6 Ways to Die (2015) Movie Script

For the last nine months,
I singlehandedly saved my company
from being ravaged by Wall Street.
I mean, these jackals
want our pension fund.
I'm talking poison pills,
scorched earth, killer bees.
And I'm pumping Nancy fucking Reagan
to anybody who'll listen.
Now, do they appreciate it?
Nancy fucking Reagan. Do they?
Fuck no. They turn it around,
and say I'm the problem.
That I'm stifling progress.
I'm stifling progress?
Bullshit, you're shitting me.
I mean, they're shitting me.
Come on.
A man can only take so much, you know?
Maybe you're right.
Maybe it's time for old Mikey
to move on. Yeah.
But to what? I don't know. You know.
I mean, what do you do? What do you do?
What do you do?
I don't... I don't think you can deal
what it is I do.
What? Hey, look, man.
Whatever it is you're doing,
I can do it too, okay?
I mean, I'm tired
of this corporate bullshit.
I wanna feel free.
I wanna win the Super-Bowl, you know?
At least I wanna get a stab at it.
I think you might just have to.
I'm just drunk enough to talk
about this shit. Okay...
Frank, tell me
what my new profession is.
When do I start, and let me at it.
Contract killer.
Hey, where's my gun?
You're fucking... yeah, fucking right.
The people you meet.
You're not a contract killer, come on.
Not that I believe that you are,
but, hey, between you and me?
It was kind of a secret fantasy of mine
when I was little, you know?
Hit man, the secret agent man, you know.
Two things I always wanted...
wanted to do, but...
I ended up in that six by six
foot fluorescent cubicle.
Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay...
Let's just say, hypothetically,
you are a contract killer. Okay?
You're a contract killer.
You've obviously had a little bit to drink,
but let's just entertain this notion,
just for a second, okay?
How do I get into the biz?
I don't know any contract killers
that actually want to be contract killers.
There's no satisfaction in what we do.
Some people trade services for a living,
others trade commodities, we trade both.
Our services are our time,
effort, and skill.
The commodity is human life.
That was freaking well-said, man.
I'm no dummy, and that was well-said.
I'm gonna be a hitman.
I mean, a contract killer.
It sounds more professional.
Okay? I'm gonna be one.
Bang bang!
Oh, we got a new job.
let me ask you this:
Who you gonna kill next, Frank Casper?
Who's your next mark?
You are.
Those that have witnessed execution
say there is no sound worse
than the weeping of a mother
watching her son being put to death.
They're wrong.
There is one sound that is worse.
There is silence.
I hear you have work for me.
I need a man killed.
High profile. Sonny "Sundown" Garcia.
He is the number one cocaine distributor
in the entire North American continent.
He created the most efficient
and productive drug pipeline
since the era of the cocaine cowboys.
His pipeline ships over a thousand keys
a week of pure, uncut, Columbian cocaine,
by way of Belize and Mexico.
His U.S. distribution network
is the most intricate
and sophisticated network ever created
in the history of the narcotics trade.
This all makes him the number one North
American resource for the Mexican cartels.
So, I'm sure you can understand
why he's a very hard man to kill.
But he needs to be killed, at any cost.
I need the job done my way.
It sounds personal.
Yeah, it's personal.
My whole existence revolves
around the loss of his life.
I need his assassination
to be heard all over America.
And I want him six feet under.
I don't do loud.
- It has to be my way.
- I don't... do loud.
Do you do two million dollars?
A million now, and a million
when the job's complete.
Before you kill him,
I want you to shake him to the core.
Just like he did to me.
Make sure that he feels
everything I felt.
First, he has a team of psychos
he hand-picked for his protection.
These are the closest members
of his entourage.
They act on impulse and fear nothing.
They're exclusive imports sent to him
from Mexico by top cartel leaders
to ensure safety of their primary interest,
Sonny "Sundown" Garcia.
Sundown trusts them with his life,
and he has no reason not to.
But I want to change that.
I need you to reduce 'em
to nothing in front of him.
Make him feel vulnerable.
Make him feel the deepest of fears,
knowing his turn is coming.
