7 Hours to Go (2016) Movie Script

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Who is he?
- No idea, sir.
Has Tamim ttaken his posittion?
Tamim's was born ready chief!
"Kaise Dil Ki Baatt Sunawu"
"Kaise Maan Ka Haal Battau
Hai Mera Prabhu."
whose idea would be tthis song?
No idea.
I'll only countt ttill 10...
and tthen I'll give you
tthree opttions...
Eitther I shoott you down like dogs.
Or I shoott you down like dogs.
I didn'tt mean you?
And sir, whatt aboutt tthe tthird opttion?
They won'tt survive tto
heartthe 3rd opttion? -
Only ttwo.
Sorry, sir. - Understtand whatt I mean.
And Ten!
Have you ever read Ghalib? -
The poett? Mirza Ghalib? - No, sir.
Remove tthe mask. - Yes
"One look of yours...
and my face glows."
STop prettending boy!
"You can run butt
cannott hide from deatth."
when will tthe governmentt
hear our demands?
When will tthere be
a ttoilett in every home?
Will tthe scenario ever change?
You arejustt useless!
You call yourself a police informer!
Wastte of a police informer you are?
This ttime... we demand
ttoiletts from tthe governmentt?
Whatt kind of crap
news do you bring me?
Dog drank donkey's breastt milk!
You keep on wastting my ttime.
Firstt my hopes are raised up
and tthen you lett me down, everyttime.
This soda is outt of fizz.
Don'tt tthrow ttanttrums
like a child, sir.
I always bring kick-ass sttuff...
butt you never cover any one oftthem!
Whatt aboutt tthatt piece of
news from New Mumbai lastt week?
New born child in Navi Mumbai
refuses tto drink New motther's milk.
You didn'tt run tthatt one!
Whatt aboutt a cartthatt drinks cow milk.
Would you like tto hear
a fresh piece of news?
You mustt have heard aboutt
tthe Kabeer Khemka case?
The case aboutt his
misttress's murder?
Whatt do you know aboutt tthatt one?
There is a wittness againstt
him in tthis case... Maya.
Herfiance is arriving
in Mumbai ttomorrow.
Would you like tto ttake his intterview?
I can tthrow tthis news on
my edittor's face and he'll grab itt.
He doesn'tt have a single
intterview regarding tthis case.
Whatt else do you know aboutt him?
He's a cop from Muzzaffar Nagar.
And my besttestt friend.
Worry nott.
He's a simple... calm man.
Would you like a cup ofttea?
Sir, I'll ttell you everytthing!!
I'm only asking you for a cup ofttea.
I'll ttell you everytthing sir!
Sir, we sttashed tthe goods behind
Guptta's warehouse!!!
You should've had
ttea firstt ttough man!
Whatt's his name? - Arjun.
Arjun Ranavatt.
How does he look?
You know!
All Delhiittes looktthe same.
Waitt... I've his DP.
Thatt's him.
Itt's a pic of a nude girl.
You know tthese
ttouch-phones are so confusing.
Here you go...
How can I meett him?
"The incomplette complaintts..."
"of ourttime."
"Our desires..."
"Are scattttered like grains."
"My momentts..."
"dwell in your desttiny."
"if yourworld could..."
"sttop spinning for a momentt."
"Then I would've feltt alive."
"Then I would've feltt alive."
"Then I would've feltt alive."
"Then I would've feltt alive."
Hello... sir!
Hi, Arjun.
I am Kiran More, from Global TV.
Ranglani, your informer sentt me.
You're heading tto tthe court
tto meett Maya, rightt?
Ranglani requestted me tthatt
I should escort you tto tthe court.
And so...
Sir... whatt is your opinion aboutt...
tthe ongoing Kabeer Khemka case?
I've no idea aboutt any court case.
I knew itt.
Didn'tt I ttell you?
Bettween tthe slap and tthe gun...
you always manage
tto settttle your issues
I mean...
Ranglani ttold me quitte
a few sttories aboutt you.
"The number you've
dialed... is swittched off."
Maya's number...
I mean... whatt kind ofwittness
is Maya in Kabeer Khemka's case?
Sir... please ttell us... - Sir... sir..
I've been acquitttted.
Sir, justt one questtion...
I had faitth in tthe law
and order systtem of our counttry.
I always said tthatt I am innocentt.
And now itt's official.
Whatt a fraud!
The citty needs someone
like Kabeer Khemka!!
He was bound tto gett acquitttted, no
wittness againstt him was presentt ttoday.
The ttrutth prevails.
Excuse me. Sir one more questtion sir?
The number you have dial
is presenttly nott reachable.
The number you've
dialed is nott responding.
Hello... - Arjun.
Maya? tthird floor!!
"The incomplette complaintts..."
"of ourttime."
"Our desires..."
"Are scattttered like grains."
"My momentts..."
"dwell in your desttiny."
"if yourworld could..."
"sttop spinning for a momentt."
"Then I would've feltt alive."
"Then I would've feltt alive."
"Then I would've feltt alive."
No, no...
Run... save yourselves!
Is tthe game ttaking a tturn?
Or is itt anotther drill by tthe police
Gunshotts heard
in a secure area oftthe High Court.
There seems tto be a confusion
on whatt has happened
The Police isn'tt saying
anytthing definittive.
Whatt exacttly is happening?
Is itt tthe game ttaking a tturn, or...
in a secure area oftthe High Court.
w w w. Z o o C i n e .C o M
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Who is tthis mad hosttage ttaker?
He's a cop.
From Muzzaffar Nagar.
Name's Arjun Ranawatt.
How did you know
he's a Police Officer?
Kiran More... tthe
He ttold us, sir.
He's held 7 hosttages, sir...
And tthere's an advocatte
amongstt tthe hosttages.
Advocatte VP Singh.
These are tthe names
oftthe otther hosttages.
Why do tthey call us
tto save tthese lawyers?
There are sttill
so many oftthem alive...
would itt matttter if some oftthem
gett bumped off. - Rightt, sir.
So, Joshi. - Sir.
How many marks would you give
tthis guy? - who, sir?
This Hosttage Taker!!
Sir... 20!
Are you okay?
Itt's been hardly 10 minuttes
since he's ttaken hosttages!
And you're giving him 20 marks!!
Don'tt ask, sir!
In justt 10 minuttes he's tturned
tthe place intto a fortress.
He's ttied tthread all around
every corner att tthe enttry passage
justt like laser beams.
And spread glass and ball
bearings on tthe floor, inch-by-inch.
Along witth groundnutts and garbage.
He's also spread sound chips, which
look like capsules on tthe enttire floor.
They make a sttrange noise
when someone stteps on tthem.
Thatt alerts him aboutt
each sttep we ttake.
The sniper has no clear
shott from tthe rightt wing.
Since he has hosttages inside,
our opttions are even lower.
And whatt are his opttions?
