even know what it means.
Stupid word.
Oh, my favorite.
I know, Mama. How you doing?
Well, you see, Ma...
there's this country, Uzbekis...
No, Turg...
Turkis... Turkikas...
Fuck! Turkikasazhan?
Ma, all I know is that it's got a "stan"
at the end,
- and it's in Asia.
- Oh, by Kansas!
Ish. Yes, Mama, by Kansas.
Anyway, the man who ran it died,
and, uh...
he... he left behind two sons.
One good and one bad.
And the bad one came out on top.
So, what the fuck are you looking at,
Nurse Ratched?
Go hang with the fucking nuns
or something.
Yeah, walk.
I will fucking knock you out
in front of my mother.
Sorry, Mama.
Anyway, the two sons fought,
and the bad one came out on top,
so he locked the good one up, and...
I never liked Diego.
Yeah, me either, Mama.
Working for him didn't agree with me.
But I work for someone else now, Ma.
We're doing good things.
Huh? We're fixing
what's going on in Kansas.
Good things can erase the bad ones,
right, Mama?
I love you, Andres.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No, Ma, Andres is in Bogota.
It's me, Javi.
- Javi.
- Javi?
I won't speak to Javi anymore
because he is a murderer.
Ma, it was only bad people, Mama.
you don't have to do this.
No, I do. My job.
I can't sleep.
He's not here.
Where's your mommy?
I don't have a mommy.
Javi loves you, Mama. Huh?
You and your Bruce Wayne shit!
One rule.
One rule.
You don't know what it's like
to have someone.
She doesn't even remember my name.
So, she'll never know you stopped coming.
See, you're lucky that I don't paint
the inside of this car
with chunks of your fucking skull.
Jesus, who raised you, the mob?
That's none of your fucking business,
We sacrificed everything
to be a part of this.
Honor it, respect it. It's all we got.
I don't usually stand on ceremony,
but today,
what just befell your superiors
in America
undid over 60 years of loyal service
to my family.
Those fine men won't be replaced easily.
Colonel Zaga, Niazo, Abdulim, Daheem.
You're next in line, gentlemen.
Your combined experience is nearly that
of your predecessors,
but if my generals' shoes
are to be filled,
I need men like you.
Like you,
but not you.
I don't know
who killed my generals,
but I'd be a fool to trust the men
who most stood to benefit.
So, next men up, congratulations!
All right, we're gonna tiptoe
through these waypoints here, under radar.
There's our backdoor to Hong Kong.
Hey, One!
You ever plan on calling me Six?
- No.
- Okay.
- Hey, look, I know we don't get to ask...
- Then don't.
But, uh, who is One?
- Who is he?
- A rich guy who snapped.
That's all I got.
- Yeah, but how did you meet him?
- We didn't.
He met us. In really weird ways.
- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah. Very weird,
like, perfect timing kind of weird.
Cheap. Fake.
Fuck! We ain't leaving
till we find the Kalahari.
Let's go.
Oh, shit.
Whoa, whoa!
Grab my hand! Grab my hand!
Hang on!
I'm rich.
What do you want?
What do you fucking want?
Hey! Hey! Calm down.
What are you? Are you a fucking pig?
Are you afraid?
There's power in that.
More power finding a cause.
Something so important
that you're afraid to lose it,
afraid that you're gonna die
some other way.
For nothing...
- instead of what you're fighting for.
- You're making a mistake to do this.
I'm a thief.
I've been robbing my whole f...
I can make you money.
- Are you afraid?
- I've got skills.
- I can be useful. I can help you.
- You're gonna die now.
- I can fucking help you!
- Gonna fucking die now.
- If you're gonna do it, fucking do it.
- You die now!
Fucking do it!
- Oh, my God!
- You sick fuck! Who fucking does that?
- You should have seen your face.
- You sick fuck!
It's not fucking funny!
It's really funny.
Ooh, I never thought I'd meet a family
more screwed up than mine.
Hey, no. Don't say that.
He hates the word "family." I don't know.
I think he never had one.
And if you're ever left behind
in a mission...
he's not coming back for you.
We Deltas don't operate like that.
Things are gonna have to change.
I promise you that.
