7 Splinters in Time (2018) Movie Script

Testing, one, two, three.
This is Sergeant Timms
with a temporary discharge
evaluation for...
You know my name.
I've gotta hear you
say it for the machine.
You're kidding me.
No, please,
just tell the machine.
It's really bright in here.
Is it bright in here?
Yeah, it's bright in here.
Darius Lefaux.
They say a life can
only be understood backwards,
but it must be lived forwards.
I was...
An investigator.
That's fine.
See? That wasn't hard.
So, how are you feeling,
Darius Lefaux?
Don't know what I'm doing,
that kind of thing.
You and me both.
That's normal.
I don't know
what clothes to put on.
I don't know what toothpaste
to buy.
I don't know who I am.
I don't know who I am.
You don't know who you are?
You know who you are?
See that?
Yeah, what is that?
You're saying that Darius Lefaux
does not know who he is?
Not really, no.
Look, you know why
you're here, right?
Yeah, because of...
Yes, because of...
Holy shit!
Are you all right?
...having trouble
remembering things, right?
We've been over this. Please just
tell me again for the machine.
I don't remember a lot of things
before ten years ago.
My childhood.
I'm gonna Miss you, Lefaux.
Look, this is
just a temporary discharge, okay?
We just want you to go home
for a while,
rest, relax,
get your head together.
You have any hobbies
that'll help you relax a little?
Hat tricks.
Hat tricks?
Hat tricks.
I don't know what
we're gonna do without you, Lefaux.
Oh, you're gonna Miss me.
You're a crazy fuck, Lefaux,
but you're not crazy-crazy.
So, congratulations.
I think this is gonna work out
the way you want it to.
Thank you.
Now I'll just need your gun
and your badge.
You, um...
You gonna need
the silencer, too?
What the fuck
are you talking about?
I just want to go bowling.
Are you still
taking your meds? Yeah.
Good. Keep taking them.
It's nothing to be ashamed of.
All right, good luck, man. And
believe me, we'll be in touch.
I promise, I'll be in touch.
You want me to drive
for a while?
You're free to go.
They say I'm not dead.
That I'm just a splinter
in time.
How is it possible
to bring order out of memory?
I should like to begin
at the beginning,
like a Weaver at his loom.
I should like to say
this is the place to start.
There can be no other.
The headlines read
"double suicide."
An older gentleman and a younger
one found side by side.
But I know the real story,
and my end is my beginning.
Now here's where it starts
to get really strange.
Timms was right. I did see
things from time to time.
More and more,
the world didn't hold in place.
Like a patient's fever dream.
How did I know those tricks?
Darius? I'm starving!
Where the fuck are you?
I'll be right there.
You're late.
I'm sorry.
What did you bring me?
Peanut butter and jelly
yuck. Set it over there.
What you watching, Babs?
They're announcing who wins
the second round.
Is this new?
Eh. Twice a day. I forgot.
You forgot? Babs, you can't just
take them when you remember.
I'm old, I forget shit!
I can give them to you.
Don't forget!
I won't forget.
I'm, uh, going out.
Another date?
Yeah, another date.
Jeez, you're gonna get sick.
From a date?
Staying out late.
And what can you get
from those... women?
You're better than them crabby women.
What's that supposed to mean?
It means what I said.
You're better than them.
You have everything you need?
Yeah, yeah. I guess so, yeah.
I'm gonna go.
Fuck off.
You're alive!
Of course I'm alive.
What time is it?
Man, you had us worried.
You've gotta
come down here. Why?
There's been a murder.
I thought I was
on temporary discharge.
Well, come back.
Is he a relative?
Everyone thought it was you.
The late shift patrol
found him by the dock,
stabbed in the navel.
It's... it's me, there.
Lefaux, what are you doing?
Who's that?
Dennis, is that you?
Is that the wife? This isn't
your case, okay? You're retired.
Let me ask her some questions.
You can't approach a witness
like that.
She thinks you're her husband.