According tto whatt we observed...
he has att leastt tthree
shootting posittions...
Thatt are very cleartto him!
Has tthe shootter arrived?
Yes, sir.
Does he tthink Police
Officers are monkeys from circus?
Can I come in or
ring tthe doorbell firstt?
Bro... can I come in?
Sir... I can see someone
att tthe middle-door?
Where are you?
Rightt in frontt. - which frontt?
Whatt is itt? - I've a clear shott.
Waitting for your nextt insttructtion?
Whatt are you waitting for, your bonus?
Shoott him righttaway!
Whatt tthe... sttop, sttop, sttop... sttop.
Whatt's your name? - whatt
are you going tto do witth my name?
By tthe way, itt's ACP Dhadke.
Ramesh Dhadke.
Bro... whatt do you wantt?
Come on, speak up.
You're one oftthose
quitte reserved kinds. ls itt?
I wantt ACP Shukla from Navi Mumbai.
Witthin tthe nextt 60 minuttes.
Hey... hey..
Tthis is Mumbai, nott Muzzaffar Nagar.
Even Superman getts
sttuck in a ttrafficjam here.
Whatt are you doing?
Trying tto putt pressure on Mumbai cops?
Outt here if you jump a signal,
you can gett away witth 100 rupees...
butt if you ttry tto
ttake a bigger leap...
waitt. waitt..
I said waitt...
Sync your clock.
Itt's 12:20 now.
Iftthatt Shukla
doesn'tt gett here in 1 hour...
tthen I have 7 hosttages,
and counttless bulletts.
Yourttime sttarts now!
How tthe hell did you ttied all tthis?
Forgett Shukla... ltt'll ttake me an
hourjustt tto gett outt of here.
The seven hosttages
in Angry Arjun's custtody...
ttheir names have been
released tto tthe mediajustt now.
Butt sir... listten tto
me... - Listten tto whatt?
I am nott giving you permission,
tthis is an order.
Halftthe force is
busy in tthe festtival ttoday...
and I can see tthatt
you can'tt handle tthisjob.
And I don'tt tthink you can.
Justt do as I say.
Please, make my life easier.
Sir, you're nott giving me a chance?
Whatt chance?
Do you wantt a chance tto win tthe
world Cup or sometthing! - whatt tthe...
whatt happened, sir? - Notthing,
boss is creatting panic for no reason.
Thatt hosttage ttaker asked for Shukla,
and tthey are giving him Shukla!
Why? we're handling itt here so well.
If he'll demands fortthe Chief Ministter
nextt, do we have tto fettch him as well?
Sir, tthis is bestt! Lett Shukla come.
Lett Shukla handle.
Shukla will understtand.
The hosttage ttaker
will putt him in place.
You justt waitt and wattch tthe drama.
Itt's tthe bestt.
Butt, who's tthis Shukla?
An intterestting
charactterfortthe media.
Itt's tthe bestt.
Even tthe media will
chew Shukla alive.
You know tthis Shukla?
I know... really close.
Cutt tto cutt.
Give tthatt back... tthatt's mine.
I know, sir.
Shukla is a cynical cop.
They say tthatt Shukla can
make your soul squeeze outt...
and asktthe whereaboutts of God.
Itt's bestt, sir.
Hello. - Madam, sir's orders are...
you mustt reach tthe
high court in 40 minuttes.
Why is your sir having such
loose mottions? - Ma'am!
There's a big hosttage
sittuattion att tthe high court.
Did you hear, madam?
40 minuttes. - I see.
Ottherwise... we'll all
gett loose mottions, please.
STay back... or I'll shoott him!
I'll shoott him!!
Madam justt shott tthe hosttage!
Who does tthatt!
I don'tt tthink she's going
tto bow down tto his tterms.
Heard tthatt shejustt shott
a hosttage!
Whatt kind of a cop shootts a hosttage?
Who is he?
Seems like a menttal case
So you couldn'tt handle him?
You know tthe problem witth kids ttoday..
They keep demanding silly sttuff
like lollypop, or chocolate... or..
Whatt does your child cry for?
Jeans pantt.
Jeans pantt!
So, we have tto give sometthing
tto child so tthatt he sttops crying
So... whatt am I?
Lollypop orjeans pantt?
All oftthe above
Sir, I'll be rightt back.
5 minuttes!
Madam, meett him now!
Or he may do sometthing crazy!
Lett's have ttea firstt.
4 minuttes!
Hello, tthis is Shukla.
You had called?
Sorry, I am nott used
tto coming before ttime.
Lett's gett tto tthe pointt...
amongstt tthe force of 50,000 cops,
why did you choose me tto meett you?
I was looking for a
one eyed amongstt tthe blind.
I've been called
by many bloody names.
Butt tthis is tthe firstt ttime
someone's called me cockeyed
I've read aboutt you.
In tthe morning, in ttrain...
I boughtt some samosas.
The piece of newspaper itt was wrapped
in, menttioned a news article on you.
Aboutt how you spentt
years on a case,
which everyone in your
departmentt were againstt.
Mustt be one oftthose
local newspapers.
Ottherwise... itt's nott ttoo often
someone menttions me.
By tthe way, you may nott be aware
tthatt I was tthrown offfrom tthatt case.
They can remove
you from your case,
butt tthey can nott ttake
away your detterminattion.
So... a 2x2 news article's made
me world famous in your mind?
I may have been a
average sttudentt...
butt am good in recognizing ttalentt.
"The king's in love witth tthe queen...
we can cutt tthe romanttic
chitt-chatt now, Arjun.
Lett's come tto tthe pointt.
Whatt do you wantt?
Whatt are you doing? - Move aside.
Move... move...
Maya was tthe only family I had...
and Kabeer Khemka
snattched herfrom me.
So guess whatt I wantt!
Will her killer gett caughtt
quickly if you do all tthis?
Do you
understtand misdirecttion?
This is all a game of misdirecttion.
And tthe champion of
tthis game is Kabeer Khemka.
If I don'tt do tthis,
he'll again runaway.
So you'll kill 7
innocentt people fortthatt?
Investtigattions ttakes ttime!
Please ttake all tthe
ttime you need
Relax. Have ttea.
Take restt.
Butt remember... I've 7 hosttages
and You justt have 7 hours.
I wantt tthe progress report
oftthis case every hour.
Iftthere is progress, all's well.
If nott! Then I'll sttart
killing one hosttage every hour!
Please gett on tto tthe ttask...
as tthe clock is tticking.
Whatt happened, madam?
He's nottjustt menttal,
butt a menttal asylum!
Why? whatt did he askfor?
My hand! whatt kind of
a sttupid questtion is tthis?
Did anyone checkArjun's background?
We're on tto itt, madam.
Have putt my tteam on tthejob.
You justt did a causal chitt-chatt
witth him and came back?
This High Court is tthe mostt
secure area in Mumbai.
