7:02 Only the Righteous (2018) Movie Script

- About to have a black president,
we about to have a black president.
What you know about that,
what you think about that?
Come on now, don't act like that.
We about to have a historic night.
We about to witness history.
- You know I think you said that twice.
- Come on now bruh, I don't feel the love
from you right now bruh.
I'm sorry, excuse me audience.
Hello America.
Please forgive my rudity.
We weren't formally introduced.
I am Antonio Israel but since we gonna get
to know each other so
well you can call me Ant
and I, well I will be your guide
on this historic night
of change in America.
Hell, the entire world.
Tonight, we're going to
elect our first African
American president.
A historic night for everybody.
- Man, if you say history
one more time I'ma hurt you.
- Ladies and gentlemen,
this is my elder brother,
Kane Demetrius Israel,
but please call him KD.
Do not call him by his whole name.
Don't do that, he hates that.
He's a Leo, he likes popcorn shrimp,
moonlit rolls on the beach
and 80's ballad by Tiffany.
I think we're alone now.
- Hey, we'll you get that
camera out of my face?
I think we're alone now.
- That's alright, he just
sore 'cause Debbie Gibson
was always better.
Shake Your Love, Foolish
Beat, Lost In Your Eyes.
I mean come on now.
Anyway, little bit about myself.
I was born and raised
in the county of Dade,
Opa-locka, Florida which
is of course the backdrop
for this evening's event.
A graduate of Norland Senior High School.
That's right, the mighty Vikings,
and a member of the University
of Miami School of Medicine.
That's right, ladies, I'm a doctor.
Don't worry about it, I'm taken, anyway.
- Yo, yo, yo man, look, if
you gonna be doing all that
why don't you go on to the room?
Or go outside or something, I mean
you see I'm in here working.
- Work?
No, no, no, no bruh.
Listen, tonight is not about work.
Tonight, we are about to have a histor--
About to have a party.
- How much is this?
I had a go at 10 man, put
the rest on pump three.
Alright, thanks man.
- Go ahead on, man.
- Whatever man.
- Hey man, let me get a gar, man.
No, Backwoods.
- Bruh, you got a light?
- Yeah, I got a light.
I don't smoke though, least not no more.
All this gas, you ain't about
to burn me up in flames.
- You know what, you right, you right
but brother, you know it's
kind of crazy out here
so go head on and be safe, alright?
- Yeah, alright, you be safe too, homie.
- Ant called yet?
- No.
- You wanna wait on him
a little bit longer?
- Nope.
- Well the food's ready.
I could get my mother to drop us off.
- Thank you, that'd be nice.
- Ma, drop us off at Ant's house.
- Why don't you just drive yourself?
- I told you how I felt about tonight.
I'm not driving tonight.
- Then why don't you just stay home?
- Mother, I'm a grown woman.
I can make my own decisions, Jesus.
- Alright, alright, okay.
Don't forget to wear your sweater.
- Mother!
- Did y'all pack the
food in the car already?
- Yes, ma.
Listen, I know you don't understand
and I know you think I'm crazy
but none of that matters right now.
Tonight is different.
I need you to just stay
home, don't answer the door,
just pray and wait for the
shadow to pass over, okay?
- Should we put goat's blood on the door
and call Moses?
- Mother, I'm serious.
It's not funny.
If you're not going to listen
to me I can't help you.
- Oh girl, shut up, you know
I'm just playing with you.
You don't have no sense of humor?
How you deal with Inez?
- I ask myself that every day.
- Really?
Do you read every day?
- Uh-huh.
- Same thing or different passages?
- A different chapter of Proverbs
for every day of the month.
- Does it help?
Does reading every day help?
Knock knock.
- What?
- Reading, every day, does it help?
- Oh yeah, yeah.
Yeah, it keeps me straight.
- What's up, player?
Y'all better lock that door.
- Ladies and gentlemen, may
I introduce Dwayne Shepherd
otherwise known as the Shep.
Aka D-Shep, aka Big Bo Peep,
aka Little Gold Herder,
aka you know the rest.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa
black man, where you been?
- Over yonder way, yeah.
- Across the field?
- Nah, nah, nah, past that, past that.
- Over there across the water?
- No, no, no keep going past the water.
- Over there in them mountains?
- Higher than that, up
there with them shepherd's.
You don't know what's
funny or not, you bastard.
- Hey hold up, man, you
brought your camera?
- Bam!
Of course I got my camera,
man, what you think this is?
I'm a man of my word.
- Stop.
Chill, chill, don't break
my stuff, don't break.
Yo man!
- Hey, how did it go in practice man?
Did y'all get in the ring?
- Well I made your boy Chris tap out.
- Yeah right.
- Yeah, got in the ring
and made him tap out.
That boy's soft, man, he gone.
Your girl Summer, she took
his heart a long time ago.
That boy done, done.
- We are here in front of
the Dade County Courthouse
and the verdict on Thomas Crow is in.