FMS, Hong Kong. Engine start.
Look, I know we're not supposed to ask,
but I'm a nosy dude.
So, here goes.
You could have fought a million battles.
Why now... and why Turgistan?
Everybody talks about helping.
It's nice to actually do something.
It is quite the view, little brother.
Personally, I'd prefer more gold,
you know.
- I'm alone.
- Closing on you, it's, like, dark.
You know Sultan Ahmed I?
That shit.
In 1603, Sultan Ahmed I
gave a gift to his younger siblings.
Magnificent wing in Topkapi Palace.
The gilded cage.
Yeah, I've learned my history, too.
Would you prefer the sultans before Ahmed?
Who strangled the younger brother
with the same silk sheets?
You have your own library, screening room.
Yeah, it's a fun prison.
And this, what is... what is this?
Ugly art.
And the occasional visit
from a loving brother.
Quite generous after you tried to take
what was rightfully mine.
The throne is not yours or mine.
- It belongs to the people.
- The people?
Yes, brother, the people.
Like they're some sacred body.
Instead of a violent, ignorant,
illiterate mob who just begs for the whip.
He's got his anger issues.
What are you doing here?
These shameful chemical attacks of yours,
you're making me more popular
than yourself.
The only way you'll ever leave this place
is if Daqeeq here throws you
through that window.
I wish.
My generals, the Four Horsemen,
were just executed.
Do you know anything about that?
Do you?
These attacks on my generals
will only increase the frequency
of my chemical strikes.
It may take years,
but they will carve you up
for all the beautiful things
you have done for these people.
Who? The US? They made me.
Russia? They armed me.
Daqeeq, seriously?
Did you buy that shirt by yourself?
You're embarrassing me.
Sorry. I have bad taste.
Daqeeq is under strict order:
If any harm should befall me,
the same exact harm will befall you.
Specifically and immediately.
I'm going back to Turgistan.
To my safe travels.
Hey, team, we're below radar.
So, buckle up
'cause it's about to get bumpy.
Oh, fuck me.
You know, I usually look at the stewardess
to see if I should be scared.
Flight attendant.
You can look at me.
Oh, darling, you could be on fire,
and you would have the same creepy,
blank expression on your face.
No offense.
You know, guys, what sucks?
If we were to crash,
no one would ever know or care.
We would have no impact on anything.
Like we never existed.
I can hear you,
and if you're gonna shit your pants,
there's a bathroom in the back.
The world is wrapped in red tape,
and I couldn't cut through it
even with a billion-dollar sword.
So, we left behind everything,
to become...
no one.
So, how long's this been going on?
I've been wondering the same thing.
Nah, Vegas.
- Vegas.
- Definitely Vegas.
So, you guys know about us?
- Well, we do now, dumbass.
- Nice.
Well, I guess it's not against the rules,
So, are you guys fucking or making love?
What's the difference?
We're fucking.
Oh, good.
Hey. Who's this honey badger?
- I'm... I'm Raymond.
- Hi, Raymond.
You new to the team?
Just... Just hanging out.
It's Britney, bitch.
So, we should probably go discuss
our sensitive geopolitical issues
when we're, you know, Raymond-free.
Great security, though.
Really great.
Especially you.
Hong Kong, penthouse extraction.
We're gonna break out Rovach's
baby brother from his 90th-floor prison.
It's a simple snatch-and-grab.
Minus the word simple because it's not.
- And minus the word snatch...
- Snatch?
- Snatch.
- Snatch.
- Snatch what?
- Minus the word "snatch-and-grab."
- They mean the same thing.
- Snatch?
Snatch. Stop saying that.
This mine.
Yeah, nothing's simple.
The next building over,
we use the sky cranes.
One as a sniper's nest for yours truly,
one as a crossover,
building to building.
Crane lose control. Very dangerous.
- Stay off the roof.
- What do you mean?
- Because I will fuck you up.
- You not fuck me up.
- What?
- Don't talk to me like this!
- Smash you like a bitch.
- No, no, no, no.
No? Bye.
We have 15 minutes
before HK police arrive.
- You afraid?
- Nope.
- Good luck.
- Saying good luck is bad luck.
- I take it back.
- Taking it back is even worse luck.