I'm not!
Well, you look like you are.
That's why I need some answers.
You come back.
Call me tomorrow.
I'll see what I can do.
Now can we please get away
from this poor woman?
You come back to me!
If someone was murdered
who looked just like me,
maybe it was actually me
the killer wanted dead.
Yep, that's when you know.
That's when you know you're
putting the information
exactly where it needs to be.
That's the good times,
because then
it's just captured forever.
And then all of a sudden
you're born all over again.
And as soon as you come out
into the world,
there it is, you know?
You're back.
Let's say you wanna
be with someone,
but you don't have anybody.
And put out a dating ad
and the dating ad says,
"my name is Susan.
I am 28 years old.
I have hair and legs. Do you?"
Well, that's wonderful for you.
But the problem is this.
The problem is, for me, no
one fits the description.
"Hello, my name is John Luka,
and I've been sitting
in a bunker for 10 years,
because some fucking asshole
dickface named Fyodor
said to me, 'kill someone,
and we'll pay you.'"
a man named A-K. Kimikan.
Let me spell it for ya.
A-K Kimikan.
You can't really
rely on anybody,
'cause when you start
to rely on people,
they almost always let you down.
And sometimes
it's in little ways.
Sometimes somebody
lets you down in the way
where it's like, "I'm gonna make
you unhappy or temporarily sad."
And then the other type
of letting you down is
when they let you down
and they almost make you dead,
and you're never gonna
come back again.
Or if you do come back again,
it's just gonna be different.
So what do you do?
You just think to yourself,
"you know what?
From now on,
what I'm gonna do is
do it all myself."
So, it's like if there's a
camera, I'm gonna make it,
because you can't rely on
anybody else to make it for you.
It's like the technology is
always gonna work against you.
It's like having somebody else's
teeth inside your own head.
It's, like, what are
you gonna do, go like this?
But it's gonna sound like this?
It's never gonna work that way.
You don't want a foreign mouth
inside your head.
You don't want your head on
top of someone else's body.
Put that in a dating ad
and see how you do.
I had to find out why
someone might be trying to kill me,
and meanwhile,
I had a date to attend.
But you're not sick now?
Of course not.
That was years ago.
10 years flies by pretty fast.
I'm sorry?
I just said that 10 years
flies by pretty fast.
10 years ago?
Where was I 10 years ago?
I don't remember a lot
about my childhood.
What about you?
What about me what?
Can you tell me anything
about you?
It was very...
It was very nice to meet you.
I can't feel my face.
Really? Wait, are
you... I... I mean...
I was just... sorry.
Daniel and I were the type of
friends who would sit for hours
and just laugh about things
and talk.
And then Daniel was
also the type of friend
who every once in awhile
would just, like,
make you feel like something
was real in the world.
His wife said he left
for work and never came back.
He works in a nail factory.
He composes string quartets
for a hobby.
Nail factory? You serious?
What's his background?
That's just the thing.
Apparently suffered
from a major case
of amnesia a decade prior.
History's completely spotty.
What do we know about him?
Woke up on a highway.
Couldn't remember his name.
Couldn't remember anything...
His family, his childhood.
Slate's clean.
Are you all right, Lefaux?
Are you taking the medication?
All right, come on.
Come on.
Police are investigating
the brutal homicide
of a 40-year-old man
early Wednesday morning.
I'm watching on a screen.
I see brother Daniel dead.
I see him dead.
As of yet, investigators
do not have any leads...
And then he walks
out of a building.
Mr. nightingale
was found by a dock worker
at six A.M. today,
having apparently died
of internal injuries...
What's happening here?
How does someone become dead
and then become alive again?
Brother Daniel needs my help.
Everyone thought it was you.
Stabbed in the navel.
It's all rhythmical. Why don't
you go get a job, you freak.
Come on, I had a job once.
I did not like it.
Is this a good move for you?
Or a bad move for you?
Is this a good move for you
or bad move for you?