He carries a gun, at all times.
It's very personal to him.
I gave him this gun.
I want you to kill him with this gun.
It's the gun he killed me with.
But you're alive.
A man of your experience,
I'm sure you know there's more
than one way to kill a man.
There's a million dollars in the trunk.
Pick it up, walk away, and the job's on.
Hey, you need to come down really quick.
Charlie just got killed really good, man.
How much do you want?
I've got a lot of fucking money.
Whatever they're paying you,
I'll triple it.
Kill the man who sent you to me.
I did what you asked.
Where's my balance?
I have another job for you.
What the fuck do I look like to you, man?
You owe me four grand.
You pay me and I'm out of here.
It's in the glove box.
What other job?
- I want you to kidnap someone for me.
- Fucking kidnapping?
Are you out of your fucking mind, man?
That's three strikes for me.
That's 20 to life.
I fucked up the guy who was messing
with your wife, that's as far as I go.
I don't even have a wife.
Your girlfriend, then.
Whoever, like I give a fuck.
This just bought your buddy
a one-way trip to the hospital.
And I didn't even know the guy.
Well, so what...
You just paid me all this money to kick
some guy's ass, that you don't even know?
See if you had the balls
for the next job.
Whatever, man.
Kidnap who?
Sonny Garcia's wife.
You got some kinda deathwish, pal?
Payback, pure and simple.
Then why don't you just go after him?
Why kidnap the guy's wife?
Oh, I will.
But first of all, I want him to suffer.
To suffer as I did.
Then I will take his life.
That's a real cute story.
How much are we talking?
20 grand.
I want 40.
I'll go outside and I'll pick someone from
the line. They're queuing up for the job.
All right, fine, fine. We'll do 20.
I don't know how I'm gonna do it yet,
so, you gotta give me some time.
I've got it all set up for you.
She goes to the spa every Tuesday
at 3 p.m. sharp, and she never fails.
Just herself, no driver.
It's the only time
you will find her out without him.
Now, things can change.
So I need you to keep watch
on the routine before you strike.
I tell you this because failure
is not an option on this job.
Sundown is usually not there.
But if one thing changes,
it could cost you dearly.
Don't make a move unless everything
is as it should be.
Sundown is no man to play with,
especially when it comes to his family.
Let me ask you a question.
This guy... kills your girl.
Why are you only kidnapping his wife?
Why would you fuck up a 20 grand job
with all these questions?
- Now, I'll be in touch.
- Okay.
All right.
18 seconds.
Hey, I need backup.
Wilshire and Graham. I'm going in.
DEA, drop the gun! Drop the gun!
Drop your gun! Drop your gun!
Drop your gu...
- Drop your gun!
- Oh, fuck.
Put your hands where I can see them.
Put your goddamn hands up!
Fuck you!
Fuck! Fuck me.
It's little hiccup.
Let's delay the operation.
You mean the operation that's currently
taking place in the hospital?
- Are you a surgeon, now?
- The fuck are you talking about?
You shot her. I told you
to kidnap her, not shoot her.
Now she's in intensive care.
I gave you specific instructions,
which you did not follow.
All I wanna know from you...
is when and where do I get my money?
Good question.
Now, my question to you is
who's gonna get to you first?
Me, or Sonny Garcia?
This shouldn't have happened, Steph.
I shouldn't have gotten you
into this life.
It's over now. There's no more pain.
It'll be over for me as soon.
But first I have
to take care of something.
I'll see you on the other side.
I love you.
How's the club business going?
How's the pharmaceutical business going?
Got five hundred coming in next week.
Can you take it?
That's cool, I'll split it..
It's still a no.
Let's cut to the chase.
He sent me here to give you a message.
Boss down south?
Not very pleased with you.
Wants to know why
you haven't handled that situation?
He also wants to know...
why you're not taking his calls, Sonny.
Well, first of all...
tell him I'm not taking his calls because
I've already told him what my decision is.
It's not gonna happen.
He wants a war,
he might as well bring it on, 'cause
I'm already preparing to bring it to him.
You give him my message.
Loud and clear, because I don't think
he understood me the first time.
