7:11 PM (2023) Movie Script

Usually all stories start on earth
But this story which has changed the face of our town
"Hamsala Deevi"
starts on a planet called Proxima-EV 12
which is 4.5 light years away from earth in year 2400
Titus, you have a message from Ian.
Hey, guys. I think I got something for you
I am currently in a town called "Hamsala Deevi" on earth in year 1999.
I managed to find a scientist.
He has done extensive research on human brains and
compiled all of that information into a book
We will find the solution for our problems in that book.
I can't continue this mission any longer.
My nervous system is collapsing real fast.
I can barely speak.
You will have to take this mission forward from here on.
Good luck, my friends.
Take care guys!
Goodbye, my friend.
Tell Nuna to get a Nova 12
Lander ready for take off.
I'm going to Earth.
To year 1999
You do have an idea about
our fuel reserves, right?
If you go to Earth with
the fuel reserves at hand,
you will have approximately...
-4 hours on Earth.
Are you sure about this?
This is our last tube of plutonium.
Do we have a choice?
To produce this scale
of plutonium again,
It'll take 100 years to harvest enough Plutonium
required for teleportation.
But we have to survive until then!
This could be our last chance, Arra.
My name is Ravi.
I am from Hamsala Deevi.
This is my story.
This is Baji.
-Yeah, tell me.
Meet me at the Bamboo shop outside our town.
Right now? But why?
-Just do it!
Have you got a matchbox?
This is our beautiful town Hamsala Deevi.
It's a lush green town that is surrounded by a river and an ocean.
Every one is pretty happy here.
This is the world that we know.
-Mr. Prabhakar...
You wanted to meet the
Collector regarding the dam, is it?
He is working from home today.
Uncle, tea.
No, thanks.
Ravi brother, tea.
I understand Tea is here
but why are you here?
Don't you have school today?
-No. I got done with my exams yesterday.
Now it's vacation time.
That is why I came back to give a helping hand to uncle.
Alright. Wipe the glass.
-Yewww! With this?
Hey, kiddo! What brings you here?
Ravi! Civils notification is out.
Uncle asked me to let you know.
You're way past the
deadline Krishna gave you.
If you don't accept
whatever comes your way,
you'll have to abide by his decision.
Who the hell is he to put a deadline on me?
If it were for him, I would've
taken up IFS the last time.
IPS is my life ambition
Mark my words.
I'll crack it this time.
Ravi Prasad, IPS!
Listen! Uncle can
easily find your replacement.
It's high-time that you quit this...
and focus on your Civils exams full-time.
I don't know about that.
But I'm sure Vimala must've come.
Check the time.
-Oh no!
Brother, stop.
-Did you get my record?
Record? What are you talking about?
I left it at my friend's last night.
Okay, you go get it
I'm late for my exam.
"You've discovered a new side to me"
"No one could really
move me this way before"
"You've discovered a new side to me"
"No one could really
move me this way before"
"Ever since you came by my side"
"time seems to be at a standstill"
"Spending all this time with you"
"has chased away all my loneliness"
"You're truly magic, my love
You've changed me completely"
"Have you cast a spell of joy on me?"
"You're truly magic, my love
I'm falling hard for you"
"You've got me wrapped in your fascination"
Get me a popsicle.
Two popsicles, please.
[all] Ravi bro, we want one too.
-Here you go.
[all] Thanks, bro.
Wait up, guys!
Uncle, can I have two more?
Sorry, son. That was it.
-It's okay.
You bought popsicles for
everyone in the town but me.
This town has given me so much.
-Ugh! There he goes again.
As a kid...
'When I lost my parents
and became an orphan,'
'this town took me in.'
'It nurtured me like a mother, her son'
'I'll forever be indebted to this town'
Please give me a break!
-You were also the town's blessing.
"Being here with you right now'
'gives me immense joy'
'As my footsteps lead to you'
'I can't tolerate an inch of distance'
'Your love makes me believe in dreams'
'It feels like I'm floating on the sky'
'I want this affection to last forever'
'Be my blessing in disguise, love'
"You're truly magic, my love
You've changed me completely"
"Have you cast a spell of joy on me?"
"You're truly magic, my love
You've changed me completely"
"You've got me wrapped in your fascination"
"You're truly magic, my love
You've changed me completely"
"Have you cast a spell of joy on me?"
"You're truly magic, my love
You've changed me completely"
"You've got me wrapped in your fascination"
Tell Municipal Commissioner
Narendra to come see me.
Okay, sir
Your men attacked our
team and took our equipment.
We want it back!
Who's on your team?
-They're Government surveyors.
We won't leave until our
equipment is returned.
Mr. Krishna, they're here to
survey the dam we're building.
Please don't interfere in this.
Minister told me to supervise this project.
You entered our fields without
the Government's permission.
This time, you've only lost the equipment.
Next time, it will be the surveyors too.
You may leave now.
Minister has taken this project personally.
Only if this dam construction begins
Alright then.
Listen to my opinion as well.
Everyone with a voice box has an opinion.
But not every opinion is of value.
The value of an opinion isn't
realized in the moment it is said.
But only when the right time comes.
Remember one thing, Krishna.
You're going against the Minister.
If you piss him off...
Chinna! Where's uncle?
Mr. Prabhakar...
I've heard a lot about you.
If this is really an
issue, I'll find a solution.
No offense but...
Ever since Minister Basava Punnayya
and Rajesh submitted the dam proposal...
many approvals have been
passed and I've been watching.
Sir, as the entire town will
drown if a dam is built here,
Government will force all the people
to move away from here.
If your fear is valid,
Government wouldn't support it.
Environmental Ministry wouldn't approve it.
What are you talking about?
Only 2 approvals are pending.
Once they're through,
nobody can undo it, let alone you.
The town will drown.
People will lose their habitat.
I'm also new here.
I didn't know the issue went this deep.
I have a meeting with the
Chief Minister next week.
