'71 (2014) Movie Script

Come on, put some effort in!
Come on, son!
Right in the kisser!
Keep moving.
That's it, son.
Get your hands up, lad!
Come on.
Left, right, left, right!
That's it!
Come on!
That's it!
Into him, Hook!
Keep fucking going!
Controlled aggression.
That's it, keep throwing.
One, two. One, two.
Lads, keep throwing.
Good work.
Take it and give it back.
That's it, keep going.
All right, time!
I said, time! Fucking break 'em!
Good lads.
You'll do for me, boys.
Back in line.
Welcome to the regiment.
Watch your footing, boys.
Open it up a bit.
Open it up a bit.
Come on, stay with me.
Stay with me.
Watch it.
Keep moving.
Get back to your fucking feet!
Left, right, left, right, left, right.
Left, right, left, right, left, right.
Left, right, left, right, left, right.
Left, right, left, right, left, right.
Left, right, left, right, left, right.
Do not be afraid of the water.
Plough through it.
Plough through it.
Pull yourself up, Thompson.
Keep that head down.
Nice one. Come on, Hook.
Good work, son.
That's it.
Pull yourself...
Come on, then, Hook.
Help him out, Thompson.
Help him out, Thompson.
Come on, drag him.
Up the wall, go!
Go on, get up there!
Come on, get your back against the wall.
Get him up there.
Come on, stop messing around.
Go on, get him up.
Drag him up.
Go on, that's it, help each other.
Help each other! That's it.
- Come on, Thommo.
- Your lives are in each other's hands.
Teamwork, boys.
Well done, guys.
Get his knees up.
Go on, keep moving!
Keep it going!
Keep it going!
What are you doing?
Leave him!
You can send a medic back
when you reach your objective.
Now get back in formation
before you get everybody killed!
Hands off cocks and pull on socks!
Come on, get fell in!
Platoon... Platoon, 'shun!
Because of the deteriorating
security situation in Belfast,
your regiment is now being deployed there
on an emergency basis.
Any questions?
- We're not going to Germany?
- You're going to Belfast.
I take it you all know
where Belfast is?
Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom.
You are not leaving this country.
What's up wi' you?
Come on, Darren, our kid, eat your food
before it gets cold, mate.
'Ey up, listen...
I don't want you
worried about me, OK?
I'll be fine.
I promise you.
Now, come on, eat up.
I'm not even leaving the country,
so you've got nothing to worry about.
- Got a girlfriend?
- No.
Let me see your teeth.
You liar!
Go on, then!
Go on!
Right, I'll be back soon, OK?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- All children must be back by five pm.
- Go on.
You of all people should remember that,
Welcome to Ireland.
Come down. I want you lining up
with your gun over there.
Quickly, and up the stairs.
Come on, move.
Move, move, move.
That's right, single file.
Single file.
Drop your gun off.
Right, this is where
you eat and sleep.
I'll show you where
you shit in a minute.
Why you look so gormless?
Were you expecting the fucking Ritz?
Get your kit squared away.
Get a fucking brew on.
You're not at the
depot now, boys.
You've got to look
after yourselves.
And don't worry,
you'll only be staying here till one of
the Paddies shoots you anyway.
Come on, hurry up and organise yourselves.
Hurry up and come inside, man!
At ease.
I'm Lieutenant Armitage,
your platoon commander.
I um...
I just wanted to
meet the new boys.
I'm a bit of a new boy myself, actually.
Well, looking forward to getting to know
you all over the next couple of days.
Anyway, hello.
Well, carry on.
You heard what the man said.
Carry on.
You can't sleep?
- Who are they?
- MRF, undercover guys.
Nothing to do with us.
Pay attention. Now, this is basic
information but very necessary.
Roughly, very roughly,
you can divide the city between the
Protestant Loyalist east, here in orange,
And the Catholic Nationalist west
in green,
Both communities have paramilitary
factions itching to get at each other.
You need to be aware that
within the Republican movement
we're seeing a split between
the older official IRA elements
and the younger
more radical street-fighting element,
the Provisionals.
This is the front line, boys.
Catholics and Protestants living
side by side, at each other's throats,
divided by the Falls Road.
You can use the Divis Flats
at the top of the Falls Road
as an orientation point,
but do not enter the flats.
They've become
an IRA stronghold.