I'll take winner.
That would be me.
Who's he? I don't like
the cut of his suit.
Yes, well, I told him as much.
You think you know a person,
and then he goes
and pulls a stunt like that.
I understand.
Okay. The thing was...
Stop! Wait!
I'm sorry, do I know you?
Who are you?
You look just like me.
You gotta be kidding me.
Brother Daniel needs my help.
To help brother Daniel,
I have to get to Fyodor wax.
I don't know where he is,
but then I remember this tape.
Years ago Fyodor sent me a tape.
What's on the tape?
Well, the tape is information.
Does it just play automatically?
Of course it doesn't play
It just makes sound
because someone wants
to make it make sound.
Who's the someone?
It's Fyodor.
He used to play the piano.
Those must be Fyodor's hands.
They have to be.
In the background
there's a little coaster,
and on that coaster,
if you stop the tape
it says,
"the hotel Babylon."
Is he talking to me?
Is he asking me something?
Is he saying to me,
"I want you to come to me.
So that you, when you get
to me, will talk to me
or hear some more information
from me, for you?"
I don't know.
To help brother Daniel,
I have to get to Fyodor wax.
I think this is
a message for me.
Piano. Piano.
What he really means is,
"come get me,
you fucking lunatic."
...pleasant experience,
all in all.
I'm sorry, do I know you?
What if you were able to go back
and replay the same way
you rewind a film
to see a part that you wanted
to see again all over again?
What if time
could work that way?
What if time could work
in the way
that you could go back in time
and find that one person,
that one person who was
the one that got away,
or the one
that you got away from,
and you could say to them,
"I know what I did wrong.
Do you know what you did wrong?
Can we agree
on what we did wrong?"
I think back to things
that have come before
and I wonder what makes then
so different than now?
Because if I had the ability
to go back to then,
I wouldn't think
of then as then,
I would think of it as now.
So, is "then" now?
And even "now" is
what was to be back then
when I was thinking it was now.
And it's a little strange,
don't you think?
Because "to be" is to be now.
I mean, now.
Well, then what I meant now
to be isn't to be,
because "to be" is now,
but what I meant to be was then,
then referred to as now,
only when I was speaking of it
as "now" then before.
Are we related, man?
I've never seen anyone look
so much like me.
I know, I know.
Just, please, stay with me.
Have a look at that.
Oh, man, this is not happening.
I think someone is after us.
Have you noticed anything
suspicious around here lately?
Is this about the give that
Sheila left in the dumpster?
Man, I can explain that.
That's great.
Local police are conducting
an investigation
into the apparent homicide
of a 40-year-old local trader.
Mr. Dreyfus Tierney's body
was discovered earlier today
near the central
stock exchange complex.
Cause of death, multiple knife
wounds to the abdomen.
The police department has
not issued a statement,
but there is speculation
as to whether this murder
was connected to
the stabbing death...
Somebody change the channel,
I'm just gonna finish this.
There might be other
versions of me in the world,
but I still felt alone.
None of these cheap duplicates
knew who the killer was,
and they were paying
for their ignorance in blood.
Maybe the clues
were closer to home,
in the places I'd been
too afraid to look until now.
That... that symbol
means "Omphalos."
Yeah, in Greek
"Omphalos" means navel.
I'm sorry, did you say "navel"?
Zeus foisted two eagles
across the world
to meet at the navel
of the world.
Are you all right?
I have to look something up.
What time do you close?
We don't close. No.
You don't close.
Where would I find
the microfiche?
I have no idea.
Creation from nothing.
The cords all link back.
Here you are.
Your father fiddled
with the fabric.
I'm sorry?
We have newspaper articles
going back 200 years.
Thank you.
Oh, if you need help,
she's very good.
No, I don't... I don't need...
I'll be going.
Lights out at six!
No dalliance, no body dilatory!
You are a lizard warrior.
If you sit in the sun
long enough, you'll get hit.