- Go, go, go, go, go.
- Yeah.
Good luck.
Do you want me to die?
It's time.
Ferrari's landed.
It's a good ride, One.
A little scary up here, but...
Nah, this is fun.
Don't be a pussy, Seven.
Yeah, I got the gun, smartass.
Remember that.
Slow it down, One. Slow it down.
Overwatch is set.
I got the target in his bed,
scratching his balls,
reading some Chinese book.
Hit it, guys.
Eagle's landed.
I love that movie line.
Hello, boys.
You know, laughter is life.
Just kidding.
I stole that from my old dentist's office.
Along with a shit ton of nitrous.
Badges? We don't need no stinking badges.
One, laughing gas is working.
Oh, shit.
We got a 911.
- Cops were called.
- Cops?
We got 13 minutes.
Zip line secure.
Ready, ready.
There's movement, man.
Four bogeys. Rooftop.
What, am I funny to you?
I'm funny?
How am I funny to you?
Do I amuse you?
I'm gonna need your finger. Come here.
Two and Three, in the elevator.
All right. You got targets.
On your left, eye level.
Underwater. Thirty seconds.
He's in some shit, man.
Freeze, Four.
He's above you.
Sixty seconds.
One, he's gonna drown. I got four guys
up top. Want me to drop 'em?
No, mission will be compromised.
Let me drop 'em, One. This is what I do.
He's been under 120.
He's gonna drown.
Four, move right.
Incoming round.
You're welcome.
And y'all can refer to me as Mr. Seven
from now on.
Hot mask.
In a Darth Vader daughter kind of way.
Maybe later we can... coochie-coochie?
Stop it.
A little over-the-top, guys.
Oh, Check this out.
I went to the dentist.
Oh, my God.
- You lost one of the seals!
- Huh?
You're on laughing gas,
you dumb motherfucker.
Give me your gun.
- I'm not giving you my gun.
- You're a danger to yourself.
I am the danger.
No more movie lines.
Okay? Not just tonight... but ever.
It's a TV line, not a movie line.
Just stay behind me.
Yes, Miss Vader.
- You almost done there?
- Okay, we've got a problem.
Three got hit with nitrous,
and he's stupider than usual.
This is the funniest shit ever!
How you doing over there?
You having fun yet?
Anyone ever asked you dumb questions
when you're 90 stories up?
No need to climb angry.
Mate, you're really ruining my flow
right now, you know that?
Get those
high-intensity speakers placed.
I got the targets all grouped
in the kitchen.
Hey, have you ever... you ever been
to an American movie theater?
Between 1983 and 2015?
No, I just pirate them on my phone.
That's an asshole move. All right.
Get ready to pull that trigger.
Till my finger hurts.
Shut that music down!
No party here! No party!
Hit it.
I see dead people.
Help me.
Get off.
What are you doing?
Move, move, move.
Move, move, move, move, move.
I got 'em up top.
Who are you? Stay away. Stay away!
- Let's go.
- One, Four's got the target.
Always starts out well.
- Stay low.
- You're American military?
Two, Three, you're clear to move up top.
Four, move.
Got the target. Moving out.
Let's go.
Oh, wow. Look at this.
- Stay behind me, idiot.
- Oh, yeah.
- Don't move!
- I got him.
Come on.
Move, move, move, move, move.
Get back here!
One sec.
- Oh, pearl handle.
- Oh, shit.
That's a cool piece.
This is like bringing a child
to a gunfight.
There you go. Come on, come on, come on.
Say peek-a-boo, you punk.
No, no! Stop!
Who the fuck was that?
Somebody speak to me.
- Please tell me I did not just kill Three.
- What? These are good masks.
The hell you picking up
a bad guy's gun for, man?
- You shot me, bro!
- This is going great.
- You shot me!
- Because you're an idiot.
- You don't look through a bullet hole.
- I'm so mad at everyone right now.
What's new? I like you mad.
Wrong intel. Too many men.
Oh, no. I'm pissed now.
I just got shot by my own man.
More guys coming.
What's going on?
You guys have one minute left.
We're only supposed to have
seven guys working.
Where are they coming from?
We got five more targets.
Get up here now, all you've got.