Very dangerous.
I think that's all.
Your rifle.
Look lively!
- Expecting a riot, Sergeant?
- I thought we should be prepared, sir.
Today's operation is to assist the RUC
in conducting a house search
in the Catholic community.
I want berets, Sergeant.
No riot gear.
- Are you sure, sir?
- We need to reassure people.
We're here to protect them. We need to
look them in the eye and tell them that.
Carry on.
All right, boys, you heard the man.
Shields and helmets back here.
Berets on.
Come on, quick as you can! Load up.
Get on.
We have to move out in two minutes.
We've got to reassure the Paddy.
Emergency crisis my arse!
Apparently the birds fucking love us
over here, lads.
Mate of mine was out here last year.
"Chucking fucking knickers at us."
Brilliant, mate.
Looks like Leeds.
Stop here.
Stop here, Corporal.
No street signs.
If that's north,
then we must be near the Falls Road.
Fuck me! We must be near
the Falls Road. It's pish!
Get on to HQ
and advise the road is barricaded.
You dickheads!
Get out of here now, you dickheads!
- Get out of here, you fucking shitbags!
- All units to double one two.
Youse fucking creeps!
Get out of Ireland now!
Get out of this country!
None of us likes you!
Get down, get down, get down!
Get into a bit of bother, lads?
Follow us.
Right, load up, chaps.
Load up!
Come on.
Hurry up, hurry up.
You want to make
sure you're ready.
We've got to be quick.
OK, boys.
All right, boys, you want to
cordon off the house both sides.
All right, boys, I want you to cordon off
both sides of the house
by forming a line from this side
all the way down to this side.
Move your fucking arses!
Move your fucking arses!
The guns, where are they?
Where are the fucking guns,
you Fenian bitch?
You're with me, come here.
There are no guns in this house!
Don't you be fucking lying!
Where's the fucking guns?
Where's the fucking guns?
Right, just stay fucking there.
Stay there.
Just stay there.
That'll do.
That'll do there, thank you.
That'll do there, pal.
Stay back, please, there's a good lad.
Hey, it's just a search!
It's just a stop-and-search.
You don't want to be here.
Get the fuck out of here! Get the fuck...
Let me the fuck through!
Just stay there.
Just fucking calm down. Stay there.
- It's just a search.
- Just stay there, please.
What the fuck are you doing?
Stop touching us!
Hey, hey, back it up!
It's got nothing to do with us,
just fucking stay there!
Hey, where's the fucking Lieutenant?
- Find him! Tell him we need more men!
- Yes, Corporal.
...where the fucking guns are!
For God's sake,
will you never leave us alone?
Shut your fucking mouth!
Rip it apart.
- You'll find no guns in this house!
- Shut your fucking mouth!
- What the fuck are you looking at?
- Where's my husband?
Shut the fuck up,
you stupid bitch!
Answer the fucking question!
- Sir, you're wanted outside, sir.
- Bastard!
Fucking get off of him!
Get off him!
Hold the line!
Hold the line!
Hold them back!
Don't you fucking touch me!
Fucking stay where you are!
Do as you're fucking told!
Hold your fire!
Hold your fire!
Do not shoot. Do not shoot.
Get your fucking heads down!
Do not shoot!
Hold the line!
We need more men!
What do you want to do?
We've a full-blown fucking riot
on our hands here, sir.
Bring helmets next time.
What do you want to do?
Boys, get here!
Help the sergeant!
The gun!
Hook, the gun!
Get the fucking gun!
Just the rifle, lad,
just the rifle, that'll do.
Fuck off!
Gaz! Gaz! Gaz!
Go on, get him!
Do not fire!
Hold your line!
Go, go!
Go, go, go, go.
Get off 'em!
Get off 'em!
They've had enough!
Off 'em! They've had enough!
Don't you dare push me!
Get off them.
Conor, you should be ashamed of yourself.
These boys are young enough
to be your sons!
Get back, the lot of you.
We've had enough for today!
Behaving like animals,
you should be ashamed of yourselves.
You want to get to them,
you get through me.
Do you hear what
I'm saying to you?
Every single one of you.
Now you get up the road now.
Move back! All of youse!
I can see you.
Move back! Get back!
Oh, Jesus!
Thommo, Thommo, Thommo.
Get the fuck off me!
Shit! Thommo...
