666: Devilish Charm (2014) Movie Script

To the most beautiful
woman in the world. More beautiful
than your wife? That goes without saying. Ok, there's no rush...
Didn't you say you had something for me? Yes, and I'm trying
to give it to you. No, I mean in terms of a pre-
Valentine's Day presents since I won't be seeing
you tomorrow night. Oh, Ya, that. I did get you something
really nice very old. From an antique store. One of a
kind, The guy said. Sounds valuable.
So, where is it? Uh.. Teri found it as I was
heading over here. Paul, What's this? Where did you
get that? It fell out of your
coat pocket. Oh... well that
is a gift. I can see that.
Who's it for? You gave her
my gift?! I'll get you something else. Ok I promise
Something nicer. And more expensive? Much more expensive.
Of the diamond variety. How does that sound? Sounds Sexy.. So, what was it? This gift.. My gift you
gave to your wife. Happy Early Valentine's
Day, honey. It's lovely. I really have to go.
Sorry! A business meeting?
Really At this hour? YA It might go late.
So a don't wait up. Might go long. I know exactly how long
it goes. Not very. Why don't you just tell
your wife about us? Then we wouldn't
have to keep sneaking around like this. Because, She
wouldn't understand. Dear Paul. Now, that our
daughter is in college, let's just drop the charade. I
know you're having another affair and I've had enough.
I'm leaving you Paul. I wish, I wish.. I wish.. What...what is it?
Why did you stop? You're never going to leave
her.Are You don't love me at all. I'm just
another conquest for you. Suzi? Come on. You Know
I only have eyes for you.. That can be arranged. I'm not done with you,
Teri. Well I'm done with you! If you remove the bracelet,
you forfeit the rest of your wishes and then I collect. Collect what? Your soul. It's like half the girls of this
sorority are gone this weekend to "celebrate"
with their boyfriends. In my opinion, Valentine's Day
is the most overrated holiday of the year. It's just
an excuse for guys to get some, if you know what I
mean. Well, you probably don't since you two
don't have boyfriends. I have friends
who are boys. Its Not the same thing,
Yancy. Believe me. Just because I'm in between
guys at the moment, I know a thing or two on this
subject. They think if you give a girl a box of chocolate
or dozen roses a, we're supposed to drop everything,
and by everything I mean, our clothes, and just hop
into bed or the back seat of a car or a back alleyway or
a cheap hotel room, or the last row in a darkened movie
theater and rock their world. Well, some of us aren't that
easy. Am I right? Well, I would like to
be given the choice. I'll get it! Doreen! Stop! As the head
of this sorority, I will answer the door. But it's probably for me. We do not run our lives on
probabilities. We wait for the outcome. It is only by knowing
all the facts first that we can truly evaluate the situation and
make the proper decision. What does that even mean? It means I'm
answering the door. Flowers and chocolates.
He's doubling-down which means he's really
looking to get lucky. Special delivery for
Miss Beautiful. Ohh, Johnny! Ah, it's James. Right, James. Will
you ever forgive me? All is forgiven. Isn't Doreen dating Bill? And Frank and Johnny. And That's why
she can't keep track. Wait. There's something
else out there. Who is that for? I don't know.
There isn't a card. Maybe it's inside. Oh It must be for me. Must
be something Sammy found. Hey, your name's not on it,
Crystal. And it's not freakishly weird like your Tarot cards
and Dream Snatchers. They're called Dreamcatchers.
They protect the. oh, never mind. I think it's from Mike. This is
something he knows I'd wear. Since when? I actually
collection charm bracelets. Right. So, you don't
need this one. I'll take it. You don't even have a boyfriend. Maybe I have a secret admirer. Well I have admirers and
they're not so secretive. Let me see it. It looks like it
would fit my wrist perfectly. Just like Cinderalla with the
glass slipper.And from the looks of it will fit a delicate
wrist which I believe counts you out, ROXANNE. Can it, Olivia. I wish
you'd just shut up. How dare you tell me to.. Mhhmm.. That's better. Well, I'm
holding on to this until I talk to Mike. Olivia, are you okay? Uh, perfect gift. Mhhhmmm.. Hey, Roxy. What up?! I love the charm
bracelet you gave me. What charm bracelet? I
didn't give you a charm bracelet. Who the hell is
giving you charm bracelets?! Nobody. I was just hoping
it was from you. I'm taking you out for dinner.
And now You want jewelry too? No. I just want you. Well, you have me
all night. I'm just finishing my
workout with Bill. Is that Doreen!
Ask if she is around! I've been calling her all day
but she's not answering cell. Bill wants to know if
you've seen Doreen. I've heard her.... Ahh! Quit complaining. I hear the
guys in Japan love this. It's a special technique.