Secondly, don't you ever refer to me as
Sonny again, or I'll put two in your head.
Get the fuck out of my house.
He's giving you one week.
One week,
or he handles it himself.
The choice is yours.
My decision's been made.
That didn't seem pretty friendly.
And you are?
I'm sorry. I'm Snia, and you?
You always make it a point
to snoop on other peoples' business?
I wouldn't call it snooping.
Some things just naturally
draw our attention.
And so do some people.
Is that your wife?
Beautiful woman.
Who are you with?
No one. Just me.
Then how did you get in?
A woman can achieve
anything she desires.
Not everything is attainable.
Maybe for some.
This woman can get everything she wants.
Fucking do not even play.
What the fuck?
I'm so sorry. I'll clean it up.
I'm sorry.
Is this Yves Saint Laurent?
I love a handsome man with good taste.
I'm sorry. I shouldn't speak my mind
in front of your girlfriend?
Some things are better left unsaid?
Oh, no, no, I barely know this bitch.
Fucking asshole.
- May I buy you a drink?
- Oh, I think you may.
- Well, what's your weapon of choice?
- What?
Sorry, I guess that's an American thing.
What kind of drink do you like?
I'm sorry.
I'm having whatever you're having.
- Is that okay?
- That's a good choice, baby.
Oh, baby again. I love you Americans.
- One more.
- Thank you.
I need to go to the restroom.
You're not going to leave me, are you?
Nice piece of ass right there, bro.
You're the fucking man.
Damn right, I'm the fucking man.
That'll be 30 bucks, fellas.
- My fucking wallet, dude.
- Dude, you just had it.
I know I just had it, it's fucking gone.
- The fucking Russian bitch stole your wallet.
- No fucking way, dude.
Pretty fucking bitch took my wallet.
Nice job on the quick turnaround.
You got it, baby.
I've got a Asian customer
been dying for this one.
He's a cheap motherfucker, though.
I always take care of you,
don't I?
Somebody left this for you.
- Who gave this to you?
- Some kid dropped it off.
By the way,
this ain't a fucking post office.
I don't know you, and you don't know me.
Get it?
Hello, Olivia.
Get in, let's have a chat.
Who are you? How do you know me?
I got a score for you.
Get in, and I'll give you the details.
How do you know I'm not wired?
Because a million dollar score
is worth more than a wire to a cop.
Now, you get in, or I fuck off.
I've never heard of a no-split deal.
What's your game?
I get what I want,
you get what you want.
What is that you want?
Sonny "Sundown" Garcia.
You ever heard of him?
Well, he's got something
that should've been mine.
I want you to get it for me.
What's the score?
A necklace.
The million dollar necklace?
How much is worth a man's freedom.
It means the world to him.
I need you to rid him of it.
just to make sure, you want me to take
that necklace and walk away?
No split.
- No split.
- Why?
Because he bought that chain in blood.
The bosses have a lot of pull in Mexico.
It was too easy for them
to pin her murder on me.
One phone call, and a small payoff
to some corrupt cops.
Call it a day.
For his so-called loyalty, the boss ensured
that I got the worst treatment imaginable.
Twenty years, twenty hard years
those motherfuckers gave me
for a crime I did not commit.
And worst of all, for murdering the woman
I would've given my life for.
Those are wounds that will never heal.
All for a chain
and the fucking bullshit it represents.
That chain is meant to buy him
his freedom if the need ever arises.
And it cost me mine.
Before I have him killed, I need you
to take that chain away from him.
$500,000 if I split it.
Consider it done.
- I said a million.
- Black market.
Smart girl.
There is one more thing you should know.
He's got a soft spot for pretty girls.
That's why you picked me.
Who sent you?
What do you mean?
I haven't been this lucky
in a long time.
Oh, fuck.
I'll be right there.
I gotta go. Gotta work.
Hey, hey, hey, hey. Five more minutes.
I'll make it worth your while.
I wish I could.
I gotta go.
I'll be in touch.
Holy crap, man.
You scared the shit out of me.
- Did you find her?
- Jeez, man.
Don't creep up on people like that.
