7 Cases (2015) Movie Script

Police. Stop.
Fuck off!
- He's got me!
- Fuck, we gotta get across my end.
Next time, we need
a getaway driver.
Why did you park the
car so fucking far away?
Shit! He's right on our ass, mate.
Put your foot down.
Keep it running.
Oh, watch out!
life deals you a bad hand.
This game we all play turns ugly
and people get hurt.
Fifteen years ago,
people got hurt.
And it was down to us,
down to me.
When you're the
wrong side of 45,
and you've done time,
life's not easy.
You don't live,
you survive.
But survival is not
enough for me.
When you've felt the highs
and tasted the rewards,
everything else just
feels like treading water.
I may not have ever
earned an honest living
and money isn't
the key to happiness.
But when you've got nothing,
you crave like a
junkie craves a hit.
Scrabbling for enough to
live is the only incentive
anyone needs to think
outside of the law.
It just takes guts
and an opportunity.
Mitchell was my
right-hand man.
My partner in crime, literally.
We grew up on the same estate,
went to the same school,
stole our first car together.
Mitchell, to the register,
please. Mitchell, to the register.
I haven't seen him
since we went down.
From what I've heard,
he's as fucked as I am.
We haven't got a hope
and hope is all we need.
Pint, please, mate.
Make that two, please,
mate. I'll get these.
What the fuck are
you doing here?
I came to find you, dickhead.
How are you?
Yeah, fine. Yeah.
Why are you really here?
We haven't spoken
in what... 10 years?
It's 15.
Look... Are you happy?
Are you comfortable?
You're having a laugh.
I work in a fucking pound shop.
I've got fuck all.
I did seven years
for what happened.
I only did four.
Yeah, well, you showed
a bit of remorse, didn't you?
I was young and stupid.
it wasn't our fault.
We may have caused it,
but we didn't plan it.
You've done your
time, it's over.
Yeah, maybe.
Look, now more than ever,
I wish I lived a normal life.
But we've burnt our bridges.
There's no turning back, Mitch.
Look at us two, scraping by
on nothing. I want more.
Yeah, I want more and all.
But it ain't gonna happen.
We can't just start again.
We can't pull any jobs anymore
'cause we don't know how.
You need a computer degree to
understand shit these days.
Banks are the only
places who got cash.
And the security systems
are so sophisticated,
I would not know where to start.
What if I've found somewhere?
Somewhere that we can do.
It's in town.
It's a shit load of cash
and very little in
the way of security.
What? Guns and masks?
Exactly, an old school blag.
We can do it.
We don't do this anymore.
We don't even know
each other anymore.
I get up every...
Every morning.
I spend half an hour
just cursing my back.
I'm popping more pills now
than I did in the '90s.
Then spend the next 10 years at
the pound shop. It's your call.
It's not my call.
It's all there is.
I don't want to live like this.
Then help me.
We can do this together.
One more job.
Then we can just get
the fuck out of here.
Spain, Florida, you name it.
What, you're off?
We'd have to.
I've got no one to stay
here for. Have you?
No. No one.
How much?
- What, the take?
- Yeah.
Half a mil.
500 grand.
250 each?
We're gonna
have to pay a driver.
I'm not cutting anyone else in.
You know someone?
I do know a guy who'll
do it for 10 grand.
He doesn't want to know
any details. He just drives.
Where'd you find him?
He was recommended.
Plus, he's got a place where
we can lay low overnight.
He's good.
I'd have to check him out.
Oh, fuck it. I've gotta
get back to work.
Don't worry about it.
Look, I'll meet you later.
Uh, well, I finish at 6:00.
All right?
This company deal in cash loans.
You've probably seen them on TV.
Yeah. Yeah.
4,000% assholes.
That's the ones.
Now, most of it happens online
but the poorest people,
the ones who really need these loans,
they haven't got the Internet.
And if they have, it's
probably been cut off.
They go into the stores
and collect the cash.
This is the head office.
It all comes here
- into a float.
- Hmm.
What, a vault or something?
It's a small vault.
A simple double key lock.
Now, they have got a time delay.
How did you know that?
I've been watching
the place for weeks.
Every Monday afternoon,
4:00 p.m.
one or two blokes
turn up with cases
and go inside to
deliver the cash.
Now, the cases are
strapped to their wrists,
but they're not using security.
They're only moving small amounts of cash
at a time, just topping up the float.
I've been asking
around about this driver geezer.
No one's got a clue about him.
How did you find him?
