7 Days (2021) Movie Script

What did you want?
Is this okay?
My, my zoom camera is...
We met through our fathers,
because our fathers
were good friends.
My sister-in-law's mother
arranged a meeting
between Tanya and me.
I finished my university
education and got my first job.
And this is when my
uncle actually asked me,
"Are you ready to get married?"
You know, "Can you
look for somebody?"
We first met on Shaadi.com,
basically the Indian
version of Match.com.
And it was a very
common matrimonial site.
So arranged
marriages are usually
when the families have already,
the families know each other
and they feel that their kids
would be good for each other.
A lot of Shaadi.com I think
is profiles that are
done by their parents.
In our case we each
wrote our own profile.
Although my parents were
definitely pushing me
to get married at that point,
and probably had a profile for
me that I don't know about.
Once we went back to our hotel
and my mom and dad asked me,
"So is it a yes or no?"
And I was like,
"Just give me an hour
or two to think."
And I took that hour
and it just got, it
was a gut feeling that
he seems to be a nice guy and
I'm going to give it a try.
It's not a bad idea to
know a person somewhat
before committing to a
lifelong life together.
Ravi is a really good boy.
I have three sons and
Ravi is the best one.
I tell them that also.
Ravi is the youngest,
but he is the most
mature at heart.
He loves cooking
with his mother.
Vegetarian is a must for us.
Also no alcoholic.
He works as a researcher
with the local university.
He likes his job so much
that he has no
hobbies by choice.
Our family does not
believe in secrets
so I will mention that Ravi
is genetically predisposed
to hypertension, asthma,
and he was fat as a child,
so diabetes is a concern.
If interested,
please message me.
Rita is a free spirit girl
with strict moral values.
Her hobbies include caring
for her future in-laws
and her ideal date is
cooking for her man
and watching a Bollywood movie.
Rita is pescetarian by diet,
but she is willing to be fully
veg for the right family.
Please write us a message
so we can start chat
and marry our children.
US citizens only.
Is this okay or is it too weird?
It's not too weird.
I want to apologize again for...
Oh, it's fine, really?
It just looked so
different on Google Images.
It's really fine.
It's just on the website.
A what?
It said it was
full of water and fish
on the website.
You know, we're outside,
we could lower our
masks if you want.
I'm really glad this
timing worked out.
Me too.
Usually on work trips,
my colleagues, they just like go
to a strip club or something
and I end up back in the hotel
just talking to my mother.
But I guess today you're my mom.
I'm really sorry again about-
- Really, you don't
have to apologize.
I love empty reservoirs.
Wow, you're so funny.
We have great banter.
Could you move back
a few more inches?
A lot of ants.
Okay, thank you.
I usually don't sweat this much.
It's like we're in India.
It's like we're in
India because it's so hot
and we're both brown,
and it's dirty.
This is probably
how our parents met.
You know, it's
kind of beautiful.
So what did you bring?
Oh, I couldn't get
everything I wanted.
Oh, don't worry,
it is vegetarian.
Oh, it's just your mom
told me that you don't drink.
I don't.
Well, I think this
is hard lemonade.
There's alcohol in this?
Yeah, five percent.
I'm so sorry.
It's okay,
- you don't have to do that.
- The store was really busy
and I panicked and I
just, I love lemonade.
It was a mistake.
I swear on my
entire family's life,
I don't drink.
I don't drink either, so.
This must be very
distressing for you.
It is, thank God.
Oh, oh no.
Oh, this is a little
bit of a mess.
Oh, oh, no.
It's really wet.
Oh God.
So how much longer do you
think all this will go on for?
Oh, you probably shouldn't
touch your face with the gloves.
Are you seeing this?
It went well.
Yeah, no mom,
I didn't drive here.
I took the train, remember?
I don't know
Mom, it's just one date.
No, I think you should wait
to call her parents tomorrow.
I didn't check his hairline.
Yeah, the train's canceled.
I'm actually just waiting
for the car rental agency
to call me back.
He seems loyal, yeah.
No, she didn't
bring up eating fish.
No, he doesn't seem gay.
Yeah, no, Mom, we
didn't talk about Modi.
Talk to you later, bye.
Okay, I love you, mom.
I love your place.
Oh, thanks.
I didn't realize you
live with roommates.
I don't.
Oh, Rachel at the
car agency said
she'd call me back.
Oh, they didn't say when.
Should have asked that.
That's okay.
You can just wait here
until they call back.
Thank you.
I'll pay you rent.
Oh, that's fine.
I'm joking.
I'm just gonna go wash my hands.
Yeah, no, yeah, go, of course.
Oh, God.
Ah, much better.
Oh, that's not mine.
Oh, of course.
No, that's my landlord.
My landlord just comes
in here and drinks.
Yeah, he really likes the TV
so he watches the
game and drinks beer.
Where's the TV?
Are you hungry?