The verdict is not guilty.
- You have got to be kidding me.
- All seven counts of
murder in the first degree.
The cold blooded murder
of the seven little girls
involved in the bombing at
King Elementary School--
- Man, that's ridiculous.
- Clearly there is shock and terror,
emotion and electricity fill the air.
We caught up with district
attorney Xavier Marshall,
the prosecuting attorney on the case
and clearly as you can
see he is heartbroken.
- That verdict is not reflective
of the state's position.
I'm sorry.
Our prayers go out to the victims,
the families of the victims
of this most horrific tragedy.
It will not be forgotten.
Thank you, that's all..
- Yeah well if you people
paid your rent on time
I wouldn't have to come
around to your freaky houses.
- Mr. Rumineski.
- Yeah?
- Something we can help you with?
- I'm coming here on the fourth.
Just a reminder that the rent is due
on the fifth or it's late.
You know, I'm not gonna
send anymore notifications
or paperwork and I'm
not paying any lawyer.
What I am gonna do is I'm
gonna call the sheriff
and he can take care of all those people
that don't pay.
I'm not gonna do this anymore.
- Mr. Rumineski, what does that have to do
with any of us, I mean we've
always paid you on time.
Our payment is in for this month.
- No it's not.
- What?
- You boys are usually on
time but not this time, no.
- cracker.
- Look, I know it's close to Christmas
and I know you people like
to spend a lot of money
but you've gotta get
your priorities straight.
- Mr. Rumineski, I slipped the check
under your door the other day.
- Check?
- Yeah, I slipped a check under your door
just the other day.
- I don't take checks.
- Why, the check is good.
- Don't trust them new niggas over there.
- Mr. Rumineski, you know what, I'm gonna,
first thing in the morning I'll
come by with a money order.
- Alright, you boys are good boys.
- Boy?
- Have a good night, I'll
see you tomorrow morning.
- Have a good night Mr.--
- Don't mind him, don't
mind, you have a good night.
Okay, and I'll see you in the morning.
- What are
you carrying on for?
Get away from my car.
- See?
That's what I'm talking about.
I told you to pay that man.
See you play too much.
- I did, I gave him a check, KD.
- Told you to give him a money order!
A money order!
See that's your problem.
You don't listen, man.
You play too much.
- You know what man?
You need to get up off me, man.
I'm a grown man, bruh.
- Really?
Well if you're so grown
why is it necessary
that you remind me of that?
Shouldn't I just know that?
- You need to chill, man.
You really need to chill.
You need to chill man.
What you need to do is really chill.
Who is this?
- Hey Ant.
- Hey.
- We got chicken wings and fried rice.
- Thank you, thank you, thank you.
How did y'all get here?
- My mother dropped us off.
- Your mama?
I didn't--
Damn, shut up.
- We were waiting on you.
But we figured you forgot or fell asleep
or something like that.
- I was on my way.
- Really?
- Baby, I was on my way, come on now.
- Please.
We're here now.
What's up, Shep?
- Ha, ain't nothing shaking but the leaves
in the tree that wouldn't be shaking
if it wasn't for me.
- You are so crazy.
How you doing, KD?
I said hello, KD.
- Actually you asked me how I was doing
so I figured you could
see how I was doing.
- Okay, y'all can have the food
and we'll just go, alright?
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- What, clearly we're not welcome here.
- Baby, don't worry about KD.
He is tripping, he been up for three days
on NoDoze and energy drinks
and God knows what else
but he is tripping, don't worry about him.
Don't let him ruin our good time.
We're supposed to have a party now, right?
Party, right?
- You know, you should
count yourself fortunate
that I kind of like you.
- Oh I do, I do.
- Whatever, what's all this?
- Well this, my love, is
the recording of history.
My directorial debut.
- No, no, Ant, stop.
- Come on, come on
now baby, say something
to the camera, come on now.
- Alright, what do you wanna know?
- Well tell us who you are.
- Inez Miller, what else?
- Tell us something about yourself.
- Well what do you know about me?
- Well from what I know of you
you are a beautiful, intelligent,
spiritual and forgiving woman.
- Good answer.
- What, pray tell,
is your relationship
to the amazingly handsome
young man behind the camera?
- The young man behind the
camera is my boyfriend.
My habitually tardy boyfriend.
- Why you gotta bring up old stuff, huh?
- It's getting crowded out there.
What are they having, a
block party or something?
- A tear down a block party more like it.
- Tear down the block, what's that?
- Oh y'all ain't heard of them?
- Heard what?
- The verdict from the
Thomas Crow case came back.
They let him go.
- What?
- Not guilty?
- Not guilty, just like OJ but in reverse.
- Oh my lord.
- Them boys gonna act a fool,
especially when Barack lose.
- Hold, hold, hold on man, hold on now.
We are here to witness
history and we will.
Yes we can, yes we can.
- No, don't get me wrong, player.
I know we can and I know
we should but will we?
Shout out for him brother.