Right, I'll be honest with
you, Mitch. He found me.
But he checks out.
Right? And the fact that he
hasn't got a reputation
just means that he's careful.
I mean, who wants a reputation as a crim?
All right.
Assuming I'm in,
- when?
- Two weeks.
You need to quit your job.
Right, if you don't turn up on the day,
it'll just look bad.
In fact, get fired.
Start fucking things up,
it'll look much better.
Yeah, that's easy enough.
We got to get it right.
- No fucks ups.
- No fuck ups.
No fuck ups.
Big one, Mitch.
You ready for this?
Fucking ready.
Let's have it.
Let's fucking have it.
No fucking about.
Shut up, you fucker!
Put it down.
Stay where you are.
Stay nice and calm.
Right, who's in charge?
It's him, in there.
- Oi! Oi! You!
- Armory. Armory. Out here.
Right, come on.
You're taking me down.
Go that way.
You watch them.
Right, everyone, stay calm.
Get your hands off that.
Be back, first thing.
Thank you.
Sit down. Shut the fuck up.
Shut the fuck up! You! Oi!
Keep moving. Keep moving!
Do not even think
about touching the phone.
All right, stop looking
at me, just move.
Come on. You know we all
wanna go. Get it open.
Look down, shall we?
You're the robbing bastards,
not us.
Thank you very much for your cooperation,
ladies and gentlemen.
Have a pleasant day.
Come on.
- Half a million.
- Half a million.
Oh, I'm in, I'm in,
I'm in, oh, yeah!
Nice one, mate.
Thanks, mate. Good work.
You're welcome.
Look, I stuck some bedding in there.
I think there's everything you need.
If there's any problems,
give me a shout.
But you two need to be gone
by the morning, all right?
- We'll be gone by then.
- All right.
What is this place?
Why has he got it?
He's done well for himself, I guess.
This come with the house.
Yeah. I suppose.
We can trust him though, yeah?
He's not gonna fuck us over, no?
He's just got 10 grand.
Why would he wanna
fuck us over now?
Stop worrying.
What did you do when you
got out? Of prison, I mean.
Where did you go?
I had nowhere to go.
I went back to robbery.
How long before your next job?
Fifteen minutes.
Fifteen minutes?
You fucking nutter.
Eighty quid they gave me.
Eighty quid to start
your life over again.
What are you supposed
to do with that?
I did a post office.
Were you armed?
I had a cucumber.
A fucking cucumber.
Couldn't you find... Find a banana?
I had a banana but the cucumber
was much more intimidating.
Semi-automatic cucumber.
Where's the fucking money?
Where's the fucking money?
Where's the money?
Wake up. Where's the
fucking money gone?
What the fuck's going on?
Fuck! Ah.
What have you done with it?
Was about to ask you
the same fucking thing!
I told you not to trust him.
It'll be that fucking driver!
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
Fuck it!
A long
time ago, you ruined my life.
Finally, I have the chance to
make you feel what I felt then.
I have your money and if you want it back,
you're going to have to pay for it.
There's seven cases.
Each of the cases is being looked
after by someone you know.
Each of these people has an
explosive attached to them.
The explosive will detonate
if you don't get to them
by the time I allow you.
To defuse the bomb is easy.
Just get to the location
and the timer will stop.
There's no tricks,
on that I promise.
But each of your acquaintances
also has another problem,
which is the real
dilemma for you.
You will need to decide
what is more important,
your friends or the money.
I'm going to make it easy.
The phone I've left for
you has the first location
programmed into the sat nav.
I'll know as soon as you leave
the clock starts then,
but don't leave it too long.
This is fucked up.
Who was he, on the tape?
It's Lawson, it must be.
I didn't recognize him.
It's been 15 years.
What do we do now?
We gotta get that money back.
We play along,
see where it goes.
Yeah, all right.
Get hold of that driver again.
We could use him.
He'll want paying again.
It doesn't matter.
He's got a motor. We don't.
He's quick.
Here, use this phone.
There's an address
in the sat nav.
We need to get there.
The key is speed.
The faster we get
there, the better.
Fast ain't a problem.
Same rules as before, chaps.
I don't wanna know anything.
I just need to know where we're going.
Just get us there
as quick as you can.
What happens when we get there?
What do you think?
I've no fucking idea.
What I do know is that
we have to be careful.
That's Richie.
He's... He's dead.
He's showing us who's boss.
Look, the bomb. It stopped.
How does he know we're here?
I don't know. But if he's
clever enough to set this up,
he's gonna be one step ahead.