Asian masseuses do this all the time. Yeah, but they're...probably
a lot...smaller than you. Are you saying I'm fat?! No. You're a big
girl...in all the right places. Well, I May know some other techniques that you
might like. Ya what did you
have in mind? Ever heard of acupuncture? OH GOD! Hey! I wish you two would
take it outside to cool down those overheated loins of
yours! Did it suddenly get really,
really hot in here? Yeah. I'm burning up. Want
to hit the pool out back? Ya! Like Right now! Haha.. I rule. So, what do you wish
of me, my lady? I wish you'll do
whatever I say. Is that Doreen
or isn't it? I want
answers, Mike! Tell Bill to mind
his own business Mind your own business. She is my business! She
my girlfriend, pal! Let me talk to Roxanne. Mike, I don't want
to talk to Bill. I wish you'd get rid of him. Give me a minute. What the hell, man? I need to get rid of you. Get rid of me Mike What What do
you want? Oh, Olivia! What is it?
What did you do? Out with it.
I don't understand. I wish you'd
speak up! Uhh.. My lips are...
My lips are stuck! What do you mean you
can't open your mouth? I...I don't know. I couldn't.
It was like My lips were
stuck together.. Whatever. Anyways If you
still want this bracelet, it's all yours. Mike didn't give
it to me but he's giving me something much better
in a little while. I have to clean myself up.
I'll be right back. Thanks. If you remove the charm, the deal is over and
I will collect. Who the hell said that? Mike! Mike, was that you? Mike! Mike, was that you? What else do you
wish me to do? I wish you'd get over here!
This charm bracelet is doing something really weird. I will get over there
right away. Six wishes granted!
You are now mine. Oh, That feels so
much better! Yes, You're telling me. I'm So
glad you guys have a pool out here. Man,
I was burning up. I come out here all the time.
It's Great place to tan and it's isolated just enough so
that I can do it without getting any tan lines. Well, by all means continue
to avoid those tan lines. What kind of girl
do you think I am? My kind. Don't you dear dunk me.. Hey Roxy. Okay, I'm ready to take that
charm off your hands... Great! Purv... Oh, I was just... I know what
you were just. You were being
a peeping India. Ya, And what
were you doing? Trying to reach my mom
and wish her a Happy Valentine's Day. She hasn't
picked up her cell all day. I hope her and my stepdad
didn't have another fight. Did you try him? I guess I will now since
she still won't answer. How does Doreen do it? How does she get all
the guys to like her? It's Doreen. What you see is
what you get. Guys like what they see and with her, they
know they'll get it. Well, I wish I had what
guys liked so they'd be all over me like that. No, you don't. Then you'd have
to beat them off with a stick... Although, I hear some
guys like that too. Haha.. They
know they'll get it. Roxanne, did you find out
who the bracelet was intended for? I do wish he wanted me. I wish all the guys wanted me. Oh...What's that?...Oh...
I...I Don't feel good. Hello? Hello? I'm sorry. I must
have the wrong number. I was calling for
Paul Stevens. Oh, Wait. You've reached
the right number, Miss Stevens. This is Detective
Henry Mitchell. Who were you calling for? I'm having
all of your stepfather's calls forwarded to my cell. Why? Has something
happened? Yes, I'm afraid it has. Where
are you, Miss Stevens? I'm at my sorority house. Good. stay where you are
at. I'm heading over there right now. I have a few
questions to ask you. What happened? Where's
Paul! I'll tell you once I get there. Just please don't
leave the house. What sorority does Yancy
Stevens belong to? I believe she's with
the Delphia Pi. And where are they located? They're on the other end of
campus. You know what I can just draw you a map.
You know what I can just take you myself instead. I
never get out of this office. Besides, Yancy going to
need some comforting once you tell her the news. I hope her mothers ok! So do I, Dean
Wallace. So do I. What do you mean you
couldn't open your mouth? It was the weirdest thing.
I literally could not open my mouth. It was like my
lips were sealed shut. That must have been
torture for you. Well, yeah and it happened
right after Roxanne told me to shut up. Sounds like she cast
a spell on you. Do you think? I don't know!
We should talk to her. I did and she was going
to give me that bracelet. Why you? I don't know but when I went
back Roxanne was gone. Interesting. I need to check
something out. I'll See ya' later. India?
Is that you. India I'm fine...
Leave me alone! Are you sure? Is it
that time of the month? Olivia wish you
would just disappear! You don't have
to be rude. Fine. You can deal with the curse
all by yourself. See if I care. Are you okay? You should see the other
guy. Is Doreen here? And you better
not lie to me. Um, I think she's out back
by the pool. Is she alone? I...I hope so. Oh, this could get ugly. OLIVIA Hey, Yancy.
Your friend, India, sure OLIVIA transforms into
one nasty gal when OLIVIA
she's on the rag. I'd keep OLIVIA
away from her if I were you. Yeah...Okay...
Will do... Doreen! Bill?...What are
you doing here? Looking for you. Roxanne?...Roxy,
you in here? Something...bad
happened here. Hi, I'm looking for something
special Valentine's Day. For a lady friend. Your wife? A lady friend. Ok...Then may I suggest
this. I've had this little trinket for quite a while.
Actually the most prized procession in my shop. It's
an antique before I even existed. I've had a few modifications
throughout the centuries. But it is very very old..
Believe me. Do you believe me? Ya.. Good. Because if you really
want this piece, I must tell you about its' previous
history. A young man came me last Valentine's Day.
named Ryan he too purchased it for his lady friend see the
problem was Ryan showed it to his roommate first.
