68 Kill (2017) Movie Script

What the fuck you staring at?
You're so beautiful, Liza.
At least I got something
going for me.
Oh, god.
You feeling okay, baby?
What's that supposed to mean?
Me and you were pretty
drunk last night.
I'm fucking fine, chip.
Except for the fact
that rent's due.
That means I got to go
see the fat fuck today.
- What's your problem?
- Hmm?
You look like someone
shit in your cereal.
- What's wrong?
- I don't know.
I just hate thinking
about you being with Ken.
Yeah, well, imagine
having to actually do it.
How else we're gonna
make any money?
I work.
Fucking hell.
Come on.
Come on, it's not
a big deal, alright?
It's not a big deal.
He's just a sugar daddy
with a itty-bitty wiener
and a big old bank account.
The opposite of me.
Is that what you're saying?
Oh, well, you can always
grow your bank account.
Stop that. Stop that.
Forget about me and Ken,
okay? Don't mean shit.
Oh, my god.
Does that hurt?
- Uh-huh.
- Yeah.
I was a bad girl
last night, wasn't I?
Yeah, you were a bad girl.
What did I, what did I do?
Did I do this?
That is how I got that.
Oh, you know
what I thought I did?
I thought I also
did... This.
- Uh-huh.
- Yeah?
I did all kinds of
terrible things, huh?
Terrible, terrible things
because I'm a..
I'm a bad fucking girl.
Hey, babe,
we got anything to eat?
I don't know, chip, did you
go to the grocery this week?
Well, then I guess that
answers your question.
Hey, Clint, come on in.
- Chip, you about ready?
- Is it 9:00 already?
I'm just going
to grab a shirt, be back.
I got to go, baby.
See you later.
Hey, Liza, you looking fine.
Yeah, Clint, I know.
- Alright, let's go.
- Alright.
Wait, hold on,
let me grab my wallet.
Come on, chip.
What, you ain't gonna lock up?
Nothing in there
worth taking, Clint.
Besides Liza's got the keys.
- A kept man, chip.
- You blame me?
- Look at her.
- I already did.
I got a better look
when she used to work
at the crafty beaver.
Well, she doesn't
work there anymore.
Problems with management.
- That's typical.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You know, one time my buddy
got a lap dance from her
and she pulled a knife on him
because he didn't tip enough.
He said she damn
near slashed his throat.
How long ya'll been dating?
Coming up on six months.
- No shit.
- Yes.
No, I heard she was
dating that Dane Erickson
back in January.
I guess that ain't true, huh?
Seeing how she was
with you and everything.
With milk like that,
no need to buy the cow.
You know what I'm saying?
You wouldn't know
by looking at her
but my Heather used to be
a hell of a piece of tail
until the pregnancies
wrecked her body
and then her face
followed after that...
Turn the pump, Clint.
You ain't got to worry
about that with Liza.
She don't strike me
as the motherly type.
She ain't about
to be tamed, chip.
I bet you she does everything.
Seems like the adventurous type.
Goddammit, Clint, what's the
deal with you today, man?
What do you mean?
I mean, you won't stop
talking about my girlfriend.
What are you trying to say?
I made a lot of mistakes
in my past
and each and every one
of those mistakes
can be blamed on one thing.
And you know what that is, boy?
- What is that?
- That sweet pussy.
It'll cloud a man's mind.
It'll have him doing shit
he ain't never dreamed of.
Pussy used in the wrong
way will fuck a man up.
Pussy used in the right way
ain't no better either.
There would be less people
in our prison systems
if it wasn't for pussy.
Then again..
The great pyramids
wouldn't exist
if it wasn't for pussy.
It's a conundrum.
What the hell
are you talking about?
I'm talking about
that girl of yours, son.
Look, kid, I just don't
want to see you
get in a bad situation
because of pussy.
Jesus Christ, man, that's my
girlfriend you're talking about.
It's not some
piece of pussy, okay?
- I love her.
- Okay. Okay. Okay.
I didn't mean to get you all
bent out of shape over this.
Look, man, I got a lot
of problems in life
but my relationship with
Liza isn't one of them.
You really want to help me out
you know what to do.
Thank you for the money.
As for the advice,
you can keep it.
You know you're going to
listen to me on the way home.
- Liza?
- Back here, baby.
What the fuck?
Where did you get those, Liza?
I got them from Dwayne.
Where did your psycho
brother get guns from?
I thought he was on parole.
Well, who is it?
What do you need guns for?
Those aren't loaded, right?
I will answer
both of your questions..
When I'm done with you.
Now, take off
your fucking clothes.
Liza, I'm... I'm...
I said take off
your fucking clothes.
Okay, lady, I will do
whatever you want
just don't shoot.
Yes, you'll do whatever I want
for the rest of your life.
Get in here.
- Ah! Fuck.
- Ah!
Fuck! Oh, baby.
I love you so much.
Oh, my god. Be quiet.
You're really
something else, babe.
Don't you forget it.
So, seriously, what's
the deal with the guns?
We're gonna use them to solve
all our problems, baby.
What do you mean?
I went to see the fat fucker
at his house today.
Daddy, oh, my god.
Daddy, oh, my god. Oh.