I promise you that I'll
deal with the Minister.
You'll deal with
Minister Basava Punnayya?
Basava is an untamed animal hungry for power.
He's like a nasty bug.
You don't know him.
They found the same car
in a river outside the town
But the Ex-Collector and
his family who were in it...
they're still missing.
Don't mess with Basava Punnayya directly.
Just take it up to the Chief Minister.
Minister sir! Military Prabhakar went and met Collector and handed over a complaint to him.
Collector is taking that complaint to the Chief Minister
Are you talking about this complaint?
Please take care of Krishna as well
Yes sir. He has become a nightmare
He challenged me about the dam
He also said the same
I read about your project.
I read about you too
I understand why you are doing all of this
What did you understand?
First you loot people using the mutual fund company
Then you use the same money to buy the riverside lands
Once the dam is approved, you will claim millions as compensation for those lands
More and more millions on commisions and contracts
People dont expect more from you
But because of this, the whole town is under risk now
This is not gonna happen as long as I am here
Then don't be here
No body that laid eyes on those 2 projects made it alive so far
Gimme an update on the dam?
They are almost complete. There are just 2 signatures pending now
A bag went with half million for a signature today.
Another one will also be ready by tomorrow.
Get them soon. The actual plan will have to start
What do you mean by "actual plan"?
Look at him. Would you like to join him?
Dump him along with his complain in the river
Uncle! I heard you created quite
a stir at the Collector's house.
Why do you care so much?
If I hadn't cared when
your parents passed away,
you would've been orphaned.
If your father and
Mr. Laxmaiah hadn't cared,
this town would've been
under the feet of Basava Punnayya.
But you're all that I have.
If something happens
to you and I lose you...
I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.
Let's talk about you first.
I hear things, okay?
Is it true that you guys are
racing around on bikes?
You think it's cool, is it?
Your father was also high-spirited.
It was that recklessness that
took his and your mother's lives
I must've told him a
zillion times to ride slowly.
You definitely got that
impulsiveness from him.
You've been telling the
same lie since I was a kid.
I'm all grown up now.
But you're still lying.
The whole town knows
that it wasn't an accident.
Basava Punnayya got them killed.
You could say it a 100 times...
and a lie would still be a lie.
You could hear it from 100 people...
and the truth would still remain the truth.
There's a right time for everything.
And when the time comes,
I'll tell you everything, okay?
How much time do you need, huh?
How long?
I've been waiting since 15 years.
But it's never the right
time for you to tell the truth.
Chinna, get coffee for everybody.
Did you get the job done?
It's around 5 million.
What an apt name though!
"Aparimitham" meaning unlimited
They're literally wiping out all the money.
Are you sure this money is from
Aparimitham Mutual Fund?
Do you still doubt it?
What's the money doing with us then?
People trusted Aparimitham with the money.
True. People trusted them.
What did they promise the public?
-They said they'd invest it in stocks.
How will they buy the shares?
-Through the bank.
So all the money should be in banks
Money that should be in banks..
where is it all going in bags?
This is a sign that
they'll declare bankruptcy.
The entire town will
end up on the streets
Nobody would believe us.
We need evidence to support our claims.
Do we have it?
Sir, it's me. Nani.
I've set aside Aparimitham's
financial documents for you.
You can collect them at Jupudi underpass.
I'll send Ravi.
GEO POSITION lock set to DNA Carrier
Stop! It has a DNA lock.
with an acid seal
The book will self destroy
if not opened correctly
What's the next plan of action?
We need to find a person that
carries the same DNA of the
person that locked it
Only then can we unlock it.
What a shitty ride, man!
When are you getting rid of it, bro?
As soon as I get rid of you, idiot!
Hey Ravi! Why the hell are we here?
What are you doing here?
Move it!
My car is in your shed half of the time.
I got it fixed yesterday
and here we go again.
Be grateful that it is still fixable.
Guys, check what he's
done to the car this time.
Hey, half ticket. Get me a half boiled egg.
Okay, Ice Cream.
For the 100th time, it's
not Ice Cream. It's Einstein.
He's got a 100 marriage alliances till now.
But none of the girls liked him.
But none of the girls liked him.
Do something that makes
you worthy of marriage.
I don't need your life lessons.
Charlie Chaplin, Hitler and my grandfather
were all called failures.
by losers like you, of course.
What did your Scientist
Grandfather invent anyway?
He did lot of research on brains and
phantom physics during the British reign.
But I don't know what he has invented.
Nobody does.
I do.
Your grandfather had your father.
Your father had you.
You're going to have a kid soon and
that's the lineage of your Phantom Fathers.
How dare you!
His grandfather was really
a scientist. So shut up.
Take it easy.
-Tell him that.
You know it hurts when
someone mocks your family.
Such an idiot!
Bro, he's driving with the hand break on.
-Hand break?!
Oh, I'm not supposed to do that?
Whatever. I knew it, okay?
Idiot! I told you not
to pull the hand break.
Sir! Baji here.
-Tell me.
They attacked us again this
morning and took the money.
What took you so long to tell me?
-I just gained consciousness.
Okay. Come see me at the office.
-Okay, bro.
Also, be wary of that accountant Nani.
Mr. Basavayya...
What again...
I need to tell you something.
-Go ahead.
I need to tell you something.
-Go ahead.
I don't know how to say this.
I don't know how to say this.
Don't beat around the bush with me.
Come to the point!
Come to the point!
They attacked our men and
took the money yet again.
How much was it this time?
Around 5 million.
Aren't you ashamed to come
bearing this news every 2 days?
You can neither deal with
people or secure the money.
How much have we lost so far?
Call that Mafia guy... Rustom Ansari.
Tell him we're sending all
our money through havala.
They'll take their commission...
and turn our money to white.
Declare that all of Aparimitham's stock
investments have dropped drastically.
and declare bankruptcy
What about the public?
I'll make sure that nobody messes with you.