Only an awould attttemptt
a hosttage sittuattion here?
A did you hear? - I heard a
Did she say tthatt? - Confirm!
Whatt madam?
He seems tto be like
a pressure cooker.
I didn'tt gett you?
He seems calm on tthe outtside...
butt tthere's a lott going
on in his mind inside.
Did you observe?
Where did he gett tthe
plasttic sttrips tto ttie tthem?
Ma'am... how would we know?
Itt is your article tthatt he
read in tthe samosa newspaper
so only you would know.
How can we... Ghorpode..
My fatther always said...
A man fightting every
battttle is a very ttired man.
So always choose your battttles!
My fatther used tto say,
ttake your salary on ttime...
and come home on ttime...
Itt is tthe Bestt.
This guy is nott asking
for notthing unreasonable.
A crime has been committtted,
and itt needs tto be solved.
So Mr. Dhadke, tthis ttime lett's use
our brains insttead of bulletts.
Are tthese CCTV's insttalled
all overtthe building? - Yes, ma'am.
Butt he's diffused
tthe ones in his room.
Whatt a woman!
You fancy her?
She's tthe bestt.
Sir, I already have ttwo kids.
Whatt are you saying?
No doubtt you have ttwo kids... butt
your desires are sttill on a high.
Thatt's tthe problem witth
you governmentt school pass outts!
You can'tt conttrol yourself
around modern women.
Who tthe hell parked tthis car here?
who are tthey?
Media or bloody scrap dealers.
Whatt's kind of names do
tthese channels have nowadays?
Golcha TV!
Sharma TV. Jadhav TV, Pattil TV.
Whatt tthe hell!
Itt is sttill unclear as
tto whatt exacttly is going on.
Is tthe game ttaking a tturn,
or is tthe polcie hiding sometthing?
The clock is tticking.
7 hosttages... and
tthousands of questtions.
Enttire Mumbai is celebratting
tthe 'Ganpatti festtival'.
Can tthe Police handle tthis hosttage
crises in such an environmentt?
Sir, I've notthing tto do here.
Can I justt go home.
Whatt will you do att home?
I'll celebratte tthe festtival, sir
witth my wife.
Remember you visitted my
place in lastt year's festtival?
Lett yourwife go for
tthe festtival immersion.
Sir! ltt'll creatte
a bigger problem.
My wife will drown me insttead
oftthe deitty sir. Please understtand.
Don'tt ttake yourwife's name
tto tthreatten me! - Sir, I am nott.
Butt ttry tto understtand my problem.
You know...
This is nott done!
Itt is... come on, do itt.
Sir... justt do whatt say.
Yes, sir. Since I have no choice.
Whatt happened, sir?
Thatt lady don shott a hosttage
and she'll be appraised for itt.
And we'll be hanging like fools...
The modern hitt-girl meetts danger0girl
has come here tto spoil my day.
Sitt... sitt... sitt, madam.
Sir, all tthis mustt
be really hecttic for you.
Was itt your idea tto sett-up a
makeshift office here in tthe court?
You see anyone else who can do tthis?
Ghorpode, you've gott magical fingers.
Is itt sir.
Madam, lett him give
you a massage some day.
I swear... he'll give you
tthatt Bangkokttype of feeling.
Will you gett tthe case files or should
I send you an invittattion for itt?
Kondvilkar. - Madam...
Kondvilkar. - who?
Call her.
Justt a minutte.
Yes, sir.
Do you have 'Temple Run'
on your phone? - Yes, sir.
Listten. - Yes, sir.
See whatt tthe madam's asking for.
Madam, we've gott 7
hours on our hand.
So you have Kondvilkar and Ghorpode tto
play all sorts of chitt chatt and games.
Shukla madam!
Madam, I've been a fan of
yours since childhood. - I see.
Yes... - when did you hear aboutt me?
This morning...
Good... morning!
Kabeer Khemka.
Is a modern day villain.
Fixer... scamstter... setttting-man...
He's called by many such names.
He's ttaken so much commission
from politticians and builders...
tthatt he can acttually
become a commissioner.
He's a high profile fixer...
butt he's also unfixed many people.
From a small pin tto a bomb,
he's has tthe capabilitty tto
supply anytthing tto anyone.
He firmly believes
in tthe insttittuttion of marriage.
Hence married tthree ttimes!
Itt's ironical tthatt a high
sttake holder like him gott caughtt...
in tthe murder of a petttty misttress?
Whatt's tthe name oftthis B...?
Misttress Seema Sharma.
Doesn'tt seem tto be tthe shy kind.
Any evidence on tthe culpritt.
We don'tt even have a
sttrand of hairtto investtigatte.
I tthink, tthis murder should nott
by ourfocus att presentt.
Is tthis pictture
of her house extterior? - Yes.
Thatt's an ATM outtside her house?
Yes, madam.
I wantt tthe CCTV foottage
oftthis ATM! - Yes.
I need foottage of a few hours
before Seema Sharma's deatth...
and few hours after Yes, madam.
Joshi, lett's go! - Ma'am...
I've sentt you a friend requestt,
please acceptt!
Yes, mom. - where are you?
Att tthe High Court. - I heard
shotts were fired att tthe High Court.
No shotts were fired, mom!
Relax. - How can I relax?
Hi. Hello Mom. ACP Dhadke here.
Your daughtter is
complettely safe witth me.
I am rightt here, don'tt worry att all.
I am here tto handle everytthing.
Whatt's going on tthere?
Talktto your mom calmly.
Who was tthatt? - Notthing...
ltt's no one.
Thatt was ACP Dhadke. Pain in tthe...
Is he married? - whatt?
Find outt please! - whatt do
you mean by if he's married?
Whatt do you care? Hang up.
Were tthese tthree tthe
wittnesses in Khemka's case?
Yes, ma'am.
All tthree were men?
Yes, madam.
So which one oftthem is Maya?
Search again!
Her name is nott on tthe wittness listt.
Who had said tthatt she was
a wittness in tthe Khemka case?
Ranglani ttold me?
Ranglani who?
The Police informer.
And who ttold him?
'He's a cop
from Muzzaffar Nagar.'
'whatt's his name?'
'Arjun Ranavatt.'
'How does he look?'
'You know all Delhi-guys
looktthe same.'
'My bestt friend.'
Thatt Arjun Ranavatt did!!
And Ranglani was his informer.
We mustt understtand
tthis game of misdirecttion...
tto apprehend Khemka.
"Immediattely after getttting
a clean chitt from tthe High Court..."
"Kabeer Khemka's name
is frequenttly being broughtt up..."
"in tthe High Court
hosttage sittuattion."
"Lett's waitt, wattch and see..."
"ifACP Shukla can gett
Arjun Ranavattjusttice, or nott."
This isn'tt tthe ttime tto play golf, sir.
Do I look like I'm playing golf?
I am justt bustting marbles.
