7 Assassins (2013) Movie Script

Brothers, there's a long way to go
Save your strength
Xiaoye, what's wrong?
Tieyun, a storm is coming
Let's turn back
Don't be afraid
Tanglong, is there shelter nearby?
There's a gorge ahead
But it's the same direction as the storm
Perhaps we should turn back
We must reach the outpost by nightfall
Xiaoye, tell the others
Press on!
Brothers, press on!
A storm is coming!
Take cover at the gorge ahead!
Don't stop! Charge ahead!
Tieyun! The horses are nervous!
Dismount. Stay close together
Don't stray apart
Hurry up, don't fall behind
Brothers, move along the cliff
Go find a path
This way.
Follow me
Long live Your Highness
Your Highness, we just received
word from Beijing
A rebel group from the south is heading here
They have gold to buy arms beyond the border
Their leader is called Tieyun
How dare these rebels intrude on my territory?
What should we do, my lord?
Capture him
Xiaoye, look
I'll tell everyone
Bandits are here!
Arm yourselves!
Take it
There you go
Keep going. Fight your way out!
Take it
Protect the cargo!
Charge forward!
Laipi, get in
Sis, I got it
Hurry, steal the wagon
Get off
Tieyun, they stole the wagon
Get it back
That's Tieyun. Catch him
Tieyun, hurry
Watch out
Chief, he's Tieyun
He's wanted by the Prince. Take him
Yes, ma'am
Your Honor
What happened?
Man Tianhong, surrender the criminal
I promise not to press charges
You're just a fourth rank official
Don't interfere in the Prince's affairs
Don't try to intimidate me
by invoking the Prince
Even His Highness must treat me with respect
How dare you defy me?
Hand over the criminal
Let's go
You dare to raise weapons
before a court official?
You can be beheaded for such an of fence
Enke, Enqi, let him go
Captain Wang
Your Honor
Escort the criminal back
Yes, sir
Let's go
Godfather, we're home
Wake up
Have we arrived?
Did you have a sweet dream?
What dream?
You were drooling, don't deny it
Really... I didn't...
Master Mao is back
We've returned
You've had a hard journey
Master Mao is back
I've traveled many places,
but there's no place like home
Master Qi
Your reading glasses have finally arrived
Thank you.
You'll see much better with these.
You're so thoughtful
We'll meet later
This is for you
Thanks, Master Mao
Did you get everything I asked for?
Thank you
So, is there any progress?
Don't give up, and use this
Give it to Xilian when you go drinking tonight
Women are passive, Men need
to make the first move
If you don't act, you two won't get anywhere
It's done
Work on it some more. I'll see you tonight
An-le is back
I'm back
Liu Xu isn't here
Who's there?
That's mean
I got you...
Master Liu
I thought you were
You thought I was Liu Xu, am I right
What is this
Damn it! Who did this
Father, what is it
Wipe yourself
This feels good
Xilian, the wine has been warmed
Don't drink too much, just one jar
Drinking one or two jars
makes no difference to me
You're not in good health. Quit drinking
Son, bring bowls and chopsticks
That pan... Have you asked Wu Zhong-e
to fix it yet?
He's been waiting forever for you
Must you bring up that nonsense every time?
You nag me about drinking,
I nag you about remarrying
Uncle Mao, here
Sweet Gou-er
The pan still works,
Gou-er will send it over when it breaks
Taste good?
Very good
You'll be busy at the banquet tonight
Rest and enjoy your food. Gou-er, come
You should drink less
Little devil
Sir, forgive me for asking
Why antagonize the Prince
over a bunch of rebels from the south?
To the imperial court, they're rebels
But to me, these men...
hold the fate of the country in their hands
Take Tieyun to Golden Valley. Find Master Mao
I believe he can help him
These are done. Take them
- Thank you
- Thank you
Be careful
God loves all the people in the world
Everyone, come eat!
He gave his only son to you
Here is some more food
Everyone has arrived early
Come. Let's drink
Alright... it's time for...
Baby Hu-er blessing ceremony
Let's begin
May your life be blessed...
with heath, prosperity, peace and happiness
Here's a red packet for the baby
Thank you
You blessed him. I shall baptize him
Come this way
Bless him
Come, let's drink to the baby's health
Congratulations, Shigen
The meat has gone cold.