Got it?
-Now get to work.
Why are you late?
I was caught up in college.
I had my record submission.
Were you really at college?
Oh, so you know.
Our family has got a good
reputation in this town
I wont do anything to stain it, brother.
Ravi is an aimless fellow
What are you doing with him?
Hes working towards
developing the town, just like you.
How is he any different from you?
Of course..
This town is a responsibility
dad bestowed on me.
Thats what he lacks.
Yes, brother.
Why do you think you escort
her to college everyday?
You know how unsafe it is out there.
How could you leave her
in the middle of the road?
Shes not a kid, brother.
-Exactly my point.
Shut up, you two!
Now listen!
I took a chance on Ravi
last year just for you.
But he hasnt changed a bit.
A prospective groom will be
coming to see you tomorrow.
If everything goes well,
youll be engaged right away.
Mr. Line Man! All our phones are working fine.
You may leave.
You know a telephone engineer
is different from a line man, right?
What are you doing here?
Did you quit the job and
turn into Ravis pimp now?
Im nobodys pimp.
I came to give Subbarao sirs lease amount.
-We need your help, Krishna.
Ignore your differences
with Ravi for one day.
Rajesh is declaring bankruptcy
on Aparimitham soon.
The information is credible.
But we dont know what
hed be doing exactly.
If this word spreads,
Rajesh will get ahead of us.
People will start panicking.
This is an opportunity to
prove your worth to the public.
I dont have to prove my worth.
Besides, how did you know about this?
Prabhakar sir has informers.
Make sure that the news doesnt leak.
We dont want the public to panic.
Ill handle Rajesh.
Uncle, take a look at this.
The bank accounts have been emptied.
Is this proof enough?
Are they withdrawing all the money?
-Yes, uncle.
Ravi, can I borrow your bike real quick?
My car broke down.
I have a date with this new girl.
And Im supposed to pick her up at 6.
Please, dude.
Thanks, man.
Uncle, look at this.
They didnt invest in stocks either.
Whats happening?
-They havent bought a single stock.
All the deposits total to 25 crores.
That's billions of cash.
How do they plan on
getting it out of the town?
Ravi brother! Come here.
What is it, dear?
-Vimala asked me to give you this.
Uncle, something urgent came up.
Im taking your scooter.
Whats up, madam!
Whats so urgent?
What is it?
Whats up!
I don't have time for
this silent love right now.
Besides, the town is in trouble.
I have to go.
It's always about your goddamn town.
Do you ever think what I want?
If not for the town,
neither you nor me make sense.
Let me go.
Cut the bull.
We need to do something, Ravi.
My brother has invited a
prospective groom over tomorrow.
And this time, he means it.
He even has me on house arrest.
We'll figure something out.
-When do you plan on doing that?
After I'm engaged to some other guy?
According to me, we are engaged
the moment I gave you this.
Show this to the prospective groom.
Be practical.
Don't turn this into a joke.
It's life or death for us.
How can you not take it seriously?
If this marriage alliance is fixed,
consider me dead.
You're going to die, is it?
Will you leave me just like that?
You think I'll let you go?
I'll come and talk to Krishna.
Don't die before that.
(Satish's voice in a distance) Jacob, have you
seen Vimala anywhere?
-No, sir.
In case you see her, bring her home, okay?
-Sure, sir.
Satish is here.
So what?
-He can't see us like this.
Get out of here before he catches us.
Possible match.
(Alert) Lander low on fuel
Low plutonium
Get back to the Lander immediately
We've exhausted our time on Earth.
Let's go.
Sir, it's me. Nani.
I just got to know
that Rajesh has vacated the office.
He's declaring bankruptcy.
They've scheduled some secret meeting.
Please come to Brahma Gudi immediately.
Meanwhile, I'll gather further evidence.
If you want to stop them,
you better think on your feet.
I want the money to be transported tonight.
I don't care what you're going to do and how.
In fact, take my men for help.
Whoever comes in our way,
I want them gone!
Chinna, come here.
Where's uncle and the others?
They got a phone call, asking
to go to Brahma Gudi.
Okay, I'll be right back.
Have you seen a middle
aged man and 2 guys pass by?
What's with all the blood?
Ritualistic sacrifice.
Sacrifice at the Brahma Gudi?
Bhai, it's all set.
Money is packed and ready.
I'll see you at my pumps factory.
Men will be waiting for
you at our pumps factory.
Take them inside.
You'll see a van loaded
with money in there.
Hand it over to them.
In exchange, they'll give
you a 20 rupees note.
Bring it back safely.
Make sure to take the Madras Gate bypass road.
Stealth mode disengaged
Srinu, have you seen uncle and the others?
-No, bro.
Take off coordinates updated
- Now heading to take off location.
Estimated time of take off - "07:11 PM"
If you see them, tell them I was looking.
-Okay, bro.
What's wrong with this Satish guy?
Is he going to kill me
for touching his sister?
I better run.
Love you, brother-in-law!
Assembling warp space tunnel coordinates
Turning on hyper boosters
5... 4... 3... 2... 1
Hyper boosters initiated
Starting Dippy Drive
Worm hole sequencing started
Brace for extreme turbulance
Sarah! Sarah!
Sarah, come on out!
I need to show you something.
Okay. Okay. What is it this time?
You'll see.
I found some people on the beach.
Trust me.
Look. There.
They're on our beach.
Oh, no!
Are they dead?
-How should I know?
How did they even get there?
Hey... Hello...
Can you hear me?
Are you alright?
On the beach?
A party on the beach!
You must be kidding me
What's wrong with you guys?
Guys, you need to get out of here.
It's getting dark.
This is a private property.
Where are we?
This doesn't feel like Andhra.
I'm guessing we're in Goa.
The beach, the white chick...
[in Telugu] Excuse me. What place is this?
I don't understand what you're
saying but you need to clear the area.
Goa, right? English!!
Where are we?
On the moon!