Now that my career's
in such a good place,
I'll get married this year,
have kids a year after that.
We'll all live with my mother.
I'm actually closing
in on a house.
How many?
Are you okay with three?
- Yes.
- I can also do two.
No, three is good.
Yeah, I prefer three.
I just have to say
it's so refreshing
to meet someone
with the same values,
you know, the same-
Oh, I'm so sorry.
It's the car rental.
Hi, hello?
And that's the earliest?
Yeah, no, I'll take it.
Yeah, you can just charge
the card that's on the file.
All right, thank you so much.
They said they don't
have anything available
until tomorrow morning.
So I think I can just look up
a hotel or something
really quick.
I think there's one
in this town, right?
Yes, the Sunset on Belmonte.
- Got it.
- Mhmm.
It's saying it's closed.
I guess,
you could use my couch.
Oh my God, are you sure?
That would be amazing.
Of course.
Yeah, I have an extra
pillow, I think.
Okay, thank you so much.
No worries.
I'll go call my parents
and let them know
you're staying over.
Okay, I'll do the same.
Yeah, no, mom, I don't
really have any other choice.
Yeah, she's asking
her parents right now.
No, mom, we won't hug tightly.
She's a very traditional girl.
- Hi, Daddy.
- Okay, I love you too.
I've missed you like crazy.
I don't know how much
longer I can do this.
I want your cock.
No, Daddy, yes!
This can't be happening.
Hey, hey, hey!
You okay?
Yeah, I'm great.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I just set up the couch.
My parents are comfortable
with you staying the night
as long as you sleep out here.
They're old fashioned, like me.
That's great.
Okay, well, I'm going
to call it a night.
Okay, good night.
Good night.
Hi, I was just going to head out
to the car rental place early.
Oh, you sure?
Yes, I am very sure.
Well, sorry I don't have a car.
Otherwise I would've driven you.
Yeah it's okay,
you've already said enough.
I mean, you've done
enough for me, so.
Well I guess this
is goodbye then.
Yes, bye.
Longest first date ever.
It was.
Keep in touch.
I meant yes, maybe.
For fuck's sake.
Oh my god.
I missed you.
I tried knocking.
The car rental place called.
They said they won't have a
car for another three days.
There's no more rooms left
because of shelter in place.
You're not going
to tell her, right?
Your mom?
I assume you tell
her everything.
I don't tell her everything.
I won't tell her.
Okay, because your
mom will tell my mom and
she pays for this place.
It's why I have to
go on these dates.
That's the deal.
Oh yeah, I won't talk.
Okay, thank you, really.
And you know, I'm sorry.
I just, I do think though, that,
I think you're not my wife.
I mean this in a delicate way.
There was some deception
that's happened
and it just feels wrong now.
- Yeah.
- That makes sense.
I think we'll find someone
for ourselves that's better.
I agree.
Okay, I was a little bit worried
that you were catching feelings.
I think it's okay to move on.
And were you
just, you were just,
so you were just
pretending before?
What do you mean?
It just, you said
you didn't eat meat,
and then, you know, I saw you.
You're still eating chicken, so.
When did you start eating meat?
Oh, like few weeks ago.
Oh, that's not that bad.
Well, I restarted after
I took a month off, so
in total, I think
since like high school.
Thanks again
for letting me stay here.
Of course.
I'm not a monster.
Yeah, I know, but I'm
a complete stranger.
Well it's not the first time
I've let a stranger
stay with me.
You mean?
You sounded different before.
What do you mean?
Oh, no, you just,
your voice just, yeah.
You sounded like Siri.
I just, I felt
like I could tell you
anything without judgment.
You mean I sounded subservient.
No, no, no.
This is the real me.
Do you want me to be her?
Because I can, if you need that.
I do want to say that I,
I'm completely fine with
you drinking alcohol
and eating dead animals,
and swearing if
you even do that.
Yeah, fuck yeah, I do that.
Yeah, I'm fine with it.
I'm not judgmental.
Well, that's very sweet,
but this is my house
and I really don't
need your permission.
Wait, was I being sexist?
I'm sorry.
I identify as a male feminist.
Oh, so a feminist?
I really liked the way
you decorated this place.
Oh, I didn't decorate it.
Cybele did.
Who's Cybele?
She used to live
here and then she died.
Right where you're
standing, actually.
I'm just kidding.
She lives a block away.
Ah, haha.
When I first saw this place,
I was like, whoa,
this is perfect.
I do not need to change a thing.
Yeah, it's a lot of horses.
You think?
No, I mean, I like it.
Yeah, I like it.
I just, I feel like some
people might feel that way.
Oh, well, I love them.
Yeah, did you grow
up around horses?
Never met one.
Just always been drawn to them.
Why do you live here?
What do you mean?
It just, it feels so
far away from everything.
Yeah, well, that's
why I live here.
Yeah, but it must get lonely.