I done prayed to the Koran that the lord
protect him and his family and whatnot
but will they let him lead the country?
I doubt it.
- Will they let him lead?
- Yeah, will they let
him lead the country?
- I don't think it's up to them.
- Then who's it up to?
- Tonight on Dateline,
two minds, two opinions,
one much finer than
the other, let's watch.
- The people that voted for him,
the people that support
him and ultimately God.
- Which God, whose God?
I know I serve God and from what I know
about you you serve God.
You see we've got a bit of an impasse
on what we call him but it's okay
and sha Allah, you'll come around.
What I'm saying is this.
The God I'm talking about
is not necessarily the God
they talking about.
You see, some people God is money.
Some people God is stature and power.
Some people God is government.
In God we trust, what
kind of God you trust?
- There is only one God.
- True, I know that so
what you trying to say?
- Alright, you making some logical points
but answer one simple question.
- Okay.
- Do you believe in God?
- Yes I do.
What kind of God you talking about?
- The God, the only one,
the one that created us.
- You see this right
here, you see this hat?
What that say?
You know what that mean?
That mean in the name of God.
The only one created,
the one that created us.
That answer your question?
Yes, I believe in God.
- Alright, and that God
is all powerful, correct?
- Correct.
- Then tell me, what's impossible for him?
What can't he make happen
if it's in his will?
If he wants Barack Obama to be elected
then he will be and there nothing you,
me, or anybody else can
say to prevent that.
- Some people say he's the antichrist.
- What?
- Come on with that.
- I'm serious and they can prove it.
- Prove what?
- That he's the antichrist.
It's in the bible.
- It is not in the bible
that Barack Obama is the antichrist.
- Well it does say that
all nations will love him
and that there will be
this charismatic leader
that will just come out of nowhere.
- Hold on, don't bring
that crap up in here.
Now see I know you bought
the chicken and what not
but them damn wings ain't that damn good.
- I ain't gonna lie brother,
these wings is good.
Fire pon di wings!
- You a fool.
- Shep, you tell me.
- Yeah?
- What do you think is gonna happen?
- Well I can't tell
you what's gonna happen
but I can tell you what has happened.
I remember 2000, my
memory ain't that short.
It ain't short enough to think
that everything's gonna be okay.
It ain't gonna be okay.
- You stupid, dog.
- You can tell that by
what happened today.
- That's the most intelligent thing
that you've said all night.
- Well, here comes Clarence
Thomas with an opinion.
Go ahead, tell us what
you think Judge Thomas.
- You really think that's an insult?
By calling me a supreme court justice?
One of the most powerful,
most intelligent black men
in this country, supreme court
justice, that's an insult?
You just proved my point.
- And what is your point, KD?
- My point is that despite
of what happens here tonight
nothing's going to change about you,
nothing's going to change about
how this country sees you.
When you go to sleep tonight,
they'll still look at you as a nigga
and contrary to your delusions
of grandeur, when you
wake up in the morning
you will still be looked at as a nigga
regardless of what happens here tonight
and you believe in that change.
- Ladies and gentlemen, we
just got filmed evidence
that the slave field
mentality still exists.
Just call him Toby.
- That's the name that I
sign on your tuition checks.
- So you gonna start hopping on that, huh?
You gonna bring that back up?
What, that make you feel big?
You feel like a man?
- Who is it?
Who is it?
- No, what you need to
do is keep Peaches' name
out your mouth and find you some business
and stay out of mine.
Shut up, who is you?
tripping, I swear to God.
Hey now, Peaches up in this piece.
What's wrong with y'all?
What kind of party is this?
Y'all ain't playing no music.
Y'all sitting around like
somebody stole your dog.
- We was waiting on you!
- Well I'm here and I brought the liq.
What's up, KD?
You can't say hi to your neighbor?
- How you doing, Peaches?
- Fine as you can see.
Anyway, I invited some of my girls over
from the club, y'all don't mind do you?
- Oh nah, nah, they don't
go to work til 10, right?
Yeah, they can come over.
- What is this?
Y'all got a dead zone
in here or something?
I have no reception, no bars.
- I'm sorry, yeah,
you can't get no good
cellphone reception in here.
Yeah, you probably have to step outside.
- And that might not help either.
This apartment is so close
to electrical transformers
on that light pole that it
may block all reception.
- Okay.
Y'all got a house phone?
- What?
- Are you not gonna say something?
- Say what?
- You're cool list now, alright.
Deb, let's go.
- What, come on.
Look, look, look, I'm
sorry, alright, I'm sorry
but you know how Peaches is.
- You know how I am.
I've changed my life and I
don't go for this foolishness.
I mean I will not be a part of
or the company of confusion.
Y'all wanna drink and have a good time,
knock yourself out but I'm not interested.
- Okay baby, listen, listen, listen.
These people are my neighbors
but you are my lady, okay, please?
- Stop.
You know I can't resist that.
It's a serious moment.
- Please, baby, baby, please.