Oh, fuck!
You are... One sweet piece
of ass, girl.
Worth every damn penny.
Speaking of all that,
rent's comin' up, daddy.
Of course, it is, sugarplum.
You let big daddy
take care of you.
I got something
I wanna show you.
I think you're gonna like it.
Feast your eyes on that.
Daddy, is that all for me?
You're sweet.
But you ain't that sweet.
Sixty-eight big ones.
Got a line on
a slightly used Lambeau
canary yellow, of course.
Pickin' it up on Monday.
You be a good girl, I might
let you take a ride with me.
You'd like that, wouldn't you?
Of course I would.
But you got to get out of here.
Madge will be back
from the club soon.
Go on, get. I'll call you
when I need you.
It's enough to get us out
of this shithole forever.
You know what we're gonna do?
Tonight, you and me
we're gonna sneak in there
after they fall asleep
and we're gonna grab that money
and be hundreds of miles away
before they even realize
it's gone.
We're just sneaking in.
Why do we need guns?
- Well, in case.
- In case what?
What, they wake up
and we'll just shoot 'em?
I was planning on never shooting
anybody, Liza, like ever.
Well, if, and it's a big if
it's ever going to happen,
but if we run into trouble
we'll just, you know
use them to make sure
they cooperate.
I don't know.
It's a lot to think about.
It's not a lot to think about.
Yes, it is.
It's not a lot to think about.
Well, how is that not
a lot to think about?
I'm tired of living
like this, chip!
I'm tired of living like this.
You shovel shit for a living.
I suck dick.
And I'm sick of it.
What do you want
out of life, chip?
I just want to make you happy.
I got to be honest with you.
I'm not happy.
You know what'd make me happy?
68,000 fucking dollars.
They're alone out there?
They don't have any kids
or anything?
- No.
- They have a dog?
Ken's allergic.
I'm not a burglar.
You'd be the cutest
burglar in the state
if you were.
- Stop.
- Those dimples.
I love 'em.
Stop it.
How do we sneak in
without waking them up?
Trust me.
I've got a plan.
Listen, I have a plan.
We'll be in and out
like nothing.
I promise.
And nobody will get hurt, right?
That's right.
Say it.
In and out like it's nothing.
Nobody gets hurt.
And then you and me..
We get to live happily
ever... After.
I love you.
I know you do, chip.
I know you do.
Jesus, chip, calm down.
You're making me tense.
What the fuck are you doing?
Unloading this thing.
It makes me nervous.
Oh, don't be such a pussy.
Put the bullets back in it.
I don't understand
why we need bullets.
If I can't rely on you to simply
hold a loaded gun
how can I rely on you at all?
Now, chippy, can I rely on you?
- Yes, you can rely on me.
- Good.
Reload the goddamn thing and hurry
up about it because we're here.
Liza, wait.
- What now?
- You forgot this.
They don't have an alarm,
do they?
No security, no kids, no dogs.
We already went over this.
- Sorry, I forgot.
- Oh, fuck!
Were you standing
at the back of the line
when they were handing out
- I'm not stupid.
- Baby, I know. I know.
So, stop acting
like you are, okay?
Come on.
Oh, shit!
I told you to shut the fuck up.
Lion scared the shit out of me.
Did he kill that thing?
No, the lion stuffed itself when
it found out it had cancer.
I thought
he was just some old dude.
You never told me that
he kills giant animals.
Oh, my god.
You said they'd be asleep.
Oh, I didn't know
he was filming.
I'd have made him pay more.
We got to get out of here.
What the fuck?
What the fuck? Oh.
Grab her!
You little..
- You motherfucker!
- I can't breathe.
I can't breathe!
Shit, this thing is hot.
Take your mask off, idiot.
Well, they're dead. They're
not going to see your face.
Fucking jerk.
Why did you fucking kill them?
Why? Because he's a slimy
piece of shit.
And she married
a slimy piece of shit.
I don't know. Fucking,
whatever. They're dead.
What are you, what are you
so upset about?
I agreed to steal money, Liza!
Not fucking kill people
with knives.
Jesus, relax,
take a chill pill, okay?
You act like you've never
killed anyone before.
Because I never have!
Well, you'll get
used to it. Trust me.
Oh, god.
Oh, goddammit.
Baby, baby, baby, baby.
Come here, come here,
come here. Come here.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please.
Please don't be mad at me.
Come here. Come to me.
Come to me.
You got to listen to me. I'm
really amped up right now.
You know how I get,
you know how I get.
Hey! Hey!
We have to finish this
job, okay? We have to.
Now go get the money.
Get your head in the
game for me, alright?
Come on, come on.
Drop that shit, come on.
Let's go. Ah, ouch.
You lost your gun. You are
a shitty little burglar.
Put that right here.
The safe is behind the painting.
Shit is that?
Fucker thought he was
James Bond or something.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god, baby.
Oh, fuck, baby.
We did it.
Here it is.
68,000 fucking dollars, baby.
We did it.
I thought you said
no one else was here.
No one's supposed to be.
Go fucking check it out.
No! Please let me go!
I'm not going to hurt you.
I'm not going to hurt you.
No, no, no, slow, slow, slow.