Watch out for the snipers.
Two at the bar, three in the corner.
Okay, we do like that movie
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, okay?
They died at the end of that movie.
- They do?
- Yeah.
Hey, Chan, what's up?
Two, Three, hold at the stair.
Fifteen minutes.
Half of China's in the lobby.
That's... That's high.
We're out of time.
What the hell are you guys doing up there?
Come on.
We're stuck at the stairwell.
Can we go down?
Negative. This place is full of police.
Do not come down.
They're surrounding us.
Only one way out. That's up.
Two coming up.
Guys, I got a bad idea.
What do you mean you have a bad idea?
No, you're supposed to have good ideas.
Like a... really, really bad idea.
One, remember when I said
some shit was gonna go bad?
Shoot people! You're a sniper, goddamn it!
It's fucked up right now,
so watch me work. I'm improvising.
Y'all might wanna grab a hold
of some shit.
- What do you mean?
- The pool!
Oh, no, no, no! Back, back!
Grab something!
Hang on!
You drowned everybody!
Drowned the whole fucking team!
- Dumbest idea ever.
- Fucking crazy.
- Almost killed us.
- I don't like Seven.
- We need a long talk after this.
- We'll chat later.
Hey. Whoa, whoa.Okay.
You wanna tell everyone
where you learned that shit?
- Go.
- Is a helicopter coming to rescue us?
- Pretty soon.
- 'Cause...
Oh, no. No, no, no.
Come on, no. What? Wait.
Oh, my God. I'm afraid of heights.
I will have a heart attack.
- Yeah? Don't cover your face!
- Ah!
- Ow!
- Why?
- I'm knocking him out.
- Stop.
- You're to save...
- Come on!
It's gonna be over soon!
- Ow!
- Hey, hey, hey!
- Go down!
- Stop!
- Goddamn it!
- What bullshit is this?
I thought you guys are here to rescue me.
- He's the good guy.
- Yes!
What's wrong with you, you fucking goon?
- I was trying to knock him out.
- No. He's the point of the mission.
- Use your head.
- He wasn't going.
No, get out! Go!
Oh, my God!
- Go.
- Whatever. I'm leaving.
Adis, asshole.
No. No!
- No! No, no. Stay away.
- Come here!
Get off me.
- You fucking...
- Hey!
Come on.
Oh, now what?
- Do you have rabies?
- No.
You have rabies?
- What?
- What?
- What the fuck is wrong with you?
- He was escaping.
And why do you think
he might wanna get away from you?
You should thank me.
I just saved the mission.
What? Get off of him.
- Get off of him.
- Get off me.
How many times
do I have to save this mission? Fuck.
- Probably have some ice in the car.
- Fucking sick prick. I'm so sorry.
- Your buddy is an asshole.
- Hey.
Come on. It gets better.
Don't help.
Don't help. Just stay right there,
James Bond. Thank you.
Oh, shit.
Three bullets.
Come on, Four. We're moving.
Just go.
I can't get across.
They cut the zip line.
I'm sorry.
It's just bad luck.
Bad luck.
Come on, come on.
That's a lot of cops.
Come on. Get up!
Whoa! I'm coming, I'm coming.
What made your president change his mind?
This wasn't him. The guy doesn't know
how to spell Turgistan.
This better not be
what I'm thinking it is.
- What's that?
- A coup.
Exchanging my brother with me.
- What is that?
- Three blew the budget on the Ferrari.
- Sorry. My bad. My bad.
- Stupid.
It's adorable.
We are not having a good night.
I can't steer like Six, so let's avoid
any violent bullshit, all right?
Oh, shit!
Was that a bad guy?
Kill him?
- Stay! Very dangerous!
- No.
- Want me to kill him?
- No.
- Cops. I've been kidnapped!
- I'm gonna kill him.
- And I'm gonna let you.
- They are kidnapping me!
Hey, cops, where are you going?
Whoa. Shit.
Throw the grenade up there!
I made it across.
Southwest side.
Where are you guys?
- Stop the car.
- No, don't stop the car.
- We're leaving him.
- What?
- No.
- He's on his own.
- Stop the car.
- Do not stop the car.
- Stop the fucking car!
