7 Witches (2017) Movie Script

Thanks for the ride.
Katie! My girl!
Hey dad.
- Did you eat?
- We've got some food coming.
- Hi, Katie. How are you, honey?
- How's work?
Are you still saving the world?
More like saving
egos of donors who
want to be worshipped
for having disposable income.
Where's Cody?
Oh, he had a work thing so...
There he is!
- Mr. Boyle. Stephanie.
- It's good to see you.
Hello, Cody. Work thing get
cancelled or... what's going on?
No. No, no, no. I just...
Last we talked you were
in line for a promotion.
Yeah. That's why I
got uh... this work thing.
Hi guys! Get a drink!
Me and Aggie feel like
lushes thanks to these two!
What are you, Amish now?
That's the first
thing she says to me...
on the weekend of my wedding.
No. It's just...
You don't even
say hi to Aggie...
You didn't give me a chance!
New beginnings! New beginnings!
We're all happy to
see each other, right?
Aggie, this is Kate.
Kate, Aggie.
I've heard you're
the normal one.
It's a fucking compliment!
Aggie used to think
I was so weird and wild.
A free spirit.
"Lost" is how I
remember you putting it.
Well, we've used cruder
terms over the years, eh?
Yes, but we've learned to
accept and respect each other.
Which therapist said that?
All of them.
Daddy, can you get
us some champagne?
We need to make a toast!
Dad, I'll do that.
I can order alcohol,
honey. It's been nine years.
Yeah, officer.
Keep it together, girls.
I'm only kidding!
There's been a slight update...
Are you mad at me now?
No, it's just...
- She's hot, isn't she?
- I did good, right?
Yeah. I think so.
Here you go.
Martinelli's, officer.
A toast to rose and Aggie,
and your future life together.
We all look forward to
celebrating your wedding
just the way you wanted it.
Thanks daddy!
And if I can make
a toast of my own...
here's to Kate and Cody...
who are the next
couple to tie the knot!
I guess love is in the air.
Oh! That's wonderful!
I didn't know! He just
told me what happened!
- What the fuck.
- What the fuck?!
I didn't want it to be
awkward for you, you know...
Wondering if you should
tell us you got engaged
because it would
be fine with me.
I'm not like that,
like I need all the attention.
You're so full of shit.
You're the one breaking
off your engagement.
But we were never engaged!
I said no.
I didn't know that!
Is he still out there?
I told him not to leave.
You what?
Couldn't you just play
along for a couple days
so we don't have to
sour everybody's mood?
After this weekend you can
make up any reason you want
that your engagement is off.
My engagement...
He's my friend too!
Yeah, since when?
You really wanna my ruin
my wedding, don't you?
Couldn't you leave your
drama at home for once?
I mean, not to sound like the
Princess or anything,
but this weekend is
supposed to be about me.
Isn't every weekend and
weekday about you?
Rose, I'm sorry.
Always the bad guy.
Hey, I'm sorry.
I had no idea that rose was
going to open her big mouth...
Yeah, who coulda guessed?
Chop chop, lovebirds. We need to
eat. People are getting cranky.
This looks like a fun crowd!
You're late, pops.
Actually, it looks
like I'm right on time.
Listen up, everyone:
The pope, the president of
Mexico, Martin Luther King,
and a boy scout...
Nope. Nope. No, no,
no. Stop right there.
Had to make numerous pit stops.
My bladder's the size
of a child's marble.
Yeah, well, you
drank two tall boys,
so there's no
great mystery there.
Three. I snuck one on the ferry.
Paula, have you met
Aggie, rose's fianc?
And Cody, Katie's fianc?
Wow, you guys really
started early. Ha!
Hey, they say this say
this place is supposed to
be fabulous, right on the water.
They haven't rented the houses
out for years. I basically
had to promise your firstborn
to make this all happen.
Explain to me how
that's gonna work?
I just wanna say I wish
you the best, rose,
and you too, Aggie.
We had a tough
childhood, at times,
nobody's fault, I know,
just congratulations.
Here's to an
unforgettable weekend.
Listen, our drama from before,
it's a cyclops, a horrible,
mythical beast
that never existed.
I mean, for the weekend.
I will also tolerate
all of rose's bullshit,
grandpa Marty's antics,
Stephanie's high
and mighty aa dogma,
and dad's desperate attempt to
make up for our awful childhood.
So you're just shutting down.
Internally. To all outside
observers, I'll be quite alive.
Little advice:
Always have liquor in the limo.
Pretty sure it's a Hyundai.
This is an army fort, right?
Got to be a
commissary around here.
Dad, they shoot elderly
burglars on the peninsula.
Dad, it's not
considered cute here.
Seriously, can you...