Leave me alone.
Get out of here.
No, no, no, no, no, wait, wait.
Wait, wait, I'm not
going to hurt you.
I swear to god
I'm not going to hurt you.
I'm not going to hurt you.
Just tell me your name, okay?
I'm going to move my hand.
Tell me your name.
- Violet.
- Violet, listen to me.
Here's what's gonna happen.
I have to tie you up
and put you in a closet
but I swear to god we're
not gonna hurt you, okay?
Like, hell, we aren't.
Throw her ass in there.
Fuck! Fucking
pulled this off, baby.
Great, fucking great.
Fuck! Can't you just
be happy for one second?
Happy? Are you crazy?
Two people are dead
because of us, Liza.
Now we're kidnappers.
Why'd we take her with us?
I got a plan for her.
Are you gonna tell me
what that is?
I am going to tell you
what that is
but right now
I want something from you.
- What? What?
- You fucking know.
Get in!
- Fuck me!
- Okay. Okay. Okay.
- Let me out!
- Fuck! God!
Shut the fuck up!
Shut up in there.
Shut the fuck up in there
or I will shoot you
through this trunk.
Do you hear me?
Okay, okay, I understand.
I'll be quiet.
Alright, good.
Get the fuck in the car.
We're getting the fuck
out of here.
Oh, you poor thing.
Had a rough night.
Saw a lot of shit you probably
weren't expecting to see.
But don't you worry, little man.
Pretty soon
we'll be hightailing it
out of this shithole
with our hard-earned money
and maybe you can get that
stick out of your ass.
You know, you don't
have to be such a bitch
all the time.
I'm sorry. I shouldn't
have said that. I'm sorry.
Doesn't your brother
live around here?
- Yeah.
- Is that where we're going?
- Yeah.
- Why?
Because she's cute. I'm pretty
sure I can sell her to him.
You think you can
sell her to Dwayne?
That's only exactly
what I just fucking said.
Sorry, I just..
What makes you so sure
that Dwayne's going to
buy a girl from you?
He's bought girls
from me before.
What the fuck?
You've sold Dwayne girls before?
Gave me three grand
for the last girl
and she was only a skanky
little crack whore.
I'm pretty sure I can get
at least 5gs for this one.
So, what, your brother's
like a human trafficker
or white slaver
or some shit like that?
Does my brother really strike
you as the kind of guy
who can run a human
trafficking operation?
No, he strikes me as someone
who's living off
of disability checks
in a shitty part of town
that never leaves his house
because he's a complete
fucking weirdo.
That's not a very nice way
to talk about
my only living relative, chip.
Fuck, it's true. So, I
guess I'll let it slide.
So, what does he do with
the girls you bring him?
You sit tight.
You know how Dwayne
is around other people.
Best if I deal
with this by myself.
This is crazy.
This is fucking crazy.
Where the shit does a retard
like Dwayne get three grand?
I haven't seen three grand..
Oh, fuck, oh, shit!
She was hard to deal with.
What the fuck
are you doing here, chip?
Hey, Dwayne.
Liza, what the hell?
I've been waiting in the
car for like half an hour.
How long is this going to take?
You left her
in the fucking trunk.
Are you fucking stupid?
What if she starts
screaming again?
God, you're such an idiot
sometimes, I swear to god.
Can I talk to you for a second?
In private?
Dwayne, pause this shit.
I don't want to miss it.
You look mad, chippy.
Why do you treat me
like this, Liza?
Like what?
Like making fun of me
all the time
and belittling me.
Because sometimes
I have to, honey. Okay?
Being with you is like
having a small child
instead of a boyfriend.
Now, what I need you
to do is go out there
bring the girl in here,
that's it.
Think you can manage?
Oh, my god.
Oh, I know.
It's a trip, ain't it?
Dwayne's really into
his new hobby.
Is this what Dwayne does
with the girls you sell him?
Well, I've only sold him
one, and that's her
so, yeah, I guess so.
And you're okay with that?
What Dwayne does is
his own business. Okay?
That girl has to go either way
and I could kill her myself
or you know,
make a few extra bucks.
I figured
make a few extra bucks.
There you go, loosening
it up a little bit.
I'm starting to think you
turned into a total wuss.
Are we done here?
The fuck? Dwayne,
I can hear it playing.
I told you to pause that.
Rewind that shit for me.
The fuck's your problem?
You look all tense, chip?
No, I'm just, I'm just super tired.
Long day.
I think, uh,
maybe we should... Go.
Fuck that.
We're gonna hang out here
for a while.
Dwayne said that
I can watch him perform
with his exploratory
surgeries on the new girl.
Ain't that right, Dwayney?
Sure thing, sis.
That sounds pretty cool.
Um, I should probably
go grab the girl then.
I'll get the girl.
Do you have the keys?
I think I'll go with you.
You see, I got it.
I can handle that.
Just getting her out
of the trunk. I got that.
Got that on lockdown.
I don't know about that.
Let's just do this, cool.
Let's go.
We'll be right back.
Awfully quiet back there, chip.
- What you thinking about?
- Nothing.
I'm not thinking about anything.
Baby, you got the shittiest
poker face in the world.