- Hey! Don't fucking do it!
He cocked it first.
I'm not doing this again.
I'm not leaving him behind.
We're all we got.
- Get out the car.
- He's in the net up there.
Dude, little space.
Come on. Hurry, Seven.
Come on, come on, come on.
I'm gonna kill you.
Hurry, Seven.
Nice shot.
They're making war on me.
My most loyal generals are dead,
and my brother is loose.
They're not shadows. They're men.
And women.
Uncommonly skilled
in covering their tracks.
Outside of their violence against you,
they appear not to exist at all.
You mean to tell me in a world
of cell phones and Internet browsers...
We have found no digital footprints.
She was declared dead seven months ago.
Your firm is helpless.
I find people by examining their links
to the world,
to families, friends,
employers, organizations.
Once I find a thread, I pull it
and keep pulling it until I reach them
so I can have my teams kill them.
How is this different?
Whatever links to the world
these people had, they've cut them.
And yet they walk the Earth
like you and me.
They have blood types and birthdays
and sock drawers.
This ghost act is itself a form of hubris.
If they exist, they can be made not to.
We're good.
This shit isn't sitting right with me,
man. You made me a promise.
You said you'd always let me
pull the trigger.
Yeah. Yeah, I did say that.
- Yeah, you remember that?
- Okay, easy.
- You know why we don't use names?
- Why?
No offense, Four, I'm glad you're alive,
but you left us out on that street there.
We were totally exposed.
If I was up there, I'd expect you
to leave me and not turn back.
- Fuck that.
- Mission is more important than the man.
Fuck the mission.
- You don't leave a soldier behind.
- I got news for you.
Seven, you're not a soldier anymore.
She's not a doctor.
She's not a spy.
- He's not a hitman. And I'm not a CEO.
- A rich asshole?
Oh, I am still a rich asshole.
- I just don't have a name.
- You are. What's your name?
- Don't tell him.
- I'm Blaine.
I just saved your life.
What's your name?
It's Billy.
- You look like a Billy.
- You look like a Four.
I'm Javier.
It's nice to meet everyone. That's great.
That's great. Let's go, let's go.
Hey, ghosts.
This is Seven, AKA Blaine.
We're below radar,
we're entering Turgistan airspace.
That gives us four days
till Day of the Dead.
Concentric circles.
Your enemy's radius of operations
is shrinking.
Thirty-eight hours ago,
an unidentified aircraft vanished
off-radar near Tyrus.
It filed no flight plan,
it ignored control and then disappeared.
Two, Three, you hustling?
Speed it up.
Don't drop it.
It's a two-block walk. Come on.
Funny guy. What is your number?
One, Two, Three? Whatever it is.
My number is Zero.
I'm doing jack ass here.
You got the biggest job of all 'cause
none of this matters if you don't step up.
They will catch all of us!
Can I ask you something?
If you had one shot,
one opportunity
to seize everything that you ever wanted
in one moment,
would you capture it or let it slip?
Was that, uh...
Was that Eminem?
- Yes.
- You gave me fucking goosebumps.
If I do whatever you're asking me to do,
my brother will cut off my head.
And he loves cutting heads.
And believe me,
compared to what he will do
with you ghosts, this is nothing.
Arm them. Click to the right.
I wonder how many people you have to kill
to get one of these.
We're at the TV relay.
Hey, are you afraid?
He's in.
Three little words
have helped dictators rule:
State-run television.
We're gonna become
the new heads of programming...
Inverter's in place.
...and you're gonna be
our new spokesperson.
After his national address,
he'll have a big party on his yacht.
If we're gonna flush Rovach to his yacht,
we need to disable security at his palace,
which means
a crippling surge of electricity,
which means an unannounced visit
to a state-run power generator.
This one's highly defended, no back doors,
so we walk through the front.
All right, guys. You're clear to the gate.
Never underestimate the power
of a very nice suit.
Remember, they don't like Americans.
Everything's looking good. They're in.
Cheeks on seats.
Manchester and Farquarson.
We've got a website, look it up.
Inspection is our business.
That's the slogan.
And your name again?
My name is Mr. Worthington,
- and this is my associate, Mr. Ferijips...
- Ferjelpo.