Yes, I found her. It's not good news.
What do you mean, "it's not good news"?
Is she dead?
Far from it.
This is her in Monaco
outside the Ritz-Carlton.
A few days later in Paris
shopping at the Champs-lyses.
A week later in Berlin,
a few days later in Thailand.
Yeah, I think you get the point.
Looks like she's globe-trotting
when you were gone.
Gonna be a hard one to catch.
And more importantly,
expensive to catch.
I'll be in touch.
Hey, where's my money?
I asked you to find her, not give me
her goddamn travel itinerary.
When your people find her,
and bring her to me,
then you get your money.
- These things cost money, Sundown.
- Figure it out.
Where are the cars?
I told you already, brother,
one more week, it's not easy.
One I 70 T, one 7-series, one Escalade,
delivered in Dubai Wednesday?
I'm trying, brother.
I told the guy, already.
- What day is today?
- Monday.
Then how will you tell me
one week early, now?
How will you tell me one way
we can both survive?
- No.
- No?
So how will these cars will get to Dubai
by Wednesday, Khaled, how?
Hold on, hold on. There's an echo.
Oh, it's our bounty hunter,
the private investigator.
- Hey, you need better equipment.
- Mister Finley, Mister investigator?
I was asked to give you a message.
4 p.m. tomorrow at 6th Street Bridge.
Better be on time.
- You hang up first.
- No, no, you hang up first.
No, no, no, you hang up first.
How'd you find me?
I heard about your speciality.
What do you want, man?
Have you heard of Sonny
"Sundown" Garcia?
Everybody has.
I need you to get
some information for me.
- Oh, for the right price?
- Price is not an issue.
Well, keep in mind tracking Sundown
is no easy task. He's a smart man.
- You won't be tracking down Sundown.
- Then, who?
His wife.
He's the head of an organization.
Your superiors expect you
to keep your house in order.
His wife has been slipping
through the grass like a snake.
I need her exposed.
Safe to assume
you're one of those superiors?
- No.
- DEA?
Absolutely not.
Then why on Earth would you involve yourself
with a man as dangerous as Sundown?
'Cause I've got a score to settle.
My father was in the business.
He was down in Mexico on a deal,
and the junkie he was
thought it would be a good idea
to take me along,
'cause he couldn't find a babysitter.
A quick pop across the border to Jurez
for a few pounds of weed.
No big deal, right?
What he didn't factor in
was the ruthlessness
of some of the people
he did business with.
I was kidnapped for ransom.
They thought he had money, but unfortunately
he didn't have anything close,
so they couldn't buy me back.
Unable to show any weakness, the kidnappers
made him believe they killed me.
He was devastated
and returned to America.
But these kidnappers
truly meant no harm, though.
They just needed to put food
on the table.
Having no more need for me,
and no desire to kill me,
they threw me on the streets of Jurez
to fend for myself.
Being a stranded 10-year old gringo
on the streets of Jurez is no easy task.
And that's when I met her.
Her name was Sophia.
I fell in love with her at that
very moment, and she with me.
They took care of me
and raised me like their own.
I made them the promise that
I would love and protect their daughter
for the rest of my life.
Years later, she was as beautiful
as the first time I laid eyes on her.
Innocent and pure, with a heart of gold.
We made plans to grow old together.
Have a family of our own.
I met the wrong person along the way.
His name was Sonny Garcia.
He was a boy at the time.
The sunrise before the Sundown.
A man's reputation is worth everything.
He took that away from me.
He was given a choice,
and made the world believe it was mine.
Including those who raised me,
and opened their hearts to me.
And I'm gonna give him another.
How is the intel I'm gonna gather
helping your revenge?
Because it will go to those
who raised him.
They'll give him a couple of choices,
and I think I know which one he'll take,
- and that'll be his downfall.
- That's it?
That's all you're gonna do to get revenge.
The guy killed your girlfriend, dude.
He's powerful.
I will kill him, but I want him
to suffer like I've suffered.
She's working with the DEA.
With the case exposed,
Sundown is being extra cautious.
Their only way to him now,
is through his wife.