You can't lie to me.
What the hell is bothering you?
It's just..
It's just what, chip?
It's just..
Tonight's been a lot
for me, Liza.
Like I always knew
you were crazy.
It's one of the things
I like about you
but I feel like tonight
I'm seeing a side of you
that I've never seen before.
And I'm not going to lie. It's...
It's fucking scary.
Wait a minute. Are you..
Are you breakin' up with me?
No, no.
No, no, no, no.
You better fucking not.
Because I swear to god
I will sell you to Dwayne
and I will help him cut
you into a million pieces
because every single thing
that I have done tonight
everything, was so that you and
I could have a better life.
- You know that!
- I know that!
I know that. Let's just, let's
just get this over with.
I know that.
Okay, shit.
Fucking hell.
Fucking shit.
- Oh!
- I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.
If this is how you plan on
breaking up with me
you better finish the job.
Stand aside, Liza.
I don't want to have to...
Yo, motherfucker, what the
fuck you doing with that girl?
It's not what it looks like!
It's not what it looks like!
Get the fuck away from her
before I..
What the fuck?
I am impressed, baby.
Really, I am.
But you picked a piss
poor time, and I do mean
a piss poor time to grow
some fucking balls.
I guess now I'm gonna
have to fucking kill you.
Oh, you got to be fucking
kidding me.
I'm going to get you, chip.
Oh, what the fuck!
Shit, shit, shit.
- Oh!
- Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!
Fuck, yeah. Oh, yeah.
What the fuck?
Now what..
Oh, shit.
Shit, shit, shit,
shit, shit, shit!
Pull over, baby.
Pull over!
- I'm pulling...
- Pull the fuck over!
Oh, fucking hell.
Hold me.
I said fucking hold me.
Hold me!
That was the most fun
I've had in ages.
You know what I mean?
I know what you mean,
but it's just
it's kinda hard
to feel the same way
knowing that you
want to kill me.
Huh? No, I don't want to
kill you, you silly goose.
You said that
you wanted to kill...
Oh, that, no, like
the heat of the moment
kind of thing,
you know? It's..
You hit me upside the
head, so, of course. Ow.
I also shot your brother.
Shit, yeah.
He's pissed about that.
Oh, fuck him.
He'll live, right?
So, what you just
forgive me like that?
No. Fuck.
Ah. Fuck.
We got to kill her.
Dump her body somewhere.
When I say we, I mean you.
I'll make it up to you
some other way.
- I swear to god.
- Shut up.
You're not getting out
of this one.
You will kill her
or I... Will kill... You.
- I understand.
- Okay, good.
Oh, honey, I'm so glad
we're working this out.
Well, fucking open your mouth.
Okay. Ready? Yeah.
Oh! I don't feel so good,
I'm sorry, but I gotta go.
I'll send someone
as soon as I can.
Hey, I'm still in here.
Violet, listen to me, I...
I know that you're scared
but I really, really
don't want to hurt you.
I... I promise.
Some help here.
- You can let go now.
- Oh, sorry. Oh, careful.
You okay?
- On your knees.
- Don't shoot me.
I said on your knees, chip.
How do you know my name?
The trunk
isn't soundproof, dude.
I heard everything.
I mean, everything.
Where's Liza?
She's not here, okay?
It's just me.
Look, just calm down, okay?
Calm down?
You hit me in the head
and stuffed me in your trunk.
No, I didn't.
That was Liza.
And you murdered the McKenzies.
No, I didn't. That was,
that was her too.
Oh, and you just
went along with it?
No, I... I..
Yeah, um.. Yes.
But I didn't know
that she was.. Fuck!
Your girlfriend sounds like
a real piece of work, chip.
She's not my girlfriend
anymore, okay?
Not after all of this.
Look, can we, can we please
just talk about this?
I can explain everything.
Can I at least get up?
My knees hurt.
Alright, but do it slow and keep
your hands where I can see them.
Now, lift up your shirt.
Turn around slowly.
See, I'm not armed.
Oh, I wasn't checking
for weapons, chip.
Who are you?
That's not the real
question here, chip.
The question is, what now?
Come on, chip, I thought
we were past that.
What makes you think
I won't? Hm?
You're not a killer, chip.
Not even close.
Crap, fucking shit!
Fuck, shit. Fuck, shit.
Fuck, shit. Fuck.
Fucking shit! Fuck, shit.
Fuck, crap. Fuck!
Fuck.. It was supposed
to be so fucking easy.
"In and out.
Nobody gets hurt."
That's what she said.
Fuck me! Fuck!
And you know what?
You're right.
I'm not.
I'm not a killer. Okay?
So, what the shit am I
supposed to do with you, huh?
You could leave me here.
I can't do that. You..
You... you... you've
seen my face.
You know what car..
You, you know my goddamn name.
I won't tell anyone.
I promise.
I wish I could believe you.
I... I honest to god
wish I could..
You know what I really wish?
I wish that I had
a goddamn time machine.
I would go back in time
and make tonight never happen.
'Cause I am so fucking fucked.
And why? Just for some
stupid money.
W... what money?
The $68,000 that
we stole from the Mcken..
What? You thought we were
just here to kill them?