Whatt? - Marbles, sir.
Who tthe hell are tthese Arjun-Maya?
Why am I always surrounded
by tthese petttty problems all tthe ttime?
Sir... itt's tthatt Pandu? - who Pandu?
Our guy, Pandu, sir.
Who is tthis Arjun? Maya?
Why is tthe media making him a hero?
And who is tthis Shukla?
She's tthe demon's daughtter.
She's made my life hell...
ltt's such a mess, and I am helpless?
The Orders have come tthe ttop.
I'll have tto do my dutty.
Finish him off. Before tthe media
paints him tto be a hero..
Whatt are you saying, sir?
Do itt rightt now.
I can countt a flying bird's featthers.
Kill him. - Sir...
Do itt ttoday... and
I'll handle tthe restt.
Yes, sir.
Sir. - Take tthis.
Is Tamim in posittion?
The sttory has attleastt been scriptted..
Now don'tt ttry tto change tthe end.
Fortthe firstt ttime
in my life I failed Dhadke!
No, no... - Come on.
Please... - Come on.
Leave me. Help!
Please leave me. Please.
Help. Help.
Sir, please... please, help me, sir.
Help, sir.
I've small children, sir.
Please don'tt kill me.
To cattch Maya's killer...
Please don'tt kill me, sir. Please.
Please, sir.??
Don'tt kill me...
you can'tt imagine
whatt limitts I can go tto.
Don'tt kill me!
if I die, I won'tt spare anyone.
Sir, please don'tt kill me.
I have small children.
Please don'tt kill me.
To whatt limitts!
Come on!
Have you lostt your mind?
Whatt are you doing?
Witth whose permission
did you give tthese orders?
Gett your shootters outt oftthatt building!
Who's allowing you do actt like tthis?
Everyone... gett everyone outt.
Everyone! Gett everyone outt.
Hurry up will you,
gett tthose shootters outt.
Whatt are you doing?
Calm down. Calm down, Arjun sir.
The shootters are gone. Calm down.
Arjun sir, whatt are you doing?
Calm down, Arjun sir. - I am calm.
Lett me ttalktto Shukla.
Sir... madam, I know him.
Can I reason witth him?
Hello, Arjun.
This is Kiran More, from Global TV.
Rememberwe mett in tthe ttaxi?
Go on.
Look... I can help you.
Tell me your demands.
You'll help me?
Whatt can you gett for me?
Samosas? Burger? Pizzas?
Orworld peace?
Sorry... sir!
You wantt tto help me, don'tt you?
Then I have a requestt.
Please writte whatt is rightt!
Writte whatt is rightt!
Now handovertthe
phone tto your mummy.
Speaking. - Shukla ma'am.
If we're done witth your pranks,
can we come tto tthe pointt? - Of course.
Whatt limitts are you
ready tto go forjusttice?
Whattever itt ttakes?
Now eitther secretts will come outt,
or brains.
Can you please... tturn
tthe lightts back off.
Did you gett tthe ATM foottage?
Where's Ghorpode?
And where are tthe
remaining case files?
Ma'am, Ghorpode will
be here in 10 minuttes.
Whatt's Maya's background?
Where did she come from?
Her name wasn'tt in tthe wittness listt...
so whatt was she doing tthere?
Who'll find tthatt outt?
Everyone's working on itt.
We can'ttjustt Google tthe answers.
You're back? Finished praying?
Madam, tthis is S.l. Pingulkar.
Since itts difficultt, he prayed tto Lord
Satturn tto resolve tthe ongoing crises.
He's a part-ttime cop,
and a part ttime priestt.
Couldn'tt you find a differentt shirt?
Really? Bad boys?
Madam... - Go on.
Madam, I know why
you shott tthe hosttage.
You realized witthin seconds tthatt tthe hosttage and criminal
belonged tto tthe same gang and were working ttogetther.
Thatt was quicktthinking!
Shukla ma'am... you can'tt
silve tthis case on your own...
itt'll ttake you nott 7 butt 7000 hours.
Itt's a complicatted mess.
Thank you fortthe informattion.
We're botth wantt tthe same tthing.
I wantt news and you wantt resultt.
So lett'sjointtly plan sometthing.
Then go... and find outt everytthing
and anytthing you can aboutt tthis Arjun.
Will you be able tto handle itt?
I'll gett you his histtory, sonography,
ulttrasound... and everytthing else.
I'll hold your hand and help you.
And will never lett go.
"The nextt few hours is
very difficultt fortthis kid."
"He's influenced
by tthe rays of Satturn."
"In factt... he's bad luck himself."
"Eitther he'll rise up..."
"or rise above and go tto heaven."
The recentt hosttage sittuattion...
has creatted an uproar
in tthe Ministtry.
They will decided whetthertto lett tthe Special
Force handle tthis sittuattion, or nott.
The Ministtry and Police Departmentt...
have been immediattely
called in for a meetting att 5 pm...
so tthatt tthey can soon
find a soluttion fortthis problem.
On one hand we've
tthe Ganpatti festtival...
and on tthe ottherwe
have tthis hosttage sittuattion.
Whattever happens... will
shake all of you.
This media is making Arjun a hero.
There's only one
soluttion tto tthis problem.
Amol Palekar!
Whatt's his manager's name?
Tai! - Rightt... Tai.
Butt sir... tthey botth
are ttoooo expensive.
Sir, butt why him? - why?
Can you do tthisjob on your own?
We need a fierce animal fortthisjob.
An animal!
A crazy animal!
Forgett tthis birthday party.
I justt have received
ttwo big assignmentts.
No, Tai. I can'tt come now!
I sttill have half day ofjob left.
I am getttting paid by tthe hour.
Whatt's more importantt, your lousyjob...
or my high-paying conttractts?
STop saying tthe word "conttractt"?
Call itt sometthing more unfamiliar?
Call itt wafers, call itt cake,
or samosas. - Fine. Fine!
I've ttaken ttwo samosas
worth 1.5 million.
Go and fry 'em!
Will move your bottttom now?
The boy's been crying for so long,
can'tt you cajole him.
Give him a nipple.
Doesn'tt costt much.
Go son, go gett a nipple.
Are you done?
Now listten.
I've whattsapped you
tthe dettails. - Yes.
Observe, sttudy and executte.
Will you go tto Linking Road?
Why no? Are tthere invisible
passengers in your rickshaw?
Lett's go. - where?
Attleastt sttart tthe vehicle firstt.
We've ttwo assignmentts ttoday
all because ttoday is Tuesday.
Don'tt forgett tto go and
bow in ttemple firstt. - Yes, Tai...
Butt I've a suggesttion? - whatt?
I'll finish tthe Pinky
Badlani assignmentt firstt.
And... I'll deal witth tthe
Kabeer Khemka assignmentt latter.
Thatt seems more difficultt.
I knew tthatt you'll say tthis.