I'll grill more
Drink up, everyone...
It's a festive occasion
Father, I'll help them tidy up
Mu-bai Mu-bai
Don't hide in your room
If you don't want to join us downstairs
I can stay here with you to celebrate
Hu-er's first birth month, alright?
Pang-ge, is it done?
Liu Xu, Liu Xu
I want...
What is it?
What did you say? I can't hear you!
Speak up!
What did you just grill?
There's lamb kidneys
and meat
What did you say? I can't hear you!
Stop teasing me, godfather!
- Wuchou
- Qing soldiers are coming!
Master Mao, Wuchou is acting funny again
Just give him another drink
He'll be back to normal after a good nap
Run! Hurry!
It's safe. The soldiers are gone
Yes, all gone
- Gone
- it's all set
Let's standby
Friends and relatives, and respected elders
Thank you so much for coming here today
to celebrate my firstborn's birth month
I'd like to make a toast to all of you
May your son live to a hundred
I wish the three of you a happy life
Drink up
Today is a very special day
It's been ages since
Golden Valley had such a joyous day
It's all due to Hu-er
To commemorate the occasion, I prepared...
a little something with our community fund
I hope you'll forgive me
and always remember today
Jinfa, Xiaoliuzi, An-le
are you ready?
That's beautiful!
It's so pretty!
That's beautiful!
Look, they're having a great time together
All of you stop it!
Father, help!
Get down
My lord
My lady
Governor, you seem surprised
I warned you not to cross me
Surrender the rebel, or your wife and son die
Don't hurt them!
He's gone?
Release my wife and child
Father, help me
You're lower than the Prince's dogs
You know the way to Golden Valley
Take care. I'm heading back
to report to Governor Zhuo
Understood. Take care
Greetings Your Highness
Are you here to reward us
for recovering the gold...
my lord?
What happened to Tieyun?
He died in a fire during the chaos
at Zhuo's house
Really? That's not what I heard
Where's the governor hiding Tieyun?
It's just one rebel
You lost him the first time to Zhuo
You watched him escape the second time
You expect to be rewarded for your incompetence
Your highness, I failed you
But Your Highness is wise and powerful
A thief or two is not worth your attention
After all, we have the gold
and we eliminated the troublesome Zhuo
You've got everything, Your Highness
Without Tieyun,
how can I report to the imperial court?
The longer Tieyun stays alive,
the longer I must suffer
The longer Tieyun stays alive,
the longer I must suffer
My lord, please give me another chance
I'll go to Golden Valley immediately...
to capture Tieyun
Bring him back, dead or alive
It's your last chance
If you fail again,
we'll both suffer the consequences
Thank you for your kindness
I swear I'll teach this old thief
a lesson one day
Have a drink, relax
Ready the horses
He's waking up
Who are you? How did you get here?
Is this Golden Valley?
Who's Master Mao?
You're injured, don't run about
Master Mao, the people here...
seem wary of outsiders
You've been around, ever hear that...
each moment caution is another life saved?
Someone told me... Golden Valley is a safe place
Are you looking for this?
86 Tablets for the Huanghuagang Martyrs...
That's strange
The uprising in Guangzhou...
I didn't know Governor Zhuo at first
He may serve the Qing court
but I sense that he's a righteous man...
a man of unwavering spirit
He knew the gold I lost
was earmarked for guns and cannons
He also knew our mission...
was to topple the corrupt Qing court
and rebuild a stronger nation
Take with this Tablet
You've made an honorable choice
I believe my comrades didn't die in vain
One day...
The governor set me free
The Prince will not let him off so easily
I'm afraid he will be implicated
The Prince's henchmen are vicious
They're capable of anything
We should...
Enough. Since the governor sent you here
I'm obliged to give you refuge
But I can't help you recover
your lost gold
I have no interest
in the affairs of the world...
beyond Golden Valley
In my eyes, Golden Valley is all that matters
Master Mao, the gold can save the country
If our motherland is lost
we have no place to set down roots
That's going too far.
You may stay in Golden Valley
As long as you observe our rules.
Anyone who stays here
must relinquish their past, and remember...
Once one enters Golden Valley, one never leaves
But the governor entrusted you with a task?