You can't kill me.
And you won't leave me.
There's always another option.
Yeah, what option is that?
So, chip, where are we goin'?
Uh, we?
You're stuck with me now, chip.
You should've killed me
when you had the chance.
All I know is that we
got to put as many miles
behind us as possible.
Can I see it?
See what?
I've never seen that much
money all at once before.
Holy shit.
Oh, my god.
It's just..
The smell, you know.
There's nothing else like it.
Holy shit.
I love this song.
I knew it.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Stop, seriously.
Take it easy.
I was making it rain.
Come on.
Well, don't.
Stop making it rain.
Alright. Jesus.
Seriously, pick it up, Violet.
Okay, whatever, party pooper.
I'm not trying
to be a party pooper.
It's just I went through
way too much shit
for that money to let it just
get thrown around like that.
What if somebody sees it?
Oh, come on, chip.
Who's gonna to see it?
What do we, what are we
going to do? Shit.
We're gonna pull over. We're
gonna pull over, chip.
We can't pull over. He's
gonna freaking arrest us.
You're not gonna outrun him
in this hunk of junk, okay?
Just calm down
and pull the car over.
Hi! How...
What did we do,
Mr. officer?
License and registration,
Oh, my god, okay.
I will try and find it for you.
Is it in here? Nope.
I'm going to check
the back, slowly.
Is it back here?
Oh, man!
Oh, fucking, oh.
Ah! Daggone it!
I just, I don't know.
I can't seem to find it
anywhere, officer. Poo.
Where are you two guys going to
this late at night?
Oh, well, I found
this guy at the bar
and I was like,
"you need to take me home
so I could avoid drinkin'
and drivin'."
- Yup.
- Met at a bar, huh?
You've been drinking
tonight too, sir?
- I wish.
- Oh, my god!
- No. I.. No.
- Officer, officer.
- I've not been drinking.
- Officer, officer.
Excuse me, chip.
Okay, listen, listen..
I'm a little buzzed
right now, okay?
But when I get a little buzzed
around a handsome fella
I get a little frisky.
So, I told him,
if you get me home safe
I'd let you put it in my ass.
Step out of the car, sir.
Go ahead, baby,
I'll be right here
waiting for you.
Come on, you can do it.
You look a little nervous, son.
You got something
to be nervous about?
- No. No, not...
- you sure?
But should I be nervous?
I hope not for your sake.
You get too nervous..
You won't be able to get it up.
And that, my friend, would
be a terrible thing.
It ain't often you
get a sweetie like that..
Offer up her pooper,
no questions asked.
Man, I've been trying
to get that.
You about to have one
of the best nights
of your goddamn life, boy.
So, get your mind right and
get your head in the game.
Go on before
she change her mind.
Oh, and tell her to get
her taillights fixed.
That's why I pulled you
over in the first place.
I will.
Holy shit!
How did you know
that was going to work?
I didn't.
Cops are pigs and men are pigs
so I figured
he'd be a double pig.
I guess I was right.
What if it didn't work?
- Plan b.
- What was plan b?
Shoot him in the face.
You're funny, Violet.
You look like
you need a little funny
in your life, chip.
You got a problem with this?
Not in the slightest.
Uh, I need 40 bucks
worth of gas.
Which pump?
The one that has a car
parked in front of it.
- That'll be 40 bucks.
- Sorry.
Sure is a lot of money
for a guy with
such a shitty ride.
What did you do?
- Rob a bank?
- Yeah, funny.
Uh, can I just get my change, please?
I'm kind of in a hurry.
Why are you in a hurry
at this time of night?
You always this nosy?
I mind my own business.
Most of the time.
Well, how about most
of the time is right now?
Maybe you robbed a bank
and maybe you didn't.
Either way, that's a lot of
cash you got right there.
What if the cops come by asking
if I saw anybody suspicious?
It does happen, you know.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
I just want some gas, okay?
And I just want two of those
bills in that envelope.
You leave them right here
and I won't pick up the
phone and tell the cops
I saw some shady-lookin'
asshole in here
with an envelope full of
cash in a 2004 red mustang
with a license plate number...
Fine, okay? Fine.
Here you go.
Don't even think about it,
Now, listen up,
you little emo cunt.
I heard what you were
saying to my boyfriend.
You have got some nerve
but this, this is my money.
If you want my money, you're
gonna take it from me, not him.
You think it's going
to be easy to do that
because you wear black makeup
and cut yourself to sleep?
You think you can take me
because I'm a pretty girl?
Well, go ahead, try it.
I am begging you.
The day that I've had,
I'm just looking
for an excuse to put
somebody in a coffin.
Though by the looks of it,
you'd probably like that.
So, what's it gonna be,
hot topic?
40 bucks worth of gas
or 200 bucks
worth of whoop-ass?
- Whatever, bitch.
- Hm.
Come on, chip.
What the hell
were you thinking, chip?
I can't believe you were just going
to give her the money like that.
It's just a couple
of hundred bucks.
- That's not the point.
- Well, what is the point?
The point is in the last
few hours I've known you
you've let a woman
manipulate you
into murder and kidnapping
and that one
would have extorted you
if I hadn't stepped in.