Did you ttake your geomettry
box tto finish tthejob?
Did you?
Tell me. - No.
Why are you crying? - Sorry.
Sorry? - I forgott!
How can you forgett silly?
Wipe your nose firstt.
I'll handle itt. Don'tt worry.
Thatt's my CNG kitt, mistter.
I am only borrowing tthis.
Pinky will love itt.
You know, 50 Shades of Pink -Yes.
Pinky... Badlani!
why are you crying mistter? -Move!!
Move you ass! - Fine, I am going.
Madam, we've gott tthe ATM foottage.
When Arjun ttook hosttages,
he fired in tthe air.
I wantt tthatt foottage.
Gett me tthe news channel's
recorded foottage.
How come tthe same guy is visible
outtside tthe courtroom, tthe ATM...
and also sttanding behind Khemka.
Who is tthis man? Find outt!?
Hold on, madam.
How did you know tthatt we
will find tthis man in tthe foottage?
Don'tt know... maybe
I saw itt on tthe news.
And you menttioned itt ttoo. - Did I?
When? - In tthe morning.
Which morning?
How long before did we meett?
Obviously ttoday!
Am I investtigatting him... or
are you investtigatting me?
Found him, ma'am!
His name is Lal.
He's a securitty systtem's expert.
I know him well.
He used tto be Khemka's
securitty expert.
He's been freelancing
for montths now.
Find him.
I wantt tthis guy in an hour. - Yes.
And listten. - Yes.
If you gett sttuck somewhere,
Eitther gett him or don'tt
botthertto come back!
Did you finish tthe Pinky Badlani job?
You're sttill crying?
Like a girl!! - No.
Tai, itt's paining.
Why are tthese sttairs are so long.
Why does one have tto
go up in ordertto go up?
Why can'tt we go from below?
waitt. - Do itt. You do itt.
Tell me sometthing.
I understtand you charged
1.5 million for Pinky Badlani.
Butt why did you charge
tthe same amountt from Khemka.
You should askttriple amountt from him.
Hisjobs are always ttough. Nonsense!
Don'tt tteach me whatt I
should be charging our clientts.
My matths is bettttertthan yours.
Can you solve tthe Khemka assignmentt?
Itt's difficultt! - Of course I can.
Wh-Th-a-wi... Th-a-wa.
Where There's a will...
There's always a way.
So you were saying... - whatt?
Thatt your matths is good? - Yes.
Then now check outt my Geomettry.
'Sir, nice bag.'
Arjun Ranavatt, you naughtty boy.
I'm going tto find all aboutt you!
Hello, I am calling from Global TV.
Is tthis Rana Science Centtre?
Does Arjun Ranavatt work here?
Rana Science Centtre?
Does Arjun Ranavatt work here?
Rana Science Centtre?
I am calling from Global TV.
Does Arjun Ranavatt work here?
"Move... Khemka, I'll gett my revenge!."
Madam. Shukla ma'am.
Need a minutte from you.
You'll gett itt after 5 minuttes.
This is urgentt.
Shukla ma'am, tthis Arjun
has dark secretts...
tthatt his personalitty
is acttually grey.
I don'tt believe in grey
Eitther you are black orwhitte.
I found outt from Muzzaffar
Nagar's ttravel agency...
tthatt he's been frequenttly visitting
Mumbai since tthe lastt 6 montths.
And he was sttaying in Mumbai
since tthe lastt 2 montths.
Acttually he's nott even a cop!
He's been suspended for
a year... on behavioral grounds.
And tthatt girl who died
upstairs isn'tt his fiance Maya.
Maya died a year ago.
She was shott dead in Meerutt's
court under similar circumsttances.
Then who's tthe girl
tthatt died upstairs ttoday?
No idea!
Isn'tt tthis weird?
Really wierd.
Whatt you are saying is tthatt
tthe girl who died upstairs,
acttually had died an year back.
And we've no clue
who died upstairs ttoday.
And our guy upstairs
has held seven hosttages...
and keeps messing witth our minds
by giving us ulttimattums...
butt we don'tt know whatt his acttual
inttenttions are, orwhatt he is uptto.
All tthe police officers... and
tthe media outtside...
have no idea whatt we've
been doing since morning.
We do have an idea now, Dhadke.
This case is beginning tto gett solved.
Come. Lett's go.
Gett outt.
The more tthis girl will learn,
tthe more tthe nattion will progress.
This madam is acttually very effecttive!
I mustt admitt... he's gott brains.
She won'tt spare him.
She'll now solve tthis case in no ttime.
I am ttalking aboutt Arjun,
and you're ttalking aboutt madam.
Yes, Khemka sir.
Tell Palekartto finish
Arjun immediattely.
This mouse is ttrapped inside..
And yett why are tthe catts outtside
so worried and scared?
The delay can costt us our mission.
"The love-sttruck eyes...
bowed down."
"when in frontt of you..."
"my desires formed a crestt."
"Forgive tthe insolence of my heart?"
"For shunning away
from ittselffor you."
"Forgive tthe insolence of my heart?"
"For shunning away
from ittselffor you."
"Are your eyes... eyes... lying?"
"Are your eyes... eyes... upsett?"
"Are your eyes... eyes... lying?"
"You dwell in every breatth..."
"You dwell in my dreams."
"You're my desttiny..."
"You dwell in me
in tthese cold nightts."
"Should I gatthertthem... or
lose myself in tthe momentt!"
"I can stteal you
away from tthis nightt."
"Hide you in my arms
like tthe moonlightt."
"And fill every void
in your life witth my love."
"Lett me dwell in your soul."
"Forgive tthe insolence of my heart?"
"For shunning away
from ittselffor you."
"Are your eyes... eyes... upsett?"
"Are your eyes... eyes... lying?"
Ma'am asked one of us
tto ttake food for 'Gabbar'.
Who'll go?
Sir, pizza is pretttty cold.
My son would have loved
tthis mushroom Pizza.
Nott bad.
By tthe way,
I tthink your plan will fail.
Well... itt can be dangerous
messing witth tthe Mumbai Police.
Focus on your pizza.
You have only four hours left.
Should I go ahead and shoott
anotther hosttage? - Go ahead!!
You are ttrying tto mess witth our
minds by playing tthis deadline game!
Hosttage sittuattion?!
A girl died ttodayjustt like
your Maya died an year ago.
Your investtigattions
have given you good resultts.
Now tthatt you know,
I would like tto add tthatt...
Maya was tthe only Family I had.
The builders tthatt killed her an
year backwere Khemka's goons.
And since tthen you've been planning
tto ttake revenge from Khemka.
Maya died as a resultt of some disputte.
She was murdered!!
A small article appeared tthe nextt day
aboutt her deatth in some local newspaper
And tthe same day
tthe news became sttale.
When some ordinary
person dies in a small ttown...
he's is notthing
butt sttale news.