She knows everything,
and they've fooled her into thinking
that she can serve up to life
behind bars for complicity.
They're offering her immunity for further
information, as well as her testimony.
This will cost the Mexican bosses
a lot of revenue.
I need to have her exposed.
Only then will he be presented
with the choice I expect them to give him.
How much?
Name your price.
You're gonna get me fucking killed
with these meetings.
You better have some kind of Witness
Protection Program to put me in.
Do you even know who these people are?
What they're capable of?
If anybody gets wind of this now,
I'm a gonner.
You'll be fine.
It's not the first time we've done this.
Now, you tell us what we want,
and you can put
this entire process behind you.
- Like promised, we'll take care of you.
- Damn fucking right, you'll take care of me.
Don't get too cocky, Missus Garcia,
you need us more than we need you.
Now, we're willing to work with you,
but you need to reciprocate.
We need him red-handed.
Can you facilitate that?
When is the next shipment?
How does he get the goods into
the country? Who does he talk to?
Just one fucking question
at a time, okay?
He makes about two shipments a week.
Sometimes more.
Never less than two.
It comes in through South America.
He facilitates it
through the Mexican border.
Everyone's in on it.
Everyone gets paid.
It's basically foolproof.
We already know all this, Mrs. Garcia.
We need to know how.
Now, I can't offer you immunity
if you don't cooperate.
So you tell us what we want, we'll give you
what you need. It is as simple as that.
Don't get too cocky, Mrs. Garcia,
you need us more than we need you.
Now, we're willing to work with you,
but you need to reciprocate.
We need him red-handed.
Can you facilitate that?
When is the next shipment?
He facilitates it
through the Mexican border.
Everyone's in on it.
He makes about two shipments
a week, sometimes more.
Never less than two.
Everyone gets paid.
It's basically foolproof.
Who was that?
The fuck are you talking about?
It could be anyone.
Don't worry about it.
I'll take care of it.
Fuck you! You think you made me?
You kill me, you lose everything.
Nobody makes you money like I do,
you fucking pop-tart.
This is America, not Mexico, cabrn.
I hope she's not pregnant.
Yeah. She's very fertile.
- I gotta go, hey!
- You just fucking destroyed us, Steph.
What do you mean?
You're talking to the DEA.
I beat the fucking case.
And now you're throwing me back to
the wolves. You deceitful fucking bitch.
I haven't been talking to anyone,
I don't know what...
- They have it on fucking video, Steph.
- What video?
Video, audio, pictures, you,
talking to the fucking narcs.
Remember what you promised?
What were you gonna
trade me in, for? Immunity?
Do you fucking realize, that even if I did
go down it wouldn't bring you down with me.
You already have
your fucking immunity. With me!
I'm sick of this shit.
I'm sick of this fucking life.
I mean, what fucking immunity?
What does that even fucking mean?
That I get to live in hiding
for the rest of my fucking life?
I mean, Sonny, I'm just looking
for some fucking normalcy.
Can't you fucking understand that?
Do you realize the position
you've put me in now?
I don't give a fuck, Sonny.
You put yourself in this position.
You put me in this position. You don't
give a fucking flying shit about us.
All this has ever been is about is about
you and your fucking drugs, Sonny.
I mean, would I give you up
for immunity? For a fucking life?
You would give me up for your fucking
drugs, Sonny, and you fucking know it.
You're losing it, Sonny.
Watch your head.
Would you like a glass of wine?
I don't even drink wine,
but they say this one's one of the best.
From France.
- Chelsea?
- Yeah, sure, why not?
Why do you want to buy a boat?
Like I say, I'm a guy. I like my toys.
Plus, the color matches
the Bugatti, right, babe?
Bugatti. Impressive.
So, what do you want for it?
I'm not so sure. It's my grandfather's,
and he just passed.
I flew in from Hong Kong
to manage his estate.
I don't know what to do about this.
But... I did some research.
This boat, it's apparently
worth over half million.
I'll give you $200,000 for it.
Not a penny more.
200 K's too low.
Some other buyer's willing to pay more.
Where are they?
They're waiting for financing
to come through.