Chip, you got to learn how
to stand up for yourself
otherwise you're going
to get eaten alive.
Maybe you're right.
Okay, yes,
you are definitely right.
Look, it's been a long day.
There's a hotel up the road.
Let's just go there.
We'll get a room.
We'll grab a few hours sleep.
You got to go back
in there and kill her.
What? No. That..
The last thing we need
right now is more vio..
No, vi.. I'm not gonna go
back in there and kill her.
That is exactly what
I'm talking about, chip.
See, it's not
so hard now, is it?
This place is a dump.
Yeah, the Ritz Carlton
was booked.
Good god, what a day.
I am dead on my feet.
Take off your clothes
and get in here, chip.
What's wrong?
- We don't have to.
- Yes, we do.
And we're gonna
and we're both going to like it.
There's just something
you need to know first.
Don't worry, I have a
condom in my wallet
so if you have herpes
or whatever...
No, chip, no.
I don't have herpes.
Good, neither do I.
What is it?
I was at the McKenzies
tonight because..
Well, I guess you could say
I sort of worked for them.
Doing what?
Doing stuff for them.
Sex stuff.
I never ever told
anyone that before.
Not like I have anyone to tell.
- People think I'm weird.
- Don't say that.
Why not?
It's the truth.
I used to work for Ken..
Like real work,
administrative stuff.
He'd always flirt with me
while I was in the office
and I'd just put up with it.
Madge came into
the office one day and..
Took one look at me,
and pretty soon
Ken is pressuring me
for a threesome.
I mean, really pressuring me.
I told him I wasn't
interested and he fired me.
But that wasn't enough for Ken.
I guess he was golf
buddies with my landlord
and he made one phone
call, and the next thing
I know I'm out on the street.
So, there I am
with no money and no job
and no place to live
and no one to turn to for help..
So they finally got me.
I was desperate.
You understand?
I do.
Believe me I do.
- I'm not a whore.
- I don't think you are.
I didn't say that.
Well, I'm not.
That didn't stop them from
treating me like one though.
Now, I kind of wish it
was me that killed them.
I don't.
Better that Liza did it.
She was already foul.
You're a good guy, chip.
I knew you were sweet
from the moment I saw you.
You're not disgusted
by me, are you?
No, of course not.
Of course not.
It's been a long time
since I made the decision
to make love
and how and with who.
You want to help me
break that streak?
Jesus, how did I sleep so late?
My head feels like I drank
a fifth of whiskey.
What did you do to me
last night, Violet?
No. No. No. No.
No. Violet?
Oh, fuck!
Fuck! Where's
my fucking clothes?
You fucking
thorough-ass cunt.
Hallelujah, you're fucked, chip.
You're so fucking stupid, chip.
Every time a pretty face pops up
your brain turns
into a goddamn potato.
Shit. Calm down.
Calming down in three, two, one!
Get calm.
Get it fucking together.
- Hi.
- Problem, sir?
Yeah. Yeah, I guess
you could say that.
Look, I'm, uh, I'm in a little
bit of a situation here
and I was wondering if I
could maybe use your phone?
What about the phone
in your room?
It's out of order.
Your situation
it has something to do
with that party
last night perhaps?
My nephew told me all about it.
Said there was
quite a bit of ruckus.
Look, I'm... I'm so sorry,
but honestly, I don't..
I don't remember anything.
She must have roofied me
or something.
That... that..
Shit. That's exactly
what she..
She freaking roofied me.
Look, just last night
I was drugged, okay?
And now my, my clothes,
my money, my car
and my phone are all gone.
But if I can just use your phone
I can fix it all, okay?
I... I just need to make
one phone call, please.
You may make your call.
We have a lost and found box.
Perhaps we can find you some
temporary clothing there.
Well, that'd be so awesome.
Thank you so much.
You must dial nine first.
- Who the hell is this?
Who do you think it is?
Chip? Where in
the fuck are you?
I've been trying
to call you all morning.
You know exactly where I am.
The question is
where the fuck are you?
Hey, just got back from
a night in the hospital
thanks to you, you asshole.
And now the cops want to question
me and the Camaro is impounded
and you got my fucking
car and my fucking money.
Now, where in
the fuck are you? Chip?
Did you hear me?
Chip, are you there?
If you aren't back in this
trailer in 30 minutes
with my car and my money,
I will find you.
I will hunt you down and
I will cut off your dick
and feed it
to the neighbor's dog.
You hear me? Don't think
I won't do it.
I will find you, chip.
I swear to god.
Are you listening to me?
Bad news, Mr. Delacroix?
Yeah, you might say that.
This party that your nephew saw
d... did he happen to see
anybody going into my room?
Hadi said many people were
coming and going all night.
He did mention one girl
in particular.
Said she was a real..
You know?
No, no, I don't.
W... what..
Did he say what she looked like?
Hadid said she looked
like a dead girl.
Dead girl.
You know, pale skin
and the black makeup.
Is that your car out there?
Yes, it is. Why?
I'm so sorry about this, sir.
Sorry about what,
Mr. Delacroix?
Please don't be dead.
Please don't be dead.
Please don't be dead.
Please don't be dead.
Hey, what are you doing?