I have this dream that I'm
going to grow old here and
become one of those women
like in a John Wayne
film or something,
like tanned and
leathery and hard.
Do you mind if I clean?
It really relaxes me.
Thank you.
1,324 cases last week.
Gonna be 50,000 by March 28th.
Doubling time was seven days.
It's now three.
It's logarithmic, not linear.
That's what everyone's missing.
The death rates
aren't rising yet,
but they're a lagging indicator.
Hey, did you realize
your fan was broken?
Hi, ma.
Hey, Ma.
What are you doing at mom's?
The world is
falling apart, little, bro.
Haven't you heard?
Are you quarantining
away from her?
Yeah, sometimes.
Hold on, Asif wants
to say something.
Yo, Ravi, put
our future sister-in-law
on the phone.
- Yeah, no, that's-
- Yo. Put her on the phone!
That's really not
going to work out.
Is she hot?
Uh huh?
Just nod, you
don't have to say it.
I know she's staring
at you right now.
Yeah she's here for the meeting.
Maybe now you
can actually get laid.
Ravi, laid?
What do we do now?
Do you mean for the next
few months or right now?
Try doing nothing.
Have you ever done that before?
What do you mean nothing?
I mean, nothing.
Take it from someone
who's unemployed.
The less you do,
the less you do.
The less you do, the
less you do. I like that.
Yeah, I can do that.
What time is it?
10:00 AM.
10:00 AM-o.
This is fun.
It's very relaxing.
What song am I thinking of?
I love doing nothing in silence.
No, me too.
Yeah, this is really relaxing.
Yeah, I have this friend
he reads the books out loud.
And it's like, that's not
what that's meant for.
It's really crazy, you know.
We're just like in this galaxy.
I was going to ask you,
have you been on a lot
of dates on Arranged?
Oh yeah.
Arranged, Shaadi, Vivah,
I'm on all of them.
My mother is desperate.
Wait, you're not?
Do you want to be married?
No, never.
You want to die alone?
It's just someone else
to fight and disappoint
and hate and...
No, it's just exhausting.
Why do you want to get married?
It'd be nice to have
someone to cuddle with.
Yeah, well, you don't
need to be married
to cuddle someone.
I literally do.
I've been meaning to ask,
how do I compare
to the other guys
that you've gone on dates with?
Because I've just been trying
to do this for a year now.
And it just doesn't
seem to work out.
Right, I mean,
well this way of meeting
someone is psychotic.
Well, my parents
spent seven days
before they got married, so.
And how did that work out?
Am I boring?
You hesitated.
I did?
I'm not boring.
I didn't say
- you were boring.
- Okay,
you should see the people
that work in my
research lab, okay.
There's this guy Vivek,
okay, he comes in every morning
and counts the
pennies in his wallet.
And if the number isn't
even he'll skip lunch.
And then there's this girl Juhi.
Juhi insists on telling
you about every single bird
she saw on the way to work.
And I'm like, Juhi, I know
what a pigeon looks like.
Wow, you're really
getting fired up right now.
You know, in college,
I was the fun one.
People ask me all the
time to do impersonations.
Sonam, why don't you
make yourself useful
and go make some
chai for the guests!
Wait, was that supposed
to be a toxic uncle?
Okay, okay.
Sonam, did you delete all the
Sex In The City from the DVR?!
That's really good.
Yeah, it's fun, I'm fun.
Sonam, your hips don't lie.
I got to take this.
Some asshole stole my card.
Oh, yup no worries.
Are you sure you can talk?
Yeah, sure, it's fine.
Are you two still fighting?
Actually, no.
So it's getting better?
I just think, you know,
with everything going on,
we feel lucky or maybe that
we at least have each other.
So do you want
me to stop calling?
No, God, no.
That's not what I'm saying.
It's still a broken marriage.
I miss you.
When can I see you again?
Not for a while.
Of course.
Hey, where are you going?
Heading out.
You can't.
It's shelter in place.
We're allowed to go on walks.
And I think given my
pre-existing condition,
that's not a good idea.
What condition?
Oh, I told you I have asthma.
It sounded like you coughed
once when you were five.
I just, I think
we mutually decided
that it would be safer
if we just stayed in-
- Ugh!
Nothing to fucking watch.
Oh, I don't watch
Hollywood stuff.
I only watch Bollywood.
Hmm, what was that?
Oh, I thought you asked why.
I didn't.
Yeah, our mom was really worried
that if we watched too
much Hollywood stuff
we would become too white.
So it was all Bollywood
in our household.
Not that I'm complaining.
Which ones have you seen?
What do you mean no?
- Just no.
- Oh, you mean Kal Ho Naa Ho?
Oh, what a masterpiece.
Wait, you haven't seen it?
Oh, you don't want
to sleep on this.
Can I just tell you a
little bit about it quickly?
Basically the movie
starts on char...
Actually no.
It's Preity, Preity is
running to New York.
And she's just, you know,
telling us about her life.