Now leave.
Why are you here in the first place?
We got onto a bus last night.
It must have dropped us here
Oh, really? Is that how you ended up here?
Okay. Then I guess the same
bus must be waiting for you out there.
Why don't you go back home, you idiots!
Oh no!
Not again!
God! Seriously?
Let me help you.
Get behind the wheel.
Thank you.
Are you trying to help?
Miss, is there a bus stop close by?
Hop in. I'll drop you at a bus stop.
-Thank you.
Hi. I'm Ravi.. Ravi Prasad.
Sarah. Dr. Sarah Walsh.
This is it
Where are we now?
Is it Goa?
It's Australia, mate.
Goldie... hi!
Come here.
Did you miss your bus?
What's Goldie doing here?
A fast moving car almost hit him.
Luckily, it got out of
the way and I found it.
Thank you so much, Mr...
That landscape we're seeing...
Which city is that?
-Yeah. Melbourne, Australia.
How did I hop on a bus in
India and end up in Australia?
There you go again!
Did you fly here in that bus?
-No, it was a normal bus.
We spent the whole night here.
But there was no trace of any bus.
My bad.
Looks like it's just a week-day service.
The next bus isn't until tomorrow.
I mean Monday.
I guess you're mistaken.
Tomorrow is Sunday right?
No, tomorrow's Monday.
Today's Sunday.
-How come?
If yesterday was a Friday, today
is supposed to be a Saturday.
How could it be a Sunday?
Are you on drugs?
It appears you're starving.
I'm guessing you didn't get
any sleep either last night.
Let's get you something to eat.
Thank you.
What's up with your friend back there?
I don't know him.
I met him on the bus for the first time.
Ah, the bus that flies!
It's alright. You'll need
some time to sober up.
This is my uncle's house.
He's out on a hunting trip.
Won't be back for a couple of days.
You guys can crash here until tomorrow.
-Thank you.
Umm... There's plenty
of food in the kitchen.
Bathroom's over there.
And... yes!
Help yourself to the closet.
Alright then. I'll be back in the morning.
Thank you.
What are you up to?
You eat crows too?
What? With the feathers?
The fireplace isn't
meant for roasting crows.
It's to keep yourself warm.
She's still here.
Let's be good guests.
Sarah... Sarah... Which year is this?
-Year? Are we in this year?
No, that's 2021.
It's an old newspaper.
We're in 2024.
That is impossible! No!
Please listen, Sarah.
I swear I hopped on the
bus in India in the year 1999.
Somehow I ended up in
Australia, 25 years into the future.
Okay, calm down.
Like I said, you'll need
some time to sober up.
I'll believe everything you say
until you feel fine again, okay?
But for now, please let me go.
We'll talk tomorrow.
-Sarah, please hear me out!
Just a moment.
Look. It's a calendar
from that year.
That's when I got on the bus.
Look. A bill from that year.
Check this out.
Look at my birth date
on my driving license.
I was born in 1972.
Please believe me, Sarah.
-You're 52 years old?
Exactly! Do I look like I'm 52 years old?
Were you really born in 1972?
That's what I'm trying to tell you.
-My uncle was born in the same year.
But you look really young.
That's because I'm 27.
I was living in the year
1999 until yesterday.
And suddenly, I'm in the year 2024.
I don't know what's going on, Sarah.
Please believe me.
-I want to.
but how is any of this possible?
There's no bus on Earth that
could teleport you from 1999 to 2024.
This world is quite new to me
and I don't know anybody here.
Please help me.
Get into the car.
Tell me now.
What actually happened in the bus last night?
So I hopped on this bus yesterday.
And then I felt that somebody
pushed me and I fell down.
I don't remember anything after that.
When I opened my eyes,
you were standing there at the beach.
If you wouldve gone to
someone else with this,
they would've laughed at you.
Consider yourself lucky, my
father has studied time and space.
So, I give you benefit of doubt.
Let's go talk to him.
He's a Scientist.
I mean... was a Scientist.
Umm... never mind.
Take a seat.
Dad, are you home?
Where do we begin?
Let's start with your place.
Give me the name.
That's the name.
Hello, Alexa.
-[Alexa]Good morning, Sarah.
Look up Hamsaladeevi, India.
[Alexa] Showing results
for Hamsaladeevi, India.
You grew up in the dump?
Ours is a small farming town.
But that's not what it's showing.
Look. This is all a dump zone.
It is surrounded by wastelands.
Are you sure you're
looking at the right map?
Yeah, look. It says Hamsaladeevi.
Is there some other place by that name?
Check out the neighboring places.
The nearest city is Vijayawada.
So that was my town.
How is this possible?
It can't be true.
Only the river is intact.
I can't believe this.
Our garage used to be here.
See? Here. Exactly here.
This was our hangout spot
And there should be a temple here.
That's where Vimala and I used to meet.
You see this road?
We used to take this road to go to college.
So this is your college road?
-Yes. Absolutely.
Which college is it?
-VSR college.
Alexa, look up VSR college.
It's in Machilipatnam.
[Alexa] Showing results for VSR college.
Oh, the college has a website.
There are pictures on here.
When did you graduate?
And which Department?
Year 1996. Department-Master of Arts.
So you've really arrived from the past!
Oh, wow!
I can't believe this!
You really travelled through time!
So your town was full of lush green fields?
What happened to your town then?
Let's find out.
Alexa, show me the history of this place.
Your town is a nuclear dump zone now.
What?! Nuclear dump?
The dump was established in 2009.
It's a one-of-its-kind nuclear dump zone
where many countries from across the world
are dumping their nuclear waste here.
It's shocking!
This happened within 10 years since I left?
What happened to my town and my people?
Can we get more information?
Let's see if we can find anything
on your family and friends.
Do you have anything
related to them with you?
Maybe a photograph.
We could look it up on social media.
Here. Vimala's photograph.
We were going to get married soon.
Alexa, show me the
results for this photograph.