- Spike Lee you're not.
- No, but I'm working on it.
- Yeah, whatever.
- What's that?
- Boy, you are a true fool.
KD, man, where the other
deck tapes for this thing at?
- I have no idea.
- Well have you seen 'em around anywhere?
- What does I have no idea mean
besides I have no idea.
Check the hall closet.
- Okay.
You know, you done got a
case of the slick mouth,
got all these people around.
But don't worry about it,
I know where you stay.
You got to go to sleep sometime.
There's something wrong with you.
- So what do you want me to do?
- Oh, just talk about yourself.
- Just talk about myself?
Boy, don't play with me.
You didn't bring me all the way
up in your bedroom just
to talk about myself.
I could have talked about
myself on the couch.
- Hold on, hold on, hold on now.
It ain't like that, I have a girlfriend.
- Oh, okay, is she here?
- What?
- Nigga, did I stutter?
Is she here?
- Nah, but what that mean?
- Exactly, it don't mean nothing
so why don't you put that camera down
and really come and interview me.
- Oh, oh, okay.
- Oh, I wish a cracker would.
I wish a cracker would
try to hurt this man.
I wish they would.
A nigga would tear this country up
you know what I'm saying?
If they try to hurt this man,
they think them fools out there tripping?
They think they out there acting a fool?
Let them try to hurt
this man or his family
and it's gonna be some smoke in the city.
It's gonna be a misunderstanding
in United States of America.
- Girl what is you gonna
do if something jump off?
- Who ain't gonna do nothing?
- You ain't gonna do nothing.
- You must not know about me.
You must not know about me.
Peaches ain't always that sweet,
I'ma tell you that right now.
- What in the world with them?
- Just some fools
out there being ignorant,
shooting up in the air.
- Oh, Peaches, look, another state.
- Oh my God, I
think he's gonna do it.
- Man, he ain't gonna do jack.
- Hey hold on, hold on man.
Watch your mouthpiece, bruh.
Don't be bringing that
pessimism up in here.
What you bring that
pessimism up in here for?
- I put no faith in
this, in the government,
and that's a man.
I don't put no faith in no man, bruh.
KD had a point when he
said you gonna wake up
the next day after the election
and nothing gonna change.
You just gonna go to
work and pay the bills
just like everybody else.
He's a man.
A leader, I'll give him that, but a man
just like you and me.
What you think, gonna snap his fingers
and everything gonna be okay?
I bet you any money if they
put that brother in office
they gonna expect him to do everything
and make it alright but
it ain't gonna happen.
You know why?
'Cause anything that mess up in the world,
they gonna blame it on him.
If it rain too hard it's his fault.
If your wife leave you, it's his fault.
If you scratch your ass
'cause you ain't cleaning
good enough, it's his fault.
I already see it coming.
- What if he is the antichrist?
- Fuck!
- Nah, nah, nah, you done said that twice.
I wanna hear what you got to say.
Go ahead, talk the talk.
- I'm just saying.
Everybody says that
these are the last days.
It's been predicted that the Earth
will be destroyed in 2012, Nostradamus.
- Who is a false prophet.
- Scientists and other historians
talk about us being in the end times
and then all of a sudden, he comes along.
I mean really, is it really
just all coincidence?
That's what they said.
- Well how you feel about that?
- I just told you how I feel.
- No, no, tell us what you really believe.
Tell us how you feel about that.
- I believe that where
there's smoke, there's fire.
- There's in it.
- There's fire.
I read my bible, I know about the rapture.
- Do you?
- Yes I do.
I know about the six seals
and the mark of the devil.
It's like a barcode they're gonna put
on your forehead or something.
- , it's the seven seals
and the mark of the beast.
See this my problem with
people misquoting the bible.
- This fool said six seals.
Nigga, don't you mean sixth sense?
- I see dead people.
- You busy?
- What?
- Are you busy?
You seem really lost in your work.
- Yeah, I got a lot of work to do.
- What is it that you're working on?
- Public analysis reports.
Can I help you with something?
- I was just, you know,
making conversation.
You seem kind of by yourself over here.
I know how it feel--
- I'm not by myself, okay,
I don't need a friend
or a hug, I need you to
get the hell out of my face
so I can work.
- Who is you, man?
- Y'all having a party in there?
- I said who is you, dog?
- Yeah, y'all got chicken in there?
- Nigga.
KD, man, you know this cat?
- Look man, this is a private party.
- Can't come to the party?
- No.
- You sure.
- The fuck is wrong with you?
- Hold on bruh, hey,
we got a problem here?
Do we have a problem here?
Is there a problem?
- It's not a problem.
- Alright then.
- Hey, but y'all be safe in there.
- Yeah, we'll be safe, go on man.
- Don't worry about that man.
They just trying to get in here
'cause of all these females in here.
Hey, hold on man.
You brought some real fire in here?
- No, I stole the remote control.
No, but they ain't know that though.
It's the way you bring it to 'em.