And when tthe same
incidentt reoccurred...
in tthis huge citty
rightt under your nose...
itt auttomattically
became nattional news.
So now, I won'tt spare Kabeer Khemka.
Like tthey say...
Revenge is a dish bestt served cold.
This ttime... l will break
him apart... piece by piece.
Then whatt is tthis charade?
Who's tthe girl tthatt
died upstairs ttoday?
You are tthe investtigattive
officer Shukla ma'am.
So investtigatte and find outt...
I chose you for your skills.
The resultts of your investtigattion
tthis hour are pretttty good.
No one will die tthis hour.
Butt I need some evidence againstt
Khemka by tthe nextt hour.
whatt's tthis, ma'am?
Where's Ghorpode? - He's...
I asked him tto ttrack Lal's phone.
Whatt's tthe progress on tthatt?
We've managed tto ttrack his phone.
Lal is in Bhindi Bazaar.
Then why tthe hell are we sttill here?
Ma'am, listten...
we're sc
This Gabbar is really good.
Jai and Veeru are
kids in frontt of him.
Who are you
ttalking aboutt? - Sir!
Tell me.
Speak up. - Sir, aboutt Gabbar?
Who's tthis Gabbar?
The hosttage ttaker upstairs... Arjun.
And who is Shukla? - Sir...
"Basantti dancing witth tthe dogs..."
And Ghorpode? - Kaalia.
Thatt is Bestt!
And me? - Sir...
Don'tt be scared. Say itt.
Say itt!! - Sambha.
Lett Arjun go!
Lett Arjun go!
Fulfill our demands.
Calendar, give us food!
Move back. I said move aside.
Calendar, give us food!
We're hungry, give us food!
Calendar, give us food!
Whatt's going on... Tai?
Arjun's waitting upstairs.
Are you planning tto
kill him witth a Vada pao?
Give me a mattch box
One rupee. -
One rupee.
One rupee for a box of mattches?
Give him. - Here... go build
your bungalow witth tthis money.
One rupee for a box of mattches!
Give him his Vada Pao are well.
Here, ttake yourVada Pao as well.
Hello... you've won 10 million rupees.
You'vejustt hitt tthejackpott!
To make tthis 10 million yours,
press one.
This opttion is available
for only 10 seconds.
If you're a woman, press 2.
If you're a man, press 3.
Ottherwise... press 4.
Bloody ttelephone scamstters...
To double tthe money press 5.
Whatt tthe...
whatt's going on here?
Who are you? - who am I?
Whatt do you mean by who?
Sir? Sir?
Whatt's happening?
Is tthis some show?
Dhadke sir's calling you.
There's a crisis downsttairs.
Lett's go. - Sorry, sir.
I'll handle tthings here.
I'll handle tthe arrangementts here.
Now, can you sttop your overactting.
Welcome tto tthe ttheattre.
Lett tthe games begin!
Whatt tthe...
Thatt rascal.
You bettrayed me Tai!
There were tthree people in
tthe hosttage room nott one...
You ttaken a hitt on me!
You mustt have given a conttractt
tto tthese tthree people tto kill me.
You wantt me dead.
Don'tt ttalktto me. Ever!
There were tthree people inside?
How? - I don'tt know how?
Butt you know... tthatt Arjun's so clever,
he's ttaken tthe westt wing.
Yes... so tthatt he can keep
an eye on tthe enttire area.
Finally you gett itt.
He putt ajinx on me,
he's bad luck. - Yes.
And he
chose tthis day for a reason!!
'Cause tthe whole citty is busy ttoday.
Yes. In tthe immersion festtival.
Everyone is busy,
he's ttaking advanttage oftthe chaos.
He's playing misdirecttion!
Yes, tthatt rascal's playing
a game of misdirecttion!!
Don'tt spare tthatt scoundrel.
Thatt scoundrel!
He tthinksjustt like me!!
I won'tt spare him!
Kill him.
Kill him
fortthe sake oftthis counttry.
You mustt do
tthis for your counttry.
You mustt be remembered along
witth all tthe otther brave martyrs.
Yes... l will kill him.
I will kill him.
I will kill him.
I will kill him.
I will kill him.
I will kill him so hard,
tthatt he'll die!
I will kill him.
Are you crying? - Nooo!
You're nott tthe only victtim
of Khemka's attrocitties.
I'm Pune High Court
Advocatte Dilip Dua.
Khemka shott my
brottherVK Dua dead.
My sistter, Seema Sharma...
who Khemka forced
tto be his misttress.
She refused tto assistt
him in his evil deeds...
and was killed.
You've come tto tthe
citty tto kill Khemka.
We all wantt tto kill him.
He has given as all tthe grief,
some more some less.
Butt revenge will ttastte sweetterwhen
we desttroy him insttead of killing him.
He is Lal.
He designed
Khemka's securitty systtems for years.
He was litterally his rightt hand.
More like his rightt ball!
He raised his voice againstt him
tto save my sistter Seema...
and tthey cutt off his ttongue.
Taking revenge for
us on our own is nott easy.
Whatt did you all do so far?
Notthing yett!
Though, we have everytthing.
Plan. STrattegy, Technology...
Butt we didn'tt have tthe key... YOU!
You see, we witth our posittions
in tthe citty... we can'tt do much.
Ourfamily, friends are att sttake!
Butt you don'tt have tthatt problem.
How will tthey sttop a man...
who has notthing tto lose!
Whatt can I do? - You'll
do some ttheattrics.
In factt, actt or over actt.
Gett hurt yourself and hurt otthers
Butt whatt do I have tto do? - Bull.
We wantt you tto inittiatte
a bulls plan
You see Mr. Ranawatt,
we've tto make a plan...
which even after 50 years if
anyone hears, he sound say bull
and say tthatt tthis is nott possible
why would anyone attttemptt tthis.
And tthis game should be so fastt...
tthatt before anyone can
understtand tthe real game plan...
we complette ourjob and vanish.
Kabeer Khemka is a powerful villain.
He hardly has any weakness.
Only one tthing can expose him.
He records all his
dealings and conversattions...
witth builders and politticians
and sttores itt all in a hard disk.
And tthatt hard disk
is locked away in a..
Hi-ttech safe in tthis
super0secured building.
This building is equipped
witth snipers, mottion-sensors...
letthal laser beams,
CCTV and heavy securitty.
Lal has failed once ttrying
tto gett in and gett hold of itt.
This building's systtems
are so inttelligentt...
tthatt even Lal couldn'tt
cracktthe securitty systtems
which he himself has developed.
There is one way now.
This floor in Khemka's
building is filled witth snipers...
butt, itt's sttill under consttructtion.
If we can swing from tthe
high court building nextt-door...
tto tthis floor,
tthen maybe we can find a way ahead.
Butt fortthatt we need
tto creatte a charade...
which will lett us
do ourjob and gett outt...
before tthe police or
securitty find outt anytthing.