Fucking shoot him, Sean!
Sean, shoot him!
Run! Run!
Oh, fuck!
Oh, shit!
Go down.
Check the street.
Oh, shit!
We have to go.
We have to get back and collect the guns
before the Brits come back. Come on.
There was two of them.
One got away.
Why didn't you shoot him?
It jammed.
Oh, for fuck's sake.
- What are youse fucking doing?
- What you're supposed to be doing.
There was an agreement.
D'you understand the shite
this is going to bring down on us now?
Do you?
There's going to be Brits
crawling all over here, kicking doors in.
- We'll fight them.
- No, you fucking won't!
And stand your men down.
You, get away home.
I'll fucking see you later!
Get up that road, you.
Come on.
After the Brit.
Sean, I'm serious.
Don't get involved.
Not with them.
D'you hear me?
Is that you, Sean?
How was college?
Good, good.
Are you hungry, love?
I'm just going to go upstairs
and put my jacket down.
I'm putting it on the table now.
The new boys are back.
They've taken a right hiding.
Two soldiers missing as well.
It's not good.
They're out there now looking for them.
Are you sure about tonight, sir?
Come back, come back,
there's only a few of them.
- Fucking Catholic bastards.
- Hey, ssh.
Get the fuck off me! What the fuck
are you doing? Get off me!
Please don't bring them back here.
Stay quiet.
You're a fucking Brit?
A soldier?
A real soldier?
Fucking brilliant!
What barracks are you in?
I dunno, I was in a school.
Was it Maghaberry?
Palace Barracks?
- Holywood?
- I dunno.
- What are you doing out? Get home.
- I am home.
Are you lost?
Come on,
I'll take you back to your barracks.
Come on.
I'll take you to your barracks.
It's up to you.
What else are you going to do?
Come on, you dick.
Fenian bastards!
Hurry up, you ball-bag.
Make sure you explain everything
to them carefully.
What's your name?
Gary Hook.
You're not a Catholic.
Not with a name like that.
Are you a Protestant?
I don't know.
You don't know?
I've fucking heard it all now.
I'm going to join the Army.
I'm going to join
the Ulster Rifles.
My da was in them.
My granddad was in them, too.
He was at the Somme.
We were the only ones that reached
the German lines. Did you know that?
None of youse English did.
Cos you're rubbish at fighting.
Still, it's good you're here now
cos we can get on and kill
these Fenian bastards, once and for all.
They killed my da.
IRA bastards.
They're going to kill us all.
Come on, don't worry.
I know them.
My uncle's in charge of them.
They're OK.
They're on our side.
Come on.
- All right, wee man?
- All right, Johnny?
Who you got there?
- I found him at the riot.
- You down at the riot, were you?
Aye. You should have seen it.
It was fucking magic.
I got this bottle and I threw it
at this huge Fenian fucker.
- Oh, was he a giant, was he?
- He was a giant.
And I hit him
right in his dirty Taig face.
Is that what happened, mate?
You didn't notice if this giant came down
a big fucking beanstalk, did you?
- What's your name?
- Listen, wee man,
- he didn't mean anything.
- I'm not talking to you.
I'm talking to him.
Who are you?
- Look, wee man...
- Don't you fucking call me "wee man".
Do you know who my uncle is?
Jake Fullarton.
- Sorry.
- You will be fucking sorry.
I didn't mean anything by it.
Just having a laugh at you.
Have a drink.
What about him?
What's your name, fella?
Never you fucking mind
what his name is.
Where youse off to?
Never you fucking mind.
Well, I know you can buy her
fancy clothes and diamond rings
- All right, Frank?
- All right, Billy?
Come on.
- Who's that?
- Never you mind.
Now that's it armed. Now you understand
what we're doing here, don't you?
We're doing your dirty work.
My fucking dirty work?
We took this off the IRA
cos they were going to use it on you.
Yeah, this is dirty work all right.
And this is a message.
Now you take this to that fucking
Fenian's nest on the Ormeau Road.
Now this tells 'em
you'll match whatever they've got.
That you'll outdo 'em.
Get out!
Get out.
Wait here.
Don't worry, that guy in there's
a soldier. He'll sort you out.
What have I told you
about bringing people around here?
He's a soldier.
That true?
Come here.
Give me that.
Go and wait in the bar.
Well done, wee man.