Like, her family's broken
and she's really depressed.
And then you meet
her MBA classmate
being played by Saif.
Honestly, it's one
of his best roles.
He is so stupid and lovable.
And then in walks Shah Rukh.
And he's just like this angel.
And like
these real funny things.
And then right
before intermission,
you find out that the
lady that you thought
was Shah Rukh's wife
is actually his doctor.
Yeah, he's dying.
But then right before he dies,
Priety finds out the
truth about them.
And she runs to New York again.
But this time she's crying.
And she embraces Shah Rukh
and she pieces together
all the beautiful things
that he's done, all
his selfless actions.
And there's a stunning
speech in the end
where they talk about
how you know you've met
the one that you love
when you hear bells
ringing in your heart.
Have you heard bells
when you catch feels?
That's not what love is like.
Oh yeah, I know.
Yeah I know.
If we go down this path,
there's no going back.
Well, I'll show you
my underwear options.
This isn't so bad.
Yeah, I guess.
Yeah, I mean, we can do
this for two more days.
It's like, it doesn't not work.
I guess.
I'm feeling happy.
I just feel...
Oh, what?
You feel whiskey.
Because I spiked your drink.
Are you joking?
Why would you do that?
Because I'm bored.
And I thought it'd be funny.
There's alcohol in...
That's the shit.
It's the shit, man.
You know what else is the shit?
Research is the shit.
I agree.
You know what I love?
Chi statistical tests.
Don't even get
me started on Chi.
I'm so glad there's a
attractive female who I
can talk to about this.
- Oh, I'm your girl.
- Get your friends dewy.
You know what's always
bugged me is like,
why is the P value of 0.05
the threshold of certainty?
Amen, I've always thought this.
Don't eat that.
That's shit.
Not the shit.
You know what else is the shit?
Standup is the shit.
I love stand up.
Have you ever done stand up?
I mean, you could
do stand up for me right now.
Mm-mm, mm-mm.
Okay, okay.
- If you don't want to.
- I'm not going to do,
let's do stand up.
Hey guys, it's me, Ravi Sharma.
Really excited.
I've been dreaming about
this moment for a long time.
Got the best fans in the
world, love you guys.
I shit myself
before I got on stage,
So you're welcome.
What else?
Oh, in high school they used
to call me chicken shwarma
when it doesn't even make any
sense 'cause I don't eat meat.
And it's Sharma, not shwarma.
Oh, don't worry,
this is diet Coke.
I'm the youngest
of three brothers,
but I'm closest to my mom.
Oh my mom's
divorced, by the way.
Can I get a what what?
Yeah, she's divorced
and divorce sucks, man.
You know, it really sucks.
And it specially sucks
when you're Indian,
because you can't talk about it.
You can't talk about that.
And you know, like you
go to functions and stuff
and they just pretend
like it didn't happen.
You know what it's like,
it's like Game of Thrones.
You guys know Game
of Thrones, right?
So like in Game of Thrones,
they killed Jon Snow.
And then he just like
came back to life.
And it's like,
are we going to talk
about that, you know?
Yeah, divorce sucks,
but you know what's even
worse than divorce is
being lonely.
Ugh, it feels so much worse.
Like, like I'd much rather
got married and then like try
and try and try and try,
and then it not work out
than be lonely.
I mean, that's like the
real threshold of certainty.
But you know, just
don't get divorced.
Don't be lonely.
And there's fucking
shit everywhere.
Come on, let's dance.
Come on, come on.
I've spent my whole life
not dancing, come on.
I said I'm sorry.
It's 323 dots yesterday.
In this county.
That's numbers rising,
just steadily rising.
You know, like I said,
it's logarithmic.
Everyone tries to drink
at least once in their life.
What are you going
to do next, huh?
You're going to put some
crystal meth in my ice tea,
some heroin in my mouthwash?
Oh, you're exhausting.
My head really hurts.
What is up, my loves?
We are here, we are ready,
we're going to shine.
Today we are gonna
be using free weights
but if you don't have them,
you can use cans of soup
or your cat, whatever.
Okay, we're gonna
start with hand across.
Here we go.
Okay, breathe the music.
You got this, 60 seconds.
We can do anything
for 60 seconds.
Oh my God, wait,
you are unstoppable.
Okay, these things are burning.
We burn for strength.
Yes, feel the burn,
love the burn.
Okay, 15 seconds.
Go and drink in the
pop, don't be scared.
Five, four, three, two, one.
Last, chest up.
I want you guys to hinge
at the waist and push back.
I want your titties to
just like hang free.
Whether you are an
A cup or a double G
your titties are powerful.
Love your body.
Look at all you beautiful goals.
Squeeze your tush
like the water keeps oozing.
That's right, four, three, two,
oh, make it burn.
One, oh yes.
As always you can
find me on Instagram,
Twitter or my Tiktok.
See you until next time.
What, you're not
going to answer that?