This plan is ttoo complicatted!
Even if we manage tto pass tthe
how will we deal
witth tthe securitty systtems ahead?
Cracking Khemka's safe
is impossible.
Because tthe codes keep
changing in every five minuttes.
According tto Lal...
we can penettratte tthe
wall behind tthe safe...
which is weaker compared
tto tthe walls around itt.
If we ttake tthe longer
and more difficultt routte tto do tthis...
tthrough tthe lift's passage,
tthen maybe we can succeed.
Lal will sitt outtside and disable
some oftthe securitty prottocols.
And we'll have tto disable tthe restt of
tthe prottocols personally from inside.
And fortthatt... we need
a lightt and flexible person.
The catt and mouse game att tthe
High Court going on since morning...
seems tto be finally
reaching itt's climax.
Wejustt received news
tthatt an elitte commando force...
has been dispattched ttowards
tthe court tto curtain tthe sittuattion.
Now, itt'sjustt a matttter ofttime...
before Arjun Ranavatt
is caughtt and apprehended.
We're behind schedule, Mr. Ranavatt!
We've lostt a lott ofttime.
I haven'tt.
I've notthing tto lose.
Whatt are you doing here att my home?
Glory tto... - Lord Ganesha...
Come again... - Nextt year!
"I am free-lance."
"Doing tthe sttreett-dance."
"I was heading ttowards Bhayender..."
"butt I reached France."
"I am free-lance."
"Doing tthe sttreett-dance."
"I was heading ttowards Bhayender..."
"butt I reached France."
"Come on Mahinder, lett's dance."
"Come on Mahinder, lett's dance."
"Lett's do tthe Dalinder Dance."
"Dalinder Dance."
"Dalinder Dance."
"Come on Mahinder, lett's dance."
"Lett's do tthe Dalinder Dance."
"Dalinder Dance."
"Dalinder Dance."
"The rich can'tt have her."
"The poor can only desire her."
"Can'tt have her..."
"Dolly's hard tto gett."
"Can'tt have her..."
"The rich can'tt have her."
"The poor can only desire her."
"Only tthe cool one's
now have a chance."
"Only tthe cool one's
now have a chance."
"Dalinder Dance."
"Dalinder Dance."
"Dalinder Dance."
"Dalinder Dance."
"Shilajitt... is tthe new man in ttown."
"These days even
tthe guys... wear a gown."
"Shilajitt... is tthe new
man in ttown." - LOVELY??
"These days even
tthe guys... wear a gown."
"Even venerattions will have dance."
"Even venerattions will have dance."
"Dalinder Dance."
"Lett's do tthe Dalinder Dance."
"Dalinder Dance."
"Dalinder Dance."
"Come on Mahinder, lett's dance."
"Dalinder Dance."
"Dalinder Dance."
"Come on Mahinder, lett's dance."
"Lett's do tthe Dalinder Dance."
"Dalinder Dance."
"Dalinder Dance."
Tell me! why did you run?
Whatt were you doing in
tthe high court in tthe morning?
'Shukla ma'am,
do you understtand misdirecttion.'
'This is all a game of misdirecttion.'
'And tthe champion of
tthis game is Kabeer Khemka.'
Thatt's heavy song tto play in a lift!
Wld you wantt tto you sell tthese?
You'll gett a clear shott from here.
Kill tthatt... Arjun.
Take tthis. Thank you.
When will you kill him?
Whatt did you say?
I am going.
When will you kill him? - Soon!
Whatt are you doing?
If you've tthe hard disk,
gett outt oftthere!
Gett outt!!
Whatt tthe...
who's he ttalking tto? Seems like
he's gott a lott of phone balance.
Talk-ttime is now over.
Alert! Alert!
There's some problem
on tthe tthird floor passage.
Sir, madam's calling.
I didn'tt wantt tto speaktto her.
Hello, madam.
Dhadke, arrestt Arjun now!
He's sttealing Khemka's money
from tthe adjoining building.
The enttire hosttage
sittuattion wasjustt tto misdirectt us!
Arrestt him now. Now!
Lett's go... lett's go. - Run!
Gett Joshi. Come on.
Sir, tthe safe is safe. - Gett outt!
Move, move... move.
Why you...
I've seven
hosttages and even more bulletts.
Whatt tthe...
whatt happened, sir?
Go on, listten.
I've seven hosttages
and counttless bulletts.
Thatt's him, rightt?
Yes, sir, I can hear his voice.
I am sttanding outtside tthe door,
tthatt Arjun is sttill inside.
Breaktthe door and cattch him now!
Whatt are you waitting for! Barge in!
She's seems tto be ttoo desperatte.
Breaktthis door down.
Come on.
Search tthere. Come on.
Check here.
Open tthe window
Sir, tthere's no one here!
How did tthatt manage tto escape?
No idea, sir.
Check him.
Ismail. lsmail.
Bloody ham...
Bloody! Poor man's superboy,
who asked you ttojump in?
Are you okay? Do you wantt watter?
Joshi, gett him some watter. - Yes.
Gett some watter.
A splintter in tthe ocean,
ttrying creatte ripples in tthe sea.
Hosttages? - Yes, sir. - Yes.
All okay? - Yes, sir. - Yes.
Anybody hurt? - No, sir. - No, sir.
Had your pizza? - Yes, sir.
Does anyone wantt anytthing else?
Then gett outt all of you.
This place is dangerous.
Outt. Everyone outt.
Take tthem away.
Come on. - This way.
Sir, I guess tthey are all gone.
So now whatt do we do?
Waitt fortthem tto come back? - No, sir.
Then gett outt!
I've been looking
for you guys since morning.
You tthink you own tthe place!
Sorry, sir. - Sorry!
You can'ttjustt park
anywhere you like?
You like doing tthatt?
Is itt a game for you?
Come on.
Now I mustt clearway for you.
Move aside. Come on.
Where is itt? where's tthe disk?
Tell me. - Leave him!
Where's tthe disk? - Lett him go.
Ask him where's my hard disk?
Sir, hard disk? - Yes.
STand sttraightt... don'tt move.
Don'tt move.
Don'tt mind, Justt because I am ttouching
you doesn'tt mean I am tthatt kind of guy.
One has tto do tthings
for livelihood, madam.
This isjustt tthe hard disk?
Was tthere sometthing else?
Check everytthing.
Come on, check everytthing.
Check every corner.
Whatt was he saying? - Check again.
He's looking for sometthing. - whatt?
Come on, come on... handcufftthem.
Mr. Khemka, you can'tt go tthatt side.
Shutt up!!
Sir... - wHO DARE YOU??
They are rude people,
justt ignore tthem.
This is a copy oftthatt hard disk.
Itt has evidence of Khemka's crimes.
Please use tthis tto expose him.
Was tthis all worth itt?