[Alexa] Oops! Network link down.
Not a problem.
I'll be there in 15 minutes
Can I?
You be careful. Really careful.
-Okay. I'll take care.
I'll keep this safe.
We need to talk.
Can this wait til later?
This isn't about us.
Ravi needs your help.
You're Ravi. Oh!
You seem huge.
Nah! Still huge.
Dad! We need your help.
Nobody has asked me for help in a while.
In the meanwhile, why don't you do something for me first?
Get me a wine glass from the 3rd cupboard.
This one?
Now tell me.
I hopped on a bus in India
last night in the year 1999.
But somehow, I ended up
in Australia in the year 2024.
I don't know how it happened.
I'm clueless.
I thought I was the only
crazy one around here.
You were in India in
the year 1999 last night...
and now you're in
Australia in the year 2024?
Did you get on a bus or get high?
That was my initial response too, dad.
But he's telling the truth.
I've performed all the
due-diligence checks.
He has come from the year 1999.
Please help me.
I have to go back!
Easy. Hop on the next plane to India.
But I must go back to 1999.
Okay. God bless you.
Dad! No jokes, please.
Who started it?
Can you find out how I ended up here?
How would I know?
Ask the bus driver who got you here.
I have an idea. Go find
that bus and get back on it.
This time, I'll also join you.
I'll get down in 2010 and you
can go all the way back to 1999.
If time travel was possible, I
would've gone back to 2010 already.
I'm sorry, young man.
It's impossible.
Even if you're telling the truth,
there's no going back.
It's a one-way route.
There must be some way.
If I travelled to the future,
then I should be able to go back too!
I'm so sorry, kid.
That's all I can say.
Ravi, I'm going to the hospital.
I'll be back soon.
[Alexa] System back online.
[Alexa] Showing results for Vimala Magham.
Tragedy strikes in
Hamsaladeevi, Krishna District.
In an unfortunate turn of events,
Vimala (23) and Satish (27)
have been murdered brutally.
They're the successors
of Late MLA Laxmaiah.
MLA contestant Krishna has
lost his father, brother and sister...
within a span of 3 months.
Suspect Ravi Prasad is on the run.
Vimala and Ravi have been
in love for a few months now.
Ravi and his friends run
a garage in the town
They have been stealing from
Aparimitham Mutual Funds lately.
In a tussle for money, Ravi has killed his
uncle and friends Ramu and Hemanth.
While fleeing with the money,
Vimala and Satish have stood in the
way, which led to him killing them.
The dead bodies of his friends have
been found in a lake near Brahma Gudi.
Minister Basava Punnayya has
severely condemned the incident.
He has instructed the police
to arrest him immediately.
In other news, Einstein the grand son of popular scientist
has raised rumours that a bus flew into the sky
"Why is time holding a grudge against me?"
"Why have I been pushed away in time?"
"My world is an eternal void now"
"Sadness streams down my face like tears"
"All my relationships
from before have vanished"
"I am stranded on this
shore, feeling abandoned"
"Time has collapsed all my dreams"
"This silence is agonizing"
"Everything has slipped
away in this moment"
"Heartbeat is a mere sound now"
"I've lost the affection
of love and friendship"
"All those unforgettable
memories have faded"
"I have no one who cares about me"
"I'm dying every second that I'm alive"
They killed all my friends.
Apparently someone raped and killed Vimala.
You think it's funny?
You think it's funny, huh?
Ugh! This bloody pop-up!
Sarah, how do I shut this down?
Ugh... bloody!
Dad, wait.
Alexa, translate to English.
-[Alexa] Translating Telugu to English.
Oh, great!
I get it now.
This Ravi murdered his
girlfriend and fled the country.
I can't believe you're helping a criminal.
Damn it!
There's some confusion here.
I saw it in his eyes.
He went into a shock when he realized
that he has travelled through time.
I can't believe that he did this.
-Well, now you do.
Cops are looking for him.
How do you even know this guy?
I found them lying
unconscious on the beach.
What?! You mean there is more than one?!
I offered them to stay
at Rob uncle's place.
Oh, great! I think I've heard enough.
I'm calling the cops.
He is just a suspect, dad.
If you don't want to help,
tell them to leave.
But please don't add to the trouble.
I was with him since morning.
He hasn't hurt me, has he?
We'll do as you told.
Dad, seriously?!
You're a joke, dad!
What now?
You want me to kick them out, is that all?
Where did you get this ring?
I killed her.
And took it.
What are you saying?
You killed Vimala?!
Satish was chasing you that night?
Who's Satish?
The guy who chased us?
Hey... Hey...
-I killed him as well.
But you hopped on the bus with me.
When did you kill Satish?
I used a...
What is it called? An axe!
I'm not fluent in Telugu.
But for you, I'll try.
I saw you at that stable.
Making out with the love of your life.
You're back?!
Once I was done, someone walked in.
It was the guy who chased us.
Why did you pretend to be so innocent then?
You've got a brain the size of a pea.
Think again!
You'll figure it out.
Your girl Vimala...
She was smoking hot.
I killed her with this knife right here.
It slid right into her waist like butter.
Want to see how?
It's a residential area.
Keep it low.
Come on, be a good guest.
Is that really necessary, dad?
-You never know.
Ravi, get up!
What's his condition?
Medically, we've been doing
everything in our capacity.
But if he doesn't have the
will to leave, it's all pointless.
Ravi, it's okay.
It's okay.
I didn't know he was the killer.
-I know.
He killed Vimala.
Ravi, I could never forget your help.
You saved me and my kids.
I'm so sorry for what happened to you.
I don't have a reason to live anymore
Trust me, I know how you're feeling.
Even the thought of losing Sarah
and Sienna feels like a nightmare.
Because of an incident in 2010,
my life has been completely ruined.
Just so that you know..
I was a director and
one of the founding members
of Port York Space Agency.