I asked the librarian
for all articles containing
the word Omphalos.
Find what you were looking for?
I know where I was born now.
Come back anytime.
Sometimes you wake up
in the morning
and you're like this.
You're like a lizard on a road.
You don't know who you are?
Can you tell
me anything about you?
You know who you are.
Is this a good move for you
or a bad move?
What are you doing in here?
You know what time it is?
No, I don't.
I'm starving!
Oh, god!
You want me to starve to death.
I'll be right there.
Sometimes she's
just talking to you,
and you remember what it's like.
Like, a nurturing being, right?
I can't get to her,
because she's gone
and has been
for a very long time.
And when I say gone, I don't
mean like on a trip to a store.
It's more like dead.
I will get better cereal.
What the fuck does that mean?
I think there's someone
who wants to say something
right here.
What do you want to say?
You are on the air.
What's this picture?
Don't touch.
My memories.
Don't fucking touch, Daniel!
My name's Darius, Babs.
You look more like a Daniel.
There was once a time
that I was in a circus.
And inside the circus
there was a friend
and his name was Daniel.
Daniel was the type of guy
who could take a hat
and he could flip it around
and catch it on his foot.
Flip it...
No foreign technology.
You don't know the technology.
You don't have
a relationship with it.
That would be like you get
married to somebody
that you've never even met.
What are you gonna do
on the first night?
You're laying in bed,
you roll over and you say,
"are you a man or a woman?",
and then you figure it out then.
And then your lip freezes up
and you cannot speak
as well as you used to
be able to speak.
My lip was in
a temporarily fear state,
an angry state, an angry lip.
I don't even believe
these things I'm telling you.
In fact, I don't even believe
that there is a you
because I haven't seen any
evidence of you ever before.
A murder.
A teenager killed
in a brutal stabbing.
And then I saw
the other article.
Darius Lefaux found on route 80.
Had I killed that boy?
I started my life
a lost soul on a road
in close proximity
to a murder scene.
Did I kill that kid
in the newspaper clipping?
Maybe that's why
someone wanted me dead.
This is gonna be like a
reunion, like a family reunion.
But it's gonna be like
a family reunion
where the house burns down.
It's gonna be like
a family reunion
where everyone takes forks and
gouges each other's eyes out.
It'll be like a family reunion
where everyone's in love
and it's Christmastime and
everyone's so happy to celebrate.
But instead what they do is
they poison each other's food.
That's what it's gonna be like
to reunite with
my dear friend Fyodor.
Okay. Okay.
I almost hoped
I was going crazy.
You know you're in deep
when your best hope of salvation
is the possibility
that you are in fact insane.
Mr. Lefaux.
When was this taken?
A long time ago.
What brings you here?
I came for a new prescription
for Thorazine.
Just been having a lot
of memories.
Normally I don't remember
very much, though.
I just need a new prescription.
What kind of memories?
It's bits and pieces.
This strange tunnel.
Something about a circus.
This beautiful girl.
And, um...
There's this phrase.
This goddamn phrase,
I can't get it out of my head.
Sparrow is dead.
I don't know.
You tell me.
Can you tell me more
about this girl?
Look, I keep seeing
duplicates of myself.
Duplicates of yourself?
I think I'm in danger.
Why do you think
you're in danger?
I think someone's trying
to kill me.
I don't think I'm the right
person to treat you.
I don't need you to treat me,
I just... I just...
I'm going to refer you
to a colleague of mine.
There are different versions
of me in the world.
Well, I think that's true
for all of us, Daniel...
Mr. Lefaux.
You just called me Daniel.
You look so much like him.
I'm sorry.
I have to go.
Wait! Mr. Lefaux!
Back to the drawing
board for old John Luka.
You make stuff, you lose it,
you break it,
and then hopefully
you get it back.
But sometimes you don't
get it back.
Sometimes the things you lose
stay gone forever,
and time just slips away from
you because it's not stopping,
and that's
where Omphalos comes in.