Oh, I was gonna club him,
but I couldn't find
a stick big enough.
That would kill him.
I know, I'm not...
What I meant was,
that I cannot be solely
responsible for our father.
Well, yeah, but my back hurts...
Okay, fine. I'm
getting high in the woods.
Oh, that's great!
So go break the law
on government land.
Oh, no, it's legal now.
Okay. So get us checked in.
You need to talk to the
Gundersons somewhere over there.
Have dad help with the luggage.
I should probably
look for grandpa.
We're expecting at least one
drunken disaster this weekend,
but it's a little
bit early for that.
Should I get him?
I took Krav Maga.
You took the intro course!
How are you so in shape?
You haven't drank water
since the seventies.
Are you sure? I can help
you find the way.
I'm good, thanks.
May the lord bless you
and keep you.
You here for the wedding?
Where do we check in?
Not here.
Could someone please
come to the beach.
Honey, I'd like you to
meet the Sklar family.
My mother Elanor,
great grandfather Marinus,
grandmother Anne,
and father Warren.
Were any of you
down by the beach?
When's din din?
Me and Hank are starving!
And this is my
dear brother Henry.
I believe you two
have already met.
So they barged in
and built their fort,
pulled the rug right out
from under you? No warning?
There was warning,
but it was our land.
Where were we supposed to go?
Where did you?
We tried to stay.
It was our rightful land,
claimed in accordance
with the law,
but they didn't care
and they slaughtered us
and tore down our houses
to put up their
forts and crosses.
The government did?
if not hired by the government,
certainly not
discouraged or punished.
We've found persecution
wherever we've gone.
It's why we came to
America in the first place.
You know about Salem?
That was you?
It was similar.
They said it's
the land of the free.
It's unforgivable
what they did to you.
On this we agree.
We have moved on,
but we have not forgotten.
You want to hear about grudges?
Nobody wants to hear
about those, dad.
You should eat something.
You think she's picky now?
Shoulda seen her
when we were kids.
I don't think that's
entirely true.
She would always pitch such a
fit if dinner wasn't fish sticks
or chicken nuggets
and would usually
pout until dessert.
That was you!
It was a hazy time.
What's for dessert?
Are you sure you
haven't drank too much?
I'll be the judge
of that, my friend.
This reminds me of Nam.
Oh, god.
The Sklars aren't really
so fond of the military.
14 hours humping through the
bush, death around every corner.
Let me just say
a woman would have
been like heaven.
Maybe two.
You haven't lived 'til
you've had a couple of women
and a hot...
Anyone else feel
like throwing up?
I'd kill for a ribeye.
Oh, now, dad, come on.
The food they've
made is delicious.
We only have land meat
on special occasions.
Sweetheart forgive me,
a wedding isn't a
special occasion?
- The wedding is, grandpa.
- This bonfire isn't.
There will be red meat
at the wedding.
Everyone will get
something they like.
- Why are you looking at me?
- I didn't say anything.
Just figured you might.
Remind me to stay
on her good side.
How much wine have you had?
Oh, I'm glad you're
keeping track.
I have two dads here now?
Ow! Ow!
No, thank you.
Why are you so rude?
Rude? Who's being rude?
I'm not hungry!
You're insulting
my new family...
Who's insulted? Tell me.
By starving yourself
instead of eating their food.
I'm not starving! I
brought some granola bars.
Oh my god...
Oh, what? You'd rather have
me get sick from something?
So now you're saying this
food will make you puke,
when I'm the one who
struggles with bulimia.
- Classy.
- Bulimia?
Since when did you start
pretending to have that?
Kate, let's take a walk.
You put two Boyles in
a room, you get a fight.
When you put five...
You get a war.
Something like that.
Listen, Kate,
if you have a problem
with this, just say it,
but, rose asked if
it would be okay.
Mom's ring.
I told her I'd clear
it with you first.
So if you're not comfortable
with it, I'll let her know.
Yeah. That would be a fun
conversation for you.
Well, I can take it.
I'm fine. Give it to her.
Seriously, I'm cool with it.
That'll work too.
Everybody's getting along.
Who knew, all it took
to bring us together
was a cookout with
the Addams family.
I don't even care at this point.
Oh daddy!
First come, first
serve, I guess.
Ah, shit, this is wine.
- What? You drank it?!
- Perfect.
No, no. He can't
have alcohol.
Honey I'm right here.
Oh, I think you got
my cup. Sorry, dad.
That's ten years of
sobriety down the drain.
Is he dying? Is there
a lampshade on his head?
Okay. You don't know
what it's like!
Having a stick up my ass?
- No, I don't.
- Everybody...
- How dare you!
- A whole tree.
People, let's just act
like grownups here.
It's no big deal. Look!