It's the approach.
You gotta run up on 'em.
- Hey, but you know KD
do got that real cutter
in his briefcase, he don't
think I know but he do got it.
- Well if he got it up
there, he gotta bring it out,
we gotta use it.
Hopefully it won't go that far though.
- Come on now, it's a party, it's a party.
- Look, Deb, don't be mad, okay?
- Why would I be mad?
My best friend embarrasses
the hell out of me
in front of a whole group of people.
Why would I possibly be mad about that?
- Deb, I am your friend and you know that
but I know you and what you're doing
and you don't have to
try to impress anybody.
- Impress somebody?
Who am I trying to impress, Inez?
- Excuse me, y'all.
- Who am I trying to impress?
- You know what, forget
it, don't worry about it.
- No, you my friend, tell me.
Who am I trying to impress?
Is it because I'm not as perfect as you
that you think I'm trying
to impress somebody?
- What did you just say?
- I said because you
act like you so perfect
and since I don't act like you
then I'm trying to impress somebody?
- That's twice she said that.
- If you don't mind, this
is an A, B conversation.
A, B, thank you.
Deb, and you've been drinking
so we can talk about this later.
- Wait a minute, wait
a minute, mother may I.
I don't know what your problem is.
I didn't do nothing to you
so don't raise your voice at me.
- Be sure that when I
raise my voice at you
you'll know it.
- Look who puffing they chest up.
Look, boo, I ain't the one, okay?
So go over there, get your praying on,
whatever it is you do,
get all on your knees,
your bible,
do all that and stay
out of grown folks business.
- You recognize my face from somewhere?
Maybe your hood.
I come in here nice and easy
and I don't say nothing to you, alright.
Don't mistake the grace
inside of me for weakness.
- Whatever.
Ant, come get your girl,
come get your girl.
- come in here
and don't say nothing
to this woman and she come fast with me.
I think she want me see myself.
- Whatever, whatever.
I hear you talking, mother may I, okay?
But that's all you better do
if you don't wanna get beat down.
- Yo!
Can't you see I'm trying to work?
What don't you people understand
that I'm trying to work in my own home?
- Hey y'all, the
election's about to come on.
- I don't care, get out of my house.
- You ain't gotta tell me twice.
Whatever y'all.
Next time, bitch.
- Oh, so, Satan get me hands.
Oh, she come in the air.
- Okay baby, okay baby, chill, chill.
Listen, Peaches, look, if you gonna leave,
leave, but don't disrespect
my lady in my house, okay?
- Disrespect?
Don't make me blow up your spot, okay?
Please, don't get embarrassed
and get your girl beat
down in the same night.
- Get out of my house!
- Yo listen, KD, chill man.
- All the polls have closed
and our major affiliates
are now ready to announce
that Barack Obama is the 41st president
of the United States of America.
- Y'all relax, relax, relax.
Are y'all cool, are y'all cool?
- Are y'all alright?
- I'm fine.
- Okay, listen,
everybody just calm down.
Is everybody okay?
- Everybody's fine.
- It's good and y'all calm down.
- Who is poking me?
- Calm down, calm down.
- Listen stop, stop, just relax.
The emergency lights
will kick in in a second.
It's gonna be okay.
- Can't be over there crying.
- Relax.
- She alright, she alright.
- Why you crying?
- We're gonna die.
- Deb, stop that mess.
- It's gonna be okay.
- Just shut up, KD.
- Whoa, yeah, told y'all, no need to fear.
- Told you baby.
It's gonna be alright.
Probably just some fools out there
shooting the transformer out
but we gonna be alright now that we
got these emergency lights on.
- I gotta make sure these fools
ain't messing with my car.
Where's my keys?
- Girl, I got your keys, I'll go check it.
- Nah, B, B.
- Oh my God!
- Get away from the door!
- Oh my God, they just shot my girl Davia.
I can't be part.
- Relax, listen, listen!
Alright, now go to the restroom
and get yourself together.
We'll take care of this.
- I told you, I told you.
- Hey Ant, you see something.
- I can't see out there.
- No, no, hey, hey, man, what you doing?
- Ant, get away from the door!
- Carla's out there, dog!
- Hey man, man, look here man.
I ain't saying I'm no punk or nothing
but they got guns out there, bruh.
They got guns.
- I know.
- You can't stop no bullet.
- I know.
- KD the only one with a gun in here
but he ain't gonna let us use it.
- KD,.
- I got it right here.
- Then use it, nigga.
- KD, you have a gun in here?
- I need protection.
- KD, give me the gun, man!
- Wait, just wait.
- What are they doing to him?
- Whooping his ass.
- That man is dead.
- Don't say that.
- Help!
- Sh, wait.
- Help me!
- He's alive.
That's him, he's alive.
You're a doctor.
You have to help him, Ant.
- The hell he does!
- Okay, okay, okay, I'll help him.
Okay, I'll help him.
- No, no, Ant, just hold
on and wait for the police.