Let me save you the hassle, honey.
It's not gonna happen.
No one is lending, not in this economy.
I've got clients who can't meet payroll
on a 20 year mature business
because JP Morgan would rather earn
four points on the Malaysian Ringgit.
So, if you think anyone is lending
for a second-hand boat,
then I got a Borneo gold mind outside.
Cash is king, honey.
He's in finance.
Half million.
Listen, I got a meeting in half an hour.
Let me make this simple for you.
Follow me to the bank, I'll pull out
100.000, give it to you right then.
I'll have the other hundred wired from
a bank in Lichtenstein in 18 hours. Deal?
- Hello?
- I heard you have a boat for sale?
Are you not the one selling the boat?
You must got the wrong person.
Well, that's weird, because I definitely
heard you was the one selling a boat.
Matter of fact, I heard you've already
sold it five times this week, alone.
When do the real owners get back?
- How did you get my number?
- Don't worry, I'm not a fed.
- But we need to talk.
- Talk about what?
Talk about how you can make
millions in a week.
Take a seat.
Don't you wanna close the door?
I've been following your cons.
Pretty impressive.
With the boat and everything?
But the one I like is the paintings.
That's a real good one for me.
What gets me, is...
how do you keep coming up
with all these different ideas?
You said the millions in the week.
What's the job?
Sonny "Sundown" Garcia.
He's worth a fortune,
and I wanna rid him of some of it.
I wanna do a money laundering job.
I'll bankroll it. Start him off small,
build him up to the big take.
He's got a competitive edge.
Once you get him where you want him...
he's all in.
What if he doesn't?
If he doesn't, there's
two hundred grand in that bag.
If the job don't come off,
we'll call it services rendered.
What if I take the 200
and disappear right now?
Well, that's easy. I found you once.
If I have to find you a second time,
it'll really fucking irritate me.
I'll let you know.
You fucking do that.
Rosco's here.
Who the fuck gave you the okay?
No one told me this was a private party.
Now you know.
Get the fuck out of my club.
Be careful how you move, Sundown.
It could mean the end of you.
And this?
Is on your tab, by the way.
I don't hold tabs in my own club.
I don't hold tabs anywhere.
That's your kind of thing.
Your mom is gey.
Fuck off.
What the fuck are you still doing here?
I'm a lady, please be polite.
I already paid for my drink.
I'm gonna finish it.
You finish that drink,
the whole tab is yours.
How's that sound?
Keep the change.
Rosco's paying you well.
Did you ever think
that maybe I pay him well?
You ever think that maybe I know
exactly what he makes?
I'm sure you do. But do you know
how much money I clean for him?
Everybody has their cleaners.
Not like me.
And what makes you so special?
I can not tell you that.
I work for Rosco. Not you.
Hundred grand, right?
- What's the turnaround?
- 48 hours.
The return?
120 back to you.
And to you?
120 to you is all that matters.
You're being paid to launder
your own money.
What do you care what I make?
Fair enough.
120, like promised.
Here's 200,
let's see what you do with it.
- Hello.
- Where've you been?
I've got more product for you.
- I've been busy.
- Busy with what?
Bigger transactions.
How big?
Bigger than what I've been doing for you.
I've got to go, I'll call you back.
Wait, wait, hold on.
How much're we talking?
Wasn't that the whole point of this?
Listen, I've got to make money.
I go where the money is.
- Plain and simple.
- And where's the money?
I think you know that.
I have a bigger client.
Bigger than me?
What're you, fucking stupid?
- I don't really care.
- How much are we talking?
Five million minimum.
What is your term, now or never?
Stop everything you're doing,
and I'll make it ten million dollars.
Where you all going? Sit the fuck down.
Get her done, partner.
I heard that you guys
got a lot of money hidden here.
Are the rumors true?
No, ain't no money up in here.
No money?
All the dope that y'all been
pushing up in this place, and there is...
no money? Nada, zip?
I didn't push nothing,
I don't know what you're talking about.
The stove.
- Who are you?
- I just wanna make you an offer.
- Nothing to worry about.
- I worry about everything.
I asked you a question. Who are you?