What if time didn't have to keep
going and going and going?
From that point on, I knew
I'd been wrong about everything.
Someone else wasn't
after me for murder.
I was after myself for murder.
Oh, Babs!
Shh! Gently, gently.
I'm so sorry.
Your medicine.
Here you go.
Here you go.
Here you go.
There you go.
Here, have some water.
I'm so sorry.
You're okay.
You're okay.
I got you.
Hope you were out
having a good time
while you were forgetting
about old Babs.
Not really.
You should've been.
I messed up.
Yeah, well...
Well, where were you?
I've been going
through a lot lately.
I haven't known what's real.
This is real.
Babs is real.
I'm the person you take care of.
I need you.
I won't always be able
to take care of you.
It's good to need people.
Who do you need?
The girl in the car was Alise.
Alise Spiegelman.
The girl from my memories.
And I'd just seen her.
How did you find me?
Mr. Luka.
How did you find me?
I need to speak with you.
I remember everything.
We were together.
But I saw you last week.
I haven't seen you in 10 years.
You died 10 years ago.
I was born 10 years ago.
Good god.
You better come in.
One of those moments
you keep going back to
and wonder if you could
do things differently.
Everything slowed down.
I mean, you would never think...
How long were we together?
Six years.
I haven't opened this box
in a long time.
Why not?
The past is a dangerous place.
You can fall right into it
and never come back.
We are mature in one realm,
childish in another.
The past, present,
and future mingle
and pull us backward, forward,
or fix us in the present.
We are made of layers,
cells, constellations.
I always remembered those words
but could never place them.
Okay, what's going on?
I need you to give me
a little more here.
Isn't this enough?
I don't know anything about you.
Where do you live?
Who are your friends?
Do you know what sparrow was?
Was that something we said?
Why are you alive?
Let's start there.
I quit the program.
I resigned in protest.
And at any rate,
your money is...
Two weeks in the future.
Forget about the money.
Did you send me that tape?
Did you want me to find you?
I try not to act anymore,
Mr. Luka.
I try and be.
Perhaps help others...
Increase their awareness
of... well...
Well, the inner music. I'm
concerned about brother Daniel.
I saw on the news. You'd be
wise to leave well enough alone
with Mr. Lefaux.
Tampering tangles the tissue.
Dual causality,
curtains for Schmedley.
Enjoy the finishing fireworks.
Then I'll find him myself.
You needn't look far.
Try the scene of the crime.
All right.
But be careful
where you intercede.
The maker has always had
the better map.
Sometimes I feel
like a sparrow...
I think I've always
been waiting for you
to have things make sense.
I feel like a sparrow
Tell me, tell me
where do I go?
Lefaux? Is that you?
I got another murder for ya.
They're dropping
like flies, huh?
Can't handle another murder.
Well, this ain't
exactly another murder
in the traditional sense.
What do you mean?
Different victim, same body.
Stay back! Stay back.
You're alive!
I'm not kidding.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Did you kill dubious?
Who's dubious? It's me.
Your friend. John Luka.
Oh, man.
They really messed you up.
He says he'll talk to you.
He owes me a favor.
Your hurts are always
gonna be with you, Daniel.
They'll show up
on the side of the road.
You'll get a postcard
reminding you of them.
Who is there?
The destroyer of worlds.
Or is that you?
The librarian?
He built Omphalos.
Hello, Daniel.
Come this way.
Have you noticed,
besides the multiple selves,
some funny business in the world
as it should be?
Changing objects, landscapes
there one minute, gone the next?
It's time to stop popping pills
and open your eyes.
You're a time traveler.
You both are time travelers.
My brother owns a circus.
We found you both for cheap.
Damn everything but the circus!
You came to Omphalos,
the navel, the nautilus,
the "om" of the first sound.
In the beginning,
there was the sound.
I don't remember any of this.
People split into pieces have
trouble remembering, Daniel.
Why are you calling me Daniel?