You're injured. Rest first
Hang on
- Pang-ge
- I am busy
Are you okey?
Call me if you need me
Bandits are coming!
Bandits are coming!
I'll get Master Mao
No need to fear
I have no quarrel with anyone here
I'm looking for an outsider
a rebel outlaw named...
Surrender him now!
Each village has its own rules
Anyone who arrives here is considered one of us
You can't just take who you want
You have guts and courage
Too bad you're not too bright
How many villagers do
you have here... a hundred?
I'll take this one man in exchange
for a hundred lives
Shall I do the math for you?
Man Tianhong, don't involve the innocent
You can take me with you
What's this?
A weapon?
You don't need a butcher's knife
to kill a chicken
We're all God's children!
Are you all as stupid as him?
Surrender the man!
Do you want war?
Gou-er, don't go there!
- Come here!
- Guo-er! No!
You asked for it
Kill him
Don't force my hand!
Guo-er, you'll get yourself killed! Run!
Don't hurt the children!
Children, get inside now!
Careful... don't go out!
Run for your lives! Don't die here too!
How can I live without you?
He brought this trouble to Golden Valley
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
for putting you all in danger
Why did you come here?
Spit it out
That's right
Who exactly are you?
The bandits came the moment you showed up
Who told you about this place?
It was Governor Zhuo
our savior, he sent him here
I know you all secretly blame me
for offering Tieyun refuge
Every one of you has a right to be worried
But I must remind you of our rules
When someone enters Golden Valley
we don't question their situation or past
Each person has experienced terrible suffering
But why did we all end up here?
Our master Liu?
His true identity is Liu Shan,
the Beijing sword legend
When the Eight Nation Army invaded Beijing
the Qing officials all ran
But Liu and his brothers stayed behind
Afterwards, to appease the invaders
the Qing court threw him in prison
That's where I met him
This man here, once served in the naval forces
as the youngest commander
When the French fleet reached Mawei
He was the first to open fire on the enemy
He was later demoted and exiled to the North
Coincidentally, I was there too
As for Wuchou...
Excuse me, my stomach hurts
Wuchou is from a prominent family
but hates to be reminded,
so I'll tell you my story
Wu Zhong-e and I met at the Yihetuan society
After the Xinchou Treaty was signed
we were persecuted for opposing the Qing court
Later on, Governor Zhuo helped us escape
Without him, we wouldn't be here today
Therefore, I'm not your savior
Your true savior is Governor Zhuo
When each of you had nowhere to turn
he asked me to help you
Tieyun is just like...
who you were 10 years ago
We may not care about
the resistance or politics
but since the governor sent him
to Golden Valley
we're obliged to take him in
In that case, there's nothing more to discuss
Master Mao, we offer him our protection
Agreed, protect him
Today it's bandits, tomorrow it's Qing troops
They won't leave us alone
That's why we're here.
Let's figure out what to do
We already have nowhere else to turn
That's right. We can't run
So let's go on the of fence
Fight them head on
Mu-bai, you commanded troops before
How long will it take for them to get here?
Less than 2 days from Washicheng
Let's use our time well
Xilian, Liu Xu
Escort all women and children to the mountain
Take provisions with you
And all the rest will stay here to fight
The bandits were taken by surprise this time
They won't underestimate us again
They'll send 100 cavalry units
followed by 100 infantry units
Mu-bai, One must know himself
and his foe to win a battle
We may be outnumbered,
but this is Golden Valley
We'll use our knowledge of the terrain
to destroy them
Let's strategize
Master Mao
- Master Mao
- Mu-bai
Peter Fang is missing
Where did he go?
I don't know, but this morning he mentioned...
that the female bandit leader
was wearing a cross
He thinks that she's a believer
God lives in people's hearts
Different hearts have different gods
Find him, bring him back
My Lord, thank you for standing by me
Thank you for giving me strength
Please continue to bless me...
offer me peace and guidance
and bring me light
You've gone astray, but you can still be saved
Atone for your sins from this day forth
Golden Valley is a quiet place
We only hope to be left alone
and to live in peace
You and I are both God's children
Listen to me
I just want to let you know
won't suffer the same tragedy again
As long as you're willing, God will protect you
He will be always be there for you
Trust me
The cross you're wearing will bring you light
There will be light and fire in Golden Valley
The Prince's troops are heading there
You won't shoot me
You get lost
Come with me now
Mu-bai, the Prince's troops are on their way
We must warn the villagers
Time is running out
Let's go
Over there
Hide somewhere
Mount now
Stop there
Get on the roof
On the roof
Stop there
Watch out
Watch out
Mu-bai, get going!