The case.
Well, open it.
"Well done.
"You've got the first of
the seven cases.
"This one wasn't
entirely fair. I know.
"I had to show you that
I mean what I say.
"People you know and care
about will die
"if you don't follow
the rules to the letter.
"Put these coordinates
into the sat nav.
"You have 17 minutes from now
"to get to the second case.
"As with all the cases,
"you can walk away at any time,
"but if you don't get to
the location in time,
"the bomb goes off.
"Good luck."
This is just the beginning,
Mitch. It's gonna get worse.
Okay, here's the new
sat nav coordinates.
All right?
How long we got?
About 14 minutes now.
Don't hang about.
Yeah. Yeah, the sat nav
says that too.
Right, we should be
able to do it in 12.
That's cutting a bit
fucking fine, innit?
Relax. We'll get there.
We'll be there.
Fuckin' relax?
You're fuckin' have a laugh.
See what we just
fucking done to Richie?
Fuck. Psych.
Just take it easy, Mitch.
If he's tracked down Richie,
who's gonna be next?
There isn't any one.
All the old crew are
either inside or dead.
I think he might be
smarter than that.
Look, when you said you
could leave it all behind,
did you mean there's
no one to leave,
or did you mean there's
no one that you'll miss?
Because there's
quite a difference.
There's no one.
I hope not,
'cause if there is,
I think he might know.
You're going to dance all day to my tune,
you fucking pieces of shit.
What are you doing?
There's gotta be someone.
Someone who can help us.
Ed, it's Floyd.
Ed, I need a big favor.
Ta, mate. Speak soon.
He's gonna help then?
We'll get on top
of this fucker real soon.
All right, we're here.
All right, same as before.
Keep the car running.
We'll be back as soon as we can.
Go on.
"Only another five more to go.
"How soon before it's someone
you do care about?
"You have 26 minutes to
get to the next location."
Here's the next one.
We've got 26 minutes, probably less by now.
Come on, man, put your
foot on the gas.
Do you fucking know her?
She's staring at you, mate.
I don't know you.
Floyd, get me out of here!
Fucking help me!
It's me, Kelly.
Kelly? I don't know you.
Let me go!
You're... You're little Kelly?
- No, no!
- She's your niece.
Now stop fucking around, you
two and get me out of here!
That sick fucker's watching us.
That's how I know.
I'm watching you.
We've got to go
and we have to take this case.
- I'm sorry!
- Floyd, over here. Now.
Are you just going to take it?
You'll fucking kill her!
She might be my niece,
now I think we've
just got to do this.
Are you kidding?
You're kidding.
We can't. We can't do it.
I'm out of ideas, Mitch.
This is the best thing
I've seen in years.
Look, I barely even know her.
I don't even know my
brother anymore.
We never got on.
We've just got to do it, man.
Fuck it. You do it. I'm
off to the fucking car.
Where the fuck are you going?
Floyd, what's going on?
I've got no choice.
Floyd, get me out of here.
Fucking help me!
It's me. Kelly.
How much do we need?
We should think of a figure.
Anything less than half a mil
is not enough.
Don't be daft. 100 grand
would fucking set us up.
No, Mitch, it's not enough.
Haven't you seen
the economy lately?
Funny enough, I don't keep up
with the FT index, you know.
I work in a fucking
pound shop, mate.
You've always were a man
of small ambition, Mitch.
You need to think big.
Look at the fucking good it's done you.
I've got plans, mate.
A little place out in Florida,
with a fishing lake out in the back,
with the sea...
The sea a couple of
miles down the road.
I've got a little fishing boat
and a pick-up.
And I'll spend all day long
fishing or eating Italian food
or at night eating seafood.
Maybe even bag myself
a nice woman.
Sounds good.
What about you, Mitch?
You got plans?
You must have plans.
You can't just go home, you know.
I haven't really
fucking thought about it.
- Typical.
- Yeah. Fucking...
All right, then, what,
drive to France.
Spend a few weeks
fucking about there.
Explore a bit.
Ah. Just take it from there,
I don't know.
France isn't going to be
far enough, Mitch.
With today's developments,
they will track us down,
pin all this shit on us
in no time at all.
Let's just
get through today, eh?
Yeah. Let's do that.
Do you know how unlucky
we were that day, Mitch?
What day?
The day we hit the car,
after the job in Enfield.
I try not to think about it.
It wasn't our fault.
Even the judge said so.
There was a fault with the car.