Go get yourself cleaned up.
He's one of yours.
Where is he?
He's out in the bar.
Leave it to me.
What'd you see in there?
In fucking there, just now,
what'd you see?
What patrol was you on?
It was a raid on a house.
- Who was your CO?
- Armitage.
What, and he left you behind?
We get back to the billet,
I'll have a word with him.
Fancy a pint?
- Two pints.
- Sure.
Where are you from, Hook?
Fucking shithole.
You'll love it here.
Don't worry.
You're safe in here.
Finish your drink.
Wait here for me.
Don't move.
Here he is.
Soldier that went missing.
Turns up in the fucking pub.
What do I do?
Go back in there
and bring him out.
- There's something else.
- Go back in there and bring him out now.
Don't you feel like crying?
Don't you feel like crying?
Well, here I am, I'm coming
Come on
Well, come on
When you're all alone
In a lonely room
And there's nothing
But the smell of her perfume...
All right?
Where's the soldier at?
Dunno. Said he was coming back.
Didn't he take you with him?
Give us a packet of crisps, Frank.
How are you going to get
up for work in the morning?
Well, you're not getting
your alarm clock back, are you?
Look, it's better than having to
shoot somebody in the head.
Come on,
we'll get this over and done with,
then we'll be back in
time for the darts.
What are you doing?
Can I have some help, please?
Let's have some help here.
He's breathing.
It's all right, son,
we'll get you to the hospital.
Come on, where's the...?
Come here!
It's all right.
Open the door!
I thought you'd been through
the explosives handling drill with 'em.
I did, sir, a hundred fucking times.
They're as thick as fuck.
Did he see the bomb?
- Did he see the fucking bomb?
- Yes, he saw the bomb.
There's no way he
could survive that, sir.
- Leave him be.
- We can't.
We don't know him.
We can't just leave him.
- Come on.
- Da.
- Help me.
- Oh, God.
Come on.
Come on.
No, your room.
Your room.
Go on.
Get his jumper off.
Da, stop.
He's a soldier.
We can't help him.
We have to.
We can take him to the hospital.
It's too dangerous.
And not just for him.
If we get seen taking a
soldier to the hospital...
Come on.
Come on.
Jesus fucking Christ!
So we can't shoot a fucking soldier but
you can blow up a pub on the Shankill?
- It's nothing to do with me.
- Nothing?
- It wasn't us.
- Ah, so who was it?
- It wasn't you, no?
- No.
- You sure about that?
- Of course I'm fucking sure.
So where the fuck
have you been all day?
We were driving about
looking for that other soldier.
I told you to stand down.
Well, we didn't.
You better hope he didn't
get a good look at youse.
He'll be sitting in the Palace Barracks
going through those photo albums.
They've got your
photo down there, too.
What the fuck's
that supposed to mean?
Cheeky bastard.
Fuck's sake, lads.
- There has to be discipline.
- Fuck discipline.
Next time you disobey my orders,
I can't protect you.
What's that supposed to mean?
What the fuck do
you think it means?
What do you think?
Do you believe him?
He's lying.
And we're going to kill him.
I'm going to get the guns.
You keep an eye on him,
I'll meet you back here.
Undo his shirt.
- Oh...
- OK.
- Argh!
- Easy.
Easy. Easy, easy.
It's OK, it's OK.
Help me here.
Hold him.
Hold him down.
OK, you're safe.
You're safe, you're safe now.
- Oh, fucking hell!
- Ssh.
- Get it done with. Dad...
- You're all right. You're all right.
Here, here.
Bite this.
Ssh, don't look.
Don't look.
It's OK, it's OK.
Don't look. Don't look.
I'm not going to lie to you.
It's going to hurt like fuck.
Oh, God.
- OK, hold him.
- Yeah.
- No, Dad!
- OK, OK.
All right.
- You're all right. Good man.
- Da, I can't do it.
Hold him down, hold him down,
would you?
That's it.
That's it.
You're all right.
Good man, good man.
All right.
Good lad.
That's it, that's it.
- No, no, no, no!
- Ssh!
- Quiet!
- Ssh!
It's OK, it's OK,
it's OK, it's OK, it's OK, it's OK.
- Da, I can't do it.
- It's OK.
Don't look.
Don't look.
Jesus Christ.
Lean on him.
Put your weight on him.