We could successfully sent
a Zenit 2 rocket into outer space.
But one mistake.. one bloody mistake...
took the lives of so many people that day.
I became a joke in the
entire Science community.
A lifetime of work had gone to waste.
I couldn't cope. I gave up.
I drank. I stopped living and became a drunk that I am now
If I had someone to hold
my hand like this back then,
today my life would've
definitely been different.
So listen to me.
Don't give up.
But I've lost everything.
It's too late.
Anything can happen, Ravi.
Fight till the last minute.
Wonders can happen
even at the finishing line in the very last second.
In any given situation,
what drives us from within is hope.
Don't lose that hope till your last breath.
Where did you say have you found him?
There it is.
How did they even get out of this thing?
They didn't.
The pod released
them after a safe landing
Due to the cyclone 2 days ago,
that pod must've washed ashore.
"Where's your path to victory lurking?"
"When will you reach your destination?"
"Your grit is your only companion"
"Keep the fight on till you win"
How's it looking?
Everything else makes sense.
But how can the entire town disappear?
I'm sorry I don't understand
what you're saying.
When I was little, a few
days before my dad's passing,
Basava brought a Japanese guy to
Krishna's father
Greetings, Mr. Laxmaiah!
Thanks to you, I'm in a good space.
Our town is going to
experience the biggest fortune ever!
Fortune? What are you talking about?
We've got an amazing offer
from the Japanese Government.
Their noo.. cler...
Hey, what was that? Tell him.
Nuclear plant.
They're searching for an ideal
place to dump their nuclear waste.
Since a secluded island
would be the perfect choice,
they believe our town
would be the best place to secure all of that waste
They're willing to pay
5X the price for our lands
With this, all our farmers
will become bloody rich.
I want you to sign this document.
In a region named Chernobyl in Russia,
there was a big nuclear explosion.
There were many casualties.
People had to migrate to other
regions in thousands.
The explosion has even
costed them a majority of wildlife.
They fear the same
consequences might happen in Japan.
This is merely an act of caution.
They're planning to turn our region
into a dump yard for nuclear waste.
I said I got that covered. Back off.
I don't approve this.
I won't let anybody either.
That proposal was shelved.
A few days after that incident,
my father passed away.
You'll find all the answers.
Dad, where's my charger?
-I don't know.
What the hell!
Where did you find this
capsule and how did you start it?
Who are you? Where are
you contacting us from?
I'm from Planet EV-12. What about you?
I am Peter Walsh and I'm a scientist.
This device dropped 2 people here a few days ago
Alexa, please fix this transmission.
-[Alexa] Optimizing transmission.
Which year are you in right now?
Earth year 2024. And you?
112 Proximus year.
Which is year 2400 on Earth.
So you're in the future.
Why did you send them here?
We didn't.
We sent our spacecraft
to year 1999 on a mission.
They entered our spacecraft
without their knowledge.
Mission? What mission?
Looking for answers regarding the
consecutive brain deaths on our planet,
our team travelled to the Earth year 1999.
A small Indian town has that information?
Yes. A popular scientist by
the name Raman lived there.
He was a genius with unusual intelligence.
Is his full name BV Raman?
Our researcher has travelled
to multiple time periods on Earth,
finally discovering a
great lead on brain data.
Research data from the 20th
century is still that valuable to you?
By the year 2200,
Earth has experienced extreme radiation,
making it hostile for any form of life.
By the year 2300, humans
have set up a new colony
on an exo planet called Proxima EV-12 .
When everything was going well,
we've identified a serious issue.
On our new planet,
humans brains were using 20%
capacity, unlike the standard 10%.
An average human brain
only uses 10% capacity.
This is causing brain damage
and early deaths at the age of 50.
We may be technically advanced.
But we're yet to discover the
marvels of the human brain.
BV Raman was born with a unique factor.
He had the natural ability
to use 25% brain capacity.
He had researched his brain and
encapsulated all the findings in a book.
What we hadn't realized was that
he had locked the book with his DNA.
Only someone with his
DNA can unlock the book.
The book has a sophisticated acid seal.
If opened incorrectly, it leads to acid spillage
and destroy the research material.
We can't carry it to our planet
due to the geo-positioning lock.
That day, we didn't have the time
to find someone with Raman's DNA.
Since they ran out of fuel, they had
to abort the mission and travel back.
Few moments after they started travelling back..
they noticed two people
lying unconscious in our lander.
They discarded them, as the excess
weight would fail the spacecraft engines.
Aurora, discard them.
They could save your people
but failed to save their own lives.
The excess weight led to over
consumption of plutonium in our spacecraft,
leaving them no pathway to return home.
After that incident, this is the first signal from our lander
Why did you discard
them in 2024 and not 1999?
According to our logs at
the time of discarding them,
our spacecraft has travelled
25 milli seconds beyond the speed of light.
Those 25 milli seconds
equate to 25 years on Earth.
That is why they've landed
in the Earth year 2024.
Due to Earth's 23.5 tilt axis,
Due to Earth's 23.5 tilt axis,
our time capsule has landed near the beach.
Is there a way to send me back?
We don't have that choice.
We've used up all our Plutonium.
To procure the plutonium
required for time travel,
we'll need another 100 years.
If you send me back, I'll
get what you're looking for.
I know the last person who has Raman's DNA.
His name is Einstein.
He's the only living
person in that lineage.
That's not possible.
Currently, you don't have the
technology to time travel on Earth.
I'll get Einstein to open
the DNA lock for you.
And since we won't be
boarding your spacecraft this time,
your researchers will collect
the book and return home alive.
In exchange, please take me
back to a day before this incident.
Give us some time.
There's a way to send you back to 1999.
But before discussing further details,
why should we trust you?
Though you and I have lost our dear ones,
hope is still alive in us.
Even in pitch dark, we
hope to see a ray of sunshine.
You are 300 years ahead of me.
And yet, we're just the same.
If we can't trust a fellow human being,
the human race loses its purpose.