It really shouldn't have
gone up like that.
Yeah. But it did.
Because we hit the fucker
and we hit it hard.
Yeah, I know.
There's no point
trying to avoid it, mate.
If we hadn't lost control
of the car on that corner,
they'd still be alive.
We hit it 'cause we were
running from the old bill.
It was our fault, Floyd.
It fucking was.
And you fucking know it,
you know.
Yeah. I know.
Yes, it fucking was your fault!
Okay, let's get...
Okay, let's get on with it.
Same again.
Just hang in the car.
Just get ready to go.
- How long have we got?
- You got three minutes.
- Shit! Let's go!
- Let's go.
Oh, no. Ed.
Ed. Fuck.
What's happening?
He's nailed
to the fucking floor, mate.
Oh, man. Oh, Ed.
I'm so sorry, mate.
How the fuck?
How could this be happening, mate?
Oh, shit.
It'll be all right.
I don't understand.
Who's this?
It's Ed.
I just called him to help us.
Your mate?
I mean, from the car,
you called him in the car, your mate?
Oh, that's right.
Who knew that you knew him?
No one.
No one.
I've only known him
for a few weeks,
we barely know each other.
What's in those cylinders?
Well, whatever it is,
it don't fucking matter.
He's still gonna...
He can't breathe that shit, can he?
It's not just water.
He's been drugged.
He doesn't know what's going on.
Look, there.
- Cameras.
- Fuck.
Fucking hell.
I'm sorry, Ed.
I am so sorry you got involved.
Look, we've been
through this before.
If we try and get you out of here,
this trap goes off
and it's gonna kill you, Ed.
I wish I could do something.
I wish I could just walk away.
I can't.
- I can't walk away.
- Look, we're sorry.
All right? We're sorry.
We're really fucking sorry.
But it's too late for you now.
It's harsh, I know.
It's really fucking harsh,
but we're gonna take this case,
and we're going to leave.
We're sorry.
You just broke the rules, Floyd.
You can't help him.
Yesterday, I couldn't afford
enough food to eat.
Today, we've seen
some fuckin' nasty shit.
Let's hope it don't get any worse.
It will.
It's so easy.
You're so predictable.
How far can we take this?
I mean, what's next?
He's done his research.
I'm fucking scared,
and I fucking don't mind telling you.
All right,
this next location is out east.
If the traffic
don't get any worse,
we'll be there
in about 30 minutes.
Right. Let's just not
get pulled, okay?
We need to go fast,
but not go mental.
Just keep it under control.
All right, don't worry about it.
Just relax. We'll be there.
- Relax.
- Fuck, yeah.
Fucking relax. Course.
No fucking problem. Cunt.
Fucking relax.
Oh! Oh, you're so funny.
Oh, you're so very good.
Look at you, you heap of squashed
fucking imbecilic ponce.
Have you had any, um...
Have you had any women
in your life recently?
Has there been anyone recently?
Yeah, one.
Go on then.
She was great.
She had class,
she was beautiful. We got on.
What was her name?
She shacked up with me
for a couple of years,
but it didn't work out.
What went wrong then?
I got itchy feet.
She got sick of my stupid shit.
Upped and left me.
Do you think there's any way
he'd know about her?
I hope not.
Do you think he'd find out?
Well, that's what...
That's what I've been thinking.
Yes. Go on.
Oh, go on.
Show me how clever you are.
He could have spent years
planning this.
What about Karen?
I was just thinking that.
Phone her.
After what happened to Ed?
I don't think so.
I stopped caring
a long time ago.
If he's done his research properly,
he'll know that.
Oh, shut up!
Get on with this. Come on.
I'm sorry.
- Calm down, Mitch.
- I can't fucking calm down!
Mitch, why am I here?
Please, get me out. Please.
Karen, we can't.
There's a bomb behind you.
And up there is a TV camera.
The guy who set all this up
will detonate that bomb if we try
and get you out of this shit.
So call someone.
Call the police!
Call someone, I don't know!
No, it's not easy as that, love.
Look, this isn't easy,
especially not for him.
See, this case is full of money.
Our money.
And we need it back.
It's wired into this though,
isn't it?
If we try to take this case,
whatever's in that pump
is going into you.
And there's nothing we can do
about it.
Oh, fuck it.
Where's Gary?
I don't know. We separated.
He left.
Mitchell, just get me
out of here, please.
We've got to go.
No, don't go, please.
Hang on, Floyd. Fuck.
We haven't got time.
Sort the bomb out.