And Ryan's roommate was having an affair with Ryan's
girlfriend and that's always a tricky situation. Hey, Kirk.
Yo.. I just found the perfect present
for Ellen for Valentine's Day. Flowers Dude. Get her with
flowers. Chicks dig flowers. Get a load of this. Shit, man. How much
did that cost? Money doesn't matter
when you're in Love.. Yeah, but that's a hell of a
lot nicer that what I got...Uh.. Wait. You bought someone
a valentine's day present? Who's the unlucky girl? Screw you, pal. I hope you're the one getting
screwed. I'm not the only one. Yeah, Ellen and I can get
a little loud sometimes. You think she'll like it? Too much. Well, I better get ready.
Dinner, movie, present, and then sex, sex, sex! Look Ryan...
Wait a minute man. Maybe you shouldn't
give her that. Why? Um....It might not
fit her wrist. You're crazy.
It's plenty big. You sure about that? Ya, Of course, I'm sure.
Look, it will even fit you. Here. Check it out. See? No problem. It's a little tight! Ellen has smaller wrists. That was weird.
Take it off. It won't come off. Come on. That isn't
funny. Take it off! I'm trying. It's
not happening. Stop fooling around! You're
going to ruin everything! You want me to cut off your hand
because I will! Its not coming off.. Man
Ow Dude! Stop it. Back off! How did you do that? Do what? When you said, "Back off",
I felt something forcibly pushing me back to the wall. I
couldn't stop my feet... What was that? I don't know...
I wish I did. Oh my God...This is a
magical charm bracelet that grants six wishes! Yeah, right. I'm telling you the truth!
You have to believe me! And the truth is, I'm
having an affair with Ellen! I mean that. I didn't mean
that, Uh.. I mean, we're in love and she's about
to break up with you. Oh God! Why am
I saying this? Why would Ellen sleep
with you?! Because I'm well endowed. But I always wished
I was bigger. But.. Holy! This charm bracelet
really works. Kirk, you know what I wish?
That you were a dead man! I wish you were dead! Dead! I...I wish you were. Ryan! Ryan! I didn't
mean it. Ryan! Oh my god. I can bring you
back.. I got one wish.
Oh God I only have one wish.. What do I do! What do I do!
What do I do! Hey Ellen...How are you
doing?...No, Ah, yeah, I'm with Ryan...Love you too...
Ya?...No, I'm just a little...preoccupied at the
moment...That's all.. Really, you're a dirty little girl
aren't you... Oh, yeah. I could
get into that.... Yeah, wait until you see what
I'm packing tonight.... Huh.
Yeah, No.. Of course , babe.
I wish that too. NOO! Are you still interested? Yes! Huh..
They never learn. Happy Early Valentine's
Day, honey. It's lovely. I wish you'd get over here! This charm bracelet is doing
something weird. I'll be there right away! Oh my God! Where's Roxanne?! Ok, guys. Calm down. There's plenty of
me to go around. I mean, it's not what
you both think. Where the hell have you been? I've been calling
you all afternoon. Well, as you can see, I was
in the pool. I can't take my cell with me there.
There's no where to put it. Because she doesn't
believe in tan lines. Exactly. How do you know she
doesn't have tan lines? Well, that's because
Johnny here... It's James. Right, James. I know. I know. Then why do you keep calling me
Johnny? Well.. Who the hell is Johnny? It's just another guy! Why did you both have to
come on the same day?! Because it's Valentine's Day! Well, do you all
want to go out together. Like a group date? No! Oh... Hey, guys. How you doing? What happened to you?! Late bloomer? Hi.. I'm James.
Be my Valentine. Doreen's your valentine.
She's mine. Excuse us, boys but India and
I have to have a little chat. I'll be back. What, Where do you
get off looking like this? I'm the hot one in this
sorority. Everyone knows I'm the hot one. You're
the weird, out of her element, foreign exchange student.
You can't look like this! But I do and now nobody
can resist my charms. Everybody wants
me as I wished. But...but... But maybe we should
discuss this a little further. We can go up to my room? Your room? Yeah. Get away from all
these silly guys. Just you and me. Doreen, are you okay? I am as long as I'm with you,
my exotic afternoon delight. Eww! Don't be like that. I'll be
gentle. Or rough. Whatever turns you on. I want you, India. I want you more!
And I have to have you!! I don't understand. If she
was leaving my stepdad, where did she go? That's what we'd like to
know. We found her suitcases packed but they
were still in the bedroom. Why would she pack her
bags but not take them? Perhaps she changed
her mind and wanted some real revenge? So, you think she
went out to kill Paul for cheating on her? No. We have Suzette
Williams in custody. She admits to blinding your
stepdad. but doesn't know
why she did it now. Although you must admit
that your mother writing she hopes the woman "robs him
blind" and then having that sort of thing happen is a
bit of a coincidence. You think my mother and
this woman sleeping with my stepfather were in
on this together We were hoping you
could tell us? I've be calling my mom all
day. She hasn't answered any of my messages. But you'll tell us if you hear
from her? This is insane. Look, I know
they've been having fights and I'm not surprised he's
been cheating on her but she didn't love him enough
to conspire to kill him! Yancy, I know this is hard
and if you need someone to talk to, I'm here for you. Dean Wallace, could you leave
us alone for a moment Oh Yes! Yancy, take my card. If
you hear anything Giving me a call i'll keep you a
call informed if we here from
your mom. How can this be happening?