What if you ignore us
once you land in the past?
I am your hope.
And you're mine.
You should trust me for your future.
I should go back for my past.
The red strip on the
capsule is plutonium 986.
It's our fuel source.
It is enough to send you
back to 25th March, 1999.
You've left Earth at 07:11 PM.
But we can only send you back to 05:11 PM.
Let me warn you we've never
tried something like this before.
So, we can't assure you
a success rate on this one.
Can't you take me a little behind in time?
-No. This is the only option.
We'll be using a lightening that
struck at 05:11 PM to send you back.
So we can only take you back to 05:11 PM.
After recreating you from
the teleported data stream,
a timer will appear on your wrist.
Just like the rest of us time travellers.
It has a countdown to when the
lander will be leaving to outer space.
If you bring the book to our
space lander well within that time,
the timer will automatically un-pair.
If it doesn't happen by the
time the lander takes off,
it will disconnect automatically.
If that were to happen, your
nervous system will collapse.
Your heart will stop beating.
Ravi, this is a huge risk.
You might even lose your life.
Think about it.
What's the point of living like
this when I've lost everyone?
This is a second chance.
I am ready!
Ravi, go fix everything.
Remember. You'll be
facing that psycho again.
Thanks, Peter.
Thanks for everything, Sarah.
Take care.
Good luck.
Goodbye, Ravi.
You're still here?!
He's also here.
What's all the blood?
Ritualistic sacrifice.
Sacrifice at the Brahma Gudi?!
We have confidential information
about Aparimitham Mutual Funds.
Pay attention. Nani is going to...
Uncle, listen to me first.
We don't have the time to wait for Nani.
Something more important awaits us.
We need to find Einstein ASAP.
Why bother about that fool now?
Uncle, I'll explain later. Now hurry up!
Ramu, come with me.
Let's go.
He's not here either. Let's go.
Brother, have you seen a
funny looking man may be with a girl around?
No, brother. Not today.
Brother, did a spot a funny fellow with wierd hair today?
Guys! Guys!
Give this wedding invite to Mr. Prabhakar.
-Okay, uncle.
Hold on.
My daughter's getting
married at the TTD hall.
Okay, uncle.
You guys should take
care of everything, okay?
'Your heart will stop beating.'
Ramu, let's go to Aparimitham Head Office.
-How come?
You said it's important to find Einstein.
Nothing is more important than them.
We need to know what
he's saying on the phone.
But how?
I'll rough him up and he'll speak.
We don't have the time for that.
They say walls have ears.
But these walls definitely don't.
I don't know about walls.
But telephone wires definitely have ears.
They are adamant on
doing havala only at 20%.
Shall I confirm the deal?
They're waiting, sir.
Sorry to keep you waiting, Bhai.
Money is packed and ready now.
Come to my pump factory.
By the way, Minister insisted
on closing the deal at 10%.
-10% will work for now.
-You kept me waiting since an hour.
Give the havala note to my brother-in-law.
-Okay. Send him quickly.
His number plate is AP 7C 3294.
He'll show up in a
green dhoti and pink shirt.
Whatever. Make it fast.
Men will be waiting for
you at our pumps factory.
Take them inside.
You'll see a van loaded
with money in there.
Hand it over to them.
In exchange, they'll give
you a 20 rupees note.
Bring it back safely.
Go via Madras Gate.
Idiot! Honking doesn't help.
Ice pop uncle!
Give me an orange ice pop.
Excuse me.
Please help me with this address.
Hey! Why are you spitting on me?
What does this say?
If I knew how to read,
why would I come to you?
Can't you read too?
Give it back, useless fellow!
You waste my time.
Rajesh sent me.
He told to collect some note.
Check the number plate.
I'll give the note.
But first, tell me where the money is.
Rajesh sent me.
Where's the van?
Where's the van?
Where's the bloody van?
Go look.
Salam, Bhai. We got the money.
Listen. Note down the serial number.
7C 200 720.
-I got hold of the van.
I'm giving the havala note to
your brother-in-law. Talk to him.
I told you not to do that. It's gross.
Give the phone back.
Don't go on the highway.
Take the Bandar route.
If you get pulled over,
tell them it's the Minister's vehicle.
Jani, start the vehicle.
Bhai, it's not starting.
Minister's men thrashed your
brother-in-law at the Madras Gate.
Hey! Who are you?
Who are you?
Ravi wants you at the
pump factory immediately.
It's about our talk earlier.
The havala transaction
is definitely happening.
Brother-in-law, where's the note?
Can we go watch this film tonight?
Sure but first, where's the note?
I can't believe they went so far
just for my bike, dhoti and shirt.
Ugh... coming to the
point, where's the note?
What note?
I didn't even get there.
You didn't go?
How could I have gone?
They thrashed me badly at the gates.
They told they gave you the note.
If you didn't go,
who took the note?
Bhai, there has been a mistake.
I need to see you urgently.
Where are you?
I'm at your factory.
Stay right there! I'm coming!
Something is fishy.
Only you, me and the Minister
knew that you were going.
Which means...
The Minister is behind this.
My Vicks balm is also in that shirt.
Rajesh here.
Yes, Rajesh. Is the job done?
Cut the bull. I can't
believe you got so greedy.
Are you high or something?
What the hell are you saying?
Are you playing me?
You were tracking the money, right?
You're playing, not me.
Didn't you order an attack on my
brother-in-law and steal the note?
Who the hell is he?
Where the hell are you?
They fucking took my bike,
clothes and my Vicks balm.
I'll be waiting at the pump factory.
See you there.
You're not getting away with this.
Does anyone of you know
Rajesh's pump factory?
I do, bro.
It's simple. Open our gates, turn left...
-Shut up!
Let's go.
Do you even know how to drive?
I've been pestering
to get the car serviced.
But the driver just didn't care.
Bhai, you made a mistake.
You were supposed to give him the note.