Disconnect the fucking bomb.
I don't know anything
about bombs!
It could just blow us all up.
Help me. Please.
Hey, that's not allowed.
Cheating scumbag.
- - Mitch,
the bomb's started again.
Eat shit!
- I'm fucked, aren't I?
- Yeah.
Mitchell, I'm sorry.
We tried, but it was over.
We tried, Mitchell, we tried.
I know.
Yeah, I know.
But Gary? Fuck.
You could have had anyone
in the world.
Look at you.
But my brother?
You're a fuckin' felon, Mitch.
Yeah, I am.
Mitch. Mitch.
No! No! No! Mitch!
Mitch, please. Please, Mitch.
Please. Please.
Help me.
She had that coming.
She deserved it.
You fucking did this. Not me.
- Are you okay, Mitch?
- No. Not really.
We're nearly done.
Fucking you really believe that?
Look, if this doesn't finish today, we're
gonna find him and we're gonna kill him!
We might be getting
our money back but...
...he's making us...
He's making us pay.
You're keeping very quiet,
Time to get you more involved.
Hello. Yes?
That's me.
I know.
Yes, I know.
I need it just a little
more time. I need another 24 hours
and I'll have it.
Yeah. Absolutely. Of course.
Okay. I'll be in touch.
What are you looking for?
I don't know. I feel like we're
walking into the Dragon's Den
every time we get
to one of these sicko fests.
There must be something
we can do to give us an edge.
We tried that.
So you're Rachel?
Shit. I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I don't know what else
I can say.
What the fuck's going on?
What's this fucking thing
on my head?
I don't know.
Just get me out of this now,
It's not as simple as that.
We can't.
He's telling the truth.
It's not that simple.
We're not running this thing.
I don't understand.
See that case?
It's full of money.
Someone wants us to take it.
If we do, you die.
What? Who wants that?
Rach, it's my fault.
He's picking on you because
he's trying to get to me.
But you're gonna help me, right?
If... If we try and get
you out, this bomb goes off.
That sick fucker's watching us.
You're doing a good job.
Remember, after the next one,
that's when we make the move.
I'm ready. Are we all set up?
Of course.
All right. I'll see you soon.
- You okay, mate?
- No.
We've gotta do this, haven't we?
You can't do this.
You can't kill me.
Floyd, look,
I didn't leave you
because I didn't love you.
I left you because
I couldn't watch you anymore.
You were always
on self-destruct.
You always fucked up
even when you were being sweet.
No! No! No!
Mate. Mate! It's shit. I know.
We've seen some bad stuff today.
When we're done...
When this is all finished,
if we're still alive,
we track down Lawson
and we kill him.
Goes without saying, brother. It goes
without saying. We'll fucking... He dies.
Is this the last one?
This is the sixth case.
He said there was seven.
I can't go
through that again, Mitch.
- I can't do it.
- We've seen worse, mate.
You've done worse, and
for less than half a million!
That was then.
Then? Now? Who gives a fuck.
You're a nasty fucker
when you want to be.
Now is the time you can
fucking remember that.
I ain't enjoying this one bit...
But I've come this far, and I'm seeing
it through and so are fucking you!
Let's get on with it.
Doors closing.
Fucking who's left?
Who could this be?
That's my brother.
I didn't want to say anything.
Look, I'm sure it isn't.
I'm sure it's not...
Oh, fuck. I can't, I couldn't deal
with that. I couldn't handle that.
When was the last
time you spoke?
No, well when he stole Karen.
I don't even know where he is.
Well, that's probably good.
Oh, fuck.
Twelfth floor.
Doors opening.
Fuck, I'm sorry, Gary.
Fucking psycho!
"I'm sorry?" Fucking sorry?
This isn't me.
I'm not doing this to you.
He's telling you the truth.
I'm not gonna tell you
it's not my fault,
but I'm not the one
doing this to you.
Why should I believe you?
You said you'd kill me.
Do you think
I'm capable of this? Me?
You're my brother!
I am, Mitch. I'm your brother.
We grew up together.
You can't do this.
Listen to him, Gary. This
isn't us, we're here to help.
What's in the case?
It's money.
It's a lot of money.
I don't get it.
We were robbed.
That's our money.
If we want it back,
we got to sacrifice you.
Says who? Who's doing this?
It's revenge. Fucking revenge.
What about Karen?
Where's Karen?
Look, we need to get on.
Where's Karen?
She's dead.
She's fucking dead.
He found her.
No, no.