That's so cruel
It is...
I feel sorry for him
Poor man
Keep moving
Don't stop. You can't stop
Uncle Mao
You and I are both men, I'm staying
Of course you are, but you have
a more important task
You must protect the women and...
the children even younger than you, understand?
Don't worry about us. Take care of yourself
Don't be afraid. Just follow me
Be careful
Split up; you go through the pass
Wuchou, the troops are coming from the pass
Hurry up
- Be careful
- Hurry
Be careful, go that way
Everyone, hurry up
Hurry up
This way, hurry
Master Mao, the troops are coming from the pass
Over there
Hurry, the troops are here
Keep running
Get down
Brothers, gather around
We must head them off
so the villagers can escape
- GO
- Yes
Where those people?
Just one of you?
I'll take you all on
I'll make sure none of you escape
You're the ones who won't escape alive
Everyone, keep moving
Find a way out. Don't panic!
There's fire everywhere. We're trapped!
Force your way out!
Where are my wife and child?
Where's Hu-er?
Move over!
See now?
This is the price you pay for harboring rebels
Why haven't they come to save you?
You, monster!
They really to burn him
God! Give me strength
Help me to endure the pain!
Let me not betray you... please...
Poor man
It's so cruel
Help him
Who dare
Don't let me burn alone
I can't watch anymore
How could they burn him alive?
It's all my fault
You lived in seclusion,
to avoid strife and conflict
But because of my arrival
your peaceful existence is destroyed
So many of you lost your lives
But you won't die in vain,
I promise to avenge your deaths
so your surviving
family members can live in peace
You're avenging us?
You're going to kill the Prince?
Forgive me, Master Mao
but I must break the rules of Golden Valley
I'm leaving
Not just yet
Fighting the Prince on your own is...
a suicide mission
There are some things we need to do
if we must die
I'm not interested in your principles
I just know that you want your gold back
and the Prince dead. As for us
we want to avenge
our brothers and sisters and Governor Zhuo
That's why you're not going alone
We're coming with you
Master Mao
I want revenge
Stop staring and say something
Otherwise, I'm leaving
Liu Xu, I have so much to say to you...
I don't know where to begin
Let me say it for you
Liu Xu, I'm going on mission tomorrow
Will you marry me... Correct?
Well then... will you?
You're just a country pumpkin
What makes you think you're worthy?
Can you promise her a good life?
Master Liu,
I may not be exceptional or talented
But I'll spend the rest
of my life taking care of Liu Xu
I may not be able
to offer her wealth or luxury live
but I can promise to keep her happy each day
and get her food and shelter
If you ever bully my daughter
Never! I'm the one who's always being bullied
What did you just say?
I said I'm willing
to be bullied by her for eternity
You may be ready and willing
But have you asked how I feel?
An-le, have you proposed to me yet?
How did you get this telescope?
Pastor Fang gave it to me
He told me to give to you
as a love token when I propose
Master Liu, An-le
wanted to propose to Liu Xu today
But knowing we're fighting the Prince tomorrow
and Fang is still in peril,
I just can't bring myself to ask
I don't want to make her a widow
Nonsense! Just promise me this
My father is getting old. Take care of him
I will. Let's get married when I return
I can't wait!
Brat, did my daughter promise to marry you?
Didn't you just say?...
Idiot, I said I can't wait...
Racing battle steeds
The thundering of bows
Uniting all under heavens
Achieving immortal fame
Pity that my hair has turned gray
Good poem
Don't you think this Xin Qiji poem...
perfectly expresses what's in your heart?
I don't know the right path
to saving the country
Then forge your own path,
The world won't change by itself
Mu-bai, let's forge a new path tomorrow
and herald in a new dawn
Are you really going to ask my father?
Why not?
Father, An-le and I...