- I'm trying, I'm trying, I'm...
- Put your weight on him!
That's it, OK.
That's it.
- It's OK.
- That's it.
- It's OK.
- OK.
- Fucking hell.
- It's OK, it's OK.
You're OK, you're OK.
You're doing great.
It's OK.
It's OK, it's OK.
It's OK, it's OK, it's OK.
You're doing great.
It's OK.
Well, look, if he is dead,
it's problem solved, innit?
Let's hope so.
Hope so?
What if he's not dead, Sergeant?
What then, eh?
So we've got to fucking find out
if he is dead.
Not now, Lieutenant, we're busy.
- I wondered if you could help.
- We are busy.
I do understand that, sir.
Why aren't you out
there looking for him?
- What?
- Why aren't you out looking for him?
- Who?
- Hook. Private Hook.
- You probably know where they'd take him.
- Don't you fucking dare!
I'm your fucking senior officer.
Stand up straight!
You need to learn to control your men,
I am not here to clear up
your fucking mistakes.
Your men, your fucking responsibility,
not mine.
I'm asking for your help.
There you go.
There's my help.
- Is he dead?
- We do not know.
The situation is confused
to say the least.
Now, if you do not mind,
we have work to do.
Off you go.
It's a fucking mess, Sergeant.
Your fucking mess.
You been in the Army for long?
I was in the Army myself.
20 years.
Posh cunts telling thick cunts
to kill poor cunts.
That's the Army for you.
It's all a lie.
They don't care about you.
You're just a piece
of meat to them.
Piece of meat.
Get yourself some rest, son.
Come on.
D'you want me to
go and get Quinn?
What are we going to do, then?
I'll make a phone call.
And you stay here.
Don't answer the door to anyone.
- I've got to go now.
- You need to rest.
I've got to get back
to the barracks.
It's too dangerous just now.
There's rioting.
Careful, careful.
Here, lie down.
Round that way now. Here.
It's still bleeding here.
Thank you.
My Autumn's Done Come/My Autumn's Gone
Do you like David Bowie?
Do you not like him?
He's all right.
Just for girls really, ain't he?
Is this your first time away?
Have you got a
girlfriend back home?
Where is it you're from?
Got cousins in Nottingham.
It's just Derby and Nottingham
don't really get on.
And why is that?
I don't know really.
Don't worry, it's just my da.
Come on, you, concentrate.
It's boring.
I know it's boring
but you've got to stick in.
Get the guns.
What's going on, Sean?
Stay there.
Sean, get back here.
Where are you going?
Thought he was one of yours.
Fuck's sake, Eamon.
- Everybody's looking for him.
- I didn't know he was a soldier.
All right.
You did the right thing to call me.
Right, I'll handle this, Brigid.
All right?
- We don't want involved in this.
- We are involved.
- He can't stay here.
- Right, I won't be long.
- We should have called Quinn.
- No.
It's his district now.
If anybody finds out he's a Brit
and we're helping him...
- I'm going to go and get Quinn.
- You can't, Brigid.
There's no talking to
these young lads.
You tell Quinn, that lot...
they'll kill him.
You understand that?
Just leave it to Boyle,
he'll sort it out.
- Where's Boyle?
- He's at Divis Flats.
Eamon McCarthy's.
Get in.
Does this concern my missing soldier,
It does, doesn't it?
We'll come with you.
- Not possible.
- You'll need back-up.
All right.
But you remember who's in charge here,
Go, John.
- So where is he?
- First...
You owe me one and
I need a favour.
I need you to take
care of someone.
James Quinn.
All right.
Now I need to get that soldier
back to the barracks.
- So where is he?
- The Divis.
But it's all right,
the situation's under control.
Keep an eye out.
- Quinn.
- Get in, Brigid. Get inside.
Get in.
- Where is he?
- Dad.
- Who?
- Don't play fucking games with me, Eamon.
- Where is he? Where's Boyle?
- Boyle?
Do you think I'm fucking stupid?
I know he was here.
You're hiding something from me.
- Where is he, Brigid?
- Leave her alone.
Shut the fuck up.
And what the fuck
was Boyle doing here?
Tell me!
- Whose side are you on here, Eamon?
- He's a collaborator.
- There's a soldier in my room.
- Brigid!
He's not here.
He was here.
- Where's the soldier?