No. That's not fucking fair.
You always bring this kind
of shit on everyone, Mitchell!
I know.
Listen. We got
to get the fuck out of here.
We need to decide
what we're gonna do.
Look, the deal is,
if we take the case,
your head gets screwed.
If we try to dismantle this shit,
bomb goes off, we're fucked. We all die.
The only unknown quantity
is if we just leave you here,
and walk off.
We don't seem
to have many options.
I'm screwed.
What's that camera for?
He's watching us.
Then cover the camera up.
He'll blow the bomb.
He won't fuck about.
He might hesitate enough to give me
time to get out of this fucking thing.
He might. But he might not.
Well, we don't seem to have much choice.
We're out of options.
Fuck. I can't deal with this.
This isn't right.
It's not fucking right.
I'm not watching my brother die.
We're getting out of here. Together.
No dismantling
my toys, Mitchell.
Two minutes, Mitch.
We got two minutes!
It's down to less than a minute!
We have to go, Mitch!
We go or we die.
Oh, fuck, no.
I'm fucking sorry.
Please, Mitch!
Help me, Mitch!
- Go on, go on.
- Run, you fucker.
You fucking cunt.
Now you see how it feels?
Now you understand, Mitchell.
Shit! Fucking driver.
It was you!
Come back here.
That wasn't very
fucking clever, was it?
Floyd, wake up.
Floyd, Floyd, wake up.
What the fuck? Where are we?
It looks like the place
we stayed last night.
Yeah, it does.
It's the fucking driver.
He was in on it.
Yeah, it's coming
back to me now.
He shot us...
We've been properly
fucking done over, mate.
What's with the TV?
Good evening.
The pain of knowing
my family burnt to death
because two
incompetent criminals
thought they could take
what didn't belong to them
is not made any less painful
by knowing
you have had the worst day
of your lives today.
I have enjoyed watching it all.
As with everything in life,
all actions have reactions.
And now, you are
at the end of your day.
And one of you is about to be
at the end of your life.
In front of you is a chessboard.
You each have 10 minutes
on your clocks.
And you must play
until one of you wins.
You each have a case
with a gun inside it.
The winner's case will open.
As you can see,
there is another bomb
As soon as the game is finished,
it will start counting down
from two minutes.
If more than one of you is still
alive at the end of the time,
it will explode.
If not, the survivor
will be released.
You are not playing
for money, of course.
That's mine.
You are playing for your life.
Oh, and if you think
you're coming after me,
I wouldn't bother.
I have CCTV footage of you
killing your friends,
and I've got enough money to
make sure you never find me.
One more thing.
If you make an illegal move
in the game,
you lose 20 seconds from the two
minutes on the bomb's timer.
Sorry, I can't
be there in person,
but I'm on my way to the airport
with your fucking money.
Fucking bomb...
What a cunt.
We're fucked.
Yeah, well,
one of us definitely is.
No, I mean, I can't play chess.
What's the clock all about?
You start the clock at
the beginning of the game,
and after each move
you just hit the button.
Well, so we've only got
10 minutes thinking time?
Before we do this,
are we really going to
go through with it?
I really think if I win,
I can't shoot you, Mitch.
Well, I'm gonna
fucking shoot you.
You know what I mean, mate.
This, this thing was never
going to end well, was it?
Mitch, I'm so sorry
I asked you to get into this.
I am sorry.
We couldn't ignore
what happened.
I enjoyed the job.
Just like the old days.
Yeah. It was fun.
Let's just get on with it.
Illegal move,
you brain-dead punks.
What the fuck?
I think the pawns
move forward, not diagonal.
I forgot. Sorry.
Your go.
So, two moves...
Two spaces, yeah?
Can any of these jump
over the pawns?
The knights, and the bishops.
The bishops are these ones.
They go diagonally.
Oh, fuck.
Fuck! We lost another
20 seconds.
We can't carry on
like this, mate.
We're both gonna
get blown to shit.
Sorry, mate.
No! One space forward, mate.
It's only two on the first go.
All right.
What the fuck?
Mate. We're fucking toast.
This ain't gonna work.
I know.
Your move.
The clock's ticking.
That was never gonna happen,
was it?
No point in both of us dying.
It's okay.
Kill him! Kill him!
Do it!
Do it!
life deals you a bad hand.
This game we all play turns ugly
and people get hurt.
Life's not easy.
You don't live,
you survive.
But survival is
not enough for me.
When you've felt the highs
and tasted the rewards,
everything else just
feels like treading water.