Say no more, go wait for me at home
Listen to your father
An-le, as Xu means everything to me
as long as she is happy
I'm willing to sacrifice my life
I'm going to Washicheng
so that she'll have a good life and future
Master Liu, I know, but...
Do you really want to marry Xu?
Do you promise to treat her well forever?
If you do
don't go to Washicheng tomorrow
Stay and take care of my daughter
Master Liu, I will marry Xu
and take care of her for the rest of her life
But I must also go to Washicheng,
I don't want any regrets
You don't have any combat experience
Once we arrive at Washicheng
stay close behind me
I will, Master Liu
Come out
Go home
Let me warm this up for you
No need
This wine is not for me; it's for you
On the first day you came to Golden Valley
I asked Ao-tian to save this wine for you
It was buried under the tree
at the village entrance
We planned to drink it
together on your wedding day
But I must give it to you now
I may not come back alive this time
Promise me
Open the jar on your wedding day
Regardless of where I'll be
if I smell the aroma
I'll know that you found a man who loves you
and I can rest in peace
Brother, you saved my life
You must attend my wedding
Of course
Gou-er, are you scared?
Don't worry, it's normal to be scared
You see, after I came to Golden Valley
I drank, and caused trouble
because I was afraid
I never told anyone about my past
but I'm telling you now
I'm a survivor of Taiping Kingdom
As far back as I can remember
I was persecuted by the Qing court
My dreams were haunted by blood
and my persecutors
But now, I'm not afraid anymore
Because I know
I'm going to do what needs to be done
When a man finds his purpose in life
his fear will end
I hope you'll grow up to be a man
who knows what needs to be done
Brother Wu
I know you like me
Will you marry me?
Big brother
What're you doing?
This is Xilian's...
Yes, it's the wedding wine you saved for her
She just asked me to marry her
But I know she did it for you
She wants you to drink this before you leave
Xilian, answer me honestly...
Is it true or not?
Look, you brought all these back
for me to give to Xilian
I'll say it loud and clear
Wu Zhong-e loves Xilian
I love her
but I can't marry her
Because she loves someone else
She loves you
That's a load of crap!
If I've spoken what's in your heart
just nod your head
It's alright, Xilian
Don't be afraid
I'll clear things up for you
Zhong-e, Please don't
back when you saved her life and her child's
you also saved her heart
Regardless of what you think
Look at her now
Since she arrived in Golden Valley
she has never looked at another man
Can't you just be honest with yourself?
Do you like her?
Do you love her?
I'm sorry, I don't
All I have is brotherly affection for her
Your feelings for me
are based on gratitude, not love
You'll find yourself the right man
I'm not that man
You're lying to Xilian and to yourself
Think you're helping her? Being honorable?
There's a huge age difference between us
Besides, we're leaving tomorrow
We may not come back alive
You think giving her one day of happiness
is worth a lifetime of regret
You're an idiot
You just don't understand
She waited for you all these years
She just wants to know that you love her
Even if it's only for an hour
she'll be happy
That's how women are
If you love her
don't just do what you think is right
Do what she wants
where are the others?
Laohu, did you meet with the men on your side?
They should arrive by tomorrow night
Children, come quickly
The adults have things to discuss
Hello, sister
Master Mao, everyone has arrived
Sorry for the trouble
I'll watch the children. Just take your time
Walk slowly
Be careful
I've reached out to all my outlaw friends
They're also busy recruiting more men
Some agreed to join us, others refused
Some are undecided
I understand
Don't worry. Your friends are all men of honor
Our brothers in Washicheng
are living in oppression
The Prince and the bandits are monstrous
Everyone is barely surviving
Why didn't you fight back?
Watch your manners
We were unprepared
To go up against the Prince
we need a leader
and a good plan, otherwise
we're sure to fail
We understand what's at stake
That's why we must talk this through
to devise a failsafe plan
Then we have to find out
where they store the gold first
The Prince's army base is enormous
We still haven't pinpointed their headquarters
The Prince is a wily man
If the gold is at the base,
he'll have to report to the court
If it's outside the base,
he can claim it as his own
Once we secure the base
he'll take his guards to retrieve the gold
We must take their watch tower
to monitor the gates for signs of activity
tell your men
to create a diversion in the city at night
My men and I will attack the base
and draw out the Prince
My men and I will take care of the watch tower
Master Mao, our mission is clear
For our sake and our future
let's fight them
If we must die, we'll die in a blaze of glory
Laohu, let's proceed once the explosives arrive
What is it?