- He was...
- Where's the fucking soldier, Eamon?
- He was here! He was here!
He was here.
- Where is he?
- I don't know.
- Did Boyle take him?
- No, no, he was alone. He, he...
he must have just left.
Go on.
I'll be back for you later.
Come on, Sean.
The Brit's here.
- What?
- Keep an eye on them.
Watch the entrances!
It's OK.
It's all right. Ssh.
Check the other side.
If that soldier's still alive,
we need to get to him first.
Clear up your mess.
When we get there,
you can stay out of fucking sight
and wait for my signal.
Do you understand me, Lieutenant?
Yes, sir.
Get the gun.
Get up!
There's no need for that.
- Who is it?
- Boyle.
What is it?
- Jesus!
- Brigid!
- What the fuck?
- Brigid!
Brigid. Brigid.
Come on.
- You're all right.
- Da. Da.
Right, sit down.
There were a soldier.
Gary Hook.
He was here earlier.
Where is he?
You traitor.
I understand that you
feel that way, I do.
But if you do not tell me what I need
to know, then I will shoot this man.
And when I have done that,
then I will shoot you.
And believe me,
I do not want to do that.
So, please, tell me where the soldier is.
I don't know.
- One.
- He left.
- Two.
- He left before Quinn got here!
Quinn was here?
Listen to me.
I know where they'll be.
Trust me.
- Stay up here.
- No problem.
Come on, Sean.
Don't think about it.
None of us want
to be doing this.
We're at war here, Sean.
Pull the trigger.
Come on, Sean.
Pull it.
I know you can.
You wanted to be a gunman, Sean?
This is what being
a gunman means.
Pull it.
Pull the trigger.
Sir, we got to go.
He said to wait
for their signal.
It's the fucking Brits!
Sir, we've got to do something.
We got to go, sir.
Go. Go!
It's all right.
It's all right.
All right, let's get you home.
Shut up. Ssh.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up!
Put the fucking gun down!
Turn around.
Down on your fucking knees!
Put your hands behind your head.
Look at me.
Look at me!
James Quinn.
Aye, I know your fucking name, son.
Boyle told me.
Says you're trouble.
Says he wants you dead.
You need to deal with him.
And soon.
You understand me?
Now, we can work together.
I'm a reasonable man.
Do you understand?
Get up.
Go on, off you go.
I'll be in touch.
Lieutenant Armitage has come to me
with some concerns about certain incidents
that occurred during the operation.
With respect, sir, I have
my own concerns about the Lieutenant.
Because of his mistakes, I have had to
neglect my own operation,
redeploy my own men to go and look
for his missing soldier,
a soldier he left behind earlier that day.
I have a duty of care.
I also have a duty of care,
sir, to my men,
one of whom happens to be dead now.
But we are at war here, sir.
- Does he understand that?
- We're not at war with our own side.
- I know what I saw.
- I don't care what he saw, sir.
What he thinks he saw.
He's wrong.
Sergeant Lewis was attempting
to murder Hook. I saw it.
- No. He was trying to restrain him.
- He was not restraining him.
Hook panicked.
Probably went for his weapon.
Sergeant Lewis
would have tried to disarm him.
Because of this, he was shot,
he was killed. It happens.
- It was a confused situation.
- Yes, sir.
- Sir, with respect, I know what I saw.
- I want you to listen to me, Lieutenant.
This is very important.
It was a confused situation.
In these circumstances, what you saw,
what you think you saw,
can be a very different thing
to what actually happened.
Do you understand?
Do you understand?
Yes, sir.
I'll show him in, sir.
Hook, in.
At ease, Private.
Now, your Lieutenant has come to me
and told me about
how you're feeling at the moment.
You've had quite an experience.
I think we can all agree
that you've been lucky.
You're very lucky to be alive.
It's only down to the actions of the
Captain and his men that you were saved.
A very good soldier
died in the process.
- What about Private Thompson, sir?
- Don't you bloody dare!
You've been through
a very testing ordeal.
The best thing in this situation
is to try and put it behind you.
Do you understand me?
Yes, sir.
We look after our own
in the Army, Hook.
- Dismissed.
- Attention.
Open the door.
- Hang on.
- I said, open the door!
I said, open the fucking door,
you horrible cunt.
Stay the fucking hell
out of my way you, an' all.