...And on Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day can bring
out the best or the worst in people. More suicides occur
during holidays than any other time in the year.
Passion or a lack is a very powerful motive.
Remember that. Help me! I wanted them to
want me but now it's gotten out of control. I wish
you'd stop them! India! Come back!! Don't run from me! Freeze, slimebags! Detective Mitchell, you can't
point a gun at my students! I have to stop them.
Make one more move and I'll finish you off forever! India! Olivia Of course it's me. Where are you? Standing
right in front of you, silly Well, I don't see you. Oh no?..
.Well, can you feel me? Uh, You kissed me?! I couldn't help it. You look so good. I couldn't resist. Stay away from me, you
invisible ghost! Huh.. India! Let me in. Please, I need to be with you. God, I...I wish I knew what
was going on? You are in possession of a
magical charm bracelet. The wearer of this bracelet
is entitled to six wishes. One for each charm.
If wearer removes the charm, the remaining wishes
are forfeited. Once the six wishes are granted,
collection is due in the form of the wearer's soul. And that
completes your six wishes. India! India Detective Mitchell? Is this
really necessary. DI had to stop them. It was
either this or a more permanent method. But why? They didn't
do anything. I wasn't going to hurt India. I just want to make
sweet love to her. I'm making sweet
love to India. You two don't know the first
thing about making sweet love....However, I'm an
expert in that department. Doreen, you're not into girls. India's not a girl.
She all woman and I can get into that. You're not going to lay a
finger on her. None of you are. She's
mine, She's mine. What? What are you talking
about. In fact, I better go find her ya
and make sure she's ok.. Watch them! Make sure
they don't get loose. I'll be back. Are you sure he's really a
real cop? This can't be happening. I'm
here. I know I'm here but I can't see myself! How am I
going to put my make-up on? How will I know if I look
good before I go out?! How can I be the center of
attention if nobody even knows that I'm standing
there?! No, this isn't fair. I want to be able to see
myself now! Oh, thank God. There I am.
I've missed me so much. Where's India?! In South Asia. Not the country. The girl! I...I don't know. She was
here but then she disappeared... Kinda like what
happened to me .... Hey, maybe she's
invisible too. I'm not fooling around.
Tell me where she is or I'm going to blow your
brains out. What? Ow.. .Where am I? We're still in Roxy's
room. You came in, tried to grab me and then just
fainted. Someone really did a number on your head.
You might have a concussion. Where's.... I...I have to find her so I
can do whatever she tells me. Huh! I have to obey
whatever Roxy says. Uh, She really does have
you trained, huh? Where is she? I'm trying to figure that out
too. But, before she left, she um told me to tell you
to do... whatever I say. She did? Yeah. Then what do
you wish of me? Wishes...? That's where
I've seen that bracelet before. Hold it. You stay
here. Right now, I just wish you'd
get some rest. I want a straight answer
from you. Right now. I'm trying to give
you one but it's... it's hard to concentrate
like this. I wish you'd lose the gun. Oh. Okay. Why did I just throw my gun
out the window? Um, I'll be right back
and then you better tell me where India
went. Can it Olivia, I wish you'd
just shut up,. How dare you tell me to... What did you do! Is it that time of the
month! I wish you would just
disappear! No way! Oh, you're definitely
a keeper! Hey! Where are you
going now?! I have to retrieve something. Olivia, where have
you been.. Nowhere. I've been
here all along. Have you seen India? Yes and no. What does that mean? First I saw her.
Then I didn't. You're wearing it? Ya. India gave it to me. What about Roxanne? She told me I could have it
too so it's all mine now. Doesn't it suit me? I don't know. Um,, There's
something strange about that bracelet.
I thought I saw it glow... You know, Yancy.
I really wish you would just agree with me. Agree
with everything I say. Oh...I'm sorry. Um,
What did you say? I said don't you think I'm
The smartest, coolest, and prettiest girl in
this whole sorority? Yes, Olivia. I do. I
absolutely agree. You are the smartest
and coolest and prettiest girl I know. Aren't you honored just
to be in my presence? Yes, I am honored. Thank you for allowing
me to talk to you. Why's the front
door open? Because that Detective
Mitchell ran outside. He gives him the creeps. He scared me too...
You know, I wish something would scare him...
to death. Hello?...