- Baby listen.
There's no ambulance that's coming here.
Ain't no police coming
here to save us, okay,
especially if this is
happening all over the city.
I can go up there and stabilize him
just long enough for us to
get help on something, okay?
- Man, that's a bad idea.
- What do you think this is?
What the hell are you thinking?
You run the risk of opening that door
and having those fools run in here?
- Everybody just calm down.
Listen, listen, listen for a second.
See, it's quiet up there now.
I can get out here and go right upstairs.
It's okay.
Baby, it's okay, okay?
Don't worry, Shep will come with me.
- I will?
- Yes you will, stop playing, dog.
Let's go.
- Tripping, man.
Alright, hold up, hold up.
If we gonna do this bruh,
let's do it like this.
If we go out there, we get separated
and there's too many people out there,
promise me you gonna run.
- I ain't gonna run--
- Just promise you gonna run.
You can't save everybody, man.
You're not Superman, alright?
- Okay, okay, alright.
- Give me your word.
- Baby, just--
- Give me your word!
- I give you my word, alright?
- Alright, let's do this on three.
- Alright.
- One, two ...
- I told you.
It's the rapture.
People are disappearing one by one.
- Look, I don't like this.
I think they've been gone for too long.
We should call the police.
- With what?
A cup and string?
We have no phone!
- Just hold on man, I told y'all--
- Move, move, move.
- Oh my God!
- It's alright.
- I don't wanna die.
- Mr. Rumineski, I'm
gonna take care of you now.
- Did they see you bring him in here?
- What?
- Did they see you bring him in here?
- What are you talking about, KD?
- Look, if they know that
he's in here and he's alive,
they're gonna come in
here and finish the job
and finish us too.
Why would you do that, that was so stupid!
- KD, this man has multiple lacerations
and possible internal bleeding,
if I don't do something
right now, he will die.
Do you understand that?
Them cats are gonna do
whatever they have to do
and I'm gonna do whatever I have to do.
- Please, help me.
- It's gonna be okay,
we're gonna take care of you.
- Ant, listen to your brother, okay?
- Inez, what would you have me do?
Let this man die right here and bleed out
right here on this couch or take him less
than 15 minutes away
where we can save him?
What would you have me do?
- I'd rather you be safe.
- I know, baby, I know.
- Look man, we got a bloody
white man on the couch.
What we gonna do?
- Where's your car?
- It's right outside.
- Okay, come on, come
on, come on, let's go.
We're gonna need somebody to come with us
just to open the door.
- Okay, I will.
- What?
- If these are the last days,
I wanna do something worthwhile.
- Okay, my God, everybody
just stop talking like this
for a minute, just be quiet
and let's think about this.
- Okay, we gonna be alright,
just close the door behind us.
- No, if you insist on
going then I'm going.
Give me the keys.
- No.
- Give me--
- We ain't got no time for this!
- Come on bruh, let's get him.
On my count.
Ready, let's go.
One, two, three.
Get the door, get the door, get the door.
- Get the door, man!
- Watch his head!
- Okay, Deb, get in the car.
Get in the car, Deb.
- What y'all doing?
I said what y'all doing?
- Dude, back up, just back up alright.
- I got this.
- Where y'all taking him?
- Hey man, we got a problem here?
Do we got a problem here?
- Y'all gonna shoot somebody.
You gonna shoot somebody
over that cracker?
- You better back your ass up, man.
- Mr. Romineski, stay with me, okay?
Keep breathing, keep
breathing, that's right.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Can you see the route?
- Nah I can't see, man,
don't worry about me.
Just take care of him.
- Come on, Mr. Romineski.
Come on, stay with me, stay with me.
You can do it, yeah,
that's right, that's right.
Breathe, breathe.
- Is he okay?
- You know what, I'm
gonna double back man.
They had those emergency lights
and then I could see to get to 95.
- What?
- I gotta turn around.
- No, don't turn around,
man, what are you doing?
- I can't see up here,
man, I gotta turn around.
There was some lights back there.
I can go that way to get to 95.
- Shep, listen to Ant, don't turn around.
- I'm turning around, Deb.
- What are you doing?
It's the same guy.
- Hand me the stick back there, man.
Hey man, get your ass off my car.
- Shep!
- Ant, come on!
- You see 'em, KD?
- Nah.
- So what do you see?
- I don't see them.
I see darkness.
You stop moving around so much?
We don't want them to
know that we in here.
- You alright?
- No, I wanna get out of here.
- They'll be back soon with the cops.
It won't be long.
- I mean this is ridiculous.
What's wrong with them?
I mean I don't know where my girl at.
I'm sitting here scared.
I need to go find her.
- Relax, it's alright,
it's already alright.
- And who
you trying to convince?
Me or yourself?
- You should put some ice on that.
- Damn.
Look, I'm sorry.
- For what, earlier tonight?
Don't worry about it.
- No, I'm not talking about that.
I'm talking about--
- What?