You got cheated.
Stop the transaction immediately.
That is why we asked you to come.
Who is that?
-He's my brother-in-law.
I told you about him on
the phone, remember?
He's your brother-in-law?
Then who was the other guy?
Go away!
The note...
-Didn't I make it clear?
It's not possible.
Rajesh, stop this drama.
Settle their account immediately.
It's getting dark. We have to go.
Enough of your dramas.
Get going now.
Hey! You're not going anywhere.
This is our village.
Yes! This is our village!
Mr. Vicks!
She should be done
with office by now.
Where is she?
Besides, it's getting dark.
I'll have a hard time
finding her weak spots.
Einstein! What are you doing here?
A girl asked me to pick her up from work.
So I'm here.
Did you take up a circus
gig in the meantime?
I found a marriage alliance for
you and they're arriving at 07:11.
Go get ready.
-Are you being serious? Who are they?
Do you want the details or get married?
-Get married, of course.
But how do they know me?
Umm... They also
belong to a scientist family.
She's running a cyber cafe in
Jammalamadugu, just like you.
But there's a catch.
I told them you're into
brain data research.
That's my grandfather.
If they find out about that, this
alliance will also be a gone case.
I'm out of here.
-Hey, stop.
I don't even know what that is.
-Nobody is going to quiz you there.
Get your grandfather's book. I'll manage.
What book?! Where is it?
In the chest, with the other
books your grandfather has written.
How do you know that?
-They told me.
If you keep wasting time,
you'll lose this girl as well.
If you keep wasting time,
you'll lose this girl as well.
Now hurry up! Go!
-I'm doing it only for the girl.
Go check who it is.
-Okay, bro.
Brother-in-law, follow him.
It's a dummy knife?!
Leave the van here and get out, everyone!
-Are you kidding?
Take your commission and leave.
You need to leave!
What's this circus going on here?
-Yes, it's a circus.
We didn't have a buffoon
and there you come.
Krishna, this has nothing to do with you.
Get out of here.
Mind your tone!
He has everything to do with this.
In fact, he's the one behind it.
So what? I don't care.
Give me the note.
Guys, lock the factory.
What are you doing?
What have I done?
-Are you seriously asking me that?
The question is, what haven't you done?
The nuclear dump yard has been
a passion project of yours for years.
To make it happen, the
village needs to be deserted.
That's possible only
when a catastrophe ensues.
And it has to be a
self-created catastrophe.
You made an agreement with the Japanese
and Chinese about building a dump yard.
You have no intentions of building a dam.
So you made the entire village
believe that it's a bad idea.
And now you plan on buying their lands
with the money you've looted from them.
You roped in Rajesh to run the
Mutual Funds and propose a dam.
Once the village is deserted,
you're not going to build the dam...
...but a nuclear dump.
After making this work,
the Minister will get you a cabinet seat.
Within 2 days of declaring
bankruptcy on Aparimitham,
you'll kill Rajesh and
dump his body in the river.
And within 4 years, you'll get
the Minister killed in an accident.
In 15 years, you'll
become a Central Minister.
So what?
Are you going to kill me?
But that's not all you've done.
The world runs on money and power.
You didn't spare Prabhakar,
this village or even your sister.
You may not have born
from the same mother.
But she treated you as her own.
How could you kill her for her wealth?
As I was standing in
your way, you killed Vimala...
and planned to frame me for her murder.
You planned to get me killed.
You're talking as if
you've watched it happen.
You're curious about how I know all this.
You're not denying any of it.
But you're right.
I've watched it all happen.
It's okay to be greedy.
But your greed has become your purpose.
There are 25 crores in that van.
I'll get you married to Vimala.
This will be our Kingdom.
What about our village?
-What village?
You've just realized what its future is.
So you're not going to change.
I've had enough.
Are you never going to change?
Man, I couldn't find Einstein anywhere.
I found him.
But first, you need to take this.
It's not a mere 20 rupees note.
It's worth 20 crores.
There are 25 crores loaded
in the back of the van.
It belongs to the villagers.
This money is for the village.
In case I don't come back,
I want you to take care of our people.
How long, man?
Vehicle not moving its breakdown
Oh, it's you!
There was a chest here.
Where is it?
Ravi, you're trying really
hard to get me married.
And I get it.
But this marriage is a lost cause, Ravi.
That Lilliput took the book.
Where are the books?
-They're useless to us.
So I left them right there.
They're literally worth nothing.
Just 5K, bro. I'll return it in 2 days.
Hey, let's go!
-Where are you dragging me?
You little brats!
What did you guys do?
These belong to my grandfather.
I can't get married without them.
Get out of here, you mischievous punks!
I said leave. Get up now!
Useless fellows. Go home.
What are you doing over there?
Get up!
What are you looking at, you dirty crow!
Here, take this with you.
Hey, sit down.
Why did you do me like that?
Why isn't your blood working?
Are you really the scientist's grandson?
While 24 hours have
passed for the whole world,
it was 24 weeks for me.
Today, I've been ahead of
time in every step of the way.
But now, time is about to defeat me.
And I don't have enough
time on my hands to fight it.
'What drives us from within is hope.'
'Don't lose that hope
till your last breath.'
Your blood should definitely work.
Why don't you try it with your own blood?
If it's not working,
it obviously has no DNA.
Which means...
Yes! There's DNA in bones.
What?! Are you going to break one now?
Hair has the same components as a bone.
It has your DNA.
-My hair?
Let's go!
Watch out!
Was that the prospective bride's family?
Oh, it's a white family.
Einstein, it's gone!
You mean the alliance?
It's gone!
There you are.
We were worried.
What happened?
What is it?
-It's gone, uncle.
It's gone!
-What's gone?
Let me guess.
Einstein and you fell from the bike.
Apparently he was acting all dramatic.
'Nobody gets a second chance in life.'
'But I did.'
'Oh wait, all of them did.'
'The whole village did.'