I am so sorry.
I really am.
But I am really in a bind
and I need your car.
No! Ah!
And a couple of bucks
just in case your car needs gas.
Please don't look at me
like that.
I... I don't want to
do this either, okay?
Fucking. Sweet.
Fucking clog.
You've reached the white
rose motel on route 41.
We're unable to take your
reservation at the moment.
Leave your name
and phone number.
We will return your call
as soon as possible.
Have a wonderful day.
Hey there, Amy.
Yeah, can I help you?
You know what, I sure hope so.
I'm looking for the girl who
was working here last night.
Skinny, dark hair,
looked kind of gothy.
- You mean, Monica?
- Yeah, Monica.
Do you have any idea
where she might be?
Aren't you a little old to be
sniffing around that bitch?
I'm not even..
I'm not even 30.
Could have fooled me.
It's the shitty outfit that
threw me off, I guess.
Oh, thank you very much.
You know, you're not
so bad yourself.
Do you want to go in the
back and eat my pussy?
Well, that is one
hell of an offer
but I am in a real rush,
and it is very important
that I talk to Monica right now.
Well, I can tell you exactly
where to find that whore
and I don't even care if
you're a stalker or something.
You can cut her head off
and flush it down the
toilet for all I care.
But that info isn't free.
Amy, look, I've only
got a few bucks on me.
But I'd be willing to...
I'm not looking for money.
Oh, w... what do
you want?
Lucky for you I forgot
the panties today.
It gets a bit sweaty
down there otherwise.
If I do this, you'll tell
me where to find Monica?
Jesus, you're slow.
Ain't that what I just said?
I guess it was.
Well, come on.
Hurry up.
I ain't got all day.
Well, well, well,
looky what we got here.
Drop the club, shithead.
Nice gun.
Oh, you like it?
I stole it from this dumbass
I roofied last night.
Hey, baby girl.
Good, you didn't start
without me.
What the fuck? You told
them I was coming?
Wow, genius, you figured it out.
Your detective skills
are about as good
as your
pussy-eating skills.
- Oh!
- Oh!
Hell to the yeah.
This is gonna be good.
I left work early to see this.
Better be worth it.
Where my bitch at?
Give me a goddamn minute,
Amy, Jesus.
Help me.
Heard you were coming.
How's old Cody today?
Couldn't get it up as usual.
Why are you still
fucking for cash, Monica?
You're rich know, girl.
It's easy money, fatty.
This pussy's like a man.
Sixty-eight grand
is a decent score
but it ain't no retirement fund.
You like the view, huh?
Yeah, you better enjoy it.
These are the last tits
you're ever gonna see.
You should've just stayed
in bed this morning, chip
like you were supposed to.
You ran off somewhere else.
Anything but come here.
Coming here was about the
dumbest decision you ever made.
Let me see that.
I do believe the little
dummy is pissed at me.
If you're gonna kill me,
just do it.
Oh, you're giving up
already, pussy?
I'm not ready to kill you
just yet.
No, we're gonna have a
little fun with you first.
Well, fun for us anyways.
Huh. Who's the pussy now,
huh? Huh?
Now, give me my money,
give me my clothes
give me my wallet
and my fucking car keys.
Please do something
stupid again, chip.
Because I'm dying to blow
your kneecap the fuck off.
The kid.
You mean that little shithead
with the perfect timing?
He's a neighbor.
I sent his little ass home.
- Mommy's home, y'all.
- Hey, baby girl.
- Party favors.
- Whoo!
Look who's finally awake.
You ready to party, chip?
I think I'll pass, actually.
Well, you're the guest of honor.
That was for punching me, chip.
And this..
That was for trying to escape.
Well, that one was just because
I fucking felt like it.
Get his pitiful ass
back in the chair, Leroy.
Upsy-Daisy, dipshit.
Thanks to you
and your money, chip
we're going to get
fucked up tonight.
And the more fucked up we get
the more fucked up
it's gonna get for you.
You're the one who came
looking for trouble.
You should be asking
yourself that question.
Why did you kill her?
Oh, yeah, well, I killed her
because she was mouthy.
Not fucking emo
and I sure as shit
don't shop at hot fucking topic.
And you, well, you were
supposed to get busted for it.
The cops come, see you
and the body in the room
cart you off to jail.
Nobody believes you when you start
crying about missing money.
Why did you take my
clothes and my car then?
Didn't want you fleeing
the scene, dumbass.
Doesn't make any sense.
The cops would just wonder
what happened to my stuff
and it made it look like
the frame-up that it was.
We were high as fuck, asshole.
Seemed like a great
idea at the time.
Well, who's the dumb ass now?
That attitude, well, that ain't
gonna make your night any easier.
Anymore stupid questions before
we get this party started?
Can you just please let me go?
What a fuckin' idiot!
"Can you let me go?"
If it was just
about the money, chip
I might consider that.
But a guy like you, nah
you're not gonna
forget the girl.
Might take some time, but you'll
come back looking for revenge
and I can't have that.
Also I'm gonna enjoy killing you
because I'm just bent that way.
Turn that music up so I don't
have to hear his cryin'.
And get me some rails lined up.