I don't want to.
But that's your mom.
Why didn't you answer before?
I was busy.
I called three times.
I'm sorry.
So busy
doing no job, getting older.
I haven't heard from
his parents yet.
Must not have gone well.
Told you it went well, mom.
I hope you
didn't show him the real you.
I didn't.
He can't love that you.
You will thank me one day.
I know, Mom.
You like pasta?
I've been known to
eat a pound or two.
You want to help me cook?
I can't.
I can teach you.
My mother tried that already.
Come on.
I'm really bad at it.
Yeah, I don't believe that.
Want me to try?
It's a good start.
Stove's under here.
Do you know what
a stove looks like?
Yeah, yeah that's a stove.
Okay, we can work with this.
Hey, did you hear about
that guy in Argentina?
He set out on a four month sail
in December before COVID.
No cell, no internet,
no way of reaching him.
He's just like an ocean cowboy.
You know, he's just floating out
in the middle of the Atlantic,
has no idea that the
world has changed.
He's the last innocent
man in the world.
Sounds like a,
- Dream.
- Nightmare.
That's good.
And now he's
going to be coming back
to all of this.
It's like stepping
through a wormhole.
He'll adapt.
With that one?
- Yeah, that one.
- Okay.
So what do we do now?
We just wait.
That was a lot of work.
Moment of truth.
Oh my God, that is so good.
- Mhmm.
- Right?
- No.
- You like it, right?
Yeah, it's really
good, really good, mhmm.
This is amazing, fuck takeout.
I'm going to cook
every meal, I'm a chef.
Mm, it's so filling I almost
feel like I'm already full.
Everything on here is trash.
I guess we have no choice.
What do you want
to watch tonight?
Actually, I can double
check on my calendar,
but I'm pretty sure I'm booked
up tonight, unfortunately.
Oh, you...
you've made plans or something?
I wouldn't do this
if you feel weird.
Why would I feel weird?
I don't know.
What's your mom saying now?
Keep the train moving.
I'll coach you.
Like Shah Rukh with Saif?
Sure, like that.
Oh, I can't go on a
date in front of you.
Please, I'm so bored.
We have history.
We met yesterday.
Can I have some more concealer?
I won't say anything,
I'll be off screen.
I'll just text
suggestions, okay?
Hi, Pallavi, it's Ravi.
Nice to e-meet you.
I'm good, and you?
Do an impersonation.
Wow, that's a
really good Barack Obama.
I can actually do a
misogynistic Indian uncle.
Okay, you want to see?
Did you use all
the toilet paper?
All the TP?!
Wow, you have an amazing laugh.
I want three kids, is that okay?
Yes, I would love to hear the
names you have picked out.
Your smile is amazing.
I have to say you're-
Uh huh, sorry, say that again?
Oh, she's super sweet.
She works in medicine,
but she loves baking
and rose gardens.
Wow, so fun.
Is she traditional?
She really, really is.
I brought up the kids,
she was totally on board.
Brought up living with my mom,
she said she would not
want it any other way.
She also said that she only
eats Western food on Sundays,
but she wants Indian
Monday through Saturday.
And I was like,
that is fine by me.
You know what I mean?
If I never eat a
veggie burger again,
I'll be great.
Wow, she sounds perfect.
She, yeah, I don't, you know,
I don't want to get
too ahead of myself,
but I can definitely see
us getting to at least
the engagement line.
And then, you know, we'll see.
Are you okay?
I'm great.
What are you doing?
Oh, sorry.
Whenever I feel a
rush of happiness
I get terrified
that the happiness
will be taken away from me.
So just to distract myself.
Do you paint?
Oh, wow, I had no idea.
- Show me!
- No.
It's not your kind of thing.
How do you know?
Because it's vaginas.
Like not the nice kind,
like menacing vaginas.
Blood gushing, barbed
wire, steel traps.
Just aggressive,
vaginal imagery.
Do you like that?
It's like two in the morning.
I know.
You can't...
You can't just call.
I know.
Did you text first?
Well, that's the system.
So please don't do that.
Okay, I'm sorry.
I couldn't sleep.
So you put on a lehenga?
Thought you'd like it.
Have you worn it before?
Patel uncle's
Holiday Inn opening.
It's beautiful.
It's made by child labor.
Is this a dream?
It's your fantasy, Ravi.
You're being so inappropriate.
I know.
Can I make you some daal?
Daal makes me gassy.
Did you fart?
Have we heard back from Pallavi?
Okay, do you want
to call her father tomorrow?
It's been 12 hours.
Okay, thanks, mom.
What about Serena
from last week?
Her family is checking
with their astrologer.
Yeah, we should
follow up with them.
Yeah you know, just
really stay on top of it.
I'll make a note.
I'm monitoring it closely.
I mean it's okay if it's a
pass, we just have to know.
What about that other girl?
What's her name, Tanu?