When you time traveled,
you fractured into about seven
different versions of yourself.
But if Luka time traveled as
well, why didn't he fragment?
Ah, simple difference
of internal architecture.
You had hairline cracks.
You had internal conflicts.
If a subject is not
psychologically whole,
chances are he'll fracture
during time travel.
I should've flagged you
in the entrance interview.
Why wasn't I whole?
We were each given a mission.
What was your mission?
It's already accomplished.
They use time travel
to commit political murder,
revise history for more
satisfactory outcomes.
One should be a
surgeon with time,
not wield a blunt instrument.
Who did I kill?
Well, that's the problem.
You killed yourself.
You broke apart
into splinter avatars
of the original self.
One of them happened to be
a psychopathic killer.
We call him shear X,
destroyer of worlds,
Freud's Thanatos embodied.
This version of yourself
went to town
hunting the other versions
of yourself
like a virus eating
the host body.
You... he, killed
the original specimen first,
the 20-year-old you on holiday
with his girlfriend.
You totally ruined
your own afternoon.
This version of you won't rest
until you're dead.
So we just go back and fix it.
You can't go
back anymore, Daniel!
You can't fix things!
That was my original sin
back 10 years ago,
back at the hotel Babylon
when I invented Omphalos.
But you, you took it
to a whole other level, man.
You, um...
Well, parallel realities.
Quantum superpositions sprout
as the universe tries
to reconcile
conflicting storylines.
What do you mean
by conflicting storylines?
For instance,
you exist in the future,
you killed yourself in the past.
That's sort of hard
to reconcile, isn't it?
See how your internal conflicts
are a liability for the planet?
And it's getting worse
with each paradox created
by your multiple selves.
String theory
becomes string cheese.
curtains for Schmedley,
endgame for Oedipus,
Finito for Fyodor.
How do we fix it?
Leave the world alone.
I'm going back to music,
food, and sex.
Embrace the fractured universe.
No, no.
What if we go back far enough?
You'd have to kill father time.
Go in to the darkness, Daniel.
It's all you can do.
Humans are a pack of wolves.
We destroy the best
in ourselves,
the sky, the ocean.
Where you going, brother Daniel?
He'll be back.
Omphalos is kind of like
a car with only three wheels,
but you don't realize it 'cause
you've never built a car before.
You just throw
something together,
and you don't realize
there's a fourth wheel
over on the other side
but you couldn't see it
when you were building it,
'cause you were building it
based off a picture
and you never see four wheels
of a car all in one picture.
I hope you're not too tired.
Oh, thank you.
I've realized a lot
since that day on the highway.
Something happened.
I don't know what.
I know we're here now
and I know how I feel about you.
How do you feel?
I'm glad you're alive, Daniel.
I don't understand it.
But I'm glad.
Listen, I...
I want you in my life.
I don't know who you are.
I mean, I don't know
who you are now.
What do you mean?
We were young.
We were kids.
It was 10 years ago.
I still feel this.
I still love you.
I'm with someone.
You are?
That's, um... that's...
No, Daniel, don't go.
My name is not Daniel!
Just wait!
Daniel, please!
I was sparrow.
That's what you called me.
That was your name for me.
Um... I'm gonna go.
I'm sorry.
She was the one who died.
She was the one who died.
You understand.
We were driving and he appeared
out of nowhere on the road.
We swerved to
crash because of him.
She was killed.
I was an empty shell
for 10 years.
I joined the circus.
And the Omphalos program.
I thought if I could go back
to that very moment...
Push him out of the way,
I could prevent everything.
I saved her.
Were they both naked?
And now that reality,
the one in which Alise dies,
is only in your mind
as a recovered memory.
You did save her.
She lives today. We were
supposed to be together.
And are you?
In your end is your beginning.
We're going back.
Wait, wait.
That moment, the moment you want
is already littered
with fractures.
You can't get her back.
I'll go back even further.
If it wasn't for you,
we'd still be together.
You needn't do this.