- I wanna go home.
- Peaches, it's alright.
Trust me, it's already alright.
- Fucking idiot!
Fuck is this, huh?
Why am I still here with
this boy babysitting him?
I'm not your mother, I'm not your father.
Why am I still here?
Why am I still here?
- Did you hear that?
That's Davia!
- Peaches, wait.
- Davia!
Stop, let me go!
Let me go!
- Shut up.
- Let her go!
- Yeah, y'all finally
came out the house, huh?
Got yo ass!
- Remember early when we had that argument
and you walked away?
- Yeah.
- That's my move.
- I see.
- Deb!
- Ant!
Get up, they're coming!
- I can't go no more.
I want you to run.
- Hurry, they're coming, they're coming!
- Listen, listen.
I can't go no more.
- What?
- They're gonna find us.
When they come in here,
when they come in here
I'm gonna distract them
long enough for you to run.
Yes, listen to me!
All you have to do is run
about three blocks, okay?
You can make it.
No, listen, look at me,
you're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be okay.
Just run back, it's three
blocks, you're gonna--
Hey look, man, chill, alright?
- Nah, nigga.
Ain't no chill.
- Get her!
- That's them.
- Wait.
- No, KD, that's your brother.
- Hold on.
- Ant, Ant, Ant, okay.
Ant, talk to me, talk to me.
Ant, what happened, what happened?
- There was too many of 'em.
There was too many of 'em.
- Okay, okay, will you just relax.
- Where's she at, where's Deb?
- No, no, no, she's not here.
- She's not here?
- No.
And you left her.
- No, I didn't leave
her, she had, she ran--
- Okay, okay.
She's not here, okay.
- She's out there, I'll get her.
I'll go get her, I promise.
- No, no, no.
- No, no, no.
Look at you, you're bleeding.
You can barely stand up.
Now look, I don't know
what's going on out there
but you are not leaving this apartment
and you know what,
nobody's opening this door.
- That's her.
- We don't know who that is.
Sit down.
- Open the door.
- That's Debra, KD, who else would it be?
- Whoever's been trying to get in here.
- They wouldn't knock.
- Move KD, I'm not playing
with you, open the door.
- I'm not playing with you either.
Now get back.
- KD, they're trying to hurt her.
You saw what they did to your brother.
Just open the door.
- No.
- You heard her, you
heard her, didn't you?
- KD, please!
- Oh my God, they're killing her KD.
- Open the damn door!
- Oh my God!
- Just relax, just relax.
- KD, are you serious?
You filming this?
Get out of here with that camera!
- She's not breathing, Ant!
Please God, please God,
please God, please.
Please God.
- Eight, nine, 10.
One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight.
- KD, come and get your brother.
Oh God, KD, I told you, I told you.
It's your fault, KD, you
should have opened the door.
- A picnic?
I came out here so y'all
would leave me alone
so I could have a chance to breathe.
Doesn't anybody give
me a chance to breath?
You're crazy, you make me crazy.
Look what you made me do.
Look what you made me do!
- You alright?
- What time is it?
- I lost my watch in the fight.
Gotta be close to dawn.
Close to six o'clock.
- How long have I been asleep?
- Sleep?
You just closed your
eyes a second ago, man.
You weren't asleep.
- Man, I'm tripping.
I saw mommy.
I saw mommy, you, and me at
that park we used to go to
and remember how much
fun we had with mommy.
- KD, mommy killed herself.
She was a very sick
woman that killed herself
when we were very young.
That's what I remember.
At first light we gotta get out of here.
One way or another.
At first light we are leaving here.
- Leaving?
Why do we have to leave?
- KD, there's a dead body in your room.
My best friend is out there beat to death
and if I don't get medical
attention I will die myself.
At first light, one way or
another we are leaving here.
I'm going upstairs to get some rest.
Watch that door.
- You alright?
- I'm fine.
Keep an eye on him.
- KD.
You alright?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- This is supposed to be a happy day.
- Yep.
- Think this is the end?
- Yep.
- This is not supposed
to happen like this.
Supposed to have a
business, a house, babies.
Oh God, I'm sorry.
- Peaches.
- How do you know my real name?
- I've always known your name.
I've always seen you.
You never see me, I've always seen you.
- You should have told me.
Day late and a dog short, huh?
- It's never too late.
- What?
KD, what's wrong with you?
- Don't leave me.
You can't say hi to your neighbor?
- KD, get off of me!
- KD, stop.
- What's the matter, Peaches?
You can't say hi to your neighbors?
What's the matter, you can
say hi to your neighbors?
- I will fear no evil.
- Hi.
You okay?
Are you lost?
Where are your parents?
Don't worry, I'll protect you, alright.
- Leave him alone, he's mine, he's mine.
Leave him alone, he's mine, he's mine!
- You were supposed to protect me.
- Ant.
- You were supposed to protect me.
You let them get me.
You let them get me.
Get me!
- Ant.
- Who's that?
What's that?