Yeah no, Tanu was
the one with the lazy eye.
Oh but she
has such a pretty mouth.
Okay, Rita,
I just told you not to call.
- I'm coming over right now.
- What?
- No, Beth is here.
- I know.
Are you crazy?
I need to see you.
You can see
me when we're not in the middle
of a pandemic and I'm not
quarantined with my wife.
Why don't I talk to Beth?
Are you serious?
What are you doing?
Oh, it's this
thing that's trending
where everyone's making
noise at the same time
to thank the healthcare workers.
Aren't the doctors
in the hospital?
Some of them are at home.
You think doctors live
in this neighborhood?
It's not just for doctors,
it's also for nurses.
It's you know, really about
solidarity and connection.
We're banging pots and
pans for each other
to remind ourselves
that we're still here
and that we can still
hear each other.
Should I start?
Thank you!
You're the real Avengers!
I'll be back.
You're not even wearing a mask.
I don't care.
People are dying.
I don't care.
I don't care, I don't care!
It's our last day together.
You can't control me.
I'm not trying to control-
- You think you can
make everything happen
exactly the way you want it to
at exactly the time you want.
Guess what?
You're not going to meet someone
seven days before your wedding,
hear a bunch of clanging
bells in your heart
and fall in love!
Sometimes there
are no bells, Ravi.
Sometimes it's just
deafening silence.
Deja vu.
- Did you call to confirm?
- Yeah.
I'm actually running late,
but I wanted to wait
for you to wake up so
I could say goodbye
before I left.
It was really nice getting to...
I'm really sorry
for what I said.
It's okay.
What was that?
- You just coughed.
- No I didn't.
No, I heard you.
No, I was just
clearing my throat.
You just coughed.
I don't have a temperature,
you've checked twice already.
Hi, yes, I'd like
to cancel my rental.
- Sir, there is
- Why would you
- cancel your rental?
- A cancellation fee.
No, yeah, I'll pay the fee.
Ravi, seriously.
I'll bring you all your meals,
but we can't be in
the same room anymore.
Well, I love being alone,
so that's fine.
How are you going to get back?
I'm not worried about that.
I don't need a nurse, Ravi.
I know.
Hey, Ravi?
Could you get me
something from the bathroom?
Of course.
What do you need, Rita?
So it's on the sink, it's
next to the moisturizer.
It's purple.
Yeah, and it's kind
of cylindrical and it vibrates.
Jesus, Rita.
Hi, Ma.
I'm sorry, betta.
She passed on me?
No worries.
Betta, it's not you.
Her mom said she is
focused on her career.
I'm getting a work call.
Well, fuck Pallavi.
She was a loser anyway.
She went to Harvard
Medical School.
No shit, get it Pallavi.
Yeah, you messed up, dude.
Who's there?
Spell who?
That was the worst one yet.
I can't do this anymore.
Is that you?
Yeah, I had my hair
permanently straightened
because everyone said
it looked like pubes.
Oh, I love your hair.
You do?
No, they just
keep getting worse.
I can't do this.
Who's there?
Yeah who?
No thanks, I prefer Google.
Oh, please stop.
Just sent you one.
Is this prom?
That's me and Shane
Wright, my date.
Best kiss I've ever had.
When was your first kiss?
Rita, are we really doing this?
Wait, have you?
Kissed someone.
Yes, yes!
I'm not that sheltered.
I kissed someone
in college, okay?
Rita, I'm not going to tell
you about Becky right now.
It was at a party.
I was walking up the stairs
to go to the bathroom
and she got in there, you know,
literally and into my mouth.
Anyways, then I shoved
my tongue back into her
and I tried to do the same, you
know, hardness that she did.
And I think she liked it.
And yeah, we had touchdown.
It's like siblings.
It's nothing like siblings.
- Hold on.
- Do you fuck your siblings?
You have to love your brother
regardless of who he is.
I don't have a brother.
Yeah but if you had
one, you'd love him.
And if you arranged to a man,
you'd love him the same way,
because you had to.
It's a kick in the chest.
What do you mean?
It's not something
you grow like a plant.
You can't just go from
being complete strangers
to living together.
We did.
You sound short of breath.
You're being paranoid.
Go eat some dinner.
I'm not hungry.
You know, I used to be like you.
I didn't drink, I
didn't eat meat.
Then you know what happened
when I started doing just
whatever I wanted to?
I had better orgasms.
uncomfortable because I said
the word orgasm.
Obviously you jack off.
I mean, you probably watch
all kinds of sick porn.
The door is closed.
You can't see me.
Just say something real, please.
You're so repressed.
It's like every morning
when you take a dump,
you play music in the bathroom.
Like I'll never guess
what's going on.
Should we talk about Daddy?
- What?
- Nevermind.
I don't know what you
think that you overheard.
"I want your cock."
Is he nice to you, Rita?
Because you deserve that.
We met at a gallery.
He knows a lot about art.