You in or you out?
As long as we stop at the
dumpster with the light bulbs.
The universe is not about you.
I did not invent time travel
so you could get the girl.
You never get the girl.
Accept it.
It's just pain.
There are worse things
than pain!
Where the fuck have you been?
I almost called the cops.
I have to go away
for a little while.
I know.
You know?
Just because I'm old
you think I'm stupid?
I'll be back soon.
Take your time.
Good-bye, Babs.
So long.
What you find is
that the person's just gone
and then there's just
a big empty space
where there was someone before.
"In my end is my
beginning," said Fyodor.
Flying to the town of Omphalos,
Luka asked, "back to when?"
And I told him,
"the moment of inception.
The moment Fyodor wax
invented time travel."
You see, I wanted
to head him off
before any of it even started,
erase that original sin,
that original mistake.
But I wasn't quite listening
to what Fyodor had told me.
There are no mistakes, you see.
Parallel fragmenting.
It's getting worse.
Let's hurry up then. Fyodor would
talk to me about Omphalos.
All over the world, he says,
are these Omphalos points,
and you can use them
if you have
the right technology.
It's supposed to be right here.
I always liked the design.
It's like one big
high frequency chamber.
How far back am I going?
11 years back,
back when he first put
everything into motion.
It was the same day two planes
collided over the prime meridian
in the Gulf of Guinea.
Look for the Babylon hotel
and the plans.
How do I get back?
You don't.
Look for the potassium cyanide.
I left it under a mat.
Years ago, I started to lose
faith in the project.
Kill him,
and then kill yourself.
Kill myself? You're just a
splinter in time, a hiccup.
Hang on a second.
Without any plans
to build Omphalos,
there'll never be time travel.
No time travel means
no accident,
and no need
to correct the accident.
No fragments, no murders.
You get the girl.
What happens to me now
when I go back then?
You'll be fine. It's just
another version of you.
That's fine.
Trust me, he's out there
somewhere waiting for this.
Look, your tattoo activates
the time travel.
Fix your mind on a time
and a place.
It's organic really.
It's one of the only things
fyodor did right.
You'll see me again.
Hey. Hey.
We're gonna get you out of here.
I'm totally...
I'm totally doing fine here.
I'll be okay.
Remember, room 222...
Brother Dan...
Brother Daniel.
It was the same
day two planes collided
over the prime meridian
in the Gulf of Guinea.
Excuse me.
Yes, sir?
I'm sorry, I think I'm lost.
I'm looking for room 333.
Oh, well, that's easy.
You're on the second floor.
You're kidding me?
Those numbers are all wrong.
Now that door is mislabeled.
No, they're...
They're properly labeled, sir.
This is definitely
the second floor.
I must have the wrong year.
I'm sorry?
You have no shoes.
Oh, hello, sir.
Um, the mutton Westphalian Ham
you ordered.
Oh, my god.
Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Who the hell are you?
Did you poison me?
We haven't met yet.
Whoever you are,
you know this is never
going to work.
I'm sorry.
How is it possible
to bring order out of memory?
I should like to begin
at the beginning,
like a Weaver at his loom.
I should like to say
this is the place to start.
There can be no other.
They say I'm not dead,
that I'm just
a splinter in time...
We are mature in one realm,
childish in another.
The past, present,
and future mingle
and pull us backward, forward,
or fix us in the present.
We are made of layers,
cells, constellations.
See that?
It's beautiful.
...when all the lonely
flowers of sense and memory bloom
and die now
in adjacent bites of time.
So fyodor was right.
In my end is my beginning.
Only in this case, there is
no end and no beginning.
I'm here and I'm not here.
Did I die?
Did I get the girl?
Yes and no.
No and yes.
Both are happening at once.
The pieces are there.
You just can't have them
all at once.
Nice house.
Uh, thanks.
Uh, I just got here.
Who... who are you?
I'm gonna go back
in my house now.
Look, that's what happened.
You... you believe me?