And he's from...
- Turgistan.
- Turgistan.
You want soup?
Got any booze in there?
- Cup. Compliment his wife.
- Is that your wife?
It's my daughter.
It's hard living out here, isn't it?
She come out full grown?
Faked me out there
with the gray hair and the wrinkles
- and the orthopedic shoes and...
- What do you want?
An unannounced stress test.
Plants three through seven, they passed.
And I have no doubt that you will, too.
All right.
The only failure was at plant two.
You know, that was very...
Plant two failed?
..minor. Yes, so, you know Mr. Noor?
- We're trying to keep his name out of it.
- Yeah.
Noor is a fool.
- Noor is dead. Say he's dead.
- No, he's dead.
He died.
Wrong guy. He's alive. Fuck!
Just recover. Recover.
Yeah. He was found with a belt...
tied around his neck
in an unfortunate masturbating accident.
Ferocious masturbating accident.
It was very sad.
One, shut the fuck up.
- What?
- Come on. We've all choked ourselves
having a little choke, haven't we?
And this is our finest room.
It transmits all state-run television
and power to the palace.
Very efficient.
Maybe Mr. Grace can mention it
to Mr. Bashir.
I doubt it.
Does it ever bother you, bro?
To mean nothing to anyone.
Like, one wrong word in there,
and they go find themselves an Eight?
Why do you think I chose you?
A man whose longest relationship's
with a rifle.
You don't know my fucking life, bro.
You can't do the stuff that we do
and have someone you love.
It doesn't... It doesn't work.
Everybody's got someone
or something to lose, man.
Even you.
No, I... I'm gonna leave this world
the same way that I came into it.
Alone, thank you.
You can drop the boo-hoo bullshit
'cause I see through it.
You were good in there.
- I know.
- Yeah, that Turkmen was garbage.
Fuck you.
You've got a soul, man.
You should let it out.
Presidente, we go live in five minutes.
When the shit goes down,
presidential protocol is
they take him to his yacht.
They store him in a stateroom.
It's hardened like a bunker.
Wow! It's so big!
It's not the length
of the boat...
...it's the girth!
How you doing, Mama?
Three, set at palace.
It's beautiful.
Thank you.
I just threw it together.
The route to Rovach's boat
will take about an hour.
We need every second.
You know, none of us will be remembered.
What's about to happen will.
Little things, they add up to big things.
Let's go change the world.
Hey, One.
I'm freaking the fuck out.
My fellow countrymen, well...
No, I can't do this.
I can't go live.
My brothers and, uh, my sisters.
I'm here to teach.
It's time for a revolution.
For so many years, our people
have suffered under my brother.
Free yourself,
rise up.
Set us free.
It's time for a revolution.
Oh, won't wave my white flag, no
This time I won't let go
I'd rather die
Than give up the fight
Give up the fight, give up the fight...
Who picked this?
You're welcome.
- It's a good song.
- This... No.
- It's perfect.
- That is subjective.
Than give up the fight
Give up the fight, give up the fight
Give up the fight
Oh-oh, oh-oh
Rise up
and let's take our country back.
Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh
We'll see if this works.
Flares are going up
Flares are going up
Oh, won't wave my white flag, no
This time I won't let go
I'd rather die...
Won't wave my white flag, no
Oh, I won't go down slow...
- No. I don't really care.
- Power's out.
Just tell me. Who the fuck is it?
State TV are compromised.
It's showing everywhere.
We are under attack.
- Breakthrough...
- BBC...
- Breaking news...
- A coup is underway...
Every man we've got,
fully armed and tacked.
All right, guys, here they come.
I'm counting cars.
It's like a fucking parade.
Murat, go.
Scramble all squadrons.
Bring in strike fighters to escort me.
Replace traditional ordnance
with sarin VX.
Start on my word.
Why is it always me
that has to do this kind of shit, man?
Hey, Chatty Cathy.
Do you know what over and out means?
I'm a little afraid.
What do you want me to say?
Conversation's over. Capisce?
There's a lot of bad guys,
and I'm the only good guy here. Move!
If I die, just tell my mother
that I love her.
Over and out!
They poke the nest,
they're gonna find hornets.