I started the
whole thing because
I wanted to,
because it was impossible.
What are you doing?
Have you spoken to
your mom since you got sick?
None of your business.
Try to avoid avoidance.
I'm not avoiding anything.
You live in a museum.
No, I don't.
You should make the first move,
then think about having
realistic expectation.
Why do you sound
like a self-help robot?
I just want to
help you be happy like me.
Are you happy?
I'm very happy.
You're very lonely.
It's honestly a little pathetic
to need someone that much.
What, you're allowed
to probe me endlessly,
but not vice versa?
Just checking
you're still there.
I'm still here.
I think we have
to call an ambulance.
What if I never come back?
Come on.
You're going to come back.
Ravi, it's been 30 minutes.
Are they still admitting you?
I'll call you when I know more.
- Hello?
- Hi there.
Is this Ravi Shwarma?
Am I pronouncing that correctly?
Hi, I'm
calling from the hospital.
It's Dr. Henry.
Is this about Rita?
Is she okay?
So I just need to verify
that you are related to her.
Yeah, we're friends.
Oh, I can't disclose
private health information.
We're dating,
we're going on dates.
We live together.
Oh, well she
didn't mention a boyfriend.
She gave you me my
number, didn't she?
Is she okay?
We have her on oxygen.
Okay, I have so many questions.
Ooh, okay, I gotta go.
Sorry, it's my first
rapid response.
What do you mean first?
I'm new.
How new?
Actually I started
the day before yesterday.
This has been a big week
for me, to say the least.
Just to be clear, you have
finished medical school, right?
Oh God.
Yes, babe, of course.
the day before yesterday.
Okay, bye.
Hi, hi, this is Ravi.
I was told this was the
number to the room of Rita.
Oh, this is her roommate.
Where's Rita?
Taking a shit.
She looks good though, sweety.
Walking around, smiling.
Only two liters oxygen.
Is that good?
Better than me.
Could you please tell her
that Ravi Sharma called?
Thank you, do you need
me to spell that out?
I think I got it.
I think I can tell her.
It's good, it's all good.
Oh, fuck.
Wow that's good.
Mm, that's good.
Mmm, mm, mm!
You're sick.
You're sick.
She's not even your wife.
- Hi, Swati.
- Hi.
Hi, I'm Ravi.
Nice to e-meet you.
Ravi, yeah.
I never know how to
start these things.
- Yeah.
- It's always so weird.
Thank you for
making the time, yeah.
Oh yeah, sorry.
I've been really busy with,
you know, I work
at a law firm, so
- Right, right.
- It's always busy.
- Right.
- Right.
I'm also glad we
can finally do this.
- Yeah.
- You know it's like
- hard to get a hold of.
- Yeah.
Do you have any male friends?
I just asked if you
had any male friends,
like, do you have any
friends of the opposite sex?
Because I just, I have
this friend Rita and she,
Oh you want to know if
I know someone for Rita.
I don't off the top of my head.
No, it's just,
I just, it's just so infuriating
because she, you know,
I clean this apartment
like crazy, our apartment
and she just makes it dirty
right away, and it's like,
You live with Rita who's a girl?
Yeah, well...
I think the connection's
a little bit bad.
Why don't you tell me a
little bit about yourself?
Okay, well.
Well I'm not sure what
my mom told your mom,
but I am looking for something
just like more traditional.
Like not like an open thing
or something like that.
Oh yeah, me too.
I don't, you know, I mean,
if I get married
like at this point,
I'll be lucky if Rita's invited.
You know what I mean?
Oh, is she like your sister?
Oh no, oh no, no
she's not my sister.
That would not be good
if she was my sister if
you know what I mean.
No, you should
probably spell it out
because I'm a lawyer.
I need things spelled out.
What are your feelings
on like, you know,
if two people of the
opposite sex that are Indian
have, you know, hugged a bunch
and maybe slept in a bed
together, but nothing else?
Is this about you?
No, I'm asking for a friend.
Is your friend Rita?
Yeah, yeah.
I think she told me
that story, yeah.
So she did that.
What do you,
do you think that's going to
work out with her and this guy?
Well, if I were her,
I would want you to tell
me how you feel directly.
Do you believe in a soulmate?
I used to.
Now it's kind of like,
you kind of have to deal
with what you get, you know?
Who is this?
It's Rita's friend.
I've been calling her cell.
She doesn't answer.
I don't know what to do.
She's okay, she's
in the hospital.
She has COVID, auntie,
but she's only on
two liters of oxygen.
Who the hell are you?
I'm Ravi.
We met recently.
She let me stay
over after my train-
- Ravi Sharma?
What the
hell are you still doing
at my daughter's place?
My car got delayed.
I need to talk to Rita.
I understand.
I can give you the number
for her room in the hospital,
but I've been trying
and I can't get through.
Is she okay?
Is she okay?
Yes, yes, she's fine.
She's totally fine.