Or like children.
- Atta boy!
- Oh, oh, that's great!
You just take a swan dive
right off the wagon!
He's an adult. He'll survive.
- You don't know that!
- You don't know...
Neither do you, Stephanie!
Two years isn't the same thing
as an entire fucking childhood.
Are you high?
Would you like to be?
It is exquisite
how those people can work
together to become the most
unbearable force in the world.
I swear, this is my
last family gathering.
As far as any future
boyfriends are concerned,
I grew up an orphan.
Olivia twist.
And no more Codys, please.
My appointment at planned
parenthood will ensure that.
Oh. Oh.
That's why you've been
drinking so heavily.
There was this one guy
that knocked me up,
utter sociopath,
off-the-grid type.
I don't know what
I was thinking.
He... he had more guns
than towels,
and knew more about dressing a
deer than pleasing a woman.
I think the last time Cody
got me off all by himself,
I don't think we knew
each other's last name.
It's them.
The matriarch?
Not out there,
but they wouldn't
travel without her.
She'd be ancient by now.
You know how they are.
Do they think
everyone's forgotten?
They know what they're doing.
I told you Boyle was practically
begging me on the phone
to reopen those vacation houses.
They looked so normal.
I'll call Gus.
Congratulations, I guess.
You don't know how
close you came
to being wiped off the face
of this earth for good.
Plenty of folks around here
remember what you are.
Enjoy this while you can.
You know that little cartoon
where the Saint Bernard
has a barrel of booze,
and he brings it to the guy in
the snow and it warms him up?
I think so.
Total bullshit. I'm full
of wine and I'm freezing.
Just one more day...
Now what?
God knows.
Ah, we should give 'em
some privacy. Come on.
Come on, that's your
sister getting felt up.
What are they doing?
Do I really need to
explain it to you?
When a woman loves
another woman...
Dude they're not having sex.
What the fuck?
Well, is this...
Any different than her coming
home with a tattoo at 14?
I mean, not really.
Or attempting suicide every
semester in high school?
Wait, I've seen that.
Look, this is probably
just another one of those
whacko Sklar things.
We don't need to see this.
Oh, my god.
That's the woman that I saw...
Come on, come on. Let them
have their room.
So that wasn't, I don't know,
Aggie's grandmother?
No. No. It was a
completely different person.
You're drunk and high.
Not earlier I wasn't!
Well, I wasn't there
earlier, but, you know,
eyewitness reports are
notoriously unreliable.
Maybe it was a
walrus or something.
It wasn't a fricking walrus for
chrissakes. Come on,
I mean, can't you just entertain
the notion that maybe there is
some creepy old woman wandering
around out here and...
Helping your sister with
body modification?
Look who's best buds.
He's told me about
the intricacies of
collegiate football.
Sounds like a scorcher
of a conversation.
I'll be somewhere, not here.
Do you wanna go to bed?
I do.
I'd prefer you not
repair to bed quite yet.
I am enjoying this talk.
Well, I'm going to repair to
my assuredly spinning bed.
So, uh...
I think...
Love is a bit more
complicated than that. I mean...
It's as simple as
you want it to be.
Oh hi!
Where have you been?
Just, uh, right here!
Good evening.
So Cody, how are you doing?
Am surprisingly good.
Where are we going?
The air is different
out here, isn't it?
I only lived in Seattle
for a short while,
and I felt like I was choking.
Yes. I know exactly
what you mean.
It feels just free,
like we don't have to
worry about anything.
No rules, no judgments.
We live a different
life out here.
We don't have to think the
way we do in other places.
It's beautiful.
You're beautiful.
What are we doing?
Like you don't know...
This isn't right.
Isn't it?
I've seen you looking at us.
No I haven't.
You two are going to
be married tomorrow.
Then you should give us
what we want, shouldn't you?
She said no.
You should say yes.
I want you inside me.
I... I
I don't have a condom...
Huh, ah
do it.
Do it!
Whatever goes down will come up.
Come on.
It's not the hangover.
Why aren't you eating?
Do we really have to go
through this again?
No. But why aren't you eating?
Because I don't want to.
And why are you up my ass?
Back a little tender
this morning or something?
What's that supposed to mean?
Oh, I don't know.
Why don't you tell me?
No. Why don't you tell me?
Something you want to say?
Been sneaking around in
the dark spying on people?
Afraid of what I might see?
Whatever, fine.
Reject our hospitality.
This water is
delicious, thank you.
Cody has no problem
accepting what's offered.
I'm not even gonna try
to interpret what that's
supposed to mean.
Is it such a big deal for you to
come down off your throne for,
like, one day and stop
being such an uptight bitch?
I'm gonna go.
This is a family
thing, and I'm not...