This time I won't let go
I'd rather die
Than give up the fight
Give up the fight, give up the fight
Give up the fight
Won't wave my white flag, no
No, I won't go down slow
Won't go down slow...
Oh, okay, papi. They have fighter jets.
They have fighter jets, man.
Is this gonna work?
I hope so.
We better hurry.
Where'd you get these?
It's the pro shit.
Ghost guns.
Ceramic barrels,
plastic frames, plastic mags.
These are no longer my people.
Through that crowd. Through that crowd!
No, you evil fuck!
This is where you ask me if I'm afraid.
Right now, I'm shit scared.
Dropping one! Two!
Three! Four!
Drive. Drive fast.
What's the status, Three?
I'm good. Just making the world
a better place, that's all.
Go! Go! Let's go!
TOT, let's go, let's go, let's go!
Hey, Four,
you've gotta sabotage that anchor.
See you on the other side.
Open the bridge.
All the way.
Don't start the party without me.
Time clock. Guys.
Let's go. Go.
President. Ready to go underway.
- Where did you come from?
- Whoo!
Why are we not moving?
Cauliflower is very nice.
- I wanna move!
- I told the captain to move.
- There's nothing more I can do.
- I want to move right now!
He's German. He's very precise.
Start the engines. Prepare to leave.
Side door is opening.
Take the wheel! Take the wheel!
Lock the boat down.
Everyone, strap on body armor,
and tell the captain let's get going.
Captain of the Kismet.
I need military escort.
Not so fast. We're gonna stay and party.
Get down.
Down. Get down. On your knees.
- All right.
- Show me your hands, por favor.
Two hands!
This is Turgistan security
on the Kismet. Pirates have just...
Comms cut. We're good.
- Bonjour.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Hey, papi.
Listen closely.
The enemy is us.
We must target him not where he is strong
but where he's weak.
Hospitals, to take away his safety.
Schools, to take away his future.
Youth, to suffocate his hope.
- Commence gas attack.
- Get out of my way.
Do it now.
Do it!
I said do...
Join me, brothers.
So you don't have to kill
your own people again.
Tell the military to back away
from that boat.
Together, we will bring peace
to our beloved country.
We're good.
Guards have chest armor.
Yes, they do.
We got the fancy composite Kevlar.
I hope this works, man.
- It'll work.
- They have some fancy food up there.
Really? Tell me more about that.
Don't hold back.
This fish soup they call...
labu... labuan...
I'm fucking kidding. Focus.
It's so delicious, man.
They put this little cheese on it.
Does it have to be on the walkie-talkie?
And we're all standing right here. Yeah?
Don't you give me attitude, okay?
- Over and out.
- I...
Don't scratch my boat with your guns.
It cost me one billion manat.
You're untouchable now.
This is the safest ship on the seas.
It's a panic room with deck chairs.
When I pop this,
the magnet pulse lasts for 15 seconds.
Welcome to the world's biggest magnet.
I was thinking that when this is over,
I want you to meet my mother, yes?
Oh, God. You didn't say that.
What? Yes, I said it.
What's wrong with you people?
Ooh! Big guns.
Ooh, la la!
I found the back doors to Rovach's suite.
Ah, fucking American-made!
The fucking chip fell out.
- What?
- What?
- The chip fell out!
- Well, fix it.
I can't just fix it, all right?
The phone is very fucking complicated.
No. No, no, no, no. No, no.
Go. Go, go, go.
- Sir, please, we must leave right now.
- Hungry. I went for a dip.
- I'm important guest.
- We have to...
I just went for a dip, all right?
This is succulent chicken, man.
- Show me your hands.
- This couscous?
Show me your hands!
You know what?
I would love to meet your mother.
I'm really happy.
Come on.
- What the fuck?
- One!
- What the fuck?
- Put the phone down, and use your gun.
I got it, I got it! I got it!
Holy shit!
I mean, I wasn't sure it would work.
I mean, I wasn't "sure" sure.
I had a suspicion, but I, uh...
God, this is all so fucking dangerous.
Hey, hey!
You like that phone now, motherfucker?
This thing is amazing.
Stop fucking around. We gotta find Rovach.
Oh, shit. What happened?
What the fuck?