Is somebody there?! Hey! I'm an law officer. A
detective! Stop playing games.
you're interfering in Who's there? Look, I'm
not fooling around. How long are you going to keep
us tied up! DEAN WALLACE. I'm reporting this to my
parents and the school board! Yeah, we didn't do anything. Where did he go? I'm going to find
Detective Mitchell. What kind of party is this? Oh.. Good. Stay you
watch them. I'm going to find
detective Mitchell. He went outside. To do what! Excuse me! What is this? A new form of
detention? Where's India Have you seen India? We need India. Seems like they are all
obsessed with India, huh? Yes, that's right. Absolutely
You are totally correct. I wish you would all
just forget about India. What were we just
talking about? I...I don't know. Some girl I don't even
Remember her name.... India. Her name was India. Who is that? Never heard of her. Yancy, why don't you untie
everyone? You want to, right? Oh, right. Ya, Absolutely. That's exactly what I
want to do. Good. Because the
dynamics in this house are about to change. I'm
taking control from now on. But Roxanne's the leader of
our sorority. I believe you are mistaken. Doreen worry,. I'll help you
get your facts straight because from now on
everything I say I wish to be true. Detective Mitchell! Detective Mitchell!
Are you there! Detective Mitchell!
Were are you! Watch it there,
Detective Mitchell. That last step is a killer. Thank you, Dean Wallace. Pretty scary, huh? I've seen worse. What are you doing out
here? I dropped my gun and can't
seem to find it. Oh, Well, let me
help you look. Ahhhh.. Ah-ha! I knew that charm
bracelet looked familiar. It's listed right here in my
book. The Soul Catcher. Also known as "The Devil's
Charm". An ancient piece of jewelry created to corrupt
and trap lost souls. The six charms represent
mankind's greatest temptations and desires. The
dog charm represents the controlling of others. The
joined hearts represents lust and sexual desire. The star represents the need
to be popular... But if you want to be really,
really popular, Mr. Fury... I told you not to
put it on here! Relax babe. Nathan Fury
never buys piece of jewelry without trying it on first.
What do you think Clark.. Oh, it's wonderful, Mr. Fury.
Brings out your eyes while still screaming , "I'm a famous
rock star and I can wear what ever I want
because I'm so hetro!" That's some excellent
ass-kissing there, Clark. I approve. Thank you, Mr. Fury. So Do you think
this will get the ladies? I think the chicks will all be
at your mercy if you so wish it, Mr. Fury. Trust me. They
won't be able to Refuse you. Even if they wanted to? Even you! Unfortunately, I am not
immune to the charm's powers which is why I didn't
want you putting it on in my store. Relax. I'm going pay for it.
I just want to tell me what you really think. I think you are a fake rock
star who can't really sing and are so full of yourself
that you don't know a good thing even if you saw it. infact the word,
"pathetic" comes to mind. Hey, listen lady! You don't
know what you're talking about. Mr. Fury is the most
talented, kind, handsome, and wonderful boss ever... Relax, Clark. Let her talk. I said my piece. By the way,
you have four wishes left. Oh really? So this charm
bracelet comes with four wishes? Actually it was Six.
I wanted to give you the rules before you
carelessly put it on. So what, you're saying whoever
wears the bracelet... Controls the charm
bracelet...for time being. So, if were to say something
like .I wish that air was pink. What the hell?! Oh my God! All the wishes in the universe
and he wishes for pink air. I'm freaking out here.
Am I tripping?! I think we both
are, Mr. Fury. It's what you wish for. Air is all around us.
Now, it's pink. I just wish air was
back to normal. Congratulations.
You have two wishes left. Whoa...I think I can
get the hang of this now. Let me give this
another shot. I wish... I could make
anyone experience the most intense sexual orgasm... As opposed to a
non Don't interrupt me. This needs
to be worded correctly. I wish I could make anyong
experience the most intense unending sexual orgasm
whenever I look at them and snap my fingers.
What do you think? You have one wish left. Hey, don't rush me. This is my wish.
I'm wearing the bracelet And im going to experience it.. Fine.. Then enjoy it
for yourself. Oh..oh..ooooohhhhh! That feels good...oh, too
good...I...I...I I just wish it would stop! Mr. Fury. There you go! Do you want to
give it a shot? No thank you. Have a nice
day. Are you starting to sense
a pattern here? Wow. This bracelet is pretty
well documented in your book. Ya it's an occult reference
guide. So, what exactly did Roxanne tell you
over the phone? She said something like she
wanted me to do whatever she says. And have you been? I...I don't know. Well, How did you get hurt? I got into a fight with
Bill at the gym. What about? I'm not sure. He was asking
about Doreen and Roxy told me to get rid of him...
I think I tried to kill him. Why? I don't know. I like Bill.
He's one of my best friends. Huh.. I bet Roxanne was
holding the charm when she talked with you. Did she
tell you to come over? Ya and I remember thinking
I had to come right away. I think you were under the
"dog" spell. It says that the charm gives the wearer six
wishes in exchange for their soul. One wish for
every charm. I remember her saying there
was something weird with her charm bracelet...and
then I heard her scream! Is she okay? I don't know but we need to
find her it says that the charm bracelet corrupts the
wearer. It brings out their deepest and darkest desires! Why would someone give
Roxy this bracelet? We don't know who it was for.
It was just sitting on our doorstep. Roxanne took it
thinking it was from you. I didn't send it. So, who
has it now? So, we have some fine
specimens of the male form here today, don't we,
Yancy? Yes, we do. They are very fine
forms. Very fine, indeed. Why do I keep
agreeing with her? Because agreeing with me
makes you feel really really good. Doesn't it? Yes. Oh!...Oh, yes...Oh!...Yes. Here's your Margarita,
Olivia. Although I don't know why I'm
getting you drinks now. Because that is
what you do. Oh...Oh yeah, right.