It's me, KD, hello world!
Or goodbye world, should I say
being that we are wrapping things up here
as a little society and all.
To all of you white folks that said
that the black man would
be the death of you,
well guess what?
You were right!
Who's that, what's that?
I think it's Peaches.
Say hi, Peach!
Say hi, Peaches, say it, say hi!
What's the matter, Peaches?
You can't say hi to your neighbors?
Talk that apple bottom shit now.
You can't say hi to your neighbors?
Well then you just got to go.
Come on, Peaches.
Okay, we gotta go, we gotta go.
Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go.
Haven't had much time to talk, Peaches.
You in black panties.
So cool.
Listen, when we get through with all this
then we can go out to
the park,.
Take you out for a chicken dinner.
We can go on swans.
Apple bottom love in the night, alright.
And we're back.
And look at this!
Wakey, wakey, lemon shakey!
- KD.
Why are you yelling?
What happened?
- Ain't nothing happen,
what you talking about?
- KD, what's going on, what's wrong?
- What you mean what's wrong?
Hey, hey, we having a party.
Remember we having a party?
Party, party!
Remember that party, this is history man!
- KD, where is Peaches?
- Huh?
- I said where is Peaches, KD?
- Peaches not here right now.
Peaches not here right now.
But she'll be back.
- She'll be back.
What the hell is wrong with you, man?
Why you acting like this?
- Acting like what, man?
- Acting like this, man!
Acting crazy as hell.
- Acting like what?
Unlike you, you know you're a punk bitch!
- A punk bitch, what the hell is you--
- Oh shit!
KD, what happened?
What happened, are you okay?
- I'm fine, I'm fine.
- Look what happened,
man, Peaches is dead, man!
What's wrong, what happened?
- Oh man, don't worry about that man.
She coming back, they
all coming back, see?
- What are you talking about, KD?
What did you do to her?
- First of all, I don't
like your tone, missy.
I don't like your tone and second
this is grown folks business.
- KD, KD, look at me man.
Tell me, what did you
do, man, what did you do?
- I didn't do nothing.
- What did you do?
- I just,
little something.
- Look at me!
Why, what is wrong with you?
- Apple bottom pants.
- What did you do?
Please tell me you didn't do this.
Please tell me you didn't do it.
You didn't do this, you didn't do this.
Please, tell me, please, please.
Tell me you didn't do this.
- I can't lie to you.
- Why?
Why, why?
- She wanted to go away like mommy.
She wanted to go away like mommy.
But now she can't.
See, you see, she's coming back.
They're all coming back.
- What are you talking about, KD?
- You know what, you're being rude.
You're being very rude right now.
- And you're a murderer.
- Inez, back up, back up, back up.
Give me your gun, KD.
- No.
- Please, just give me the gun man.
- It's my gun.
You don't believe your big brother?
- Come on man.
- You don't believe your big brother.
What you think, I'm crazy, deranged?
You don't believe me when I
say that they're coming back.
- Who's coming back?
- Everybody!
Deb, Shep, Peaches, mommy.
They're all coming back.
We're having a party.
An end of the world party!
Since you don't believe me
I gotta prove it to you.
- No, no, no!
KD, please!
- Shut up.
- Give me the gun, okay, let it go.
KD, let her go, let her
go, please, please man.
Let her go, okay?
I love you.
- I love you too, man.
- As I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death I fear no evil
for thou art with me.
- What are you doing, Inez?
- presence of mine enemies.
- Hey, stop doing that.
Hey, hey, stop doing that.
I told you he'll be back.
- all the days of.
- What, you think God is gonna save you?
- Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.
- God is not gonna save you.
- Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.
- God's not gonna save you.
I'm the only one who can save you.
I got the power.
I got the power of life and death.
Only I can save you.
I got the power right here.
I got the power of life and death right
in my hands right here.
Hey, okay.
With all those tithes that you gave,
let's see if God save
you right now, alright?
Inez, look at me, look at me.
Let him save you right now.
- Thank you lord, thank
you, thank you, thank you.
- Inez, look at me!
Hey, what's up man?
Now see, see?
- Hey KD.
- I told 'em you would be back.
- Yeah, you know old
Shep always come back.
- Yeah.
- How about you let me and Inez go?
- Oh, okay, okay, okay.
You gonna go get the chips.
- Yeah.
Let go, let him go.
We gotta get out of here, come on.
- Hey Shep, you are coming back?
- Yeah, we gonna be
back, we gonna be back.
Sh, sh, it's okay baby, it's okay.
- Alright, alright, true,
true, true, true, true.
They're not coming back, are they?
- Good morning south Florida.
Time check is 7:02.
History has been made.
Reaction is pouring in
from all over the nation.
Barack Obama has been elected
as our first African American president
but in our own backyard, civil unrest
marred this historic night.
Reports of vandalism
and rioting in Opa-Locka
knocked out power in the
1800 block of the city.
Thankfully no injuries have
been reported at this time.