This ship's some sort of magnet.
Jesus. What did you do?
You goddamn animals.
Don't look at me. She's the evil one.
- You did this?
- Yeah.
- Why?
- If we don't move quick,
- they're gonna pull them from the boat.
- You're sick.
Let's find Rovach.
Let's go.
More guys coming.
Move it here!
Move, move.
- The boat's moving.
- That's bad.
- Magnet! Where is the magnet?
- They're getting their guns!
- Fix the phone!
- I'm trying!
The screen is cracked!
We get it! They're dead!
Shit. They got our position.
We need to move.
Honestly, I didn't think
we'd make it this far.
Go kill the engine.
That is disgusting!
It was a flashbang.
Holy shit.
We should split up.
Go with him.
Get me to the boat.
You. Where's Rovach?
I feel like a Jedi.
Five, flush him out.
Five, find Rovach.
I'll distract the guards.
I wouldn't do that.
We're sinking.
I've got four guys on me.
I'm on the upper deck, and I'm screwed.
Who are you?
He's up there! On top!
No, no, no!
Come on!
Oh, no.Wait. Wait. I got it.
Big motherfucker.
I almost shot you right in the head.
Goddamn it. You go eat some food.
- Fuck you.
- Fuck you.
No, you fuck you.
I'm in Rovach's stateroom.
- Get me to the rescue boat.
- One.
Rovach is leaving with a guard.
What do you want me to do?
Four, where you at?
One, please!
- Four?
- Help me!
Give me a hint, buddy.
Get me out of this boat.
What's your 20?
Anybody got eyes on the target?
I don't know my 20. Stay off the channel.
I'm going for Four.
- Four, where you at, buddy?
- You're breaking your own rules.
I thought you didn't have a family.
Fuck, fuck, fuck!
It's a big ship. Say something, pal.
He's gonna kill me.
Look, Bond, you gotta get here fast.
There you are.
It's a TV show. Come on, let's go.
Fucking millennials.
Ship's sinking. Come on.
This time I won't let go
I'd rather die
Than give up the fight
Give up the fight, give up the fight
Give up the fight
Won't wave my white flag, no
Oh, I won't go down slow
I'd rather die
Than give up the fight...
They're all in.
Won't wave my white flag, no
This time I won't let go
I'd rather die
Than give up the fight
Give up the fight, give up the fight...
As fast as she can fly
to the villa in Dezar.
They sunk my boat.
I was thinking of somewhere else.
- Hey.
- I'll blow your fucking head off!
Who are you?
No one.
In Turgistan,
we're witnessing a regime change.
We're following a major breaking story.
Country's overthrown...
Countries around the world
are now mobilizing to give them help.
Refugee camps are emptying.
It's an amazing sight to see.
We're following a major breaking story.
We understand now that
they're dropping Rovach off to rebels.
I know you.
From the opera, right?
- Welcome to Act Five.
- I knew it.
What are you gonna do?
I'm your brother!
You didn't listen to me, Brother.
Kill me here, huh?
I wanna die with dignity.
Kill me here.
Kill me here!
Kill me!
Kill me right now.
Don't let them touch me.
Shoot me right now!
No! No!
I have no idea what happens when you die.
Death's still a mystery.
But life...
a little less so.
we walk the Earth...
But together?
As a team?
Oh, we can do some shit...
awfully loud.
They say that your soul departs
when you pass.
Well, for us, it was the opposite.
The moment nothing to lose...
became something to gain.
And the whole wide world...
seemed a little less haunted.
I am one...
but not done.
I wish, I wish that I was bulletproof
I wish that I could wear a mask
And face the truth
I wish that I was
Next time,
can we just knock off a fucking casino?
I wish, I wish that I was bulletproof
I wish that I could wear a mask
And face the truth
I wish that I was
I wish that I was bulletproof
March onward
As they ricochet within a noose
I wish that I was
A monster inside of my skin
And I don't know where to begin, no
There's a monster inside of my skin
And I don't know who's gonna win, oh
I wish, I wish that I was bulletproof
I wish that I could wear a mask
And face the truth
I wish that I was
I wish that I was bulletproof
March onward
As they ricochet within a noose
I wish that I was