I forgot. And you should call me
"Master" from now. Okay, Master. What the hell are we doing
lined up like this? You were about to take off
your shirts and bow down to worship your new
Goddess. Me. That's better. Don't you
think so, Yancy. Oh yes. Oh yes.
Definitely yes. Perhaps you would like to
have one of these guys as your own personal
love slave for a while. But they're my boyfriends...
...Master. Do You know the term
glutton, Doreen? Of having an excess of
something? Especially when there are others going
without. I think you need
to be taught a lesson. But I don't overeat? It doesn't have to refer
to food. In your case, it's men.Too many of them.
You have to rid yourself of all men before they destroy
you. Do you understand? I...I must kill them before
they kill me. That's not what she meant.
Olivia, tell her that's not
what you meant. Um, I...I wish to
take that back. Sorry. All six wishes have
been granted. Your soul is now mine. Oh my God!
Did you see that?! What are we going to do? We must destroy Doreen. Destroy her before she
destroys us. You guys can't be serious. Stop! You can't do this! Kill them before
they kill me. We have to find that charm
bracelet. Ya And Roxanne. I don't think she possesses
it anymore. Why?
I had a vision earlier today. What are you I'm not into the occult
because I like people thinking I'm a freak. I'm
into it because when things happen that can't be
explained... They can be if you're open to the possibilities
that the supernatural world does exist. Demons.
Spells. Curses. Ghosts. It's Spells Curses Ghosts. It's all
possible if you're willing to believe. And What if I'm
not. willing to believe, I mean. Then you probably going
to miss something that's right in front of you before
it's too late. Did you see something? I saw someone. Roxanne? I don't know.
You want to check it out? You want to split up? We're looking for a bracelet.
Not a serial killer. We'll cover more ground. Right. Ya, Okay. Detective Mitchell? Detective Mitchell? Dean Wallace,
have you seen her? Who? What are you doing out of
your chair, Mr. Dylan and what's with the knife? I'm looking for
Doreen Stone. Why? Because I have to kill her. Don't you take another step.. You don't understand.
I have to destroy her before she destroys us. Stop! Stay right were you are
I'm warning you. Ahh Oh, Detective Mitchell?! Who is it? No! She shot him!...She
actually shot him... Who shot who? Dean Wallace just shot James.
Why would she do that? Yancy, have you seen
Roxanne? India Olivia was here and then
she just...vanished... right in front of our eyes.
It's crazy. It's like the whole world has turned upside-
down today. And first my mother and then that detective... Wait. What happened to
your mother? She's missing. Dean
Wallace came over here a little while ago with that
crazy detective to tell me my stepfather was attacked by
this demented woman who he was having an affair with
and they think somehow my mother's involved because
of the note she left. And then India comes in
here suddenly looking like a supermodel wearing
that strange bracelet that showed up this morning... Wait, India has the
bracelet? She had it. Then Olivia was
wearing it and she started making people do things. Things
they wouldn't normally do. What kind of things? Bill? MIKE Bill, I'm sorry. I wasn't in
control of my actions before. I didn't want to start a fight.
Roxanne made me. She wasn't even there.
Over the phone. She told me to get rid of you. I
couldn't stop myself. That's ridicules, man. How
can you let a chick manipulate you like that? She had some kind of
power. Some kind of magical charm bracelet
or something! Olivia was wearing
one of those. Where's Olivia?
Gone. And I mean gone. So, what are you doing here? I'm looking for Doreen. I'm
going to kill her. Because she's been
cheating on you? Nope. I just have to destroy
her before she kills us. Do you want to help or not?
What! It's a simple question.
Mike! Yancy, this is
very important. When Olivia vanished,
where was she? Right over there. What are you looking for? The charm bracelet. I think
that's the key to everything that's been happening
today. How is that possible? It's not a normal bracelet.
It's "The Devil's Charm". It grants wishes by
corrupting souls. It's like makes people do things
they would never do. Yancy, be very careful with
that. It's extremely dangerous. Don't worry. I can fix it.
I can fix everything. No, Nancy! Don't! Bill, Stop think about what
you're doing. This isn't you. Just like it wasn't me before.
You're under a spell. Olivia has manipulated
you to kill Doreen! No, she didn't. She just told
me to kill her because it's the right thing to do. How is it the right thing to
do?! You're not a killer! Look, I'm just doing what
has to be done. For all of our sakes. Once she's
dead, we'll be safe. Doreen is the hottest
girl at this school. You just don't go off and kill
the hottest girl on campus. Ok, So what I should sleep with
her first and then kill her? Oh, hi Mike. I didn't
know you were here. I guess you're next. Rid myself of all men... Yancy, Don't make any
wishes. It's like a bound contract with the devil. But someone has to set
things right and maybe I can locate my mother. But you're gambling against
the devil. It's like going to Vegas in hell.