It's gonna be a long night.
I ain't afraid
of nothing, bitch!
Oh, I feel bad for you, chip.
We're going to put you
out of your misery.
It's a mighty big mess you're
standing in there, chip.
I'm so sorry for what
happened to you, Violet.
I know, baby.
It's not your fault.
You tried.
We were supposed to get
away and start fresh.
Now, look at it. I can't even use it.
It's ruined.
It's just a little bit of blood.
All money's got blood
on it one way or another.
Be a shame to leave it
there like that.
I'd rather have you.
I know, chip.
But it's not
in the cards right now.
Where are we? It's..
Shit, I'm dead, aren't I?
Not yet, but you will be
if you don't wake up.
I've told you before, you
have got to start learning
how to stand up for yourself.
Otherwise, you're going
to get eaten alive.
And that is exactly what's gonna
happen if you don't wake up.
So, wake up.
I said wake up.
Jesus, look at you.
They really messed you up,
didn't they?
They put flip-flops
on you?
Those sick fuckers.
Please tell me
your dick's still okay.
How did you find me?
I told you I was gonna
hunt you down.
You didn't believe me?
Listen, these people are crazy.
You don't know
fucking crazy, honey.
Where's the money?
I don't know. I don't know.
They took it.
Who the fuck are you?
The adults are trying to have a
little discussion over here.
I'll deal with you in a second.
You have no idea
who you're fucking with.
I think I do.
I just don't give a shit.
Enough of this shit.
Kill them both, Leroy.
A woman calling the shots.
I like it.
If you ask me, there should be
a few more of us in the world.
But right here, right now..
I'm queen bitch.
Put that gun down before someone
gets their dick shot off, Leroy.
Fuck you.
I warned you.
Holy shit!
Holy shit!
Oh, hey, chip.
Hey, Dwayne.
Holy fuck.
Yeah, holy fuck is right.
You're kidding me.
Jesus, chip,
get up off the floor
before you catch
the aids or some shit.
Where is my fuckin' money?
It's in a box
under the bed in there.
Just take it.
Take him and get the fuck
out of here.
Oh, thank you
for giving me permission
to take back
what's already mine.
There you are.
Go check that out for me,
would you?
You're so pretty.
Yeah, well, it's not like we
can actually keep them alive.
Go on, do what you're gonna do.
Hurry up, big brother.
We don't got all day.
I need privacy.
Oh, my god, okay.
Take them back there.
Get my money when you're done.
I'm gonna talk to chip.
Don't you fucking touch me.
- Don't. No.
- No!
No! Stop it!
Get off me!
Get off. Chip!
Chip, come on. Chip.
Fucking annoying.
That whore from the trunk?
You mean Violet?
Yeah, whatever.
She's dead.
- Oh.
- They killed her.
Oh, you son of a bitch.
One night without me and
you fall for a dead tramp?
Are you fucking kidding me?
You hit me
on the back of the head.
You steal my money.
You cheat on me with a whore.
This is not exactly what I call
a healthy relationship, chip.
Yeah, no kidding.
Dwayne says
I should kill your ass.
Says I can frame you
for everything.
The McKenzies, everybody here
even his dead crack whore.
He's not altogether wrong.
Dwayne's got some
weird ideas about stuff.
I mean, I'm a little
left of center
but the idea of running off
in the sunset with Dwayne
isn't exactly appealing.
I mean, I'm crazy, I'm just not
incest crazy,
particularly with him.
He doesn't understand
our dynamic.
The nature of us.
If someone else stole my money
they'd be dead by now.
Dammit, chip, I love you.
You do?
Yeah. Of course.
You never said that to me
I understand, okay?
I know what's going on.
You got scared.
You strayed like a little
puppy on the fourth of July.
The fireworks are a little
too much for him. Right?
But as the owner of that dog
y... you just got
a few options.
You can let him run away
you can hunt him down
and kill him
or you can discipline him.
Teach him to heel or whatever
he's supposed to do.
So, chip,
what option do you want?
Violet said there's always
another option.
Oh, she did, did she?
And what option is that?
I'm not your dog, Liza,
and you're not my owner.
Where are you going?
You're not leaving me.
Yeah, I am.
What about the money?
Hey! You don't get to just
walk away from me like that.
You're going to stop and
you're going to turn around
and you will come back to me.
And then, you're going to
kiss the back of my hand.
Beg for my forgiveness.
Because the next step you
take in that direction..
Is gonna be your last.
Good job, sis.
I'm sorry, Liza.
I didn't want to.
It's okay.
Normally, I can't get off
twice like this
but you're so hot.
It's not gonna be
any problem for me.
You're so pretty.
I'm really gonna enjoy
doing this.
Oh, my god!
You saved me from that
freak fucking pervert.
Jesus, god, thank you.
Look, I know I did
some fucked up shit, okay?
It's just..
It's the way I am.
I can't help it.
I'm sorry, okay?
It's over now, chip.
You saved me.
We can take that money,
you and me.
Get the fuck out of here.
I'll do anything you want, chip.
Anything I want?
Yeah, baby.
Anything you want.
I want you to bring back Violet.
That's fucking nuts.
When they come in..
Shit, that's not good.