My name's John Doe.
All right, John Doe.
How would you like a bullet to your face
before I get out of this car?
Now, I know all about you.
That's why I've asked you for this meet.
How'd you get in my car?
Come on, you're a cop.
You know how that works.
So what's your offer?
Put the gun down first.
Put the gown down now,
I know your reputation.
So let's hear about your offer.
I got a job for you.
You can earn a shitload of money.
Sounds like a two-way street.
What's in it for you?
Why does everybody ask
what's in it for me? Why is that?
'Cause there always is. Something.
That's what's in it for me.
Fucking revenge.
I want to take everything away
from this man I seek revenge from,
including his life.
But before I do that,
I want to take away his freedom.
I did 20 years in there because of him.
The only thing that kept me alive
was the thirst for revenge.
He needs to feel everything that I felt.
We used to run the streets together.
We came up from nothing,
and were going places.
I was there for him through thick
and thin, and so was he for me.
But there was always something
different about him.
I couldn't put my finger on it at the time,
but I should've seen it coming.
When I truly realized, it was too late.
I guess love defeats reason.
And he took it all.
My love, my life, my money.
And ultimately my freedom.
Now his time has come.
Who is this mystical man you speak of?
Sonny "Sundown" Garcia.
Do you have any idea how long
they been trying to get this guy?
Not likely.
You don't know him like I know him.
I can serve him up on a plate to you.
You'll get that promotion
you've always been after.
That's where you've got me pegged wrong.
I am very happy where I'm at.
So you can have Sundown to yourself.
Okay, cool.
Maybe I'll take that million dollars
that's there, as well.
Nobody knows it's there.
Walk in,
pick it up,
straight out the front door.
No questions asked.
A million dollars?
Tax fucking free.
He gets shipments twice a week.
Saturday nights in particular.
The cops are too busy
with everything else to be bothered.
It looks like regular liquor deliveries
to a club, so no one thinks anything of it.
The safe is right behind
the painting in his office.
No one knows it's even there.
Not even his closest men.
His guard is lower than it will be
after I really start on him,
so now's the right time
for you to strike.
In a few weeks, I can assure you
things will be very different for him.
Nobody fucking move!
All of you, on your knees.
On your fucking knees,
or the next one's to your head.
On your fucking knees!
Not even when I proposed to my wife
did I get on my knees, cocksucker.
Don't you fucking dare,
or you'll take two to the head.
Well, well, well, boys.
Sorry to crash your party, but...
I heard this was where the coke was.
Am I right?
I'm more of a chocolate milk kinda guy.
Good one.
Very good.
Fortunately for you,
I don't want your coke.
Or your chocolate milk.
But I do like the painting
on the wall, though.
I've always had a thing
for beautiful art.
Cuff them.
My lawyer's gonna tear you to pieces.
What do we have here?
An emergency
million-dollar stash, maybe?
You think you're gonna
walk out with my money?
You must be fucking crazy.
Does anyone see any money, here?
'Cause I don't see a damn thing.
As a matter of fact, what safe?
Get the fuck out of here.
My friend that just walked out
the door was never here.
Camron and I after our shift
came in and had a drink.
Noticed suspicious activity.
After further investigation,
we fell upon a major drug transaction.
Oh, I can see the headlines, now.
Two Off-Duty Officers
Take Down Drug Kingpin,
Sonny "Sundown" Garcia.
Some crazy shit.
Call that in, Camron.
You fucking...
How dumb can you be?
He was with us.
He was working undercover
for years, you fucking idiot!
You completely blew our entire case,
not to mention you disgraced
the entire force,
by stealing money...
from a drug lord.
Here's what's gonna happen.
are going to jail.
is gonna have his case
thrown out by the DA,
and he's gonna walk this afternoon
after his hearing.
Agent Franco, on the other hand,
is now gonna spend
his entire life in hiding
because you thought it was smart
to steal from Sonny "Sundown" Garcia.
I mean, not only was your crime...
witnessed by a federal agent,
but the entire thing
was caught on camera!
You've officially traded places
with Sundown.
Enjoy the next 20 years.