The devil always wins. What is it?! Bill's dead! Doreen killed
him and she's after me now. Doreen? It was one of Olivia's
wishes. She said Doreen had too many men in her life and
she should get rid of them all. Which in turn made Doreen
a man killer. You see how this works? You can't fool
around with it! You found the bracelet.
Thank God. Doreen, stop!
This isn't you. I wish Doreen was back to
her normal ignorant self. Hey, guys. What's up? Doreen, is that you? It Feels like me.You wanna
check for yourself, Mike? You too? It was just once before I
started dating Roxanne. But it was good. Well that's good! Well, You see, I can
fix things with this. I saved Doreen. I can
save the others. No Yancy it's not that
simple, Yancy. It never is. Oh yeah? Watch. I wish that none of the guys at
this sorority were dead anymore! Will that work? You're a believer now? I'm trying to keep an open
mind. Well, Why don't you
go check on Bill then. Damn. I wish it was brighter
outside. Wow. So you can like wish
for anything, huh? Ya you only have
three wishes left. You really should
take that off. Have you guys ever thought
about using those wishes in the bedroom? You know,
like to make guys last longer...or be longer. What ever you do keep that
away from Doreen. She'll have this place turn into
a sex den before you know it. I have to call some one ! Oh, That's...strange. 9-1-1. Emergency. Yes, I need to report a
murder...Well, two murders. One was a shooting but
it was in self- defense... What is your name and your
location, ma'am? My name is Dean Beatrice
Wallace and I'm the Dean at the Montgomery University...
Ahhh! That's not possible
I killed you! Your dead .. Bill... Are you still dead? I thought so....I knew this
wish thing was bull. Bill!...You're alive? Or not.
ZOMBIE!! ZOMBIE!! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! I am the Dean and I demand
you leave me alone! Ahhh!! Ahhh!! Ahhh!! Ahhh!! Damnit! It won't come off. Well What's...
What's going on? Well, your wish
kinda worked. The guys aren't dead anymore
but they're not alive either. What does that make them? Well my best guess. We've
got a house full of zombies! You see?! This is what
happens when you mess around with these wishes. Don't worry Guys,
relax. I'll handle this. Doreen, don't!
He's a zombie! There are no such
thing as zombies, silly. Bill's just fooling around. No, I think he's dead
serious. He's going to eat you! I've never had a
problem with that. Hey honey, why
don't we take this party up to my room
and celebrate Valentine's Day
the right way. Hey! Wait! That's a little too
rough! What are you doing?! No! Don't eat me there! No...no, this isn't what I
wanted...I...I just wish I was with my mom again. Yancy Mom? Where the hell did she go?! I think that's a pretty
good guess actually. I think she's trapped
inside the charm bracelet with her missing mother. You're telling me there are
two people in that thing?! Souls. Trapped souls and I think
there's a lot more than two. We have to get out of here. I'm with you. Go upstairs quickly!! What are we doing? Running away! This was a bad idea.. Did you have a better one? We've got to use the
bracelet and wish them away. Wish them were ! I dont know Into the cornfield
or something. What cornfield? It doesn't matter! If they get
through that door, we're dead! No, Mike. These wish things
never work out the way there suppose too. You wish
to lose weight, you end up puking up your guts or you
get your arm hacked off with a chainsaw. Quick weight
loss. Bad side effects. You wish to be prettier than
someone else, the other person winds up getting
horribly disfigured. That's the way monkey paw wishes
work. Badly! See you Wish someone not dead
and you get undead zombies.
That one's a classic. What do we do? I'm looking. I'm looking. But it doesn't say anywhere
how to destroy the bracelet or reverse the wishes. We don't even know where
Roxanne is. Roxanne is in here. Along
with India, Olivia, Yancy and her mother. But I
have room for one more. Who said that?! I think that's the true owner
of the charm. Six charms. Six wishes.
Six souls. Who will be the last?
Any takers? That's what it wants.
To fill its' quota. How did it even get here in
the first place Well the charm corrupt the
wear. I think that Yancys mother got it from her
stepfather for Valentine Day's present. But then She
used it to get revenge on him for having an affair. So
then it was on her door step and Roxanne found it and
then Olivia and India and Yancy. And Now all of their
souls are trapped inside. Well, can we save them? Can we save ourselves? I don't know. How do you beat
the devil at his own game? Love? What? Doesn't love conquer all? That's the theory, but we
have a little problem there. I don't love you!
Do you love me? No. Well Do you love
Roxanne? I...um, well...I mean I like
hanging out with her and... That's what I thought. Well, don't you love your
sorority sisters? Not like that!... I mean
they've never really been nice to me to be honest
And there kind of annoying Great well, I'm sensing a
lack of love here. That's what I'm saying. So, this is how it ends.
Eaten by zombies in a girl's sorority house.
You know what, I never thought I'd go out like this. I have an idea. But you said... I know what I said, but we don't
have anything to lose here do we Ok
I get six wishes, right? While you wear the bracelet.