You know, she's so
strong and so young.
I love her so much.
I know.
Rita, hi!
- Hey!
- Hey.
Hey, I've been trying
to get through.
How are you?
I'm good.
Okay, good.
Are you still only
on two liters?
How's your roommate?
Not great.
What happened?
She's dead.
It was so sudden.
She died looking at a
bunch of masked faces.
Isn't that weird?
I miss you.
I miss you too.
I barely know you.
I miss you.
I miss you too.
Small fever last night, but
her ferritin's down, d-dimers
down, pressure's stable
hovering around
two liters again.
It's an unpredictable
disease but she's doing well.
Okay, that's good.
She cries
anytime anyone leaves the room.
She just gets a little teary.
I went and sat
with her for a bit
and everyone keeps
telling me I only do that
because I'm new.
Anyway, she eventually
told me to leave.
And when I did, she
started crying again.
He's a liar and a bitch.
He seems really nice.
He gets sweaty every
time he talks to me.
I think I make him nervous.
Yeah, I can see that.
He's new.
I like him a lot.
Yeah, me too.
Number 17 is on the way.
Uh oh, number 14
is in the lead now.
The last time I brought
my famous malai kofta,
they didn't even touch it.
Well auntie, it
sounds like the ladies
from your bridge club
are very judgmental.
My SAT score?
I think this was back, auntie,
when the test was out
of 1600. So it was 1450.
No, I know I could
have done better.
Oh, 14 is checking in on 17.
Let's see.
Do you know how to Zoom?
Yes, I've Zoomed, auntie.
I would like to Zoom.
Does your mother
make malai kofta?
But mine will be much better.
So I want you to try it.
Oh yeah, I would love to.
She made
good progress last night.
That's great.
Thank you for updating me
since she won't call me.
Of course.
She is very strong.
Yeah, I know.
Why are you still there?
Don't you have a
life to get back to?
I don't know.
Thank you for staying.
Of course.
I have to tell you something.
That day?
Which day?
I didn't go to Daddy.
I just walked around and around.
But you were gone for
a long time though.
I laid down
in a park, fell asleep.
And I went to the drug store
and touched everything.
Then I licked my fingers.
Rita, are you joking?
Rita, why would you do that?
There's nothing
worse than sitting at home,
like you're cornered and afraid.
Just sitting, afraid,
alone, afraid.
Hi, hi, I need to be
transferred to nine west.
No, I need nine west.
I think they're transferred
me to the wrong place,
But she-
She's just going
to hang up on me?
Hi, hi, I need to be transferred
to nine west, it's urgent.
No, I need nine west,
they transferred me
to the wrong place.
Nine west, the ninth
floor of the west ward.
She's sedated now.
After delirium, we see this.
What's delirium?
A confused state.
Her brain is kind of disassociating
from pain and trauma.
- What's her prognosis?
- I don't know.
She could wake up tomorrow
or in months, or...
Look, I can't take
away the uncertainty
and I wish I could.
I want to see her.
I know, Ravi.
Hey, mom.
Hi, betta.
Can I ask about dad?
Sure, sure.
What did you think
when you first saw him?
I thought he was hot.
Really hot.
Okay, I get it.
Big arms.
Big uh...
Why didn't you make it work?
Didn't you feel so lucky?
You had a whole
life handed to you
on a platter.
Oh, betta.
We both are too
different, you know that.
The truth is ultimately
we all choose to love
or not to love.
Hey, I have a funny
news story for you.
A man in Argentina
was floating on a sailboat
before the pandemic.
I know that story.
The ocean cowboy.
Betta, he just came back.
He landed in Buenos
Aires yesterday
and now he knows.
He knows everything.
Imagine that.
It's temporary, auntie,
that's what they say.
It's a kind of fog and
it's going to lift.
Are you serious?
What time?
No, I'll come pick her up.
I want to walk.
Are you sure you're
well enough to?
I swabbed negative.
Meet me at the park.
Rita, that's a really long walk.
We'll stop if we have to,
we'll call a car if we have to,
but I want to walk.
Did you do the math?
What math?
We met seven days ago.
I want to say something to you.
Say it in person.
Mala and I have been
married for 47 years now.
I think it's been
nearly 33 years now,
- since we've been.
- It'll be 33 this year
- yeah.
- 33 this year.
We've been married for 15 years.
We've been married for now what?
Almost nine years.
Yeah, nine years.
I don't think soulmates
necessary exist.
I think they're created.
She's the most
important person to me.
Even after them.
What about me?
What do we mean to each other?
We are very attached
to each other.
We are like best friends.
So we mean a lot to each other.
She's the number
one person in my life.
Has been like that always.
Oh, where's my tissue?
A lot of conversations
and then meetings
and slowly we
started with getting,
we started getting
one of each other and
we would just wait to
talk to each other.
And I think in the process,
we didn't even come to know
when we fell in love
with each other.