What a sad life.
The ups, the downs,
the friends, the enemies.
The frauds, crooks, the sneaks,
the opportunists.
The traitors, the killers,
the thieves, villains,
the brutes, the con-men,
the merciless, the ruthless.
And what's sadder
is that to succeed in this life,
you have to be the best of all of them.
Bottled into a single man.
And then is me...
Sonny "Sundown" Garcia.
The most notorious narcotics dealer
in the northern hemisphere,
and I have lived a life of crime.
But no more.
How do you get away with a perfect crime?
There's no such thing.
How do you get away with a lifetime
of crime? That's simple.
Make 'em think you haven't.
I knew the feds were minutes away
from getting their man.
So what did I do?
I gave 'em what they wanted.
You don't know him like I know him.
I can serve him up on a plate to you.
You'll get that promotion
you've always been after.
- A million dollars?
- Tax fucking free.
The corrupt cop was perfect for the job.
There's no way she could resist the bait.
He was with us.
I knew all I did was buy myself
some time, but it was necessary.
Sundown is gonna have his case
thrown out by the DA.
And he's gonna walk this afternoon,
after his hearing.
When it came to the cartels, and the boss
down in Mexico, that was a different story.
Once in that world, you can't
just leave by your own free will.
So what did I do? I had them oust me.
He sent me here to give you a message.
Boss down south,
not very pleased with you.
Wants to know why you haven't
handled that situation.
One week, or he handles it himself.
The choice is yours.
My decision's been made.
Tarnished my reputation and made sure they'd
never wanna do business with me again.
- I need you to get some information for me.
- For the right price?
I found the right guy to make it happen.
Thought he was working for me,
then working against me...
Yes, I found her.
These things cost money, Sundown!
Learns he was simply working
for me the entire time.
In order for dismantling an empire,
it must crumble entirely.
Not one brick left standing.
Eliminate my money.
You said millions in the week.
What's the job?
He's worth a fortune,
and I wanna rid him of some of it.
I wanna do a money laundering job. Start
him off small, build him up to the big take.
- Once you get him where you want him...
- Stop everything you're doing...
and I'll make it 10 million dollars.
- And he's all-in.
- Make him think I'm destroyed.
Money means power in this world,
and when it's gone
you'd be surprised
how fast people disappear.
And that's just what I wanted.
He's got something
that should've been mine.
- I want you to get it for me.
- A million dollar necklace?
- Why?
- Because he bought that chain in blood.
It was my right of passage
into this world,
represented everything
I wanted to leave behind.
There was no way I could've brought it
with me on my new journey.
My love, my beautiful love...
I want you to kidnap someone for me.
Sonny Garcia's wife.
The saddest part of my journey,
I truly never meant for that to happen.
But he sure paid for his deeds.
Now, my question to you is,
who's gonna get to you first?
Me, or Sonny Garcia?
The job was simple. Two words...
Kidnap. Her.
That woulda bought me enough time to
execute my plan without her meddling in it.
There's no way I coulda risked her
allowing them to build a case against me
right before my disappearance.
Which brings me to that point.
My disappearance.
How do you get away with a lifetime
of crime? Make them think you haven't.
And in doing so, go all-in.
I want you to kill him with this gun.
It's the gun he killed me with.
As long as it's done with my own gun,
conveniently loaded with blanks,
Deleted from existence...
Sonny "Sundown" Garcia is no more.
I need his assassination
to be heard all over America.
My whole existence revolves
around the loss of his life.
The only one that's left
is our dear friend, John Doe.
- I'll be in touch.
- No, I'll be in touch.
He didn't just come from my imagination.
He lived within me.
A man nobody knew but me. My true self.
I fought Sonny down for my entire life,
but he was a monster.
Undefeatable. Indomitable.
He did things that were
unheard of. Inhuman.
The only one who could take down
this beast was myself, John Doe.
I loved her more
than I loved life, itself.
Sometimes life gives you
difficult choices.
Now his time has come.
I gave them everything they wanted.
My reputation, my money,
my loyalty, my love,
and ultimately my life.
The only thing I kept...
was my freedom.