If you remove it, you forfeit your wishes and I take your
soul. And after I get my wishes,
you get my soul as well? That's the deal. I'm going
for a full house. And I'm looking to break the
bank. let's do this. Welcome to hell! Well, not
quite yet. This is actually half-way to hell. Like a
middle ground between light and shadow...Between
things and ideas...Damn. There I go again, quoting
"The Twilight Zone". I have to stop doing that but it was
so well- written.. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. This
is the in-between Some call it "The Further". "The
Judgement Screening Room". But I like to call it
Vegas. So, before we get started, I wanted to give you
an idea of some of your options. You look like a
smart girl so I want to make sure you get the most of
your wishes. And I even brought along someone who
could help. Uhh.. You again? What
did I do this time? You promised me if I gave
the bracelet to unsuspecting souls. That you would leave
me alone. I know that. We have a deal. The
devil always keeps his deals. Always? Don't get technical. I just
thought you could help Crystal here with her six
wishes. Basically you can wish for
power or money or sex or revenge. You can wish for a
new car. Or A husband. You can wish for A lover- male or
female. Ew females are always good
. There's just something about two women together
that's pretty hot and I know
about hot. Or You can wish for something
more physical like if you wanted to be taller or
bigger in the boob department. Big boobs are always a plus. And
I'm having a two for one sale! Or you can wish for
something a little more interesting like if you wanted
to be smarter... That wish is a waste.
Nobody likes a girl who is too smart. Trust me, you'll
feel pretty dumb wishing for intelligence before you die.
You'll just realize how stupid the whole thing was in the
first place. You can make a wish
for a friend or an enemy. Oh, enemy wishes are cool!
Like if there was this guy or girl who always used to pick
on you, you could wish that he or she was five inches
tall. I have a whole list on properly abusing miniature
people if you want to take a
look. You want to take over? Because I
could. could leave. No, you can't. Don't forget
who's in charge around here. I can't forget. You
won't let me forget. That's right. You're like an
elephant...but in a sexy way. Basically, you can wish for
just about anything aimed at anyone but you can't wish
for world peace. And why would you want to?
That would be soooo boring. Everyone getting along with
everyone else. People just want to kill themselves.
Believe me. You can't have light without darkness.
Happiness without sadness. Movies without money-
launders I think you're just confusing
the poor girl. You're right. You never
shut up. Blab. Blab. Blab.. All day long!
Let's show by example. Wait a minute! What
are you doing? Whoa Whoa! Pain! Uhhh ! Pain is an old stand-by.
Easy wish. Quick results. Suffering is universal...
Or how about pleasure?! Ewwww! You know, I could watch this
all day. Just sit back with a bag of popcorn and watch
women squirm around like that. Guys just look silly
doing it in my opinion. All so ridiculous faces they make.
Ewww !! uhhh! But when a woman does it...
Especially, two women together. Don't disregard
that idea so quickly. Give it some thought, I beg you. I don't
know. It just works for me. Many it's Devil thing
but I don't think I'm alone on this one.But
hey, it's up to you. And that's basically what we're
getting at. Uh, I hate you. Come on, Mom. You know
you don't mean that. You are not my son. Had you going there, didn't
I? Sucker! But on a more serious note,
Crystal. The fact of the matter is, you put on the
bracelet which means your soul is mine. It's just a
matter of when I take it. The sooner the better in my
opinion but I can wait. You're going to have to
make a wish at some point and while you
figure it out, don't forget that all of your friends are
suffering the torments of the damned as we speak. Well,
as I speak. I have been doing most of the speaking,
haven't I? I guess I'm just in one of those moods...
Anyways. Back to the real world with you and let's start
making wishes! I wish that I can not come to
any physical harm. Mike and Why didn't you
say Mike and I cant come to any harm? I thought it might have count
as two wishes. Sorry. Wish wisely!! Okay. Wish number two. I
wish all of my following questions are answered
truthfully. Granted but each question
will count as one wish. Okay then...Here's wish
number three... . How do I free the souls
trapped inside these charms and destroy this
bracelet for good? Two questions equal two
wishes. However, there is only one answer. You have
to beat the devil. Good luck.
Two wishes left. What happens if I wish for something that you can
not grant? I can grant any human desire. I
am all-powerful. You didn't answer the question.
What happens if you can't?! Then you win. The charm
bracelet is broken and all the souls, including your
own, are free. But that is impossible. Now, make your
final wish! Okay. Last wish... I wish to speak with God. Well? He's busy. I don't care. It may take a while to
get an appointment. I've got the time. You're All-
Powerful, right? So make it happen. I can not grant that wish. So, doesn't that mean...? YANCY Mom.. Where am I?
YANCY! What...what happened? Why is everyone in my
room? I'm still beautiful! All right! Wait Where's the bracelet?
Who has it now? Well I destroyed it and
saved of your souls in the process but don't all
thank me at once. Okay. We won't. How did you do it? Just had to go over the devil's
head. There's always someone a little higher on the food
chain if you know what I mean. No, I don't and I don't
care. Now, could everyone get out
my freakin' room?! Mike! You finally got
here. What took you so long? Are you okay? It seams like all the granted
wishes are still in effect. So, it's win-win. We all got
what we wanted and the devil can't hurt us anymore. The devil can't hurt
us any more but... I think we have a
bigger problem. ZOMBIES!