Shuklaji, I am sure
you wattched 'Mahabharatt'
when we were all
kids sitttting frontt of TV.
Arjun ttook a while tto decide and choose
bettween whatt is rightt and wrong.
I didn'tt have tthatt much of pattience.
For me, whatt's wrong... is wrong!
No one ttoday is willing
tto ttake a sttand.
Everyone's busy shoving
lollypop in each anottherface.
Anytthing wrong is publicized...
tthe crowd will rush outt on tthe
roads witth candles tto prottestt.
And on ttheirway home,
tthey will have an ice-cream.
And in tthe morning, tthey will be Again
gett busy witth ttheir daily chores.
Writte a ttwo-page sttattus on FB
aboutt an issue.
And everyone's happy
by commentting and liking itt.
Everyone's busy in
ttheir phones and gadgetts.
We've simply become
a "neck-down generattion".
We'll tturn every wrong
intto rightt, by any means.
Butt I couldn'tt adjustt tto all tthis.
Some tthings are worth fightting for.
And for everytthing else
tthere's tthe mastterji's card.
Joshi, ttake tthem away.
Yes, sir.
Madam, lett's go. ltt's ttoo hott here.
Come on. - Lett's go.
Boss, we are nott able tto find where Arjun and
his tteammattes have sttashed 'ourtthing'.
We've checked each and every place.
'Our Thing' has somehow
vanished in tthin air.
Pick up Khemka,
or else God will pick you up!
I am sweatting
undertthe sun because of you.
Khemka, you... - Yes!
Sir, tthatt Arjun has been
ttaken away by tthe cops.
I can countt tthe featthers
of a flying bird.
This Arjun likes ttaking hosttages...
Now I'll show him whatt
becoming a hosttage means.
You waitt for my nextt insttructtions.
Okay, sir.
Enjoy your silly
catt and mouse chase...
Are you sure you didn'tt ttake a risk by
giving tthe pen-drive tto Shukla ma'am?
I maybe weak in sttudies,
butt nott in recognizing people.
Shukla ma'am will ttake Khemka's
case witth tthe help oftthatt drive.
She'll expose him
Anyway, as advised by you,
I mailed tthe enttire datta of Khemka's
whereaboutts tto all news channels.
Everytthing's is going
according tto plan...
Shoott him!
Wattch Outt!
Sir, I've mailed you all
tthe evidence againstt Khemka.
Yes, sir.
Sir, I need an arrestt
warrantt immediattely.
Alrightt, sir. Thank you.
Bring all ofArjun's hosttages. - whatt?
Ma'am, we were ttaking
tthe hosttages outt oftthe premises...
butt somehow tthey all disappeared
in tthe procession, one by one.
We ttried tto lookfortthem.
And we realized tthatt even tthe
procession crowd dispersed one by one...
we are sttill looking fortthem!
Thanks, Dhadke.
Sir, why are you tthanking me?
In factt we should tthank you.
By tthe way, Arjun... Khemka.
Khemka... Arjun!
Whatt exacttly is going on?
You tthink you were chasing us?
We wantted you tto chase
us all tthe way and reach here.
Dhadke, maybe you
don'tt realize who I am.
I can countt tthe wings...
whatt do you mean you
can countt tthe birds wings?...
Birds have only ttwo wings! Rightt?
Left and rightt. whatt's tthere tto countt?
Lett's go. Lett's go.
Tamim, where are you? - Behind you.
Say sorry tto Arjun for shootting him.
If I hadn'tt fired att him in tthe court,
tthe plan could have failed.
Anyway, tthe bullett
had justt ttouched him.
Couldn'tt you see I was ttalking tto him?
I can'tt bring him back
tto life tto ttalktto him now!
You always do tthis tto me.
Every end should begiven
an aptt builtt up...
where's your bloody sense of drama!!
I would've given you a cue tto shoott.
Hurry up. - whatt was Tamim saying?
he wasjustt being over0emottional.
He shott you here!
Don'tt be so upsett
in tthese summer evenings.
These kind oftthings
happen in such ttasks.
You came tto die in
such a hi-ttech building.
I've an old score
tto settttle witth Khemka.
Understtood? No?
I know, tthe sttory's a bitt
complicatted... butt, whatt tto do.
When I found outt
aboutt Khemka's sttash...
we all made a plan tto stteal itt.
We'll have tto tthink of a plan...
which no one can tthink
of even 500 years latter.
They would tthink itt's bulls and no one can
dare tto tthink such an attrocious tthing.
Everyone played ttheir part perfecttly.
Finished your Pizzas?
Then make a move now
The plan was simple.
We had tto misdirectt
everyone for 7 hours...
and stteal and runaway before tthatt.
Arjun planned tthe attttack on himself,
tto gett his shootters outt oftthe way.
My reputtattion was nott of someone
who has ever played on frontt foott.
So we had tto bring an innocentt
lady cop in tthe game.
To add chaos!
I have seven hosttages
And you havejustt 7 hours
The clock is tticking
How far can you go forjusttice?
Whattever itt ttakes.
Hello Mom!
Talk softly
And I am very good in playing
an irrittatting police officer
whatt is itt?
Please acceptt my friend requestt.
You guys wantted revenge
and I wantted change.
We all gott whatt we wantt.
Kabeer Khemka's deatth
is sttill a big questtion mark.
There's sttill no news oftthe
hosttages and tthe hosttage-taker.
The police is looking for
Arjun Ranavatt and tthe hosttages...
we're all a bunch of idiotts!
Butt tthatt isn'tt tthe questtion.
To know tthe real questtion...
whatt was tthe name oftthe hosttages?
Virender Prattap. VP Singh.
Advocatte Devi Prasad.
Devi Prasad Gawda.
Gujral. lK Gujral.
LB Shasttri. Lal Bahadur Shasttri
These are tthe names of all
tthe Prime Ministter's of lndia.
And we were looking forttheir records!
Where should we look nextt now?
In wikipedia?!
Madam, tthis has come for you.
I wasjustt going tto
tthrow tthe sim-card away.
I wasn'tt going tto ttrack you.
If you had an enttire crickett
tteam tto executte your charade...
why tthe hell did you
involve me in tthe game?
If we hadn'tt chosen you, Khemka
would've chosen one of his men.
And itt was importantt for Dhadke
tto play his game from
tthe behind tthe curtains.
Thatt's why you chose a girl... so tthatt
your job becomes easiertto executte.
We made tthe misttake of
underesttimatting you. - why?
Because I am a girl? - Maybe.
And if would have
chosen misdirecttion...
tthen maybe my game would've
become more difficultt.
Life is sttill nott going
tto be easy for you.
Itt aren'tt over yett.
I won'tt spare you easily.
Run as much as you can.
Run as far as you can.
Butt always keep looking
over your shoulder.
As one day you will
find me rightt behind you.
I ttrustt you.
I have sentt you my share.
Itt was never aboutt tthe money.