Highness, Washicheng has quieted down
after the missionary was burned to death
But Ajitu didn't return from Golden Valley
Something seemed suspicious
I investigated and discovered that...
someone was amassing explosives
The city's rebels appear
to be organizing an uprising
with outside help
The death of the missionary
has drawn the rebels out
Keep watch; kill anyone who looks suspicious
Your business seems to be doing well
You have many visitors
Have you switched to dealing explosives?
Keep my children out of this
You should have thought about them earlier
Sesame bread!
Come get me
What's your problem?
I'm sorry
Master Mao, someone's arrived
I'm late
How could you leave us...
the Qingfeng Bodyguards out of the action?
Let me introduce two brothers to you
Ke and Tai
Pleased to meet you
The brothers outside are all set
It's an honor
They're Shigen and Jinfa
It's an honor
Master Liu
It's been a long time
Master Mao
Master Mao...
Master Mao
Laohu and his family have been murdered
The entire family died because of us
We lost another brother
But gained another
There's me
I will continue Laohu's work
I've finished preparing the explosives
I'm going with you
I'm in too
You're alive!
Master Mao, count me in
I'm so glad to see all of you
I know you've all been living
in seclusion up north
Just want to leave behind your past
and days of swordplay
And you all succeeded
Yet you've come here tonight
None of you is here for selfish reasons
You've come to fight
for your children's future
As men of honor
we toil away and fight for our families
But in turbulent times
no matter what we do,
we can't protect our families
You were hiding in Washicheng
You were hiding in Washicheng
On the surface, we lead a peaceful life
But the truth is, we were blind
and deaf...
we ignored the suffering
of those beyond the valley
Tieyun appeared before us
He made us understand
that we have another choice
we can fight back
Perhaps in a few hours
death may part us from all our comrades here
It doesn't matter. We all die eventually...
of old age or disease
Isn't it better to go out with a bang
and die with meaning and purpose?
Here is the choice tonight
We were all young once
We all had our days in the sun
Is it enough?
We must continue to do...
what true men were born to do
If we can do that
Our children, grandchildren
and great-grandchildren
can proudly tell the world about
their fathers, their grandfathers...
and boast about their days of glory
Let's drink this bowl of wine together
If we make it back alive after tonight
we'll drink more
Drink up!
Drink up!
Drink up
Drink up
Attack the army camp
Let's go
Your Highness, the rebels
have created chaos all over the city
Secure the base and kill them all
The rebels are here. Close the gate!
Load your weapons
I'll bring you down!
Master Mao, look
Tieyun and his men just broke through
the rear gate
Split up and follow the plan. Go!
Yes, sir
Xiaoye... the watch tower
Where is the gold?
I don't know
You're getting old, be careful
You asked me to come
Where is the headquarters?
Where's Boerge?
Hu-er, father will avenge your death
We've looked everywhere.
The gold is not in the base
Definitely in the church?
Take men there now. I'll deal with things here
I'll kill you
Step aside
You dare to defy me?
Our chief said no one
sets foot on these steps...
without her permission
Kill them
Do you think you can stomach the gold?
Don't worry about me...
think about what to tell your ancestors in hell
Try to stop me, you die
Give me back my daughter
Give me back my son
Give me back Laohu
I'm coming
To your left
Behind you
Master Liu
Master Liu
Your Highness, he's the rebel you're after
You two, don't try to escape
Boerge, you're right, don't try to escape
You stop there
Boerge is doomed.
You still want to resist?
Tell me now, where's the gold?
I don't give a damn about you stinking bastards
I'm the one who deserves the gold
You go to hell
Go to hell
Take the gold over my dead body
Go to the church
Come on
I must avenge Master Liu's death
Come on
Come on, if you want to die
Boerge, there's no escape
If I can't make it out alive, neither will you
Go to hell
Get up
Get out of my way
Go to Die
All of you
Kill him now
I'll take you down with me
Tieyun, your comrades are waiting for you
My brothers and I must return to Golden Valley
see you soon
Master Mao
Everything a man needs say... is here
I will never forget
these days of glory