Oh, no, no, sweetheart.
Don't go. You're more
than welcome here.
Thank you, but I just don't
feel comfortable staying,
and I have that work thing.
Yeah, that's right.
It was a surprise that
he could make it at all.
Getting early for that.
You mock me.
I hold my liquor
like Dean Martin.
I'm just sayin'.
If I'm getting in that ocean
risking hypothermia,
I am gonna get numb.
Just up to our knees.
Then right back out by the fire.
Eat, drink, and be merry.
What, like it's any weirder
than a Christian wedding
if you really think about it?
Zoom out, people,
your privilege is showing.
You both look stunning.
Do you feel all right?
A bit hungover.
No. I mean, I feel really off.
Are you coming?
Paula feels sick.
Yeah. I'm feeling a bit
grumbly myself,
but let's just buck up, eh, sis?
Brisk air will do us good.
You don't want to miss it.
We won't. I just... I need
to go take care of this.
Really? On the day
of my wedding?
- Hey, fuck off.
- We'll, be there.
We'll just...
We'll catch up.
Hm, finally I'm using it
for medicinal purposes.
So I guess we should just,
ah, head out to the beach?
In a minute.
I saw it yesterday.
Figured it was something
to do with the war,
but that fucking symbol...
I know, right?
Give me that.
What about the baby?
Who's that?
This wasn't here yesterday.
No. I mean, it burned
since then, like, today.
No. I've been hunting
a million times.
Hunters will never do this.
Oh my god.
- We gotta...
- Yeah.
- Fuck.
- Katie?
Don't come over here.
- What?
- No, don't!
Thank you all for
being here today.
To the Boyle family,
we welcome and thank
you for being here
and giving yourselves
to this day.
It has been so long since we
have held this ceremony
and I have never
experienced one.
But we're here now,
on our land,
and all is right again.
Our love is not new.
It is old as anything.
Old as the trees.
Old as the sea.
All of you.
Hello? Hey!
Jesus Christ.
You could have guessed.
Seldom do we bring
another into our fold.
There are a few who
know these vows.
Fewer still have witnessed them.
Our blood flows from
ancient spheres.
We shall remain.
They shall perish.
Your sacrifice serves a
greater purpose than yourself.
The pain you feel
will not long linger.
are you ready?
- What?
- Upstairs.
Go on, lock the door.
Make it loud, be obvious.
Go! Don't fight me on this!
What lies above lies below,
what dwells in sky
dwells in water
what came from the sea,
returns to the sea.
What is born of flesh,
dies of flesh.
What is given to one
is taken by another.
Today we live.
Wait! Wait!
No! No! Wait,
no! No! No!
This wasn't supposed to happen!
No! No!
- We gotta go! Come on!
- Let me do this!
Come on!
It's too far.
It's too far for me.
Are you
insane? Let's go!
Don't be stupid.
I ate their food, you didn't.
And look at me.
I know what I'm feeling.
I'll help you! I'll fucking
carry you if I have to!
Give me that. Give me that.
What are you doing?
You just do
that and then slide this.
It's easy.
It's so easy, let's just go
back there and kill them all!
There's too many of them.
What are you talking about?
Breathe, then shoot.
Paula, get the fuck up.
I'm not gonna argue with you.
Do you still have your phone?
Run until you get a signal,
and then call the police.
Call 911.
Call in an air strike.
We can handle this.
- I'm not giving you a choice.
- Hey! Over here!
What are you doing?
- Somebody! Go!
- I can't fucking walk.
This fucking family.
Get out of this fucking family
I want at least one
of us to survive. Go.
I love you, you stubborn bitch.
Takes one to know one. Now, go!
I love you too!
She's gone, gone, gone.
Ran cross country in college.
Probably halfway
to the 101 by now.
That's that the flat gray
thing that the cars go on,
you fucking freaks.
Oh, I don't want to duel.
Just wanted to show
how I robbed you of
your sick pleasure.
Good wine though. Ha!
Not hungry?
You lied to me.
I did nothing like that.
- You all pretended to like me.
- Pretended you weren't this.
You call that pretending?
You said you loved
me, unconditionally.
It was an act of love.
Our ways are our ways,
and always have been.
What about my family?
You said that you hated them.
There is no need for sadness.
You see this as your father.
It's not.
It's a vessel to transmit life
from one plane to another.
- Just fucking kill me.
- I don't want to live.
Now you're just being silly.
It's a beautiful
night. You're beautiful.
You're part of our family now.
We're giving you
the home they never did.
I'll just kill myself.
I don't think you'll start
succeeding at that now.
I'm so sorry. I didn't know.
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
Forgive me. I'm so sorry.
Be sorry.
What the fuck is so funny?